Land of Equines

by Daddy Joe

First published

Who would've thought that being at the wrong place at the wrong time would bring something so surreal.

Life is full of surprises. I've gotten a little sister, my first game system at the age of eight, my own car seven years ago and the list goes on.

However... things will be different on the 5th of November in the year 2012. This is a surprise that will send me, Caleb, to another world where talking, technicolor equines and a dragon are my new companions, not humans.

A New World

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A New World
November 5th, 2012

I groaned while stuffing my face in my pillow with my digital alarm clock beeping in the background. Lazily, I waved my arm around in attempt to press the snooze button until I finally pressed it, resetting the alarm for ten minutes.

“Thanks for the wake up call, Monday.” I mumbled to myself.

After taking in the next ten minutes and going through that annoying beeping again, I hopped out of bed and headed off to the bathroom. I slightly brushed my hand against my hair that stood up on end in the mirror's reflection. With that, I commenced the morning routine.

When I finished taking my morning shower, combing my hair, putting on some fresh clothes, and brushing my teeth, I walked into the kitchen and popped two slices of bread into the toaster and got out some strawberry jam.

Shortly after having my rather bland breakfast, I packed my folders into my backpack and headed out the door. While driving, I reached over to radio knob and pressed it. I twisted the knob to right and stopped on a news radio channel. At first they were talking about traffic conditions on Milwaukee’s Zoo Interchange and then they switched to a more interesting topic.

“In other news, reports of an attack on a research lab in Vancouver, Canada has led Canadian authorities scrambling to the area. Find out why after the break.” the anchor announced.

“That’s interesting.” I said.

A few minutes later, the news came back on.

“All right, coming back to that attack in Vancouver. Most of the staff have evacuated the building, but many say that one is still inside and is the reason for the disturbance. Canadian news stations have connected with WISN and revealed that employees who work with the one suspect still in the building are saying that he will activate “it.” Very vague answer, but we will have more updates shortly. Cathy, back to you.” the anchor concluded

“What the heck is “it” supposed to mean?” I thought to myself.

After driving a little while longer, I made it to my high school and parked in my usual spot. I headed in the back entrance and ran into my friend Ryan.

“Sup, man.” He greeted.

“Oh, hey, what’s up?” I responded.

“Monday, Caleb. Monday is what’s up.” said Ryan.

“Same with you.” I agreed.

“Anything else besides that?” he asked.

Not much. Hey, have you heard about that attack up in Canada?” I asked.

“Nope. What happened? Did some Canadian run out of their monthly supply of maple syrup?” he joked.

“I see what you did there.” I said, while laughing with him.

Once me and Ryan made it to our lockers, the bell for the first class rang which indicated I had five minutes to get my butt to class. With a minute to spare, I made it to Strength and Conditioning on time. Not really an important class, but it's fun and gives me credits.

Seventy minutes later, the bell for the second class rang and I was off to German. Class went very normal as usual. German class is kind of a joke between me and almost the whole class, and our teacher, Mr. Gorden, even likes to tag on with us. Jokes aside, we knew when we had to work. But three minutes before second hour ended, we got a shocking announcement from the principal.

“Good morning, staff and students, this is your principal, Chris McCormik. Due to a national emergency issued by the U.S and Canadian government, school shall cease throughout the entire day and until the emergency has been lifted. All sporting events and practices have also been cancelled as well. So please, calmly collect your belongings and leave school grounds. Once you leave, return to your homes and tune into your local news network if you wish for more information. Thank you, and stay safe.”

The room went silent. Everyone in the classroom looked at each other and then looked at Mr. Gorden.

“Ok, well, I guess class is dismissed.” Mr. Gorden said, who was just as confused as us.

Immediately, my classmates began to chatter at each other while we exited the room. I headed to my locker to collect my folders and books. After getting those, I spotted my buddy Garrett at the end of the hallway.

“Garrett!” I yelled.

“Hey, Caleb. Dude, do you know what’s going on?” asked Garrett as he approached me.

“Nope. I have no idea.” I responded.

“Has to be pretty serious if the principal just called off school.” said Garrett

“Yeah, some sort of national emergency or something.” I added.

“That’s what I heard, too.” said Garrett.

“I also heard this report on the news earlier about this attack on some research lab up in Canada.” I said.

“No way!” exclaimed Garrett.

“Yes way," I said back. "Maybe the emergency and the attack are connected.” I theorized.

“Was it a terrorist attack?” asked Garrett.

“Actually, it wasn’t. It was some crazy scientist who worked there.” I confirmed.

“That’s pretty weird. He must’ve done something pretty bad if it called for a national emergency.” said Garrett.

“I'm thinking the same damn thing.” I said.

Me and him walked to our cars while thinking up of possibilities of what the crazy scientist could’ve possibly done. We reached my car first and we parted our ways.

“Hey, Caleb, be careful out there.” advised Garrett.

“You too, Garrett. I'll see ya when I see ya.” I said back.

“Later, dude.” he said.

While I was driving home, I switched on the radio, hoping to find some EAS alert system going off, but only got white static for some reason. About six minutes later, I finally made it back home and walked inside my house. I saw my dad on the computer browsing the internet, applying for jobs since he recently retired. He looked at me with wide eyes.

“What are you doing home early for?” he asked, surprised.

“Didn’t you hear? There’s a national emergency that was issued by the U.S and Canadian government, so we go let out early until the emergency is lifted.” I explained.

“National Emergency!?” he exclaimed while getting out of his chair.

“Yeah, I’m gonna put on the news.” I said.

“Did the elementary school get let out?” he asked.

“I would imagine. You should probably go pick up Eveline.” I suggested.

“That’s what I was gonna do.” he said while grabbing his car keys and putting on his camo hat.

He then ran to his car, started it up and drove off to pick up my little sister. When he left, I turned on the T.V and switched the channel to WISN 12 News and sure enough they were talking about this emergency. Shortly after, the T.V went black and white text appeared on the screen. The EAS alert system finally came on. After those three chill-inducing tones went off, as well as the one that drones on, a staticky voice began to speak:

"The following message is transmitted at the request of U.S and Canadian government authorities. At 7:49 AM, Pacific Time, a supernatural event has occurred eleven miles north of Vancouver, Canada. An energy beam of unknown type was fired approximately one mile into the troposphere, causing a significant amount of cloud coverage to form over the city of Vancouver, significant power outage and growing at an excessive rate, reaching directly eastward at an extra seventy-five miles. An evacuation order has been given for all residents within a five mile radius for those in the predetermined path of the growth. A weather radar will be displayed after this message to provide the predetermined path. If you are within the five mile radius, be sure to pack food, water, first-aid kit, flashlight with spare batteries, and use only one vehicle to follow evacuation routes placed by local authorities. If you are not within the five mile zone, stay where you are. Keep up to date with your news media outlets for more information on this event."

“Jesus H. Christ. Good thing we're far from there.” I whispered to myself.

Fourteen minutes has passed and I was pretty much pacing back and forth around the living room while watching the news at the same. My pace was broken when my dad and sister walked in the house.

“Hey, dad, check this out! This Canadian research facility up in Vancouver shot some energy beam into the sky.” I informed.

He remained silent and looked at the T.V in confusion.

“Is that bad?” Eveline asked.

“I don’t know. We’ll just have to wait and see. I’m sure we’ll be fine.” I reassured.

"An evacuation order was give for those in the path of these clouds. They must be some threat if they're gonna do that.” I whispered to my dad.

“Oh yeah?” my dad asked in shock.

“Yep.” I responded.

“Those Canadian’s are friggin wackos.” my dad whispered back, causing me to slightly chuckle.

A few minutes later, my mom walked in.

“They let you off work early?” I asked.

“Yeah, they were talking about a huge cloud coverage over Vancouver.” she responded.

“It’s all on the news right now.” I said.

My mom then sat down and watched the news, taking in all the information.

“Soooo, they shot an energy beam into the sky?” she asked.

“Yeah, that’s pretty much it.” said my dad.

“Mm, they shouldn’t be messing around with stuff like that. Those scientists are pushing the limits." said my mom.

“No kidding.” I said.

For the rest of the day, we kind of just took it easy and relaxed while keeping up to date with the news. I mean it's not like the clouds are much of a threat to us since we're so far away from them while everyone up there by the clouds were evacuating their homes. So yeah, we were a-okay.

Around one o'clock in the morning, my entire family was asleep, not having much care for the clouds that are still in Canada. At this time, the thick cloud coverage has stretched as far as into the Atlantic Ocean. I made sure to keep up to date with these clouds as much as possible and a huge leak of vital information on the internet and is probably being broadcasted on news networks at the moment. And to be honest, I was shocked and blow away.

Apparently, a research facility that has ties with the Canadian government up in Vancouver were working on some sort of contraption they began working on in early 2003. The contraption could, and I quote, “open doorways into other universes.” The contraption would shoot a beam of energy into the troposphere and would create a portal. That's right, a portal.

So yeah, it's confirmed that the U.S and Canadian governments were trying cover up a little bit, which is understandable. But the research facility was planning on to scrap the entire project because they thought it was very dangerous and now is not the time to mess with such technology. A bit late if you ask me.

But that one scientist who worked there intentionally turned it on. Witnesses said he was so angry that all of that work was about to be flushed down the toilet. The witnesses also described seeing a giant blue laser like anomaly shooting up into the sky and puffy cumulus clouds starting forming and joining together out of nowhere. So, since these are clouds, they can be easily tracked with a weather radar.

That was all I could really get out of the article. But still, a contraption that can open doorways into other worlds? Christ, I hope nothing threatening somehow comes through, like, a giant monster.

"But wait, if it's a portal, then where the hell is it at?" I asked myself, slightly pulling the window shade to the side to look out the window.


I slowly opened up my eyes. I could faintly hear something coming from outside. It sounded like a wail or a scream at first, but once I opened up my window, I realized that it was the blaring of the air raid siren that was not far from where I was.

"Is there a tornado?" I said, checking the weather radar to see if there a storm approaching.

When the radar was finally brought up, I was in a mix between shock and slight panic. The entire section of southeastern Wisconsin was covered with a blanket of blue that indicated cloud coverage. Nothing but cloud coverage could be seen on the radar. I then quickly created a new tab and looked up the world radar to see how bad Wisconsin was and that's when I started to get scared. The United States was now nothing but cloud coverage. Mexico and 3/4 of Canada were doing fine, but the U.S was gone.

"Oh, no...." I said.

I then dashed out my bedroom door to alert my parents on what was happening, but I was stopped by something in the corner of my eye. In the distance, about a mile away, I could see a light-blue glow. I looked back at my parents bedroom door and back at the glow before I approached the glass door. It was moving, the glow was moving right. I then slid the glass door open and stood on the wooden patio in our backyard.

"That's... cool." I said, unsure of whether to be fascinated in it or fear it.

As I watched the blue glow, I couldn't help but realize how quiet it was after the sirens abruptly stopped. No crickets were chirping and I could hear the leaves rustle quietly on the trees. However, that's when I heard a low hum in the distance, and it was moving in my direction. The humming was much louder now because it was almost right above me, the sound making my eardrum tickle which made me cover my ears with my hands. However, something wasn’t right. It slowed down and stopped while it was above me. I knew right away that something wasn’t right.

"Oh, wait, that must be the friggin portal!" I exclaimed

I then turned around to head back inside, but that didn't happen. Instead, I felt something painlessly strike me in less than a second and was somewhere else now.

I felt all the hairs on my body stand up on end as I entered this weird portal threshold. My anxiety and fear levels were so high from the fear of dying. I tried to yell out loud, but I couldn't hear myself. Then after bringing myself to calm down, I realized that everything was calm, too. My surroundings were very bizarre. It looked like the little color effect you see when you look at oil on the street, but the stillness did not last for long. Just like someone switching on overdrive, the colors began to undulate back and forward rapidly in wavy motions and my body was flung forward like a ragdoll. I closed my eyes tightly and yelled out a few times while speeding through the wavy energy. It felt like forever, but the sound of electricity running past my ear made me open my eyes. I could distinctly make out a little hole that grew bigger as I slowed down gradually. I came to a halt right at the edge of the large hole and gravity came back. I fell out of the hole and landed right on my feet, causing me to stumble and fall forward.

"Ahh!" I exclaimed on impact.

Slowly, I raised myself back on my feet and looked around. It was late at night. The moonlight was my only way of knowing where I was at the time. I appeared to be in a field with knee high grass and I could make out the silhouettes of trees and hills in the distance. But what I really thought was odd was this castle that protruded from a mountain. It was so far away, but it was still distinguishable from the interior lights.

"Where the hell am I?" I asked myself.

Finally, I decided that I needed to find my way back to or find the nearest town because I was in the middle of nowhere at the moment. I couldn’t get to the castle because that was on the side of a frickin mountain. I searched the area more and spotted a gravel path that pointed into a heavily wooded area that read “Ponyville.” I knew I had to go through the woods in order to get to this village. I stared into the dark forest and took a deep breath.

“Well, this idea is going to bite me in the ass.” I said to myself.

With caution, I started heading into the woods and it was nearly pitch black when I really got in there and my heart began pumping faster. I couldn’t get the idea of someone following me in pitch black out of my head. While slowly walking, I heard the snap of a twig on the right side of me. I jumped in shock and my adrenaline began to take into effect. Quickly, I sprinted away from the sound in the dark and looked back only to find a pair of glowing green eyes following me.

“Holy shit!” I cried in fear.

When it seemed like all hope was lost, I made a life saving decision to quickly make a left turn and climbed the nearest tree. I jumped as high as I could and pulled myself up in one explosive movement and kept climbing upwards. I looked down and saw the those glowing eyes looking up at me while whatever it really was, scratching at the tree. I and the eyes made eye contact with each other for a minute or so before it decided to leave me alone.

At that time, there was no doubt that I wasn’t going back down until it was morning. So I decided to feel around for a sturdy branch that could support my weight. After finding one, I slouched uncomfortably and leaned my head against the tree and closed my eyes.

“Please be a dream.” I said to myself, softly.

Warm Welcomes

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Warm Welcomes
November 6th, 2012

I slowly opened my eyes and squinted as they adjusted the brightness of the sun's rays peering through the leaves of the tree. After rubbing my eyes to get rid of my eye crust, I began to slowly climb back down the tree while being cautious of the creature that chased me. I then jumped off the lowest branch and landed with a grunt. Turning my head towards the tree, I discovered these nasty looking gashes or claw marks on the side and huge paw prints that led back in the opposite side of the woods.

“Uh-uh, that ain’t happening.” I said to myself.

I walked back onto the gravel path and looked both ways to remind myself where I was heading to and continued westward. Along the way, I encountered smaller and more friendlier animals such as rabbits, squirrels, birds. Pretty much the common animals you would see in the woods, but I still didn’t let my guard down on that one thing.

I felt like I was walking forever until I came across a T-intersection with a sign that pointed towards Ponyville. I followed the directions and took a right turn. The woods became less dense than it was before and I could actually see through the trees. As I walked onwards more, I came across something new: an apple tree that was filled with bright red apples.

“Alright! Something to eat.” I exclaimed out loud.

I rushed over to the tree and jumped upwards, grabbed an apple, and yanked it on the way down. After plucking it off, I took a big bite into it and my tastebuds were hit with a burst of sweet flavor and a hint of sour from the juices inside. After finishing the apples, I collected two more and continued on the path. However, something seemed different. The sunlight was dimming a tiny bit and then I realized that sunset was near.

“Sunset already? How long was I asleep for?” I questioned myself.

I now needed to hurry because if i’m out here when nightfall hits, i’m pretty sure that thing will not hesitate to come find me again. To speed things up a bit, I began to jog on the path.

I’ve been jogging for a short amount of time and I came across some hoof prints. When I mean hoof prints, I mean the footprints of a horse. The hoof prints were relatively small, could possibly be a small horse or a donkey. This sparked a thought. If there are hoof prints on a path and they go in a straight direction towards that supposed village, then that means there are people with domesticated horses in the area.

“Okay, just gotta follow these prints and they should lead me to somebody….. hopefully.” I said.

As I was following the hoofprints, I noticed the environment was dimming even more. When I looked up, the sun was on the verge of setting. I was now jogging even faster now because I just wanted to get to the end of the trail of the hoofprints before it was too late.

I continued jogging at a fast pace and noticed something up ahead. It was something small, yellow, and red at the top. I started to close in on and realized it was a small pony with a yellow coat and a red mane, it also had bow in its mane. As I got closer, it turned around and its face made me stop dead in my tracks.

First of all, the shape of its face is not like a horse I’ve ever seen. The head more rounded and has this rounded triangular muzzle. Second, its eyes are really big and look exactly like a humans. Complete with a set of eyebrows and eyelashes, but they do fit the size of the head. And lastly, the face, including the body, looks like it was pulled out of a cartoon and put into reality. I’m now questioning whether i’m awake or dreaming. I proceeded to pinch my side and nothing happened.

"Welp, I guess I'm not dreaming." I said, mentally.

Me and the pony made eye contact and I could see it was absolutely terrified by the facial expression it made. The pupils had creepily shrunk a little bit and its mouth wide open. All of a sudden, the pony turned around and got the hell out of dodge.

“Huh. Must’ve scared it off.” I thought.

The pony continued to sprint further away then took a left. Shortly after it turned, I heard a voice in the distance that sounded like a little girl and I could make out what it said. It said "Applejack.” But it was in a shout. The weird thing was that it came from the direction of the pony. Maybe the left turn the pony made was a path that lead to a house and the shout could’ve been the owner of the pony calling for it.

“Yeah, that seems like a pretty legit explanation.” I assured to myself.

I had to figure out if what I just saw was real, so I decided to follow it. As I got to the left where the pony turned, I quickly took notice to the sign above me that read 'Sweet Apple Acres.' No wonder there’s so many apple trees, it’s an apple orchard. Just as I was about to continue walking, the pony came back with slightly larger orange pony…. and they were talking.

“C’mon Applejack! Its right here! Some kind of monkey!” the yellow pony exclaimed in a southern accent.

"Monkey!?" I thought to myself while taking some offense.

“Alright, Applebloom, let's see what this thing i-.” said the orange pony, also in a feminine southern accent.

The orange pony stopped and stared right back me with the same shocked expression I probably had when I saw the smaller yellow one.


The orange pony sprinted over toward the yellow pony and swooped her away from my direction, causing me to back up a little.

“Applebloom, go get Big Mac and tell him to get the rope. I'll hold em off.” Applejack demanded.

"Oh, fudge!" I screamed internally

“But Applejack, now that I think about it, it doesn't look that harmful. It looks rather friendly to me." Applebloom replied in a sympathetic tone.

“Applebloom…. go." said Applejack, sternly.

With that, Applebloom took one more look at me before she ran off towards the other direction.

Now it was just me and Applejack. She began to scrape her hooves against the dirt, kicking dust behind her, indicating she was about to charge. I was still somewhat lost in a trance of bewilderment due to seeing two ponies talking in perfect english. Before I knew it, Applejack was running towards me. Quickly, I dodged to the left avoiding the tackle. But Applejack quickly bucked me in the abdomen with her back hooves. The force sent me flying upwards a good distance and I landed on my back. The wind was knocked out me and I had a sharp pain in my abdominal area. I desperately wheezed trying to suck oxygen back into my lungs while clutching my abdomen with my hands. Fortunately, I was able to regain my breathing.

Just as I was about to pick myself up, Applejack had pinned me down by holding down my arms with her forelegs. I tried to lift my arms up, but she was too strong. Applejack’s strength was absolutely terrifying and astounding at the same time, she was putting so much pressure on my wrists that I felt the blood circulation stop in that area. Suddenly, my wrist joints started to hurt. Finally, I spoke up.

"Ow! Hey, ease off! You're hurting me!" I cried in pain.

I then felt Applejack take some pressure off my wrists while looking surprised.

“What in the hay? You can talk?!” she asked.

“Yes! And I mean you no harm! Please get off me! I feel like my wrists are about to break!” I exclaimed, frantically.

With that, Applejack quickly got off me, still staring me in surprise. Instantly, I sat up while looking at my wrists. The sweet relief on all that force caused the circulation to start flowing again. Applejack rushed over to me and checked out my wrists.

“Ah, horse apples! I’m sorry for hurtin yah’ there.” said Applejack, compassionately while looking at my wrists.

“Ahhhh, don’t worry about it.” I said in a angry tone, but I was still sort of thankful for the apology.

“You okay?” she asked.

“Yeah. Thanks for a warm welcome.” I replied, sarcastically.

“Hey, I said I was sorry for gettin’ to rough on yah’. I just took you as an intruder at first” retorted Applejack.

“Yeah, you’re right. Guess you’ve never seen anything like me before.” I said.

“Never in all my days.” she replied while examining me.

Suddenly, a big red pony that was much more bigger than Applejack came around the corner with a rope in its mouth while lassoing it.

"H-h-hey! Stop him!" I exclaimed to Applejack.

Applejack ran over to him to intervene the pony.

“Hold up there, Big Mac! Turns out he ain’t no threat.” Applejack confirmed.

Big Mac quickly came to a halt and stared at me with this look as if he just saw a ghost.

“Howdy.” I said, calmly.

“Howdy to you too.” replied Big Mac in a deep southern voice.

Shortly after, Applebloom came sprinting around the corner.

"You see, Applejack? I told you it was friendly.” exclaimed Applebloom.

“Well, you sure did prove me wrong, Applebloom.” Applejack admitted

The small filly gazed at me in amazement and excitement rather than the shocked expressions of Applejack and Big Mac.

“So i’m guessing this little filly’s name is Applebloom?” I asked.

“It can talk too?! I can’t believe it! And it said my name too!” cried Applebloom while jumping up in place. “I can’t wait to show you to Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo!”

“Who are they?” I asked.

“Oh, they’re just Applebloom’s little friends.” replied Applejack. “And Applebloom, you can’t just take...... by the way, you got a name?” Applejack asked me.

“Oh, right, my name is Caleb.” I answered.

“Nice name ya got. As I was saying, you can’t just take Caleb around as some show and tell item.” said Applejack.

“Oh, don’t worry about that Applejack. If i’m gonna be new around these parts, I might aswell make myself know” I said.

“Well you do have a point there, Caleb.” Applejack agreed.

“So... you’ll stop over again?!” asked Applebloom, eagerly.

“Sure. I’ll make a deal with you. Give me two days to check out the local area and i’ll come back when i’ve got time. Deal?” I proposed.

“It's a deal!” Applebloom agreed while extending her foreleg for a handshake or hoof shake. I extended my arm in response and we shook on it.

“So, uhhh, I best be going. Really nice to meet you kind pony folk. Have a nice evening.” I farewelled.

Right when I turned to walk away, I was suddenly stopped by Applejack.

“Caleb, wait!” Applejack yelled.

“What’s up, Applejack?” I asked.

“Look, we can’t just let you out on your own this late.” said Applejack.

“Would that be because of a certain pair of glowing green eyes?” I asked in curiosity.

“Yep. You may be quite the shocker to us, but not to Timberwolves. You would just be a snack to them.” said Applejack in a convincing voice.

“Yeah, I had a close encounter with one last night.” I said.

“Well in that case, you should stay for the night. In the morning, we’ll give ya directions to Ponyville. How does that sound?” Applejack offered.

“That sounds great! Thanks a lot, Applejack” I said, gratefully.

“No problem. Follow us.” Applejack instructed.

Overnight with the Apple's

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Overnight With The Apples
November 6th-7th, 2012

“So how long have you guys been in business?” I asked.

“For sixty-six moons.” Applejack answered.

“Ever since Granny Smith first settled here.” Applebloom added.

“Granny Smith? Jeez, what's up with all the apple themed names?” I thought to myself. “That’s quite the time. I’m guessing your farm is mainly based on growing and selling different types of apples?" I asked.

“There's that, and we also grow other crops, such as carrots. But yeah, it's pretty much apple based.” Applejack explained.

“I have to admit, Sweet Apple Acres grows some decent apples.” I complimented.

“Oh, so you had some for yourself?” Applejack asked.

“Yeah, hope you don’t mind. I was pretty hungry.” I admitted while pulling an apple out of my pocket.

“Don’t worry about it. That one apple was just one of the thousands here.” Applejack said.

I continued to follow the Apples through a little entryway that led to the actual farm. The farm was complete with a barn, chicken coops, a pigsty (etc.) Pretty much what a stereotypical farm would have. Eventually, all four of us arrived at a farmhouse that looked rather inviting

“And here’s where you will be staying at.” Applejack said.

“I like it. Looks pretty cozy to me.” I said.

When we walked in, it smelled pretty good. Kind of like an apple-cinnamon scent. This lead me to believe something good was cooking. I also took notice of how much wood was used to build the barnhouse. The floors were wood, the walls, and the stairs that led to the second-floor. It definitely looked like a house that was built sixty-six years ago. However, I really loved the decor.

“Granny! We’ve got a guest.” Applejack announced.

“Oh, now who would that be?” replied an elderly southern woman's voice.

Just then, the source of the voice came around the corner. I’m guessing this is Granny Smith herself. She had a light green coat, her facial features definitely showed signs of old age in a pony; not that it's a problem, and she had a pie on the side of her flank rather than an apple. I’ve really gotta ask them what those tattoos are for sometime.

Granny paused for a second and squinted her eyes to get a better view of me.

“Hello there.” I greeted in a kind tone.

“Why hello there. What might you be?” Granny asked.

“I’m called a human, but you can call me by my name, which is Caleb.” I said.

“Well it's mighty fine to meet somepony like you. Never seen anything like you in all my days.” Granny said.

“You too.” I replied.

I’m quite surprised how Granny took in seeing me for the first time. She was calm, collective and polite. Unlike Applejack who almost broke my wrists. But I can still see why Applejack was so defensive, she was just trying to protect her family from a possible threat.

“Well, Caleb, welcome to our home. Judging by the scent, we arrived just in time for supper.” said Applejack.

“Oh, thank goodness! All I had to eat today was just one apple.” I said.

“One apple? This youngster needs to eat. He got to have his supper.” Granny said.

“You got that right, Granny Smith. Come on into the kitchen and we’ll get ya situated.” Applejack said.

“Lead the way.” I said.

I followed Applejack into the kitchen and the scent grew even stronger. It was definitely an apple pie or something like that.

“Applejack, would you mind getting the cobbler out of the oven?” Granny asked.

“You bet, Granny.” Applejack replied.

"Apple Cobbler for dinner? This family isn't as bad as I thought." I thought to myself.

“Big MacIntosh, can you set up the chairs in the dining room?” Granny asked again.

“Eeyup.” Big Mac replied.

“And Applebloom, be a good little filly and set up some silverware.” Granny instructed.

“Yes, Granny.” Applebloom replied, obediently.

All three of the ponies dispersed and went to do their assigned tasks.

“Heh, you’re like the matriarch of this family.” I remarked to Granny.

“Well you know what they say, ‘respect your elders.’ Granny said.

“That’s correct.” I said.

Applejack grabbed a heat protection cloth with her mouth and opened up the oven door. She then picked the baking pan up and placed it in the dining room. Me and Granny followed behind her into the room.

“Mmm-mm-mm, what do we have here?” I asked.

“What we have here is Apple Cobbler.” Applejack said.

“Sure looks and smells good.” I said, hungrily.

“You can thank Granny for this home-style cooking.” Applejack remarked.

“Thank you, Granny Smith.” I said.

“Your welcome, youngin’.” Granny replied.

“Seat for you.” Big Mac said, as he slid a chair towards me.

“Thanks, Mac.” I said.

“Eeeyup.” he replied.

After everyone got a chair, we sat down and began to get our servings of cobbler. Since I was the star guest of the evening, I was the first to get a helping. I picked up my knife, cut a fine square of cobbler and placed it on my plate.

“Go on and take a little more.” Granny Smith insisted.

“You sure? Will there be enough for everyone?” I asked.

“Don’t threat about it. You did say that all you had to eat today was a tiny, little apple.” Granny reminded.

“You’re right, I did say that.” I said as I got myself another square.

After I got an extra helping, I passed the cobbler to Granny Smith. Granny then passed it to Applebloom, then to Applejack, and finally Big Mac. Once everyone had a piece, I took a bite of the cobbler with my fork. As I chewed, I started nodding in approval.

“Pretty good, ain’t it?” Applebloom asked.

“Better than I expected! Granny sure knows how to bake.” I complimented.

“Thank you, sonny.” Granny replied.

“What do you like most about it?” Applejack asked.

“I think the best part is the filling. It’s perfectly thick, not runny, and that tiny hint of cinnamon within it is a very nice touch.” I said.

“I agree with you on that.” Applebloom said.

“Alright! Applebloom knows what’s good too.” I praised.

“Exactly!” Applebloom replied.

As we continued eating cobbler, I noticed Applejack staring at me, but she wasn’t staring at my face. She was staring at my shirt.

“Something up, Applejack?” I asked.

“Yeah. Is Under Armour supposed to be your nickname or something?” She asked while pointing her hoof at the center of my shirt.

“That’s actually a brand name of the company that makes these types of shirts. Athletic shirts to be exact.” I confirmed.

“Oh. Well why didn’t I think about that? You into sports?” Applejack asked.

“I do a lot of weightlifting at the moment, but I also used to play baseball all the time.” I said.

“What made ya stop?” Big Mac asked.

“Baseball just got really old to me as time went on. Just felt very repetitive for me because each game was just standing out at left-field and batting. That’s why I stopped.” I concluded.

“Well at least you found another interest to keep you busy.” Applejack said.

While we continued to eat, a thought came to my mind.

“Hey, Applejack. What exactly is a Timberwolf?” I asked in curiosity.

“Those things are mean as sin. If they see something that’s smaller than them, they’ll go after it. But if it’s something bigger than them, they’ll turn into cowards.” She said in a slightly louder tone.

“Nasty varmints.” Granny added.

“But what exactly are they?” I asked again.

“They’re these big wolf like creatures that are made up of branches, twigs, or any kind of wooden material.” Applejack described.

“Heck, they probably would go after me.” Big Mac said.

“I suppose. I’m much taller than you and that one Timberwolf went after me with no hesitation.” I said.

“But the point is, it’s best to just stay inside during nighttime.” Applejack said.

“No kidding there” I said.

Shortly after the conversation, the cobbler went from three-fourths to nothing as quick as a flash. Not even a crumb was left on the pan. I than proceeded to pat my belly with my hand. Applejack was now washing the dishes and drying them while I sat in the chair with my eyes half open.

“Stuffed?” Applejack asked.

“That cobbler filled a hole, Applejack. Hey, Granny, thanks again for the cobbler.” I said.

“You’re welcome.” Granny said.

“Actually, thank you all. Thank you for being so accepting and compassionate towards me. My time here at Sweet Apple Acres has been a great start in this world and I am grateful for your hospitality.” I said.

“No problem, sugarcube. If you ever need anything, come to us. We’ll always lend ya a helping hoof.” Applejack said, supportively.

“Yeah! And we’ll als-” Applebloom said before she was cut off from her yawning and rubbing her slightly weary eyes.

Granny Smith looked at the clock and saw that it read eight-twenty one.

“Woah, nelly! It’s way past our usual bedtime.” Granny exclaimed.

“Would you look at that.” Applejack said.

“That’s alright. I’m feeling a bit tired after that cobbler myself.” I said.

“I guess that means we should all hit the hay.” Big Mac said.

“I agree. I’m feeling tuckered out myself.” Applejack said with a yawn.

“Where am I sleeping at?” I asked.

“Unfortunately, Caleb, we don’t have a guest bedroom. The best we can give you is the couch in the living room.” Applejack offered.

“I’ll take the couch. Doesn’t bother me.” I said.

“Very good. Living room is left of the hallway and i’ll be right with you with a blanket.” Applejack said.

“Sounds good.” I said.

I exited the dining room and head down the hallway and into the living room. Right when I walked in, I heard little pitter-patters on the woods floor. I looked down and saw a small dog that looked a lot like a Collie. The dog circled me and sniffed me at the same time, trying to figure me out.

“Hey, Applejack, I didn’t know you had a dog!” I exclaimed.

Applejack came back with a blanket and a pillow on her back.

“That’s Winona. Best pet and work dog a pony could ever have.” she said, giving Winona a small nuzzle on the head.

Winona looked up at me and gave a playful bark towards me.

“You want me to give you some attention, huh?” I asked Winona.

Winona then opened her mouth and had her tongue hang out while rapidly breathing. This indicated me to sit down next to her and started scratching behind her ears. Winona took liking to the affection.

“Yeah, you like getting all this attention, don’t you?” I said in the weird voice that most people do when they talk to pets.

“Winona just loves getting scratched behind the ol’ ears.” Applejack stated.

“I can see that.” I replied.

“At least you’ll have someone to sleep with, tonight.” Applejack said.

“You want to sleep in here tonight? Hope you like snoring.” I whispered to Winona.

Applejack must’ve heard what I said because it got laugh out of her and that made me laugh.

“There ya go, Caleb, all set up for you.” Applejack said.

“Okay then. See you in the morning, Applejack.” I said.

“You too, g’night, Caleb.” Applejack said before heading upstairs.

After she headed up stairs, I removed my t-shirt and switched off the lantern that lit the room. Thankfully, the moonlight was a decent substitute to find my way back to the couch. I hopped onto the couch, covered myself up with the blanket, and went into a deep sleep.

About five hours later, I was woken by a sound. Immediately I thought it was Winona walking around in the dark, but the floor board was creaking. Therefore, it was something much heavier than a small Collie.

"Who's there? Is someone there?" I asked.

"It's Applebloom." Applebloom responded.

I climbed off the couch and headed for the lantern. I switched it back on and the entire room lit up, revealing a fatigued Applebloom.

"What're you doing up? It's one thirty-four in the morning." I said, looking at the clock.

"I got thirsty." she said.

"What would you like?" I asked.

"Milk please." Applebloom requested.

I hooked my fingers around the lantern and headed into the kitchen. After getting the milk from the fridge, I poured some into a cup.

"Here ya go." I said, handing her the cup.

"Thanks." she replied. She began to take a sip from the cup.

I decided to start a conversation with Applebloom until she finished her milk.

"Your friends, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo? When did you guys meet?" I asked.

"Uhhhh, about two months ago at a cute-cenera." Applebloom said.

"Really? So it this was pretty recent then." I said.

"Uh huh." she trailed off while taking another sip and staring blankly.

"You were saying?" I reminded.

"Sorry. I'm still pretty tired." Applebloom said.

"Don't worry, I know how you feel." I said while letting out a yawn.

"My bullies were having their cute-cenera and the only reason why they invited me was to just make feel more down for not having a cutie mark." Applebloom explained.

"Bullies, huh? I never really liked bullies myself. But go on." I said

"I tried to fake having a cutie mark, but that was just a big fluke. I only ended up making myself look more like fool when everypony found out." she said.

"Why did you even go? You said they were your bullies, right?" I asked.

"I did say that. But if I didn't go in the first place, everyone would've known I was a blank flank." she said.

"Are Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo 'blank flanks' as well?" I questioned.

"Mmm-hmm. That's the main reason why we became friends in the first place." Applebloom said

"Wow. So maybe going to that cute-cenera was a good thing after all." I said

"That's right. Right now all three of us are trying different stuff to find our cutie marks." Applebloom said as she finished her milk

"Sounds pretty good, to me. And to be honest, Applebloom, you shouldn't let bullies get you down when they tease you. All you have to do is ignore them and they'll lose interest. It always worked for me." I advised.

"I know that now. But thanks for the reminder." Applebloom said.

"No prob'." I said. "Alright, you should probably head back to bed." I pointed out.

"Okay." Applebloom said as she got off the chair and headed for the stairs.

"Good night, Applebloom." I called from the kitchen.

"Night." she responded.

With that, I picked up the lantern and headed back into the living room. Winona slowly opened her eyes to my presence.

"Hey, girl." I greeted.

I set the lantern on the table and switched it off before lieing back down on the couch again and falling back asleep.

Butterflies in the Stomach

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Butterflies in the Stomach
November 7th, 2012

My eyes began to open. I looked around the room to see if anyone was up, but everything was quiet. Heck, even Winona was still asleep. Slowly, I rose off the couch. The clock read six twenty-one in the morning. I then stretched my muscles to get them all adjusted for the day. Looking out the window, the sky was a beautiful light blue with a shine of orange on the horizon. My gaze was broken by a sound that came from the kitchen. I walked into the kitchen to find Applejack making her own breakfast.

"Morning, Applejack." I said.

"G'mornin, Caleb." she replied "Did you sleep well?" she asked.

"Mmmm, yeah. I actually feel pretty well rested." I said.

"Good. Hungry for some breakfast?" she offered.

"You don't mind?" I asked.

"Sure. I'll throw two more pancakes on if you'd like." Applejack said.

"Then sure, i'd like some please." I said.

"Alrighty then." Applejack said.

I then took a seat at the dining room table and waited for my pancakes. While waiting, Ponyville came to my mind.

"Hey Applejack. You said you had directions to Ponyville?" I asked from the other room.

"Uhhh, yep. I got a map in this drawer here." she responded

A short while later, Applejack entered the room with two plates of fresh made pancakes. She settled one plate in front to me and the other to my left. Applejack then pulled out a chair, sat next to me, unrolled a map and placed it flat on the table.

"Alright, so we're here." she pointed at a barn that read Sweet Apple Acres. "If you head back to entrance, take a left, and follow that path for about one mile, you should make it to Ponyville." she instructed.

"Sounds easy as can be." I said as I munched on my pancake.

"Or as I would say, easy as apple pie." Applejack quipped.

"Ahhhhhhhh." I responded to the joke, causing us both to chuckle.

As we continued to feast on our pancakes, Applejack informed me of another pony that lived not far from Sweet Apple Acres.

"Oh Caleb, if you take the first right while you're following the path to Ponyville, it'll lead you to one of my friends." she said.

"Who would that be?" I asked.

"Her name is Fluttershy." she revealed.

"Okay, so if your name is Applejack and you affiliate with Apples.... then is Fluttershy supposed to be a really shy pony?" I asked.

"Pretty much. She does live up to her name. But if you get on her good side, you'll find out she's really kind hearted." Applejack said.

"I'll keep that in mind." I said.

After me and Applejack were finished with our food, it was time to part ways for now.

"Here Caleb, keep that map for yourself. We've got another copy upstairs." Applejack said.

"Thanks. This'll come in handy." I said "And Applejack, I owe you and your family for what you guys did for me." I said.

"Aw shucks, Caleb. You really don't have to do that." Applejack said.

"No, I insist. I will find a way to repay you guys somehow." I insisted.

"Oh, okay." Applejack replied

"But anyways, thanks again for your hospitality here and I hope to see you and your family again in the future." I said as I extended my arm for a hand/hoof shake.

"Likewise, Caleb. Good luck out there." said Applejack as she leaned her hoof into my hand.

I grasped her hoof and shook it. With that, I opened the door and left the farmhouse.

The air was very cool and still, considering it was a fall morning, but I know it will warm up later during the day. As I came to exit of Sweet Apple Acres, I took a left and continued my journey to Ponyville.

After walking for about maybe half a mile, I came across that right turn that led to Applejack's friend named Fluttershy. I thought wether if it was worth the time or not, but I decided I wanted to make a new friend and continued down the alternate route. The abundance of apple trees decreased and became more forested again. This caused me to keep my guard up for the Timberwolves once again.

When it seemed like forever, I made it to the end of the alternate route. I inspected the area for any structures, but didn't see anything but vegetation. Remembering I had a map, I pulled it out and looked for my current location. Once I found my location, I realized that I had to take a left and go further down the path. I also found out that Fluttershy's house is relatively close to Ponyville, so it's win-win situation for me.

Following my directions eventually paid off because I discovered a cottage that looked more like a huge ground erosion that formed into a house. There was also a little land bridge that went over a small stream and the front yard had bird houses all over the place.

"Perhaps Fluttershy is a bird fanatic or something." I thought to myself.

Tucking my map into my jean pocket, I proceeded to walk over the small bridge and onto the winding pathway that led to the front door. I slightly knocked on the door and nobody answered at first. But suddenly the door began to open slowly. I looked down and saw a pony with a yellow coat and a pink mane. I only caught this glimpse for about two seconds before I heard a high pitched squeal and the door slammed shut. I quickly tried to reassure Fluttershy that I meant no harm.

"Hey, don't be scared. I'm not gonna hurt you." I said in the most chillest voice I could vocalize.

"Oh. Um.... please come back another time Mr. Ape." she replied on the other side of the door.

"Well atleast she got ape right instead of monkey." I noted to myself.

"Look, I know I may seem scary at first, but I'm really a good person. Trust me." I said

"A-a-are you sure?" she stuttered, softly.

"Of course. You can even ask your friend Applejack and she would agree." I said

That statement was good enough for her to slowly open the door again. When the door fully opened, there stood a pony with a yellow coat, long light pink mane and another one of those flank tattoos that depicted three butterflies. Fluttershy hid half her face behind her long mane and remained silent while looking at the ground. I then crouched down to her height and greeted myself.

"Hi there. My name is Caleb. I take it you're Fluttershy?" I asked.

"Um.... yes my name is Fluttershy." Fluttershy said shyly off into silence.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't hear what you said there." I said

"I said my name is Fluttershy." she said again as quiet as before.

It suddenly became silent and I didn't say a single word in response. Fluttershy emitted a little squeak of shyness as the awkward silence continued. Luckily, the rabbit of anti-awkwardness came along.

"I see you have a rabbit. I used to have a rabbit too." I said

"You like animals too?" Fluttershy asked in a more lively tone.

"Sure. i love all kinds of animals. Dogs are my favorite actually." I said

"Um, would you like to come in?" asked Fluttershy in a normal tone of voice, but still keeping that softness in her voice with it.

"I thought you'd never ask." I accepted the offer.

"Please come in. Excuse me for being so uninviting." Fluttershy said.

"Don't worry about it. I would be scared too if I were you and saw something like me." I said.

I walked inside the cottage and it looked like a pretty nice place to live in. Reminded me a lot of a cabin interior for some reason.

"Wow. Nice place you got here." I said as I examined the interior.

"Why thanks you, sir." she replied

"You can call me Caleb." I said with a chuckle.

"Okay. Would you like some tea?" she asked

"Yes, that would be nice." I said

Fluttershy then headed into another room to fetch me and her some tea. I sat in a chair while I waited. While I waited, a small, white rabbit hopped over to me and gave me an unforgiving glare. I reached out to pet the rabbit, but it swiped its foot in response. I quickly retracted my arm away from the rabbit and said:

"Oh yeah, tough guy?" I teased.

The rabbit stuck its tongue out at me in response and turned it self away from me.

"Fine. Be that way you little crap." I said to myself, softly.

Shortly after that ordeal, Fluttershy came back into the room with two cups of tea on a metal tray and setted them on a small table.

"Fluttershy, is this rabbit supposed to be spoiled or something?" I asked

"Oh what did he do this time?" she asked with slightly raised voice.

"Nothing serious. All he did was swipe my hand when I tried to pet him and stuck his tongue at me." I answered

"Angel! Don't be so rude to our guest!" Fluttershy scolded in a surprisingly dominant tone. "All he wanted to do was pet you." she said as she carefully lifted him up with her forelegs.

"You mind if I pet him?" I asked

"Go right ahead." Fluttershy responded

Angel squinted his or hers eyes as I gently patted the head. Angel only responded by crossing it's arms and giving a stubborn look.

"See? Wasn't that nice?" Fluttershy asked Angel.

Angel responded by just hopping away into another room.

"So sorry about that. He's just a little cranky this early in the morning." Fluttershy informed

"Eh, it's alright." I said.

"So what brings you here, Caleb?" Fluttershy asked, kindly.

"Your friend, Applejack, told me about you and gave me directions to your place. I also thought it would be nice to have another friend here." I explained

"Well if you'd like, i'll be your next friend." Fluttershy offered.

"Oh, that's fantastic!" I said, enthusiastically.

"Did you just arrive here in Ponyville?" Fluttershy asked.

"Actually, I haven't even been to Ponyville yet. I took a little detour route to your place and I plan on heading to Ponyville next." I said. "Fluttershy, is there anybody like me in Ponyville?" I asked.

"You mean anypony?" she asked

"No, I mean anybody. Wait.... is that how you guys refer to other ponies?" I asked, skeptically.

"Why of course. And anybody must be how you refer to your kind." Fluttershy corresponded.

"Shoot. Looks like i'll have to learn new phrases." I remarked.

"Don't worry about that. There's actually not many different phrases I believe." Fluttershy said.

"That's good. So everybody would change to everypony, right?" I asked.

"Mmm-hmm." she replied.

"And somebody would change to somepony?" I asked again.

"Correct." Fluttershy said with a giggle.

"Alright, I think I got this." I said.

"But no, there's nobody else like you in Ponyville, just ponies." Fluttershy answered my original question.

"You mean nopony?" I corrected.

"Well look at me, now i'm the one messing up the terms." Fluttershy said.

"Now you know how I feel." I said.

I than took a swig of the tea and my eyes went wide.

"What's wrong?" Fluttershy asked.

"It's hot!" I replied.

"Sorry about that. Forgot to tell to blow." she said as she blew towards her tea.

I imitated her actions and blew at mine to cool the tea down. I took another sip and it turned it to be pretty good.

"What kind of tea is this?" I asked

"Green tea." she replied.

I looked down into the cup and saw the green liquid in the cup.

"Oh, duh." I said, mentally.

"You said you once had a rabbit?" Fluttershy asked.

"Ah, yes. His name was Thumper. I named him that because of how rabbits will occasionally thump their feet on the ground." I explained

"I see. Very cute name!" she said.

"Thanks. Yep, he lived for about fourteen years and was a good little snowball." I said

"Oh my, how sad." she consoled.

"Yeah.... I wasn't really sad when he died, I just couldn't believe he was gone. But I moved on after a day or two." I said.

"I don't think I could ever recover if Angel were to pass on." Fluttershy admitted.

"Hmm." I hummed.

My eye contact with Fluttershy was broken when I noticed a moving figure in my peripheral vision. I turned my head and found out it was a weasel.

"Is that another pet of yours?" I asked

"Uh huh. His name is Freddy." Fluttershy said.

Freddy took one look at both of us, scratched his head, and went on his way into another room. Suddenly, a little hummingbird flew into my view.

"Gah!" I exclaimed.

The hummingbird darted to left and then the right as it rapidly flapped its wings before it quickly flew away. Fluttershy giggled to the scene.

"What's with all the animals in the house, if you don't mind me asking." I said

"Believe it or not, I take care of almost every animal specie that is known to ponykind." she said.

"You're kidding me, right?" I said in disbelief.

"See for yourself." she said before whistling with her hoof.

I looked around for any changes and all of these animals emerged out of nowhere. For example, mice came out of the holes at the bottom of the walls, birds flew out of the birdhouses inside, squirrels climbed down from the ceiling, two hedgehogs entered the living room from another, and even an actual monkey came from downstairs.

"H-h-how do you live with all of them?" I questioned.

"It pretty interesting actual. When I was just a little filly, I discovered this unexpected talent that allowed me to understand what animals were saying." Fluttershy said.

"Ask that squirrel what he thinks about me." I requested.

"Excuse me little squirrel, what is your opinion of Caleb here?" Fluttershy asked the squirrel.

The squirrel must've understood what she said because it started to emit little squeaks in response.

"Oh, he's really not that bad. He's actually very nice." she responded to the squirrel.

"What did he say?" I asked.

"Well.... he thinks that you're a little intimidating." she said.

"Wow, you weren't kidding." I said, amazed. "Hmmmm. Okay. Do you have any acorns or nuts?" I asked Fluttershy.

"I see what you're going for. Here." she said, giving me an acorn.

I rose from my chair and walked towards the squirrel that clung to the wall. I presented it to the squirrel and it looked at me and the acorn numerous times. I rose my eyebrows in indication to take it. The squirrel quickly snatched it from my hand and smiled. Yes, a squirrel made a facial gesture that a human is capable of doing. It then scaled up the wall to store the nut somewhere.

"See? You don't need much charisma to get an animal on your side." Fluttershy said.

"I guess so." I agreed. "Fluttershy, I hope you don't mind, but I think i'll get going now." I said.

"That's alright. You must have a big day ahead of you if you're going to Ponyville." Fluttershy said.

I really wanted to stay a little longer and I probably could've, but I just wanted to get on with my day and finally get to Ponyville before the day ends again.

"You bet. Wanna tag along with me?" I asked.

"I would love to, but I still have to feed all the animals before I can do anything else." Fluttershy said.

"I understand. Applejack was right when she said you were kind hearted." I complimented.

"It's in my element." Fluttershy replied.

"Okay then, I'll see you another time." I farewelled.

"You too. Thanks for the stopping by." Fluttershy said.

"No problem." I said. "Ponyville is to the right, right?" I asked, pointing to my right.

"Uh huh. Just take a right and stick to the path." she informed

"Good. Had to be sure." I said.

"Okay then, bye now." said Fluttershy.

"Bye." I responded with a wave.

Ponyville With a Rainbow

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Ponyville With a Rainbow
November 7th, 2012

After that little visit, I continued my walk to Ponyville. The temperature has definitely increased over the time of the visit, so that's a plus. However, there was a minus as well. Along the path, I found more paw prints from the Timberwolves and there must've been a pack because the prints scattered all over the place.

"At least I only encountered one of them." I said to myself.

Now I was getting on edge again because it was still pretty early in the morning and the wolves may still be out. Therefore, I didn't stick around long and continued onwards to Ponyville. For a while, I kept on walking and the forest seemed to clear up more until eventually there was nothing but a few trees and open grass. That's when I spotted several buildings in the distance. I had found Ponyville.

I started to proceed quicker over towards the village and discovered a sign that read: 'Welcome to Ponyville. A village of harmony.' Man, it took two days, but i'm finally here. I came across a purple stone bridge that went over a river and the sunlight glistened in the clear water in small wavy motions.

At this point, the dirt paths have been replaced with grassy roads. When I mean by roads, I mean grass that is finely cut to form the characteristics of what a road would look like. Another thing I noticed is that no one was outside. Everybody else was probably still sleeping since it's still early in the morning, but hey, maybe i'll meet an early bird along the way.

I explored the area a little more and entered an open space that contained a red three story building. I checked around the building to see if anyone was there, but to no prevail. But I did find a banner attached to the railing of the second floor balcony than read: "Ponyville Town Hall."

"Where is everybody?" I asked, rhetorically.

As I searched the area for any ponies, I found all of these flags that were scattered throughout the area and a statue of a mare on the southside of the town square. I began to feel like I was going on a scavenger hunt for ponies rather than meeting them. Just when I felt like giving up, I heard a woosh sound above me. I looked up and saw something that was no damn eagle or hawk, it was a pony! I tried to get a better look, but it was too far up in the sky. I cupped my hands around my mouth and shouted: "HEY YOU!"

The pony stopped for a moment and looked around in the sky, trying to figure out where my voice came from. I decided to give it a little hint.

"DOWN HERE!" I shouted again.

The pony looked downwards and immediately caught sight of me. It took a moment, but it eventually started to slowly descend. As it got closer to me, I made out some very distinguishable features to it. It had a cyan coat and was just a tiny bit smaller than Applejack and Fluttershy. I guess that would make sense because of the whole wing to body ratio thing. But the most eye catching feature was its mane and tail; the pony had a rainbow mane and tail complete with red, yellow, orange, green, blue, and violet.

When the pony got to about 20 ft and was able to better look at me, its facial expression was the true definition of confusion. It had wide eyes and one eyebrow raised. The winged pony remained a distance away from me before she spoke.

"Did you just talk?" she asked in a raspy, guy-like voice, but still retaining femininity.

"Surprised?" I responded.

"Woah!" she exclaimed.

"The name's Caleb. What's yours?" I asked.

"Now wait a minute. What are you doing here in Ponyville? You causing trouble? If you are, you're gonna be sorry!" she said in a raised tone.

"What? No! Of course I wouldn't. What makes you think that?" I questioned.

"Maybe it's the fact that I haven't seen anything like you before." she responded. "What are you supposed to be?" she asked.

"Oh, so if you see something you've never seen before, you consider it bad? I wonder what you thought when you first saw your reflection." I insulted.

"Don't change the subject! Just answer the question." she demanded.

"Okay, okay, let's just start over and i'll explain myself before this escalates further." I proposed.

"Fine. Go ahead." she said.

"My name is Caleb and i'm a human. Basically a highly evolved ape for a scientific standpoint. I arrived here in this land about a day ago and I came here to look for others. That's all." I explained.

Rainbow brought her hoof up to her mouth and began to think.

"If you don't believe me, just ask Applejack and Fluttershy, they'll vouch for me." I provided.

"Hmmmm. Seems a bit fishy. Alright, I'll believe your story." she said.

"Good. Now what's your name?" I asked.

"Names Rainbow Dash. Fastest flier in Equestria." she introduced in a much more calmer tone.

"Nice to meet you, Rainbow Dash." I said back.

"Likewise." Rainbow said.

"So you claim to be the fastest flier, huh?" I asked.

"I don't claim, I am the fastest flier." Rainbow boasted.

"Let me see some proof. It would be pretty cool to see what you got." I said.

"Okay then, watch this." Rainbow accepted.

Rainbow Dash jerked the right side of her body back as if she was about to run and then....*ZOOM!*. Within half a second, Rainbow Dash had turned from a full figure to nothing but a tiny dot in the sky.

"How? That's impossible!" I exclaimed out loud.

Rainbow repeated the same action and came to a complete halt right in front of me like a bullet stopped in mid-air.

"I gotta admit, that was pretty impressive and awesome!" I complimented.

"Maybe it's because i'm so awesome myself." she said, slyly.

I slightly laughed to the self praise.

"I'm guessing you're into athletics. You have to be since you move as fast as a bullet." I said.

"You got that right! I've been training all my life to be accepted into the Wonderbolts." Rainbow informed.

"Wonderbolts? Is that supposed to be an advanced flying team or something?" I asked.

"Elite flying team to be exact. Only the best of the best can join and I plan on being one of those ponies." Rainbow said.

"Well, I wish you luck on becoming one of them." I said.

"Thanks. Y'know, you may not be as bad as I thought you were." Rainbow confessed.

"You see? All you needed to do was to know me better." I said.

"Sorry. It's a personality trait of mine." Rainbow said.

"It's all good." I said.

Rainbow then took a glance to the sky and looked at me again.

"Hey, it was nice talking to you, but I gotta finish busting clouds for the day before everyone gets up. Otherwise, the Cloudsdale Weather Center will be on my flank." Rainbow said.

"How exactly do you bust clouds?" I asked.

"It's simple. All you have to do is just give the cloud a good buck and it poofs away into thin air." Rainbow said.

"Huh. Never thought you could get rid of clouds like that. Looks like I have much to learn." I said.

"Heh, heh. Maybe you do." Rainbow teased.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. But anyways, I better let you get back to your cloud busting." I said.

"Before you go, you said you met Fluttershy and Applejack, right?" Rainbow asked.

"Yes I did." I replied.

"Well what if I said that I have three other ponies you can meet." Rainbow suggested.

"I'm up for it." I said.

"Awesome. Alright, if you turn around and turn left a little and go that way continuously, you should see a building that looks like a miniature castle called Carousel Boutique. There you should find one of my friends, Rarity." Rainbow instructed.

"Got it." I said.

"Yeah, you might aswell face the drama queen herself now and just get it over with." Rainbow said.

"Ah, she's that kind of pony, huh?" I asked.

"Well, she's not a drama queen all the time, but just consider what I said a warning." Rainbow said.

"I'll keep it in mind." I said.

"So just to recap, you know where you're going?" Rainbow asked.

"Yep. I know." I replied.

"Awesome. Maybe i'll see you later and we can chill together." Rainbow said.

"Yeah, I'd like that." I said, happily.

"Cool beans. See ya later." Rainbow said.

"See ya." I replied as I walked away to Carousel Boutique.

"I wonder what Rainbow would say if I called her Skittles?" I thought to myself.

Lil' Miss Rarity

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Lil’ Miss Rarity
November 7th, 2012

For a while I cut in between houses that acted as little shortcuts to Carousel Boutique. The sun was much higher in the sky and I figured somebody would be out and about by now. Sure enough, there was a stallion walking along the side of the street. The stallion didn't notice me at first, but he eventually did and stopped right in his tracks. He looked at me and I looked right back. I looked down at the ground for a quick second and spoke to him.

"Hey you." I said. "D'oh, I should've said hi." I quickly said to myself.

The stallion let out a startled yell and darted off into the other direction before I had a chance to explain myself. I tried to pursue him, but he was much more faster than me and outran me. Damn little thing is fast. With that failure of a greeting out of the way, I focused on Carousel Boutique once again.

At first I got turned around and had to find my exact path again, but I regained my direction. Some minutes later, I saw the building that Rainbow Dash described. I approached the building and sure enough there was a sign that read Carousel Boutique. The architecture and design of the building looked very high end and fancy. Rarity must be a rich pony. Casually, I walked to the front door and knocked. I waited for a minute and knocked harder this time, and still no answer.

"Either she's sleeping or not home." I said.

I then turned my back and began to walked away. After I took four steps, I heard a muffled sound from behind me. It sounded like some sort of undulating energy with a little twinkle sound effect. As I turned around, the doorknob began to turn and the door opened, revealing a mare with a white coat and a swirly purple mane.

"Oh, please forgive me, I couldn't hear your knocks over the sound of my sewing machine. What can I do for y-y-y-YOUUUUAAAHHHHH." screamed Rarity as she slammed the door like the way Fluttershy did.

I also noticed her accent. It was a British accent I believe.

"British ponies? This outta be good." I said, mentally. "Hey, i'm not gonna eat you or anything. i just wanted to say hi." I said.

"Ah! Go away beast! Shoo, shoo!" Rarity ordered.

These choice of words sparked an idea. I decided to tug on her heartstrings a little bit.

"Beast?" I replied in a sad voice.

"W-well. No! I didn't mean to say that." Rarity said.

"No, no, I understand. You or nopony will ever like me." I said in a depressed voice while faking some sniffles. "Here I go." I said in a pseudo breaking voice.

I drooped my neck and head forward and slowly walked away. The door opened and Rarity pursued me.

"Wait! Please don't go! I-I didn't mean to be such a brute. Please come back." Rarity pleaded.

I quickly changed my mood and tone to more happy and cheerful.

"Nah, i'm just pulling on your heartstrings." I revealed.

"Oh thank goodness. Forgive my choice of words. I was a little frightened at first." Rarity said.

"Little? You were like: "Ohhh, go away foul beast, ohhhh." I said in a mockingly british accent.

"Okay, maybe I was being a little dramatic." Rarity admitted. "Where are my manners? Would you like to come in?" Rarity asked.

"Sure." I said as I followed her inside Carousel Boutique. "So I take it you're Rarity, right?" I asked.

"Yes, that is me." Rarity said with a flip of her mane.

"Charmed. My name is Caleb." I introduced.

"What an interesting name." Rarity said.

As both of us walked inside the Boutique, I took notice of all the pony mannequins and articles of clothing and dresses everywhere. When she went to close the door, I heard that weird energy sound again and it was much more louder, almost as if it were right behind me. I turned around to inspect and it was Rarity. She had a horn on her head that was causing this light blue aura to surround it and the door knob. This caused me to react with great bewilderment.

"WOAH!" I shouted, causing Rarity to flinch.

"What? What is it?" Rarity asked.

"That horn on your head?! Are you a unicorn?" I asked.

"Why yes I am. Have you ever seen one before?" Rarity asked.

"Not at all. I mean, i've heard about them in mythology and fairy tales, but not in person." I said.

"Well this is a first for you than." Rarity said.

"You have no idea! Also, what is that blue stuff that comes out of your horn?" I asked.

"That would be magic. It's a unicorns unique ability. Here, watch." Rarity said before demonstrating her ability.

She turned the blue aura back on her horn and the doorknob. Without the movement of a muscle, she closed the door with her magic.

"Holy crap. That is what I call cool!" I said.

"Oh, it's really nothing. By the way, would you like a drink?" she asked.

"No thanks, i've already had something to have today at Applejacks and Fluttershy's place." I said.

"You know them too?" she asked.

"Yep. Very nice ponies." I said.

"I agree with you on that." Rarity said.

"What's with all the dresses all over the place? It's a mess in here." I asked.

“Ah yes, I have this big order of dresses that need to be finished on a tight schedule.” Rarity said.

“Well, I can assure you they are quite well designed. The ponies who ordered this should be quite pleased with your work” I said.

"Oh, you're too kind." Rarity said.

"Rarity, you wouldn't happen to know where your two other friends live?" I asked.

"Why do you wish to meet them?" she asked.

"You see, I arrived here in this world and couple days ago and i'm just trying to make friends. Ponyville seems like a pretty good start." I said.

"I see. Who are you wanting to meet?" Rarity asked.

"First I met Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and then you. So that narrows it down to the last two." I said.

"That would be Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle. They live here in Ponyville as well." Rarity said.

"Excellent! I have a map here so you can show me where they live." I said as I took out the map and placed it on Rarity's work table.

"Okay, let's see....." Rarity trailed off while clicking her tongue.

"What'cha got?" I asked.

"Pinkie Pie lives here at Sugarcube Corner and Twilight lives at the Ponyville Library." Rarity informed while pointing at the locations on the map.

"Alright, thanks Rarity." I thanked. "I should probably get going now, you seem to have your hands full with the dresses." I said, unaware of my mistake.

"Hands?" Rarity asked.

"Argh! I meant to say hooves! Why does this new phrasing so hard for me?" I said.

The mistake sent Rarity into a short laughing fit before calming down a short time later.

"Oh, don't worry, you'll get used to it." Rarity said.

"Not fast enough." I replied. "But as I was trying to say, good luck with the dresses and everything. It was nice to meet you." I said.

"You too Caleb. You seem like a very polite and sophisticated individual." Rarity said.

"Thanks." I replied.

"And you can also add me on your list of friends as well." Rarity said.

"Really?" I asked.

"Sure, I don't see why not." Rarity said.

I smiled back at Rarity in response.

"See ya, Rarity." I said.

"Goodbye, darling." she responded.

A Brief Pink Visit

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A Brief Pink Visit
November 7th, 2012

When I went outside, the sun was much higher in the sky and was much more warmer out than before, but still had a little chill to the air.

I came across the same area where I saw the one stallion walking by himself earlier and now more ponies were out and about than before. Their coats and manes came in all different colors. As I looked at them from behind a building, I came up with a radical idea. What would happen if I just walked right in the street casually in front of all these ponies? I was curious to see what would happen, so I decided to act it.

I stepped out from behind a building and proceeded to walk forward on the street. As I got closer, I heard one pony say:

“Woah, look at that.” a stallion said while pointing his hoof at me.

His friend turned his head and looked at me with his mouth dropped.

Soon enough, everyone was looking at me. Eyeballs were all on me. I heard little whispers from ponies and some actually ran from me even though I was doing nothing threatening. One mare was so shocked, she dropped her basket of flowers which caused them to fall on the ground. I looked over at her and decided to show my kind side.

I walked over to her and her eyes went wide and her irises shrunk leaving her eyes to almost have a creepy milky white look. When I came up to the basket and flowers, I crouched down to pick up a flower and set it in the basket. I repeated the process with the other flowers and settled them in the basket neatly. Her eyes followed every move my arms made and soon enough, the basket was full again.

"I think you dropped your daisies, Miss." I said, kindly.

My ability to speak caused the crowd of ponies to gasp in amazement for I could hear them whisper: “It can talk like us?”

The mare in front of me still had her mouth slightly open and she managed to quiver out a "Thanks."

"No problem." I responded.

I turned around to see the crowd of ponies looking at me. I then said one of the greatest words of wisdom to ponykind.

"Morning, everybody." I said.

I then turned around to walk away.

"WHY THE HELL DID YOU SAY EVERYBODY, YOU IDIOT!?" I screamed at myself internally.

My face began to burn as I blushed from embarrassment. All I wanted to do was get out of there.

I continued to wander throughout more parts of Ponyville and met new ponies along the way. Most reactions were just like the others. Either run away or look at me in shock. Guess i’m gonna have to get used to that. As I got closer, I smelled something good, smelled like…. baked goods.

I turned a corner and saw a building with a sign in the ground that stated: “Sugarcube Corner Bakery.” The building reminded me of a gingerbread house due to the outside of the building looking like a giant version of a gingerbread house. The top half part of the door was open while the bottom was closed, signifying that the bakery was open. I walked up to the door and saw a light blue mare with a mane with red and pink stripes. Her eyes widened when she looked at me.

"Um, hi, is the bakery open?" I asked.

"Y-yes. Come on in." said the mare.

"Hi, my name is Caleb. Are you Pinkie Pie?" I asked.

"My name is Cup Cake. Pinkie Pie is in the kitchen at the moment." Cup Cake said.

"Oh, my mistake. Can I talk to her please?" I asked.

"Just a moment." Cup Cake said as she entered the kitchen.

Moments later, she came back with a pony with a pink coat and a poofy dark raspberry mane. Pinkie sure does live up to her name.

“Hi there, my name i-” I was cut off by Pinkie.

For some reason, she let out this loud gasp and it made me tense up in surprise. After that, she zipped right past me and out the door. I ran towards the door and looked out to see if she was there, but she was nowhere to be seen.

"Damn, where did she go?" I asked myself. "What was that all about?" I asked Cup Cake.

“That’s just Pinkie being Pinkie. I don’t know that means, but it must mean something.” Cup Cake said.

“Hmmm. Well, maybe i’ll stop by later and see if she’s back later.” I said.

"Do whatever you please." Cup Cake replied.

"Alright, I guess i'll see you or Pinkie later." I said.

"Bye, dearie." Cup Cake farewelled.

"That was weird how Pinkie just gasped and zipped away in a flash. These ponies are quite mysterious beings i’ll say. Now all I have to do is find this Twilight Sparkle at the library." I said as I walked away from Sugarcube Corner.

A Bookworm's Sanctuary

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A Bookworm’s Sanctuary
November 7th, 2012

I got lost while wandering around the almost identical houses for quite some time. I took the map out of my pocket to inspect it and realized that I passed the library not long ago. So I turned around and went back the way I came from. As I double checked the area, I noticed something different about this tree I passed before. It was a tree, but it had the features a building would have. This would include windows and a door. I further inspected it and saw a sign that clarified that this tree was the library I was searching for.

"What an interesting choice for a library." I said.

Seriously. I didn’t even think it was a building at first. I thought it was just some random tree.

I gave the door two knocks and waited for a response. Shortly after, the doorknob began to turn. I was expecting to see a pony when the door completely opened, but instead got something else. As the door opened half-way, there stood a short, purple, bipedal lizard. Just like the ponies, it spoke perfect English.

"Holy Moly!" the lizard exclaimed.

“Don’t worry, i’m not here to hurt you.” I assured the lizard while hiding my confusion of a talking lizard in a village called Ponyville.

“Y-y-y-you can talk too?” the lizard asked.

"Sure can." I said.

"Well how do I know you're telling the truth?" the lizard asked.

"On what? Not hurting you?" I asked.

"Yeah." the lizard responded.

"C'mon, do I look like some scary monster to you?" I asked while spanning my arms outwards.

The lizard took a moment to come up with an answer as it inspected me once more.

"Well.... you don't actually look that threatening." he confessed.

"That's more like it." I said. "Most of the locals had the same reaction you had just now." I said.

"Heh. My bad." the lizard apologized.

"That's all right. But I came here to look for a pony named Twilight Sparkle." I said.

"Twilight? She's in here at the moment." the lizard said.

"Great! You mind if I talk to her?" I asked.

"Uh, sure." he said. "Twilight, somethings here for you." the lizard announced.

"I prefer human or you can call by my name, Caleb." I said.

"Right, sorry. My name's Spike." Spike introduced.

"Spike? That name fits you well." I said.

Spike then turned his head as a female voice came from behind him.

"What do you mean by something's here?" the voice asked.

"See for yourself." said Spike.

The door opened all that way and there stood another unicorn with a lavender coat, a mane that consisted of violet and two rose highlights.

"GAH!" she screamed.

"Hey, don't worry, i'm no threat!" I exclaimed.

"Oh my goodness, you can talk?" Twilight asked.

"Yep. Just like you and Spike." I replied.

Twilight's face of shock was soon washed away and replaced with the expression of excitement.

"Spike! Do you know what this means?" Twilight asked Spike.

"You're gonna go crazy because we just made a big discovery?" Spike asked.

"Couldn't say it better myself!" Twilight said. "Please come in, Caleb." Twilight said.

I took the invitation and headed inside the library. The inside was definitely what it would look like if made the interior of a large tree into a library. There were semi-circle shelves that held multitudes of books.

"Wow. You sure have alot books." I noted to Twilight.

"I do like to read a lot." Twilight said.

"Maybe a bit too much." Spike said to me.

"Would you like anything?" Twilight asked.

"Nah, i'm good." I replied.

"Okay then. You mind sitting in that chair while I go get something?" Twilight asked.

"Sure." I said.

"Great!" Twilight said as she ran upstairs.

“Sorry about Twilight, she’s just so excited about meeting you.” Spike said.

"I can see that. What do you think she's getting?" I asked.

"I have no clue." Spike said.

Twilight came back downstairs with this box like contraption.

"Geez, Twilight. You gonna run some science experiment on him?" Spike asked.

"No, nothing like that. I just want to check his brainwaves since he's capable of performing perfect speech and motor functions." Twilight explained as she sat the device on the wooden table next to me.

"Will this hurt?" I asked, skeptically.

"Trust me, you won't feel anything." Twilight said.

"Okay, if you say so." I replied.

Twilight levitated the helmet extension and placed it on my head while strapping it with the chin strap. After she situated it on, she switched on and it began to hum. Now that I thought about it, the machine looked alot like a heart monitor because of how the lines would fluctuate as it studied my brain.

"Alpha waves and Beta waves." Twilight said.

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"Alpha waves indicate that your mind is basically at a normal state and Beta's are associated with the feeling of being frustrated." Twilight said.

"Really? I don't feel frustration. Unless it's an after effect of everypony in Ponyville running away from me as soon as they take one look at me." I said.

"That would explain why." Twilight said.

Spike was sweeping the wooden floor at the moment and I thought that was pretty funny.

"So Spike, are you supposed to be some lizard or something?" I asked.

"You could say that. But i'm actually a dragon." he revealed.

My mind took a moment to register what he just said to me.

"Did you just say a dragon?" I asked.

"Yep. Why?" Spike asked.

"I-I-I....." I trailed off.

The brainwave monitor was spiking with Alpha waves at the moment and Twilight took notes on the event.

"You okay?" Spike asked.

"Its just.... wow! First I meet talking ponies and now a talking dragon. Tell me, can you actually breathe fire?" I asked.

"I can't tell, I can show you." Spike said.

Spike looked up, took a deep breath and blew upwards, creating a small green flame. What makes this even more credible is the fact that the flame radiated heat. I put my hands up and simply said: "That is amazing."

"That should be good enough." Twilight said to herself as she removed the cap from my head and setted it aside.

"Anything else?" I asked.

"Nope. Unless I can think of something else I need you for later, i'll let you know." Twilight said. "What brings you to Ponyville?" Twilight asked.

"Well, mostly because it was the closest civilization." I said.

"How did you get here? The only animal specie that looks identical to you are monkeys." Twilight said.

“Back from the world I came from, the damn Canadian government invented this contraption that could open doorways to other dimensions and some idiot switched it on. Due to me also being an idiot, I got too close to the portal, got sucked in and ended up here in this world.” I said.

"Never heard of such advanced technology." Twilight said. "I hate to say this, but I think might be stuck here in Equestria." Twilight said.

"Damn." I said, flatly while staring at the wall.

"Something wrong?" Spike asked.

"Yeah...." I said. "It's just that I had to leave my family behind when I entered this world." I said.

Twilight than supportively put her left foreleg around the back of my neck and Spike sat next to me.

"That must be hard for you." Twilight said.

"It is. I just have this sucky feeling when I realize that my little sister will grow up without a brother and how worried my parents must be." I said.

I felt like I wanted to let out a good cry at the moment, but I counter-acted it with the fact that I still have friends here in Equestria.

"But I think i'll be able to move on." I said.

"Is there anything we can do to make you feel more welcome here?" Twilight asked, looking me in the eyes.

"First of all, i'd like to show the ponies of Ponyville that i'm really not that bad. Progress has been pretty slow." I said.

Twilight thought for a moment and a light bulb must've lit up in her head.

"I've got an idea." she said.

Meeting The Mayor

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Meeting The Mayor
November 7th, 2012

"Alright, lay it out on me." I said.

"The mayor is one of the most trusted ponies in Ponyville. So I was thinking we could head over to town hall and see if we get her to say good things about you." Twilight said.

"If we're going to do that, I should at least say something too." I said.

"You can do that." Twilight said.

Me, Twilight, and Spike stepped outside of the library to venture to town hall, but Twilight came to a halt and whispered something into Spike's ear.

"You sure about that?" Spike asked.

Twilight nodded her head in response. Spike ran back inside the library to do whatever task he was assigned.

"What did you say?" I asked.

"I hope you don't mind, but I told Spike to write a letter to inform the Princess on your arrival in Equestria." Twilight said.

"Princess?" I asked. "You did make sure to tell Spike to make me sound like a kind individual? I don't want the princess coming after me with bad intentions." I urged.

"Spike should know what to and what not to write, he's got this." Twilight assured.

"I hope so." I replied.

About a minute later, Spike regrouped with us.

"Okay, it's sent." Spike announced.

"Thank you, Spike." Twilight said.

"What'cha write to the princess, Spike?" I asked.

"About how much of a threat you are to Equestria." Spike teased.

I stared at him with wide eyes. Spike then began to laugh his tail off.

"You should've seen the look on your face! It was priceless!" Spike laughed.

"Oh, so you've got jokes now, huh?" I asked.

"Oh, Spike." Twilight interjected.

With that out of the way, we began our walk to town hall. Along the way, many other ponies who lived in Ponyville spotted me again. It would go from continuous chattering and then silence once they saw me. I felt so awkward and out of place at the time.

"Now I know how you feel when everyone stares at you." Spike said as we left a crowd of ponies.

"I know, right? It's so weird." I said.

"Like you said, the ponies here just don't know much about you. At this point, I think they're curious rather than fearing you." Twilight said.

"You could be right." I said.

As we walked through the crowd, I spotted a familiar face from earlier. It was the mare who dropped her daisies.

"Oh hey, it's you!" I exclaimed.

"Hi there." she replied in a calm tone.

"Look, I know you may not trust me, but i'm not what you think I am." I said, sincerely.

"Now that you mention that, I figured that out right away when you showed kindness." the mare replied.

"I wish the other ponies here were as understanding as you." I said.

"I'll make sure to spread the word about you." she said.

"Thanks! The name's Caleb, by the way." I said.

"Junebug. Y'know what, take this daisy. My gratitude for helping me earlier." Junebug said, handing me a daisy with white petals and a yellow center.

"Thank you very much. I'll be sure to keep this." I said.

"Your welcome." she said.

"Would be nice to stay and talk, but I gotta go meet the mayor before I do anything else today." I said.

"The mayor? I bet she'll like you." Junebug said.

"Keeping my fingers crossed." I said.

"Alright, bye-bye now." Junebug said.

After that meeting Junebug, we continued on our original intent.

"Seems like friend making is pretty easy now." Twilight said.

"Good thing too. She seems nice." I said.

After taking many turns around Ponyville, all three of us entered the town or village square and spotted town hall instantly. We walked up the step and stopped at the door.

"Ready?" Spike asked.

"Yep, lets go." I said.

I pushed on the door and we walked inside. The inside had that scent when you enter a courtroom and there were four balconies on each side of the room, much like those old theater VIP booths.

"Hello? Anypony here?" Twilight asked out loud with no response.

"Must be a slow day." I said.

"Where is everybody?" Spike asked.

"I don't know. Maybe we should check upstairs." Twilight suggested.

All three of us headed upstairs and there was a hallway with several rooms. I scanned the doors and found one that read: Mayor Mare.

"Hey guys, I think she's in here." I informed.

Twilight and Spike walked over towards me and examined the door as well. Twilight then knocked on the door.

"Mayor Mare, it's Twilight and Spike. May we come in?" Twilight asked.

"Yes, Twilight, you may come in." replied a female voice from inside the room.

Twilight opened the door with her horn magic and sitting at the desk was a mare with a light brown coat with a light gray mane. Her face then lit up with surprise.

“Hello Twilight and Spike.” she greeted while looking in my direction. “Who’s your friend?” she asked, collectively.

Twilight was about to speak, but I stopped her.

"I got this." I said and Twilight nodded.

“Mayor Mare, my name is Caleb Barlow. I’m new to Ponyville and it is a great pleasure to meet the sole head pony of Ponyville.” I introduced, formerly.

“Well, it’s also a great pleasure to meet you too, Caleb. When did you arrive here?” she asked.

"Not long ago. I'd say about four hours ago." I said.

“Is that so? How has everyone took to your arrival." Mayor Mare asked.

"I'm glad you asked that because that is why i'm here." I said.

"Go on." she encouraged.

"Unfortunately, almost everypony here seems to be very reluctant to make my acquaintance because they fear me. Well.... I shouldn't say fear. What I meant to say was confused and unsure about me." I said.

"Is there something you want me to do?" she asked.

"Yes. Mayor Mare, would you organize some sort of speech event or something and get these ponies on my side. It really sucks when I enter a town where everypony is hesitant to even talk to me." I said.

"We can make that happen. How do you want this to work?" Mayor Mare asked.

"What I was thinking of doing is that you would say some good things about me and near the end, i'll make a surprise appearance and say a few words." I explained.

"Sounds good." Mayor Mare replied.

"So is that a yes?" I asked.

"Of course. I can see the situation you're in and I want Ponyville to be a place where everypony will accept you." Mayor Mare said.

"Thank you so much, mayor!" I said, thankfully.

"You're welcome." she replied.

"So when can this event take place?" I asked.

"I can probably get the word spread by today. Therefore, we can have an audience for tomorrow, if that's okay with you." Mayor Mare said.

"The sooner the better." I said.

"Very good. So we have a plan?" Mayor Mare asked.

"I think we do!" I said, cheerfully.

"Excellent. For now, i'll get the word out and you should come up with what you're going to say. The event will take place in front of town hall at three o'clock in the afternoon." Mayor Mare said.

"Sounds good. Thanks again for making this possible." I said.

"Anytime. Hopefully things will go better for you." Mayor Mare said.

"We'll see." I said.

"Anything else you wanted to say, Caleb?" Twilight asked.

"Nope. I'm good." I said.

"Okay, bye now." Mayor Mare said.

All three of us walked out of the mayor's office.

"Well, that went well." I said.

"I know. You were very professional and punctual with her." Twilight said.

"How was I professional? I didn't even realize I was." I said.

"The way you interacted and worked things out with her was impressive. Maybe speaking is your calling in life." Twilight said.

"Maybe." I said.

As we exited town hall, I heard this deep rumbling sound. I looked at Spike and he had his claw on his stomach.

"Spike, was that you? Sounds like you haven't eaten in days." I said.

“Nah, that’s what it usually sounds like when it’s partially empty.” Spike joked.

"Want to get some lunch? My treat." Twilight offered.

"Yeah, I could eat." I said.

"Then let's go. I know a place." Twilight said.

Lunch at Hayburger

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Lunch at Hayburger
November 7th, 2012

I followed behind Twilight for quite some time and it looked like we were heading for the outskirts of Ponyville.

"So, tell me. where are you taking us?" I asked.

"Oh, just to a well known fast food joint that's real popular in Ponyville. Somewhere simple." Twilight said.

"They got some pretty good stuff there." Spike added.

"Sounds good to me. I'll eat anything if it's good." I said

After walking for awhile, we ended up stopping at a building that had a huge sign on the roof. The signed depicted of a burger and a fast food soda cup. Kinda reminded me of a McDonald's.

"Smell that food?" Spike asked.

"Oh yeah. That's the smell of delicious." I replied.

"Then let's not waste no more time and get in there." Spike said.

As we entered the building, there were other ponies there that were dining as well. Everybody stopped eating and looked at me like they saw a ghost. One pony dropped a burger out of his mouth at the sight of me and there were some ponies that looked like they were Applebloom’s age. They feared me much more than Applebloom, who was quite enthusiastic about me. I felt so bad when I saw the young ponies cling to their parents. Before I knew it, we were at the order counter.

“Hello, welcome to The Hay Burger, how may I help you?” the cashier asked while switching his line of sight to me and then Twilight.

“Hi, I’ll have the Hayburger with a side of horseshoe fries. Spike?” Twilight said.

“Uhhh, i’ll take what she’s having. What about you Caleb?” Spike asked.

“I don’t know. I’ll just take what they’re having as well.” I said.

“Okay, your total is four bits.” the cashier said.

Twilight used her magic to take out four gold coins out of a pouch and gave them to the cashier. I’m guessing these are supposed to be bits.

“Thank you. Take a seat anywhere you want and your food will be out soon.” the cashier said.

"Thanks." Twilight replied.

All three of us looked for a decent seat that could fit us and we decided to take a booth by the side of a window. To pass the wait time, I brought up the princess.

"What's the princess like?" I asked Twilight.

"Actually there's two princesses." Spike informed.

"Oh really? Then what are they both like individually?" I asked again.

"Ah, Princess Celestia. She's kind, caring, mellow, and overall just a great leader of Equestria." Twilight said.

"Celestia? Doesn't the word celestial mean upwards or something?" I asked.

"That's correct. She's the princess who raises the sun everyday." Twilight said.

I then looked at Twilight with a confused expression and leaned my head in a bit closer.

"Um? Raises the sun?" I asked, perplexedly.

"I know. Pretty hard to believe." Twilight said.

"There's no way. How!? How can a unicorn have the capability to move a gigantic ball of fire that's thousands of miles away from Earth?" I asked.

"That's the thing. Princess Celestia and her sister, Princess Luna, are variants of ponies that are allowed to achieve a feat of magic that great." Twilight answered.

"What are they?" I asked.

"They're alicorns. Alicorns are a cross between a unicorn and a pegasus. If a alicorn has great knowledge in advanced magic, they can become the most powerful being in Equestria." Twilight said.

"Unbelieveable....." I said. "So that means Princess Luna has the duty of raising and lowering the moon." I said.

"Precisely." Twilight replied.

Shortly after our astounding conversation, our order had finally arrived.

"Ooooh, there it is." Spike said, hungrily.

"Only the professionals know how to eat this, Spike." I said, referring to me and Spike.

Twilight smiled and rolled her eyes in response.

“Ok, three orders of Hayburgers and Horseshoe Fries?” the waiter questioned.

“Yep, that’s us.” Twilight clarified.

“Alright then, here ya go. Anything else?” the waiter asked.

“No thanks.” Twilight said.

“Nope.” Spike said.

“I’m good.” I said.

"Very good. I'll leave you guys to your food. Holler if you need anything." the waiter said.

The waiter walked away and I looked down at my food. The Hayburger was indeed a hayburger. It had hay pressed in between two buns. I looked over at Twilight who was casually eating her burger and Spike was gobbling it down as if he just ate something after years of starvation. I then grabbed the burger and looked at it. I started to sniff out small laughs.

"What's so funny?" Twilight asked.

"It's just so out of norm to eat hay back in my world. Should I eat this?" I asked while laughing.

"Give it a shot. Maybe you'll like it." Twilight suggested.

"Alright, here I go." I said.

I slowly took a bite into my burger. After the bite, I began to chew the hay and hunched forward.

"It's not that bad." I mumbled.

I think the lettuce, cheese, and ketchup is what saved it from tasting bland because hay tastes like hay. After chewing on the hay and swallowing, I took a fry, dipped it in ketchup and popped it in my mouth. It tasted just like a normal french fry.

"Mmmm. These are delicious." I said while popping another fry into my mouth.

"You and me got something in common. We like fast food." Spike said.

"You're right about that." I responded.

"Do you have burgers from where you come from?" Twilight asked.

"We sure do." I said.

"I'm supposing your worlds version of burgers didn't have hay on them?" Twilight guessed.

"Yep. A meat patty instead of hay." I said.

"Meat? So you're an omnivore?" Twilight asked, surprised.

"Mmm-hmm." I hummed as I chewed on my hayburger.

"Interesting." Twilight said.

Sometime later, all of our food was cleaned from our plates. The waiter came back and took our plates after we finished. We then left a little tip for him and left.

"That was pretty good. Thanks, Twilight." Spike said.

"Yeah, thanks Twilight." I repeated.

"You're welcome, guys." Twilight responded. "Caleb, if you want, you can work on your little speech at the library if you want." Twilight offered.

"I'd like that. Be sure to keep it down when i'm writing my words of wisdom." I said.

"Don't worry, we will." Twilight said.

Later on, we arrived back at Twilight's library and headed back inside.

"You got any paper I can use?" I asked Twilight.

"Right here." she replied as she handed me a blank piece of paper, a small bottle of ink, and a quill. "Want some help with what to write?" Twilight offered her help.

"No thanks. I feel that this must come from the heart." I said.

"Gotcha." Twilight said.

So for the rest of the day, I pretty much prepared for my speech. It took me about an hour to come up with my little speech and after I finished, it was all about practice. I practiced in front of Twilight and Spike, and they seemed to like it. At first, I kinda slipped up because my mind would go blank when I was trying to remember what I was going to say. But you know what they say, practice makes perfect. And when I said I pretty much practiced all day, I did practice all day. It was eight twenty-four at night when I, Twilight, and Spike felt I finally perfected the speech.

“Well Caleb, you’ve come quite a long way today.” Twilight remarked.

“Yeah, well, all that work paid off.” I responded.

“Do you have any place to stay Caleb?” Twilight asked.

“No…. no I don’t.” I said.

“Well, I’m willing to offer you my home as a place to stay until we can actually get you a home.” Twilight said, generously.

“Are you serious!?” I exclaimed.

“Sure. Spike and I like spending time with you.” Twilight said.

“Thank you so much! I owe you and Spike one.” I said as I hugged her for some reason.

“Too tight!” Twilight said.

“Heh, sorry. I just got overjoyed for a second." I said, embarrassed. "So where am I sleeping?” I asked.

“About that, we have a couch right over there. Is that ok with you?” Twilight asked.

“Sure, that’s ok with me.” I agreed.

“Then its settled. Spike, will you go get Caleb a pillow and blanket?” Twilight asked Spike.

“On it, Twilight.” Spike said.

Spike came back down with my pillow and blanket and settled them on the couch.

“Well, Twilight and Spike, I think it's time for me to go to bed. I’ve got a big day tomorrow.” I said.

“That’s right. A good night's sleep is good for you.” Spike said.

“Welp, good night guys.” I said with a yawn.

“See you in the morning.” Twilight said.

“Night, Caleb.” Spike said.

“Good Night” I said.

After they went upstairs, I shut off the lights, got on the couch and went to sleep.

The Big Day

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The Big Day
November 8th, 2012

I felt something hard nudge at my shoulder. I opened my eyes and found out it was just Twilight's hoof giving me a wake up call.

“Morning, Caleb. Time to get up.” Twilight said, lively.

I moaned in response since I was still tired and the blinding sunlight irritated my eyes.

“What time is it?” I groaned.

“Seven twenty-five of course.” she said with a smile.

“Just give me ten more minutes.” I groaned again while covering my head with the pillow.

“C’mon, lazy bones. Spike's already up.” Twilight said.

I looked over at Spike who was making breakfast in the kitchen.

“You get used to getting up real early. It’s something Twilight does.” Spike said.

“Fine.” I moaned.

I then slowly raised myself off the couch and stretched my arms. I touched my head and felt my hair, which was standing up and messy.

Geez, Caleb, you look crazy." Spike poked.

“No kidding. Hey Twilight, you have a bathroom I could perhaps clean myself up and get ready for the day?” I asked, wearily.

"Yep. Head up stairs and go to the door on the left." Twilight said.

"Thanks." I said.

I headed up the stairs and found the door that Twilight told me about. When I walked in, the bathroom had the conveniences of a normal bathroom. When I ran some shower water, it was cold at first, but it got warm. After my shower and got dressed again, I found a comb that was pretty big, but I used it anyway to comb down my hair. I didn’t exactly have a toothbrush on me, so I just swished a lot of water in my mouth to clean it out. After getting cleaned up for the day, I went back downstairs to the kitchen and found a plate of three sunny side up eggs and a glass of milk.

“Mmmm, I love eggs.” I said.

“Me too. They say they’re good for you.” Twilight said.

We sat down at the table and began to eat our eggs.

“Twilight, you know how many ponies live here in Ponyville?”

“Yep. Two hundred and thirty-seven ponies.”

“Oh brilliant.” I said, sarcastically

“Don’t worry Caleb, you’ll do fine. Do you remember what you’ll say?” Twilight asked.

“Yeah, I remember. But it's just the fact there will be……. four hundred and seventy four eyes on me while i’m up there.” I said.

“Sure, but remember this. They're there because they’re curious about who you are. All they want is some clarification that you are a kind individual.” Twilight reminded.

"Right." I replied.

After we finished our breakfast, we practiced my speech a little more just to be sure i’m ready. Turns out I was well prepared because I didn't even need to use the practice paper. I hung out around Twilight's until one o'clock and decided to take a walk through Ponyville.

“Hey Twilight, i’m gonna go for a walk around Ponyville.” I announced.

“Umm, okay. It’s now one-twelve. Remember that you’ve got to be there around two-thirty.” Twilight reminded me.

“I know. I’ll probably head over to town hall when I’m done. I’ll meet you there.” I said.

“Okay then. See you later.” Twilight said.

“See ya.” I said.

I stepped outside and it was pretty warm outside. The air was cool, but the sun’s heat overpowered the chill. I decided to walk around somewhere that was near town hall. I casually put my hands in pockets and walked on.

Ponies were out and about. However, they didn’t display any signs of fear, they were rather kind and waved at me. I waved back at them in response with a friendly smile. While I was heading to town hall, I came a across two mares. One had a aquamarine coat and the mane was a grayish cyan with white streaks. The other had a cream colored coat with a mane with dark blue and reddish pink. They both had those tattoos and their flanks also. The reason why i’m mentioning these two mares is because when I made eye contact with the aquamarine one, her face immediately lit up with excitement and screamed:

“I TOLD YOU BON-BON! THEY’RE REAL. AN ACTUAL LIVE HUMAN!” the aquamarine pony squealed like a fangirl.

I tensed up my neck muscles in response to the sudden loudness. I myself was quite surprised she knew my species name, but perplexed by her extreme enthusiasm. She then ran up to me

"Oh my gosh, hi! My name is Lyra Heartstrings and I can't believe you actually exist! I knew one of you guys had to be out there somewhere!" she said in an enthusiastically quick pace.

“Well, you seem awfully excited. My name is Caleb.” I said as I extended my arm towards her.

“And your hands, such an interesting body part.” she said as she held one up with both her hooves.

“Hey Lyra, don’t get so creepy with him.” said the cream-colored mare.

“Quite, Bon-Bon! This is probably the first human in moons!” Lyra exclaimed.

“Speaking of which, how do you know i’m a human?” I asked with extreme skepticism.

“Well firstly, humans are actually a very old myth. So old that nobody ever gave them any thought. But I on the other hand studied you guys. When I heard there was a human in Ponyville, you wouldn’t understand how excited I was. Oh my gosh, I still can’t believe it.” she responded.

“An old myth, huh?” I asked.

“Yep!” Lyra chirped.

“Cool. Who's your friend?” I asked.

“This is Bon-Bon. She’s basically my BFF and we’re also roommates.” Lyra explained.

“Well, it's great to meet you Bon-Bon.” I said as I shook her foreleg.

“You too. Please excuse my friends over the top geek out.” Bon Bon teased.

“Hey!” Lyra said.

“Don’t worry, it's all good. You guys coming to the speech today?” I asked.

“You bet we are. I wouldn’t miss this opportunity.” Lyra said.

"I’ll make sure to give you guys a shoutout during the speech.” I said.

"You don’t have to do that.” Lyra said.

"Yeah. Just say what you want, no need to add us in.” Bon-Bon added.

"Oh, okay. So i'll see you guys there?" I asked.

"You bet." Lyra and Bon Bon both said.

Before I was about the walk away, I said:

"Hoofbump, Lyra?" I asked while clutching my fingers into a fist.

"Sure!" Lyra replied, eagerly.

I then bumped Lyra's hoof with my fist. As they both walked away, Lyra jumped up in joy and let out another fangirl-like scream.

Huh, never really thought the human species was an old myth here in Equestria. So old that it was actually forgotten. I should ask Twilight if there is any books on humans. If there is, I would want to get my hands on one.

As I continued walking, I came across many other ponies. One of those ponies was a very small colt that had a brown mane and a coat that was white and consisted of brown spots.

“Excuse me mister, are you the human everyone talks about?” he said in a rather British accent.

“Yep, that’s me. My name’s Caleb. What’s yours, little buddy?” I asked.

"The name's Pipsqueak." the colt declared.

“Pipsqueak? I like that name. So what’s on your mind?” I asked.

“Oh, not much. A lot of my friends think your really cool.” Pipsqueak said.

“Be sure to tell them I said thanks and I think they’re cool too.” I said.

“I will. Are you nervous about your speech you’re giving?” Pipsqueak asked.

“Not really. What I did was practice for a long time and I got good at it. Are your friends going to be at the speech?” I asked.

"Nope." he replied, forwardly.

“Well, why not?” I asked.

“Most of their parents don’t want them coming. They’re afraid that you might hurt them.” Pipsqueak said.

“Oh, come on. Do I look like a ferocious beast?” I asked.

"Of course not." Pipsqueak replied. “Say, doesn't your speech start at three o’clock?” Pipsqueak asked.

"Yes. Why?" I asked.

“Look at the clock tower behind you.” Pipsqueak uttered.

I turned around and saw a clock tower that read two fifty-two in the afternoon.

“WOAH! I’m gonna be late! Get on my back, i’ll take you there!” I offered.

“Sorry, I can’t. My parents won’t let me.” Pipsqueak replied.

"Okay. Make sure you get home safe." I said as I ran towards Ponyville.

The town hall was quite a distance away from my position, so I really had to book it to make it in time. I was basically sprinting at this moment. My breathing and heart rate increased as my body worked to its limits. In about two so minutes until I made it to town hall and there was a huge crowd of ponies. I went around some buildings to hide my presence in order to keep my appearance a surprise. Finally, I made it to the backstage.

“Caleb, you were cutting it close there.” Mayor Mare said.

“Sorry. I was talking with some ponies and lost track of time.” I said as I took deep breaths.

“At least you got here on time.” Twilight said.

“Yeah, good thing too. What’s our time?” I asked Mayor Mare.

"Two fifty-eight." she replied.

"Good." I said.

The two minutes went by like a breeze and now it was three o'clock.

"Welp. It's showtime." I said.

"Okay. Twilight here said that she'd like to say to good things about you. After her, you'll go up and give your speech." Mayor Mare said.

"Got it." I replied.

Mayor Mare than left the backstage and headed out to the stage.

“Good Afternoon, Fillies and Gentlecolts. Ponyville has gone through quite a history throughout its days as a village of harmony. From its creation, to the arrival of the elements of harmony. But two days ago, another chapter of Ponyville and Equestrian history was written. Not a tyrannical lord or the spirit of chaos, but a very kind individual that’s just trying to find his way in this world that’s so new to him. Now Twilight will give a little bit of a background.” Mayor Mare announced.

Twilight then walked up to the stage with the mayor.

“Hello residents of Ponyville. Yesterday, a young human named Caleb came to me in search of friends and figuring out where he was. He’s very kind, polite, straightforward and very sociable. This is why he has arranged this speech, to tell you all what he is and to calm your suspicions. So now, we give the reigns to Caleb.” Twilight declared.

It was now my time to shine and to face the music. Both the Mayor and Twilight came back to back stage and they both wished me luck. With that, I walked through the curtain and was met with a huge crowd of multicolored ponies. I looked at them and I could see in their eyes that there was no fear, but a look of curiosity and astonishment. I began to speak.

“Greetings. My name is Caleb. Now a lot of you are here because you are very confused about who I am and why I am here. So i’m going to put those suspicions to rest. It was a normal day back at my homeworld. However, I made the terrible decision to get to close to a portal anomaly and was sucked in, leaving my friends and family behind. Now I’m stuck here in Equestria. At first, I was looking for a possible way to get back home, but it seems that isn't remotely possible. Now I’m probably going to have to start a new life here in Equestria and I ask all of your ponies for your friendship and to please treat me like you would treat other ponies. Think of it, if I was a normal pony with the friendly personality I have, you would all like me. But if i’m a human, it's a different story. What i’m trying to say is that you ponies feared me because you didn’t know what my intentions were, not just because of my appearance. As Twilight said before, I am a kind individual who is just looking for friends for my new life here. So now I will coexist with you ponies. Also, I heard Mayor Mare mention a tyrannical lord and spirit of chaos. Even though I don’t know who these foes are, I can make out that they caused great distraught in Equestria and Ponyville. I pay respect to any ponies who lost stuff in those dark times. So all in all, I am here to stay and I wish to get know you ponies better. Thank you for your time.” I said with great meaning.

After I finished the speech, the crowd stared at me. Slowly, one pony began to clop their hooves in a form a clapping. Then another started clopping their hooves. Then the whole crowd started to cheer and clop their hooves in unison, creating the sound of cheering you’d hear after the end of a good play. I felt a smile come onto my face in joy to finally see the ponies accept me.

“Now i’ll take a few questions before I get off the stage.” I said.

Many hooves quickly raised in the air and I chose a stallion in the middle of the crowd.

“Yes, you, with the light brown coat and brown mane.” I said.

“This is pretty trivial, but what was your home like?” the stallion asked.

“The answer is very interesting because my home was basically a copy of this world. What I mean by that is because my home had the same natural resources. This would include grass, dirt, clouds, a blue sky, trees, and the list goes on. So almost everything in this world is in mine.” I answered.

The crowd then chattered at each other amazement. A mare with a blue coat and a mane with dark blue and white streaks asked:

“No offense intended, but why do you have monkey like characteristics?” she asked.

“Ah, I get that same question a lot. Well it’s because I am directly related to apes. A chimp for example is like an ancient cousin to me in evolutionary terms. So therefore, I have similar characteristics.” I said.

Next, a pegasus mare with a gray coat and blonde man flew in the air and raised her foreleg. What I noticed about her was the fact that one of her eyes would look upwards while the other looked down.

“You in the air.” I said.

“Hi there, Caleb. Do you like muffins?” the pegasus asked.

I was unsure of how to answer at first, but I came up with an answer.

“W-well yes, muffins are pretty good. Especially chocolate chip muffins. Very good.” I replied.

After answering that question, I saw Applejack in the crowd and remembered something. I promised Applebloom that i’d meet her friends.

“Well everypony, I think that’s all I have time for today. Thank you for attending. It shows me how friendly you ponies are. Sorry for leaving so unexpectedly, but I made a promise to a certain somepony.” I concluded.

I then walked off the stage and heard the crowd clop their hooves and cheer again.

“Wow Caleb, you did great out there.” Twilight complemented.

“Thank you. It just came naturally to me for some reason.” I said.

"You have quite a gift for speaking, Caleb.” Mayor Mare said.

“Maybe it's my thing.” I said “Look, I made a promise to a certain pony and I nearly forgot it. I have to get going.” I said.

“No problem, Caleb, go on ahead.” Twilight said.

I quickly emerged from behind the curtain and everypony waved at me as I ran past them. I waved back at them in response and continued to Sweet Apple Acres.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders

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The Cutie Mark Crusaders
November 8th, 2012

I started jogging towards the path that I took to get to Ponyville and backtracked towards Sweet Apples Acres. After a while, I eventually came to the sign that read the farm's name. I walked to the farm and saw Big Mac hauling around some wooden barrels.

“Hey, Big Mac.” I greeted.

“Howdy, Caleb.” he replied.

“Have you seen Applebloom around anywhere?” I asked.

“Eeyup. She was headin' towards her treehouse with her friends.” Big Mac said.

“Where’s that at?” I asked.

“Go back out the entrance and hang a left until you come across a clearing of trees and you’ll see a red treehouse.” Big Mac directed.

"Back there? I just came from that way. I must've missed it. Alright, thanks Mac." I said.

"Eeyup." he said.

After heading back out and taking a left, I walked in a straight path until I saw the clearing that Big Mac told me about. I looked a little more and saw a light red treehouse with a darker red roof, and had a set of stairs that led up to the door. I walked up to them and knocked lightly three times. Slowly, the door opened and Applebloom answered the door.

“Caleb! I knew you would come!” Applebloom exclaimed, happily.

“I don’t break promises, Applebloom. Are your friends in there?” I asked.

“Yeah, I was just about to come and find you. I’ll let them know you're here.” Applebloom said.

Applebloom than slightly shut the door and said:

“Guys, Caleb is here!.” Applebloom announced.

“Really?” replied a squeaky, little girl's voice.

“Come on then, let him in.” replied a girl's voice that sounded a bit tomboyish.

The door opened and there stood two young fillies who were about the same age as Applebloom. One with a white coat and mane with purple and pink while the other had an orange coat with a purple mane.

“Woah, he’s actually real!” said the orange one.

“I know! He’s much more taller than I thought!” exclaimed the white one.

“Amazing isn’t it?” I said to both of them, causing them both to gasp.

“HE CAN TALK!?” they yelled in astonishment.

“You bet I can. What are your guys’ names?" I asked.

“My name is Sweetie Belle.” said the white one.

“And my name is Scootaloo.” said the other.

“What great names you guys have. My name is Caleb.” I said.

“Just Caleb?” Sweetie asked.

“Actually, I have three names and I haven't told anyone else except you guys. My full name is Caleb Lee Barlow.” I revealed.

“Three names? Most ponies have two or one.” said Scootaloo.

"I took notice of that when I arrived in Ponyville." I said. "So what do you guys do here?" I asked.

“All three of us figure how we can get our cutie marks because….” Appleboom trailed off while signaling to Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo.

"WE'RE THE CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS!" all three yelled in unison.

“Is that the name of your club?” I asked.

“Yeah. A club where we find out our special talent.” said Applebloom.

“That’s cool! What’s a cutie mark?” I asked.

“It’s a mark that appears on a pony's flank and signifies what a pony's special talent.” clarified Applebloom.

"Ohhhh, so that's what those are for. I thought those were tattoos at first." I realized.

“Nope, they come naturally. So far, we haven’t really gotten ours yet.” Applebloom said while all three of them looked at their flanks with sad faces.

“Thats nothing to be sad about. That means you’ll have more time to figure out who you really are and what your talent will be.” I said.

“Well, you do have a point there.” Scootaloo agreed as Applebloom and Sweetie Belle nodded their heads.

"So what do you guys wanna do?" I asked.

“What we usually do is to try out different things in order to hopefully earn our cutie mark.” Applebloom explained.

“What do you like to do? Maybe we can possibly earn a cutie mark in something you do.” Scootaloo suggested.

I thought about what I could possibly teach the three fillies in hopes of earning their cutie marks. I originally wanted to teach them baseball, but I realized we don't have a bat or anything. As I thought more, I came up with something that I used to do, but stopped doing in 2011. It's a long-shot I understand, but I had to think of something.

“Well, there was something I was somewhat good at. It’s called freerunning.” I said.

“What’s that?” Sweetie asked.

“It's the act of running at a fast pace and overcoming many physical obstacles in your path. The key is to find more obstacles to get past while continuing your running pace.” I explained, thoroughly.

“That sounds like something i’d like to do! Fast paced and extreme.” Scootaloo admitted.

“Awesome! What do you think Applebloom and Sweetie Belle?” I asked.

“I can give it a try.” Applebloom said.

“Umm, I think i’ll pass on this. Is that okay, Caleb?” Sweetie asked.

"Sure. You can observe and if you feel like trying, go right ahead." I said, supportively.

"Okay." Sweetie replied.

“Can you give us an example of this freerunning?” Scootaloo asked.

“Sure, watch this. Now i’m not saying you should do what i’m about to do, just watch.” I said as I headed for the door.

With that, I sprinted out the door and jumped off the stairs that lead up to the clubhouse which was probably a ten foot drop. Right when I hit the ground, I did a roll in order to soften the impact of my fall and flipped myself on my feet again. I looked up and all three looked at me.

“Wow. That was a pretty long ways down.” Sweetie said with worry in her voice.

“It was. Like I said, do not attempt anything this dangerous if you’re just beginning. You could hurt yourself if you landed the wrong way.” I warned.

“What do you have in store for us then?” Scootaloo questioned.

“It’s going to be something very easy, but will make you utilize your coordination. Follow me back to the farm." I said.

Me and Cutie Mark Crusaders walked back to Sweet Apple Acres. I plan to set up a simple little obstacle course that should be suitable for them without getting hurt.

“So guys, how athletic are all you three?” I asked.

“Well, I like to ride on my scooter a lot.” Scootaloo stated.

“I work on the farm sometimes, so I get some exercise.” said Applebloom.

“I’m pretty much an average pony. I’m not into athletic stuff.” Sweetie Belle admitted.

“Alright, alright. What i’m planning on doing is setting up an obstacle course that will involve small amounts of running and coordination, but it will be rather simple for you. You guys go run along up by the farmhouse and I’ll call you when i’m done.” I said.

Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo ran back to the farmhouse to do something else for a while. I on the other hand, inspected the area around me for any obstacle I could work with. I saw the fence that acted as a boundary to the dirt path and the apple orchard, and a large log. Next, I walked up to the farm and got four bales of hay and lined them up sideways in a straight line that led to the fence. After setting those up, the course was done. I then walked back up towards the farmhouse and called them back to the course.

“This is it?” Scootaloo asked in skepticism.

“Nope, it's not just the hay, there’s more to it. First, you’ll get a good running pace, leap onto the first bale of hay and jump on the next without falling off. When you reach the last bale, you will jump off and duck under the fence while running. After going under the fence, you will leap over that large log that’s probably a foot taller than you and land on your hooves.” I said. “Okay, who wants to go first?” I asked.

“Me! I’ll go first!” Scootaloo cried out.

“Get up here Scoots! Get yourself in a ready position.” I said.

Scootaloo then hunched herself towards the ground and scraped her hooves, kicking little dirt clouds behind him.

"Readyyy…. GO!” I yelled.

Scootaloo quickly ran and jumped onto the first bale of hay. She swiftly leaped onto the second bale, but kinda lost her balance for a brief moment.

“Remember, Scootaloo, maintain your balance when you land on the hay!” I reminded.

Scootaloo nodded at me in response and jumped on the next bale and repeated until she reached the last. She jumped off the last bale and positioned her body in mid air for a slide under the fence. This impressed me.

“Alright, Scootaloo, you got this!” I encouraged.

Scootaloo then jumped as hard as she could to vault over the log, but only got to the top, not over, which was pretty good for a filly her size. Finally, she leaped off the top, landing on her hooves. She did it.

“How did I do Caleb?” Scootaloo asked while panting slightly.

“You did great Scootaloo! For a beginner, you’re pretty good. You had some trouble with your balance at first, but you corrected it. Also, I loved that slide you did under the fence, very impressive to me.” I said.

“Thanks, Caleb!” she beamed as she trotted to the side with Sweetie Belle.

“Okay, Applebloom, it’s your turn!” I said.

Applebloom walked up and got into a starting position.

“Three, two, one…. GO, GO, GO!” I yelled.

Applebloom quickly ran towards the first obstacle and jumped onto it. What was amazing was that when she leapt for the second bale, she ended up leaping over to the third bale. She must have good lower body strength.

“Nice leap, Applebloom!” Sweetie praised.

Applebloom tried to do a slide, but kinda fumbled while going under. After recollecting herself, she ran over to the log and leapt clean over the log while landing on her hooves.

“How was that Caleb?” Applebloom asked me.

“It was pretty good. I can see you have really good leg strength due to the fact you jumped over a bale of hay onto the third and you hurdled that log with ease. Very good. Both you and Scootaloo were. Want to try Sweetie?”

“Oh no, there’s no way i’m doing that.” Sweetie replied.

“Oh, c’mon Sweetie, don’t be such a soft marshmallow.” Scootaloo teased.

“Scootaloo, don’t say that to her. If she doesn’t want to do it, she doesn’t have to. It's okay Sweetie Belle.” I told her in a calm tone.

“Sorry, Sweetie.” Scootaloo apologized.

“That’s alright.” she responded.

“Who wants to go for another run?” I asked.

“I’ll go again. I want to see if I can get my cutie mark in freerunning!” Scootaloo exclaimed.

“Me too.” Applebloom said.

“Oh yeah, a cutie mark. What am I thinking? I’ll give it a go!” Sweetie Belle surprisingly said.

“Go ahead.” I said.

Sweetie Belle did mess a few times at first, but she got pretty good at it. All three of them looked like natural born freerunners after a while. Looks like I might have some competition. They repeated the course for quite sometime and they finally stopped.

“Okay girls, we have to have our cutie marks by now!” Applebloom blurted out while panting.

All three of them looked at their flanks, hoping to see their very own cutie mark, but their faces soon faded into disappointment as they realized they still didn’t have one.

“Dagnabit! Looks like freerunning wasn’t our thing.” Applebloom said.

“Look on the bright side girls. You can still do many more activities to find your talent in life.” I said.

“Yeah, you're right. Thanks for being a fellow crusader in helping us to find our talent.” Applebloom thanked.

"Yeah! I thought it was pretty fun!" Sweetie Belle said.

"Me too!" Scootaloo seconded.

Over the course of all of this, it must've been quite a long time because I looked towards the skyline and the sun was starting to go down a little bit. I heard Applejack call out to Applebloom that it was time to eat dinner.

“Well guys, we had a pretty good day as crusaders. I think it's time we parted ways.” I told them.

“Yeah, it’s getting late.” said Sweetie Belle

“Do you know the way back to your homes?” I asked Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo.

They both nodded in response.

“Alright then, i’ll see you there tomorrow maybe. Be safe while going home.” I said.

All three of them turned in their separate ways and headed off. I stayed to put the bays of hay back in their original location. After that, I headed back to Ponyville for the night.

The Surprise

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The Surprise
November 8th, 2012

When I arrived back at Twilight’s home, the sun was already on the horizon and night was near. The sunset made the sky have an orange color and the silhouette of the castle that protruded from the mountain mixed with the sky was a beautiful sight.

Twilight’s library had no lights on for some reason, maybe she's not home right now. I then opened the door and the lights immediately switched on. I barely had time to react when many voices yelled out “SURPRISE!” as confetti blew everywhere and those party whistles, or whatever blew their sounds. I jumped in the air as I finally reacted to these sudden commotion.

After I collected myself, I looked arounds and a banner was spreaded out on the wall that stated: “Welcome to Ponyville!” There was also lots of balloons and tables with refreshments also laid out.

“Aww, thanks you guys!” I said.

“We didn’t do this. You can thank Pinkie Pie for this.” Rainbow stated in the background of many other ponies.

“Oh yeah! Where is she?” I asked.

“Hiya!” said a high pitched voice below me.

I looked down and saw the same pink pony I saw yesterday.

"So you're Pinkie Pie?” I asked.

“Yep, that’s me! When I saw you yesterday, I just knew I had to throw a welcome to ponyville party for you! Sorry for having the party be so late.” she stated in a very fast pace.

“Thank you very much for doing this! The name’s Caleb by the way.” I said.

“Ooooh, nice name.” she said as I shook her hoof.

When I grasped her hoof, she shook so fast that my entire body shook with each rapid movement. Just from her doing that made me dizzy for a short time. After shaking my head to get the dizziness to fade away, I looked around at the crowd of ponies inside.

“Looks like everyone i’ve met in Ponyville are here” I noticed.

“Yep! Earlier today I asked everypony in Ponyville if they knew you well and these ponies did.” Pinkie said.

I looked at the crowd again and noticed Lyra, Bon-Bon, Junebug, Cup Cake along with a taller orange stallion, Fluttershy, Rarity, Twilight, Spike and Rainbow Dash.

“Well everypony, i’d like to thank you all for coming for my welcoming party. It really shows how you guys care for me, but let's not get all sappy here. Now how about we get this party started?” I asked in a loud tone causing the others to cheer in response.

“You betcha! Spike, crank it up!” Pinkie shouted in a sing-song voice.

Spike then placed a needle on the record player and a pretty catchy tune started playing. If you could hear the record player, it would sound more like a stereo. Everyone in the room started to dance to the music and I joined in with them. I started working arms and legs with dance moves that were inspired by Michael Jackson. Lyra caught eye of my moves at this time.

“Alright, Caleb! You got the moves!” Lyra exclaimed.

Now everybody was watching me and chanting my name while I picked up the pace of my movements. I finished off with quick three-sixty spin and yelled “Woo!” in a high pitch. Everyone started to clap or what should say; clop their hooves to my dancing.

“Thank you. Thank you very much.” I responded.

After everyone was done clopping, I noticed that one tall orange pony again. So I decided to go over and talk to him.

“Excuse me sir, who might you be?” I asked.

“This is my husband, Carrot Cake.” Cup Cake informed me.

“Ohhh I see. Nice to meet you Carrot Cake.” I said.

“You too, Caleb. Cup Cake here you came to the bakery the other day.” Carrot Cake said.

“Yeah, I was looking for Pinkie Pie." I said. "So get this, I say hello to her, and she just lets out this loud gasp and ZOOM, she just flings right out the door.” I said.

“That definitely sounds like Pinkie Pie.” he said while laughing.

“Is she always this hyperactive?” I asked

“Its part of her personality. You’ll find to like it.” Carrot said.

“Mmm. So are you guys here parents?” I asked.

“No. We let her bunk with us. So in return, she works with us. She’s one heck of a baker.” Cup Cake said.

“Oh, I see. Nice to meet you Mr. Cake.” I said.

"You too. Enjoy the rest of your welcome party." he said.

I looked over to my right and noticed Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow, and Twilight talking to each other while Pinkie was chatting with Junebug. I walked over to the four mares.

“Hey what’s up guys?” I asked.

“Just chattin.” Rainbow replied.

“Have any of you seen Applejack? She’s not here.” I asked.

“She’s preparing for cider season tomorrow.” Rarity replied, sipping on a cup of punch.

"I never heard about that. You guys going?" I said.

“Heck yeah, we go every year! Sweet Apple Acres makes the best cider, but you gotta get up early to get a cup before they run out.” Rainbow said.

“How long does that line get?” I asked.

“Depends on the amount of ponies. One time it stretched out for about one-fourth of a mile.” Twilight said.

“Wow, that’s a loooong wait.” I said.

“Don't remind me.” Rainbow replied. "Say, Caleb. You ever have a foreleg wrestle?" Rainbow asked.

"I've done arm wrestles before." I said.

"What are arm wrestles like?" Rainbow asked.

"The way it works is that you grasp anothers hand and try to exert enough force to push your opponent's arm down onto a flat surface surface." I explained.

"Huh, just like a foreleg wrestle." Rainbow said.

"Why?" I asked.

"I challenge you to a foreleg wrestle! You look pretty jacked yourself and I like a challenge." Rainbow said.

"Alright, I accept." I said.

"I don't know, Caleb. Rainbow is pretty strong." Twilight warned.

"Yeah, you'll get destroyed." Pinkie added, bluntly.

"I got this." I said, confidently.

Me and Rainbow Dash walked over to a wooden table and everypony began to gather around. I grasped Rainbow's hoof tightly and Rainbow gave me smug look. I responded by giving her a smug look back at her.

"Ready?" Rainbow asked.

"Bring it." I replied.

"One, two, three!" she declared.

Immediately, my arm was sent downwards and slammed right on the table. Rainbow had won in just one second.

"Okay, I wasn't ready." I said.

"Excuses, excuses." Rainbow said.

"Let's go again." I said.

"Whatever you say, muscles." Rainbow said.

Me and Rainbow got ourselves in the ready position once again.

"One, two, and a three!" Rainbow counted.

This time I managed to push Rainbow's foreleg down half-way and I thought I had it won.

"Y'know, i'm only using half effort, right?" Rainbow asked, devilishly.

"Shit." I thought.

Rainbow than used all of her strength and sent my arm the opposite way, landing on the table again.

"Okay, I admit it. You're pretty strong." I said.

"Nopony can beat me!" Rainbow said, triumphantly.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. But still.... good game?" I asked.

"Good game." Rainbow said with sportsmanship.

I was still pretty amazed of how strong Rainbow is. I mean, shit, she's gotta be like three feet tall and she outdid me in strength. After we shook hooves, Spike said something which led to the next event.

"Man, I'd hate to see Caleb go against Pinkie in a cupcake eating contest." Spike said.

"Cupcake eating contest? Great idea, Spike!" Pinkie said.

"Goddamn it, Spike." I thought to myself, but went along with the idea.

"I'm up for it, we've got plenty of cupcakes left." I said.

"Yay!" Pinkie exclaimed.

"Hey Bon Bon, how many cupcakes do we have left?" I asked.

"Fourteen left." Bon Bon informed.

"Good. Seven for me and seven for Pinkie. Whoever finishes them first wins." I said.

"Sounds easy as can be." Pinkie said.

"That's the spirit." I said.

Pinkie Pie got two plates and placed seven individual cupcakes on each one. She then setted the plates on one side of the table and we got on each others sides. I examined the cupcakes and they were covered large amounts of pink frosting, so they were going to be very rich.

"GO!" Pinkie shouted without warning.

I hastily grabbed a cupcake and stuffed it into my mouth and that rich, sweet flavor of the frosting flooded onto my tastebuds. The crowd gasped as I looked over at Pinkie and she was shoving one individual cupcake into her mouth and swallowing whole with an audible gulp. I knew I was going to lose and started comically shoving cupcakes into my mouth. When I ran out of room in my mouth, I started to punch the fourth cupcake into my mouth, causing everypony to laugh. And so, within about half a minute, Pinkie Pie had finished her cupcakes while I still had three left.

"Done!" Pinkie exclaimed.

"Dang it!" I said as I swallowed the mashed up cupcakes.

"Wow! You nearly beat me there!" Pinkie said.

"Barely. Want these two?" I asked.

"Sure! Throw em'." Pinkie said.

I grabbed both cupcakes and chucked them over towards Pinkie, who caught both with her mouth and chewed.

"Nice catch." I said.

"Thanks!" she replied.

Around eleven o'clock is when everypony decided to head home and get some sleep for cider season tomorrow. Now that I think about it, I didn’t really hear Fluttershy make a peep at all tonight. Well, she does live up to her name.

I consider tonight one of the best nights of my life by far and I admit that this party beat my high school homecoming dance by a longshot. I'm not even exaggerating. After the library was cleaned up and everything was packed away, it was time for bed.

"Wanna head over to Sweet Apple Acres for cider season tomorrow?" Twilight asked.

"I don't know. Is cider season a day where you get to have cider?" I asked.

"Three days to be exact, but yep, that's the premise." Twilight said.

"Okay, i'll go." I said.

"We'll have to get up real early if we want a good spot in line." Twilight said.

"Fine. I guess I can handle that." I replied.

"Great! See you in the morning." Twilight said.

"Yeah.... six o'clock in the morning." Spike muttered.

"Okay then. Night." I said as Twilight and Spike headed up stairs.

I was pretty beat, so I had no problem falling asleep. These three days were really a good, fresh new start for my new life here in Equestria. I could learn to like this place.

The Con Artists'

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The Con Artists'
November 9th, 2012

Today is Cider Season. For three days, the ponies of Ponyville get a taste of Sweet Apple Acres cider until supplies runs out for the day. Twilight and Spike woke me up around five-fifty in the morning and that wasn't the best way to start off the day for me or Spike, but I really wanted to try that cider that everyone seems to like. After we did our morning routine, we headed out to Sweet Apple Acres.

“How does the cider taste?” I asked Twilight.

"It's pretty good. Has a strong, pungent aftertaste to it." Twilight said.

"Good or bad?" I asked once more.

"Good way." Twilight replied.

"Nice." I said. "How about you, Spike? Psyched up? You look a little down.” I said.

“Caleb, it’s six o’clock in the morning, i’m still waking up.” Spike said groggily.

“Right. My bad, Spike.” I said.

“But yeah, i’m pretty excited for it.” Spike said, trying to have a much more lively tone.

“Hang in there, Spike.” Twilight said.

“Ehhh.” Spike responded while swiping his claw lazily in Twilight's direction.

When we arrived to the supposed line, there were many tents that were pitched up. Pretty much the same thing as people pitching tents for Black Friday. The line of tents was fairly long, but I think we were a good distance to get some cider and some ponies were already awake and taking their tents down.

Spike was catching a few zzz’s up against a fence post which I thought was funny for some reason. As we waited longer in the line, more ponies were lining up behind us and the line got even longer.

About ten minutes later, the line was a whole lot longer. My best estimate had to be that to be about three hundred meters long. An hour had to pass by now and while we were in line, I heard Rainbow’s voice in the distance yell: 'WHAT?'" I also noticed another pegasus alongside her.

“See Caleb, that’s what happens when you’re late for a spot in line.” Twilight said.

“That's gotta suck. Glad I got you guys to be my alarm clock.” I joked, causing Twilight to giggle while Spike continued to nap.

A while later, the sun was high in the sky and I noticed Big Mac and Applejack stacking wooden barrels that contained the cider. Shortly after they finished stacking them up and hooking one onto a nozzle, the line began to move very slowly. The wait was very tedious. Me and Spike actually started a game of rock, paper, scissors and I Spy to pass the boredom, but we eventually got closer to the front of the line.

The sun was now on the south side of the sky. I shit you not that’s how long the wait was.

"C'mon, you damn line, not tomorrow, today!" I exclaimed, referring to the long wait.

After waiting to what felt like years, Twilight and Spike got their mugs of cider and finally, it was my turn.

“Hi Applebloom. You working the nozzle?” I asked.

“Yep. I felt I could do it this year.” she said as Applejack walked up behind her.

“Howdy, Caleb." Applejack said.

"Hey, Applejack." I replied.

"C'mere for a sec." she gestured for me to come closer.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Don’t tell anyone this, but your cider can be free. I figured you don’t have any money with you, so please, have one on the house.” Applejack whispered into my ear.

“Oh, thank you Applejack.” I said.

“No problem, Caleb.” Applejack said.

“Okay, Applebloom, one mug of cider please.” I requested.

“Comin' right up.” Applebloom said.

Applebloom pushed the nozzle downwards, causing a stream of clear, light brown, foamy cider to pour into the mug that filled up nearly to the top.

“Thank you, Applebloom.” I said.

“You're welcome, Caleb. Hope ya like it.” Applebloom replied.

"I got a good feeling about this cider." I said to Applebloom.

I walked back over to Twilight and Spike who were about halfway finished with their cider.

“Give it a swig, Caleb.” Spike said.

I did as instructed and sipped on some of the cider. The one thing that really stood out was that the taste was very strong, like what Twilight said earlier. My eyes opened wide as the warm cider ran down my throat. I could also taste a hint of apple within it aswell.

“Woah! That taste is really strong.” I exclaimed.

“Do you like it?” Twilight asked.

“It’s pretty good. The cider’s flavor is strong, but it’s also has a smooth feeling, which is something I like. But yeah, I like it!" I said.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a pink figure approach us and I easily figured out it was Pinkie Pie and she was carrying about four mugs of cider.

“Did you have to pay extra for those?” I asked

“Mm-hmm. I bought about twelve earlier.” Pinkie said.

“Twelve!? You can really hold down your cider.” I said as Pinkie chugged down the mug of cider.

“It’s really nothing.” Pinkie replied.

While all four of us drank our ciders, we noticed Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy getting closer to the front of the line. It had to be about 4 hour wait for them to finally get up to the point where they were. I waved at both of them and they waved back. Rainbow looked pretty ornery when she waved.

Fluttershy got her mug of cider, but what really made me feel bad was that Fluttershy’s was the last mug of the day. Rainbow didn’t get any cider.

“Oh God! That’s such terrible luck.” I said, outloud.

“I know. Cider season is a very important event for Rainbow.” Twilight informed me.

“Pinkie, you have anymore mugs of cider?” I asked.

“We drank the rest, silly.” she said.

“Oh yeah, that’s right.” I said, feeling rather dumb, which made Spike snicker.

“Laugh it up, lizard boy.” I said with annoyance.

“I will.” he said while still snickering quietly.

“Sorry everypony, that’s it for today.” Applejack announced.

All the other ponies in line groaned in frustration to the announcement.

“Surprise, surprise. You ran out again!” Rainbow yelled.

“Yeah! You always run out!” a stallion yelled.

“Um, I really don’t min-” Fluttershy said before she was cut off by Rainbow.

“Why can’t you make enough cider for all of us?! Or at least for me?” Rainbow asked which made all the crowd of ponies chip in by yelling questions similar to Rainbow’s at Applejack.

Applejack slowly started to back up and hopped up onto the apple cider stand.

“Now hold on everypony, we’ve done our best to improve supply this year.” she said.

“That’s what you said last time!” yelled the same stallion.

“I know, but it's always true. Apple family cider is made with love and integrity and only the highest quality apples in Equestria. Sorry, but that recipe takes time.” she stated which made the crowd only chatter angrily at once again.

I suddenly felt like I needed to back her up and told off the crowd.

“She’s right! Perfection is something that is very time consuming, but the payoff is always great in the end.” I supported.

“Easy for you to say! You got your cider!” retorted the stallion.

“Ok, sure, I did get cider. But if I were you, I would be grateful for even having a cider season. See what I mean?” I asked the stallion.

“Y-yeah, I guess so.” the stallion stuttered.

“No, you know so.” I completed his statement.

Some ponies within the crowd started to quietly agree, including the stallion. But not everyone else took my point of view, only some. The ones who didn’t agree with me walked away from the stand in frustration.

“Ya’ll be patient, we’ll have plenty more tomorrow.” Applejack declared while nodding her head at me in thanks.

Most of the ponies started to disperse while about forty some stayed and chatted with others. The same stallion who argued with me walked up to me to apologize.

“Hey, I just wanted to say I’m sorry. I should’ve controlled my temper better.” he admitted.

“That’s ok. I understand you’ve been out here all day waiting for that one mug of cider and after all that time, you didn’t get it. That has to be very frustrating.” I said.

“Thanks. You pretty much summed up how I felt. I’m Caramel by the way. And I believe you’re Caleb; the human everyone talks about?” Caramel asked.

“Yep, that’s me.” I said.

Me and Caramel continued to talk until we were cut off by the sound of a horn in the distance. Everypony looked in the direction of the sound and I saw something that looked like a car at first, but that’s impossible, ponies can’t drive.

As the vehicle or whatever got closer, I could audibly make out other sounds that were like little, quiet train horns. The vehicle looked like a train engine car, but it was on wooden wheels, something very similar to a wagon you would see from the 1800's.

“What in Equestria is that?” Applejack asked.

"Looks like a train on wheels." I said.

The train-car slowly came to a halt in hit one of the fence post, causing it to bend out of place. I and the crowd of ponies moved closer to get a better look at the train-car and then two twin ponies hopped out.

They both had matching manes which were the colors of candy canes and a cream colored coats. They also wore blue and white striped shirts with a brown hat. The only characteristic distinguishing them from one another is that one had a mustache and the other didn’t. Both looked around and then non-mustached one pressed some button on the side of the machine and this carnival like tune started playing. Then they started to.... sing.

“Well, look at what we got here brother of mine, it's the same in every town.” the non-mustache stallion sang in a voice that sounded like he was singing a musical. “Ponies with thirsty throats, dry tongues, and not a drop of cider to found. Maybe they’re not aware there’s really need for this teary despair.” he sang to his brother.

“That the key that they need to solve this sad cider shortage you and I will share.” the other sang back in a high note at the end.

His voice being a bit deeper than the other stallion.

“Well you’ve got opportunity in this very community. He’s Flim.” said the mustached pony, pointing towards Flim.

“He’s Flam.” said the other.

“We’re the world famous Flim Flam Brothers! Traveling salesponies nonpareil.” they both said in unison.

“Nonpa-what?” Pinkie asked.

Flim quickly rushed over towards Pinkie and sang:

“Nonpareil, that’s exactly the reason why you see. Nopony else in this whole place will give you such a chance to be where you need to be. And that’s a new world, with tons of cider, fresh squeezed and ready for drinking.” Flim sang.

“More cider than you could drink in all your days of thinking.” Fiam sang as he slid down a funnel.

“I doubt that!” Rainbow retorted while crossing her forelegs.

“So take this opportunity in this very community. He’s Flim.” sang Flam.

“He’s Flam.” sang Flim.

We’re world famous Flim Flam Brothers! Traveling salesponies nonpareil.” they unisonaly sang again.

“I suppose by now you’re wondering about our peculiar mode of transport.” Flim said while pointing at the train.

“I’d say, our mode of locomotion.” Flam clarified.

“And I suppose by now you’re wondering, where is this promised cider?” Flim asked.

“Any horse can make a claim, any pony can do the same.” Flam sung.

“But my brother and I have something most unique and superb, unseen at anytime in this big new world.” Flim said.

“And that’s opportunity.” they said in unison once again with a high note.

“Folks, it’s the one and only, the biggest and the best.” Flim sung.

"The unbelievable!" said Flam.

“Unimpeachable” said Flim.

"Indispensable!" said Flam.

“I can’t believe-able” added Flim.

"Flim-Flam Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000!" they both declared.

"What do ya say, sister?" Flim asked Rarity, causing her to faint onto Twilight.

Suddenly, the crowed began to chip in with the song and started to sing as well. Me, Twilight, and Spike remained silent.

"Oh, we’ve got opportunity in this very community. Please Flim, please Flam, help us out of this jam with Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000!" the crowd sung like a choir.

Young filly, I would ever so honored if you might see fit to let my brother and I borrow some of your delicious, and might I add spellbindingly fragrant apples for our little demonstration here?” Flim asked Applejack.

“Uh, sure, I guess.” Applejack responded, hesitantly.

"Opportunity, in our community!" the crowd sung.

"Ready, Flim?" Flam asked.

"Ready, Flam." Flim responded.

"Let's bing bang zam!" Flim and Flam said as they activated their magical horns and shot two green beams of magic into the machine on top of the locomotive.

This caused some kind of funnel to move towards and sucked the apples clean off the nearest apple tree.

"And show these thirsty ponies a world of delectable cider." Flam exclaimed.

The crowd than started to chant the word “Cider” over and over again. Rainbow had her tongue lolling out and hunching herself back up and down in unison with the chanting. Twilight, Spike, and I just looked at each other in confusion.

“Watch closely, my friends.” Flim said.

“The fun begiiins.” Flam said with a high note.

“Now here’s where the magic happens. Right here in this heaving, roiling, cider-press boiling guts of the very machine, those apples plucked fresh are right now as we speak are being turned into grade-A, top notch, five-star, blow your horseshoes off one of a kind cider!” Flim explained while two giant jugs began to fill up with cider all the way to the top.

“Feel free to take a sneak peek.” Flam said while pointing at a tiny window on the side of the machine that displayed the apples on a conveyer belt being checked as either good apple or bad ones.

Granny Smith than stepped up and said:

“Now wait, you fellers, hold it! You went and oversold it! A guarantee what you have there won’t compare. For the most important ingredient can be added or done expedient. And it’s quality, friends, Apple Acres quality and care!” she stated boldly which also made some ponies in the crowd nod in agreement with her. Flim then moved towards and said:

“Well, Granny, i’m glad you brought that up, my dear, I say i’m glad you brought that up. You see we are very picky when comes to cider if you’ll kindly try a cup.” he said as he handed her a cup of cider. She than sipped on it and her eyes went wide, but she quickly hid her expression.

“Yes, sir, yes, ma’am, this great machine lets just the very best. So what what do you say then, Apples? Care to step into the modern world and put the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 to the test?” Flam sung with a high note at the end causing the crowd of ponies to once again chant the word “Cider.”

"What do you think, folks? Do you see what the Apples can’t? I see it clear as day! I know she does! So does he! C’mon Ponyville, you know what i’m talking about!” Flim said.


"Yeah!" both Flim and Flam ended.

I at that time was just lost in amazement on how two ponies, who obviously had a catch to this entire situation, could convince an entire crowd to buy their cider over the original Sweet Apples Acres. I hated these two already. I don’t give a crap if they can do some musical number shit with their Dr. Seuss machine. After all that just happened, Applebloom rushed over to Flim and Flam and said:

“You got a deal!” she exclaimed, which made me go wide eyed.

“Not so fast!” Granny yelled.

Granny Smith grabbed Apple Bloom and then the Apple family huddled together to discuss something.

“What the heck is Applebloom doing?” I rhetorically asked Twilight.

“I was just about to asked you same thing.” Twilight responded.

Flim and Flam snuck their way into the huddle and started discussing something alongside the Apples for a moment until Applebloom shouted: “Deal!”, making me facepalm myself.

“Now hold on, who gets the seventy five?” Applejack asked.

“Why us, naturally.” Flim said.

“And, we’ll throw in the magic to power the machine for free!” Flam stated.

Applejack walked back over to her family and discussed whatever they planned to do. Judging by the conversation, i’m guessing the Apples might buy the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 and get twenty five percent of the profits while Flim and Flam get seventy five percent. But when I thought about it more, if they were to agree, they would lose the farm. If it were fifty-fifty, they might have a chance.

“So, what’ll it be?” Flim and Flam asked Applejack.

“Please say no, please say no, please say no!” I said, mentally.

“No deal!” Big Mac said.

“Hah!” I yelled out loud.

“Very well. If you refuse our generous offer to be partners; than we’ll just have to be competitors.” Flim said smugly to Applejack’s face.

“You wouldn’t dare!” Applejack sternly retorted.

“Oh, no?” Flim said while nodding his head slightly towards Flam.

“Don’t you worry everypony, there will be plenty of cider for all of you.” Flam declared to the crowd.

I was getting pretty pissed off at these two. Everybody here was minding their own business and these two sleazebags had to show up and stir things up.

Flim then leaned over towards Applejack and whispered something towards Applejack. Just then, the entire Apple family’s face went from an idle face to absolute shock.

Flim and Flam hopped back on their locomotive while I ran over towards Applejack.

“You okay? What did he say?” I asked.

“He said they’d run us out of business!” Applebloom whimpered.

That was my breaking point, I had to talk to these two and see what they were up to. The locomotive began to move, but I stopped them right in their tracks.

“Hold up there, buddy!” I yelled.

“Ah yes, we saw you within the crowd, but never got to make your acquaintance.” Flam said.

“Yeah, yeah. Hey, what’s the big idea with running the Apples out of business?” I asked.

“Why business of course. That’s how it works. ” Flim answered.

“I know that, but Sweet Apple Acres had been here for a long time and is a part of Ponyville. Can’t you guys go pick on a business your own size?” I asked.

“Why, you silly ape. The weakest links must go first.” Flim said.

“Hey, screw you!” I shouted.

“Woah, calm down there.” Flam said, sarcastically.

“You know what? I don’t have to waste time on you sleazebags. Go run into a tree or something.” I said angrily as I stormed away from the locomotive that drove away.

“You okay, Caleb?” Twilight asked.

“No. I’m just real fired up from those two.” I said.

“Just take breaths and calm down. That’s what Twilight tells me to do when I-” Spike said before having his mouth covered by Twilight who was smiling.

"The hell was that for?" I thought to myself.

I did as instructed and soon enough, I was calmed. I walked over towards Applejack.

“Pretty intense.” I remarked.

“Never thought Sweet Apple Acres might have a competitor.” Applejack said.

“What are you guys going to do if they come back?” I asked.

“I have no idea.” Applejack replied, flatly.

“Hey, if you guys ever need help, just hook me and the gang, we’re all friends here.” I reminded.

“I know Caleb, i’ll keep that in mind.” Applejack said.

“Alright, I guess i’ll see you tomorrow, AJ.” I said.

“You too, Caleb.” Applejack replied.

For the rest of the day, the mood between me, Twilight, and Spike had changed drastically. We were kind of quiet and didn't really say much to each other. The only sentimental thing that happened today was when Spike showed me some comic books, they were pretty neat. But yeah, the day was very slow after the event at Sweet Apple Acres.

The Deal

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The Deal
November 10th, 2012

“Wanna head up to Sweet Apple Acres and get more cider?” Twilight asked, waking me.

The clock read five fivty-seven, just like yesterday. I was still a little tired, but I got up anyways. Spike looked like a zombie as usual and bumped into the wall at one point. After I got up, we headed to Sweet Apple Acres once again.

“You think Flim and Flam will be back today?” I asked as I yawned.

“I hope not. I hate to be honest, but Flim and Flam seemed pretty determined on what they were doing.” Twilight said.

“Yeah. That’s not a good sign.” Spike added.

“Mmm.” I hummed in agreement.

When we reached the line, it was a little bit longer than it was this early in the morning unlike yesterday. We waited for quite sometime again before the line began to start moving at a slow pace. Also, just like yesterday, Rainbow was late again. I could hear her audibly groan in the distance. So that led me to believe that she got a nice spot at the end of the line.

Later on, all three of us made it to the front of the line and got our ciders. I sipped mine and I just felt down for some reason. Might as well be chugging down misery. Granny Smith was hammering nails into the broken fence post from yesterday.

“Hi Granny Smith.” Twilight said.

“Howdy-do, Twilight.” she answered.

“You worried about Flim and Flam?” Spike asked Granny Smith.

“Nah, they’re just blowing off hot air. Tryin’ to scare us, but we ain’t gonna have it.” Granny stated.

"But if they were to come back?" I asked Granny.

"Well.... I guess we'll just have to hope for the best." Granny replied.

Shortly after, the supply of cider was getting awfully low again and Rainbow was still pretty far behind. Looks like she won’t be getting cider again. Me, Twilight, and Spike walked over towards Applejack who wore a worried expression on her face.

“Still worried about Flim and Flam?” Twilight asked Applejack.

“Granny Smith said they were just blowing off hot air.” Spike said.

“I’m not so sure. They sounded mighty serious when they threatened us to run us out of business.” Applejack said.

Right after Applejack said that, Applebloom yelled:

“That’s it! Last cup!”

The crowd “Awed” in frustration again and i’m pretty sure I could hear Rainbow yell something in the distance.

“Come back tomorrow everypony!” Applebloom said which only fueled the crowds fire even more.

“Ugh, here we go again.” I said.

"Tell me about it." Spike replied.

Shortly after I said that, I heard something familiar. The sound of the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000. Spike looked at me when he heard the sounds as well.

“Uhhhh, too soon?” I asked.

The locomotive started to slow down and bumped right into the fence post again, pushing it out of place again. Granny Smith looked up with a scowl.

“What seems to be the problem here?” Flim asked as he hopped off the locomotive.

“Oh, my, oh, my. Out of cider again?” Flam asked.

Flim walked over to the back of the locomotive and opened up the back which held numerous barrels of cider.

“What have we here? Who’d like a cup?” Flim said as the barrel plopped onto the ground, causing the crowd of ponies to rush past me, Twilight, and Spike.

“Don’t worry everypony, we have the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 to make more in an instant.” Flam proclaimed while levitating a cup to Rainbow Dash.

I was about to swipe the cup away, but Applejack gasped and pulled out a rope which she lassoed the barrel with. She pulled hard with her mouth, sending the barrel flying towards Rainbow which hit her and made her drop the cup of cider.

“You can’t sell that cider! That’s made from Apple Family apples!” Applejack yelled.

“Is this some kind of cruel joke?” Rainbow asked after stuffing her mouth with the cider soaked dirt.

“Jesus, Rainbow, get a grip on yourself.” I mumbled.

“Don’t worry everypony, there are plenty of apples in Equestria. We’ll find some other and make more cider than Ponyville could drink!” Flim said which made the crowd gasp.

“We’ll make more cider than you could ever imagine!” Applebloom shouted, which got the crowd on her side. Big Mac quickly lifted her by the tail in order to stop her.

“Now it ain’t about the speed youngin’, it’s about quality.” Granny Smith explained, causing the crowd aw in disappointment.

“Who cares how good the cider is if I never get to drink any?” Rainbow asked.

"Rainbow! The world doesn't revolve around you!" I said, frustratedly.

That seemed to knock some sense into her.

“Dooo’h, look at these poor, dissatisfied ponies.” Flim said.

“Ponyville is sweet apple cider country!” Appleboom shouted.

“Our cider speaks for itself.” Applejack stated

“Let’s put it to the test.” Flim challenged.

“Anywhere, anytime.” Applebloom told Flim with a smirk on her face.

I was waving my hand frantically next to my neck at the Apples to tell them to shut her up.

“Now that’s enough now.” Granny Smith said while the crowd was getting more anxious and chatty.

“With our machine, we can make enough cider in one hour to satisfy this entire town.” Flam boasted.

“We’ll do it in forty five minutes!” Applebloom claimed which made the crowd even more excited.

“Easy, Applebloom, easy.” Granny warned.

“What’s the matter Granny Smith? Chicken?” Flim asked.

“What did you just call me?” she asked slowly.

“If you so confident in your cider, than what’s the problem?” Flim egged on.

“TOMORROW MORNING, RIGHT HERE!” Granny shouted the loudest i’ve ever heard her shout.

“Well i’m afraid we don’t have any.... apples.” Flam said while he spat on an apple.

“You can use our entire field! And it's worth it to teach ya’ll about cider making!” Granny said.

“Very well, we have a bet. Whoever makes the most barrels in one hour, wins the exclusive right to sell cider in Ponyville.” Flim said.

“Oh no, she’s gonna do it.” I said to Twilight and Spike. I looked over at Applejack and she looked terrified.

As predicted, Granny Smith shook hooves with Flim and Flam. She might as well agreed on a death wish. Flim and Flam climbed back onto their locomotive and said:

“Until tomorrow.” they both farewelled while bowing.

They drove off into the distance until the locomotive was out of sight. Twilight came up to Applejack.

“Don’t worry Applejack, I know you’ll win tomorrow.” Twilight supported.

“We better, because if we don’t, we’re gonna lose our farm.” Applejack said sadly as she walked off with her family.

“ what?” I asked Twilight.

“Let’s just head back home. Take it easy like yesterday.” she said flatly.

“Alright then, let’s go.” Spike said.

The crowd began to disperse back to Ponyville. I couldn’t believe this community was being torn apart because of cider. Fucking unbelieveable. If it were something important like the holy grail, I would understand, but this is just cider that’s made really well, there’s no need for all of this bickering.

Later that night, I couldn’t fall asleep because I kept thinking about Sweet Apple Acres going out of business. The apple family were the first ponies to ever offer me friendship and kindness and I couldn't bear the thought of them losing their entire business they've worked on their entire lives to some assholes who probably don't have a lick of sense of what hard work is. I wanted to believe that they would win, but something in my head kept saying: “They won’t win.” I probably fell asleep at around two o'clock at night, did not sleep very well.

Pony Vs. Machine

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Pony Vs. Machine
November 11th, 2012

I was awoken by a loud clang in the kitchen and the clock read nine-fourteen in the morning.

“Oh shoot, we’re late.” I said to myself.

Then I remembered that there probably isn’t going to be any cider today because of the competition today. I climbed off the couch and went upstairs to get ready for the day. Twilight was already up making her bed while Spike continued sleeping in his tiny, dog-like bed.

“Good morning, Caleb.” Twilight said.

“Hey, Twi. What time is the competetion supposed to start again?” I asked.

“At ten-thirty.” she answered.

I walked over to Spike’s bed and shook it violently while yelling: “STAMPEDE, SPIKE! STAMPEDE!” which made him jump to life with a startled face.

“Morning, Sleeping Beauty.” I said in my normal voice.

“Oh c’mon, I was sleeping.” Spike whined.

“Nine o’clock Spike, no moseying around.” I said,

“I’ll get you back for that.” Spike said.

“We’ll see.” I said.

We left the tree house around nine-forty five and noticed some ponies heading up to Sweet Apple Acres as well. Rarity was one of them.

“Hey, you guys go on ahead. I’m gonna talk with Rarity.” I said.

“Alright, Caleb.” Twilight replied.

“Rarity!” I yelled and she turned towards me.

“Oh, Caleb. Good to see you!.” Rarity said with a smile.

“Likewise. You worried about the Apples?” I asked.

“Why of course. Applejack and her family are very close friends.” she explained.

“Me too. I just hope they can pull this off. It’s really a challenge to create a supply of cider for an entire village in one hour with only four ponies on deck.” I said.

“I know they can pull it off. The Apples have been doing work like this for moons.” Rarity said, firmly.

"You're right." I said.

Rarity and I continued to walk and gawk until we reached Sweet Apple Acres. We both found Twilight and Spike who joined up with Pinkie, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash.

“Hey guys.” I greeted.

“Sup, Caleb?” Rainbow asked.

“Not much. Just waiting for this to unfold. I’m rootin’ for Sweet Apple Acres though.” I said.

“Same.” Rainbow said.

“Me too.” Fluttershy said, quietly as usual.

“Me three.” Spike said.

"Me quadruple!" Pinkie piped. "Wait.... does that count?" Pinkie asked.

"I think so." I replied.

"Oh, okay." Pinkie said, cheerfully.

In the distance, I heard those dreaded mixes of sounds from the locomotive.

“Look, here comes dumb and dumber.” I said, causing Rainbow to laugh.

While watching the locomotive pull up in the grass opposite to the side the Apples were on, I saw the mayor walking towards them.

“Even the mayor’s involved with this?” I asked.

“Yeah, I asked her why she was here too. Apparently Flim and Flam talked her into announcing the competition.” Twilight said.

“Huh. She’s not supporting them, right?” I asked.

“Oh, nothing like that. She said that she's just announcing and remains neutral.” Twilight said.

“Good.” I said.

Twilight walked off towards Applejack to tell her something while I stayed back with the crowd. I could see Applejack practicing her bucking with a punching bag with Applebloom clinging onto the back of it. Granny put on her red glasses and Big Mac was trotting in place as if he was about to run a marathon.

“Attention, everypony!” Mayor Mare announced to the crowd.

Twilight looked back at us and said one last thing to Applejack before trotting back to the group.

“Thanks, Twilight!” Applejack responded to whatever Twilight said.

“The teams have one hour to produce as much cider as they can. After which, the barrels will be counted and the winner will be named the sole cider producer for all of Ponyville.” Mayor Mare declared. “Are both teams ready?” Mayor Mare asked both teams.

The Apples stare competitively at their rivals until Applejack shouted: “Ready!” Flim and Flam both said ready in unison while sitting on their couch, looking rather relaxed.

“GO!” the mayor shouted.

A brown stallion flipped a giant hourglass in the other end to start the timer.

The Apples quickly dashed off to their position while Granny took her time. Right when the Apples started working on their first barrel, Flim and Flam activated their magic and switched on the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000. The suction funnel stretched out towards the nearest apple tree and sucked all the apples off clean. Applejack on the other hand bucked the tree with her hind legs which made it visibly shake. The apples on the tree slowly began to fall off and land into a bucket that Applebloom held on her head. Applebloom rushed over to Granny Smith and handed the bucket to her so that she could inspect the apples individually. Granny Smith immediately looked at one apples and tossed it into the grinder that was powered by a treadmill that Big Mac ran on. Cider began to pour from a faucet into a barrel and soon enough, it was full. Big Mac quickly capped it with the lid and shoved it away. So now the Apple’s had one barrel of cider down.

I was too busy watching the Apple’s progress that I forgot about Flim and Flam. I directed my attention to them and guess what? They already had five barrels filled up and ready to go.

“Oh crap!” I exclaimed while nudging Twilight to get her attention.

Twilight and the other four looked towards Flim and Flam’s pile and gasped in shock. The Apple’s also seemed to realize how many Flim and Flam had, which was now six. Applejack looked rather nervous as she could be seen visibly gulping.

The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 continued to suck apples at a fast pace that beated the Apple’s by a mile. More and more barrels were added to Flim and Flam’s pile while the Apple’s were still behind.

Applebloom was lost in a trance at the moment, but was quickly snapped out of it by Applejack. Granny Smith buckets of apples to inspect were beginning to congregate around her and Big Mac was starting to fatigue, but they pressed on.

“Oh, this is dreadful! Every barrel they produce is covered up by Flim and Flam’s” Rarity stated while pointing at the barrels.

“No kidding, they're looking pretty bad at the moment.” I said.

“Maybe we could help out.” Twilight said to all five of us.

"You may be right! Go ask the mayor quick." I said.

Twilight proceeded to walk towards the mayor and asked:

“Um, Ms. Mayor. Are honorary family members allowed to help in the competition?” Twilight asked.

“Well, i’m not sure. Flim? Flam? Would you object to honorary family members helping?” Mayor Mare asked.

“Are you kidding?” Flim asked.

“We don’t care if the whole kingdom of Canterlot helps. It's a lost cause.” Flam said.

“Mmm, I guess its ok. Applejack, what do you think?” Mayor Mare asked again.

“I think i’d love to have the rest of my... family helping out.” Applejack responded.

“ALL RIGHT!” Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Fluttershy shouted.

Suddenly, I felt all the adrenaline pumping throughout my body at that moment. I was ready for anything.

"Alright everypony, line up!" Twilight instructed.

“Okay everypony, we’re not gonna let those smooth talkers take our friends farm.” Twilight said.

“YEAH!” we yelled.

“Fluttershy, help Applejack with the trees.” Twilight said.

“Got it.” Fluttershy said.

“Pinkie Pie, you’re on Apple catching detail.” Twilight said.

“Yes, sir, ma’am, sir.” Pinkie said while saluting.

“Rarity, you got a discerning eye, help Granny Smith at the quality control station.” Twilight said.

“Of course.” Rarity replied.

“Rainbow Dash, do you think you can help Big Macintosh press?” Twilight asked.

“In my sleep.” Rainbow said.

“Caleb, you look strong, can you toss the filled barrels to me and i’ll stack them?" Twilight asked me.

“Tossing barrels? I got this.” I responded.

“Alright everypony, let's save Sweet Apple Acres.” Twilight concluded.

“Alright!” we all shouted again.

All of us quickly ran to our positions and began to work hard at our tasks. I got to my station and started lifting the barrels. These barrels were pretty heavy, so I had to use effort in my toss. I grunted as I threw the barrel as hard as I could and Twilight caught it with her levitation magic and started stacking. Than another barrel came and I repeated the same action again. More and more barrels kept coming to me and I was giving everything I got, I’d throw one towards Twilight, another one would be right behind me, than another one, another one, another one, they just kept on coming.

While I was performing my duty, I looked over at Flim and Flam. They were panicking at this point due to that every three they’d make, we would make five. Flim was saying something to his brother which made both of them shoot their green beams of magic at the machine. The machine started to get louder and the suction funnel hovered over a tree and ripped the tree right out of its roots.

“Okay! Now it’s on.” I thought to myself.

When I saw that tree get sucked in, it only egged me on to push harder, even though my arms were burning at the moment. Big Mac suddenly lost his footing on the treadmill and fell off which made Rainbow fly off it.

“C’mon Rainbow Dash, keep grinding.” Twilight shouted.

“We don’t have time for quality control if we want to win this thing!” Rainbow yelled as she than flew over to Granny Smith.

“Gah! Get back you! One bad apple spoils the bunch!” Granny scolded.

“Applejack, help me!” Rainbow said.

“There’s no point in winning if we cheat!” Applejack replied.

“We’ll just have to work harder. C’mon everypony!” Twilight said.

“Oh, fine. Double time than!” Rainbow said, triumphantly.

My arms at that moment were starting to fatigue, but I knew I had to keep going. I took in large, deep breaths as I lifted and yelled as I threw the barrels to Twilight. Sweat was running down my forehead, face, and neck.

“Your doing good Caleb! Great job!” Twilight supported while I nodded to her in thanks.

We kept pushing harder for about a few more minutes until Mayor Mare said the words of relief.

“Time’s up!” Mayor Mare declared.

Everyone came to a halt with their actions and my poor arms were numb at that moment. But hey, nothing like a good workout. All of our team members dropped to the ground in exhaust while I did the same. I layed on the grass flat on my back, trying to inhale oxygen in order cool down.

“I’m proud of you, Applejack” Twilight said, tiredly.

“Thanks.” Applejack said back.

“Integrity like that will always be rewarded!” Twilight said.

“Ha! we did it guys!” I wheezed.

“We sure did. You were big help everypony, thank y'all” Applejack said.

Unfortunately, I spoke too soon again because the mayor said something that made my heart drop.

“Flim and Flam win!” the mayor announced.

“What!? No!” I said to myself in disbelief.

Everypony picked themselves back up and walked slowly to the middle that separated the teams. Flim and Flam had unfortunately had a stack of barrels that towered over ours.

W-what?” Applebloom asked confusedly to Applejack.

“We….lost?” Applejacked asked, upsetly.

“D’awww, too bad, Apple’s.” Flim said, mockingly.

“Guess you’ll have to find a new line of work, it doesn’t match your name quite sooo….perfectly.” Flam said.

“Now should we tear down these tacky, old buildings and put new ones up brother?” Flim asked Flam.

“I don’t see why not brother. After all, this isn’t Sweet Apple Acres anymore. How about Flim and Flam Fields?” Flam said while pulling a rope their sign that covered Sweet Apple Acres.

Rainbow quickly flew towards both of them.

“I ought to press you into jerk cider!” Rainbow threatened.

Applejack caught her by the tail and yanked her back to our team.

“No, Rainbow Dash. A deal’s a deal.” Applejack reminded which made Flim and Flam emit this annoying, smug laughter which made my head go hot. I than walked over the mayor

“Are you actually letting them get away with this!?” I asked, sternly.

“I’m sorry Caleb, but they made a deal and they cannot break it.” Mayor Mare replied, sympathetically.

“Well can’t they ju-” I said before my attention was directed towards a commotion going on by the stand. The ponies were spewing something out of their mouths which was in fact; Flim and Flam’s cider.

“I can’t get this taste of my tongue!” a rose colored mare exclaimed.

“Mines got rocks in it!” Bon Bon said, disgusted.

“I wouldn’t pay a bit for this dreck!” a stallion jerred.

These comments encouraged me to walk up to Flim and Flam and tell them off. I slowly walked over towards the stand and I made eye contact with both of them.

“Well, well, well. Looks like the tables have turned, huh?” Rainbow asked.

“Kind of an idiotic idea to pull up an entire apple tree in order to create your rubbish trash.” I said while holding a cup and dropping it onto the ground. “Now look at you two. You’re both now know for selling crap to Ponyville. Am I right Ponyville?” I asked.

“YEAH!” they all yelled.

“Would you ever pay one bit for this so called cider?” Rainbow asked.

“NO!” they all yelled again.

“So, now you have me and the entire town against you. What will you do now?” I said while leaning closer to them, making them back away slowly.

“It seems we’ve encountered a slight problem here in Ponyville.” Flam said, nervously.

“Nopony wants our product. Next town?” Flim asked Flam.

“Next town. Let’s go Flim.” Flam said.

“Let’s go Flam!” Flim replied, hastifully.

Both Flim and Flam dashed to the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 and drove off into the the distance, never to be seen again.

“Looks like that’s the last you’ll be seeing them.” I said to the crowd.

“Good riddance!” a stallion said.

Applejack, the other four, and Spike walked over towards me and Rainbow.

“They’re gone!” Applejack said in a cheerful tone.

“That means Sweet Apple Acres is still in business.” Twilight informed.

“Plus, we can have high quality Apple Family Cider!” Caramel added.

“And since we had this silly competition, we made enough cider for the whole town.” Applebloom said.

The crowd cheered for the victory that Sweet Apple Acres had just achieved and that they won’t have to drink that piss that Flim and Flam produced. Everyone started to form a line that was much shorter than yesterday and soon enough, the third day of cider season was in effect.

I got my cup of cider and chugged it down halfway which made hiccup. I don’t know if that cider had alcohol in it because I was starting to feel a little fuzzy on the inside.

Pinkie, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, Twilight, Spike, and Rainbow had their own ciders too. All of us took our cups and performed a toast. Rainbow finally took a sip of her cider for once these past three days.

“Worth the wait?” I asked Rainbow.

“It’s better than I remembered! Did you guys change your recipe or something.” Rainbow asked Applejack.

“Nope, not at all.” Applejack confirmed.

“Maybe its because you haven't had a good cider in a while.” Pinkie said.

“Yeah, don’t remind me.” Rainbow said.

“Hey Caleb, mind if I speak to you quick?” Applejack asked.

“Sure, i’ll be back guys.” I said to the other five as I walked away with Applejack.

“What do you need?” I asked.

“I remember when you said 'I owed you one' on Wednesday morning. Consider the favor returned for helping out my family while in need." Applejack said, placing a foreleg on my leg.

“Oh, no problem Applejack.” I said.

“And I was wondering if you would like a job here at Sweet Apple Acres.” Applejack offered.

“A job?” I asked, surprised.

“Sure, it can help you earn some money. We’ll pay ya ten bits and hour” Applejack said.

“Isn’t Sweet Apple Acres more of a family business?” I asked.

“It is. But we could sure use some extra labor with the heavy stuff. Even Big Mac has trouble with that kind of stuff.” Applejack said.

“Really? How much does the 'stuff' weigh?” I asked.

“About eight-hundred pounds and up.” Applejack revealed.

“Woah! Applejack, i’m afraid you’re out of luck. The heaviest weight i’ve ever lifted was two hundred and ninety-two pounds.” I said.

“Ah shoot, that’s a shame. Well, we can always have extra assistance with the regular based tasks. Unless….” Applejack trailed off.

“Unless?” I asked.

“In the Everfree Forest is a kind zebra named Zecora. She has all these potions for almost every ailment you can think of." Applejack said.

“A zebra, huh? Do you know the way?" I asked.

“I would, but I have to help wrap up Apple Cider Season. I’m pretty sure Twilight knows the way though.” Applejack said.

“Awesome. I’ll let her know about this.” I said.

“Sounds good. Thanks again, Caleb.” Applejack thanked.

"Yep." I replied. “Hey, Twilight!” I yelled.

“Yes, Caleb?” Twilight responded.

“Do you happen to know a zebra by the name of Zecora?” I asked.

“Yes I do. She lives in the Everfree Forest. Why?” Twilight asked.

“Well, I got a job here at Sweet Apple Acres.” I began to explain.

“Congratulations, Caleb!” Twilight said.

“Thanks. But I need your help because you know the way to Zecora’s because I have no idea where her place is at and I was wondering if she had some....strength potion, maybe.” I said.

“I know exactly where she lives.” Twilight said.

“Excellent! Should we get going now or do you want to stay for a little while longer?” I asked.

“We can go whenever you’re ready.” Twilight said.

“Alright then, let’s go." I said. "We’ll see you guys around.” I said to the other five.

“Bye.” they responded.

Enchantress of the Forest

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Enchantress of the Forest
November 11th, 2012

I followed Twilight while Spike walked alongside her on a dirt path. We took a right and started to go into the forested part of the path. The forest was getting more denser the further we went in. I got a couple scratches on my arms and legs from the branches, nothing too serious, but still annoying.

“Why do you need to meet her?” Spike asked.

“Zecora?” I asked.

“Yeah.” Spike said.

“Applejack wants me to do some of the heavy lifting on the farm, but the weight far exceeds my limitations. So she told me that Zecora has all of these potions that could possibly help. I hope she has some kind of potion that can increase my strength.” I said.

“Now Caleb, you should be careful when using potions. Too much can lead to effects that may be unwanted.” Twilight warned.

“Like what?” I asked.

“Well, there’s this one potion that made a pony grow an extra head.” Spike said.

“Spike! That’s only an old mare’s tale!" Twilight exclaimed. "What he meant to say was possible illnesses.” Twilight rephrased.

“So no extra appendages?” I asked.

“Not at all.” Twilight reassured.

"Well that's a relief." I said.

We pushed further into the Everfree, pushing branches, leaves, and twigs out of our way until we came across a giant tree. The tree had a door on the front of it, something closely similar to Twilight’s home.

On the left side was a makeshift window made of sticks and a hole in the wall of the tree. The branches of the giant tree had multicolored bottles hanging from vines that were tied on them. It kind of reminded me of some tribal artifacts you would see in the history books.

“Is this the place?” I asked.

“Mmm-hm, this is it.” Twilight responded.

All three of us walked up the little wooden steps and Twilight knocked on the door. We waited for a sometime until the door started to creak. The door opened and sure enough, there was a zebra.

However, her colors weren’t black and white as a normal zebra would obtain, but more of a light gray with dark gray stripes. This also goes for her mane and tail. Her mane was fashioned like a mohawk, not pointy or anything like that, but a thick mohawk. She also were these little gold rings around her neck and large gold earrings as well. She didn’t show any fear from the sight of me, but more of interest.

“My goodness, what have you brought me here?” Zecora asked in accent that i’m pretty is from an African descent.

“Hi, Zecora. This is Caleb.” Twilight introduced.

“Hello.” I said.

“And you can talk as well as gawk? Very interesting, please, come in.” Zecora said.

We walked in and the inside was lined up with bottles that i’m guessing were the so called potions. In the middle of the room was a big, black pot with some green concoction brewing inside it.

“What brings you to my home, my dear Caleb?” Zecora asked.

“I hear that you create potions for most ailments?” I asked.

“That is most correct. Is there something certain that your mind wants to find?” Zecora asked.

“Yes. Could you by any chance have a potion that could give me enhanced strength?” I asked.

“Hmmmm.... why of course.” Zecora said while standing on her hind legs to reach the top shelf.

She grabbed a bottle with her mouth that had a dark green liquid inside it.

“This potion will let you posses many feats of strength that are beyond most, but I have not been able to test it on another.” Zecora explained.

“So you haven't seen the effects on an actual pony?” I questioned.

“Yes, unfortunately.” Zecora said as she popped the bottles cork off. She than poured the liquid into a 16 oz cup.

“If you wish to take the risk, then the effects cannot be missed.” Zecora heeded.

“Are you sure you want to do this, Caleb?” Twilight asked.

“Mmmmm, could this possibly kill me?” I asked Zecora.

“No. Everything here has been brewed to be safe and anew.” Zecora assured.

I took a hard, long thought into my decision and I decided to take it. I really needed to get a job in order to support myself with my new life here in Equestria.

“I’ll take it.” I decided.

Zecora then handed me the cup filled with the green goop.

With that, I quickly swigged it all down my throat. The taste was the worst thing i’ve ever tasted. It tasted like the liquified Nyquil, but with no flavor. I slightly gagged after I was done. Everyone went silent in the room, waiting for the effect to happen. Nothing happened.

“Perhaps it is more of a dud.” Zecora remarked.

“Maybe. So what happens if a potion is ineffective?” I asked.

“Nothing will occur, nothing will stir.” Zecora said.

“Sooo…. nothing. It’ll just sit in their until it passes through?” I said.

"Yes, that’s what will happen. But if something were to occur, please come back immediately for me to be sure." Zecora requested.

"Okay. I'll be sure to remember that." I said.

"Very good. What about you Twilight? Do you need something that I can assist you with?" Zecora asked.

"No thanks, Zecora. We were just here for that one potion. Thanks for trying to help." Twilight said.

"I see. My bipedal friend, it was at least worth the try." Zecora said.

"It was. Thanks again for trying to help." I said.

"Anytime." she replied.

Me, Twilight, and Spike walked out the door.

"Farewell, my friends." Zecora called out.

We waved back in response.

“She seemed nice. I also thought it was pretty interesting how she would rhyme with her choice of words.” I said.

"I always that was cool too. Gives her a very mystical personality." Twilight said.

While we walked back to Twilight's library, my right arm jolted upward for no reason.

"What was that for?" Spike asked.

"I don't know. Probably just an occasional muscle spasm." I said.

"Or it could be that potion." Twilight said.

"Maybe." I replied.

A while later, we finally found the right path to get back to Ponyville. The air was starting to get a little nippy which gave me goosebumps. By the time we got back, it was probably around noon.

“Feeling up for some lunch?” Twilight asked me.

“Nah, my stomach feels really funny. Probably from the potion.” I said.

“I hope you aren't getting sick.” Twilight said.

“I don’t think so, my stomach just feels very fuzzy on the inside.” I said.

I sat on the couch and waited for my stomach to settle down. About twenty something minutes later, the feeling stopped and I felt normal again.

Suddenly, my whole body felt really strange, almost as if all my muscles were vibrating. The feeling of numbness started to surround my entire body and then that feeling faded away too. Next.... the worst was yet to come. I felt a slight tinge of pain on my shoulder. I quickly rubbed it to relieve the knot, but it wouldn’t work.

“Caleb, what’s wrong? You keep rubbing your arm.” Twilight said.

“I don’t know! It feels like little pulled muscles!” I exclaimed.

"You okay?" Twilight asked.

"No! I don't feel okay at all!" I exclaimed once again as the pain got worse.

Than my entire arm, neck and chest started to feel like they were on fire on the inside. I cried out in agony as I grabbed my sensitive spots.

"Caleb!?" Twilight asked in extreme concern.

“It feels like something burning me from the inside!” I cried as I started to panic.

My labored breaths quickly turned into high pitched gasps of pain when another section of my body would burn. Every second, the searing hot sensation would run down my entire body until it felt like my body was being engulfed by flames from the inside.

I screamed in excruciating anguish as I squirmed my body around on the floor like a ragdoll with tears running down my face. My eyes were tightly shut and my teeth were gnashed forcefully against each other.

"GOD! THE PAIIIN! OH MY GOD!" I screamed.

"Oh, Caleb! What should I do!?" Twilight asked, frantically.

"C'mon Caleb, talk to us!" Spike exclaimed.


Right after that, my entire body seized up. My body tensed upwards as I arched my back and all my fingers wiggled simultaneously. After that, I blacked out and that's all I remembered from that point on. What will happen to me next was astounding.

"Your New Body"

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“Your New Body”
December 3rd, 2012

I woke up with a loud gasp and I inhaled deeply, it felt like I was choked out. As I recollected myself, a voice came from my right side.

“He’s awake!” a female voice said.

I looked at the pony in who was in a doctor uniform and a mare who wore a white medical hat with a red cross.

“Mister Caleb? Are you feeling alright?” the doctor asked.

“Any numbness or pain?” the nurse asked.

“Um, no, i’m feeling fine. Where am I? Where’s Twilight and Spike?” I asked as I looked around the room.

“You’re in the hospital right now. Your friends are off somewhere at the moment. They left you some get well gifts too.” the doctor informed me.

I looked to my right and saw all these get well gifts, that sort of stuff.

“What happened to me?" I asked. "All I remember is going through a living hell and then I woke up here.” I said.

“Your body seemed to have gone into a long term stasis and a dramatic change within the period of three weeks. It’s December 3rd today.” the doctor informed.

“Three weeks? Jesus. What have I missed?” I asked.

“Not much. At least from what I know.” the nurse said.

“Oh, okay." I replied. "By the way, what did you mean by my body going through a dramatic change?” I asked.

“Look at your hand and see for yourself." the doctor said.

I raised my hand to my face and realized that my hand was probably twice the size it was originally. My eyes went wide at the increased size of my hand.

“What happened?!” I asked, surprised.

“Well, it appears your skeletal system and your muscular system have definitely grown since the day you arrived here.” the doctor said.

I looked at my arms and they were more muscular than before. They weren’t anything close to Arnold Schwarzenegger, but just very toned and defined. I went to check out the rest of my body and my face went hot when I realized I was naked.

“AH! Where’s my clothes!?” I exclaimed, embarrassed as I covered myself up.

“Your clothes tore when your body grew too big for them. We would’ve gave you hospital clothes, but they’re only intended for pony use.” the nurse explained.

“Oh. I’m just not used to being naked in front of others. It’s my society’s norm to wear clothes all the time.” I said.

“Speaking of clothes, a kind mare named Rarity came in and took measurements on your new body recently and came back the next day with some clothes that would suit you.” the doctor informed.

The doctor walked over to the tables beside me with all the gifts I got and pulled out a larger replica of my original t-shirt and jeans. I also received a very nice winter coat along with a pair of gloves and a winter hat. I also got a note from Rarity as well.

Dear Caleb,

Although this type of clothing isn't exactly my prefered taste in clothing, I made you a replica of your original outfit. Hope this helps out alot!

Best Wishes!


“Got a few more.” the doctor said as he showed me more pairs of jeans, t-shirts and long sleeved shirts. The doctor setted them nicely next to me and turned his attention to the nurse. “Nurse Redheart, would you mind getting our patient here some breakfast, it has been awhile since he's ate something.” the doctor requested.

“Yes, doctor.” Redheart replied as she walked out of the room.

“Hey, Doc. Speaking of names, I never got yours.” I said.

“Oh, my bad. My name is Doctor Trottier, it’s an honor to be caring for you.” he introduced as we shook hands/hoof. “Nurse Redheart will be right with you. Holler if you need anything.” Doctor Trottier said.

“Thanks, doc.” I said.

After Doctor Trottier left the room, I hopped off the bed and stood up. I stumbled for a second as I adjusted to my new height which was a whole lot taller than before, I felt like a giant. I looked around my body and it was pretty toned including my legs, arms and abdomen. After inspecting my body, I took a pair of jeans and slipped them on. The jeans fitted perfectly. Next, I put my t-shirt on and that fitted pretty good too. I layed back on the bed when the nurse walked back into the room with my food.

“We have quite a meal for you today; eggs, porridge, orange juice, and toast with jam. It’ll help your body get fueled up for the day.” Nurse Redheart said.

“Thanks, Redheart.” I said.

“You’re welcome. Anything else?” Redheart asked.

“No. That’ll be all.” I said.

“Okay then. Eat up and we’ll be back for dishes when you finish.” Redheart said.

With that, she walked out of the room and I began to wolf down everything on the plate. Within five minutes tops, I ate everything clean off my plate.

“Much better.” I said to myself.

Trottier and Redheart walked back into the room and Redheart took my dishes out of the room.

“Are you feeling good enough to walk?” Trottier asked.

“Yep. i’m good.” I replied.

“Very good. Now we need to do a little physical exam on you. So please, follow me.” Trottier said.

I hopped off the bed and proceeded to follow Trottier and Redheart. We turned to a little corner which had a height measurer and a weight scale.

“Line yourself up with the height scale, please.” Redheart instructed.

When I aligned my body with the wall and scale, I exceeded past my previous height of 5’10. Nurse Redheart tried to reach my full height with extra measuring tape, but couldn’t. Trottier, who was a unicorn, used his magic to levitate the tape up to the top of my head.

“Looks like…. 7’8". You really grew!” Nurse Redheart exclaimed.

“Wow! my previous height was like 5’10. That’s incredible!” I said.

“5’10? We’ll take note of that.” Trottier said.

“Now please step on the weight scale.” Redheart said.

I stepped onto the weight scale and the number wheel spun until the red needle landed on 329 pounds.

“Now do you know your previous weight by any chance?” Trottier asked.

“Yes I do. It was 150 pounds.” I replied.

“Thank you.” Trottier responded.

The rest of the exam is what you would expect from physical exams that you would usually get. They checked out my breathing, eyes, basic motor functions (etc.)

After the exam, they told me to stay in bed and that I could be discharged around 1:00 PM if I was feeling like I was adjusted to my body. The hospital also notified Twilight that I was in tip top shape and ready for dischargement.

I sat in the bed while moving my limbs around to adjust to the new feel. When I mean by feel, I mean that it feels very easy to move. I can take longer strides when I walk, I can move my limbs with very quick movements, and I can jump much higher as well. I manage to to touch the ceiling, which was a good fifteen or eighteen feet.

After waiting for a couple hours, I was informed that Twilight and the other five we’re here and I could leave when ready. I grabbed my new clothes and headed downstairs to the main lobby. I entered the lobby and there they were.

“Hey guys!” I said.

All of them stared at me in shock and amazement at my new appearance.

“What do ya think?” I asked.

“Looks like that potion worked after all! We thought you were sick at first.” Twilight said.

“Nope, just the potion doing its thing.” I said.

“Are you feeling alright?” Fluttershy asked.

“I feel like a million bits.” I replied.

“Oh, thank goodness.” she said.

“Hey Rarity, thanks for the new clothes and all.” I said as I slipped on my coat.

“Why you’re quite welcome, darling.” Rarity said.

“So Applejack, I think I might take that job after all.” I mentioned.

“Heh, about that. It’s not fall anymore, it’s winter.” Applejack said with her foreleg behind her head.

“Really? Darn it! That sucks.” I said.

“Maybe sometime in the spring you can help out.” Applejack said.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” I said.

The clerk at the desk called me over and asked me sign a few papers before I left. I signed them, and we left the hospital. When we walked out, I was hit with a blast of cold air as little snowflakes blew into my face.

“Gah!” I exclaimed.

“Ha! Cold out ain’t it?” Rainbow asked.

“Cold? Its freezing out here.” I said.

Right after I said that, a snowball hit me right in the chest.

“Hey, who did that?” I asked.

“Me!” responded a familiar high pitched voice.

“Pinkie….” I said, softly.

“Hi there, Bigfoot!” Pinkie chirped.

“So it’s gonna be like that?” I questioned.

“Maybe….” Pinkie said back, slyly.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” I said as I packed the snow into a ball shape and threw it at her and missed.

“Snowball fight!” Pinkie yelled.

Everyone scattered around the front yard of the hospital and started creating their own snowballs. I quickly created two dozens of snowballs and made a pile next to me while I built a little snow wall to protect myself.

“Hey everyone, get Caleb!” Rainbow shouted.

“Oh no you don’t!” I shouted back.

I made more snowballs for the barrage that was yet to come. I peeked over the wall and saw that they were coming towards me. With no delay, I started to throw snowballs at them at a fast pace. They tried to evade them, but ended up getting hit by them.

“Dodge faster, ponies!” I laughed.

Rainbow was the only one who could easily make quick maneuvers to dodge them. I realized they were flanking me when one snowball hit me from the side. I went to grab another snowball, but found out I had none left.

“What? What is this?” I exclaimed to myself.

“Get him!” Rainbow yelled while they pelted me with snowballs.

I got up onto my feet and began to run away. When I ran, I felt like I was running way faster than I could run before. I looked behind me and saw Rainbow gaining on me while I slowly outran the others. I could tell Rainbow was right on top of me, so I jumped as high as I could and caught her in mid-air.

“Gotcha!” I said.

Me and Rainbow began to wrestle on the ground and I managed to pin her down. She struggled to escape, but to now avail. I looked over at the other five and said:

“Oh yeah, I forgot about you guys.” I said, slowly.

“Ok, Caleb. You win.” Rainbow said.

“I am the champion!” I declared.

After our little snowball fight and a good laugh, we decided to head back to our homes and warm up for a while. Me and Twilight arrived back at the treehouse which was absolutely much warmer than it was outside.

“Hey, Caleb.” Spike greeted.

“Hi Spike, what’cha doing?” I asked.

“Twilight told me to make some hot chocolate for us when you got back.” Spike said.

“Hot chocolate on a cold day? This day just got a whole lot better! Thanks Spike.” I said as he handed a nice, hot cup of hot cocoa.

I sipped on the hot cocoa which was not to flat and not to rich, it was the perfect taste.

“Mmmm, very good.” I complimented.

“What happened over these past three weeks?” I asked Twilight.

“A great deal.” Twilight said.

“Yeah. "Rarity was ponynapped by Diamond Dogs while me and her were gem hunting.” Spike said.

“Ponynapped? She was taken?” I asked.

“Yeah, but we saved her.” Spike said.

“And what the heck are Diamond Dogs? Is that the name of some gang or something?” I asked.

“Diamond Dogs are far from just being a gang name. Diamond Dogs are these creatures that have characteristics of dogs and like to keep fancy items for themselves." Twilight said. "Rarity was ponynapped while her and Spike were up somewhere outside Ponyville.” Twilight explained.

“Damn, that’s pretty bad. If I ever come across those things, they’ll be sorry.” I said.

“I don’t think you’ll ever run into them, they usually live underground most of the time in their territories that are rich with gems.” Twilight said.

“That’s good, anything else happen while I was out?” I asked.

“Uh, yes, we went down to Appleloosa to help settle a feud between Appleloosa and a buffalo tribe.” Twilight said.

“A native tribe?” I asked.

“Yes. A native tribe of buffalo” Twilight responded

“Don’t tell me, it was a problem that involved land.” I guessed.

“Exactly.” Twilight said.

“How did you know?” Spike asked.

“Every problem with a native tribe always involves land. Did you guys resolve the problem?” I asked.

“We did. Appleloosa gets to keep their apple growing land and would share their products with the tribe which was agreeable with both parties.” Twilight explained.

“Well than, you guys were on quite an adventure through these past three weeks, huh?” I asked.

“It’s something that life throws at us every once in awhile.” Twilight admitted.

“Cool. Maybe I could tag along sometime if I can.” I said.

“Maybe.” she said.

“Oh, I can’t believe I almost forgot to mention this.” Twilight said while giving slapping herself in the face.

“What?” I asked.

“The princess responded to the letter Spike sent while you were out in the hospital.” Twilight announced.

“Oh crap! She did?” I asked.

“She did. Here’s the letter.” Twilight said as gave me the letter. It read:

Dear Twilight Sparkle,

I am excited to hear of our new arrival here in Equestria. When you receive this letter, please lend this to Caleb and the rest below will be directed towards him.

Greetings, Caleb. I’ve heard nothing but good things about you. From what I heard, you have made yourself publically know in Ponyville and striked up a strong friendship with Twilight; my faithful student. I take admiration in both of these accomplishments, but that’s not why i’m writing. I’m writing this because i’d like to meet you personally at my castle in Canterlot. Please respond when you have the time so that I know if meeting you is possible. And again, welcome to Equestria.


Princess Celestia

After I finished reading, I just stared off into space while thinking “Did a princess pony just ask me to meet her personally?”

“Soooo.” Twilight said.

“Wha? Oh, yeah, that’s great….” I stuttered.

“You okay, Caleb?” Twilight asked.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m just a little overwhelmed at the moment.” I said.

“Just calm down, deep breaths. I know this is a lot to take in at once” Twilight said.

After I calmed down, I asked Twilight for a piece of paper so that I could write a letter back to the princess. She handed me a piece of white, blank paper and a quill. I wrote:

Dear Princess Celestia,

It was very nice to receive a letter from the Princess of Equestria. When I first arrived here in Equestria, I was lost and had no idea what to do, but your student, Twilight Sparkle, helped me see my way through life here as well as her friends. But I digress. It would be an honor to meet you in Canterlot. I don’t exactly know what your schedule is through the day, but set up a date so that I know when I should come. Thank you.


Caleb Lee Barlow

“Alright Spike, send it.” I said

Spike blew his magical green flames at it which made it dissolve into magical form of ashes.

“Now we just wait.” Spike said.

“Sounds good.” I said.

While I thought for a while about what to do next, I thought about Zecora.

“Hey guys, i’m gonna head to Zecora’s and show her the effects of the potion I took. She’ll be surprised.” I said.

“Okay. You remember the way?” Twilight asked.

“Yeah, I remember.” I said.

“Bundle up then, it’s chilly out there.” Twilight said.

I slipped on my coat, hat, gloves and headed out the door.

The Landy

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The Landy
December 3rd, 2012

I took the same path that Twilight showed me when we first went to Zecora’s. I had to think for a while to fully remember the route because the forest does get denser the more I go in and the snow covers up some areas that would indicated if I were close or not, but I eventually found the right path. Shortly after, I came across Zecora’s hut again. I knocked on the door and Zecora opened it.

“Ah, I see the potion has been put into motion.” Zecora said while smiling.

“I know, right? Not only did it increase my strength, but it also increased the size of my skeleton for some reason.” I said.

“Very puzzling. Please come in.” Zecora said. “Can I get you anything?” she asked.

“No, thanks.” I replied.

With that, she picked up a piece of paper and pencil with her mouth.

“Caleb. Do you feel any different at the moment?” Zecora asked.

“How do I feel? Uhhh, I feel very energized than I did before I took the potion.” I answered.

“Okay.” Zecora said as she wrote my words down on the piece of paper. “Can you move your limbs well?” she asked

“Definitely. Moving my limbs feels so much easier than I originally could.” I said while I quickly waved my hand upward which made a fairly loud woosh sound.

“Very good. What was it like when the effects took into effect?” she asked.

“Oh God. It was the most intense pain I could’ve ever gone through." I said. "First, it felt like my body was literally on fire on the inside and then my body basically went into a coma for three weeks which was the time it took for me to grow to this size." I said.

“Oh my, I am truly sorry for having you go through such suffering. I deeply apologize.” Zecora apologized.

“Apology accepted.” I said.

“That’s all I need to know. Strange how this potion takes a great deal of time to work.” Zecora said.

“Do your other potions work faster?” I asked.

“Not only fast, but more of an instant. This potion requires more tinkering.” Zecora said.

“Right. Just find out a way to make it quicker minus the searing pain.” I reminded.

“Indeed, that is needed very much.” Zecora said.

Zecora then showed me some of her potions that were much more fast acting and well looked at. One looked like milk and was used for looking into the past through your own eyes, which was pretty cool.

“Alright Zecora, I should be going. Nice to talk to you again.” I said.

“Likewise. Before you go, I must mention something.” Zecora said.

“What would that be?” I asked.

“In the young of the night, two days ago, bright anomalies could be seen flashing throughout the woods not far from my home.” Zecora said.

“Bright anomalies? Were they blue?” I asked, curiosity.

“Why yes. How could you have know?” Zecora asked.

“Let’s just say i’ve had encounters with those before.” I said. “Where did you see these lights at?” I asked her.

“To the north.” she answered, pointing out the front window.

“I’ll check it out.” I said.

“Use caution, Caleb.” Zecora heeded.

“I will.” I replied.

I opened the door and headed back out to the cold outside world. While heading toward the direction of the lights, I remembered that the bright blue was a characteristic of the portal that sucked me into the world. Then it hit me. Maybe another person was sucked into Equestria. And it really begs the question; is the portal still active back on earth at this time? Seriously, i've been here for over a month and the portal may still be active.

I ran towards the supposed direction of the lights while looking in all directions for anyone, but couldn’t find anyone.

When the forest became less dense, I noticed something in the distance. It was color that was mixed between cream and snow white. When I got closer, I noticed black wheels at the bottom and quickly pieced it together, it was an automobile.

I went up to it and looked into it to see if anyone was inside, but no one was, unfortunately. I examined the exterior and the body was slightly caked with dried mud on the side. The wheels had no hub caps on them and the tires looked like one’s meant for off-roading because they had the right treads and stated “All Terrain T/A” on the side of it.

I also took notice of a roof rack that had a set of 5 lights on each side of the rack. On the front were added offroad lights that read “Maxtel 4x4” on each light. The back had a spare tire attached to a door, but the license plate however wasn’t American, it was from a foreign country. All in all, it looked pretty badass.

I then went to the driver's door and pulled the door handle and it opened. I tried to fit myself inside the vehicle, but my head hit the roof and my knees were right up against the steering wheel. To fix these problems, I pulled a little bar under the seat and slid the seat all the way back and lowered the seat downwards until it reached its limit. Doing that helped out somewhat. My position would probably be comparable to an average person sitting in an unadjusted car seat.

The transmission was a manual and thankfully I knew how to drive manual, thanks to my father for being someone who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s. The glove box was stuffed with newspapers, so I took out one of the newspapers, but I couldn’t read anything because it was in Norwegian. While digging through the mound of newspapers, I found the driver's manual which clarified the name of the car. It read 1998 Land Rover Defender 110 w/300tdi.

“I scored big time!” I said to myself.

I then climbed out of the Defender, closed the door, and waited for anybody to come back to the vehicle. I waited and waited for a long time and still nobody came.

Curious, I opened the door and checked for the keys, but couldn't find them anywhere. The previous owner back on earth must have it.

I once again got out of the car and left it behind to alert Twilight and Spike of the situation. When I arrived back at the library, I asked Twilight and Spike to follow me back to where I found the Land Rover.

“Hey Twilight, want to see something cool?” I asked
“What did you find?” she asked.

“I’ll show you. It’s not far from here.” I said.

After Twilight and Spike put on their winter clothing, we headed back to my previous location.

“So what did you find?” Spike asked as we walked.

“What if I told you it’s technology from my world.” I said.

“Really? What is it?” Twilight asked with enthusiasm.

“It’s what us humans use to get to point A to point B, or to just move around faster. They’re called automobiles.” I explained.

“Automobiles? So…. it moves on its own?” Spike asked.

“Yes, precisely.” I said.

“If it moves on its own, then it must be powered by something. Right?” Twilight asked.

“Yeah, about that. There’s a slight problem.” I said.

“What’s the problem?” she asked.

“Firstly, I need the specific key in order to start up the damn thing and I need diesel to refuel it when it runs out. Also, I need oil to keep the engine working properly.” I said.

“That's quite much to keep it running.” Twilight said.

“I know, right?” Spike said.

Twilight then had an expression on her face that showed that she was thinking of something.

“Actually, you might be in luck, Caleb!” Twilight exclaimed.

“You do? What do you have?” I asked, enthusiastically.

“Since i’m a unicorn and know many advanced spells, I have the capability cast a spell on the automobile and give it power if you show me the power source.” Twilight revealed.

“Twilight, it’s not that easy. The car has an ignition switch that needs to activated by switching the lock with a key.” I explained.

“Okay, okay. Umm, if you show me where the switch is, I can figure out a way to have my magic act as the key and switch it on.” Twilight said.

“You can actually do that?” I asked.

“Mmm-hmm.” she replied.

“That helps. But what about the fuel and oil?” I asked.

"You got me there. I might need my spellbook to answer your question." Twilight said.

I also questioned her how would I turn it off without a key, she didn’t have an answer to this. We thought for quite sometime before I remembered something that I learned in driver’s ed class.

If I could find the fuse box and remove the fuel pump fuse, I can shut off the engine just like that. Yet again, another question lurked out of my mouth. How would I turn it back on without a key? Conveniently, Twilight said she can make the power magic become residual. If the energy is residual, it will reside within the components needed to start the Land Rover and will activate again when I put the fuel pump fuse back in the fuse panel. The fuse will pretty much be the new key. After we walked all they way back for the spell book, we finally made it to the Defender.

“Holy Guacamole! This thing is huge!” Spike exclaimed.

“It reminds me of the carriages we use.” Twilight said.

“I can see that comparison.” I said.

“What’s with all the lights?” Spike asked.

“Those are for driving around at night.” I said.

“Huh, nice.” Spike replied.

“Alright, let’s get to work.” I said.

I opened the driver door and Twilight hopped onto the seat while inspecting the speedometer, tachometer (etc.) She then fiddled with blinker and wiper handles like a child with a new toy. I flicked the front hood handle upwards and lifted the hood up which revealed the engine and the battery.

“Spike, be a pal and keep a look on this engine right here, okay?” I said while pointing at the engine.

“You got it.” he replied.

“Alright Caleb, show me where the ignition lock is.” Twilight said.

“It's right in there.” I said while showing her the key switch.

“Okay. Just let me get in the right position.” she said while lining her horn up with the key lock.

"Wait, wait, wait!" I halted.

"What is it?" Twilight asked.

"The fuel and oil, I almost forgot." I said.

"Oh, right." Twilight said.

"Have any idea on how you're going to make that work?" Spike asked.

"Let me look in my spellbook quick." Twilight said as she opened the book.

Twilight then flipped through numerous pages in the spellbook until she stopped on one.

"I got it!" Twilight exclaimed. "If I use a regenerative spell on the fuel and oil, if there's any in there, then I can make it regenerate over time whenever levels gets low." Twilight said.

"Great!" I replied.

"But I will have to have total silence when I do this. It's a very advanced spell and I need to concentrate deeply." Twilight said.

"Sure, no problem." I said.

"Now show me where the fuel goes." Twilight requested.

Me and Twilight walked behind the Defender and the gas cap was on the left backside of the truck.

"Right there." I said.

"Okay. Now I need silence." Twilight said.

"Fire away." I replied as I stepped back.

Twilight's aura began to light up on her horn and she grunted as she gave somewhat of an effort to conjure the spell. She continued to grunt in effort and shortly after, the sparkling purple aura turned into yellow-like magical liquid substance that went down to the gas tank. Twilight let out a sigh of relief as she finished the spell.

"Phew! That took some effort." Twilight said.

"So what now?" I asked.

"Now that liquid will mix with the fuel and basically bind together to form this regenerative relationship." Twilight said.

"That's an interesting way to put it." I said.

"Now the oil?" Twilight asked.

"Yep. This time it's in the front where the engine is." I said.

"Lead the way." Twilight said.

I showed Twilight where the oil was and took the oil cap off. Twilight repeated the same actions she did moments ago and now the oil was mixed with the magic.

"Alright.... done." Twilight said with a pant.

"Good. Now all we need to do is to activate the key switch and we'll be good to go." I said.

“Show me where the ignition lock is.” she said.

“Its right here.” I said while showing her the key switch inside the truck.

Twilight climbed into the Defender and got on the passenger seat.

“Okay, just let me get in the right position.” Twilight said while lining her horn up with the key lock.

Twilight aligned her horn and pressed the tip right against where the key would go in. While scrunching her face up, a light yellow magical aura emitted out her horn and seeped into the key lock. She continued seeing it inside it for about ten seconds before stopping.

The engine started turning over for about three seconds before it died on us.

"Try again." I said to Twilight.

Twilight tried turning the engine on again, but it didn't work once again.

"Shoot. Hope the magic isn't conflicting with the Defender." I said to myself.

I felt deflated for a moment, but I remembered something. I took out the fuel pump fuse earlier.

"Wait a minute!" I exclaimed as I reached into my coat pocket.

I felt around for a small little chip and found it in the back of my pocket.

"Aha!" I said.

Leaning over, I placed the fuse back into its original spot and the engine came to live instantly, confirming that the residual energy works.

The engine sounded like a pretty good sounding diesel engine. Sounded like -- duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh (pretty much every diesel engine) -- if you say that quickly. A little bit loud to be honest, but it’ll do.

“It works!” Spike yelled over the engine.

“Ha-ha! You did it Twi!” I said in joy.

“Phew! That took some effort.” she said again.

I walked over to the engine and examined it. The engine was surrounded by a faint magic aura while the engine did its job. The battery also had some magical energy inside it as well.

"Now what?” Spike asked.

“Now all I have to do is be sure that the residual energy really works or if it was just luck." I answered.

I headed back for the underside of the steering wheel and pulled the fuse out, killing the engine.

“Now let’s see if that residual energy works.” I said as I plugged the fuse back in which brought the engine right back to life.

“Looks like it works! Alright Spike, close that thing!” I exclaimed.

Spike climbed onto the front of the Land Rover and jumped upwards to get a grip on the hood. He grabbed on and dangled all the way down. With that, he clamped the hood back on nice and tight.

“We’re good!” Spike said.

“Alright guys, time to put this to the test.” I said while brushing snow off the windshield and the rearview mirrors.

“How?” Twilight asked.

“Just get in. I’ll show you.” I said.

I hopped into the driver's seat and opened the passenger door for Twilight and Spike. Both of them climbed onto the same seat that fitted both of them.

“Okay guys, ready?” I asked.

“Ready when you are.” Twilight said.

I pressed my foot on the clutch and shifted into reverse while taking off the parking brake. I then applied pressure to the gas and slowly lifting my foot off the clutch slowly and the Defender began to move backwards. I slowly made my way past the trees and obstacles that were in our way until there was a tree that actually hindered our progress.

“Why are we stopping?” Twilight asked.

“There’s a tree in the way.” I said while looking back.

I put the Land Rover in park and walked out toward the tree. The tree was about a foot shorter than me and a little thick. With little effort, I grabbed on the neck, pulled the tree upwards and ripped it straight from the roots.

“Woah. Must be that enhanced strength.” I said to myself.

I lifted the tree and threw it out of the way into the forest. With that out of the way, I hopped back in the car.

“You pulled that tree out like it was nothing!” Twilight said.

“Must be that strength potion.” I boasted.

“A tough guy, huh?” Spike asked.

“Oh yeah.” I said.

“Okay then, see if you can move this thing with your strength.” Spike challenged.

“Spike. This thing weighs like four-thousand something pounds. I may be strong, but I can’t lift that much.” I said.

“You didn’t even try.” Spike said.

“Okay. But if my back gives out, i'm blaming it on you." I said.

I got out of the Defender and placed my hands under the side of the Land Rover. With a quick jolt upwards, I amazingly lifted the left side off the ground and tilted the Defender to the right. Twilight and Spike yelled in surprise as the truck tilted.

“Holy Shit! That’s awesome!” I said to myself while laughing.

“Okay, Caleb. You proved me wrong.” Spike said while staring blankly in regret.

“Ha! Who’s barking now?” I said.

After that, I backed the Land Rover out of the forest and onto the path we used.

“Alright guys, one safety rule about riding in this is that you must put those safety belts around you.” I said while pointing at the seat belts.

Twilight used her levitation magic to buckle herself in. The seatbelts position looked a little awkward, but it’ll do. Spike looked like a little kid without a booster seat in the car due to how small he was. After everyone was situated, I continued to back out of the forest and onto the path that leads to Ponyville.

“Ready to go?” I asked.

“Yep.” they both said.

“Let’s see what this thing can do.” I said, softly.

“What was that?” Twilight asked.

Without warning, I put the gear into first, and pressed the gas halfway down. The tires spun a little at first, but they finally got traction and the engine emitted the loud roar of a 300 tdi engine. Twilight and Spike tensed up from the sudden force of inertia from the acceleration and I was just taking it all in. I shifted into the next gear which made the Defender throw itself forward a little bit, which made all of us thrust forward in our seats a little bit.

I checked the speedometer and I was going 70 kilometers per hour, those tires sure do their job well. Aside from the spinning tires in the beginning, they surprisingly really grip onto the snow real good. And damn this thing is hella' fast for an offroader. I looked over at my two passengers, who were on the brink of yelling

“Can you slow it down a little?!” Twilight exclaimed, hastifully.

“Alright, alright.” I said as I let my foot off the accelerator.

I then slowed down to a more steady 40 kmh. Twilight and Spike took in a deep breath to catch their breath.

“It’s a rush, isn’t it?” I asked.

“Woo, yeah. This thing is fast.” Twilight said.

“How ya doin’ back there, Spike?” I asked.

Spike didn’t respond because he was stuck in this frozen position while tightly gripping the handle on the door.

“Spike!” Twilight exclaimed.

“Is it over yet?” Spike asked while sounding a little panicked.

“Yes, Spike, we’re going more slower now.” I confirmed.

Spike only responded by sighing and going limp as he sat back in his seat. After a short drive, we made it back to the library.

“You guys go on in." Twilight said. "You mind if I take a look at the Land Rover, Caleb?” Twilight asked.

“I don't mind.” I replied.

Me and Spike headed inside and Spike stopped in his tracks.

“What’s wrong, Spike?” I asked.

“Umpf! Something's coming up.” he said while covering his mouth.

Spike suddenly opened his mouth and let out a belch that emitted green flames and a scroll fell onto the floor.

“What did you just do?” I asked.

“Ugh, it happens whenever I get a letter from Princess Celestia." he explained, wiping his mouth. "Wait, you sent a letter to her earlier, right?” Spike asked.

“I did! It must be the response to my letter.” I said.

“Here.” Spike said as he handed me the scroll.

I quickly opened it and read it.

Dear Caleb Barlow,

Thank you for responding to my letter I sent you. The best time for us to meet together is on December 5th at 11:00 AM. You can get here by taking the train that is stationed at the Ponyville Train Station. I’ve arranged the train to leave Ponyville at 8:50 AM, so make sure to be ready for departure. When you arrive in Canterlot, you will be royally escorted from Canterlot Train Station to my castle. The royal guards will then appoint you to me and my sister’s throne room. When we meet, we will discuss whatever you desire with me and my dear sister, Princess Luna. Remember though, me and her might have some questions for you as well. Anyways, I’m looking forward to this day and will be a day in you life and Equestrian history that will be long remembered.

Sincerely Yours,

Princess Celestia

“Spike…. I have two days until I have to go to Canterlot.” I said, flatly.

“Hey, hey, hey. You get a personal meeting with both princesses. Why so down?” Spike asked.

“I’m not down. I need to look good! I can’t walk into a royal castle with casual clothes!” I said.

“You got a point there.” Spike said.

“Rarity! I’ve got to get to Rarity’s place. Maybe she can whip me up a tux or something.” I said.

“She probably will. She just loves making dresses and all of these fancy clothes.” Spike informed.

“Okay, i’m gonna head over to Carousel Boutique then. I’ll see you later, Spike.” I said as I went for the front door.

“See ya, Caleb” Spike said.

"Twilight, I need to use the Land Rover." I said.

“Where are you going?” she asked, flashing the roof lights on and off.

“I’m heading to Rarity’s. I’ll probably be back by dark.” I said.

“For what?” she asked.

"I'm gonna ask her to make me a suit, or at least something that looks high class." I replied.

"Okay. I'll leave your food out for you incase you get back after dinner is done." Twilight said.

"Thanks." I said, entering the vehicle.

With that, I switched the Defender on and headed off to Carousel Boutique.

Ordering the Suit

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Ordering the Suit
December 3rd, 2012

Along the way to Carousel Boutique, I got many perplexed expressions from the ponies of Ponyville that walked around. I suppose because they’ve never seen technology like this before. But anyways, after driving around for a while looking for the damn place again, I found the boutique. Rarity must’ve noticed the headlights because she was looking out the window. I waved at her through the windshield and she waved back with a smile. I climbed out and noticed the temperature dropped significantly. The wind only made it worse from the wind chill and snow blew into my face. It was misery.

I speed-walked to the the door and Rarity opened the door for me. I walked in and the inviting warmth of the indoors embraced me.

“Thanks Rarity.” I said.

“Anytime.” Rarity replied.

I took my coat off and hung it on a coat hook and left my boots, hat, and gloves to the side.

“What brings you here?” Rarity asked.

“Believe it or not, I got an invitation to meet with Princess Celestia and Luna.” I said.

“Oooh! Lucky you! Canterlot is the most beautiful city in all of Equestria!” Rarity said while doing daydream like voice or whatever.

“Sure sounds like it, considering the fact it’s attached to a mountain.” I said.

“Oh yes. Celestia wanted it to stand out.” Rarity explained.

“I bet. Anyways, I need to ask you a little favor that should be easy for your suiting. You have no idea how much you’ll be helping me out.” I said with emphasis.

“What will it be?” Rarity asked.

“Could you perhaps make a some sort of tuxedo or something. I just want to look good for the meeting.” I asked.

“Why of course, Caleb. When’s the meeting?” she asked.

“Really?! Thank you so much!” I exclaimed.

“Yes, yes.” she said while smiling and hinting me to answer her question.

“Oh right, the meeting is in two days. December 5th.” I said.

“Ha! I can get it done by tomorrow!” Rarity declared.

“Oh that’s fantastic!” I said in delight. “You still have those measurements you took on me, right?” I asked.

“That I do. You wanted a tux?” Rarity asked again.

“Yeah, that’s pretty mu-.” I said before I was cut off by by Sweetie Belle.

“Caleb!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed as she ran down the stairs.

“Sweetie? Wait…. are both of you sisters?” I asked.

“Why, yes we are. Sweetie was telling me about this so called freerunning you showed her.” Rarity said.

“Yeah, she and her little friends have this club called the Cutie Mark Crusaders; a club in which they try to figure out ways to earn their cutie marks.” I said.

“She tells me about it all the time. It can also be a little annoying too.” Rarity said while leaning closer towards me and whispering loud enough for Sweetie to hear.

“Oh yeah? Well, guess what Caleb? Rarity can be quite a drama queen. She overreacts from just getting dirt on her hooves.” Sweetie said while repeating her sister’s actions.

“Well…. dirt is dirty and filthy, that’s that.” she said while pointing her head upwards and closing her eyes.

“Okay, I can see both of you have that sister rivalry, so i’ll just leave you guys too it. And Rarity, thanks again, you’re very generous.” I said while slipping on my coat.

“Your welcome. After all, generosity is my element.” Rarity said.

“You got that right.” I said. “Okay, i’ll see you guys tomorrow or some other day.” I said.

“Bye!” they both said as I walked out the door.

"And be sure to clean off your carriage, it's filthy." Rarity reminded.

Sweetie looked at Rarity and looked back at me with an expression that said: "See what I mean?"

"Don't worry, I took notice. Soon i'll clean it off and all your cleansing needs will be fulfilled." I said to Rarity.

"Oh, thank Celestia." Rarity said.

With that, I headed out the door. It was now nighttime and the moon was shining bright in the sky. Snowflakes could be seen in the light as they floated across the sky. Although it was cold as a freezer, it was a beautiful sight to witness.

That’s something that seems to reoccur in Equestria often because frankly, Equestria is a very beautiful place. But I digress. When I got to the Land Rover, it was once again coated by a thin layer of fluffy snow. I groaned in frustration because I was only in there for eight minutes or so.

I arrived back at the treehouse and parked the Land Rover on the right side of the house. The wind died down a little bit over the drive back, but still cold like an ice cube outside. I quickly ran to the door and headed inside.

“Brrrrr. It’s freezing out there.” I said.

“We can tell from over here. Close the door.” Spike said as he hugged himself for warmth.

I shut the door and took off my winter gear and took notice of Twilight and Spike eating soup.

“What kind of soup you got cooking?” I asked.

“Not soup, vegetable stew.” Twilight confirmed.

“We left a bowl for you.” Spike said.

“Thanks, guys.” I said while sitting down.

I took a spoonful in my mouth and immediately spat it out while gasping from the sudden burn to my tongue. Spike began to snicker slightly while covering his mouth.

“Got something you need to say?” I asked him.

“Maybe.” Spike rasped.

“Okay, Spike. Just eat up.” Twilight interjected.

“Yeah. Wittle Spikey needs his veggies, don’t you?” I teased.

“Alright, I guess I deserved that.” Spike said while taking a sip of the stew. We remained silent for a minute or two before I broke the silence.

“So Twilight, I hear that Celestia has a sister.” I said while chewing my vegetables.

“You never knew that?” Spike asked.

“Maybe i’ve heard about that before and forgot, but I did learn it today in Celestia’s letter. Princess Luna, right?” I asked.

“Yep. That’s her name.” Twilight confirmed.

“So, what’s she like? I already know Celestia’s personality through her letters, but not Luna.” I said.

“Princess Luna is a bit different from Celestia.” Twilight said, vaguely.

“What do you mean by different?” I questioned.

“Sorry. What I meant to say is that Princess Luna is much more kind and less insecure than what she used to be.” Twilight said.

“Could you elaborate on the phrase; used to be?” I asked.

“Well, what would you say if she was once called Nightmare Moon?” Twilight asked.

“Nightmare Moon sounds a bit more dark. Are you hinting that she was previously evil?” I asked in suspicion.

“Let me explain. It was a thousand years ago, Celestia and Luna ruled Equestria in The Castle Of Two Sisters in the Everfree and they both performed their duties of raising the sun and the moon. However, Luna was fed up of having the night being the time of the day where everypony slept. Luna grew much more angrier and bitter until she refused to lower the moon. Celestia tried to explain to Luna that she must do her duty and lower the moon, but Luna once again refused. During that time, all of Luna’s bitterness and hate eventually turned her into a wicked mare that overtook her, who was dubbed “Nightmare Moon.” After Luna transformed into Nightmare Moon, she casted eternal night on Equestria. Celestia then had to make a hard choice for both her and the fate of Equestria.” Twilight said, dramatically.

This made the whole story sound very interesting.

“What happened?” I asked in extreme interest.

“Celestia banished her to the moon. Nightmare Moon was there for a thousand years until she eventually returned two years ago.” Twilight said.

“Oh, so her return was actually quite recent?” I asked in surprise.

“Definitely. But believe it or not, I and the other five stopped her.” Twilight said.

“You’ve got to be pulling on my leg.” I said in denial.

“It’s the truth.” Spike said, backing up Twilight’s claim.

“C’mon. Six average ponies can’t take on somepony as powerful as Nightmare Moon.” I denied once again.

“I can see your standpoint, but there is an important magic that assisted us in her defeat.” Twilight brought up.

“Really? What was it?” I asked.

“I’ll leave that for you to ask to the princess yourself.” Twilight said.

“Me? Why do you have to be so secretive about it?” I asked while starting to get annoyed.

“I’m not secretive. I just think it’s a good topic for you and Celestia to discuss.” she explained.

“If you say so.” I said.

So from what I could gather, Princess Luna was someone who made a terrible mistake, and I bet she had a lot of remorse in what she did. But I still wonder what Twilight and her friends used to defeat Nightmare Moon. Was it pure luck, or was it some sort of magic?

“So, Princess Luna is all good now?” I asked.

“Mm-hmm." Twilight hummed. "She did have trouble adjusting back to regular life.” Twilight noted.

“I suppose. Being stuck on the moon for a thousand years with no one to talk to.” I added on.

“A good example of this would be this year's Nightmare Night. Luna nearly went back to her old ways.” Twilight said.

“Eternal night?” I asked.

“Nearly, but she changed her mind.” Spike said.

“That’s good.” I said.

After all three of us finished our stews, I yawned, feeling rather drowsy.

“Guys, i’m going to bed.” I announced while yawning again.

“Night.” both Twilight and Spike said.

“And make sure Little Spike gets to bed on time. He gets cwanky-wanky without his sweep.” I teased again.

“Ha-ha-ha-ha.” Spike said, sarcastically.

“Nah, i’m just messing with ya.” I said while heading upstairs.

"Ditzy" Pegasus

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“Ditzy” Pegasus
December 4th, 2012

Today I slept in to noon for a change, so I kinda played hooky with Twilight's usual schedule. Anyways, Spike and Twilight must’ve went out because they were nowhere to found in the library when I woke up. So I decided to get dressed and check on Rarity’s progress. After taking a short drive, I arrived at Rarity's and knocked on the door. It took a while, but the door finally opened. Rarity's mane was all frazzled and her eyes had dark circles, almost as if she was up all night.

"Rarity? You feeling alright?" I asked.

"What?" she asked.

"Are you feeling alright?" I asked again.

"Oh, i'm doing splendid, darling." Rarity replied, wearily.

"You sure?" I asked.

"Absolutely." Rarity replied.

"Okay then. I came over here to check on the suit." I reminded.

"Oh yes, come on in, I got it done late this morning." Rarity said.

"Good! Thanks, Rarity." I thanked.

"Anytime, darling." Rarity said softly as her eye slowly closed.

"Rarity!" I exclaimed.

"Wha-?" Rarity said, dazedly. "Oh, sorry. I just need a little bit more sleep." Rarity said.

"Is that it over there." I asked, pointing at the large suit on the table.

"Mmm-hmm." Rarity replied.

"Excellent." I said.

I picked up the suit and examined it. The suit looked exactly like one of those tuxes that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones wore in Men In Black.

"Wow, Rarity. You made this overnight?" I asked, surprised.

"Maybe what I said before was an understatement. I actually finished it about seven hours ago." Rarity said.

"Jesus, Rarity, you should get some sleep. It's not good to stay up that long even if you were fueled with determination." I said.

"You're probably right." Rarity said.

"Look, you go take a little nap and i'll try this on quick." I said.

"You sure? Need any help with anything?" Rarity asked.

"Nah, I got this." I said.

"Okay." Rarity said as she took off her red eyeglasses.

"Thanks again, Rarity." I thanked her, gracefully.

"You're welcome." she replied as she headed into a room and shutted the door.

When I tried the suit on, it felt just a teensy bit tight, but I got used to it. As I checked myself out in the mirror, I turned around and quickly turned around.

"Who you lookin' at?" I asked myself, just like one of those cheesy one-liners.

After that little cringey moment, I removed the suit, folded it, put my winter coat back on and headed back to the Defender.

I took a scenic route through Ponyville this time instead of taking the quickest way back. Most of the buildings were decorated for the season. This would include christmas lights, wreaths, colorful ribbons, small christmas tree’s and more. Not many ponies were outside, most likely because it’s winter and all, but I did come across a grey pegasus with a blonde mane.

I was approaching Sugar Cube Corner, and all of a sudden this pegasus walks out of the building, right in front of me, and i’m probably like forty something feet away from her. I slammed my foot on the brake which only made the Land Rover skid slowly in her direction. I began to pump the brake until I came to a halt just in time. I then applied the parking brake and went to check if the pegasus was okay.

“You alright?” I asked in concern.

She looked up at me and I took notice of her eyes. Her right eyes was pointing upwards while the other was downwards.

“I’m so sorry! I knew I shouldn’t have crossed.” she said with her head down.

“What made you think it was good idea to cross?” I asked.

“It’s my eyes. You looked much farther away than you really were.” the mare said while pointing at her eyes.

“What’s wrong with your eyes?” I asked.

“I’ve been like this ever since i’ve been born. It’s called Strabius.” she answered.

“Oh, i’m sorry to hear about that, I really am.” I said while sitting down in the snow next to her.

“Thank you. Others judge me before they even know me.” she said.

“No problem. My name’s Caleb by the way.” I introduced.

“I’m Derpy Hooves.” Derpy replied.

“Cool name, I like it.” I admitted.

Her name was a little silly, but I thought it was alright.

“So, umm, were you picking up some fresh baked goods?” I asked Derpy.

“Sure am. Sugarcube Corner has the best muffins!” Derpy exclaimed.

“Sounds good.” I said.

“Would you like one?” Derpy asked while taking off a cloth that covered a basket filled with freshly made muffins.

“Sure. I haven't had a muffin in a while.” I said.

“Okay, I have blueberry, strawberry, banana with nuts, and chocolate chip.” Derpy listed.

“Oooh, give me the chocolate chip, those are delicious.” I requested.

“Here ya go.” Derpy said, handing me the warm muffin.

Derpy handed me the muffin that was abundant with chocolate chips and I took a bite into the top. I’m pretty sure I “Mmm’d” a bit louder than I should’ve.

“Pretty good, don’t ya think?” Derpy asked.

“Mmm-hmm.” I hummed. “Thanks Derpy.” I said.

“Your welcome.” Derpy said.

“Do you need ride to your home?” I asked.

Derpy looked over at the Defender and examined it.

“Depends. Can your carriage thing fly?” Derpy asked.

“Nope, it’s a land vehicle. And what do you mean by fly? Do you live up in the sky or something?” I asked.

“Yes I do, just like every other pegasus.” Derpy said while fluttering her wings.

“Oh, I see." I said. "How does living up there work? Is it like finding a cloud and just plopping yourself on it and call it home?” I asked.

“Not at all. All pegasi live in Cloudsdale which is a city made up entirely out of clouds.” Derpy said.

“A city made up of clouds, huh? That’s pretty awesome!" I said. "How can you even walk on clouds? It’s impossible.” I stated.

“Walking on clouds is just a perk of being a pegasus.” Derpy clarified.

“So only pegasus can walk on clouds then?” I asked.

“That’s right. Unless you have some sort of spell that will give the ability to walk on clouds.” Derpy added.

“I see. Well, I hate to be so sudden, but I have to get going. Gotta try on this new suit.” I said.

“Oh, no problem. Special occasion?” Derpy questioned.

“Does meeting the two princesses of Equestria count as a special occasion?” I asked in a jokingly manner.

“Meeting with the princesses!? That’s beyond special occasion, that’s more like a once in a lifetime opportunity.” Derpy said with a tiny rasp in her voice.

“You got that right.” I said.

“Well, I better get going too. Nice to meet you…. What’s your name again?” she asked.

“Caleb, the name’s Caleb.” I answered.

“Right, nice to meet you Caleb.” Derpy farewelled.

“You too, Derpy, I’ll see you around.” I said with a wave as she flew off into the sky.

As she flew away, I thought to myself that Derpy seemed like a very intelligent individual and that I didn’t see why see was considered ditzy. All her problem is that she has a little visual impairment, nothing else. But anyways, I got back into the Defender and continued back to Twilight’s.

When I got back to Twilight’s, I tried on the tux and ask both her and Spike to give their honest opinion. Like I said before, the tux felt just a teensy bit tight, but it was bearable. Twilight’s thought I looked great in it because I also combed my hair sideways. Spike gave the nickname “Mr. Big Shot” and also teased me by saying “All the mare’s will be chasing after me.”

“HA!” I shouted.

“Spike’s just messing with you.” Twilight said, giving me a little nudge on the leg and a small wink.

“I know. He’s a funny little dragon.” I said.

“Yep, that’s me.” he said.

“Twilight, can I ask you something?” I asked.

“Of course, what’s on your mind?” she asked as well.

“Is there like some specific way of greeting the princesses? Should I refer to them as highness, or something like that?” I asked.

“Don’t worry about that. What I would do is just kneel down when you first meet them and you can refer them as Princess Celestia and Luna.” she said.

“Okay then." I said. "Sounds easy as can be.” I mumbled.

“You got this, Caleb.” Spike said supportively.

“Thanks guys.” I said.

“So what’cha gonna do now?” Spike asked.

“I don’t know, might just lounge around all day since it’s winter.” I admitted.

“Sounds like my kind of day.” Spike agreed.

“Yeah, Spike. You and me think the same.” I said.

And so, I just lounged around like a bump on a log all day pretty much. Nothing else interesting to report.

The Train Ride

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The Train Ride
December 5th, 2012

My deep slumber was disturbed with the ringing of wind up alarm clock that indicated today is the day that I go to Canterlot. I looked over at the clock and it read 7:00 AM, which is probably considered abnormal for a time that I wake up to.

“Twilight….” I said, groggily, only to find out that Twilight was already up and lively. “Geez Twilight, I don’t know how you can get up so early.” I said while yawning.

“When you’re Princess Celestia’s pupil, it’s best to get up early.” she explained.

“Welp, might as well get up.” I said while slowly raising myself upwards.

“That’s right. Today’s the day you meet with the princesses!” Twilight said, cheerfully.

“Yep. If someone were to ask me if I would ever meet two pony princesses, I would probably say: 'Are you mentally stable'?” I said, which made Twilight laugh.

“I can probably see that from your species point of view.” Twilight said.

“Oh yeah, no doubt about it.” I said

After I finally got up like a sloth, I headed into the bathroom and took a quick shower, brushed my teeth and all that kind of stuff. For the final touches, I combed my hair into that Mr. Big Shot fashion and slipped on the tux.

“How do I look?” I asked while coming down the stairs.

“Like a million bits.” Twilight complemented.

“Heh.... mare destroyer.” Spike snickered.

“Spike!” Twilight hissed while covering his mouth.

“Don’t worry, Twilight. I’m just eating up Spike’s puns.” I said.

“Okay, i’ll stop with the puns, Caleb.” Spike said.

“Thanks, baby dragon.” I said quickly.

“Special Agent Ape.” Spike shot back.

“Oh, so we’re gonna go that far?” I questioned.

“Alright guys, let’s just drop this and move on. Okay?” Twilight said.

“Okay then. Truce?” Spike said while extending his arm.

“Truce.” I said and we shook on it.

“Good. Now let’s have some breakfast. I made blueberry waffles.” Twilight declared.

Me and Spike looked at each other and sprinted to the tables like children on Christmas morning. Twilight smiled and rolled her eyes in response to the actions.

“C’mon Twi, it’s blue waffles. Who could hate those?” I asked.

“Blueberry Waffles.” Twilight said with smirk.

“Oh, sorry. I’m still a bit tired.” I said with a chuckle.

While we were chowing down on our waffles, Twilight told me that she actually grew up in Canterlot with her parents and brother who is actually a captain of the royal guards.

“So wait, your brother is a captain of the royal guards?” I asked, surprised.

“That’s right.” Twilight responded.

“The royal guards that protect the princesses?” I asked again.

“That’s him.” Twilight replied.

“Dang! Lucky him.” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, but I haven't seen him in such a long time.” Twilight said with her voice sounding down.

“How long?” I asked.

“Ever since I was six years old.” Twilight replied.

“And how old are you now?” I asked.

Twilight let out a sigh and said that she was seventeen old. So, she’s one year younger than me. So interesting, but so odd at the same time. I say this because Twilight has the maturity of a full grown adult and then you have me who's older and almost at full maturity. Back in high school, you would probably rank me as one of the popular kids from a social standpoint, but I digress.

“Damn, that’s pretty rough.” I said while putting my arm around her.

“Yeah, but we still write letters to each other. So it’s not all that bad.” Twilight said.

“Good. You know what, if I see him there, i’ll tell him you said hi.” I offered.

“Thanks, I would like that.” she said.

“What does he look like?” I asked.

“He has a white coat, blue hair with a light blue streaks, and a unicorn.” Twilight described.

“Hm. I’ll try to find a unicorn that fits the description.” I said.

After we finished our breakfast, I looked at the clock and it read 8:10 AM. Forty minutes before the train arrives.

“Hey Twilight, can you show me the way to the train station? Because I have no idea where its at.” I asked.

“Of course I can, I wouldn’t leave you hanging like that.” she responded.

“Alright then, let’s go.” I said.

All three of us bundled up for the frigid temperatures outside and headed off to the train station. The day was sunny and the sunlight glimmered in the snow which sort of messed with my eyes for a moment or two. We decided to walk instead of taking the Defender because I didn’t want it out in the open for someone to steal. We came across Lyra and Bon Bon on the way there and I told them I was heading to Canterlot to meet the princesses, much to to their surprise. Sometime later, we made it to the train station even though we got turned around a few times here and there.

“How much time is left?” I asked Twilight.

“I don’t know. We’ll have to head inside to find out.” Twilight responded.

“Thank goodness, it’s cold out here.” Spike said.

We walked up to the loading platform and peered through the window. The clock read 8:41, so nine minutes left until the train arrives. Shortly after, all three of us heard the horn of a train, indicating that it was approaching. I looked to the left and sure enough, here comes this multi-colored train, quite an interesting design and color scheme for a train. The locomotive began to slow down before coming to a halt next to the platform with a “ssssss” from the brake.

The color’s on the train reminded me of Pinkie Pie a lot. The engine car was all pink with a few yellow hearts on the grille thingy that sticks out in the front and the train. The passenger cars looked really small since the designers probably didn’t exactly have seven foot tall humans in mind when they designed the size. All in all, the whole train looked like a little girl's toy, not that I have a problem with that.

“Ready to go?” Twilight asked me.

“Yup. I’ll see you guys later.” I said.

“Shoot!” Spike exclaimed.

“What is it?” I asked.

“You forgot the mare repellent.” Spike teased once again.

“Okay, Spike, you’re oversaturating the joke. Think of something fresh.” I retorted.

“Hmmm. Alright, I will.” he said.

A stallion with a human skin tone coat, a brown mane, a blue jacket and matching hat that read “Conductor” stepped out of the first passenger car and yelled: “Allllll Aboarrrrd”.

“Good luck, Caleb.” Twilight said.

“Thanks. Make sure to watch over the Land Rover while i’m gone.” I said before walking towards the conductor.

"It's in good hooves." Twilight responded.

“Ah, you’re Caleb. Am I correct?” the conductor asked.

“Yep, that’s me.” I said.

“Well it’s an honor to meet you, sir.” he said.

“Likewise.” I said.

“So if you will, please head inside the car and take any seat you want.” he instructed.

“Okay.” I said.

I inched my way through the entrance of the car, almost getting stuck. I finally squeezed myself through and saw nobody else sitting inside it.

“Excuse me, Mr. Conductor?” I called.

“Yes?” he replied.

“Where is everypony else?” I asked.

“This car is for you, all to yourself. It’s pretty much VIP, or should I say VIH.” he quipped.

“Ohhhh, I see what you did there.” I said when I realized the pun.

“Ha-ha, yes.” he said as he stuck his head out the door and waved to the train engine.

The train then emitted the loud horn as it began to slowly move. I turned my head towards the window and waved to Twilight and Spike who waved back. We kept waving until I lost sight of them and now I was off to Canterlot.

I adjusted my posture since my entire body almost took up the entire seat I was sitting in. The conductor then walked towards me.

“Now, would you care for any kind of refreshment for the ride?” he asked.

“You wouldn’t happen to have hot chocolate?” I asked.

“Why, we have it just for the season. Anything else?” he asked.

“Nah, that’ll be all.” I concluded.

“Excellent. Your cocoa will be with you in a couple minutes.” he said.

“Great.” I responded.

“And above all, enjoy your ride.” he said, tipping his cap.

“I will, thanks.” I said with a nod.

With that, the conductor exited the car into the next one. I stared out the window and saw that the train was entering the open plains, which was covered with a blanket of glistening snow. Shortly after, a cute mare in a waitress uniform walked in with what I requested.

“Here you go.” the waitress said as she handed me the cup.

“Thank you, miss.” I said.

“So you’re like the first human in Equestria?” she asked.

“The one and only.” I said.

“You better watch out for those journalists up in Canterlot, they’ll be all over you.” she warned.

“Don’t worry about me, i’m being escorted by the royal guards once we arrive.” I said, taking a sip of the cocoa.

“Oh, well that’s good. Well anyways, i’ll come back for the cup later when you finish.” she said.

“Okay.” I said.

The waitress than walked out and I continued drinking my cocoa. There wasn’t much to look at through the window since there was a whole lot of open plains and that kind of stuff. The only thing to look at were tree’s that were stripped of leaves. Sometime later, I was sitting quietly and it got dark in the car. I quickly looked out the window and realized the train was entering a tunnel. I also noticed that we will moving in a circular motion on the tracks, almost as if we were moving upwards at the same time.

I began to piece everything together and came to the conclusion that the train was inside the mountain that Canterlot is connected to, it all made sense now. That means i’m getting closer to my destination. The sunlight lit up the interior of the car once again for a brief moment as the train moved to an exposed part of the tunnel, but quickly went back into the darkness of the tunnel. This happened for about five more times until we exited into an area with fine cut grass. Just then, the conductor entered the car and announced that we are now approaching Canterlot Train Station while the train horn blew in the background.


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December 5th, 2012

I took in a deep breath and lifted myself out of my seat. I then slowly walked over to the exit with my body hunched over slightly and stood beside the conductor.

“Well... end of the line.” I said.

“Good luck, sir.” the conductor said.

“Thanks.” I said while shaking his hoof.

The conductor then opened the door for me and I inched my way through the doorway again. Once I finally got out, I was met with multitudes of stocky stallion guards wearing gold armour and helmets. Their manes stuck out of the top of their helmets in sick looking mohawks. To my left and right were royal guards blocking to what I suppose were the media. They clamored for my attention as their camera flashes blinded me, but I just smiled and waved at them in response.

When I directed my eyesight forward, a stallion in purple armour walked up towards me. I inspected him further and noticed he had a cobalt mane with lighter highlights and a white coat.

“Wait, isn’t this what Twilight’s brother looks like?” I thought to myself.

“Caleb Barlow?” the stallion asked, breaking my train of thought.

“That’s me.” I said.

“Very good. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Captain Shining Armour and these are my colts.” Shining said while directing his hoof towards the guards.

“Oh, you’re Shining Armour! Your sister told me about you.” I exclaimed.

“You know, Twilight?” Shining asked.

“Yeah, she says hi.” I said.

“How’s she doin’?” Shining asked.

“She’s doing alright, kinda just livin' life at the moment.” I said.

“That’s good. I haven’t seen her in such a long time.” he admitted.

“I heard about that too, she really misses you.” I said.

“I know. I don’t really have much time on my hooves nowadays to visit.” he said.

“I see. You guys should write to each other soon, she’ll like that.” I suggested.

Shining Armour responded by smiling and giving a nod in agreement.

“Well, that’s enough reminiscing, we’re on a tight schedule.” Shining brought up while looking at the clock that read 10:33 AM

“And you are right about that!” I exclaimed.

“Follow me.” he instructed.

I followed Shining to the opposite side of the train station through the rows of royal guards, eventually arriving to a large carriage waiting specifically for me.

“Alright, just step into the carriage and they’ll take you to the castle.” Shining said.

“Showing up in luxury and style, i’m beginning to like this place.” I said.

“Glad to hear that. Have a nice day, Caleb.” Shining said.

“You too.” I said while entering the carriage.

The carriage then began to move quickly away from the train station and onto the streets of Canterlot. As the carriage progressed, I was quite flabbergasted to find out there was a city here. I thought it was just a castle up here, but no, a city as well.

I stared out the window and inspected the buildings. They had many different designs from an architectural perspective, but the colors were mostly white with purple or gold roofs and vegetation decor. For example, I saw a building that was an average rectangle shape at the base, but a spherical dome like roof, so it was quite interesting. The whole city was also decorated for the season ranging from christmas trees, wreaths on windows, garland strands on the edge of the roofs and a whole lot more. Canterlot is definitely more high end than Ponyville.

To back this claim up, most of the ponies I caught a glance of were all in this fancy clothing, similar to a style I was wearing. Mares would wear these ravishing dresses while stallions on the other hand would wear nice looking suits or tuxedos. If I were to show up here in casual clothing, i’m pretty sure I would’ve been outcasted here. I also saw a mare and a stallion who had their heads pointing upwards with their eyes closed as they walked. Typical rich snob.

“Yeah, keep your heads up, you might trip on your ego, Richie Rich.” I said to myself.

But anywho, it wasn’t long until we appeared to leave the city and entered a grassy area. I stuck my head out the window and saw a waterfall that poured into a river that created a waterfall off the mountain. To add on, the carriage was approaching a drawbridge that went over the river. The two stallion guards that were pulling the carriage came to a halt when we reached a giant purple double door. I sat there in silence for a moment until a guard came to the door and used his magical abilities to open the door.

“We’re here.” he stated.

“Already? Felt like five minutes.” I said.

“Your carriage pullers had to sprint all the way here.” the guard said.

“Oh, that explains why.” I said

“Alright, let’s go, you’ve got eight minutes left.” the guard said, hastily.

“Eight!? Crap, i’m gonna be late!” I exclaimed.

I stepped out of the carriage and ran alongside the guard to the doors. The guard knocked two times and the door and it immediately opened. We were now inside the castle. Firstly, the inside was beautiful and there was a red carpet that led into a ball room. The carpet was positioned on a flight of stairs that went both left and right at the top

“This way.” the guard said, pointing to the left

We ran together once again and took many twists and turns along the way. Believe me, the castle interior was like a maze to me. After climbing some flights of stairs, taking one more left and right, we stopped at two light purple doors that was guarded by two royal guards. Both had their spears crossed to block the door.

“This is the throne room. They should be inside waiting for you.” the guard said.

I took a deep breath and adjusted my tux one more time.

“Okay, i’m ready.” I told the guard

“Alright, colts. Let him in.” the guard ordered

Both guards pulled their spears towards them, making a *shing* sound and turned them vertically. The guards didn’t move their heads, but their eyeballs shifted in my direction, stared at me, and they nodded once to signify that I could go in.

Celestia and Luna

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Celestia and Luna
December 5th, 2012

I stepped forward and stopped for a brief moment. Finally, I took both of arms and placed my hands on each door.

“Showtime.” I said.

I slightly pushed on the doors and they opened all by themselves. I then gazed dead ahead and I could make out a tall white and a dark blue figure standing on top of a red throne. I began to walk and the doors closed behind me. To break the silence, I spoke.

“Hi there.” I said with hint of nervousness in my tone.

“Hello there, Caleb. Please come forward.” said a voice that was soft as an angels.

I proceeded forward, taking in on my surroundings. Just like the ballroom, there was a red carpet that started at the door and ended at the throne while the floor and pillars were made of shiny white marble. What really caught my eye was the blue stained glass window that showed the sun casting its rays upon planets that were from our solar system. I was quite puzzled, but I kept it in the back of my mind for later.

As I got closer to them, they both began to descend from their thrones and on to the red carpet. Before I knew it, we were face to face. I could easily distinguish who was who from their appearance.

Celestia had a white coat and a large dazzling mane consisted of turquoise, light blue, and pink that undulated, or flowed slowly in wave-like motions. She wore a golden crown along with a gold neck collar aswell. She also wore these gold shoes for her hooves. Her eyes were of magenta or pink, pretty sure it was magenta. Another eye catching feature is that she had both a large horn of a unicorn and these huge wings of a pegasus. Celestia was probably about seven feet tall from my best estimate, also including her horn.

Luna was the polar opposite of Celestia. She had much more darker colors while Celestia had brighter colors. Luna had a dark blue coat with a sapphire colored mane and a lighter edge that also flowed in a wavy motion. Her crown was pitch black as well as her neck collar that displayed a crescent moon. Just like her sister, she had both a horn and wings, but much smaller. Her eyes were kinda like if you threw turquoise and blue together and makes this greenish-blue. Luna was shorter that Celestia, she probably came up to around six-foot two.

But enough of the descriptions. When I was feet away from them, I got on my knees in respect for their presence. Celestia and Luna let out a soft chuckle.

“Rise. There’s no need for that, but thank you for your common courtesy.” Celestia said.

I got back on my two feet while screaming “God dammit, Twilight!” in my head.

“Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Princess Celestia, the one who brings the light of the day.” Celestia introduced.

“And I am Princess Luna, the one who brings the darkness of night to Equestria.” Luna said, her voice being a bit more loud and stern rather than Celestia.

“As you know, my name is Caleb Barlow, the one and only human in Equestria.” I said.

“It’s such a great honor and pleasure to meet you, Caleb.” Celestia said.

“And the same to both of you.” I said.

Celestia extended her foreleg and I shook her hoof while Luna repeated her sisters gesture.

“Now if you’ll follow me, we’ve set up a little place down there where we can talk.” Celestia said, pointing at a circular glass table with three large chairs around it.

“Sounds good.” I said.

“So Caleb, how art thou?” Luna asked as we walked

My mind quickly figured out what she meant by "art thou."

“I’m doing great, Luna, thanks for asking.” I responded.

“How’s life treating you in Equestria?” Celestia asked.

“You know, life is pretty good here. I mean seriously, on the first day I arrived here, I was offered hospitality.” I said.

“Is that so?” Celestia asked.

“No kidding. And a couple days later, the entire village of Ponyville accepted me even though they don’t know much about me.” I said.

“Well that’s wonderful news, Caleb! I ‘m glad to hear that me and Luna’s subjects have treated with kindness and integrity.” Celestia said.

“Aye. Tis an example of Equestria being the land of harmony.” Luna added.

“Amen to that.” I said.

Once we reached our the table, I took seat and realized it was the perfect size for me.

“How’s the chair?” Celestia asked.

“Very comfy and cushiony. Thanks in advance for thinking ahead of my size and all that.” I said while looking at the chair.

“You’re welcome.” she replied.

“Would thou liketh some tea?” Luna asked while heating a teapot with her magic.

“Yes, that would be lovely.” I said.

Luna then poured some warm tea into a cup and levitated it to me.

“Thank you, dear sister.” Celestia said as she received her tea.

I nodded my head at Luna while I was drinking, indicating my thanks.

“So Caleb, tell me and my sister how you ended up in Equestria.” Celestia said.

“Yes, how did thee get here?” Luna added.

I placed my cup on the table.

“Okay. First of all, do you both know what portals are?” I asked.

"Yes." Celestia and Luna both replied.

“Good. Anyways, back in my world is a nation called Canada. They were creating some sort of contraption that could create portals to other worlds and as you can see, the portal opened a doorway to Equestria.” I explained.

“But how did thee end up in the portal?” Luna asked.

“Being a smart human, I thought it was a good idea to stand out in the open while it hovered above me.” I said, sarcastically.

“Hovered above?” Celestia asked.

“Oh, right." I replied. "The contraption shot portal energy into the sky once it was activated, made all the clouds join together into this swirling motion and manifested a glowing blue center that acted as the portal.” I explained.

“I see.” Celestia said.

“After the portal was activated, it hovered all across the midwest section of America and who knows whether it’s gone or not by now.” I said.

“Excuse me for going off topic, but i’m supposing that America is thy country of origin?” Luna asked.

“You’re correct about that. The United States of America to be exact.” I clarified.

“Really? Do you happen to have a leader?” Celestia asked with interest.

“Yep. His name is President Barack Obama.” I said.

“What is he like.” Celestia asked.

“To be honest, I think he’s a decent leader. I remember four years ago when he was president elect. He was all energetic and advocated that he was going to make change and hope for our country. The word hope was actually one of his most iconic slogans during the election of 2008.” I said.

“Barack Obama sounds like a very committed and hardworking leader.” Luna said.

“Has he succeeded in fulfilling his promise?” Celestia asked.

"Well, I'm not somepony who really likes to follow politics most of time, so I can't really give you an answer on that. Sorry." I said.

"That's quite alright." Princess Celestia said.

"But he does deal with a lot stressful stuff, that I can tell you. Making very important decisions on important situations, including not to plummet America into war, dealing with those who oppose America, and heck, there's even American's who hate him." I said.

"Really?" Luna questioned.

"Yeah, some do. I mean, how do you call yourself an American if you dislike your leader?" I asked.

"Well, everypony is entitled to their own opinion, Caleb. Even though I haven't met a subject who dislikes, I know there are some, but I would just try to ignore them." Celestia said.

"I suppose."

"So, thou said your president needs to sort out conflicts that could plunge towards war?" Luna asked.

“Yep. Have you both ever face an event that could affect the future of Equestria?” I asked.

“Yes. Me and my dear sister have faced problems that depended on the fate of Equestria.” Celestia said.

"Would you mind giving me an example? I'd really like to know." I said.

“Of course. More than a thousand years ago, Disco-” she said before I cut her off.

“Excuse me. Princess. A thousand years ago? You’ve reigned for that long?” I asked, surprised.

Celestia and Luna chuckled to my expression.

“Yes. 1,007 years to be exact while at 1,131 years old.” Celestia stated.

“Really? Wow.” I said in amazement.

“As you can see, both me and my sister art both Alicorns.” Luna said while tapping her horn and fluffing her wings.

“I’m guessing alicorns are immortal?” I asked.

“You’re right.” Celestia said.

“Well I have to say, you both look really young at the age of 1,131.” I said.

“Thank you for the compliment.” Luna said.

“But anyways, forgive me for digressing from your story, Princess Celestia. Please continue.” I said.

“That’s fine. As I was saying, over a thousand years ago, Discord, the spirit of chaos, ruled over Equestria while creating unhappiness and unrest between ponies and causing many surreal events.” Celestia said.

“Could you elaborate on surreal events?” I asked.

“Take a structure being ripped from its foundation and spun around forty feet in the air for an example.” Celestia said.

“And do not forget about the ground being texturized into a checkerboard fashion.” Luna added.

“Well that’s pretty surreal. How did you guys stop him? Had to be quite an epic fight.” I said.

“Actually, it wasn’t a big fight.” Celestia said.

I raised my eyebrows in interest.

“You see, we used the Elements of Harmony against him. The Elements of Harmony are small artifacts that contain the most powerful magic ever known to ponykind if wielded properly.” Celestia explained.

“A power far greater than Discord?” I asked.

“Yes, even far greater than us.” Luna said.

“So, what happened to him?” I asked.

“Due to his ignorance to the elements, we were able to wield all six of them with minimal effort and casted him into a stone imprisonment.” Celestia said.

“Speaking of which, if thou look to thy left, you’ll see a stained glass of Discord in his true form.” Luna said, pointing at a stained glass window.

“You mind if I go get a closer look?” I asked while standing up.

“Go right ahead.” Celestia granted.

I then proceeded towards the towering stained glass window that depicted Discord himself, controlling a earth pony, a pegasus, and a unicorn with puppet strings as if they were under his control. Discord himself was a very oddly designed for a spirit of chaos. How do I say this…. he had a head of a what seems to be the head of a dragon, an antler on the top right, and some sort of jagged green horn on the top left of his head. His arms were from two different animal species; his left being a talon of a eagle and the right being a lion’s claw. The same goes for his legs, left being horse's leg and the right being a lizards with sharp nails. His tail looked like a red dragon's tail aswell and his entire body being stretched out like a snakes.

“Quite the being, isn’t he?” Celestia asked.

“Very bizarre.” I replied.

“Caleb?” Celestia asked.

“Yes?” I replied.

“Has Twilight ever told you about the Elements of Harmony?” she asked.

“No, never. Why?” I said.

“I want to show you something.” Celestia said. Luna looked at her sister and nodded.

I then followed them further down the rows of stained glass windows until they stopped at a particular window that confirmed my suspicion. I looked up and saw a depiction of Twilight, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash firing these purple streams of magic at an alicorn that looked just like Luna.

“Hey, that’s them! That’s Twilight and her other friends!” I exclaimed.

“That’s right. What do you think they’re doing?” Celestia asked.

“Well, they’re shooting lasers or magic at this alicorn-” I suddenly stopped when it all hit me.

Twilight, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash were the Elements of Harmony.

“Oh my God.” I mumbled. “But how?” I asked.

“Luna.” Celestia said, indicating that it was her sister's turn to talk.

“When I returned from my 1,000 year imprisonment as Nightmare Moon, I threatened to spread eternal night across Equestria.” Luna began.

“So that’s you, huh?” I said.

“Yes, but believe me, I’m far from what I was than now.” she reassured.

“While Twilight and her friends went on a journey through the Everfree Forest to me and my sister’s previous castle, each one of them demonstrated behaviors of one specific element that will stick with them. Twilight being magic, Applejack being honesty, Pinkie Pie being laughter, Fluttershy being kindness, Rarity being generosity, and Rainbow Dash being loyalty.” Celestia explained.

“So all six of these mares are intertwined into the elements that lets them use the magic contained inside them?” I asked.

“Yes. All six have the capability to possess the most powerful magic of all. The magic of friendship.” Celestia said.

“Wow.... friendship is magic.” I whispered, blown away from this revelation.

“Precisely.” Luna said.

“I mean, I had no idea about this until now. It’s so much to take in at once.” I said.

“We understand. Do you need a minute to process all of this information?” Celestia asked.

“Oh, no, no, i’m fine. But I have another question.” I said.

“What will it be?” Celestia asked.

“Where are the artifacts now? Are they inside Twilight and her friends at this moment?” I asked.

“It’s nothing like that, they’re stored here at the castle.” Luna said.

“Look, you can deny this request, but do you mind if I could take a look at them?” I asked, sheepishly.

“Hmmmm, I suppose. You seem very trustworthy.” Celestia said.

“I agree.” Luna said.

“Okay, you may. Follow us.” Celestia said.

I walked beside Celestia while Luna was on the other side of her. We exited the throne room and hanged a left. The guards who were guarding the door were now following us to our destination.

A minute later, we arrived at a door similar to the throne room, but a different color. Celestia opened it and the red carpet stretched along the entire room's length. I examined the stained glass windows and saw another copy of the Discord stained window and the one with the elements of harmony. While going further to the back of the room, I saw this huge door with a star in the middle. Actually, it looked like a elevator door if you looked at it more.

“Behind this door is where the artifacts are kept.” Celestia said.

“How do you open it? Do you press one of those gems right there?” I asked while pointing at a green gem attached to the doors border.

“Nothing like that. Here’s how it works.” Celestia said.

She leaned her head down and aligned her horn with a little hole in the middle of the star on the door. She activated her magic aura that basically acted as a key for the door. She pulled out and the lines that made the star were outlined with a baby blue glow. Each side of the door formed three circles and one on each side would light up simultaneously with the other until all were lit. All of a sudden, the entire door lit up with a nearly blinding bright blue glow which caused me to shield my eyes.

Finally, the door opened like a elevator and the room was nothing but the glow of baby blue. Upon closer inspection, I noticed a fancy looking lockbox with gems engraved in it sat on a stand. Celestia used her magic to levitate it in front of her.

“Inside this box contains artifacts that can create the most powerful magic of all. And for your own safety, I only grant you access to look, no touching.” Celestia said.

“Sure, no problem.” I said.

“Okay then.” Celestia said.

Celestia used her magic on the lock which made it click, unlocking it. The box opened up and there they were, the elements of harmony. One looked like a crown and had a purple star on top while the rest looked like necklaces. Upon closer inspection, I noticed how the star on the crown looked alot like the mark on Twilight’s flank. The same also goes for the necklaces; one had a red lighting bolt that corresponds with Rainbow’s mark and another had a pink butterfly that goes with Fluttershy’s mark and so on and so forth.

"Amazing. So much power contained in something so small." I said. “Interesting how the symbols on the elements correspond with those marks on Twilight and her friends. Forgot what they were called though.” I added.

“Are you referring to a cutie mark?” Celestia asked.

“Right, that’s what they’re called. Aren't they supposed to represent what a pony's special talent is?” I asked.

“That’s correct.” Celestia said.

“So what happens when they get those? Are they stuck with that talent forever and determines on what their future will be?” I asked.

“That is exactly what it means.” Luna said.

“You sure catch on quickly.” Celestia complimented.

“Yeah, that’s me. Excuse my language, but that's gotta suck if somepony gets a cutie mark that they despise and be stuck with it for the rest of their life.” I said.

“Frankly, I agree on your statement. Some ponies can not be as fortunate as others. Anywho, we’ll head back into the throne room now.” Celestia said.

Celestia closed the case diligently and placed it back on the stand. Me, Celestia, and Luna began to walk across across the lengthy room back to the door. Once we exited the room, a royal guard stepped forward and alerted us of the time

“Excuse me, your highness', I’m afraid the time with our guest is over with.” he announced.

“Oh my, has it been that long already?” Celestia said.

“I know, right? Felt more like twenty minutes to me.” I added.

“Well, this is abrupt.” Luna said.

“If i’m on my way now, all I have to say is thank you for having me here Celestia and Luna. I had a great time learning more about both of you and Equestria's history. Also, I hope i’ll cross paths with you both again in my new life here.” I said.

“I wish the same for me and my sister.” Celestia said.

“And we both wish thee the best of luck as thee adapt to Equestria as well.” Luna added on.

“Yes, thank you. In that case, I best be going and let you guys get back to your princess duties.” I said.

“Caleb, it was a pleasure to meet you. If you wish to check out the city, i’ll have a squad of guards follow you for your own protection.” Celestia offered.

“Yeah, that sounds great!” I said.

“Very good. Guards.” Celestia called.

Four stocky guards walked over towards Celestia lined up vertically.

“Yes, your highness?” one guard asked.

“You four are assigned to protect Caleb with your life. Keep your eyes peeled for anything that may seem like a threat or suspicious. You are authorized to use forceful apprehension if absolutely necessary.” Celestia ordered.

“Acknowledged.” the guard responded. “You got that, colts?” he asked to the other three guards.

“Yes, sir!” all three responded.

“Farewell, Caleb.” said both Celestia and Luna.

“Thanks. Nice to meet you both.” I said, shaking their hooves.

“Follow us to the exit.” one guard instructed.

While we began to walk away, another important thought came to mind.

"Princess Celestia, wait!" I yelled.

Celestia turned her head in response to my call.

"Yes, Caleb?" Celestia asked.

"I must know something. Something that has been on my mind since I first got here." I said.

"What will it be?" Celestia asked.

"Since you've been around in Equestria for quite some time, I know you'll be able to answer this question." I said with a pause.

Celestia tilted her head to left a little.

"Have humans ever laid dormant here in Equestria?" I asked. "Please give me your best answer."

Celestia's eyes shifted towards the ceiling as she thought for a second.

"If they have, it would be an extraordinarily slim chance. It was a very long time ago before Equestria was even created." Celestia said.

"Please continue." I said.

"If I remember correctly from a story I heard about hundreds of years ago, it involved some sort of creature that could walk on two legs. They were considered threats to pony's and were outcasted from society." Celestia continued.

"What happened to all of them?" I asked.

"From what I remember, they were wiped out from the cold winters that the Windigo's brought to Equestria." Celestia said.

"Windigo's?" I asked.

"Windigo's are spirits that follow pony's that would constantly feud with each other, and the effect would be a winter casted upon the specific ponies." Celestia explained.

"So, the things froze to death?" I asked.

"Yes, unfortunately. It was something that they could not adapt to, creating their mass extinction from this world." Celestia said.

"Dang, that's pretty sad." I said.

"Agreed," Celestia replied. "Is there any other questions that I can answer for you?" Celestia asked.

"No, that'll be all. Thank you very much for this answer." I said.

"You're welcome. Now I must get back to my royal duties." Celestia said.

"I understand. Goodbye, Celestia." I said with a wave.

I then regrouped with the guards and began to walk again. I went to turn my head again and Celestia was gone.

“Phew, that was nerve wracking at first.” I said.

“Meeting them for the first time?” one guard asked in a deep voice.

“Yeah. I was worried i’d screw up and make everything awkward, but it went better than I expected.” I admitted.

“I can tell they both liked you, Celestia was very forward in giving me the order to protect you.” a grey guard said.

“Yeah, I noticed that too. Probably just being all serious so that you’ll get the message.” I said.

“Most likely.” another guard said.

With that, we exited the castle and I hopped back into the carriage once again.

“Where to?” the carriage puller asked.

“Just take me around the city so that I can sight see, i’ll let you guys know when we can head back to the train station.” I said.

“Alright. Two guards on each side of carriage and remember to keep your eyes peeled for anything suspicious.” the puller reminded the guards.

With that, the ride began.

The Agency

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The Agency
December 5th, 2012

The guards took me to many other parts of Canterlot including the city square, the restaurant district, and one thing I noticed about the city is that there were stone roads instead of dirt and grass roads that Ponyville has. So, this is basically Equestrias way of being modern I guess.

However, one pony caught my eye while me and the guards were on the outskirts of Canterlot. It was Bon Bon. What was weird is that she walked up the stairs of a underground room. The building itself looked slightly decrepit, but still structurally sound. I ordered the guards to stop and hold their position and climbed out of the carriage. I shut the carriage door, which got Bon-Bon’s attention.

“Hey Bon Bon! Haven’t seen you in awhile.” I said.

“Same with you! We need to catch up on things.” Bon Bon replied.

“That sounds good. But what are you doing downstairs in that run-down building?” I asked, pointing at the building.

I can see it in Bon-Bon’s eyes, she was trying to think of something made up. The whole idea of a mare like her coming out of a building far from her home was very fishy.

“Bon Bon, don’t bother trying to make things up, so just tell me the truth.” I said.

“Ohhhhh! C’mere.” she groaned while directing to move down the stairs. “You have to promise you will never tell a soul about this, including Lyra.”

“Yeah, yeah, of course. What’s the deal?” I asked.

“Just bear with me on this. I work for a secret anti-monster agency.” she revealed.

“Alright, that’s it. I wasn’t born yesterday, Bon Bon.” I said as I quickly got up and opened the door.

To my confusion, the interior of the underground room looked like a huge office with a hallway in the middle.

“What is this place?” I asked.

Bon-Bon let out a sharp sigh.

“Like I said, this is where the secret location of the agency is supposed to be. Here’s my badge.” Bon-Bon said while pulling out her agent ID that had a picture of her and a nickname that stated “Special Agent Sweetie Drops.”

“Woah, you weren't kidding! Geez, my bad, Bon-Bon.” I apologized.

“Don’t sweat it, Caleb. I was a little vague on my answer to be honest.” Bon Bon admitted.

“Mind if I take a look around?” I asked.

“I suppose you could. You’re already inside the building y’know.” Bon Bon said.

I turned a corner and saw a mare with a curly blonde mane and a pink coat, writing on a paper at a desk. She looked up and quickly took notice of me and Bon Bon.

“Bon Bon, how did he get in?” the mare asked.

“Well, for starters, the agency isn’t smart enough to put a bucking lock on the door.” Bon Bon said.

“Oh my Gosh, we could get into so much trouble!” the mare exclaimed.

“Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. I promised Bon Bon I wouldn’t blab to anyone.” I said.

“Did he?” the mare asked Bon Bon.

“He did, and I believe what he said.” Bon Bon replied.

“If that’s what you think.” the mare responded.

While I looked around the room, I discovered a piece of paper that had the logo of the agency in the corner of the paper. The logo was a blue shield that had faded black figures at the bottom of the shield and the acronym C.A.M.A in the middle of the shield. The paper read:

Canterlot Anti-Monster Agency
Help Wanted

Looking for a brave, physically, and mentally strong individual to patrol the Everfree Forest at night.
Age: 15-40
Pay: 25 bits an hour
Go to room 8 for details

I took a long look at the piece of paper and thought to myself.

“Well, Caleb, you have been sort of a freeloader to the ponies of Ponyville in a way. Maybe it’s time that you do something and return the favor.”

Now I also know the risks of going out in the Everfree at night with the possibility of running into a Timberwolf or two, but i’m pretty sure I could take them now. Also, if I were to patrol the Everfree, the Land Rover could came in handy with navigating the forest and the pay is actually pretty good. Well, it depends on if 25 bits is considered minimum wage or not, but I highly doubt it if you’re basically working for an agency. After making my decision, I started towards the hallway.

“Caleb, are you sure you want to do this?” Bon Bon asked.

“I’m sure, don’t you worry about me.” I said.

“But Caleb, the Everfree Forest is a very dangerous to venture at night! You shouldn’t do this!” she warned.

“Look, I already have an idea from what i’ve heard about it so far, but I want to do this. Plus, it would be a great way to repay for all that everypony has done for me, wether it being Twilight taking me in, everypony in Ponyville, or everyone accepting me. I’ll be fine.” I assured.

“Okay, fine. But don’t say that I didn’t warn you.” Bon Bon said as she walked back outside.

“Got it.” I said.

I walked down the hallway and found room that was numbered eight out of eighteen. I knocked on the door and a deep voice came from the other side of the door.

“Come in.” the voice said

I turned the knob and pushed the door and there was a large stallion with a grey coat and a shaggy brown mane with strands of grey and a beard. He looked at me with a perplexed expression.

“Ain’t you that human everypony's been talking about?” he asked.

“Yep, the one and only.” I said.

"What are you here for?" he asked.

"I'm responding to this help wanted ad." I answered.

The stallions face lit up with interest and sat up in his chair.

“Well then, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Agent Nighthunter; the manager of the Everfree branch and previous patrol stallion.” Night Hunter introduced.

“The names Caleb, Caleb Barlow.” I said.

“Nice to meet ya.” Night Hunter said.

“You too. So if i’m correct, you said you were the previous stallion to take this job?” I asked.

“Uh, yes. Being sixty-two years of age can take a toll on you, so I was moved to become the manager of the Everfree branch." he said. "By the way, how did you even find this place?" Night Hunter asked.

"No lock on the door." I replied, covering for Bon Bon.

"That explains." Night Hunter said. "So, you want to become my successor?" he asked, referring to my interest in the job.

“Sure, that’s a way of looking at it.” I responded.

“Okay then, have a seat.” he said while pointing at the chair on the other side of the desk.

After sitting down, Night Hunter pulled out a large document and placed on the desk in front of me.

"First, I want your word that you read the help wanted ad and that you fit all the requirements of being brave, mentally, and physically strong." Night Hunter asked.

"Yes.... yes I have." I replied.

"Good." he said.

"So what's this?" I asked about the document in front of Night Hunter.

“It’s a contract. What I want you to do now is to take a long good read and sign your name at the bottom.” he instructed, turning the paper my direction.

“Don’t I have to do some sort of interview first?” I asked.

“Nope, no need to. You did just agree to what the help wanted sign stated, 'Looking for brave, physically, and mentally strong individual.' Am I right?” he asked.

“Yes I did. I guess you’re right.” I said.

“And heck, you look like someone who wouldn’t crack under pressure. You would be pretty intimidating to most ponies.” he said.

“Ha. You’re not entirely wrong about that.” I quipped. “Also, why do you guys hire ponies at the age of fifteen? Doesn't that seem a bit young?” I asked.

“For us ponies, fifteen is considered the age of adulthood.” Night Hunter answered. "Ponies mature very quick."

“Oh, I see now. It was strange for me because for humans, eighteen is considered being an adult.” I clarified.

“Ah. But like I said, take a long look at this and make your decision.” he said.

I directed my attention to the piece of paper, picked up a feather pen and read the text.

I, __________________, agree and will follow these conditions, requirements, and duties listed below required to become a Canterlot Anti-Monster Agent.


- Sign onto a ten year contract that will be considered null once the period is up. Contract can also be considered null if the agent receives a serious injury that prohibits duties or any other duty hindering obstacle.
- You will follow orders given by your location manager.
- Try your utmost in keeping your employment a secret.


- Take a four month class in order to learn what to do out in the field.
- Trained for the use of lethal weapons.
- Interact with other agents in your area if necessary.
- Have good inspection skills to identify a possible creature in your area.
- Be physically strong to protect yourself if weapons are unavailable.
- Be mentally strong to ensure you won’t crack in a tense situation.


- Patrol your designated location at the hours of 8PM and 3AM.
- Patrol on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Days off are for territory inspection for any signs of creatures that may have trespassed your territory.
- Be able to plan out strategic tactics and solve complex problems.
- Eliminate or rid of any creature in your territory.
- Clean up evidence if necessary to protect C.A.M.A’s secrecy.
- Fill out a creature elimination form if extermination occurs. Ex: (Date of death, specie, quantity)
- Send a weekly report of your territory. (this is mandatory)

“So, this four month class is like a training program or something?” I asked.

“Yes. This program is vital to officially become an agent and to also know what to do when you’re out there. Plus, i’ll be the one teaching you everything I know.” Night Hunter informed.

“Sounds good. And where would that be at?” I asked.

“That’ll be at a training facility located next to the E.U.P training facility, so not really far from here. You will also staying there at the bunks for the entire four month duration.” he said.

“I see.” I said.

“Anymore questions?" Night Hunter asked.

“Nope, that’ll be all.” I concluded.

I continued to read the contract’s text a second time to make sure I didn’t misread anything while my first viewing. After I finished reading a second time and taking a long thought into what I was doing, I gave my neatest handwriting and wrote my signature on the blank line.

“So tell me, what happens now?” I questioned.

“What’ll happen now is that I take this and know that you have full commitment and expect you back at this building on December 7th. Be sure to also pack some of your belongings to take with you such as clothes and that kind of stuff.” Night Hunter said.

“Okay, i’ll be sure to remember that.” I said.

“Alright then, nice to know that we have an alien specie on the agency.” Night Hunter said.

“Alien specie? I’ll give you points with choice of words.” I said.

“Heh, sorry about that.” he said, apologetically.

“Don’t worry about it, I get the nickname, ape, a lot.” I informed.

“That's gotta stink.” he said.

“I’m used to it, so it doesn’t really bother me." I replied.

“Well, that’s good to know. Anyways, nice to see you're interested with the agency. I see nothing but good things in you.” Night Hunter said.

I then shook his hoof and headed to the door.

“December 7th you said, for the four month program?” I asked again.

“Yep, that’s the date. Make sure not forget it.” he reminded.

“Thanks. See you in four days.” I said.

“You too.” he responded.

I then headed back to the exit of the subterranean agency through the main lobby. The guards were still waiting there while scanning the area. I inched my way back inside the carriage.

“Where to next?” one of the carriage pullers asked.

“I’ve seen enough, I think i’ll head back to the station now.” I said.

Back to Ponyville

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Back to Ponyville
December 5th, 2012

When I arrived back at the train station, I had to wait for like forty minutes for the next train to Ponyville since I missed the one I was supposed to leave on because I got held back from visiting the agency. Speaking of the agency, I still couldn’t believe that actually got in a super secret agency that hunts monsters or whatever. Sure, I know this job seems dangerous, but there’s no turning back now. Plus, if this job seems like a good way to pay back the community of Ponyville and all that my new friends have done to me, so now you could see why I took this job. Oh, and let's not forget about that pay of 25 bits an hour. It sounds like a pretty good deal.

Anyways, once the train arrived once again at the trainstation, a whole bunch of ponies all dressed up in fancy clothing walked. Most of them examined me as they walked by. I went for the train car, but was stopped by a unicorn stallion.

"Hey! You there." he called.

I turned my head in response.

"You're that human chap everypony's been talking about." he said.

"That is me." I said.

"Barlow. Or Caleb? Am I right?" he asked.

"Caleb Barlow. I've got two separate names." I said.

"Ah, now I see. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Fancy Pants." Fancy Pants introduced, well-composedly.

"Nice to meet you." I said.

"And I must say, what an exquisite suit that you're sporting at the moment." Fancy complimented.

'Thanks. You got a nice outfit aswell." I replied.

"Where are you heading?" Fancy asked me.

"Back to Ponyville, where I live." I said.

"I hear it's a nice little country village." Fancy said.

"Yeah, the locals are pretty nice. They were pretty reluctant to me at first." I said.

"Is that so? Well c'mon everypony, let's at least give our human here, Caleb, a proper warm welcome to Canterlot." Fancy said as he began to clop his hooves together.

Soon everypony around him were clopping their hooves. I smiled in response to the praise.

"Yes, thank you, thank you. But I must get going before the train leaves without me again." I said.

"Very well. So good to meet you again." Fancy Pants said.

"You too." I said before inching my way onto the train.

Like before, nobody was in the car and I was all by myself. I squeezed my way through the aisle of seat and sat down on the middle seat. I waited for the train to begin moving and the conductor from before walked in from the back car.

"Hey." I said.

"Ah, Caleb. How was your visit?" the conductor asked.

"Went well. We talked a lot about my world and the history of Equestria. That kind of stuff." I answered.

"Interesting. Anything else?" he asked.

I was about to mention the agency, but remembered that I had to keep it a secret.

"Nope. That was pretty much it." I said.

"Sounds like a good time," he said, "Need anything before we head on our way?" he asked me.

"No thanks." I replied.

"Okay then." the conductor said and walked into the next car.

A few minutes later, I jumped in my seat as the sudden loudness of the train whistle broke the silence.

"Dammit!" I said out loud.

The train than began to move slowly while progressively picking up speed. Soon enough, the train had left Canterlot and proceeded into the mountains tunnels. When the light began to dim as the train entered one of the tunnels, I saw this glow come from rocky wall of the mountain. It was weird how light was somehow being produced from inside, unless someone's in there doing something. I brushed it off as just my imagination and continued looking out the window. Once the train made it's way back down the mountain, that's when the train entered the fields coated with that blanket of snow.

"Wonder if Twilight will be waiting for me or not?" I asked to no one.

It was pretty lonely in that train car all by myself, so you can probably see why I was talking to myself. After the long boring train ride, my attention was brought back when the train whistle blew again, indicating that Ponyville was close. The conductor came back in the car and announced that we were approaching Ponyville.

I looked out the window to see if anyone was waiting for my arrival and sure enough, there were the the five mares and Spike. But where was Pinkie? All of them waved at me and I waved back. All of sudden, Pinkie face just appears right in front of me from the outside of window as she somehow latched onto the train sideways. I moved my head back in response.

"Hi Caleb!" Pinkie's said, her voice muffled from the window.

"Hey Pinkie! How you been doin'? I asked.

"Greatastic!" Pinkie replied from the other side, still clinging to the side.

"Greatastic?" I asked.

"Yeah! If you put great and fantastic together, you get greatastic." Pinkie explained.

"Gotcha." I said.

The train slowed down and came to a complete stop. Pinkie then dropped sideways to the ground with an audible thud on the wooden surface of the platform.

"I'm okay!" Pinkie said.

I rose out of my seat and headed for the exit.

"Well, Caleb, thanks for riding with Friendship Express." the conductor said.

"No, thank you. Couldn't get to Canterlot without Friendship Express in the first place." I said.

"That's right," he replied, "Have a good day, sir." the conductor said.

"You too." I said.

I turned around to head out the door and I barely had time to react as I accidently smacked my head on the door hinge with a *klunk*. My head threw back a little and I placed my hand on my forehead.

"Do'h! Y'alright?" Applejack asked.

"Yeah. I didn't really feel it at all." I said.

"You didn't feel it?" Twilight asked.

"Looked like it hurt." Spike said.

"I felt the impact and it hurts a tiny bit, but not as much as it should have." I explained.

"That's odd. Your nervous system should've sent a signal to yo-" Twilight began before being cut off by Rainbow

"Hey Twilight, I don't think Caleb came back to hear a lesson on how pain works." Rainbow Dash said.

"Right. My bad." Twilight said.

I laughed in response.

"Oh, Twilight." I said.

"So tell us, how was your visit with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna." Twilight asked with interest.

"It actually went really well! We talked about all kinds of stuff." I said.

"What kind of stuff?" Fluttershy asked.

"For instance, Princess Celestia mentioned the Elements of Harmony." I said with a raised eyebrow.

"Did she?" Twilight responded.

"She did. Why didn't you tell me at first?" I asked.

"I thought it would be a good topic for you and the princesses to talk about." Twilight said.

"Oh, okay." I said. "So is the magic inside you right now?" I asked.

"Technically, it is because we are basically living representations of the Elements." Twilight said.

"Nice. Demonstrate." I said.

"About that, we need the elements in order to manipulate the magic of friendship properly." Rarity said.

"Plus, we only use it in a crisis or a situation that can jeopardize the future of Equestria." Twilight said.

"Oh yeah, I suppose because you used those to defeat Nightmare Moon." I said.

"Correct." Twilight replied.

"What about you, guys? Anything happen here while I was gone?" I asked Twilight

"Nope. At least from what I know. What I did was invited them to your arrival back in Ponyville" Twilight replied, directing her hoof towards the other five and Spike.

"Well, thanks for coming guys." I said.

"Speaking of which, this'll be a great photo op." Twilight said, taking a camera out of the pouch on her back.

"Good idea." I said.

"Caleb, since you're the tallest, you go behind everyone. Spike will go in front, and everypony else huddle together." Twilight instructed.

Everypony got into their positions and Twilight levitated the camera a good distance away from us. Rainbow Dash flew all the way up to my height to stand out more, which I found funny because she stood out of the most out of all six of the mares due to her color scheme.

"Ready?" Twilight asked us all.

"Yep." we replied.

With that, I smiled and put my thumb up. Twilight then pressed the clicker on the camera, creating a bright flash.

"I'll take on more just in case that doesn't develop correctly." Twilight said.

She winded up the camera and took another picture.

"We're good?" I asked.

"Uh-huh. I'll have to take this in sometime to get it developed." Twilight said.

"Why not just take it in now?" I asked.

"There's more film on the roll that I want to use for scientific purposes." Twilight said.

"Oh, okay." I said.

"Girls, thanks for coming by for greeting, Caleb." Twilight said to the other five.

"We parting ways now?" Rainbow asked.

"Yeah. It's getting colder by the minute." Twilight said.

"Oh, I couldn't agree more." Rarity said.

"See ya girls." I said as I walked away with Twilight and Spike.

Later that night, we had some good ol' corn on the cob. I would kill for a steak right about now, but corn's okay.

"So, Canterlot." Twilight said.

"What about it?" I asked.

"What did you think of it?" Twilight asked.

"I thought it looked very high end and architecturally superior." I said.

"So you liked the building's designs?" Spike asked, biting into his corn.

"They were just interesting to me." I said.

"Me too." Twilight said. "Infact, I used to live there." Twilight said.

"You did?" I asked.

"Yep," Twilight said, "I grew up there with my mom, dad and brother." Twilight said.

"Just to let you know, I saw Shining Armour." I said.

"What does he have to say? Any big news?" Twilight asked with interest.

"Nothing new, but he misses you Twilight, he really misses you." I said.

"Yeah...." Twilight said.

"I told him that you missed him dearly as well. You should write a letter to him sometimes, that's what I told him to do." I said.

"That sounds like a great idea, Twilight." Spike agreed.

"Y'know, I should do that after i'm done eating." Twilight said.

Twilight smiled knowing she had reassurance on her brother. It was very touching.

"I, uh, also have some information about humans in Equestria." I brought up from Celestia's revelation earlier.

"I should write this down then." Twilight said.

She got up to get a piece of paper and a writing utensil.

"Go on." Twilight said.

"Okay. Humans were apparently here long before Equestria became a nation and were considered outcasts'." I paused so that Twilight could write down my words.

"Mm-hmm." she hummed.

"The humans were eventually wiped off the face of this planet from the winters that Windigo's brought upon Equestria during the time where ponies feuded with each other." I said.

"Interesting." Twilight said as she wrote down.

"That's pretty much all she had to say." I concluded.

"Never thought humans would ever live here long before us ponies." Twilight said.

"Out of all of these books here, you don't have any on humans?" I asked.

"Not one. I don't even know if any exist." Twilight said, biting her corn.

"Well, a mare named Lyra Heartstrings must have books because she studies the old myth on humans." I said.

"If I see her sometime, I'll ask her if I can borrow one." Twilight said.

After we finished eating, Twilight went upstairs to write her letter.

"Caleb, i'm hitting the hay. I'm tired." Spike said.

"Do what you want." I replied.

He then headed upstairs to go to sleep, leaving me by myself downstairs. I looked through the alphabetic rows of books and found a book on Windigo's in the W section.

Not only did they cause winters that wiped the humans when earth, pegasi and unicorns argued with each other, but they also created the holiday called Hearth's Warming.

This is a holiday where all three races joined together to form one big nation that became Equestria. It's commonly celebrated similar to Christmas, but instead of celebrating the birth of Jesus, it's the creation of Equestria. Traditions are also similar since they give gifts on Hearth's Warming Eve as a representation of peace and harmony between all three races. All that this holiday is missing is a Santa Pony, that would be hilarious.

After finishing my reading session, I wondered what I would tell Twilight when I had to go to a training program from recruiting C.A.M.A agents. I knew it would be a bad idea to lie to her because she'll figure out either way. Twilight is also the only pony I would trust to tell this secret that i'm meant to keep to myself.

"Screw it." I said as I headed upstairs.

I reached the top of the stairs and the only light on was Twilight's lamp that illuminated the paper she wrote on while Spike was sleeping in his small bed.

"Twilight" I whispered.

"Hmm?" she asked, turning around.

"When you're done, I need to talk to you downstairs." I said, quietly.

"Okay." she replied, quietly.

I headed back down and waited in a chair for about ten more minutes.

"What is it?" Twilight asked.

"Look.... Twilight." I paused. "I'm about to tell you that i'm not supposed to and i'm telling you because this must remain a secret between you and us. Not even Spike must know." I said.

Twilight stared blankly at me, unable of what to say.

"Do I have your word that this will between me and you?" I asked.

"Of course. Tell me." Twilight said.

"Okay. Twilight. While I was up in Canterlot, I stumbled across an agency that hunts creatures who pose a threat to Equestria." I revealed.

"Caleb.... did you?" Twilight said, realizing what i'm about to tell her.

"Yes, Twilight. I joined the Everfree branch and i'm due back in Canterlot on the 7th for a four month training program." I said.

Twilight sat in silence from what I said.

"Twilight?" I asked.

"Oh, Caleb. If you go out there in the Everfree, you'll get yourself killed!" Twilight exclaimed.

"Twilight, the time for me to go into the Everfree has not come yet. If I were to go into the Everfree with no training experience, such as this moment, I agree that I would be dead. But once I do this training program, I'll bet you my bottom bit that I will survive and fulfill my job. Now, i'm guessing that they're going to give me stuff for protection and I also have the Land Rover to navigate the Everfree at night." I said.

"Okay, fine, fine. But why did you do it?" she asked.

"Frankly, it looks like something i'd like to do and I also wanted to repay Ponyville and my friends, including you, for all that you've done for me." I said.

"Really?" Twilight asked.

"Of course." I said. "So we'll keep this topic between us?" I asked.

"Sure." Twilight said.

"Remember, i'm only going up to Canterlot for a training program, a training program, not the real thing." I said.

"I understand." Twilight said.

"Good. Now let's just continue on with life and go to bed, okay?" I asked.

"Okay." Twilight said.

As Twilight and I headed upstairs, we didn't say a word to each other. I can tell that Twilight is worried for me, greatly. I laid on the couch wondering whether this was a good idea or not, but I convinced that it was a good idea. I could hear Twilight let out a loud sigh as she laid in her bed, probably not a good sign.

Another note, later in the middle of the night, I had a bad dream. The dream consisted of me running from Timberwolves, just like on my first day here in Equestria, but this time they caught me and.... you know what happens when a predator catches something lower on the food chain.


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December 6th, 2012

Today I think Twilight finally accepted my choice to take the C.A.M.A training program up in Canterlot. She was more calm and collective when I brought it up during breakfast. And yes, Spike was still asleep at the time, so he still has no idea about my affiliation.

"Do you need to bring any stuff with you?" Twilight asked.

"Yeah, i'm gonna need some clothes and that kind of stuff. Now that I think of it, i'm not sure if I brushed my teeth since November." I said.

"Oh, Celestia, i've never thought of that." Twilight said.

I raised my palm up to my mouth and breathed out, sniffed and comedically gagged.

"If you head down to the dentist office, they should have free toothbrushes and toothpaste." Twilight said.

"That's a relief." I said.

After breakfast, I put on outdoor winter clothes and headed off to the dentist. Fortunately, the dentist office wasn't relatively far, so I didn't have to walk in the cold for long. And so, I found a sign that clarified the building I was at was the dentist.

"Hello." I said as I entered the office.

"Hi there." replied a mare.

"I hear talk that you have free toothbrushes and toothpaste?" I asked the mare.

"Of course. They're right over there," the mare said, pointing at a small chest, "Ran out?"

"Believe it or not, i'm pretty sure I haven't brushed since November. I usually swished water in my mouth every night and morning." I said.

"Oh my. Do you want me to check your teeth quick?" the mare asked.

"Ehhhh." I replied.

"No pay, just a quick checkup." she said.

"Oh alright." I said.

"Come on into the back room." the mare said.

I opened the small chest and took a tube of toothpaste and a toothbrush packed into an average toothbrush package. After that, I headed into the back room where the mare inspected the seat, which was way too small for me.

"We're gonna have to improvise." the mare said.

"What you need me to do?" I asked.

"Just crouch down to my height and i'll shine this light into your mouth to check if you have anything hazardous to your oral health." the mare instructed.

"Alright." I said, crouching down to her height.

The mare slapped one of those dental masks on her muzzle and signaled me to open wide. I opened up and she switched a small light on, illuminating the inside of my mouth. She used her magic to levitate the mirror tool and checked every single one of my teeth, gums, etcetera.

"Your teeth look cavity free," the mare said to my relief, "But I am seeing tiny signs of tooth enamel loss." she revealed.

"Oh really?" I said.

"Mmm-hmm," she replied, taking the tool out of my mouth, "I recommend just brushing as soon as you get home and be sure to floss in between your teeth after eating."

"Sounds easy," I said, "I never got your name."

"Oh, how rude of me. My name is Minuette." Minuette introduced.

"Your name sure fits your career well." I said.

"I know. It's almost as if it was meant to be." Minuette said.

"Cool. I'm Caleb by the way." I said.

"I remember. Everypony here pretty much knows your name." Minuette replied.

"I suppose." I said. "Before I go, I gotta ask. Does this toothpaste rebuild enamel?" I asked.

I asked this because I thought the toothpaste would contain some magic.

"Unfortunately, no." Minuette answered.

"Dang. Well, thanks again." I said as I headed for the exit.

"You betcha. See you around." Minuette said.

I then walked back out into the cold winter day and headed back to Twilight's for the day, or at least that was what I was planning for at first. I was somewhere near Twilight's library when I heard the sound of little girls laughing in the distance, but not far. I followed the laughter and turns out it was on the other block. The source of the laughter came from the CMC pelting each other with snowballs.

"Heyyy!" I exclaimed.

"Caleb!" all three responded.

"Get him!" Scootaloo said.

The CMC began to direct their fire towards me and I was attacked by a barrage of snowballs.

"Ah!" I reacted to the attack.

Even though the snowballs felt like nothing, I played along and fell over into the snow. The three fillies then jumped onto me to playfully pin me down.

"Ah, they've gone completely berserk, help!" I yelled, playfully.

Finally, they decided to ease off of me and I sat up.

"So what was going on here?" I asked.

"We were just having a little snowball fight." Sweetie Belle said.

"Sounds like fun." I said.

"Yeah, but we're getting pretty tired." Applebloom said.

"Oh c'mon, I just got here." I said.

"Well, maybe we can do something that doesn't involved a lot of energy." Scootaloo suggested.

"Good idea, Scootaloo." Applebloom said.

"I got it! We could build snowponies!" Sweetie Belle said.

"Snowponies? Is that the same as snowmen?" I asked.

"Snowmen?" all three asked.

"Back in my world, snowmen are sculptures made out of snow that resembles a human, just like me." I explained.

"Really?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Really, really." I replied.

"Snowmen are basically the same thing as snowponies." Applebloom said.

"That's great! How about you three build your snowponies and i'll build us a snowman. How does that sound?" I asked.

"We're on it, Caleb!" Scootaloo said.

The three fillies dispersed and began to work on their sculptures. I packed the thick snow into a good sized snowball and began to roll it in the fresh snow. The snowball then began to grow increasingly larger as I progressed forward and the CMC were busy with the construction of the legs and body of their sculptures. The ball had to be at least three feet by then. Once big enough, I stopped pushing and worked on the second ball and so on and so forth.

The CMC had already finished their snowponies by the time I got the head of the snowman started. After getting the head onto the snowman, it was complete. The CMC wow'd in awe at the sight of the mighty snowman bestowed in front of them.

"Something's missing." I said.

"The eyes?" Applebloom asked.

"That, and some stick arms." I said.

"We could use rocks for eyes." Sweetie suggested.

"That'll do. We don't really have much of a choice." I said.

"And we can use the twigs on the tree over there for arms." Scootaloo pointed out.

"I'll get those. You guys go get five rocks. Make sure they're dark ones." I said.

I walked up to the branch of the tree and twisted two twigs off easily with my index finger and thumb. I then jabbed both sticks into the side of the snowman, creating the arms. Moments later, the CMC came back with the rocks I requested and placed them in the specific spots. With that, the first snowman in Equestria was finished.

"I like it." Sweetie Belle commented.

"Me too." Applebloom agreed.

"Me three." Scootaloo said.

"I think we all did a good job." I said.

"We sure did." Applebloom said.

"Gotta admit, the snowman's pretty cool looking." Scootaloo said.

"I say the same thing about your snowponies. They're very well done." I said.

"Thanks!" all three replied.

"Look, you guys take care, i'm gonna get going." I said.

"You don't want to play with us?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"What? No, of course I do. I'm just a little tired today, not as energetic as you fillies." I said.

"Okay." Applebloom said.

I looked at their expression and could easily tell they were bummed out that I was about to leave them.

"But now that I think about it, maybe I could stay for a snowball fight." I changed my mind.

The three fillies faces lit up with happiness at the statement I just made, only to form into devilish grins.

"Oh-no." I said.

Right after I said that, I was attacked once again.

Anyways, later that night, I was packing my belongings into a duffel bag.

"What's the packing for?" Spike asked.

I could see Twilight looking at me in my peripheral vision.

"Spike. You mind getting my cooking book from upstairs?" Twilight asked.

"Sure thing, Twilight." Spike said as he dashed upstairs.

"What are you going to tell Spike when he realizes i've been gone for a couple days, let alone four months?" I asked.

"I'll just simply tell him that you went to some school to learn Equestrian history or something like that." Twilight responded.

"I would buy it." I said.

"Let's just hope that's the same for Spike." Twilight said.

"Hey Twilight, isn't that the cook book right there?" Spike said as he walked back down the stairs.

"Whoops. Guess I didn't see it there." Twilight said.

"So Caleb, you were saying?" Spike said.

"Oh, right. I'm heading up to Canterlot for a school of Equestrian history." I lied.

"That sounds pretty boring. Why are you attending that?" he asked.

"Equestrian history just pipes my interest for some reason." I replied.

"Hmm. Whatever you like." he said before walking away into the kitchen.

I gave a thumbs up to Twilight and she winked back in response.

That night, while I was sleeping, I had the same damn dream again about the Timberwolves and it played out the same way it did before. However, this time I knew what was going to happen, but it still wasn't enough to save myself. I woke up with a gasp and it was loud enough to wake Twilight.

"Caleb? Are you okay?" Twilight whispered in the dark.

"Yeah. Just a really bad dream." I replied.

"About what?" Twilight asked, switching on her horn that acted as a light source, slightly illuminating the room with a purple glow.

"I don't want to talk about it." I said.

"Talking will make you feel better." Twilight said.

"Now that you put it that way." I said.

Twilight sat next to me in silence, anticipating my answer.

"Timberwolves." I said.

"I see." she said.

"I don't know why, but i've had the same damn nightmare last night and it played out the same way." I said.

"It may be from your newly affiliation with C.A.M.A. Stressful situations can cause reoccurring nightmares." Twilight said.

"You're probably right about that." I agreed with Twilight.

"You sure you want to still go through with this?" Twilight asked.

"I have no choice, I signed a contract." I said.

"Oh." Twilight said.

"Yeah." I said.

"Well.... all I can say to you now is to study hard up there in Canterlot, you'll need it for your job." Twilight urged.

"No kidding." I said.

"Are you okay now, or do you want to talk some more?" Twilight asked.

"I think i'm alright now. Thanks for taking concern." I said.

"No problem, Caleb." Twilight said.

Twilight then climbed back into her bed and switched her aura off, bringing the darkness back to the room. I just hope these dreams will stop soon.

C.A.M.A: Day One

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C.A.M.A: Day One
December 7th, 2012

I sighed deeply, knowing that I was about to leave Ponyville for four months to learn the basics of being an agent. I packed my toothbrush, toothpaste, clothing, books to past boredom, notebooks, etcetera into my duffel bag and zipped it up. Twilight was already up, making sure to wake Spike for my departure. I grabbed my winter clothing, put them on and wrapped the duffel bag strap around my shoulder. I waited for a few minutes downstairs before Twilight and Spike came back down to say goodbye. I walked over to them.

“Guys, i’m gonna miss you both so much.” I said.

“We will miss you too, Caleb.” Twilight replied.

I then crouched down into a group hug embrace. Twilight whispered something into my ear.

“And for the love of Celestia, please promise me you’ll study hard on what you need to study.” Twilight said.

“Why so dramatic?” Spike asked Twilight.

“Let’s just say that i’m gonna need it, Spike,” I said, “And Twilight, I will study hard.” I replied.

“Thank you.” Twilight said.

“And Twilight, please look after the Defender while i’m gone. I’m gonna need it as well.” I said.

“You got it.” Twilight said.

“Yeah, it’s in good claws.” Spike said.

“Is that a pun?” I asked.

“No, i’m serious. I’ll help look after it too.” Spike replied.

“Oh, well thank you.” I said.

“No problemo.” Spike said.

“You got everything you need, Caleb?” Twilight asked.

“I’m pretty sure. I best be going now.” I said before hugging them again.

I opened the door and waved goodbye Twilight and Spike and they both emulated my action. With that, I closed the door and began to walk to the train station.

I walked for about five minutes and looked back at Twilight’s library for one more time and it looked closer than it should, almost as if it was urging me not to go, but I continued anyways. Not many ponies were outside since it was around six o'clock in the evening and that's usually supper time.

When I arrived to the train station, a few ponies were waiting for the train as well and waved at me. I sat on the bench and my entire body nearly took up most of the space that the bench could offer.

After waiting for about ten minutes, the train horn could be heard blowing in the distance. I rose off the bench when the train stopped and the door for the passenger car opened. I bent my body a little to fit into the doorway and walked down the aisle of seat. This time there were ponies on board and they all took liking to my presence. The conductor also caught eye of me and gave a hello.

I was pretty silent through the entire train ride and just stared out the window, taking in the scenery, just like everypony else. The only social interaction that occurred was when a waitress mare asked me if I wanted anything for the ride and I declined the offer.

About thirty something minutes later, the train arrived once again in Canterlot. I got up and walked out the car and headed for the city outskirts. I got lost for quite some time. I would end up in one spot and move into a more populated area. When I realized I was lost, I backtracked and went back to where I began and remembered that the decrypted agency building was to the northwest. I headed off into that direction and found my destination.

Night Hunter was nowhere to be seen outside, so I ruled out that he's just doing something and decided to give him some time. I stood there outside the building with arms crossed and I heard a door open behind me. Night Hunter then emerged up the stairs while wearing a black leather jacket and a brown cap with a small Equestrian flag stitched on the front.

"Ah, you're here." Night Hunter said.

"There you are. I've been waiting for you." I said.

"You could've walked inside." Night Hunter said.

I stared blankly into space and thought: "Oh, duh."

"Looks like they're right on schedule." Night Hunter said, directing my attention to the oncoming carriage.

Me and Night Hunter entered the carriage that will take us to the C.A.M.A training facility, somewhere near the Canterlot castle and the training facility for E.U.P guards.

"Good to see you again, kid." Night Hunter said.

"You too. I'm looking forward to this." I said.

"Believe me, Caleb, these four months are going to prepare you for what's to come." Night Hunter said.

"Example on how?" I asked.

"Example?" Night Hunter said. "Okay, one way of teaching our recruits is by using the phenomenon of dreaming." Night Hunter said.

"You mean by going into someone's dream while they're asleep?" I asked.

"That's correct. But what really happens is that C.A.M.A sends a modified dream into the brain and forces it. Think of it as putting a movie into a player." Night Hunter explained.

"How the heck do you do that? How can you access someone's mind without them noticing, let alone wake up?" I asked.

"C.A.M.A collaborated with Princess Luna and made a deal with her. That's what makes this even possible. Average unicorns cannot possess this power." Night Hunter said.

"So it's like a simulation?" I asked.

"Yes. This will occur for you once you've passed the test that deals with knowledge of documented creatures in Equestria." Night Hunter said.

"What's the date for the test?" I asked.

"In about seven days from now. So creatures will be our top priority before anything else because knowing your enemy and how to deal with them is key to survival." Night Hunter said.

"Gotta admit, that sounds pretty interesting." I agreed. "What other topics will I be learning about?" I asked.

"You're gonna love this," Night Hunter began, "Later on down the road, we'll be doing weapon training."

"Oh, no way!" I exclaimed with enthusiasm.

"Oh, yes way!" he replied.

"I have a feeling that's going to be my favorite subject during my time here." I admitted.

"I'm glad to hear that. It was mine when I was just a student." Night Hunter said.

Later on, the guards pulling the carts passed the gates to the castle and were heading farther west to the C.A.M.A facility. The more farther the guards went, the more E.U.P checkpoints we had to pass through before proceeding, so this means that the facility must be close. Speaking of facilities, the carriage passed by the E.U.P training facility that was surrounded by tall reinforced fencing. This facility is mostly used for training royal guards that protect and serve Equestria. But off in the distance I noticed a giant wall that was shaped into a box.

"What's with the giant wall?" I asked Night Hunter.

"That, my colt, is the C.A.M.A training facility." Night Hunter answered.

"We're really here already?" I asked.

"Indeed we are." Night Hunter said.

"But still, what's with the wall?" I asked.

"Since C.A.M.A is a secret agency, we wanted it to be hidden from the world. And so, C.A.M.A proposed that a wall to built around it while using an invisibility spell for the exposed top. Therefore, from a bird's eye view, the facility will not appear until the spell is deactivated." Night Hunter said.

"Nice." I said.

The entire perimeter of the wall was surrounded by royal guards, waiting for anything suspicious to happen. Both of the carriage pullers came to a halt and knocked on the large wooden door that allowed us to pass through. Night Hunter signalled me to get out of the carriage and both of us exited the carriage. We walked to the door and waited for it to open.

"So this is C.A.M.A?" I asked.

"The real facility is on the inside. This wall is used for secrecy purposes only." Night Hunter reminded.

"Right, right." I said.

Me and Night Hunter waited for a moment before the double doors opened, allowing us to proceed onwards. Once the doors were fully opened, we walked in and it was absolutely shaded in there because of the walls blocking the sunlight. Still, some sunlight crept in through the top. The facility itself was rather smaller than I expected. It was cubey, not very wide, and looked more like a small school.

"Are we at C.A.M.A or an elementary school?" I joked.

"Knew you were going to say that!" Night Hunter exclaimed. "I oughta teach the building designer what a real training facility looks like."

"I agree." I said.

Night Hunter walked up to the door and used his mouth to manipulate the keys into the lock.

"Oh, you have the keys to this place?" I asked.

"Yeah. I basically own the place y'know." Night Hunter said as he unlocked the door.

Night Hunter walked in first switched on the ceiling lights. These lights are the ones i'm probably going to see for four months.

"Wow. Actual LED light bulbs." I thought to myself.

"Okay, Caleb, now i'll show you where our quarters will be." Night Hunter said, walking further down the hallway.

Me and him continued further and took a left at the last door in the hallway. The north, east and west side of the room were lined up with a row of five beds while the south side had an open doorway.

"Are there other ponies here who sleep here?" I asked.

"Not at all, it's just us here. These beds were used when C.A.M.A first started out and we never got rid of them." Night Hunter said.

"Oh, okay." I said.

"So if you will, pick any bed you want and get situated. I'll be out here when you're ready." Night Hunter said.

"For my first lesson?" I asked.

"No. For orientation. First lesson and unit will be at tomorrow at eight o'clock sharp." Night Hunter replied. "Once you're ready, head out, take a left and an immediate right. You'll find the classroom door." Night Hunter said.

"Okay, i'll see you there." I responded, unzipping my bag.

As I laid out my clothing on the bed, I thought to myself: "Even in a world of multicolored ponies, I still go to school. What are the odds?" Speaking of beds, all of them were pretty small for the average pony's size. Guess i'll have sleep in the frickin fetal position just to fit on it.

After I got everything set up, I headed off to the classroom. The room was wide, but short in length and had rows of tables lined up with chairs to sit on. Well, what should say is that the chairs were meant for ponies to sit on, not seven foot tall humans. And so, I moved the chair out of the way and sat on the carpet. My sitting height was identical to sitting in an everyday chair. With that, Night Hunter began to speak.

"Great, you're here." he said.

"You bet. So, what are we doin?" I asked.

"Today is considered an orientation day, so i'll be going easy on you and showing you around." Night Hunter said.

"Going easy on me?" I asked.

"Oh yeah. Tomorrow i'll be a bit more stern." Night Hunter said.

I audibly gulped and stared at Night Hunter.

"Hmm, comedic gulp. I like it." Night Hunter noticed. "And before I forget, i'm required to do this recite greeting to C.A.M.A, so i'll get onto that," Night Hunter said, "Ahem. Welcome to Canterlot Anti-Monster Agency boot camp. Here you'll be taught what you need to know while venturing the Everfree Forest late at night and the basic tasks of being an agent. You will be spending four months here and you will be whole new pon-- human by the time you're finished." Night Hunter recited.

I paid attentively to Night Hunter and looked over at a small sign that read "Tartarus" with fire surrounding the text. I raised my hand in confusion.

"Hey, Night Hunter." I said.

"Yes, Caleb?" he responded.

"What's with the sign?" I asked, knowing that Tartarus was the greek mythological version of hell.

"Ah, that's quite a funny story," he said, levitating the sign of the wall, "You see, way back when C.A.M.A first started out, a student came up to me and asked me to take this sign," Night Hunter said as he showed me the sign once again, "It took me a few minutes to figure it out what that stallion meant ,but it made sense eventually."

"What was the meaning?" I asked.

"Apparently, it was his way of saying that boot camp was Tartarus. Makes sense because you've got the forced dreams.... and then you have me." Night Hunter said.

"Ha! That's a good one." I said with a laugh.

"Indeed it is." Night Hunter agreed while placing the sign back on the wall. "Now then, i'll give you a quick tour of the place." Night Hunter said.

"Alright, let's go." I said.

Night Hunter then walked back to the bunks room where I left my things.

"I know we've already been here, but that door over there is bathroom. Just so you know." Night Hunter informed.

"I got it." I said.

"Oh, and lights out are at eight o'clock," Night Hunter said, "You okay with that? You aren't some little foal who complains about bedtime, right?"

"Believe me, i'm far from that." I said.

"Alright, good." Night Hunter said.

"Why? Were there actually some ponies who were like that?" I asked.

"Yep." Night Hunter replied, flatly.

"Jesus H. Christ." I said, softly.

Night Hunter led me to another room further down the hallway the classroom is located. The room consisted of couches, a pool, and a ping-pong table and some snacks.

"If you ever get bored, come on down here to the rec room." Night Hunter said.

"Nice! I should play you at a game of pool sometime." I said.

"That's the recreation spirit I was looking for." Night Hunter replied. "But the rec room is not the place to get food, which leads us to the next room." Night Hunter clued.

"Let me guess. The kitchen?" I said.

"So close! The correct word would be cafeteria." Night Hunter said.

Both of us took a right at the corner from the way we came and headed down a flight of stairs. Quite an interesting place for a cafeteria.

"And here we are." Night Hunter said.

"So, is there somepony here who prepares our food?" I asked.

"About that. Since nopony worked down here for quite sometime, C.A.M.A resorted to MRE's." Night Hunter said.

"MRE's, huh? How long do they last?" I asked.

"From what I know, it's ten years. Our latest shipment came in eleven months ago, so they should still be good to eat." Night Hunter said.

"Good." I said.

"Whether it's breakfast, lunch, dinner, or you're just hungry, come down here and get yourself an MRE. They're pretty easy to prepare by yourself." Night Hunter said.

"Sounds good. You weren't kidding when you said we were the only ones here." I remarked.

"The guards outside could make an exception, but yeah, we're the only ones here," he said, "Since it's seven-twenty five, would you like to have an MRE right now?" he offered

"No, thanks. I ate before I got here." I said.

"No problem." Night Hunter said.

"Anymore rooms you need to show me?" I asked.

"That's all the rooms there was to show." Night Hunter said.

"I suppose. This place is pretty small." I said.

"You're right about that." Night Hunter said. "Now I want you to head upstairs with me so that you can sign a little something." he said.

"Sure." I replied as I followed him up the stairs.

Night Hunter pulled a form out of a drawer and laid it flat on the table in front of me. He than levitated a pencil towards me and I grabbed it from the magical grasp, making my hand go a little numb. I read the title for the form and it involved having dreams subjected into my mind whilst asleep.

"What will I be dreaming about?" I asked.

"Once you've passed the test on knowledge of documented creatures in Equestria and how to deal with them, the dreams will involved them. These dreams are meant to be practice simulations, but you'll only get one chance per night." Night Hunter explained.

"What do you mean by one chance per night?" I asked.

"It's supposed to emulate the saying that life doesn't have restart. So, if you were to get caught by the creature, the one and only dream will end for the night." Night Hunter clarified.

"Gotcha.." I said, looking back at the form.

I continued to read the fine print once more and one more time before I signed my name at the bottom, agreeing to be subjected to these dreams.

"It's done." I said as I set the pencil down.

"Thank you." Night Hunter said.

He rolled the paper up and put red ribbon around it before setting it back on his desk.

"What now?" I asked.

"Congrats, Caleb. You've just passed the orientation." Night Hunter declared.

"Really?! What do I win?" I asked in a pseudo-ecstatic voice.

"A good night's sleep for tomorrow morning!" Night Hunter replied in the same tone.

"Yes!" I replied before heading back to bunks with Night Hunter.

"So, how was patrolling the Everfree at night?" I asked Night Hunter as we brushed our teeth.

"Mmmm," he hummed, spitting the toothpaste into the sink, "From experience, it really wasn't that hard. Once you learn the ropes, it'll be a breeze." Night Hunter said.

"Wasn't even scary once?" I asked.

"Well, I remember being a nervous wreck on my first night. But like I said, you get used to it." Night Hunter said.

After we finished brushing, shutting off all the lights in the building, we climbed into our beds. Mine felt like it was about to collapse from my weight, but it didn't.

"Night, Night Hunter." I said.

"Was that your idea of a pun?" Night Hunter asked from the other side of the room.

"D'oh, my bad." I said.

"Ehhhh, forget about it. Night to you too, Caleb." he replied.

C.A.M.A: Day Two

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C.A.M.A: Day Two
December 8th, 2012

The lights in the room flicked on, which woke me from my slumber. I squinted my eyes as they adjusted to the light and Night Hunter was already dressed for the day.

"C'mon, time to get up. Don't expect me to give you a wake up call every morning." Night Hunter said.

"Oh, umm, yeah, yeah." I said as I rubbed my eyes and headed off to the bathroom.

I quickly brushed my teeth, got some clothes on and slipped my shoes on. I than went downstairs and got an MRE from the breakfast section of the kitchen and quickly ate it. After heading back upstairs and grabbing my notebook, I ran to the classroom and Night Hunter was pacing left and right. He halted as I sat down and stared at me.

"So, Caleb. Do you think you have what it takes to enter the Everfree Forest at night?" Night Hunter asked.

"Well.... not right now at the moment." I replied.

"Good answer, kid! If you were to enter that cursed forest at night, you would be at the bottom of the food chain!" Night Hunter said with a stern tone. "Unfortunately, I can not make your ranking increase, but I can give you the essentials that'll give you the extra edge." Night Hunter said.

"Alright, what do I need to know?" I asked, estatically.

"Caleb. Please stop acting all cheerful about this. These are deadly creatures that'll have no hesitation to kill you." Night Hunter exclaimed.

I was at a lost for words for a moment before I replied.

"Yes, sir." I said.

"Thank you. Now open up that notebook to the first page and you write everything I tell you." Night Hunter said.

I opened up my notebook and got my pencil in a ready position. I gave Night Hunter a nod to begin. Night Hunter began to draw a wolf-like creature on the chalkboard that was made out of sticks.

"Timberwolves," he said with a pause, "Timberwolves are one of the leftover remnants of Nightmare Moon's short reign. These wolf like creatures come up to about one point four meters in height while four meters in length. They're very quick and agile and will sometimes work together in packs, but there can also be lone wolves as well. While in packs, they will usually try to flank their victim from the sides, so keep note of that. Their primary weakness is bright lights. If they're exposed to bright light, they will cower back and watch their target from a distance, so it won't kill them. If one wanted to vanquish a Timberwolf, they would have to use fire; they burn easy. Signs of Timberwolf presence would include paw prints, gnawed bark on trees, howling and an odor that smells similar to rotten eggs or sulfur. If you encounter a Timberwolf or a pack, make yourself as intimidating as possible. Show no fear of them and they'll turn into little pussycats, driving them away from your territory." Night Hunter said.

I continued to write all the information before I finally finished.

"Ready for the next creature?" Night Hunter asked.

"Mmm-hmm." I replied.

Night Hunter erased the illustration off the board and began to draw a snake with a chicken's head.

"Cockatrice," he said, "The Cockatrice is a mix between a snake and a chicken's head. This creature reaches to about five meters in length and thirty centimeters in height. What makes the Cockatrice so dangerous is the fact that if you get into it's line of sight, it'll slowly turn you into stone from the feet and up. If you see one, try to get out of it's sight and get somewhere safe. Whatever you do, never look at it directly in the eyes or you will most likely be instantly turned to stone. A method to defeat the Cockatrice has not been discovered yet, be sure to report the Cockatrice if you encounter it. Signs of Cockatrice activity include distinctive clucking of a chicken, moistness of the ground and prey that has already been stoned." Night Hunter said.

I wrote down the information given once again and nodded at Night Hunter again.

"Cragadile," Night Hunter said, "The Cragadile, hence its name, is a giant reptile that resembled a crocodile, but has rocks on its back for camouflage purposes. This creature comes up to two meters in height and ten meters in length. The Cragadile was first reported in the Batchu territories of the Everfree and resides in a creek that runs in the middle of Batchu. The thing about the Cragadile is that it will most likely stay in that area and will not leave unless disturbed. So it's best to steer clear of that area. If you happen to see it out of its territory, report it." Night Hunter said.

"Okay." I said as I wrote everything down.

"Dragons," Night Hunter said, "Dragons are reptilian monsters that come many sizes and shapes. For example, one might be two meters tall and bipedal while another could be quadrupedal and up to ten meters in height. These beasts have the ability to blow fire and are very resistant to extreme amounts of heat. They usually reside in the volcanic, dry regions south east of the Hueyu territories of the Everfree, but small dragons were reported on the outskirts of that territory. The method to defeat one of these monsters will be discussed in the weapons unit. If you see one and unarmed, maintain your distance and keep a low profile." Night Hunter said.

"Next." I said after writing down.

"Manticore," Night Hunter said, "The Manticore is a large mix between a lion's body with dragon wings and a scorpion's tail. This creature comes to two meters in height and three in length. The Manticore habitat is located right next to the border that separates the Dovere and Batchu territories, so you might encounter it while patrolling the night. Now believe it or not, this creature will most likely not attack you unless you do something to enrage it. I would advise to just ignore it since it usually stays in its habitat. If you were to enrage it, then it would most likely swallow you whole, leaving no remains." Night Hunter said.

"Next." I said again.

"Parasprites. Parasprites are tiny little insects that are considered pests after the parasprite infestation in Ponyville in late August of this year. Their appearance is spherical, come in many colors and have the eyes that many would consider cute. Don't let their size and looks fool you though, these pests are known to devour anything in it's path. It can be a building, furniture, metal, they'll literally eat anything. Since the infestation, they haven't been reported, but C.A.M.A has reason to believe that they may be hibernating somewhere in the Everfree, so keep a close eye out for them." Night Hunter said.

"Go on." I said.

"And last but not least are the Ursa's. There are two know Ursa's so far, being the Ursa Minor and Ursa Major. These giants appear to resemble a bear, hence the term Ursa. The Ursa Minor comes up to about twelve meters on all fours and estimated thirty if it were to go bipedal. The Ursa Major on the other hand is the big one being fifty-five meters on all fours and a towering estimate of one hundred meters while on hind legs. The last known appearance one of these giants was in June of this year in Ponyville." Night Hunter said.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Apparently these two colts woke up the Minor while it was sleeping in a cave located near the end of the Hueyu territories. They're lucky that they weren't eaten or at the very most, didn't wake the Ursa Major. But we digress from the topic at hand," Night Hunter said, "The Ursa's can be easily be distinguished not only by size, but by color. The Minor has a blue glow and the Major is believed to have a dark purple glow. Going back to the Ursa's, they should never leave the cave unless they're disturbed." Night Hunter said.

"What should I do if I somehow encounter the Minor or the Major?" I asked.

"You get your flank out of there. Even I wouldn't mess with them and I have no idea if our weaponry will stop them. Heck, even Princess Celestia cannot banish them." Night Hunter replied.

"So run and don't look back?" I said.

"Yes, precisely." Night Hunter said.

"Okay. Any other creatures that I need to know about?" I asked.

"No. And I have complete confidence that you wrote everything I told you." Night Hunter said.

"That I did." I said.

"Good, good." Night Hunter said.

"What now?" I asked.

"Now I want you to make some flashcards." Night Hunter said, handing me little rectangular pieces of paper.

"Flashcards?" I asked.

"Yeah, something wrong with that?" he asked.

"No, not at all." I replied.

"That's more like it. Flashcards are a good method of studying and your time here will be a chock full of studying," Night Hunter said, "Take tidbits from your notes on each creature and write the information on either side you want and write the name of the creature on the other side of the paper." Night Hunter explained.

"So like; works in packs on one side and write Timberwolf on the back?" I asked.

"Perfect! Just be a little more descriptive." Night Hunter advised.

"Got it." I said.

I then began to work on the flashcards, reminded me a lot of what I would do in high school. I just wonder what my friends back on earth are up to at this moment. Hell, I wonder if that damn portal is still active or not. It would be a surprise if it still is. But anyways, I probably completed the flashcards in about twenty or thirty minutes. There was a lot of flashcards to do, forty to be exact.

"Alright, Night Hunter, I finished these flash cards." I announced.

"Now all you have to do is study for the rest of the hour and week." Night Hunter said.

"Wait, that was it?" I asked.

"You see, what C.A.M.A does is that we will introduce a unit and allow the student to write down notes for a test that will come within five or six days." Night Hunter said.

"Ah, so it's just like college." I said.

"What's college?" Night Hunter asked.

"Equestria doesn't have a college system?' I asked.

"Yeah, the education system in Equestria mainly focuses on cutie marks, magic and that kind of stuff." Night Hunter said.

"Oh, okay, because the college system is just like C.A.M.A's training program. You wake up, go to class, take notes, study and take a test sometime later on." I said.

"That's interesting." Night Hunter said.

The rest of the hour was just me studying silently and Night Hunter sat a his desk, writing something on numerous sheets of papers. After the hour was over, there wasn't really much that went on for the rest of the day. Sure, me and Night Hunter had a talk every once in awhile, but it wasn't much because today was one of his busy days.

Now that I think about it, the boredom really forced me to study because I didn't really have much to do. With Night Hunter busy, we couldn't talk much or do anything in the rec room. Besides studying, I tore a piece of paper out of the two-hundred page notebook and began to draw pictures of ponies for some reason. But yeah, not much really went on for the rest of the day. I also have a feeling that I may have to space out my entry's now that i'm here.

C.A.M.A: Day Six

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C.A.M.A: Day Six
December 12th, 2012

God, I now realize why that one student gave Night Hunter that Tartarus sign, it's boring around here. Like I said before, me and Night Hunter have our talks, but he's a busy stallion most of the time because he's the manager of the C.A.M.A Everfree branch. He says that he discusses certain topics with Luna while he's out and about. My guess is the types of dreams that Luna will pump into my mind once I past this first test.

With Night Hunter gone most of time, it gets really lonely around here and I can't talk to the guards outside because they are required to keep their eyes peeled for anything suspicious nearby. To pass the hours, I study my flashcards, draw and read some of the books from Twilight's library. I'm currently reading the History of Equestria, so that'll probably last me through a month or two.

However, later that night after an MRE supper, Night Hunter found some time to play a game of pool with me.

"So you think you can beat me?" Night Hunter asked me.

"I'll give er' a shot." I replied.

"We'll see about that. One game only and then we gotta head for bed or we'll both be bears in the morning." Night Hunter said.

"Yes, mother." I replied.

Night Hunter chuckled at the quip.

Night Hunter used his magic to levitate the triangle rack and settled it on the green surface while I went for the pool cues. I went for the slot at the end of the table to take some pools balls out, but my hand was to big to fit all the way in.

"Hand too big?" Night Hunter asked.

"Yeah, I could use some assistance here." I said.

"No need to worry." Night Hunter said as he walked over towards me.

"Here." I said, tossing him a pool cue.

"Thanks." he replied.

Night Hunter leaned his horn into the slot and levitated every single ball out while still levitating his cue.

"Huh, it's interesting how you can do that with multiple objects." I remarked.

"Levitation?" Night Hunter asked.

"Yeah. How does that even work? Do you just concentrate real hard or something?" I asked.

"Actually it's real simple. It's probably similar to how you move those little thingies on your hands." Night Hunter said.

"Is that so?" I asked, placing the multi-colored balls into the triangle.

"You see, Unicorns have all of these nerve endings in the horn that connect to the brain. The horn is what makes magic and levitation possible because it's rich of magical energy. When the neurotransmitter signals connect with the energy, it triggers levitation." Night Hunter said.

"That's pretty interesting." I said.

"Other races such as Earth ponies and Pegasi are also magical." Night Hunter said.

"How's that? I've never seen any pegasus or earth pony use levitation." I said.

"Unicorns and Alicorns are the only race capable of having that ability. Earth ponies are known to be more stronger than most ponies because their muscles absorb magic and pegasi are fast fliers because most of the magic is stored in the wing muscles." Night Hunter said.

That would explain why Applejack is so strong and Rainbow Dash having the ability to fly as fast as a jet.

Night Hunter then moved the triangle in a circular motion as the balls rolled along with it. He aligned the balls in the middle and placed the white ball on the opposite side of the table. With that, he removed the triangle, leaving the pool balls in a perfect triangular shape.

"You want solids or stripes?" Night Hunter asked.

"Stripes." I replied.

"Kay' then. We'll flip a bit to see who goes first. I'm heads and you're tails." Night Hunter said, showing me both sides of the coin.

"I know how it works." I said.

"Just making sure," Night Hunter said, tossing the coin up and landing on the table with heads up, "Ha-ha! Looks like I go first." he said.

"Eh." I replied.

Night Hunter levitated his cue behind the milky white ball and pulled it back before thrusting the cue. The ball rolled forward and impacted the purple ball with a *klank*, breaking up the balls and causing them to scatter around the table.

"Nice break." I complimented.

I inspected the striped balls for a possible shot into a hole. After finding a blue striped ball that lined up with the upper-right hole, I lined the cue up and smoothly pushed the cue into the white ball, pocketing the purple ball perfectly.

"Nice." I said.

I looked at the striped balls again and went for the striped orange. With my overconfidence getting the best of me, I pulled the cue back and pushed. The white ball rolled quickly past the ball, missing it.

"Ooh, tough luck." Night Hunter said.

"Had to let you have a turn." I replied.

"Ha!" Night Hunter exclaimed.

Night Hunter began to position the cue at an angle and squinted his right eye. After figuring out where he wanted to shoot, he thrusted the cue towards the ball, causing the ball to roll and bounce off the tables boundary. The ball ricocheted off the wall and impacted the ball, pocketing it into the hole.

"Damn, that was a shot." I complimented.

"That's a key element to pool; angles." Night Hunter said.

"Sure looks like it." I said.

Night Hunter began to position his cue for another shot and a random thought came to mind. How did Night Hunter survive out there in the Everfree when he was patrolling?

"So, uh, Night Hunter." I said.

"What?" he asked.

"I'm curious, how did you even survive out there on your own in the Everfree late at night?" I asked.

"Remember what I said before? Timberwolves are pretty cowardly creatures when they're up against something much bigger than them." Night Hunter reminded.

"Well, how tall are you?" I asked.

"Five foot-two." Night Hunter replied.

"I was previously five-ten and that one wolf came after me with no hesitation." I said.

"Really? What did you do?" Night Hunter asked, surprised.

"I ran." I replied, flatly.

"Well, duh!" Night Hunter said, knocking on his head with a hoof. "If you run from it, it'll see you as prey and not a threat. You have to stand your ground and look as intimidating as possible when you encounter one or even a pack." Night Hunter said, pushing his cue into the white ball.

"Yeah I can see that now." I agreed. "So, if you make yourself look intimidating, it drives them off?" I asked.

"Yep, but they always come back, they never seem to get the message to stay the tartarus away." Night Hunter said.

"That explains why they're in the Dovere territories at the moment." I said.

"Exactly. So far they've sticked to Dovere, but i'm not sure how long that'll be before they discover Ponyville. We don't want that to happen." Night Hunter said.

"Good point." I said.

"But I know you'll drive those beasts back once you get out there by yourself." Night Hunter encouraged.

"You bet." I said. "Speaking of which, did you have to walk at night?" I asked.

"Of course I did. It's not like I had somepony pull me in carriage." he replied.

"Have you ever heard of an automobile?" I asked.

"No, never." Night Hunter said.

"Automobiles are similar to wagons or carriages, but they have these pedals that you can push down for it to accelerate by itself." I explained.

"How do you know about these?" Night Hunter asked skeptically.

"Because they're from my world." I said.

"Technology from your world?" Night Hunter asked.

"That's right. I think the portal I came through is dumping stuff from my world into this world, so there might be more out there scattered across Equestria. I was lucky enough to find a Land Rover in the Everfree." I said.

"Huh. How much can it carry for cargo?" Night Hunter asked.

"I don't know, maybe a thousand pounds or something." I replied.

"That'll work great for you!" Night Hunter exclaimed.

"How?" I asked.

"Back then, I had to pull all of my equipment, which was mostly MRE's, water, yada-yada-yada in a large wagon. But now that there's more advanced technology and tactics that'll be used while patrolling, you will be able to conveniently store it in your land crawler or whatever." Night Hunter said.

"You're right!" I exclaimed. "But it really depends of what else i'll be carrying in the Land Rover." I said.

"It'll mostly be MRE's, water, weapons, mannequins, tools, personal medical supplies and that kind of stuff." Night Hunter listed.

"Sounds light enough." I said. "The hell would I need mannequins for?" I thought to myself, but brushed it off to the side and continued playing our game.

Our game progressed further and Night Hunter was down to the black eight ball while I had three more striped balls. The white and eight ball seemed to be at an impossible angle for me, but not to Night Hunter, he knows the ropes to this game. Night Hunter angled his cue in different directions before making his final decision. With one swift movement, he pocketed the eight ball like a pro. He had won.

"Dang. Well good game anyways." I said.

"Told ya' you couldn't beat me." Night Hunter said smugly.

"I admit it, you're pretty good at pool." I admitted.

"And I also admit that it was great to catch up and talk for a while. It's a pretty big contrast to my job." Night Hunter said.

"You too. It was getting a little boring around here by myself." I said.

"Sorry bout' that, but i'm the manager of the Everfree branch. You got it easy." Night Hunter said.

"Right, but we should probably head off to bed like you said, mother." I joked once again.

"Yeah, yeah." Night Hunter said.

After switching off the lights, we headed off to bed for the night for the next day to come.

"Night" I said to Night Hunter.

"Night, Caleb." he replied.

C.A.M.A: Day Eight

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C.A.M.A: Day Eight
December 14th, 2012

Today is that big test, and i'm feeling pretty good about it. Yesterday I studied for a good chunk of the afternoon, got plenty of rest and had a big MRE for breakfast today. I'm hoping that the test will be multiple choice because I prefer that over short answer, but i'm still equally good at them. At the moment i'm heading upstairs to actually take the test and hope to pass it and then i'll be able to move onto the next unit, which I don't know right now. I entered the classroom and Night Hunter was waiting for me at his desk.

"Ah. There you are." Night Hunter said.

"Hey," I replied, "You got that test ready?"

"Oh, quite anxious aren't you?" Night Hunter asked.

"Nah, I just want to get it out of the way and move on." I said.

Night Hunter levitated a five page packet and placed it flat on my table. Unfortunately all the questions were short answers, but it's probably for the best since you have to use your memory and knowledge to answer. Plus, multiple choice would probably be a bit too easy in the first place.

I thought at first that the questions on each creature would be in chronological order from my notes, but the question would constantly switch. For example, it would be question involving a Timberwolf and then a question of the Cragadile. Heck, even the meters questions slipped me up for a moment or two. After about ten or fifteen so minutes, I completed the test and handed it to Night Hunter.

"Done." I said.

"That was pretty quick than the average pony." Night Hunter said.

"It's because I studied hard," I said, "So what now?"

"For now you can take a seat and wait while I grade the test. If you get a A or B, you can move on to the next unit tomorrow. But if you go any lower, you'll have to redo it." Night Hunter informed.

"I have a good feeling about this test." I said.

"I admire your confidence. Now please sit" Night Hunter said.

I walked backed over to the chair and sat back down. Occasionally I would cast a glance Night Hunter and study his body language to at least get a hint of what I got, but he was good at hiding facial gestures while grading. Shortly after, he levitated the paper from his desk over to me. I looked at the front page and there was a big, blue letter A.

"Yes, yes, yes!" I exclaimed, victoriously.

"Good job, Caleb!" Night Hunter congratulated. "But remember that we have more units to cover." Night Hunter reminded.

"I know that. So what's the next unit?" I asked.

"I have feeling you're going to like my answer." Night Hunter said.

"Please let it be what I think it is." I said, anticipatedly.

"The next unit will be on weapons and devices." Night Hunter revealed.

"Awesome! So what am I going to be handling?" I asked.

"I'll just let you see for yourself tomorrow." Night Hunter said.

"Oh, come on." I said like a whiny kid.

"No, no." Night Hunter said. "And i'm also holding back the simulated dreams until you pass the weapons and device unit so that you know how to defend yourself during the dream." Night Hunter announced.

"Ah, okay." I replied.

Night Hunter began to walk to the door and said that he was heading out to discuss matters with Princess Luna. As he walked out the room and into the hallway, I glanced at the Tartarus sign and wondered if that one stallion who gave it to him was still patrolling the Everfree. Think about it. If Night Hunter said he was teaching the class and was also the manager of the Everfree branch at the time, then the stallion must have passed the C.A.M.A training program.

"Maybe i'll get a partner." I said to myself.

I rose out of my seat and called for Night Hunter. He was just about to exit the building when I entered the hallway and I caught up with him.

"What's up?" Night Hunter asked.

"That stallion who gave you the Tartarus sign." I said.

"What about him?" Night Hunter asked.

"Is he still patrolling the Everfree to this day?" I asked.

Night Hunter remained silent for a moment before he took off his Equestria cap and looked at me in the eyes.

"Look, Caleb, i'm a stallion who tells the truth and keeps my word, so it's no use to lying to you." Night Hunter said.

I was confused at his emotional shift and followed him back into the classroom. Night Hunter levitated two chairs and placed across from each other. Both of us took a seat and he gave the truth.

"What happened?" I asked.

"He didn't make it out there at night." Night Hunter said.

"Really? Damn." I replied.

"He was a good stallion and shared many similarities in your personality. He would study hard and showed he wanted to excel in being a C.A.M.A agent." Night Hunter said.

"So, he obviously passed the program." I said.

"Yes, he did pass the program three years ago and managed to patrol for about a year before the incident." Night Hunter said.

"Wow, that sucks." I replied. "What got him?" I asked.

"Take a wild guess." Night Hunter said.

"Timberwolves?" I answered.

"Yep. From what I remember from the tracks, it was a pack of four and two came up to him from behind and two from the front. I also found four dismembered legs scattered in different locations, so each wolf must've took one." Night Hunter said.

"God, that's brutal." I replied with disgust. "Did he at least go to a hospital?" I asked.

"No. C.A.M.A was planning on taking him to a hospital, but that couldn't be possible because they only found the parts the Timberwolves didn't like." Night Hunter answered.

"Jesus H. Christ." I said while looking up at the ceiling.

"It was a mess." Night Hunter added.

"That must've been hard on you knowing that the stallion you taught ended up dying out there after all that teaching." I said.

"Believe me it was," Night Hunter replied, "But that's why i'm implementing the simulated dreams so that you can adjust to the behaviors of each creature and know what's to come." Night Hunter said.

"I see. Was there a little funeral or service for him?" I asked.

"There was a little private service and memorial for his family to attend." Night Hunter replied.

"That's good." I said.

"Now, uh, i'd like to get on with my day if you don't mind." Night Hunter said.

"Of course. Sorry if you didn't like talking about this." I apologized.

"No it's okay, it just takes me back." Night Hunter replied.

"I understand." I said.

Night Hunter went for the door and I remembered what he said about the implementation of the simulated dreams.

"Thanks. Thanks for looking out for me." I said, right before he left the room

"No problem." Night Hunter said.

With that, he walked out of the room and exited the building, leaving me by myself. The rest of the day was pretty quiet since Night Hunter didn't get back until nightfall, so who knows what the hell he was doing. Maybe he wanted to pay a visit to the stallions grave. But yeah... today was pretty quiet.

C.A.M.A: Day Nine

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C.A.M.A: Day Nine
December 15th, 2012

I got up early today and discovered that Night Hunter was not in his bed, but I did find a note on it that clarified he was preparing the weapons, devices and that today he'll be teaching me outside for the hands-on weapons, so i'm very excited for this. I did my normal routine for the morning and put on my winter coat, hat, gloves and waited for Night Hunter's return.

Some time had gone by and I was beginning to wonder if Night Hunter was even coming back. Curiously, I grabbed the note again and noticed a little side text that instructed me to turn on the back because there was no more room on the small square sticky note. The backside revealed that he'd be back by nine o'clock and it was eight-twenty one at the time a read it. I didn't really know what to do to pass the time, so I decided to go eat something again.

After heading downstairs to the kitchen and grabbed a breakfast MRE that contained cereal with raspberries, oat biscuits with blackberry jam, a dark chocolate energy bar, orange flavored energy drink powder and a plastic spoon. I opened up the cereal packet and dumped some water into it so that that the cereal will absorb the liquid and turn it into a cereal-oatmeal mix.

"Am I eating because i'm bored?" I asked myself while chewing on my energy bar.

Once I finished the MRE, I headed back upstairs and had fifteen minutes left before Night Hunter returned. And so, when fifteen minutes had past, I heard the door to the entrance open and Night Hunter's silhouette could be made out at the end of the hallway.

"Be sure to bring your notebook!" Night Hunter yelled at the end of the hallway.

"Don't worry, i'll get it." I replied as I went back into the room to grab my notebook and pencil.

I hurried over to Night Hunter and we both left the building.

"What kind of equipment you got in store for me?" I asked.

"You'll see, soon enough." Night Hunter replied. "Okay, so today we're going to be heading down four hundred meters from Canterlot." Night Hunter said.

"You mean we're heading OFF of Canterlot and back down there?" I asked, pointing downwards.

"That's right. I got some royal pegasus guards to fly us down there so that we won't have to use the train." Night Hunter said.

"Oh, I see." I said.

When we reached the other side of the wall, there stood two royal pegasus guards with a golden carriage attached on their backs. I also shockingly noticed the back side was open and there were no safety belts, but only a railing to hold onto.

"No safety belts?" I asked.

"Yep. Just hold on tight and don't let go." Night Hunter replied.

"Oh, that's great." I said, nervously, with a gulp.

Both of us stepped onto the carriage and Night Hunter curled his foreleg around the railing while I gripped my hands tightly. I looked down to my right and noticed a large bag that probably contains the weapons and equipment i'll be working with.

"Ready?" one guard asked in a husky voice.

"Yep." me and Night Hunter replied.

With that, the guards began to flap their wings at a fast pace, making a little woosh sound with each flap. While flapping, the guards began to run forward. Once they reached a certain distance the carriage began to lift off the ground until we were high up in the air.

"Woah!" I exclaimed, looking down as vertigo began to set in.

I looked back and Canterlot became smaller the farther we went.

"Where the heck are we even going?" I yelled as the cold air blew into my face.

"We're heading to a secluded valley so that there will be no chance of any civilians spotting us using these weapons," Night Hunter yelled back, "We should be there soon." he added.

Shortly after he stated that, the carriage began to gradually descend, giving me that weird feeling as if my stomach was rising upwards.

"You feel that in your gut?" Night Hunter asked.

"Oh yeah, I can feel it real good." I replied.

"We're near our destination." one guard announced.

I observed the surroundings and each side of the valley were multiple large hills and a frozen river that ran through the middle. The carriage descended more until it finally came into contact with the snow covered surface. Me and Night Hunter hopped off the carriage and Night Hunter placed the long bag on his back as if it were a saddle. We walked a good distance away from the carriage before we stopped at a specific area out in the open space.

"Alright, so just like before, you write down what I say and later on when we get back to C.A.M.A. I'll give you a packet that'll have labels of the weapons and the devices so that you can learn what certain parts of the equipment do." Night Hunter said.

"Sounds good." I said while flipping the notebook pages.

"So first we'll start with devices." Night Hunter started.

Night Hunter unzipped the large bag and levitated out a small, black cylinder contraption

"This is called the X-ray Sensor. This device is designed to allow the user to see any creature through any obstacle. Once the device is switched on and the sweep button is pressed, the sensor will emit a pulse of wave energy that will sweep a one hundred meter circumference, outlining any creatures or biotics in the area for a good twenty seconds." Night Hunter said.

"Will Timberwolves be outlined as well?" I asked.

"Yes, yes, they will be outlined. Allow me to demonstrate." Night Hunter said.

Night Hunter than stood on his hind legs, put his right hoof under the device and used his left hoof to press the sweep button. Once pressed, the device let out deep hum sound that made my hearing go deaf for a millisecond as the visible light blue wave flowed across the ground and past me, heading off into the distance.

"Look at your arms." Night Hunter said.

I looked at my arm and shockingly discovered that my entire skeletal system could be seen by an orange, undulating outline on my clothing. Night Hunter, however, wasn't affected by this.

"How come it didn't work on you?" I asked, suspiciously.

"If the user places a part of his or hers body underneath the scanner, located at the bottom, it will not pick them up." Night Hunter explained.

"That explains." I said.

"Want to give it a try?" Night Hunter asked.

"Sure." I replied.

I walked over and Night Hunter gave me the device. I placed my hand on the bottom of the sensor and gently pressed the button, emitting the pulse wave. Night Hunter's skull outline began to slowly apparate on his face while the rest on his skeleton appeared on his fur coat and leather jacket.

"Oh my God, that is one of the most creepiest sights i've ever seen." I said.

"I thought the same thing about your skeleton." Night Hunter replied, his mandible bone visibly moving as he spoke.

"Ohhh, but it's so cool at the same." I said.

Night Hunter levitated the sensor out of my hand and placed it diligently back into the bag.

"Now this next device is rather more simple and straightforward," Night Hunter announced, digging in his bag before levitating a black cube device with speaker holes around it, "This is a sound emitter, or in simple terms, a speaker. This speaker plays a recording of a stallion having a full blown conversation." Night Hunter explained.

"How will this help me?" I interrupted.

"I was just getting to that," Night Hunter responded, "This speaker is used to attract hostile creatures that may be in your area. This would be used for a strategic ambush for say." Night Hunter said, putting the speaker back into the bag.

"Next is a small personal use flashlight that can be attached to your clothing in case you need to see in the dark. Pretty self explanatory," Night Hunter said, showing me the small light, "This flashlight can also be used to disorient creatures with its strobe mode." Night Hunter added as he switched strobe mode on, causing the light to blink at a rapid pace.

"Wow, that even blinded me and it's daytime right now." I said.

"The brightness is meant to equal to a stage spotlight, so you can see why it's so bright." Night Hunter clarified.

"Maybe a bit too bright." I said.

"Well, when you're out in the Everfree at night, you're going to need all the light you can get." Night Hunter reminded.

"True." I agreed.

Night Hunter put the flashlight back in the small pouch on the side of the bag and unzipped a wider zipper space.

"Now inside contains the weapons that you will be using. So, mark that down for this next section of notes." Night Hunter said.

"Okay." I said.

After he opened the bag, he levitated out this long, futuristic firearm that looked like a freakin railgun.

"This bad colt right here is the Igneous-1006, or you can call it Iggy." Night Hunter said.

I inspected the way it was designed and it looked like it was intended for pony use only.

"How am I supposed to use that? It looks like it's meant for pony use." I said.

"About that. I've discussed with the designers on how a highly evolved ape will be using it, so they're working on a version suitable for your hands." Night Hunter said.

"Did you really refer me as a highly evolved ape?" I asked.

"Nah, that was just a joke. And i'm pretty sure almost everypony in Equestria knows about you by now from the news media." he replied.

"Oh, okay, because I was wondering how I was going to use that. It would be pretty uncomfortable to wrap my forearm around the trigger." I said.

Don't worry, I thought ahead." Night Hunter said in a bragging manner. "But as I was saying, thanks to the collaboration with Celestia, the Igneous-1006 has the capability to turn any small creature into stone." Night Hunter said.

"Woah, woah, Night Hunter, are you telling me this sucker has alicorn magic as ammunition?" I questioned, perplexedly.

"Precisely. And the ammunition also has a regenerative agent. Therefore, you'll never run out." Night Hunter added.

"That's actually pretty cool." I said.

"Now here's how it works. First, you switch the on button located at the top," Night Hunter said, showing me the on switch and pressing it, causing the magic energy inside it fill up it, "Now you have two choices: thin;lesser power, or thick;max power. Thin;lesser power is used for small creatures such as Timberwolves and generates ninety decibels when fired. Thick;max power is used for larger threats such as dragons and generates one hundred-forty decibels, so it's pretty loud. Also, to increase the intensity in each mode, just hold down the trigger and for normal intensity, just tap it normally. To reload, all you have to do is cock the the bolt action lever on the left side and the next shot will be primed and ready." Night Hunter explained.

"What's the range of fire?" I asked.

"Four hundred meters." Night Hunter answered.

"You think I could give it a shot?" I asked after writing my note.

"I don't see why not." Night Hunter replied, handing me the Iggy.

Yes, i'm calling it the Iggy from now on.

Now getting my hands in the right position was quite a predicament. For example, I had to insert my left forearm into a circular "grip" near the barrel of the Iggy and the trigger was quite odd. There was a trigger guard on it, but the trigger was molded right on the interior backside, so I slightly cupped my hand around it, not gripping it. After awkwardly positioning my arms, Night Hunter instructed me to get into a stance.

"Got a good feel for it?" Night Hunter asked.

"I think so." I replied.

"Very good. Now how about you take a shot at that hill over there?" Night Hunter suggested.

I checked the right side of the Iggy to see if the thin;less power was on and cocked the lever to prime the magical energy. I brought the sights up to my eye level and aimed at the snow-covered hill.

"Got it?" Night Hunter asked.

"Yep, i got it." I reassured.

My arms slightly trembled as I took in deep breaths and made sure my aim was accurate. Finally, I quickly tapped on the trigger and a golden-yellow stream of energy immediately exited through the muzzle of the Iggy with a loud droning sound. My arms slightly jerked backwards while the laser like energy soared towards the hill with a loud *fssst* sound. Almost like the sound of a firework being launched into the sky. Once the energy came into impact with hill, I could see it form into a ball for a second before exploding, turning the white snow into a fairly large patch of solid stone.

"C'mon!" Night Hunter exclaimed, leading me to the patch of stone.

Once we made it the hill, the snow had melted and the grass was turned into small stone filaments as well as the soil.

"This may be a stupid question, but would this affect me?" I asked.

"What, if you were shoot yourself in the foot? Don't do that. You'll be turned to stone before you even realized you had an accident." Night Hunter answered.

"Right." I said.

"If you want, you can take another shot or we can continue onwards." Night Hunter said.

"I think i'll take one more shot to get a good feel of it. This time i'm setting it to extra thick and holding down the trigger." I said.

"Oh, getting bold aren't you?" Night Hunter asked.

"You know me." I said.

"If you're gonna do that, then I must warn you to not press the Igneous up to your shoulder or else you'll blow out your socket. You're gonna have to fire from the hip." Night Hunter urged.

"It's really that powerful?" I asked.

"These settings are meant for the big creatures, so yes." Night Hunter said.

After walking back to our original position, I got back into my stance and aimed from the hip and switched on thick;max power.

"Also make sure not to hold for more than thirty seconds or else it'll overcharge." Night Hunter informed.

"Got it." I replied.

Taking in a deep breath, I gripped the trigger tightly, charging up the magic as the Iggy began to hum loudly.

"Oh shit!" I exclaimed.

I then slowly eased off of the trigger and then, *BANG*, a much larger stream or yellow energy shot out of the Iggy. I stumbled back few steps from the force and nearly fell over. Hell, it was so loud that the bang echoed like the after sound of a jet flyby. The laser traveled at a faster rate this time before impacting the hill, causing a louder explosion that slightly vibrated the ground. A decent chunk of the hill turned into stone once impacted.

"You guys alright over there?" one guard shouted.

"We're fine! Just had to test out the Iggy." I replied back.

"Nice shooting, Tex." Night Hunter said.

"You think that the stone patch might look a little suspicious if somepony were to come across it?" I asked.

"It might. We'll just have to hope for the best." Night Hunter said.

"Yeah. Hope no one will catch on." I said.

"Exactly." Night Hunter said.

"Okay, so what's next?" I asked.

"Ah, yes," Night Hunter said as he switched off the Iggy and placed back in the bag, "What we have next will be used against Timberwolves or to shoo away other creatures."

"Whatcha' got?" I asked.

"Remember when I said that Timberwolves burn easy?" Night Hunter asked.

"I remember clearly." I replied.

"Well, what we have here is the Timberferno-1002," Night Hunter revealed, levitating a contraption that looked like a flamethrower, but small enough to use two hand easily, "Just like the Igneous, the Timberferno contains magical energy with a regenerative agent, but another agent that's very similar to fire is stored in these two blue tanks." Night Hunter said.

"I see. It's magic, but it acts like fire." I said.

"You're right. And fire is the next biggest weakness to Timberwolves aside from light. As soon as this heated energy comes into contact with the timber wood, it'll be set ablaze like a pile of dry leaves." Night Hunter said.

"Cool." I said.

"To activate the Timberferno, just turn the valve right here to open up the muzzle. And to fire, just simply aim and squeeze the nozzle here, don't jerk it." Night Hunter said, pointing at the nozzle that looked like it belonged on a caulk. "Once fired, the flames can reach a maximum ten meters in length." Night Hunter added.

Night Hunter began to curl his foreleg in a squeezing motion around the nozzle and a dark red magical energy with tiny white sparkles spewed out of the muzzle. What made this even more legitimate is the fact that extreme amounts of heat radiated onto my face, causing me to squint my eyes. Also, the snow had a slight shade a red right casted onto it.

"Another thing I should mention is that the rate of fire can last for ten seconds before it must recharge for that certain amount of time to prevent overheating." Night Hunter added.

"Okay." I said as I wrote that in my notebook.

"And to deactivate the Timberferno, just turn the valve to the left to close the passageways." Night Hunter said. "Wanna give it a try?" Night Hunter asked.

"Ummmm, sure." I replied.

Night Hunter then gave me the Timberferno and I adjusted adjusted my grip on the nozzle. Unknowingly, I placed my left hand on one of the blue tanks, which was searing hot. I quickly reacted as I felt my hand sizzle a little.

"Damn, that's hot!" I hissed, shoving my hand into the refreshing snow.

"Horseapples, that was my bad! I should've told you that the tanks are very hot. My bad." Night Hunter apologized.

"That's alright. I'm glad I took my hand off while I could." I said.

"You sure you're alright?" Night Hunter asked.

"Don't worry about it, i'm fine." I said.

"Thank Celestia." Night Hunter sighed.

"Let's try that again." I said.

This time I made sure not to touch the blue tanks and placed my hands in the right positions. Gently squeezing the nozzle, the red hot magic came out in spurts before becoming more fire like. The magic made a *fffffff* sound as I slightly waved the Timberferno left and right. I directed my aim at the ground and the cold, powdery snow instantly melted.

"Sure does the job well. Melts snow and burns skin." I said.

Night Hunter chuckled at the comment and levitated the Timberferno from my grasp, turned the valve to the left and placed it bag into the bag.

"And that concludes the weapons and devices presentation." Night Hunter concluded.

"Okay then. Are these weapons and devices new or has C.A.M.A recently developed them?" I asked.

"The Igneous-1006 has been around for a while, but the rest are fresh, brand new ideas brought to reality." Night Hunter answered.

"Oh, okay. So, are we heading back to C.A.M.A now?" I asked.

"That we are. Let's go." Night Hunter said.

After making our way back onto the carriage, the two pegasus guards started to run and flapped their wings at the same time before lifting off into the sky.

"So any lights will work on Timberwolves?" I asked.

"Uh-huh. Sunlight they can't stand because as you know, the sun is a giant ball of light." Night Hunter said.

"No kidding." I replied. "Those Timberwolves will be in for a big surprise." I said.

Later on, we arrived back at C.A.M.A and Night Hunter handed me a packet with the weapon and device diagrams, labels and all that. Aside from the packet, I plan on making flashcards because that method of studying seems to be doing good for me. However, I need to be more descriptive with the weapons and devices units to fully remember what I need to know for the next test that will be two weeks from now. So for now, I plan on laying low for a while and give myself a break since I have two weeks, plenty of time. I just wonder what those six mares and that dragon are up to at the moment.

C.A.M.A: Day Fifteen

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C.A.M.A: Day Fifteen
December 21st, 2012

Not much has happened of the day, but things have been going good. I got my flash cards all finished for this unit, me and Night Hunter hang out in the rec room at night, play pool, ping-pong and i've begun doing some calisthenics to keep myself in shape since you don't get much exercise here. In my opinion, they should add a daily exercise unit to this program, but who knows, maybe one of the upcoming units will be exercise.

Aside from all of these upbringings, I'll admit that I still miss Twilight and Spike. Sure, I miss the other five, but i've only bonded with Twilight and Spike the most, so i've kinda got a bit of a strong attachment to them than the other five.

While I read up on the history of Equestria, I came across the whole story on how Equestria became a nation of earth, pegasi and unicorn ponies: Hearth's Warming. Ironically, Hearth's Warming lands on the same day as Christmas as well as the eve. Since I can't give Twilight and Spike a present, I thought it would be nice to write them a letter. It may seem like a long shot for Night Hunter, but if I keep the whole 'going to learn Equestrian history BS story' I told Spike, I could pull it off. After thinking about it, I headed to the classroom where Night Hunter sat at his desk.

"Hey, Hunter." I said.

"How are you, Caleb?" he replied.

"I'm doing great." I said.

"Glad to hear that. So what is it you wanted to say?" he asked.

"I've been thinking about it and I thought it would be nice to send a letter to certain somepony's I know." I said.

"Sssss, I don't know about that, Caleb." Night Hunter disagreed.

"Look, I told the most trustworthy pony and close friend that I was going up to do the C.A.M.A program." I admitted.

"YOU WHAT!?" Night Hunter boomed.

"Wait! Wait! This pony's name was Twilight Sparkle and she is a pupil of Princess Celestia. I know Twilight and she keeps her word on what she says." I claimed.

"I have heard of this Twilight Sparkle and what she did for Equestria.... okay fine, you can write a letter to her. But you were lucky to tell her only." Night Hunter said in a calmer tone.

"Night Hunter, I wouldn't tell anypony else except Twilight. I'm not that dumb." I said.

"Good. Now go, i'm busy at the moment." Night Hunter said.

"You got it." I said as I closed the door.

After heading back the bunks, I opened up to the back page of my notebook, folded it and began to write a letter

Dear Twilight Sparkle and Spike,

Since the holiday, Hearth's Warming is approaching, I thought it would be nice to send you this letter and tell you how i'm doing. Firstly, i've been doing great. Recently, i'm studying about the the whole story about the Crystal Empire and the evil unicorn that caused it to disappear, but I really don't want to bore you with a history lesson. Yes, Spike, i'm talking about you. Aside from studying, I really just wanted to let you guys know that I miss you dearly and that I can't wait to see you guys, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash again in March. And I also wish you guys a very happy Hearth's Warming, or as they say in my world, Merry Christmas. Please respond to this letter as soon as you can. And again, Happy Hearth's Warming, Twilight and Spike.

Sincerely, your dear simian friend, Caleb Barlow.

After finishing the letter, I tore it out of the notebook and folded it. I than walked back down to the classroom and knocked on the door.

"Yes?" Night Hunter replied from the other side.

"You got any envelopes in there I could use?" I asked.

"I do. Come in and I'll give you one." Night Hunter said.

I opened the door and Night Hunter levitated a letter into my hands.

"How am I going to mail this? Should I walk all the way to Canterlot?" I asked.

"No need for that. Just give it to one of the pegasus guards out front and they'll send it to the post office in Canterlot." Night Hunter said.

"Thanks." I said.

"Yep." he replied.

After writing the return address, destination address and all of that on the envelope, I walked out of the building and passed through the wall to the outside. It was now nighttime and some guards were watching the perimeter.

"Are any of you stallions a pegasus?" I asked.

A pegasus guard then flew down from the top of the wall barrier and landed behind me. I turned around quickly to the sudden thud.

"I would be, Sir Barlow." the guard replied.

"I need you to send this letter to postoffice in Canterlot city." I ordered.

"Yes, sir." he replied.

The guard grabbed the letter with his teeth and flew away towards Canterlot. I have to admit, Canterlot is a pretty nice looking city when it's all lit up for the holiday. After that, I headed back inside, poured myself a bowl of potato chips from the rec room, went back to the rec room and read the Equestrian history book. Y'know.... Equestria's history is pretty interesting and a little dark. I shit you not when I mentioned that the Crystal Empire vanished into thin air. That unicorn named Sombra somehow made it vanish somewhere up north where it's always snowy. But anyways, I pretty much read the book until it was time for bed.

C.A.M.A: Day Eighteen

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C.A.M.A: Day Eighteen
December 24th, 2012

Not much really went on in the morning or afternoon since Night Hunter was gone for the day, but Night Hunter said he'd be back by nightfall, which is the time at the moment. I laid silently on my bed while reading the Hearth's Warming story in the Equestrian history book. Shortly after I finished reading the whole story, I heard music echo in the hallway. Music that sounded rather similar the instrumentals to Silent Night. I peeked my head out of the doorway and looked to my right and there was Night Hunter fiddling with a record player.

"Just thought i'd set the mood for Hearth's Warming Eve." Night Hunter clarified.

"When did you get back? I didn't even hear you come in." I said.

"About fifteen minutes ago. Didn't you see me walk past the doorway to get this old record player from downstairs?" Night Hunter asked.

"No. I must've been really into this book I was reading." I replied.

"Oh." Night Hunter said.

I looked at the left side of Night Hunter's left abdominal area and he had a pouch attached on.

"What's in the pouch?" I asked.

"Since I couldn't get you something for Hearth's Warming, I thought I would head down to the post office to see if your friends responded to your letter." Night Hunter said.

"And?" I asked with anticipation.

Night Hunter responded by levitating a envelope out of the pouch and slightly waved it.

"I knew they'd respond just in time!" I said, cheerfully.

"I also picked up some eggnog from the market in Canterlot." Night Hunter added, taking a quart of eggnog out.

"Aw, sweet! I also wanted to try eggnog, but never got the chance." I said.

"Excellent. We can finish this together. I don't think I can take this stuff all at once." Night Hunter said.

"Why? Is it alcoholic?" I asked.

"Yep." Night Hunter replied.

"Eh, a little alcohol never hurt anyone," I mumbled to myself, "Come on in here." I directed Night Hunter.

Night Hunter then walked into the bunks and gave me the envelope that contained the letter.

"Open 'er up." Night Hunter said, sitting next to me on the bed.

I gently ripped the top part of the envelope off and I could see a piece of paper inside. With that, I took the paper and out and unfolded it.

Dear Caleb,

It was so reassuring for me and Spike to receive a letter from you and how much you're learning. Just like you, me, Spike and other girls miss you so much as well. Trying to explain your absence to the other five was actually quite challenging. Pinkie wouldn't stop asking questions nonstop until I finally convinced the story to her, but the others weren't as hard. Things around Ponyville have been going great. Everypony's been getting into the holiday's and all of that. Speaking of getting into the holiday season, the whole gang is going up to Canterlot to participate in the Hearth's Warming play, so maybe you could see it. Other than that, not much has really going on. One more thing, please keep working hard on what you do up there in Canterlot so that I won't have to worry about you once you actually go into the Everfree. It would break everypony's heart to see you go so soon, but I know that will never happen. We miss you so much!

Sincerely, your dear friend, Twilight Sparkle.

P.S: Spike thought that little comment about him was pretty funny.

After reading the letter, it gave me more encouragement to keep doing what I do even more harder and warmed my heart.

"I think there's one more thing inside there." Night Hunter alerted.

I looked in the envelope and pulled out a photo; the photo of myself, Twilight, Spike, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash at the train station the day I came back from visiting the princesses. As I inspected the photo, I noticed that Spike blinked when the camera flashed, so i'll probably give him shit about that when I get back, from all the nicknames he gave me.

"So these are your friends?" Night Hunter asked, giving a glass of eggnog to me.

"Yep." I replied, sipping on the creamy eggnog. "Mmm, that's pretty good." I said.

"Well, that's another thing we have in common." Night Hunter said. "Say, is that a dragon?" he asked, noticing Spike.

"Mmm-hmm, his name is Spike. He's was raised by ponies, so he's harmless." I said.

"Is he smart?" Night Hunter asked.

"Of course. Why do you ask?" I replied.

"Most of the feral dragons near the volcanic regions are pretty dumbfounded boneheads, so I was wondering if Spike was smart or not." Night Hunter explained.

"Nope, he's pretty smart, but can be a little jokester sometimes." I said.

"You're lucky to have good friends like that. Heck, they seem like a family from the way I see it." Night Hunter remarked.

"You got any family?" I asked.

"No.... they're long gone." Night Hunter replied.

"Damn. Not even a mom, dad, brother or sister?" I asked.

"Not one, i'm the only one left." he said. "It gets very lonely around the holidays with no family to spend it with." Night Hunter added, taking a bigger swig of eggnog.

"I know how you feel." I said, patting him on the back.

"You do?" Night Hunter asked.

"When I came to this world, I had to leave my family behind as well. I could've prevented that by not going near that portal, but my curiosity got the best of me. Perhaps me and you are not so different even though we are two separate species." I said, taking a large swig of eggnog.

"You actually prove a good point." Night Hunter said.

"Yeah." I replied.

Five minutes had passed and I was starting to feel a little fuzzy on the inside.

"Hmmmm. My head feels like it's swimming." I said, my voice sounding a little slurred.

"Me too." Night Hunter replied.

"Hey, Night Hunter, i've a crazy theory about Timberwolves." I said.

"Is it a funny one?" Night Hunter asked with a hiccup at the end of the question.

"Just bear with me on it, okay?" I asked.

"Alright, hit me." Night Hunter replied.

I then gave Night Hunter a slap on the face, emitting a loud smacking sound in the room. Night Hunter fell over on the carpet while laughing and moaning in pain.

"Kid, I didn't mean it literally." Night Hunter slurred drunkenly as he stumbled to regain his balance.

"Oh, my bad, man." I replied.

"So here's my theory: What if Timberwolves are wolves, like animal wolves, in some kind of mecha suit made out of wood and they only come out at night because they're wolves." I said like an idiot.

"That doesn't even make any sense." Night Hunter replied, walking into the bed and falling over again.

"Worth a shot, man. Worth a shot." I replied.

I then stood up and I was absolutely dizzy and hammered at the moment. I began to chug the rest of the eggnog, which was probably nearly all out, down my throat.

"Whoa-ho." Night Hunter said as I began to chug.

I finished the rest of the eggnog in seven seconds flat. I dropped the empty quart carton to the ground and stared at Night Hunter with one eye open.

"You are an legend, Caleb." Night Hunter praised as I let out a hiccup.

Suddenly, I began to feel sleepy and fell over onto the mattress. That's all I remember from that point. Sure as hell an interesting way to spend my first Hearth's Warming Eve in Equestria.

C.A.M.A: Day Twenty Two

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C.A.M.A: Day Twenty Two
December 28th, 2012

Okay, so today was the day I took the test for the weapons and devices unit and I passed it, an A-. Tomorrow I begin the "Tactics Unit" which will teach me on how to deal with any creature if one were to enter the territory i'm supposed to monitor, which in fact is the Dovere territory. Night Hunter said I might be granted authorization to enter the Hueyu and the Batchu territories sometime later down the road of my career as a C.A.M.A agent.

Now some of you might be wondering what happened in the morning that followed Hearth's Warming Eve. So basically, me and Night Hunter were hung over for the most of the morning. My hangover was the worse because I guess Night Hunter has had his share of alcoholic beverages in the past and developed a tolerance, but me, that's whole different story. Most of my morning that day was nausea and head-splitting migraines, it was hell. But like they say, the only cure to a hangover is time. That time mostly involved me and Night Hunter sleeping into the afternoon until our hangovers were diminished. Once we woke up from our naps, we felt a whole lot better than before.

Coming back to my passing of the weapons and devices unit, Night Hunter has given authorization for Princess Luna to implement the simulation dreams into my mind while i'm asleep. It's now eight-fifteen at night and in about five minutes, Princess Luna will fly from the Canterlot Castle to C.A.M.A to brief me on what will happen, so i'm waiting for her arrival with Night Hunter.

"So these dreams are going to involve only the creatures i've learned?" I asked.

"Almost all of the dreams will involve Timberwolves since they're the most common creature reported in the Dovere territories." Night Hunter replied.

"No Cocktrice? No Manticore? No Cragadile?" I asked.

"Yep, just Timberwolves, but that doesn't mean they aren't out there." Night Hunter said.

Right after Night Hunter said that statement, we both heard a muffled thump sound that came from outside.

"What was that?" I asked.

"Sounded like someone crashed into something hard." Night Hunter responded.

"Cursed wall!" Luna exclaimed from the outside.

"Did Luna just ram into the wall?" I asked.

"I suppose. It's not like we have lights outside to signify where we're at. C.A.M.A, as you know, is a secret place." Night Hunter said.

"Oh yeah. Ouch." I said.

All of a sudden, Luna teleported into the room with a quick bright white flash. Night Hunter then bowed down at Luna's presence and I did the same. After I got back on my feet, she spoke.

"Caleb Barlow." Luna said in a greeting manner.

"Princess Luna." I replied.

"I'm glad to hear that thou art exceeding at an impressive rate here at the Canterlot Anti-Monster Agency." Luna said.

"Thank you, Princess. How's your sister been doing, if you don't mind me asking." I said.

"She has been very well. She was actually quite surprised at your unexpected decision to join this agency." Luna replied.

"In a good or bad manner?" I asked.

"Neither. An impressed manner." Luna responded.

"Really? That's good." I said.

"Now the dreams?" Night Hunter hinted.

"Right. Caleb, you will be subjected to these dreams for over the course of December twenty-eighth to the twenty-seventh of February. These dreams are not meant to harm thee, but to teach the behaviors of these creatures from a personal perspective and to utilize what you have learned here. As time goes on, thou will learn more information on how to improve in thy dreams. Once thou falleth into a deep sleep, I will use my powers to enter your subconscious and that is what will make the dream commence. Please do not be alarmed by this, thou won't even realize what is going on. Now if thou were to slip up while in thy dream, it will be suspended and thou will remain in a slumber. Doth thee understand?" Luna said.

"Yes, Princess Luna, I understand." I replied.

"Have thee done everything thee need to do before thou will catch but a wink?" Luna asked.

"Yep. Brushed my teeth and everything." I said.

"Very good. Now all I have to say now is that I wish thee good luck in thy dreams." Luna farewelled.

"Thanks." I said, shaking her hoof.

With that, Luna lit up her dark blue aura on her horn before teleporting out of the building.

"Alright i'll see you in the morning." I said to Night Hunter.

"Good luck." Night Hunter said as he crawled into his blankets.

The lights to the bedroom then shut off and I closed my eyes.

*Sometime later*

I opened my eyes and I was now on a dirt path that led into the pitch black wooded area. The night was late and the moonlight just barely illuminated the ground in front of me. I looked up at the moon and noticed an outline of an alicorn, similar to the whole "man in the moon" outline some people see back on earth. Once I saw that, I figured it was Luna's way of saying that she was watching over me in the dream, so I waved at the moon.

I felt around my body and found out I was wearing a leather jacket. While feeling my leathery texture on my jacket, I felt a little flashlight attached to my shoulder and pressed the little button on the back of it. Everything in front of me in the darkness of the night suddenly became clear as day as the bright light of the flashlight lit everything up at a wide length. Looking downwards, I found a large backpack, the Iggy, the Timberferno and the other devices. It was fairly similar to how a mediocre action video game begins. After I gathered all of my equipment, I headed off into the woods.

As I walked, I took notice at how eerily silent it was since the only sound I heard was my boots rubbing against the dry dirt with every step I took. It was too quiet. I thought now was a good time to use the X-Ray Sensor. So I reached into one of the pouches on my backpack and grabbed the sensor. After placing my hand underneath the device, I pressed the sweep and the light blue wave swept the ground, trees, bushes, etcetera. The only outlines that came up were from small mammals such as squirrels inside the trees and rabbits that slept in their burrows underneath the ground.

As time went on, I felt like I was walking forever in a continuous straight line before I heard the howl of a wolf in the distance.

"I'm ready for this time, you bitches." I said, quietly.

I quickly shut off my flashlight and reached for my X-ray Sensor. I pressed the sweep button and the outlines of four large orange figures walking directly towards me. With my quick thinking, I jumped into a bush and waited for them to pass by. As I watched from the thick bush, I grabbed the Timberferno out of my backpack and turned the valve to the right. To keep track of the Timberwolves, I pressed the sweep button every time the twenty second timespan expired. The more closer they got, the more profound their figures appeared.

I readied my Timberferno once the pack was right in front of me. Sweat ran down my neck and my heart beated a thousand miles a minutes as I prepared to attack. My hatred of Timberwolves is what brought me to switch on my light and charge at them, yelling at them in the process. I was just about to squeeze the nozzle when I was woken up by Night Hunter, it was morning.

C.A.M.A: Day Twenty Three

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C.A.M.A: Day Twenty Three
December 29th, 2012

"Wait.... wha-?" I asked, rubbing my eyes.

"It's morning." Night Hunter replied.

"Already? I swear I was only asleep for twenty minutes, but I still feel like I slept through nine hours." I said.

"Maybe time goes by real quick when you're dreaming." Night Hunter guessed.

"I guess so." I said with a yawn.

"Well, get ready for the day and i'll meet you in the classroom." Night Hunter said.

"Okay." I replied.

Never in my life have I ever had a dream that seemed like it was really happening. If Luna hadn't of notified me of the dreams she would pump into my mind, I would've mistaken it for real life. No kidding. But anyways, after I got ready for the day and had a breakfast, I headed up to the classroom. Night Hunter was reading a paper while he raised his right eyebrow.

"Alright, i'm reading this report that Luna just sent me and i'm very glad you're utilizing your devices." Night Hunter said.

"I knew she was watching me." I thought to myself.

"But then she noted that you planned an attack on the pack of Timberwolves." Night Hunter said.

"Is that bad?" I asked.

"Oh no, no, no, not at all. I'm actually quite impressed because that's the kind of stuff you'll be learning today, but i'd rather have you stand your ground if you see an oncoming Timberwolf or pack." Night Hunter replied.

"Oh, well good." I said.

"So in that case, take a seat and we'll begin our lesson for today." Night Hunter instructed.

"Alright." I said, taking a seat.

"Today's unit will be Tactics and Duties. Write that down as a header in your notebook." Night Hunter said.

After writing that down, I signalled him to continue.

"Do you happen to remember the mannequins I mentioned before?" Night Hunter asked.

"Yes, I do." I replied.

Night Hunter then walked towards a side closet, opened it and pulled out a mannequin of a stallion with a painted red coat and a realistically fake brown mane.

"This mannequin right here is one of the four you'll be working with." Night Hunter said.

"Interesting. How will this mannequin help me out there?" I asked.

"Good question. Firstly, these mannequins are meant to imitate a living pony and tricking creatures, mostly Timberwolves, into attacking them. These mannequins are also made with reinforced steel so that you can keep using them without being severely damaged. You will place these mannequins anywhere you think a creature may have trespassed in your territory or you can use them in another tactic that will be vital to you at night." Night Hunter said.

"How?" I asked, writing down what Night Hunter just said.

"Back when the Everfree branch first started out, former agents would have to wander on hoof through the numerous paths of the Everfree Forest to eliminate a creature. Think of it as playing a game of life and death hide-and-seek. But since you have the days to inspect your territory during the day and to search for signs of a creature in your territory, you can plan ahead and set a trap," Night Hunter said, "For example, if you were to find toppled trees or bark that has been gnawed on, typical signs of Timberwolf activity, I would bet you my bottom bit that the Timberwolves would return to that area the next night. And so, you can take one of your mannequins, place it in a good spot, find a hiding spot and plan an ambush attack." Night Hunter said.

It seems that I might be doing some kind of guerilla warfare tactic.

"What hiding place would you recommend?" I asked.

"A large bush would be okay, but since your specie are variants of apes and the Everfree is abundant with trees, you could climb up a tree and wait." Night Hunter suggested.

"How sharp are the Timberwolves senses, if you don't mind me asking?" I said.

"Their scent of smell and hearing are very poor since their anatomy is wood, but their sight is as sharp as a new blade," Night Hunter replied, "Therefore, once you graduate this program, you will be given a camouflage outfit to make yourself more subtle in appearance." Night Hunter added.

"Sounds good." I said, writing in my notes.

"I would also recommend that you use the Igneous-1006 when staking out Timberwolves because the Timberferno is mostly used for closer range, but if you were to find a position that can reach ten meters, use that if you want. Since Timberwolves have terrible hearing, they'll most likely scan the area for a cause of what just stoned their pack member or they will most likely run, but that doesn't mean you should come out of your hiding place yet. Use your X-Ray Sensor to check the area before descending." Night Hunter said.

"Got it." I said.

"If you were to stone a creature in your territory, they won't just fade away into thin air like ashes. That's where this comes into play." Night Hunter said, levitating a large sledgehammer from behind his desk. "This sledgehammer is used to break up the stoned creature into large chunks of stone. The reason why you'll be doing this is to cover up evidence and avoid suspicions from civilians. Once you break the stoned creature into numerous chunks, collect them and dump them at a secluded area far from civilization. If this sledgehammer were to break or happen to be damaged, contact C.A.M.A and we'll send you a new one. Got it?" Night Hunter said.

"Yep." I replied.

"Good. Now after you've stoned and destroyed the evidence, you will have to fill out a creature elimination form." Night Hunter said, placing a thin sheet of paper that stated "C.A.M.A Creature Elimination Form" in bold.

The form had all of these questions that were pre-filled out, so this is used for study purposes. This would include the date, specie, quantity, weapon used, stoned or burned, time of elimination and all that kind of stuff.

"I know it may seem like a chore, but this is a standard, mandatory C.A.M.A procedure that's been used since the beginning." Night Hunter said. "And that concludes what you need to know." Night Hunter concluded.

"Really?" I asked.

"Short, am I right? It's really not rocket science to do these duties." Night Hunter said.

"Hey, Night Hunter, remember that Land Rover I told you about like two weeks ago?" I asked.

"Yeah, yeah, the automobile, right?" Night Hunter said.

"Yes. I was wondering.... you think the Timberwolves would follow me if I were to somehow get them to?" I asked.

Night Hunter's facial expression started to form anger, but I stopped him before he could retort.

"Think about it, if I could get them to follow me all the way to the borders of the Hueyu or the Batchu territories. And if i'm correct, you revealed to me that the Timberwolves are only three miles from Ponyville, right?" I asked.

"Yes." he replied with a sigh.

"Night Hunter, I can lead them back an extra five miles. It'll take them a long time to get back to the position they're at right now." I explained.

"Depends. Can your automobile reach up to forty miles an hour?" Night Hunter asked with a much more calm expression.

"Forty? From what i've seen on the speedometer, it can reach one hundred and twenty." I said.

"Then it might be possible, but I wouldn't recommend doing that. If you want to take that risk, you can, I won't intervene." Night Hunter said.

"Kay' then." I replied.

Now the reason why I asked that is because I believe it was my subconscious speaking. Deep down, i'm someone who doesn't like to kill. My dad was a hunter and he managed to convince me to hunt deer with him when I was twelve and when I shot my first deer, I remember saying: "Are you happy now?" I didn't like taking that deer's life. But now that i'm in C.A.M.A and my duty is to secure the Dovere territory, it seems that I will need to break out of the shell and start manning up.

"I'll see you around, Night Hunter." I said as I headed for the door.

"You too, Caleb." Night Hunter replied.

I could tell that Night Hunter was still a bit iffy on the whole idea of leading the Timberwolves back to the Hueyu or the Batchu territories, but as I was creating my flashcards, I began to agree with his standpoint. What made me agree was the fact that it would be pretty hard to take sharp turns at forty miles an hour on narrow dirt paths and i'm pretty sure Land Rover's aren't meant to be racers, but off road vehicles. Not only that, but it would take time to turn my ass around on the narrow paths because I would mostly likely have to do a Y-turn and speeding away from the wolves wouldn't be easy when they're charging towards you. And lastly, Night Hunter did say that you have to stand your ground or the wolves would see you as not a threat, but prey. So my mind has been made up and I plan to do my job the C.A.M.A way.

Later on that evening, when me and Night Hunter were heading off to bed, I informed him of my decision.

"Night Hunter, I just wanted to say that I agree with your opposite view on leading the Timberwolves back. I thought about the negatives and also the fact that this unnecessary move is against your teachings, teachings that are meant to help me. So yeah, sorry." I said.

Night Hunter smiled at what I just said.

"I'm glad you came to your senses, Caleb." Night Hunter replied. "Believe it or not, I actually tried that when I was the Everfree patrol pony and nearly lost my life, but I succeeded." Night Hunter admitted.

"You did?" I asked.

"I sure did. Just like you, I was very young and very naive. I thought I could outrun them for those five miles back, but I miscalculated their speed for thirty miles an hour when it was really forty." Night Hunter said.

"How fast are ponies?" I asked.

"The average is thirty or thirty-five, so yeah, big mistake." Night Hunter replied.

"How did you lead them back with such a speed difference?" I asked.

"Went through the wooded area, not the open pathway. Due to the way their structures are designed, they have trouble maneuvering through the trees and obstacles while it was much more easier for me. When I got way more farther ahead of them, I dove into a bush and they ran right past me, but I call it luck." Night Hunter said.

"Now I see why you seemed so against my proposition earlier." I said.

"Exactly." he replied. "Other than that, I followed the normal C.A.M.A guidelines for the rest of my time out there." Night Hunter concluded.

"Huh, glad to hear you learned from your mistake." I said.

"Me too. But that's enough chit-chat. Let's get a good night's sleep for tomorrow." Night Hunter said.

"For you. I on the other hand have to go through these dreams." I reminded.

"But those are good. They help you adjust to what will be happening once you graduate here. And you get to use your knowledge from today in tonight's dream." Night Hunter reminded as well.

"That, you are right." I said, climbing into my bed.

C.A.M.A: Day Forty-Four

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C.A.M.A: Day Forty-Four
January 19th, 2013

Three weeks have past, but I have done nothing but studying and dreaming of what's to come for me in the future. Days go by like clockwork and hours feel like minutes. The dreams have taken a toll on me and I do not fear Timberwolves anymore since I kick their sorry butts most of the time and I have become proficient in my use of my equipment. I was thinking of documenting my improved performances, but I thought it would be best to describe when i'm faced with reality. Since I have not wrote anything of interest in such a long time period, I thought it would be good to do an update entry and what's happened so far. So, let's begin two days after the Tactics and Duties unit.

First, let's mention the fact that it's now the year 2013! Still can't believe it's been three months since i've arrived in Equestria. The first day I was alienated at first, but look at me now, i'm training to become an agent and like Night Hunter mentioned, most ponies in Equestria probably know about me.

Apparently, Equestria doesn't have New Year's Day, so that kinda sucks. To make the New Year's Eve more enjoyable, me and Night Hunter spent most of the night in the rec room having a pool and ping-pong competition that lasted four hours. It was eleven o'clock at night before we went to bed. Even Night Hunter made fun of the fact that we had a bedtime of eight o'clock.

"Oh-no, Caleb, it's past our bedtime. Princess Celestia's going to be mad." Night Hunter said sarcastically.

What Night Hunter said actually surprised me, but i'm pretty sure he was a little drunk that night, so he probably wasn't thinking straight. However, I decided to play along.

"Oh-no, I shit my pants." I snickered to the comment, so that was a good laugh for us both.

As I laid in my bed that night, I wondered what my family was up to. I wondered if they moved on from me and continued on with life or if they're still searching for me or not. It must suck for my little sister to not grow up without a brother, so I felt really bad and didn't want to think about it anymore real quick.

Five days after New Years Day, Night Hunter took me out to that secluded valley to do some target practice with the Iggy and the Timberferno. The snow had also gotten much deeper out there, probably two feet, had to use the Timberferno just to melt a path for me and Night Hunter to walk on. With the target practice and my dreams combined, i've become quite a crackshot with the Iggy and a real pyromaniac with the Timberferno.

About a week later, Night Hunter informed me about the finale exam that will decide if I graduate or not. He wasn't very descriptive, but he said there would be something big for the part two of the exam. He said he'd inform me about part two, one week before the final exam. I'm guessing part one is going to be on everything i've learned from Night Hunter's teachings, but part two, I do not have the answer at the moment. A theory that I came up with at first was that the two parter would be a dream about Timberwolves, but that seemed a bit redundant. Perhaps i'll be dreaming about something else then a Timberwolf, but who knows.

My little calisthenics past time exercise routine has also been showing results. I've mostly been doing push-ups both two and one handed, sit-ups, crunches, planks, and all that kind of stuff. Most results have been shown in my pecs, delts, tri's and biceps. So, as you can see, a lot of upper body results. I might start doing lower body exercises such as squats so that I have more variety. In order to keep my strength up, i've been consuming more MRE's than Night Hunter. Unfortunately, there was no meat related MRE's for high amounts of protein, but the MRE's we have right now contain some protein.

Speaking of physical changes, I think I grew about an inch or two about two weeks ago. I figured it out when I clonked my head on the doorframe for the bunks room, so i'm either seven foot-nine or seven foot-ten at the moment. Who knows, maybe i'm not done growing yet and will reach eight feet in height, but that may be a problem with getting into the Defender, yeah.

Another note, I finished reading the whole Equestrian history book. One memorable story i remember reading about is the "Sonic Rainboom." This event apparently happened on July 24th of last year, and Rainbow Dash was the one responsible for this event. What happened was that Rainbow was flying at incredible speeds at a downwards one-eighty degree angle and right when she was about to impact the ground, she broke the sound barrier. Most ponies described seeing a rainbow wave stretch out for more than half a mile before dissipating. Now from what I know, breaking the sound barrier is a phenomenon that only jets can achieve. So if Rainbow Dash were to break the sound barrier and create a sonic boom, she would have to be flying at speeds over seven hundred miles per hour. I was absolutely blown away when I read that story. Sure, Rainbow said she was fast, but I didn't think she was that fast. I'll have to talk to her about this.

Now focusing on the present. Today, I took the test for the Tactics and Duties unit and passed with an A+. This unit was pretty easy because it's what i've been doing in my simulated dreams. I don't know what the next unit will be on, but I do know that this will be the last unit and will last for six weeks and four days while the Tactics and Duties unit lasted for three weeks. I counted up the days and the last one landed on the 27th of February. So I guess i'll leave off until tomorrow morning.

C.A.M.A: Day Forty Five

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C.A.M.A: Day Forty Five
January 20th, 2013

There I was, in the Everfree Forest. I had just taken out one Timberwolf with the Iggy and was smashing the statue into tiny pieces with the sledgehammer. Suddenly, I was brought back to the real world from the ringing of a wind up alarm clock. I scanned my surroundings and Night Hunter was just getting up as well.

"Morning, Night Hunter." I mumbled, groggily.

"Morning, Caleb. Ready for the new unit?" Night Hunter asked.

"You 'betcha. Last one, right?" I asked.

"Indeed it is. You're nearly done with your training." he replied.

"What day am I getting out again?" I asked.

"If you pass this unit and the final exam, you'll be free to go on March 8th." Night Hunter replied.

"I have to admit, i'm actually going to miss spending time with you." I said.

"Same with you too." Night Hunter agreed.

"But all the studying, that i'd say sayonara to." I said.

"Ha-ha. I guess doing nothing but studying can be a bit, uh, repetitive." Night Hunter said. "I remember doing all that horseapple when I was doing the training program back in the day." Night Hunter related.

"Pretty sucky, huh?" I said.

"Definitely." Night Hunter said.

"Welp, let's get up and get this over with." I said, raising upwards on my bed.

After I got up headed into the bathroom, I tried to squeeze out some info on my final exam. Like before, Night Hunter was very secretive, but did reveal that the two parter would be a dream sequence. I than headed downstairs for a quick breakfast and headed back up to the classroom with Night Hunter to begin the next unit.

"Alright! Let's do this!" I said.

"Like the enthusiasm. Okay, so today we'll be learning about the routes of the Everfree Forest; mark that in your notebook." Night Hunter said.

"Go on." I said once I finished writing.

"Now that we're done with the introduction, let's pull these tables together. Three tables long and three tables wide." Night Hunter instructed.

Night Hunter used his magic to drag the long, brown tables into a perfect row while I lifted them up like baby weights.

"Dang, Caleb! Those table tops are one hundred pounds of pure marble." Night Hunter exclaimed.

"These are? They feel like they weigh nothing." I said as I wriggled the table by curling my wrist.

"You mind giving the old stallion and hoof and move the rest while I go get something you'll need?" Night Hunter asked.

"Sure. Go ahead." I replied.

Night Hunter proceeded to the side closet to get whatever he needed while I placed the tables in a neat, orderly fashion. Night Hunter came back with a large piece of paper that was rolled up like a scroll.

"Now you'll see why we needed this much space." Night Hunter said, unfolding the large scroll into a flat map.

The map spanned for about fifteen feet wide and eight feet long and depicted a large land mass with trees everywhere, labels and other markings I didn't recognize.

"What is this?" I asked.

"This is a map of the Everfree Forest. The reason why the map is so big is because it's meant to fit the real-time size." Night Hunter said.

"How did you manage to get an accurate size and scale of the Everfree Forest like this?" I asked.

"We had a pegasus fly up to about twenty-thousand feet and snap an aerial picture of the forest." Night Hunter answered.

"Twenty-thousand? Isn't air pressure more thin up there?" I asked.

"It is, but air pressure doesn't affect the pegasi race." Night Hunter said.

"I can see why, since they fly all the time." I said.

"Right, right." Night Hunter said.

"So what's the map for?" I asked, nudging my head towards it.

"This is your fourth unit!" Night Hunter revealed.

"Six weeks and four days for a map.... isn't that a little excessive?" I asked, calmly.

"Well, Caleb, if you would let me continue, the Everfree Forest is ten miles long and eight miles wide and you're not going to have time to look at a map while you're possibly being chased down by Timberwolves to figure out where the tartarus you're going. You see, this unit is meant to train the brain into memorizing the Everfree's path network until it has a clear mental image of it." Night Hunter explained.

"So i'm going to be studying this map for that long?" I asked in slightly louder tone.

"Why are you raising your voice?" Night Hunter asked.

"I-I just don't know if I can handle staring at a map for the rest of my time here as a form of studying." I said.

"Well maybe this will change your point of view: You'll be studying this map and the other three units for your final exam. This map depends on whether you'll pass or not." Night Hunter said.

"So until the twenty seventh of February?" I asked.

"Yes. You see, part one of the final exam will be on the twenty seventh while part two will come the week after." Night Hunter said.

"Ohhh, I see now." I said.

"Good. However, i'm going to give you some pointers on this map." Night Hunter said.

"Alright, i'm ready." I said.

"So just as a reminder, the Everfree Forest is approximately ten miles in length and eight miles in width." Night Hunter recapped.

"Got it." I said.

"See this long semi circle line at the bottom of the Everfree?" Night Hunter asked while tracing his hoof on the surface.

I nodded in response.

"This is the border that separates Ponyville from the Dovere territories. And the left one at the top of Dovere separates Dovere from the Hueyu territories while the one on the right is the Batchu territories. Remember that the Hueyu and the Batchu are off limits, but that might change for you later in the future." Night Hunter explained.

"Okay." I said.

"Now do you see these paths that intersect in between the center of the Dovere territories?" Night Hunter asked.

"Yeah." I replied.

"These are shortcuts created by C.A.M.A to get from one side of the forest to the to the other without going through the thick forestry. As you can see, there is only five that run through the Dovere, but none in the Hueyu and Batchu territories. Each path are two miles apart and one mile in length." Night Hunter said.

"What about the paths in the Hueyu and the Batchu territories?" I asked.

"Those i'd like you to study as well. You never know.... you could be granted access in those territories, but that'll probably never happen." Night Hunter said.

"Oh, okay." I said.

"And that's pretty much all you need to know." Night Hunter said.

"That's it?" I asked, forgetting about the other units.

"Have you forgotten already? You have other three units to study for the first part of your exam." Night Hunter reminded.

"Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. My mind slipped for a second." I said.

"Ah, don't worry about it." Night Hunter said. "Now all you have to do is organize your notes, flashcards and study for your first part of your exam."

Night Hunter rolled the map back up into a cylinder shape and gave it to me to study. After I came back to the bunks, I organized my notes in chronological order and began to study for a little while.

Later on that night, while me and Night Hunter were chillin out in the bunks, we heard the sound of the entrance door opening. Me and Night Hunter looked at each other. I poked my head out of the doorway while Night Hunter poked his head out from under my legs to see out into the hallway. Turns out it was just one the guards.

"What are you doing in here?" Night Hunter asked the guard.

"You guys should see this. Some sort of light show going on out in the distance." the guard responded at the end of the hallway.

Me and Night Hunter raised our eyebrows in suspicion.

"Let's go check it out." I said.

Once we stepped outside of the wall, both me and Night Hunter heard a low humming sound, but it was very faint. Since the C.A.M.A training facility is not far from the edge of where the cliff drops off to the ground, we headed there to get a better look.

We were baffled to discover that the light show was actually light blue flashes that could be barely seen in the southeast. When I saw those light blue flashes, I knew that this was the portal, the portal that brought me to Equestria. I didn't mention it to Night Hunter or the guards because I didn't want them questioning me and that kind of stuff.

"Those flashes are coming from the volcanic regions; dragon territory." Night Hunter said.

"You think the dragons are up to something?" one guard asked.

"I doubt it. It could be that Twilight Sparkle and her friends doing some experiment or whatever they usually do." another guard replied.

"Maybe." I said.

About ten minutes had gone by and the flashes had finally stopped. My guess was that the portal was dumping stuff from my world into this world, but that's just a guess.

"Hey, guards, we're heading to bed. If those flashes appear again, let us know in the morning." Night Hunter said.

"We will." one guard replied.

With that, we headed off to bed for the night. If I ever find out if the portal dumped stuff from my world, here, than I think i'd might go check it out.

C.A.M.A: Day Eighty Three

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C.A.M.A: Day Eighty Three
February 27th, 2013

Thirty nine days.... i've been studying for thirty nine days. How do you think I feel? Well, i'll just put in simple terms and say that it feels like my brain is going numb, for the first four weeks at least. So here's what happened. I don't know if it's a real condition or not, but I think I overstudied myself. The dreams I was meant to have, being in the Everfree Forest and all that, were being bypassed by dreams of me just studying. Once Luna sent Night Hunter a notification about the situation, Night Hunter advised that I should quit studying for a week or two and that the simulation dreams come to a halt. Night Hunter also admitted that he has never seen a student be so dedicated to studying and passing the C.A.M.A training program that they would start dreaming about studying. And so, Night Hunter gave me the choice to not study if I feel like I got everything down packed, obviously I took that choice. So for the rest of the weeks leading up to this day, i've been taking it easy and i'm feeling very good about the first part of this exam.

I know the creatures and their behaviors, i'm advanced proficient in weapon and device use, I know my every duty and tactic and I know the Everfree Forest routes like the back of my hand. I'm ready, i'm ready for anything! And so, now I head to the classroom to take the first part of my exam, no finger crossing needed.

"Heyyyy." Night Hunter greeted as I entered the room.

"Heyyyy, to you too." I replied.

"Have you had enough of staying here?" Night Hunter asked.

"Oh, you bet. But the only thing i'm going to miss is you, since you're the only source of social interaction and being a good friend." I said.

"You too, Caleb. You too." Night Hunter replied. "But just think of it, if you pass this exam and the second part a week from now, you'll be a free human." Night Hunter said.

"That's right. Is the first section of the final ready?" I asked.

"It's right here." Night Hunter replied, levitating a thick packet towards me. "Take all the time you want to finish this, there's no rush." Night Hunter said.

"Alright, thanks Hunter." I said.

"No problem." Night Hunter said.

I then got up to sharpen my pencil before writing anything. After sitting back down, I cracked my knuckles and got to work. Just like before, most of the questions were short answer, but there were new questions such as diagram that I had to label on the weapons. There was also the whole map of the Everfree Forest that I had to label, measure and answer a few short answer questions about the paths. Not a single question hindered my progress on this exam, so I bet myself a million bucks that i'd pass with a one hundred percent. Within twenty minutes, I had finished an exam that had four months worth of information on it. I then got up, walked over to Night Hunter and dropped the packet on his desk.

"Done." I simply said.

"That was pretty quick. Let's see how you did." Night Hunter said.

"I got a good feeling about this." I said.

Night Hunter took a short glance at the first page.

"And from what I see on the first page, you're most likely right. Now please go to your seat and i'll let you know what you got." Night Hunter said.

I did as told and headed back to my seat, awaiting for Night Hunter's grade. I observed Night Hunter's facial gestures and he seemed rather impressed with what he saw. Within five minutes, he was finished grading and levitated the packet over to my table. My eyeballs rolled down and there was a big, fat letter A with a plus next to it and one hundred percent.

"You've done it!" Night Hunter exclaimed.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes!" I cried in joy, giving the packet a kiss.

"Whoa-ho, you're really happy to pass this, huh?" Night Hunter asked.

"Oh, you have no idea, Night Hunter." I replied.

"I'm proud of you, Caleb. I really am." Night Hunter said.

"Thanks, Night Hunter." I said.

"I hate to be a total buzzkill, but let's not forget about the part two." Night Hunter reminded.

"Oh, pfft," I scoffed, "I don't care if there's a part two at all. Lay it out on me right now so I can tackle this." I said, ecstatically.

"Okay then. This next part of the final will be a dream sequence and will test everything you've learned." Night Hunter announced.

"In the Everfree? Timberwolves?" I asked.

"No. You will be facing a different creature that is not on the list of creatures you've learned here. This creature was suggested and created by somepony's imagination who wishes to be anonymous." Night Hunter replied.

"Is that so?" I asked with interest, "What is this creature called?" I asked.

"Equinieus-cephalic Orbus." Night Hunter answered.

The name itself sent chills around my body for some reason. This made me very anxious for what this creature looks like and what it can do.

"Do you happen to know what this thing looks like or what its capabilities are?" I asked.

"I do. Hand me that piece of paper and i'll draw it." Night Hunter said.

"Here." I said, handing him a piece of scratch paper.

"Now i'd like you to turn around until I say i'm done." Night Hunter instructed.

"Sure." I said, turning around my seat.

After turning around, I heard the sound of the pencil come into contact with the piece of paper as Night Hunter began to draw the Equinieus-cephalic Orbus. I sat in silence as Night Hunter drew for about fifteen minutes.

"Are you doing a very detailed drawing?" I asked.

"Yep. Very detailed." Night Hunter replied.

"Hm." I hummed.

I sat for about two more minutes before the sound of the pencil lead rubbing on the paper stopped.

"Now Caleb, I want to warn you that this creature may be disturbing to you." Night Hunter warned.

I scrunched my forehead in confusion to Night Hunter's warning. I then turned around and stared down at the illustration in front of me. I slightly clenched my fingers into a fist and raised it up to my mouth. My feeling of enthusiasm and excitement was now replaced with fear and disgust.

"Fuck you." I said, flatly, as I got up to walk away from the picture.

"Now I know that it's something you weren't expe-" Night Hunter said before I cut him off.

"That's pretty sick, Night Hunter! There's no way that's what the damn thing is!" I exclaimed.

"I swear to Celestia that is what your two parter will be." Night Hunter replied.

"Night Hunter, I have no problem with going against Timberwolves and all of those other creatures, but a fucking pony head with beady cathartic eyes and spider legs?! Fuck that shit!" I exclaimed.

"I know, Caleb, it's very disturbing, but remember that this will be a dream sequence, not real life." Night Hunter reminded.

"I just don't know if I can do it...." I said as I sat back down in the chair.

"Why not?" Night Hunter asked, supportively.

"When I was three years old.... I remember having a large spider crawl up my arm and biting me. That spider bite sent me to the hospital for about a day or two days and i've always feared spiders since then. When I look at that things teeth, all I can see is them clamping onto my flesh--" I said before I was interrupted.

"Caleb! That will never happen in the dream sequence. If it seems like that will happen, Princess Luna will reset the dream and you can try again." Night Hunter said.

"Try again?" I asked.

"You get three chances at part two of the final. And must I remind you again that you have the tools to eradicate the Equinieus, including the Timberferno." Night Hunter said.

"Well.... you have a point." I said, looking at the illustration once again. "You're right. I got this." I accepted.

"That's the spirit i'm looking for." Night Hunter encouraged, activating his magic again. "Now here's a little paper that will tell you all about the Equinieus. Keep the drawing if you really want to." Night Hunter said.

I then collected the information sheet and the drawing before heading for the door.

"Hey Night Hunter." I said.

"Yeah?" he replied.

"I'm supposing the little bastard can jump too?" I asked.

"That, it can." Night Hunter answered.

"Great. I'll see you around." I said.

"You too, future C.A.M.A agent." Night Hunter said back.

As I got back the bunks, I unfolded the piece of paper that had the drawing on it. Every time I looked at at it, I couldn't help but get chills.

The entire body was just a head of a stallion covered in hairs similar to a jumping spiders, but the eyes were a mix between milky white and pitch black due to the cataracts. Four long legs protruded from each side of the head and were bent like a daddy long legs. The teeth were sharp and jagged and Night Hunter drew a creepy looking smile as it's mouth whilst agape.

As I read over the information sheet, I found out some interestingly disturbing tidbits. Apparently the Equinieus can spin webs, so that's just great. The Equiniues is also attracted to vibrations and sound, so that would include loud noises, movement and talking. Since the Equinieus has the snout of a pony, it has a highly developed sense of smell and will most likely smell me out once I enter it's home. The reason why it will smell me out is because it's considered blind, hence the eyes being milky white from cataracs. For the rest of day, I kinda just kept a low profile.

Later on that night before bed, I felt something crawl up my back while I brushed my teeth.

"Ahhhh! Ahhhh!" I shouted, jumping like a little girl.

"Woah. Didn't think you'd be that scared." Night Hunter said.

"Yeah, well I've got that damn Equinieus on the mind still." I said.

"Sorry." he apologized.

"Nah, it's alright. Sometimes it's fun to be scared." I said. "Now that I think about it, did you have to face the Equinieus for you two parter of the final exam?" I asked.

"There was no such thing as the two parter back then." Night Hunter replied.

"Really? Lucky you." I said.

"But just like you I had to go through the tartarus of studying," Night Hunter related, "The whole two parter of the final exam was implemented twelve years ago when the whole C.A.M.A education board thought that students needed to prove and demonstrate their skills and knowledge before going out to their designated locations." Night Hunter explained.

"I guess I could see why they would want that. I think the two parter would be a good way to see if a student possibly cheated somehow." I guessed.

"You're pretty much spot on with that." Night Hunter said.

We then headed off to bed and I hoped to God that I wouldn't dream about that damn Equinieus just yet. Either way, i'm not looking forward to facing that ugly little shit.

C.A.M.A: Day Ninety

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C.A.M.A: Day Ninety
March 6th, 2013

This past week has been quite a big preperation for me. The more I think about it.... the Equinieus is actually a pretty fascinating creature even though it is admittedly disturbing and terrifying at the same time. You would only see something like that in a scary movie, but for me, it's going to more than a movie, it's going to be borderline reality. So, I am still a little nervous about today even though Night Hunter keeps reminding me that this is only a dream test and not the real deal. What I plan to do is find this thing in the dream and burn it, because something like that needs to be taken out with fire.

Right now it's noon and i'm sitting on my bed with Night Hunter, waiting for Princess Luna's arrival in order to properly give me the dream. Her and Night Hunter will be watching me through through this screen that Luna will create with her magical powers or something. I have no idea how that's possible, but you know.... alicorn magic. That's how Night Hunter will know if i'm utilizing everything I know, he won't be disappointed. As we sat in silence, we heard Luna's voice from outside.

"Hah-hah! Not this time, wall!" Luna said from outside.

"Sounds like she didn't hit the wall this time." Night Hunter remarked.

"I was wondering if she would hit the wall or not this time." I added.

Princess Luna then appeared right in front of us in an instant, her wings spanning outwards. As her wings retracted back to her sides, she looked down at me with a smile.

"So, Caleb.... art thou ready to face the Equinieus?" Luna asked.

"I have to admit i'm a little nervous, but i'll do it if it means to pass C.A.M.A.," I replied, "You wouldn't of happen to know who thought up of the Equinieus?" I asked.

"Maybe...." Luna responded in a mischievous manner.

"It was you, wasn't it?" I guessed

"Who else would've? I am the princess of the night and darkness." Luna confirmed.

"I should've know," I said, "Wishes to remain anonymous, eh, Night Hunter?" I asked Night Hunter.

"I just didn't want you to think less of her. You seemed pretty freaked when I first showed you that drawing." Night Hunter replied.

"It could've been a lot worse." Luna said.

"How worse?" I asked.

"My previous creation was--" Luna started before I stopped her.

"Nope. I don't really want to know now." I said, raising my hand up.

"Well, in that case, would thee liketh to have a minute or would thee liketh to start right away?" Luna asked.

"Ah.... just give me a minute." I chose.

I then walked out of the room, into the hallway and closed the door. I paced back and forth in the hallway with my arms crossed, thinking about what I would do if the Equinieus got smart on me. It would be pretty freaky if this thing watches its target in the shadows, but I would probably know since this thing is about a foot and a half tall. Plus the sound of it scurrying around would be very audible. After taking in a deep breath, I opened the door.

"Okay, i'm ready." I announced.

"Lay down on thy bed." Luna instructed.

I did as told and Night Hunter came to my side.

"Remember, Caleb, you have three chances to prove yourself. If you mess up, you should learn from your first mistake and succeed on the next try." Night Hunter explained.

"I'll remember." I said.

"Princess Luna." Night Hunter signalled Luna.

Luna then walked over to my side and simply said: "Ready?" and I replied with a nod.

"Now.... close thy eyes." Luna instructed as she moved her right hoof down my face.

My eyes were closed now and there was nothing but darkness. Shortly after, I heard Luna's horn activate with a sparkling sound from the magic energy. I closed my eyes tighter, bracing for the transition.

In an instant, I was transported into the dream world. I couldn't see anything in front of me at first until I turned my flashlight on and immediately I took notice that I was standing in front of a cave entrance while my equipment was placed neatly on small individual boulders. I then grabbed my large backpack, gathered my equipment in their specific storage spaces while keeping the Timberferno equipped and the X-Ray Sensor in my pocket. Once I got everything I needed, I slowly began to walk towards the mouth of the cave. A sign plastered on the rock read "Keep Out! Equinieus inside!" I scoffed at the sign, looked up at the moon and said:

"Thanks for the reminder, Luna," I said, turning the valve for the Timberferno and switching on the sensor, "Wish me luck, guys." I said to my spectators, entering the cave.

There was two foot drop off next to the cave entrance, so I casually stepped down slowly until I came into contact with the ground. I began to proceed forward slowly, the sound of the wind becoming dead silent for I could only hear my footsteps impacting the dirt and my heart beating at a slightly faster pace. The atmosphere was very moist, cool, dank and a musky scent filled my nostrils. It reminded me a lot of an old basement. I figured it would be a good time to check my surroundings with the X-ray Sensor. And so, I pressed the sweep button and the light blue wave traced up the cave walls, picking up nothing in the one hundred meter circumference.

As I continued onwards, deeper into the cave, I discovered numerous thick support beams that ran up the cave walls to the ceiling. This led me to believe that I was in a mineshaft, a typical location for a spider habitat. I looked downwards and gasped when I saw an abnormally large normal-looking black spider with a glowing star on top of its abdomen.

"Oh, you're not so bad. At least you're not like your big brother." I said, softly, to the spider.

The spider looked up at me with it's glowing eyes for a moment and quickly crawled in between two loose stones.

"Hm, that was odd." I said to myself.

I proceeded even more further and it began to get real dry and muskier, a contrast to the dampness I experience earlier. As the cave walls became a bit more narrow, I discovered a patch of webbing connected to a stone and the ground. Quickly, I pressed the sweep button and picked up nothing yet. I carefully stepped over the patch of webbing and continued on onwards, but soon found even more amounts all over the place. There was so much webbing all over the walls, ceiling and ground that I had to use the Timberferno to destroy it in order to get a clear path.

"I'm getting close." I thought to myself, proceeding forward.

More and more webbing kept on coming and burning it felt like a chore then it did before. It was absolutely ridiculous. Once I finally broke through this huge wall of webbing, a large open space was revealed. I shined my flashlight into the opening and there was webbing all over the place, everything was covered in webbing. But this webbing was different. It was much more thicker and had a slimy substance coated on it, most likely to trap prey.

"Oh my God." I said, covering my mouth with the Timberferno in my other.

I squeezed the nozzle on the Timberferno to burn the webbing, but the substance protected it from disintegrating. I kept on trying over and over again, but it wouldn't work. Eventually I gave up on trying and thought for a second. As I thought, I heard this disgusting gurgling sound coming from the web covered room.

"Who's that?" I asked, shining the light into the room.

Right when I shined the light in the room, I saw a small dark shadow dart to left, out of my sight. When that happened, I heard these multiple, little tiny footsteps scurry on the ground in the room. It was the Equinieus.

"The pitter-patter! The pitter-patter!" I screamed to myself, mentally.

I reacted by pulling out the X-Ray Sensor to track it. I hastefully pressed the button and the wave scanned everything, but I didn't see anything. I checked behind me and there was nothing there as well.

"Damn! Where did it go?" I asked, rhetorically.

As I turned around to face the room, a small black ball began to dangle from the other side of the cave-doorway. I don't know why, but I froze up. The ball than sprouted eight long legs and the face appeared, those cataracted eyes peering into my soul. The Equinieus opened it's mouth and copious amounts of saliva dripped from it's mouth, filled with two rows of razor sharp teeth. Once our eyes were locked, it let out an unnerving screech into my face. I tensed up my neck muscles in fear and response to the screech.

"Holy fucking shit!" I hissed through my teeth as I brought the Timerbferno back and smacked it right into the Equinieus' nightmare fuelish face.

This caused the Equinieus to detach from its web strand and went flying back into the room, tumbling on the ground.

"Reeeeeeee!" it screamed as it scurried away from me.

"Where the fuck are you going?" I asked it, but no response.

I pressed the sweep button for the X-Ray Sensor and the Equinieus was scaling up on the far left wall of the room to the tall ceiling. It stopped climbing once it positioned itself on the ceiling, hanging upside down where someone could walk in by the cave-doorway I was standing by. This thing is no dummy and I can see what it was planning. If I were to walk in that room, it would mostly likely jump off the ceiling and onto me.

"Well, what am I going to do now? If I step on that web, i'm stuck and screwed. And it's not like this goop is going to dry soon." I said to myself.

As I sat on a stone and thought, while making sure the Equinieus stayed in its position, an idea came to mind. The Equinieus is attracted to vibrations, right? To test this, I got up and stomped my foot on the ground as hard as I could. The Equinieus' outline slightly moved and I could hear a faint "Ssssss" from the room next to me, so it obviously reacted to it. And also, normal spiders know if they have a meal or not if they feel vibrations on their webs. You see, the more I looked at the huge amounts of webbing in that room, the more I figured that it was basically a trap for prey. It all made sense now.

"Alright, I got this!" I exclaimed.

I inspected the ground and found a decent sized stone that I could throw onto the thick amount of webbing. With the stone in my left hand and the Timberferno in my right, primed and ready for blazin, I warned the Equinieus I was coming in. Yes, I know it doesn't understand English.

"Hey, you big horse's ass, i'm coming in now! You better come and stop me!" I yelled into the room.

I then chucked the stone for at least four meters so that the Timberferno could reach its target. Faster than I could say oh shit, the Equinieus leaped down at the speed of a lightning bolt and attacked the stone. The Equinieus nasally growled as it tried to bite into the rock, but couldn't.

"Hey, spidey!" I exclaimed, getting its attention, "You're fired!" I quipped as I jerked the nozzle tightly with my right hand.

The red, glowing, fiery magic spewed out towards the Equinieus and came into contact with it. It let out warbled screeches as I showed no mercy, not letting off the nozzle for a good ten seconds before the Timbeferno stopped from overheating, the metal tip glowing red hot. I could see the silhouette of the Equinieus going in circles and flailing its legs as it burned in the hot, magical energy. The entire room was nearly filled with a red glow from the flames and some of the webbing began to disintegrate. I stared at the sight while slightly baring my teeth and turning the valve for the Timberferno to the left. Finally, after a minute, the Equinieus became silent and motionless.

"I did it. I won!" I said to myself.

Shortly after I said that statement, a white light illuminated into my face and I was brought back to reality. I laid in my bed while Night Hunter and Luna stared silently at me until Night Hunter broke the silence.

"Congratulations, Caleb! You did it! I knew you could do it!" Night Hunter congratulated, happily.

I only responded by hopping out of bed and gave Night Hunter a hug.

"Great job, Caleb! Great job!" Night Hunter praised.

"Shit, man, did you see how much of a beast I was!?" I asked Night Hunter.

"Oh, tartarus yeah! That whole one-liner you pulled off there at the end.. perfection!" Night Hunter added.

Luna then walked over to congratulate me as well.

"Congratulations, Caleb. How doest it feel to have passed thy final exam?" Luna asked.

"I feel very great about it! I-I-I just can't believe I did it. Seriously, when I first got here, I had no idea what I was doing, but look at me now; a future C.A.M.A agent." I replied.

"Very impressive work, Caleb." Luna said.

"Thank you, Luna." I replied, gratefully.

"So, Luna. Tell him what happens now." Night Hunter sniffled.

"Are you crying?" I asked.

"What? No, of course not." he replied while regaining his composure.

"Tomorrow thee will be receiving your official C.A.M.A Everfree uniform and a camouflage outfit as a bonus. And Friday will be thy graduation. I and my dear sister will be there as well." Luna informed.

"Sounds great, Luna." I said.

"Glad to hear, Caleb. Now I must go and inform my sister of thy most wondrous achievement." Luna said.

"Yeah, yeah, sure, go ahead." I said.

With that, Luna teleported out of the room, leaving me and Night Hunter to ourselves.

"Wow...." I said, in a daze.

"I'm proud of you, Caleb. You were very good in that cave, all by yourself." Night Hunter said.

"Yeah. It was touch and go there at first," I admitted, slightly laughing in my words, "How long was I out?" I asked.

"Ohhhhh, about an hour. That cave is pretty long, ain't it?" Night Hunter asked.

"It felt pretty long. I was wondering how long it would take me to find the Equinieus." I said.

"And that Equinieus...." Night Hunter said, with a whistle at the end, "I don't think I could take that thing on myself. You're very brave." Night Hunter complimented.

"Thanks." I said.

"So...." Night Hunter said, clopping both of his front-hooves hooves together.

"So?" I asked.

"The rest of the day is yours. Do whatever you'd like." Night Hunter offered.

"How about a game of pool and ping-pong?" I suggested.

Night Hunter smiled to my suggestion.

"Great idea, Caleb. Great idea." Night Hunter agreed.

And so, me and Night Hunter headed off to the recreation room to play our games. As we played our game of pool, I wondered how I would send Night Hunter a weekly report on my territory.

"Night Hunter, when I send that weekly report to you, do I send it to the Ponyville post office or would I have to drive all the way up to the Canterlot post office?" I asked.

"I'm pretty sure sending it to the Ponyville post office would be okay. From what I know, they shouldn't be tampering with the mail because it's against their guidelines and an offense." Night Hunter replied.

"Okay. I was just making sure since you want C.A.M.A to remain a secret from the public. Even though I told only one pony." I clarified.

"If I ever find out if you tell somepony else later on in your career, you'll be in big trouble." Night Hunter warned.

"I got it, Night Hunter." I said.

"Good." he replied.

Not much really went on after our games. Me and Night Hunter took it real easy for the rest of the day. Later on that night while I was in bed, I leaned over to grab the photo of the me, Twilight, Spike, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie and Rainbow Dash. I stared at the photo for a moment and felt a grin begin to form on my face.

"I'm coming home, guys.... i'm coming home." I said.

I then put the photograph aside and went off to bed.

C.A.M.A: Day Ninety One

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C.A.M.A: Day Ninety One
March 7th, 2013

I slowly opened my eyes, for my required hours of sleep were fulfilled. I squinted my eyes as they adjusted to slight amount of light in the room. Wearly, I turned my head towards my wind up clock and realized that it was 12:42 in the morning. I then raised my body up and sat in my bed, rubbing my face with the palms my hands.

"Mmm, Night Hunter, I think we overslept." I mumbled, groggily.

Night Hunter did not respond to my statement.

"Hey, Night Hunter." I said, a bit more lively.

No response again.

Once I fully woke up, I realized that Night Hunter was not in his bed at all. I then got up to see if there was note for me, but found nothing. I just shrugged it off and headed into the bathroom to take a shower and brush my teeth. After my refreshing shower and putting on a change of clothes, I checked to see if Night Hunter was in the hallway, but to no avail. I then went to check the classroom and rec room and got the same thing. Since I couldn't find him inside the building, I decided to ask a guard outside if he saw Night Hunter leave. I then slipped on a winter jacket and exited the wall interior. When I got outside to seek a guard, I immediately took notice that all the snow had melted and it had to be at least a perfect seventy degrees outside.

"It ain't winter no more, Caleb." a guard said, noticing my winter apparel.

"I can see that," I said, taking off the coat, "Was I asleep for an entire season or what?" I asked.

"Winter Wrap Up happened exactly seven days ago." the guard answered.

"Winter Wrap Up?" I asked, confused.

"It's basically when all the earth, pegasi and unicorns come together to complete the transition from winter to spring." the guard explained.

"Ah. I guess that makes sense," I said, unsure to believe him or not, "But anyways... have you seen Night Hunter at all today?" I asked the guard.

"Yeah, he left about two hours ago to go get something. He says." the guard replied.

"Alright, thanks." I said.

After heading back into the building, I tossed my coat on my bed. I then clapped my hands together and stretched my arms.

"Okay.. might as well get something to eat." I suggested to myself.

I blindly moved my hand around in the darkness in search for the light switch near the downstairs entrance. Finally, I came into contact with it and the lights illuminated the stairs that led to the kitchen, which still had some lunch MRE's left. Once I made it to the kitchen, I grabbed an MRE that had a veggie burger, mandarin oranges and a salad. Would've prefered something with meat, but oh well, so much for wishful thinking. As I got everything prepared and began to eat, I heard a bang from upstairs. I figured it was Night Hunter, so I just continued eating. Shortly after, I heard hooves clopping upstairs.

"Caleb?" Night Hunter called from upstairs.

"I'm down in the mess hall!" I notified.

Night Hunter then began to walk down the steps.

"Hey Caleb." Night Hunter said.

"What?" I asked, chewing on my oranges.

"I got some gifts for you." he said.

"Really? Did you wrap them up and put a pretty bow on them?" I asked in a humoristically sarcastic way.

"Not exactly."Night Hunter replied as he showed me two large cardboard boxes.

"Eh. Packages will do," I said. "So, what do you have for me?" I asked, anxiously.

"While you were still asleep, I was out getting your uniform, outfit and some other stuff you might need." Night Hunter clarified.

"Oh, nice! They're done already?" I asked.

"You betcha,"Night Hunter replied. "Use your plastic fork to open up your packages." Night Hunter instructed.

"Right." I said, grabbing the plastic fork.

Gently, I jabbed the fork into the slit where the tape connects each side of the package flap. I began to drag the fork along in a vertical direction as the tape emitted a tearing sound. Once the tear was complete, both sides opened up and revealed my C.A.M.A uniform.

"Hey, it looks just like yours." I remarked.

My C.A.M.A uniform consisted of a black leather jacket with insulative fur on the inside for keeping me warm on the cool nights, a black T top, black cargo pants with multiple zip pockets, a black cap with the Equestrian flag emblem on the front side, black fingerless gloves that looked like they belonged to a tactical SWAT team and a pair of black boots. All in which, they were the perfect size for me.

"There sure is a lot of black going on here." I said while feeling the leathery texture of the jacket.

"Yes." Night Hunter said with a chuckle. "The reason why is because C.A.M.A wants you to.... blend in with the darkness of the night." Night Hunter clarified.

"Seems like they'll do the job nicely." I agreed with Night Hunter's statement.

"And as you can see we have the camouflage outfit at the bottom." Night Hunter said, directing my attention towards the bottom on the box.

I reached in the box and pulled out the clothing. The entire outfit was covered in green, light brown, brown and black splotches. This would include a camouflage jacket, pants and completed with a cap.

"Remember that this outfit is used when staking out Timberwolves or other creatures. Though TImberwolves have good vision, they shouldn't see you if you stay still while next to some forestry or vegetation," Night Hunter informed. "Also remember that Timberwolves have terrible hearing, but when they howl to each other, they hear it crystal clear." Night Hunter reminded.

"To call each other?" I asked.

"That, or if they spotted you." Night Hunter answered.

"Oh." I said, flatly.

"Yeah." Night Hunter said.

We sat in silence as both of us checked out the clothing until I saw the other cardboard box.

"What's in the other box?" I asked.

"Stuff that'll come in handy." Night Hunter replied, levitating the box over to me.

I grabbed the fork and repeated the same action I did before with the other box. I took both of my hands and tore the top flaps off like a thin piece of paper on accident.

"Whoops." I said.

Looking in the box, I discovered numerous packaging peanuts, or in another word, styrofoam. I reached my hand in the pool of packaging peanuts and felt around for any objects. Within no time, I felt something deep within and pulled out a large digital wrist watch for my size. The watch was set for military time since the time read 13:17. The watch was also silver and had a circular design, obviously.

"Digital, huh?" I asked Night Hunter.

"Believe it or not, digital watches are a rarity to come by in Equestria and are very expensive. Some cost around a hundred bits." Night Hunter said.

"In my world you can walk into a store and buy a good one for twenty five bucks or so." I contrasted.

"Why?" he asked.

"They're just way more common and i'm pretty sure we have more advanced technology than this world." I said.

"Now I see," Night Hunter realized. "Now the purpose of this watch is not only to track your time, but also a reminder when it's time for your duty." Night Hunter said.

"So, it'll beep when it's time?" I asked.

"Yes. The watch has been pre-set to go off at six o'clock in the evening and again at three o'clock in the morning, which are your hours for patrol." Night Hunter said.

"Nice." I simply said.

I slipped the watch on my right wrist and it fitted perfectly. I think I might use this in my entries to tell the time and to space out events.

"Let's see what else we've got in here." I said, reaching into the sea of packaging peanuts.

Instantly, I felt a somewhat big metal box in the far right side of the package. Gripping it, I pulled it out and a few styrofoam peanuts fell onto the floor. What I placed on the table was a first aid kit with a green cross label with the text: "Personal First Aid Kit" at the bottom. I used my index fingers to unlatch both latches on each side of the box to reveal its contents. Opening it up, I found a box of bandaids, a large roll of ace bandage, alcohol, gauze pads and scissors. Curiously, I picked up the bottle of clear liquid and read the label.

"Alcohol. Use on cuts to encourage cell regeneration and prevent infection." I recited.

"You can also combine it to the gauze to cover an open wound if you were to get one." Night Hunter informed.

"Good idea." I said, putting the alcohol back in the kit.

Putting the first aid kit aside on the table, I went into the packaging peanuts once again and felt something that was made out of thick fabric. A small metal part came in contact with my thumb and it was a zipper. I took the bag out at an angle in order to not spill anymore packaging peanuts on the floor. Once fully out of the box, I pulled out a backpack for my equipment.

The right side of the backpack was designed to hold the Iggy while the left side was used for holding the Timberferno, just for convenience whenever I may be in a pickle out there in the Everfree. The large pouch at the top will most likely be used to store the first aid kit, MRE's and water because hunger and thirst must be satisfied to keep my strength up. The smaller pouch can be used for my smaller devices such as the X-Ray sensor and the sound emitter. I grabbed the first aid, unzipped the backpack and slid it inside the biggest pouch.

"I like how everything is huge and designed especially for me." I said.

"Told you I had a word with the designers."Night Hunter reminded.

"And it seems like they they took your word for it. Look." I said as I placed the backpack upright next to Night Hunter.

The backpack alone was probably half the size of Night Hunter, who is five foot two.

"I know, right?" Night Hunter agreed.

I then directed my eyesight on the holding straps for the Iggy and the Timberferno.

"You also spoke to the designers on creating a Iggy and Timberferno for hand use?" I asked.

"Yes, I did." Night Hunter replied.

"Will I be getting those tomorrow? Because if I do, i'm gonna have to hide them from my friends once I arrive back in Ponyville." I said with concern.

"No, no, you'll be getting those two on your first night." Night Hunter answered.

"So, some secret shipment escort is going to come to me?" I asked.

"Yes. Remember that open field located on the left side near the outer rim of the Dovere territories?" Night Hunter asked.

"Yeah. The one field I landed in when I entered this world." I said.

"That's the one. The shipment will arrive at twenty four hundred hours sharp." Night Hunter said.

"Got it." I said.

"Speaking of which... try to find out a way to signal the shipment crew so that they know your position. I would recommend using the strobe effect on your flashlight." Night Hunter suggested.

"Don't worry, Night Hunter. The Land Rover has all of these blinding headlights and rooflights, there's no way the shipment crew can miss that." I said.

"Perfect." Night Hunter smiled.

I dug into the box once again to see if there was anything else, but there was nothing but styrofoam peanuts.

"Looks like that was all." Night Hunter noticed, digging into the box as well.

Night Hunter then levitated both boxes and tossed them into the recycling bin by the other side of the room.

"Now I want to tell you about tomorrow, the graduation." Night Hunter started.

"What do I need to do?" I asked.

"Grab your stuff and head upstairs." Night Hunter instructed, getting off his seat.

I collected my articles of clothing and items before following Night Hunter upstairs. I made a quick stop at the bunks to put my new belongings on the bed. After that, I went to Night Hunter who was waiting by the rec room at the end of the hallway.

"Okay, so what am I doing?" I asked.

"At nine o'clock, you'll be waiting in here until I signal you to come out. Once I give you the signal, come into the classroom and to the podium in the front of the room. There will be an audience anticipating a straightforward speech, doesn't have to be long, but short and sweet." Night Hunter instructed.

"Who's gonna be the audience? It's sure as heck ain't gonna be civilians." I said, confused.

"The princesses and the guards whoever decided to accept my invitation to watch." Night Hunter answered.

"That's not so bad." I said.

"After your speech, there will be a photographer who will take your picture and will quickly laminate it on an ID card for C.A.M.A and yourself." Night Hunter added.

"Sweet!" I exclaimed. "Will I also get my own badge?" I asked.

"Of course. What kind of agent wouldn't be complete without their badge?" Night Hunter replied in the form of a question.

"A very poor one?" I answered.

"Exactly." Night Hunter agreed.

"What happens after the graduation?" I asked.

"Well.... that's when me and you part ways." Night Hunter replied.

"Really?" I said, a little down.

"Yes, unfortunately. You'll be taken back to the Canterlot train station just in time for the next train back to Ponyville." Night Hunter said.

"And my first night out on patrol will be on...." I trailed off.

"Monday of next week. Saturday and Sunday will be inspection days for your designated territory; Dovere." Night Hunter reminded.

"Alright. Thanks for the reminder." I thanked.

"No problem, kid." Night Hunter replied.

9:02 PM

I was just about to doze off into a deep sleep. Everything was quiet until I heard hooves clopping on the floor. It sounded like somepony just walked out of the room because the door creaked open. I rose off the bed with the help of my arms and poked my head out of the doorway. Night Hunter was walking down the hallway towards the exit of the building. He slowly opened the door with his magic and closed it.

Due to curiosity, I followed him out the door and outside. I immediately heard chattering on the other side of the wall. I slowly crept outside of the wall and it was a bit humid outside. As I turned the right corner, I found out the chatter was just Night Hunter talking with some guards.

"Evening, colts." I greeted.

"How's it going, Caleb?" a grey guard asked.

"I'm doing fine," I replied. "What are you doing out here?" I asked Night Hunter.

"Couldn't fall asleep, so I decided to have a quick smoke." Night Hunter replied, blowing smoke out of his mouth.

"Ah." I said.

"What about you?" the same guard asked.

"He woke me up with the sound of his hooves clopping on the floor." I replied.

"Sorry, Caleb, it's just the way us ponies are made." Night Hunter, putting the cigar in his mouth.

"Yeah, yeah," I said. " You comin to the graduation?" I asked the guard.

"I think I might. Congrats by the way." the guard replied.

"Thanks." I said.

I leaned up against the wall with my right foot pressed on it while my left remained on the ground.

"Caleb..." Night Hunter started.

"Yeah?" I replied.

"Did I ever tell you about the story of the Bugbear?" Night Hunter asked.

"No." I replied, raising my right eyebrow.

"Oh yeah. That happened a month ago." the guard said.

"What the heck happened?" I asked, skeptically.

"Years ago, the Bugbear was captured and imprisoned in Tartarus by a special agent, whose identity I wish to remain a secret." Night Hunter said.

"Okay, and?" I asked.

"Well.... it found a way to break out of Tartarus and we have no idea where its exact position is at. However, it's most likely somewhere out east on another continent." Night Hunter said.

"Huh. So it's pretty far away." I said.

"Hopefully it will stay there, but this thing can fly and I don't know if it will stay on that continent." Night Hunter said, worryingly.

"Let's just hope for the best." the guard interjected.

"And prepare for the worse." I added.

"Right." Night Hunter said.

I then let out a yawn as I began to feel sleepy again.

"I'm going back to sleep, guys. I'll see you both in the morning." I said.

"Night, Caleb." they both said.

"Jinx!" the guard blurted towards Night Hunter.

"Darn it!" Night Hunter exclaimed.

After that, I headed back inside the building and got back in my bed. Shortly after I got in bed, Night Hunter came back into the room and he tried to be all quiet with his hoofsteps, but I wasn't worth it.

"Night Hunter, I can still hear you." I mumbled.

"Sorry." he apologized before crawling into his bed.

Finally, I fell into the deep sleep that I dearly wished for.

Graduation Day/C.A.M.A Day Ninety Two

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Graduation Day/C.A.M.A Day Ninety Two
March 8th, 2013


My eyes shot wide open to the loud ringing of the wind up alarm clock and I slammed my hand forcefully on the top. The alarm clock wobbled sideways before falling off the nightstand next to my bed. A loud crash emitted in the slightly dark room, waking Night Hunter.

"What was that?" he asked, wearily.

"What was what?" I asked.

"That loud noise that just happened." Night Hunter reminded.

"I didn't hear anything," I lied. "Must've been dreaming." I said.

"Or I may be losing my marbles." Night Hunter said as he got out of bed.

I looked behind the nightstand and saw that the back part of the clock had broken off, the glass on the front was cracked and the clock hands stopped working.

"What time is it?" Night Hunter asked.

I looked at the clock one more time.

"I'm pretty sure it was seven thirty." I replied, sheepishly.

"Then we're right on schedule. You have one hour and thirty minutes to get ready for the graduation, pack your things and then you're out of here." Night Hunter said.

"What are you going to do?" I asked.

"Get the podium and chairs all set for now, and also get into contact with that photographer." Night Hunter replied.

"Sounds good." I said.

Slowly, I got off my bed and headed into the bathroom to get ready for the day. While showering, I thought to myself how I will officially become a creature hunting agent. It would probably sound ridiculous to someone back on Earth.

"Yeah, you're gonna like my job. I get to drive around a dark forest at night, hunting wolves that are made out of sticks." I mocked.

But that is how an idiot would explain. My explanation would be a whole lot more clear and concise in order to make it sound somewhat believable.

After my shower, I went for my clothes that were rather casual: Yellow T-shirt and jeans.

"Hey, Night Hunter, you think these are a bit too casual for the graduation?" I asked.

"Yeahhhh, that's not going to cut it. I suggest that you wear your uniform for the graduation." Night Hunter suggested.

"I like your idea." I accepted, tossing the shirt and pants aside.

"But you'll need to take the uniform off before leaving." Night Hunter added.

"SInce i'll be entering civilian area?" I guessed.

"Yep. Can't take any chances." Night Hunter replied.

I then headed back into the bathroom and slipped on my uniform for the first time. I had to give the designers credit, the clothing fitted me pretty well and that's pretty impressive for ponies that have never made clothing for humans before, especially ones who are seven foot eight. If you could see the hat I had, it would most likely cover up the average person's head. Once I got everything on, I headed back to Night Hunter.

"What do you think?" I asked, spanning my arms outwards.

"Pretty good, Caleb. You look like a real C.A.M.A agent now." Night Hunter replied with a smile.

"That's what I wanted to hear," I said. "You still getting ready?" I asked.

"Yeah." Night Hunter replied.

"I'm heading downstairs for breakfast. I'll meet you there when you're done with getting the chairs and podium set up." I said.

I then walked down the stairs and into the kitchen to get my last breakfast MRE i'll have here. MRE's aren't the most tastiest meals in the world, but they're bearable. Almost similar to a high school hot lunch. Soon after getting my MRE all prepared for eating, Night Hunter came downstairs and got his own MRE. He pulled out the chair next to me and sat down.

"Other than inspecting your territory, what are you gonna do when you get back to Ponyville?" Night Hunter asked.

"Take it easy I guess before my first night out there." I replied.

Night Hunter remained silent as if he was thinking of something.

"Speaking of your first night, remember when I told you that the secret shipment will be arriving on your first night?" Night Hunter asked.

"Sure do." I said.

"It changed to Sunday night instead." Night Hunter informed.

"Why is it changed?" I asked.

"I figured that if the secret shipment were to arrive on your first night, you wouldn't be able to set up those mannequins or plan out any strategy since the Timberwolves lurk the Dovere territories at night." Night Hunter explained.

"Oh, right. Good call, Night Hunter." I said.

"No problem." Night Hunter said.

"What are you going to do once I leave?" I asked.

"Clean up around here and head out back to that decrepit building on the outskirts of Canterlot." Night Hunter replied, his eyes rolling at the end of his sentence.

"Oh, yeah, that dainty shack building or whatever. What exactly is that used for anyways?" I asked.

"Just a little cover up building for a few C.A.M.A branches," Night Hunter replied. "Ever since you first discovered our little secret 'hideout', C.A.M.A is planning on moving out of there and finding somewhere else to place our little base of operations." Night Hunter said.

"To where?" I questioned.

"Not sure at the moment. Maybe somewhere near the E.U.P training facility," Night Hunter answered, "but i'll let you know sometime later in the future." Night Hunter assured.

"Kay' than." I said.

Me and Night Hunter continued to eat for a while until Night Hunter brought up a certain dragon.

"That dragon friend of yours is named, Spike, right?" Night Hunter asked.

"What about the little dude?" I replied.

"You're sure he's harmless?" Night Hunter asked.

"Believe me, he wouldn't harm a fly. Heck, he was scared of me when I first met him," I said. "Why do you ask?"

"You remember how dragons from the volcanic plains are like?" Night Hunter asked.

"Yep. Big, and not the sharpest knives in the kitchen." I said.

"Heh, that's right," Night Hunter chuckled. "But still, you be careful if you ever come across one of them." Night Hunter cautioned.

"No kidding with you there. Getting burned to death would not be fun." I said.

"In fact, if you come across one and looks hostile, just point up in the sky and they might fall for it." Night Hunter said.

"They can't be that dumb." I said in disbelief.

"I didn't say they were that dumb," Night Hunter said with emphasis, "but it's worth a shot as a last resort." Night Hunter said.

"Thanks for the tip" I said.

After me and Night Hunter finished up our last MRE's, we headed back upstairs.

"What's, uh, what's the time?" Night Hunter asked.

I looked at my new watch and it read 08:35.

"Eight thirty five. Twenty five minutes left until the graduation." I replied.

"All right." Night Hunter said.

"You got all the chairs set up?" I asked.

"That I do. The podium as well," he added. "If I were you, i'd get your stuff packed right now so that you can get out here quicker, if you want to." Night Hunter offered.

"I think i'll get 'packin now. Not that I want to leave you quickly in anyway." I said.

"I understand. You've been through quite a ride here at the training program and a day without studying would be a wish come true." Night Hunter said, bumping his foreleg into my leg.

"You got me there." I admitted.

"That's what I thought." Night Hunter said.

I walked back into the bunks and pulled my duffle bag out from under the bed. I grabbed my books, medkit, clothing and all of that kind of stuff. I made sure to cover my medkit and camo outfit up with my clothing, just in case somepony were to get antsy about my belongings, but that probably won't happen. Never hurts to take precautions.

After packing everything and getting my backpack, I quickly made the bed and headed for the exit of the room, shutting the door.

"Done?" Night Hunter asked from the other end of the hallway.

"Uh-huh." I replied.

"Then just step right in here." Night Hunter said, directing his foreleg into the rec room in a polite manner.

I walked in and settled my duffle bag on one of the two couches.

"So, now I just wait until you give me signal to do my little speech?" I asked.

"Yeah, that should be in about... ten minutes." Night Hunter said.

He then peered his head through the doorway to check down the hallway.

"And it looks like some guards are entering the classroom right now for your little speech." Night Hunter noticed.

"How many?" I asked.

"Five," he replied. "I'll see you in a bit. Think about what you want to say for the past nine minutes." Night Hunter suggested.

"I already got it planned out." I said.

"Good." Night Hunter said, before closing the door.

As I sat in the room, I could hear faint muffled chatting since there was no door across from mine, but a wall. Unzipping the small pocket on the duffle bag, I took out the picture of me and the gang. Everytime I look at that picture, I feel a grin creep onto my face and the warm feeling of happiness fills me.

"See ya soon, guys." I said to the picture before placing it back in the duffle bag pocket.

Shortly after I put the picture away, the intensity of the muffled voices began to somewhat increase from the classroom. Once 09:00 appeared on my digital watch, I could make out Night Hunter's voice talking to the impending crowd in the room. He's probably bragging about all the good he did and how i'm was a successful student and all that.

I sat there for six more minutes until Night Hunter stopped rambling on. I anticipated for a knock on the door and sure enough, I got two knocks.

"Hey Caleb. You ready?" Night Hunter asked.

"I'm ready." I replied.

Putting the backpack on both of my shoulders and the duffle bag on my left, I opened the door and followed Night Hunter to the classroom. He opened the door with his magic, allowing me to walk into the room. When I walked in, everypony's attention was turned towards me and the sound of hooves clopping in applause filled the room. There had to be about twenty something guards and Princess Celestia and Princess Luna in the front row. They both smiled and waved at me as I came up to the podium. I did the same in response. After adjusting the microphone and clearing my throat, I began to speak.

"Hi there," I began. "First, I just want to say how gratifying it is to have all of you here just for my graduation speech and I truly appreciate it. This goes to the Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, all the royal guards, Night Hunter and even that little photographer pony in the back of the room." I said with a short pause as some ponies turned their heads to the photographer in the back. "When it was my first day here, the seventh of December, I had no idea what to do, but Night Hunter over there taught me the tricks of the trade real well. Now look at me, i'm a soon to be C.A.M.A agent who will be basically risking his life for the safety of others. But what I want to really say is that I promise that I will do my greatest utmost in protecting Ponyville from any creature that dares to advance anywhere near or threaten the village of harmony. And if they do, they'll be sorry for even trying. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.... you've got my word on that. Thank You." I concluded. "Now is there any questions that would like answering?" I asked.

Nopony raised their hoof, but Princess Celestia stood up and asked me a question.

"Yes, Princess?" I asked.

"I'm very excited to see you reach such a life changing goal in your new life here, but I must ask... why did you choose such a risky job?" Princess Celestia asked.

"I was hoping somepony would ask me that question, Princess. You see, Ponyville was the one place where I was taken in and offered friendship as well as kindness from ponies. This would include your pupil, Twilight Sparkle, Spike, the other five and every other pony living in Ponyville. Another reason is when Twilight offered me a place to live and everypony gave me stuff without charge, I felt like a freeloader. So I just want to repay the favor and debt by protecting my new home here in Equestria and I hope to do this for the rest of my life here. And also, I just like to help others out. I hope this gave you clarification." I said.

"Thank you, Caleb. I can tell that your answer came straight from the heart with honesty and commitment." Celestia said.

"You're welcome, Princess Celestia. Now is there anypony else who has a question?" I asked again.

Nopony else raised their hoof.

"Anyone at all?" I asked one more time.

No response.

"Well then, I thank you all once again for coming and may Equestria continue to thrive in harmony. Thanks." I said before walking off the podium and down the wide aisle.

Everypony in the crowd began to clop their hooves and cheered as I walked. I waved and thanked to the praise until I reached the photographer pony at the end of the room. He had a black coat and a grayish-white mane. His cutie mark appeared to be a roll of film of some sort.

"Hi." I greeted to the stallion.

"Hey, how's it going?" he replied in an accent that had a heavy canadian descent.

"Going pretty great as you can see." I said.

"Sure looks like it. Big agent, huh?" he asked.

"Man, I still can't believe that this is actually happening," I sighed. "You got a name?"

"The name's Roll Developer." the stallion introduced.

"Caleb Barlow." I replied back.

"Never heard a name like that before, but I like it." Roll Developer said.

"Thanks. So how long have you been doing photography for C.A.M.A?" I asked.

"Not for long. About three years to be exact. Not many graduates nowadays from what I hear." Roll Developer said.

"Yeah, not many ponies take a job where their life is at risk." I noted.

"I suppose. But anywho, take a seat on that seat right there and we'll 'getcha 'goin." Roll Developer instructed.

I sat in the chair that was a bit small for me. A little uncomfortable, but i'm only going to sitting for a minute or two.

"Lower your chin 'der a bit." Roll Developer said.

I did as told and lowered my chin. For my photo, I didn't want to smile because that doesn't seem like a facial expression and serious agent would have one their ID. Instead I wore a straight face with my right eyebrow raised. A facial expression that says: "I don't take shit from no one." With that, Roll Developer clicked the shutter release. A flash of white blinded me for a split second and a photo began to emerge from the front slit of the camera. Roll Developer removed the photo.

"Ooh, I like that tough agent look." Roll Developer complimented.

"That's exactly what I was aiming for." I said.

"And we'll take one more for you." Roll Developer said.

"Where's the other one going to?" I asked, pointing at the photo of my face.

"This one goes to C.A.M.A. The next one goes to in your badge holder, which is what Night Hunter has right there." Roll Developer said.

I directed my attention to Night Hunter who was levitating a big, brown looking badge holder. It was pretty much like a wallet.

"In that case, take the picture, Rolls." I encouraged.

"Ha. Rolls." Roll Developer said.

With another quick flash, the next picture came out of the camera. Roll Developer took the photo to a table and cutted the white borders off with scissors. After he finished cutting, he placed my portrait on a ID card and began to laminate it. (Keep in mind that the card was pretty big and was meant for me due to my size. This is why picture was able to fit on the card easily.) Once he was finished, he handed me the ID card.

"There ya are." Roll Developer said.

"Wow! This looks great! Thanks!" I exclaimed.

"Anytime, Caleb Barlow." Roll Developer said.

I stared at my ID card that stated: "Agent Barlow" in awe until Night Hunter tapped my leg in order to break my trance. He levitated me the badge holder and I quickly grabbed it out of his magical grasp. I then opened the holder and a metal, golden, circular badge was attached to the right flap. The graphic image was the Everfree Forest in the middle of a cross. The acronym "C.A.M.A" was spelt with bold on the top of the badge while "Everfree" was on the bottom. I slipped my ID card into its slot holder and closed the wallet back up and slipping it into my pocket.

"Caleb." Celestia said.

I turned my head to her voice.

"Are you planning on leaving Canterlot at this moment?" Celestia asked.

"Kind of was. First I gotta get out of this uniform before heading out into any civilian areas." I said.

"I gotta do that to." Night Hunter said.

"Do you need me to do something?" I asked Celestia.

"Nothing of any sort. Me and my dear sister are offering a teleportation to the train station in order to save time." Celestia explained.

"Save time?" I asked, tilting my head slightly.

"The next train to Ponyville departs in nine minutes, does it not?" Luna asked.

I looked at the clock on the wall and it read nine-twenty one.

-"Oh, shoot!" Night Hunter exclaimed.
-"Oh, crap." I exclaimed.

"I take it that's a yes?" Celestia asked.

"Never teleported in my life, but i'll take anything at the moment." I replied.

"Me too. My magic is not that advanced." Night Hunter related.

"Excellent. Me and Luna will wait until you're done getting back into your casual attire." Celestia said.

"Alright, thanks!" I said.

I quickly ran into the rec room while Night Hunter simply stayed in the same position and removed his clothing since clothing isn't much of a big norm in Equestria.

I closed the door and changed into my yellow t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. After burying my uniform under my other clothing, I opened the door and came up to Celestia, Luna and Night Hunter.

"Okay, i'm ready." I said.

"See ya, Caleb." one guard said.

All the others guards in the room began doing the same thing.

"You too, guys." I said back.

"Teleportation is safe... right?" Night Hunter asked.

"Sounds like something that I would ask." I thought to myself.

"I can assure you that it is one hundred percent safe, Night Hunter and Caleb." Celestia assured.

"Do we need to do anything specific for teleportation?" I asked.

"There is one thing. You'll see a bright flash, but I suggest that you both close your eyes before being teleported." Celestia suggested.

"Got it." I said.

I raised my wrist and exaimied the time on my clock.

"Okay, we have three minutes left." I notified.

"Then let us get a move on." Luna said.

Celestia and Luna both activated their horns and a high pitch magical sound began to fill the hallway. Celestia horn was soon engulfed by a yellow aura while Luna's was blue. The sound slightly intensified, signalling me and Night Hunter to close our eyes. I braced for the teleportation and everything went dead silent for a second before the wind from the outside blew into my ears. I immediately opened my eyes and just like that, we were at the Canterlot train station.

"Oh, wow, this is so... weird." I said with amazement, taking in my surroundings.

"I know, right? We were just at the C.A.M.A training facility and now we're here." Night Hunter agreed as he looked around.

"Did you feel numb for like a few seconds when we first got here?" I asked Night Hunter.

"I did, but it left me as quick as we got here." Night Hunter replied.

"Quiet a first for you, isn't it?" Celestia asked me and Night Hunter.

"Very." I replied.

Right after I replied to Celestia's question, I could hear a faint whistle of a train in the distance. Shortly after, I could see a silhouette of a train in the distance, approaching the train station. Me and Night Hunter looked over in the direction of the oncoming train. Our attention was broken by a *fwoosh* sound from behind us. We turned our heads and Celestia and Luna were gone and nowhere to be seen, leaving us to our farewell.

"Well, Night Hunter," I began, "looks like it's time for me to go."

Night Hunter replied by extending his right foreleg. I extended my arm and firmly gripped onto his foreleg with my hand.

"Caleb, it has been an honor," Night Hunter said. "I wish you luck on your ventures in the Everfree Forest and i'm looking forward to what you have to report to me. Even if you have nothing serious to report, I still have complete confidence that you will report something."

"Thanks, Night Hunter, i'll be sure to do that. My time at C.A.M.A has been very illuminating and a huge impact on my life here. I also thank you for teaching me everything that you know and honestly, i'm gonna miss spending time with you. Because in my book, you're one of the ponies here in Equestria that have shown me true friendship here. And like I said before, I promise that I will protect Ponyville and stomp on whatever the Everfree decides to throw at me. Wether it'll be Timberwolves, a Cockatrice, a Cragadile or even something new... they've got nothing on me." I said.

"Well, i'm glad. I'm very glad to hear that, Caleb." Night Hunter replied.

The train blew its whistle once again, much louder than before. The train slowed down and came to halt with a hiss as the brakes settled. The passenger car doors opened and few ponies began to emerge out from the car. Every single one of them noticed me and waved or said hi to me. There was one stallion that asked me for a picture, which I gladly obliged to. I guess Night Hunter was right, I am pretty well known now in Equestria.

Once everypony had exited the car, I began to walk towards the entrance, but Night Hunter had one last thing to say.

"Caleb." Night Hunter called.

"Yeah?" I asked, turning my head.

"Welcome to the agency." Night Hunter replied.

I slightly smiled to his welcoming.

"Thanks, Night Hunter. Bye." I said.

"Bye, Caleb." Night Hunter replied, tipping his brown cap.

With that, I inched my way into the passenger car and sat at an empty seat. A few other ponies began to enter the car and sat down in their own individual seats. Within a minute, the train whistle wailed once again, indicating that the train was about to depart to Ponyville. Shortly after the whistle blew, the doors closed and the train began to slowly move forward. I looked out the window and Night Hunter waved at me. I than waved back at him. Me and him made eye contact with each other before he came out of view. The train picked up speed and I was now on my way back to Ponyville.

Back to Ponyville Once Again

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Back to Ponyville Once Again
March 8th, 2013

The train now sped away from the Canterlot train station and down the mountain that Canterlot protrudes from. Like always, occasional darkness would fill the passenger car once the train entered in and out of the tunnel systems through the mountain in order to reach ground level. I've been sitting in my seat for a while in silence, looking out the window to check out the scenery of the wide open plains, but as I looked through the tiny circular window on the door that connected to the other, I noticed two familiar ponies in the next car.

I squinted my eyes a little to see if my eyes were correct. Sure enough, Lyra and Bon Bon were sitting together in the next passenger car. I rose off my seat and grabbed my backpack and duffle bag and walked towards the door. I slowly pushed the door to open it and entered the the car. A few ponies turned their heads to me entering, including Lyra, who was sitting in a position that looked rather human-like.

"Hey, what's up guys?" I greeted to Lyra and Bon Bon, sitting at a empty seat to their left.

"Caleb?" Lyra gasped in surprise.

"Something wrong?" I asked.

"What happened to you?" Lyra asked. "You're like.... really tall now and sort of dissappeared from Ponyville for three months or so." Lyra noticed.

"Ah, my height." I began. "I took this potion that apparently gave me extremely abnormal growth acceleration or something like that." I said.

"Where'd you find that kind of stuff at?" Bon Bon asked.

"Let's just say I met an enchantress who gave it to me." I replied.

"Ooooh, mystery mare," Lyra said. "How tall are you now?" she asked.

"Seven-eight or seven nine I believe." I replied.

"Wow. That's actually really abnormal for a human." Lyra said.

"How do you know the average?" I asked Lyra.

"She's a huge fanatic on your species, remember?" Bon Bon reminded.

"Basically what she said," Lyra corresponded. "Where have you been for the past three months?" Lyra asked with skepticism.

My eyes quickly glanced toward Bon Bon and she was mouthing the words: "Don't tell her about the agency." I on the other hand slightly raised my eyebrows in response to the mouthed words.

"Believe or not, Lyra, I was studying Equestrian history up in Canterlot." I said.

"Three months of studying Equestrian history?" Lyra confusionally asked.

"That's correct." I replied.

"I see why! You're just trying to be like Lyra. She study's humans and you're studying Equestrian's." Bon Bon added to support my cover up.

"Exactly!" I exclaimed. "What made you think of that?" I asked Bob Bon.

"It sounded rather similar." she replied.

"Glad to see i've had a good influence on you," Lyra said. "Maybe we should study together sometime." she suggested.

"Sure, but another time. I've been studying for about three months and it would be nice to give my brain a break for a while." I said.

"Totally understandable." Lyra agreed.

Bon Bon then nudged Lyra in her right side.

"You mind sitting like a pony and not like a human so I can get out of my seat?" Bon Bon asked Lyra.

"Yes, Bon Bon." Lyra replied, rolling her eyes.

After she exited the seat, she nudged her hoof on my shoulder and tilted her head towards the door. Bon Bon pushed the door open and entered the next passenger car behind the one I was in. I let a minute pass before getting up to follow Bon Bon.

"Where are you going?" Lyra asked as I got to the door.

"I forgot something in the other passenger car. I shouldn't be long." I replied.

"Gotcha" Lyra said.

I opened the door for the next car and Bon Bon was nowhere to be seen. My guess is that she went into the next car. And so, I went into the next car and she wasn't there as well. The only next car would be the caboose, but why would she be all the way back there? Walking into the caboose car, I could see Bon Bon standing next to the outside railing of the car. I opened the door and stood next to her. I gripped the metal railing with my hands and the wind blew into my ears, softly. With that, I asked her why we were out here.

"So... what'cha doing out here for?" I asked.

"C.A.M.A" Bon Bon sighed.

"Well, what about it?" I asked.

"I'm out of it." Bon Bon revealed.

"You mean you got fired?" I asked.

"No, no, not at all." Bon Bon said.

"Then what's the problem?" I asked her.

"Did you ever hear about the tale of the Bugbear?" Bon Bon asked.

"Yeah, the Bugbear. Some sort of bear-bug hybrid or something that was captured by this special C.A.M.A agent." I remembered.

"They didn't tell you who the special agent's identity?" Bon Bon asked.

"Nope." I replied.

"Well, here's some news for you," Bon Bon began, "that special agent was me."

I turned my head towards her with both of my eyebrows raised.

"It was you who defeated the Bugbear?" I asked, surprised.

"I sure did. With the help of Princess Celestia, it was sent to Tartarus for eternity." Bon Bon said.

"Eternity? So much for wishful thinking. I'm pretty sure Night Hunter told me that it managed to escape from Tartarus about a month ago." I said.

"I still don't know how it could've broken out. Princess Celestia told me that Hades said he'd have the Bugbear on full lockdown." Bon Bon said.

"Who's Hades?" I asked.

"The leader and ruler of Tartarus." Bon Bon answered.

My mind went into a thinking phase because i'm pretty sure i've heard the name Hades before. I began to think way deep into my mind while repeating the name Hades over and over again in my head. Suddenly, I remembered something I learned back in the eighth grade. I remembered the whole greek mythology unit we had in reading class and we read all of these books on all the gods, titans, and all of those stories. And like Bon Bon said, Hades is the one god who was sent to and rules Tartarus. It was such a weird feeling for me to find out that greek mythology might actually be real after all.

"No.... there's no way he's real." I said in disbelief.

"Oh, he's real... he's real, Caleb," Bon Bon said. "What makes you think he's not?" she asked.

"Back in my world, there's a subject called greek mythology and Hades plays a big role in many stories. And like you said, he's the leader of Tartarus. However, us humans pass it off as being mythology, not non-fiction." I said.

"So you humans know about him too?" Bon Bon asked.

"Through the stories." I replied.

"What exactly does he look like?" Bon Bon asked.

"You've never seen him?" I said.

"I haven't, but Princess Celestia probably has." Bon Bon said.

"Ehhhh... there's many depictions of him, but I mostly believe in the one where he looks like a human." I replied.

"Hmm. Interesting." Bon Bon said.

"You were saying? About the Bugbear?" I brought back up.

"Yeah, i'm out of C.A.M.A." Bon Bon replied, vaguely.

"What do you mean you're out of C.A.M.A?" I asked.

"I quit, I'm done, and the Ponyville branch has been disbanded." Bon Bon said.

"Oh, crap. Really?" I exclaimed.

"Mm-hm." she hummed.

"Why did you quit?" I questioned.

"I feel like the Bugbear might be holding a grudge against me and most likely will come after me." Bon Bon replied.

"I highly doubt the Bugbear is going to come after you. From what I heard, it's on another continent at the moment," I said. "Speaking of which, how come Celestia doesn't just fly or teleport over there to get it herself?" I asked.

"It's the risk of the unknown. Nopony, including C.A.M.A, really knows what could be living on that other continent. Equestria is a continent that is most known and studied since it's where everypony inhabits." Bon Bon explained.

"Oh, I see now," I said. "But still, I think the Bugbear won't go on some crazy mare hunt for you specifically." I assured.

"Thanks, but I still believe what I think." Bon Bon said.

"Well... if you say so. But if it somehow, and I say somehow find you, i'll be sure to help you out with your predicament." I offered.

"You would really face the Bugbear alongside with me?" Bon Bon asked.

"Of course, Bon Bon. You're my friend and i'm not gonna let some bear hybrid beat you." I said.

"Gee. Thanks, Caleb." Bon Bon thanked.

"No problem." I said.

"Well, we should probably head back inside before Lyra gets too suspicious, because she can get real antsy at times." Bon Bon suggested.

"Good idea. How long have we even been out here?" I asked.

"I dunno, maybe eight or ten minutes." Bon Bon replied.

Me and Bon Bon then headed back into the train car where Lyra waited for us in that human-like sitting position.

"Isn't that a bit uncomfortable for a pony?" I asked Lyra.

"That's what I keep asking her." Bon Bon interjected.

"Feels fine for me, Bon Bon. You should try it sometime." Lyra said.

"I think i'll pass on that." Bon Bon replied.

"Your loss." Lyra said.

"Perhaps you have a little bit of human in you, Lyra." I said.

Lyra's eyes then lit up as if something important just came to her mind.

"Oh my gosh, you've just reminded me of something I wanted to show you!" Lyra exclaimed with excitement.

"Show me." I said.

"Okay, so i've been working real hard on modifying my levitation spell." Lyra began.

"Modify?" I asked.

"You have to see it to understand. And I have to admit that it's pretty cool. Props to you, Lyra." Bon Bon said.

"Thanks, Bonnie!" Lyra beamed.

Bon Bon slightly blushed to her nickname before turning her head and staring out the window.

"So what do you got, Lyra?" I asked.

"Now I wouldn't call this revolutionary since it's just a modification, but check this out." Lyra said.

Lyra's horn began to give off a yellow aura that coated it. The magical energy began to morph a odd looking shape into mid air, a few inches away from her horn.

"What's this supposed to be, some sort of shape morphing spell or som--." I said before stopping abruptly.

The magical shape that Lyra was morphing slowly began to take form into a recognizable design, something that is part of myself. After a few more seconds of molding, Lyra's magic energy had formed into a levitating, transparent, yellow hand with tiny white sparkles glimmering off the magical energy.

"Oh, wow!" I said in astonishment.

"Pretty cool, isn't it?" Lyra asked.

"Cool? More like extraordinary!" I replied. "You should present this modification to whoever makes spell books or somepony like that." I suggested.

"Y'know, I have been thinking about that." Lyra said.

"You should definitely do it." I said again.

"We'll see." Lyra said.

I then directed my attention back towards the mystical hand floating in front of me.

"If I were to touch this hand, would it feel like a real hand?" I asked Lyra.

"Most likely not. You would probably get a little numbing sensation from the magic, but it still has the density of a real hand." Lyra replied.

"Is that so?" I asked. "Then I suppose you wouldn't mind giving me a proper handshake." I said.

"That sounds like a good idea!" Lyra agreed.

"Put em' here!" I said, extending my right arm and fingers outwards.

Lyra's magical hand floated over towards my hand and gripped onto mine. The bottom part of my hand began to go slightly numb which eventually began to turn into pins and needles.

"Oh, wow, that feels so weird." I noted as we shook.

"You okay?" Bon Bon asked.

"Don't worry, it's nothing. Just a little bit of tingling." I said.

"Phew, this is such a first for me." Lyra admitted.

"What? The handshaking?" I asked.

"Yeah. Never in my life would I think i'd be able to shake hands like a human with an actual living human." Lyra said.

"And never in my life would I dream of shaking hands with a magical floating hand that is generated by a living unicorn, so I can see why you say that." I said.

"I know, right?" Lyra said.

Me and Lyra relived our grips, freeing my hand that felt like it had fallen asleep and dangled like a ragdolls hand. I took my right arm and quickly shook it, causing my limp hand to fling like crazy.

"How's your hand doing?" Lyra giggled to my actions.

"Still pretty numb at the moment. Hope I don't have any neurological damage." I said.

"No possible way," Lyra assured, "but as you can see, the numbness is a temporary quirk that I need to work on."

"Okay, good, because I don't want to have one hand working while the other is the polar opposite." I said.

"No need to worry." Lyra said with a smile.

I then went further into my seat and sat next to window and checked out the scenery. I could already tell that the trees and all the foliage were starting to take their rightful place in spring once again. Come to think of it, i've never really seen the true beauty of what Equestria can bring. When I first got here in November of 2012, it was during the season of fall and as expected, all the leaves were shades of orange, red, yellow and all of those kinds of colors. And in winter, all the trees were striped down to just being bark and branches, but the snow was a big plus.

If you can't tell by now, i'm a person who just likes to take in the scenery. I used to take lots of long walks down White River State Trail in my hometown of Elkhorn. Sometimes i'd just go down because I had nothing better to do or whenever my friends were out and about doing other things. I remember one time when me and my buddy Garrett were walking down the trail and we walked under an overpass that was connected to I-12. We climbed up this small hill of black rocks that were under the overpass, but were unaware that we just trespassed on the home and numerous bats. Basically, there were bats hanging upside down about five feet away from our heads and we didn't even know until we heard the high pitched screech of one bat. A few began to fly away and that made us both book it out from under the overpass. We got away unscaved, lucky enough to not get bit. After that, we told our parents about the whole situation and they sent a complaint down to city hall. Thankfully, the bats were removed from the overpass. But that's enough reminiscing, i'm going to get homesick if I keep writing about my time back on Earth.

As I sat there in my seat, a different conductor came into the passenger car and announced that the train was reaching its destination; Ponyville Train Station.

"Excited to get back to Ponyville?" Bon Bon asked.

"Oh, you bet. Can't wait to get back to Twilight, Spike and all my friends," I replied. "Seeing and talking to you guys again was real nice and a change."

"Right, from all that studying." Lyra brought back up.

"Don't remind me." I said, rubbing my eyelids.

"Heh, sorry." Lyra apologized.

The train began to slow down a little bit after the train whistle blared from the outside. This signalled me to gather my backpack and duffle bag. The whistle blew once more as the train approached the loading patio of the train station. The brakes squeaked as the train came to a complete stop. The conductor then opened the passenger door and I headed out the door.

"Hey, i'll see you two around." I said.

"You too, Caleb." they both said before walking off the wooden platform.

I turned around and began to search for Twilight and the whole gang. My vision of anything was slightly impaired from the steam coming from under the train that drifted like fog.

"Twilight? Spike? Anypony?" I called out.

"Caleb?" Twilight's voice responded.

"I think he's over there." Fluttershy said.

"I'm over here." I said.

As the steam began to evaporate into thin air, the black silhouettes of the six mares and a dragon began to appear. Once all the steam was gone, there was Twilight and the gang.

"Caleb!" they all exclaimed, cheerfully.

"Heyyyy!" I exclaimed as well.

I dropped my duffle bag and backpack onto the wooden platform and rushed over towards them. They copied my actions and did the same. Once we met, I crouched down and we all hugged each other in a large group hug.

"Oh, I missed you guys so much!" I said as we hugged.

"We all did too, Caleb." Twilight said.

We all then broke off from the group embrace.

"Heh, so how was that ninety-two day study session on Equestrian history?" Rainbow asked.

"Three words, Rainbow: Boring. As. Tartarus." I replied.

"Couldn't agree with you more. I don't think I could ever do something like that." Rainbow said.

"Three months? If you were to leave on the seventh of December and come back here on the eighth of March, then that means you were gone for seven billion-nine hundred and forty eight thousand and eight hundred seconds, one hundred-thirty two thousand and four hundred and eighty seconds, two thousand-two hundred and eight hours, thirteen weeks and one day!" Pinkie said in a fast pace without taking a single breath and ending with a chipper smile.

I could see Twilight slightly slack jawed to Pinkie's statement that required a lot of mathematical thinking while the others were snickering to Twilight's reaction.

"Gotta admit, Pinkie, that's a pretty impressive mental math calculations." I admitted.

"Oh, I didn't use my thinking, I had it all written down on this piece of paper." Pinkie said, pulling a sheet of paper out of her poofy mane with all the numbers.

"Ah." I said.

"Tell me, darling, did you enjoy your time at Canterlot?" Rarity asked.

I had to think about Canterlot for a second before answering because I kinda forgot what the whole city looked like, due to me being stuck inside the C.A.M.A facility for most of the time.

"I thought it was great. The ponies there were quite nice and welcoming. I was expecting their personalities to be self centered and snobby." I replied.

"Some are." Applejack corrected.

"I agree, but most are more sophisticated and kind." Rarity said.

"What kind of events did ya' learn in your history class?" Applejack asked.

Luckily, I read the entire Equestrian History book as a form of pastime at the C.A.M.A facility, so I easily came up with an answer.

"I learned about this pretty cool story about the sonic rainboom." I said, directing my attention towards Rainbow.

"Oh, so you learned about that, huh?" Rainbow asked.

"Sure did. I'm bet not many pegasi can achieve a speed that fast." I said.

"That's because i'm the only one alive that can!" Rainbow boasted.

"How did you manage to go that fast with wings like that?" I asked Rainbow.

"Well, it mostly had to do with the adrenaline rush and the velocity that I was flying at. At the time, Rarity was being a total showoff towards the crowd--" Rainbow said before being cut off.

"Showoff?!" Rarity exclaimed. "I would rather prefer the word presenting." Rarity said.

"Fine." Rainbow said.

"Thank you, Dash." Rarity thanked.

"As I was saying, Rarity was being a 'presenter' with these fancy wings that can support flight, but they burned up from the sunlight." Rainbow explained.

"How far up were you guys?" I asked.

"I don't know, but pretty high up in the sky," Rainbow replied. "When I saw the make up overdoer fall and scream like a damsel in distress, I quickly sprung into action." Rainbow said.

"Makeup overdoer?" I asked.

"Ugh, I had way too much makeup on that day and now that I look back, it made me looks absolutely hideous." Rarity shuddered.

"Yeah! The amount of red lipstick on her lips made them look like thick, oversized red peppers." Pinkie chipped in.

"Let's not forget about the mascara as well." Rarity added.

"Oh, Celestia, that was beyond the average amount." Rainbow said.

"Such terrible crimes against fashion." Rarity sighed.

"Alright, can we stop with the pick on Rarity day and get on with the story?" Spike asked, rather annoyed.

"Okay, okay, we're done." Rainbow said.

Rarity smiled gleefully at Spike in response for standing up for her and Spike looked down shyly at her gaze. I thought that was kinda cute.

"So then, I quickly flew down alongside with the Wonderbolts who were knocked out and were unable to save her. Once I got at a fast enough speed, I pointed my forelegs in a diving position to speed up even more than before. The pressure was so much, that I could feel parts of my face literally move around and a stream of tears was sucked from my eyes. I got even more faster and everything became a white blur, forcing me to close my eyes, but I remained on target. I managed to slightly open my eyes and the impact to the ground seemed imminent. I used up all the energy I could muster and before I knew it, I had created a sonic rainboom and saved my friends in the process. I made an instant acute turn and noticed a rainbow being formed as a trail of where I flew behind me. After heroically saving the day, I rose back into the sky and placed Rarity and the Wonderbolts on solid cloud." Rainbow told in a suspenseful tone.

"Whoa.... that had to be intense, Rainbow." I said, impressed with the tale.

"Believe me, it was." Rainbow said.

"And Fluttershy also managed to cheer for Rainbow." Twilight said.

"I never raised my voice so loud in my life. It just... came out naturally." Fluttershy said.

"Well good for you, Fluttershy." I supported.

"Thank you." Fluttershy thanked.

"So, now that you're back here in Ponyville, Pinkie thought it be nice to throw a little somethin-somethin for you." Twilight announced.

"And what would that be, Pinki--" I said, turning my head towards Pinkie original position, but nowhere to be seen. "What?" I asked, confused.

"Looks like she left to make a few finishing touches." Rarity said.

I small grin began to grow on my face.

"Oh, I think I have an idea of what the somethin-somethin is." I said, sleekly.

"Well let's go then!" Rainbow declared.

We then left the train station and ventured back to Twilight's.

Catching Up On Things

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Catching Up On Things
March 8th, 2013

On the way back to Twilight's library, we came across multiple ponies that have also noticed i've been gone for three months. I just simply answered their questions with the whole studying up in Canterlot spiel. I know lying stinks, especially towards my friends, but I have to keep C.A.M.A a secret and make sure Twilight, the most trustworthy pony I know, is the only civilian pony who knows about it.

Ponyville hasn't really changed over the course of three months, but like I said before, spring is taking its rightful place. The sun was shining high in the sky, green grass is beginning to sprout from the ground, flowers are on the verge of blooming and displaying their vibrant colors, and the trees are finally growing leaves again. Besides from the environmental changes, the aroma of wet soil filled the air, so it must've been raining here earlier. Not important, but I thought it would be a nice little descriptive tidbit.

But anyways, after our walk back to Twilight's, Rainbow Dash insisted that I should go first for some reason.

"Give Caleb some room. Let him go first." Rainbow said to the four mares and Spike.

"Why should I go first?" I asked.

"Just being polite." Rainbow replied.

"Hmmmmm." I said while rubbing my chin.

I then headed to the lowest window next to the door and peeked into it, only to find that the window shade was down.

"Damn, they thought of everything." I whispered to myself.

I walked back over to the door while eyeballing Rainbow, who had her forelegs crossed as she slowly flapped her wings in the air. When my hand went for the doorknob, I could hear Rainbow stifling a laugh.

"What's so funny?" Applejack asked Rainbow.

"No, shhhhh!" Rainbow hushed.

I slowly went for the doorknob once again and Rainbow was starting to crack up again.

"Don't laugh, Rainbow!" I laughed as I took my hand off the doorknob. "If you laugh, then it only makes my hunch of a bad feeling only increase." I said.

"No, no, its nothing, I just thought of something really funny." Rainbow excused.

I then placed my hand back on the doorknob and began to slowly turn it to the left.

"Whatever you say, Rainbow. I'll be ready fo--" I jinxed myself.

"SURPRISE!" Pinkie's high-pitched voice shouted from inside the library.

"HOO!" I exclaimed in startlement.

For a split second, I could see Pinkie Pie behind a light blue cannon that was a bit smaller than her. Once that split second past, the cannon let out a squeaking sound as it fired and my vision was blinded my small pieces of confetti and streamers that were fired out of the cannon's muzzle. I flinched and closed my eyes in response. I slowly opened my eyes and Pinkie was on the verge of laughing while Rainbow was dying back there.

"Gotcha!" Pinkie exclaimed.

"You should see yourself!" Rainbow said as she laughed.

I looked down and the frontside of my shirt and pants were coated with confetti, and streamers that draped over my shoulders and on my head. I began to laugh along with Pinkie and Rainbow as well.

"Dang! Got me good there," I said, picking pieces of confetti off my face. "I'm guessing you two are big pranksters?" I asked Pinkie and Rainbow.

"You betcha." Rainbow replied, wiping a tear from her eye

"The prankster duo." Pinkie added.

"I could see Pinkie doing something like this, but not you, Rainbow. I mean geez, you're tearing up from this." I said.

"Oh, i'm a huge prankster, Caleb," Rainbow said. "And it's not tears, it's humor water." Rainbow corrected.

I scoffed to her correction.

"You should've seen the prank she pulled on Gilda." Pinkie brought up.

"And who would that be?" I asked.

"She's just an old friend. We don't really hang out anymore." Rainbow answered.

"Moved away?" I asked her.

"Nah, just some complications between her and my friends." Rainbow replied, directing her hoof towards the five mares and Spike.

"Ah, I see." I understood. "So, are we having a party or something?" I asked Pinkie.

"I can whip one up right now if you'd like!" Pinkie offered.

"No thanks, but thanks for considering it." I replied.

"Okey-dokey-lokey." Pinkie said.

"But maybe we could hang out and catch up on things inside." Twilight suggested.

"Sounds good." I said.

I, being the true polite one, opened the door to let them inside, giving Rainbow a look that says, "I really hate you", but in a friendly way as she flew inside. She replied by giving me a little smirk.

"What about all this leftover confetti and streamers?" I asked Pinkie.

"My bad." Pinkie replied.

Within the blink of an eye, Pinkie literally became a blur as she cleaned up all the small pieces of confetti at speeds that you would most likely see in a cartoon.

"Done." Pinkie chirped.

"Um.... where did all of that go?" I asked Pinkie.

"Where I keep almost everything else." Pinkie said, pointing her hoof at her poofy mane.

"I-I guess that works." I stuttered.

Pinkie grinned at me in response and trotted inside the library.

"How does that even work?!" I thought to myself as I closed the door.

After having my mind get twisted in a knot, I sat my backpack and duffle bag next to the couch and slouched into one of the couch cushions.

"Any of you guys want something to drink?" Twilight asked everypony.

"Nah." we all replied.

"So tell me guys, what's been going on since I was gone?" I asked.

"To be honest, not much really went on around here in Ponyville." Twilight said.

"Really? Nothing new went on here in the course of three months?" I asked.

"She's pretty much spot on." Spike agreed.

"Uh-huh." the five mares said in unison.

"Well, that's a bit anti-climatic," I said. "Did you guys do anything outside of Ponyville?" I asked them.

"Oh, we were in the Hearth's Warming Eve play. Remember that in the letter we sent you?" Twilight asked.

"Oh yeah, right," I remembered. "Sorry, I couldn't go, because the teacher had me study hard that night, but he was still kind enough to give me the letter you guys sent me." I said.

"That's alright." Twilight said.

"What were your guy's parts?" I asked the six mares.

"Well, first of all, I was the noble narrator." Spike boasted.

"Nice, nice." I said.

"I played the part of Clover the Clever; the advisor of Princess Platinum." Twilight said.

"And apprentice of Star Swirl the Bearded." I added on.

"That too. You really do know your Equestrian history well." Twilight complimented.

"Three months worth takes its toll on you." I said.

"And I was the elegant Princess Platinum." Rarity said.

"Elegant? She viewed the other races to be less superior and saw unicorns as the true master race. Quite a bitch if you ask me." I contradicted.

"By elegant, I meant her attire." Rarity said.

"Oh.... my bad." I apologized.

"But otherwise, she was quite unfair to the Earth and Pegasi race." Rarity agreed

"Hey Caleb." Spike said.

"Yes?" I asked.

"What's bitch supposed to mean?" Spike asked.

"It's just a term us humans use to describe an unlikeable female." I answered.

"Oh my." Fluttershy uttered

"Huh. I never knew that." Twilight said, writing my definition in a notebook.

"Got any other words like that?" Rainbow asked.

"We do... but i'd prefer not to tell because they're pretty vulgar and rude." I said.

"Oh, come on!" Rainbow whined. "I could use a few more good insults in my vocabulary."

"No, no, I don't think so. I know you personality, Rainbow Dash." I said.

"Fiiine." Rainbow said.

"What about you, Pinkie Pie? What was your character in the play?" I asked.

"I got to play as Chancellor Puddinghead; the leader of the earth pony tribe." Pinkie Pie said.

"I figured that." I said.

"Really? What made you think that?" Pinkie asked.

"In the history book, Puddinghead kinda looks like you. She has a shade of light pink for her coat and almost a similar manestyle to yours, but the colors were red and orange rather than your mane color." I said.

"Y'know, she does kinda look like me. Maybe she's an ancient relative." Pinkie gasped.

"She might be," I shrugged. "Who got the part as Puddinghead's secretary?" I asked.

"That would be me. I got the role as Smart Cookie." Applejack replied.

"Smart Cookie seemed like the polar opposite of Chancellor Puddinghead. Cookie was more... rational and collective. Not trying to say that you're not that, Pinkie." I said.

"No need to worry, Caleb." Pinkie said.

"And I can already guess who got the role of Commander Hurricane and Private Pansy." I said.

"That would be me and Rainbow." Fluttershy spoke up.

"Heh, the best pair of them all." Rainbow said.

"Just like Puddinghead and Pinkie, both of you share similar personalities to your roles." I said to Rainbow and Fluttershy.

"We sure do. That's why we chose to participate in the play." Fluttershy agreed.

"Pretty coincidental how you six are somewhat similar to the six founders of Equestria," I said. "Those six ponies defeated the ancient windigos, and you six basically saved Equestria from eternal night and Nightmare Moon." I compared.

"I know, right?" Twilight agreed. "Thankfully, that's the biggest challenge we've faced so far." Twilight said.

"So, other then your parts, how did the rest of the play go?" I asked.

"It went great. There was a large attendance, nopony messed up any lines, well acted, and was one a performances at the Hearth's Warming pageant." Twilight replied.

"Awesome! Win anything?" I asked.

"No, it was just something we seven participated in." Twilight said.

"Oh, okay." I said.

"What about you? What did you do to spend your Hearth's Warming Eve?" Fluttershy asked.

"Me? I just studied, read the letter from you guys, chugged down a carton of eggnog, and passed out." I said.

"Woah, be careful, Caleb. Too much alcohol can really mess up your liver." Twilight warned.

"I know, but that was my first and only time I plan on having an alcoholic beverage." I assured.

"Well, that's good news." Twilight said with a sigh.

"Anything else go on here while I was gone?" I asked.

"WInter Wrap Up was put into effect a week ago." Twilight replied.

"Yeah, a royal guard was telling me about that." I said.

"Why in the world would a royal guard need to defend a school? Don't they only defend the Canterlot castle?" Rarity asked.

"No, I came across one walking the streets while I was taking a break." I said.

"Oh, of course, what am I thinking? I guess some guards have to defend the city as well." Rarity said.

"That's alright. Now how exactly do ponies make the transition from winter to spring? Back in my world, winter transitions to spring from the earth tilting downwards." I said.

"Alright, so there's three teams: Weather, Animals, and Plants." Twilight began.

"The weather team's duty is to heat things up, cloudbust, and melt all the snow." Rainbow Dash said.

"The animal team's responsibility is to wake every critter, small and large, from their long hibernation." Fluttershy said.

"And the plant team is responsible for clearing snow from the fields and planting seeds for the crops." Applejack said.

"And all of this gets done in one day?" I asked.

"You betcha. Start at the crack of dawn and work until the job's done." Applejack replied.

"You guys sure work fast. Sometimes it takes an extra month or two for it warm up in my world, but that's mostly because I live up in the northern region of America. " I said.

"The southern region's probably warm up faster." Applejack said.

"Oh, hell yeah. Temperatures for a southern winter can stay in the sixties or seventies." I said.

"Lucky them." Rainbow said.

"No kidding. Then you got me who lives up Wisconsin, getting my car stuck a foot of snow." I said.

The sentence I stated brought the Defender into my mind. Completely forgot about it.

"Speaking of cars, is the Defender still outside the library, Twilight?" I asked.

"Nope. They sold it for extra bits." Rainbow Dash kidded.

"Very funny, Rainbow. You ain't foolin' me." I said.

"She's just joking. It's right out back." Twilight said.

"Uhhhh, where's the fuel pump fuse?" I asked.

"The little blue chip?" Spike asked.

"Yes." I said.

"I set it on the wooden round table." Spike said, pointing his index claw at the table.

"Thanks, Spike." I thanked.

I rose off the couch and walked over towards where Spike pointed. Just like he said, the little blue chip was sitting on the front of the roundtable.

"Whatcha' gonna do?" Rainbow asked.

"Start it up." I replied.

"I'll come with you." Rainbow said.

"Kay' then. Anypony else?" I asked.

"We'll wait for you in here." Twilight replied.

"And, darling, I just wanted to let you know I cleaned all that dirt off your Defender." Rarity said.

"Thanks, Rarity! Too much dirt for ya?" I said.

"Oh, it was absolutely filthy! I cannot stand that much dirt!" Rarity shuddered.

"That's Rarity alright." Applejack said.

Me and Rainbow Dash then walked outside to the Defender which was parked out back. I was surprised to see that the Defender now had a frost white body color rather than that brownish-cream color, which was actually dirt and dust debris. I guess the previous owner was an offroader.

Rainbow began to examine the Defender from the wheels-up.

"Sooo, what is this thing supposed to be?" Rainbow asked in skepticism.

"It's called an automobile, or a Land Rover Defender. Something that the portal dumped into this world." I replied.

"The same one you came through?" Rainbow asked.

"Yep. And I have a feeling that the portal is still active back in my world and is dumping stuff from my world into this one." I said.

"That's weird." Rainbow said.

"But, dang, this thing looks like pure gold now! Rarity sure did a good job at cleaning it." I admitted, opening the driver door.

I sat in the driver seat and Rainbow peered her head to check out the interior.

"Two hundred KMH?" Rainbow asked.

"Ah, the Defender must not be American. Two hundred kilometers estimate to.... one hundred and twenty miles per hour." I said.

"Ha! Still not as fast as me." Rainbow bragged.

"Oh, definitely. It would be pretty hard to steer this at the speed of sound," I said. "Now let's start this thing up."

I took the fuse and inserted into the designated slot on the fuse box. My feeling of anticipation drained immediately when the Defender's engine turned over for about three seconds before dying. I pulled the fuse out and tried again, but to no avail.

"Rrrrr, c'mon you!" I growled.

"Pure gold, eh, Caleb?" Rainbow asked, sarcastically.

"Shit..." I whispered under my breath. "What are you going to do when you go out in the Everfree at night? Simply walk and carry all of that equipment?" I thought to myself.

"So now what?" Rainbow asked, breaking me from my thoughts.

"Okay, okay, Rainbow, i'm going to open up the front hood and I want you to look at the engine. Check to see if a yellow magic aura manifests around it when I try to start it up." I instructed.

"On it." Rainbow replied.

I then flipped the hood switch and Rainbow lifted it up, revealing the engine.

"Ready?" I asked.

"When you are." Rainbow replied.

I inserted the fuse back into the slot and the engine turned over once again, dying just a quick as it turned over.

"Yep! There was definitely an aura, but it's really faint!" Rainbow exclaimed.

"Good. That means the residual magic is still there." I said.

My guess why the Defender wouldn't start is because its been sitting here for about three months without any use, or the magic could've been fading for the same reason.

"I think we might need Twilight's help." I concluded.

"I'll get her." Rainbow said.

Rainbow quickly flew back into Twilight's library for her. Shortly after, Rainbow came back with the rest of the mares and Spike.

"What's the problem?" Twilight asked.

"I think the residual magic is wearing off." I responded.

"Mmm, I figured that might happen, but I wasn't sure," Twilight said. "Don't worry, i'll give it the little kick that it needs."

"Thanks, Twilight." I said.

Twilight began to work her magic on the ignition switch and filling the oil and gas tanks up just to be safe.

"This better work." I said to Applejack.

"Why can't ya just walk?" Applejack asked.

"It's just the convenience, and this thing can cover a mile in thirty seconds if I were to get it that fast." I replied.

"That quick?" Applejack asked, flabbergasted.

"That's right." I said.

"I think it's pretty neat-o." Pinkie said. "Its got little eyeballs on the front!"

"They're actually headlights, but I like your imagination, Pinkie." I said.

"Thanks!" she replied, happily.

"Okay, Caleb. It should be ready now." Twilight said.

"Now let's see if this'll work." I said.

Once again I sat in the driver seat and inserted the fuse. The engine began to turn over faster than before and out of some miracle, it started.

"There we go. That's my girl." I said.

I let my foot off the clutch and used my right foot to repeatedly rev the engine with the accelerator. Fluttershy jumped to the sudden loud sound and covered her ears.

"Y'alright?" I shouted over the engine.

"It's a bit loud." Fluttershy replied.

"I think it sounds awesome!" Rainbow shouted

"Sorry," I said, shutting off the engine and closing the door. "At least I know that it works now and thanks again, Twilight. Don't know what i'd do without you."

"Why you're quite welcome, Caleb." Twilight replied.

"Ahem!" Rainbow cleared her throat.

"And thank you, Rainbow Dash." I said.

"No prob." Rainbow replied.

"Alright, let's head back inside." I said.

"Actually, I have to go get Sweetie Belle from Sweet Apple Acres." Rarity said.

"I'll come with ya." Applejack said.

"And I have to leave because it's lunchtime for all the animals." Fluttershy said.

"I have to finish a big order of cupcakes." Pinkie said.

"And I have to.... chillax for a while." Rainbow said.

"Oh, no problem, guys. You go do your things and i'll see you another time." I said.

"Thanks, Caleb." they replied.

"But before you go, just wanted to say thanks for seeing me again." I thanked.

"What are friends for?" Rainbow said.

"Right. We'll i'll see you all around." I farewelled.

We then got into another big group hug before parting out ways for the rest of the day.

10:28 PM

For the rest of the day, I pretty much lounged around and enjoyed life. Later on that night, while Spike was fast asleep, I began to unpack my C.A.M.A uniform, camouflage outfit, and first aid kit. Twilight took notice to my unpacking and checked out my new stuff.

"That your uniform?" Twilight asked.

"Uh-huh. Pretty sweet lookin' ain't it?" I asked.

"Yeah, I like all the... black?" Twilight said, sheepishly.

"Night Hunter said C.A.M.A wanted to use as much black as possible so that I could blend in with the darkness of night." I clarified.

"That makes more sense, and a very smart decision. What about the camo outfit?" Twilight asked.

"That's for when i'm staking out any creatures and hiding in foliage. Helps out with the tactic." I said.

"Sounds pretty intense." Twilight said.

"Nah, those Timberwolves don't scare me as much as they used to. Like Night Hunter said, they're just giant pussycats when they see something bigger than them," I teased. "I mean, just take a look at me. Would you go up against a seven foot-eight human?" I asked, standing up in front of Twilight, who looked up at me.

"I gotta admit, you are pretty intimidating when it comes to height." Twilight admitted.

"Heh, I know, i'm scary." I said.

"What's Night Hunter like?" Twilight asked.

"Why? Gotta crush or something?" I teased her.

"No!" Twilight exclaimed.

"I'm just messing with you," I assured. "Night Hunter is like the old, wise pony that is full of wisdom and experience since he was the previous patrol pony in the Everfree Forest. He has a temper, but that's only if you disobey him or mess up something really important. Otherwise, he's really likeable and is a good friend too." I said.

"That's good. Glad to see that you're making new friends in Equestria," Twilight said with approval. "What day is your first night?"

"Monday night. Tomorrow I think i'll lay low and Sunday i'll have to go into the Everfree and check for any tracks or signs of Timberwolves in the vicinity, and that night I have to go out into an open field east of the Everfree Forest to pick up a shipment of the weapons and devices i'll be using." I said.

"You know how to use them?" Twilight asked in concern.

"I got them down packed." I replied.

"Okay. I'm just looking out for you." Twilight replied.

"And I appreciate that. Thank you." I said.

"Anytime," she said. "Well, i'm going to be heading off to bed." Twilight yawned.

"Kay'. See you in the morning." I replied.

And so, I finished unpacking and headed upstairs to catch some zzz's.

Supply Shipment

View Online

Supply Shipment
March 11th, 2013

12:00 AM

Okay, so yesterday was the day that I had to head into the Everfree Forest during the day to check for any signs of Timberwolf, Cockatrice, Cragadile, Manticore activity in the Everfree and i'm relieved to say that I didn't find anything that be a major threat to Ponyville. However, I did find a few toppled trees near the South border of the Dovere territories. I suppose that's where the Timberwolves are hanging out at this time, fortunately.

When I get the bait mannequins from the supply shipment, I plan on placing one of them about half a mile from the Timberwolves position while the other three will be spaced out in that area. I don't want to place the mannequins too close to Ponyville because that would just draw them closer to civilization. And so, if I come back the next day and find a mannequin chewed, scratched, or knocked over, then i'll know that the Timberwolves are advancing their position.

Twilight has been very supportive of my recruitment in C.A.M.A, but I can see deep in her eyes that she is worried sick for me and wishes I don't go, and that's to be expected from Twilight's personality; a sign that our relationship has grown stronger, maybe as equal as her and Spike's.

Speaking of Spike, he revealed something quite shocking, in my book. Remember when I said that Spike blushed at Rarity two days ago? Well apparently he has a crush on her. Now my reaction was a mix between 'Yeah, you get her, boy' and 'Okaaaay.' Even now i'm still confused as heck, but I like how Spike is going for what he wants. Who knows, maybe the stars will align whilst a blue moon occurs and they might get together.

But, back to the true subject. It is now midnight and i'm about to leave Twilight's library to meet the royal guards delivering my supplies. Now let me remind you, the Everfree is a whole new goddamn ball game at night, so I have to be careful because Timberwolves aren't the only threats out there. The safest and quickest route to the open field where i'm meeting the guards is to take the path that leads to Fluttershy's cottage and continue forwards until I come across the same path where I encountered my first Timberwolf..... shit. Guess I didn't this through good enough. Well, like Night Hunter said, they're just pussycats when it comes to size. No biggie.

I then grabbed my black leather jacket, attachable flashlight, and boots, putting them on. Discretely, I went for the front door and gently gripped the doorknob, slowly turning it. The door emitted a quiet creak as the door began to open. Once I got outside, I couldn't see anything due to it pitch black because the moon was blocked out by the clouds that the Cloudsdale Weather Center placed in the sky, so I had to feel my way around. I turned my direction towards where the Defender was parked and I stuck my arms outwards to feel for it.

"Okay, where are you at?" I said.

While feeling around, I felt my knee impact against the metal body of the Defender.

"D'ow!" I yelped. "Well, atleast I found it." I said after rubbing my knee.

After I hopped into the driver seat and started up the vehicle, I slowly pressed on the accelerator to proceed to Everfree, keeping the engines noise level as minimal as possible so that nopony would be woken by the loud engine. The engine is actually pretty loud as it was idling.

Once I finished navigating the many streets of Ponyville and crossing a small bridge, I was now entering the Everfree Forest. The forest itself just had this whole different feel to it than it does during the day. I then picked up the pace and sped up to forty kilometers an hour.

After driving for a while and staying alert, I saw Fluttershy's cottage in the distance and shut off the brights and roof lights so that no excessive amount of brightness shines through her windows. Once I passed the cottage, I switched the lights back on.

Finally, I reached the left turn that leads out the open field where I first came into this world. It was such a funny feeling of being back here, literally. When I entered the area, it felt very... static. It felt like tiny surges of static electricity were surging through my body, but I just brushed it off as being the mild pins and needles sensation.

I looked around the grassy terrain and found a nice little spot to park that got a good view of Canterlot in the distance. Therefore, the delivery ponies will have no way of missing me due to having nothing obstructing the lights. Currently, it was twelve-twenty four, so the guards should be arriving shortly.

As I sat quietly in the Defender, I felt like I was being watched, but that could probably be my subconscious playing a mind trick on me. I still stayed alert just in case.

It was six minutes past twelve thirty and the guards had not arrived yet. While I sat in the Defender, I heard a faint whoosh sound come from outside. I quickly reacted and checked the outside to see if anypony was outside, but nothing.

"The hell was that?" I said to myself.

I then got back into the Defender and waited again.


"Ahh!" I exclaimed to the sudden sound.

"Boo!" a white pegasus royal guard with gold armor said from outside the passenger window.

"Jesus, how long have you guys been out here?" I asked.

"We just got here. Thought we'd just mess with you." A grey guard replied.

"Ha! Funny guy!" I said in a raised tone.

"C'mon, isn't it funny after being scared?" the white guard asked.

"Yeaah, I guess you're right. Good scare," I said. "Now do you have my equipment i'll be using?" I asked.

"All stocked up back in the storage trailer." the grey guard replied.

"Captain Shining Armour also came down here to help you out with unloading. Said you seemed pretty trustworthy." the white guard informed.

"I've haven't seen him a while. Where's he at?" I asked.

"Right here." Shining Armour said from the window behind me, wearing his usual purple armour.

"Hey! How's it going, Shining?" I asked as I exited the Defender.

"Pretty good," Shining replied. "I can see you're really coming up in the world, huh? " Shining inferenced.

"Yeah, I start my first official night out in the Everfree tomorrow." I said.

"That takes guts, Caleb. Going up against all those crazy creatures that lurk the Everfree." Shining said.

"Ever see a Timberwolf before?" I asked.

"In pictures, but never seen one myself." Shining replied.

"I've only seen the glowing green eyes, but not the whole damn thing in person." I said.

"That had to be pretty spooky." Shining said.

"Spooky doesn't even come close to what I experienced that night. I was close to becoming Timberwolf chow that night." I said.

"Look on the bright side, atleast you made it out of there." Shining said in an optimistic tone.

"Yeah, that is a big bright side." I replied.

"But anyways, we got your equipment and supplies you'll be needing for your long nights in the Everfree." Shining brought back up.

"Even the mannequins?" I asked.

"Yes, even the mannequins." Shining chuckled.

"Very good. Now let's get unloading." I said.

Shining walked over to the carriage filled with the supplies while I opened the Defender's back door. After I opened the door, Shining levitated all four of the mannequins into the cargo storage area and set them neatly aligned while I grabbed the iron sledgehammer from the trailer.

"These are your problems now." Shining said.

"Thanks." I said.

I followed Shining Armour back to the trailer and helped him load up my Defender with six month worth of MRE's and water.

"So, anything new going on in your life?" I asked Shining.

"Oh, you bet," he replied. "I've been in a relationship for quite sometime with a certain somepony." Shining said.

"Oh, lucky you!" I said. "What's her name?" I asked.

"Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, or Princess Cadance for short." Shining replied.

"Ho-ho, a princess, huh?" I said.

"The princess of love to be exact." Shining added.

"Princess of love? Okay, maybe lucky was a bit of an understatement," I corrected. "When did you first meet her?" I asked.

"The first day she came over to foalsit for Twilight. She was so pretty." Shining sighed as he reminisced on the past.

"Yeah, I know how you feel." I related.

"You had a special somepony too?" Shining asked.

"Sure did, but like most teenage relationships, we broke up. I remember that day we broke up. Jess' parents said she was crying her eyes out and I spent an entire day in my room sulking all by myself. It was by far the saddest day of my life so far." I said.

"Wow... that sounds very rough." Shining said with compassion.

"It was. But we moved on and continued with our lives. You're lucky to have your relationship is still going on for this long." I said.

"Why did you break up? If you don't mind me asking." Shining asked.

"To be honest, I think it's the fact that we were teenagers. I'm nineteen years old right now and my brain has matured a bit more, but I think me and Jessica weren't ready for a serious relationship yet. Excluding our age at the time, me and her we're stressing out over how we would stay connected once we were in college because she wanted to go to Marquette University while I wanted to attend UW-Whitewater. So yeah, that's pretty much why we broke up. Too much stressing over." I said.

"I suppose. Being that far away and not being able to interact with each other properly." Shining said.

"We could've used this messaging app back in my world called Skype that allows you video chat with others." I brought up.

"Why didn't you both just use that?" Shining asked.

"Video chat and texting is just not the same as actually being there with the one you love in person." I replied.

"Oh, I see what you mean now." Shining understood.

"Yep." I finished.

"Don't worry, Caleb, you might find somepony." Shining said.

"In this world? I think not." I said.

"Never know. Maybe a female human was sucked into the portal as well." Shining said.

I remained silent, but a small smile formed on my face.

"Does Twilight know about your relationship with her own foalsitter?" I asked.

"Not at all. Me and Cadance kinda kept it secret from her." he replied.

"Well, you should tell her. She'll probably flip when she hears about it." I said.

"Don't worry, I will, but i've just been pretty busy lately." Shining said.

Shining Armour and I continued to load up the last of the MRE's, water bottles, and extra medical supplies in the back on the Land Rover until the only remaining item left was the X-Ray sensor, the little speaker, the Ingenious, and the Timberferno. I took the two smaller devices and placed them in the cup holders up front. I went back to the trailer and picked up the Iggy, which now had a grip that was suitable for my hands.

"Does the E.U.P Royal Guard utilize these at all?" I asked Shining.

"Nope. We use spears most of the time. These pieces of technology are quite rare and take a lot of time to develop." Shining replied.

"Want a demonstration?" I asked, raising my eyebrows.

"Probably not the best idea. Might attract some unwanted attention." Shining referred to the Timberwolves.

"Good idea." I agreed.

I took the Iggy and sat it up front in the passenger seat, doing the same for the Timberferno.

"So, is that everything I need?" I asked Shining.

Shining went back to the trailer to double check.

"Looks like it, but Princess Celestia gave me one more thing before she authorized the delivery." Shining revealed.

"Is that so?" I asked.

"It is so." he replied, levitating a flat golden object.

"A golden ticket? Wonder if it says i'm invited to visit a chocolate factory." I thought to myself.

I took the ticket out of Shining's magical grasp and read it.

You're invited to the Grand Galloping Gala!

Spend your night at a royal ball to celebrate the anniversary of Canterlot's completion. Be sure to wear a proper attire and to arrive with this ticket for admission.

Location: The Canterlot Castle

Date: April 21st
Time: 8:00 PM-12:00 AM

"Oh, nice! A party!" I exclaimed with excitement.

"And she also wanted me to give your this." Shining said, levitating me a small scroll wrapped with a red ribbon.

I opened that up and read it as well.

Dear Caleb Barlow,

Not only did I send you this ticket because you're a newcomer to the land of Equestria, but I also thank you for taking the duty of protecting Ponyville and patrolling the Everfree Forest late at night. It is truly a sign of bravery and that you care towards your new friends and those who live there at the moment. Thank You.

Best regards,

Princess Celestia

"Man, my life here keeps getting better and better!" I said.

"Sure looks like it. Most ponies who attend are high-class or very rich." Shining said.

"Brilliant. A party filled with richie-riches." I said with a roll of my eyes.

"I like that nickname. Richie-Riches." Shining recited.

"That's not the only nickname I can come up with, I have a whole lot more." I said.

"Nah, i'm good. Me and the colts have to get back the bunks to get some sleep." Shining said.

"Oh, right," I said, looking at my watch that read 1:02 AM. "In that case, i'd better let you guys get some sleep. I gotta set up these four mannequins quick before I head home."

"Alright, you be careful out there." Shining urged before he climbed back in the trailer and shutting it.

"I will. And thanks again for the ticket and helping me out." I called back.

With that, the pegasus guards flew off into the sky, becoming as black as the sky.

"Welp... might as well get this over with." I said to myself.

I'm now arriving near the south border of the Dovere territories and I have to admit i'm a bit nervous. I may now be more mentally tough than before, but i'm pretty sure nopony can't help but to get nervous while out in a dark forest with mythical creatures running around. Once I arrived at my destination, I shut off the engine, but left every single light on. I did this because I need to hear incase if I get ran up from behind or the side.

I then grabbed the Timberferno, twisted the valve, and exited the Land Rover. Now let me tell you, it is dead silent at night in this forest. So quiet that I could hear the engine of the Land Rover clicking as it cooled down and the sound of my boots scraping against the gravel-dirt path. I then opened the back door of the Defender and grabbed onto one of the pseudo pony mannequins.

Using the high beam roof lights that pierced into the dark forest, I slowly made my way into a small ditch that led into the forest. When I made it the bottom, I bumped into a huge log and stepped over it. Twigs snapped with every step I took and it was hard to tell whether it was me or perhaps a Timberwolf following me. I would occasionally turn my head left and right to check for any glowing green eyes. Luckily, I did not see any.

Once I reached as far as the lights would shine, I placed the mannequin on the ground and used a few stones to keep it upright.

"Perfect." I whispered to myself.

Checking the vicinity once more, I headed back to the Land Rover. My nerves were now more chilled out than before and it seemed like a breeze walking through the forest now. Stepping over the log once again, I made a brief climb up the ditch, placed a pile of stones as a marker of where I placed a mannequin, and got back into the Defender.

"That was easy. Three more to go." I noted to myself.

After reversing towards the direction back to Ponyville, I continued on with my little mission. But something caught my eye as I began to drive away. Out of the corner of my left eye, I saw a dark mass in the rearview mirror dart to the side of the forest where I placed the mannequin. My eyes went wide and I slammed on the brakes, reversing back to my original position that I just came from.

"Oh, no you don't." I mumbled as I quickly pressed the sweep button for the X-Ray sensor.

The pulse wave swept across the forest and no orange figures appeared. The mannequin I placed was about eighty meters from my position, so if a Timberwolf were attacking it, the sensor should've picked it up since the wave covers one hundred meters, but that didn't convince me enough.

I then pointed the low beams, high beams, and the Maxtel 4x4 headlights in the direction of the mannequin while the roof lights covered a three sixty degree circumference. I quickly grabbed the Timberferno, got out of the Defender, and fast-walked towards the mannequin. I was relieved to see that the mannequin was still standing in perfect condition with no signs of attack.

"Phew! Must've been my eyes playing tricks on me. Guess I should've expected that." I said.

And so, I once again got into the Defender and drove off to my next destination. I placed each mannequin in a different location with each stop. For example, I would drive over to the eastside of the forest to place one there while the other would be on the westside in order to have variation. After getting every single one placed, I headed off back to Twilight's library to get some sleep.

Once I got back to the library, I slowly crept upstairs and got into my bed. Twilight slept silently, which was a contrast to Spike, who was sawing logs. I'm surprised Twilight could've fell asleep with that amount of snoring.

"Maybe this job will be a breeze after all." I thought to myself as I laid in my bed.

Evidence of Nocturnal Activity

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Evidence of Nocturnal Activity
March 12th, 2013

I was awaken by the sound of a bird chirping a lovely tune from outside the library, signalling me to get out of bed. I raised my right arm up to check the time on my watch, which was nine in the morning. Knowing Twilight and Spike, she probably got up around seven or six in the morning along with Spike. But at least Twilight was nice enough to know that I was out late last night and gave me a couple extra hours of sleep.

After putting my shirt back on, I headed downstairs to make myself some fried eggs for breakfast. When I got halfway down the stairs, Twilight was levitating multitudes of books while Spike dusted the open shelves with a feather duster.

"Hmm. That's one way to start off the day." I thought to myself.

"There you are, sleepyhead. We were wondering when you were going to get up." Twilight said.

"Don't worry about me. Just a little bit tired." I said.

"You should see your hair. You look crazy!" Spike announced.

I raised my hand up to my hair and almost every brown hair strand on my head was standing up on end.

"I'll have to comb that when i'm done showering," I said. "What are you guys doing?" I asked.

"A little spring cleaning. It was getting really dusty back in these shelves." Twilight replied

"Want some help?" I asked.

"That would be great!" Twilight replied, gratefully. "But you should eat and get ready for the day first." Twilight said.

"I'll try to be quick." I said.

"Take your time." Twilight said.

I then checked the food pantry for the carton that held a dozen eggs, eventually finding them behind the box of Frosted Oat Flakes. One of the eggs had a tiny crack on its shell, so I decided to use that one first. Simply using my index finger and thumb, I grabbed the egg and took it out, only to have it shatter into tiny fragments. However, the egg white splattered outwards towards my face, so my face was entirely coated with the slimy liquid. Twilight and Spike must've heard the noise because both of them peeked their heads from around the corner. Spike began to snicker as I turned my face towards their direction.

"Have a little mishap their?" Twilight asked.

"Sorry. It kinda.... broke." I replied, wiping the substance off my face with paper towel.

"That's okay. Just get that yolk off the floor and everything will be spick and span." Twilight said.

Spike's snickering had subsided, but he was still giving me a funny look. That's what brought that photo back to mind.

"Hey Spike, you remember that photo we took the day I got back from meeting Celestia and Luna?" I asked.

"What about it?" he asked.

I quickly walked up the stairs and searched my duffel bag for the photo. Once I found it, I headed back down and showed Spike's little mistake in the picture.

"Aw, don't you just love it when there's that one person who blinks in a photo?" I asked Spike.

"What?" Spike asked as I handed him the photo.

Spike examined the photo and instantly found his mistake.

"Oh come on! Why did I have to blink?" Spike asked himself, claw-palming his face.

"To bright for you, Spike?" I teased.

"Alright, guys, let's just drop this and pretend it never happened." Twilight chuckled while levitating the photo onto the round table.

"And that's for all the nicknames you gave me, Spike, so we're even." I said.

"Alright, we're even." Spike accepted as we shook on a truce.

With our little friendly feud out of the way, I proceeded to make some fried eggs on the stove. With a little bit of salt, any fried egg can become delicious, in my book. After I finished my eggs, I headed upstairs and got into a fairly cool shower to wake myself up some more. Following my shower and doing my morning routine, I put on a light green t-shirt and light blue jeans.

I then went back down the stairs to see what I could do to help out around the library.

"Okay, so what do you have?" I asked Twilight.

"Since me and Spike got up earlier, most of the cleaning is done, as you can see." Twilight said, directing her hoof around the room which looked rather cleaner than it did before.

"It actually does look more cleaner now. Looks pretty good." I said.

"Thanks," Twilight replied. "But the plants outside could use a tiny bit more of water." Twilight said.

"Alright, that sounds easy as can be. Just the ones out front and back?" I asked.

"Those, and the plants hanging out the windows on the red ledges." Twilight added.

"Got it." I said.

"The watering can should be outside all filled up for you." Spike informed me.

I opened the door and stepped outside to the warm weather that spring had to offer. In the distance, I could hear the laughter and sounds of little fillies and colts playing the distance. It's just a really beautiful place Ponyville is. I looked to my left and saw a dark green watering can sitting next to the door. I grabbed it and began to water the foliage that grew right up against the front of the Golden Oak Library. Once that section had been watered, I headed on over the patch of yellow sunflowers and white daisies that grew behind the library, and so on and so forth.

Once every single plant on the property had a decent amount of water, I headed back inside to refill the can and finish the plants located outside the windows. I headed upstairs once I got the windows on the first floor all finished. I began with the large window that was next to Twilight's bed and proceeded to open the window. I looked down and found the red ledge that held the lush, light green plants that hanged like a weeping willow tree. As I watered the plant, I heard a "Hoo."

"Yes, Spike?" I replied, thinking it was Spike playing a little joke on me.

"Hoo." the source replied.

"Okay, Spike, we agreed with no more silly games." I said.

"Hoo-hoo." the voice replied.

I stopped watering and turned around, but nopony was there.

"Umm..." I said, confused.


This time the sound came from above me and I looked upwards, only to find a large owl perched on the ceiling. It had a light brown body, dark brown wings, and black eyes.

"Oh crap, did an owl get in here?" I asked myself.

I took one more look at the owl before informing Twilight on my discovery.

"Hey Twilight." I called from the foot of the stairs.

"Yes, Caleb?" Twilight replied.

"I don't want to freak you out or anything, but.... there's like a really big bird in your room at the moment." I informed, pointing my thumb behind me towards Twilight's room.

"Big bird?" Twilight questioned herself for a second. "Oh, you mean Owloysius!" Twilight exclaimed with a smile of her face.

"Ah, I see, it's your pet." I realized.

"He, to be exact." Twilight corrected.

"I never knew you had a pet owl." I said.

"He likes to spend time up in ceiling most of time, but he usually comes down every once and awhile." Twilight said.

"At first I was thinking: Did an owl break into our home while we were sleeping?" I said.

"You'll like him, Caleb. Me and Owloysius got off to a rocky start at first, but we're friends now." Spike said.

"While you're up there, give him food. I bet he'll love that and will be a good first impression between you and him." Twilight said.

"I will." I said, heading back into the room where Owloysius was.

I entered the room again and Owloysius was standing next to the windowsill, looking out the window.

"Hoo." Owloysius vocalized, turning his head in a perfect one-eighty degree circular motion towards me.

"Hey there, little dude." I said as I patted his head gently.

Owloysius slightly ruffled his feathers to my touch.

"Want somethin' to eat?" I asked Owloysius.

"Hoo." he replied.

"You," I said, falling for that classic trick. "Can't believe I actually said that." I said to myself.

Owloysius responded by making a facial expression that could be easily be distinguished as amusement. I didn't know owls could make human facial expressions, but in a world of technicolor ponies, I guess anything is possible.

Owloysius then flew away to another part of the room and landed onto a night stand.

"Hoo." he vocalized, using his wings like a hand and pointing downwards at the drawer.

"Is that where the food is?" I asked Owloysius, figuring he understood English.

"Hoo." he replied.

"I'll take that as I yes." I said.

I opened the drawer and found a plastic bag filled with insects.

"Crickets?" I asked Owloysius.

"Hoo-hoo." he replied, nodding his head.

I opened the seal for the bag and dumped five fairly large crickets into the palm of my hand.

"Here you are." I said as I presented the crickets to Owloysius.

Owloysius immediately bent down and snatched a cricket into his beak, slightly poking my palm while at it. He did this for the other four and took a look at me for a second after he finished.

"Hoo." he said before he flew back up to the ceiling and perched himself on another beam.

"Your welcome." I said, raising my right hand upwards.

Owloysius emulated my actions with his right wing in response.

With that, I continued to water the rest of the plants that were in the upstair section of the library. That took no more than eight minutes before heading back downstairs. Twilight was just putting the books back on the shelves while Spike was checking out one the books.

"Okay, i'm finished." I declared.

"Thanks for the help." Twilight thanked.

"No problem." I said.

"Haah, so what now?" Spike sighed.

"We could go on little walk if you want. It's a beautiful day outside." Twilight suggested.

"I'm up for it." Spike said.

"What about you, Caleb?" Twilight asked.

"Sorry, I gotta go for a little drive." I said, putting the emphasis on the word, drive.

Twilight seemed to get the message and winked at me.

"That's okay. We'll probably be walking through the town square and back here." Twilight informed.

"Sounds good. I'll see you guys later." I said.

"See you in a while." Twilight said as she closed the door along with Spike.

"Okay, let's see if the Timberwolves took the bait or not. This outta be a treat."

I went upstairs to my duffel bag to find the fuel pump fuse and headed outside to the Land Rover. After it started up nicely, I drove into the Everfree Forest to check out the mannequins I placed early in the morning today.

Well, the Everfree Forest is definitely more inviting during the day, that I can tell you. The amount of trees makes the paths a bit shady, but sunlight still shines through. A lot of wildlife is also out and about rather than at night. There were lots of birds flying around and a constant amount of rabbits and squirrels would sit by the side of the path, waiting for my vehicle to pass before crossing. If there's any deer in this forest, then I hope they have street smarts as well.

I would frequently check the left side of the path to find the pile of stones that I placed as a marker, so that I know where a mannequin is. Eventually, I found the first one that was closest to Ponyville while the other two are on the east side of the forest while the other one is half a mile south of my position at the moment.

I shut off the engine and exited the Land Rover. The section of forest near southern border of Dovere is pretty dense and that makes it really shady in there, but I could still easily see. As I arrived to the mannequin, I found out that it was in perfect condition; no attacks, nothing. I then took a huge chunk of time to inspect the ground for any tracks. It takes time, but it's worth it for the safety of Ponyville and Zecora. Speaking of Zecora, I think she lives somewhere out here by the southern border of Dovere. Hope the Timberwolves aren't bothering her. But anyways, I found no sign of Timberwolves or any other creature in this sector. Therefore, I continued to the two mannequins placed in the east side of Dovere, those two mannequins were also clear of no attack or signs of Timberwolf activity. This brought some relief to me because I knew that the Timberwolves were not roaming in multiple sectors, but is that the same for the last one?

After taking a right, travelling a mile west, and taking another right, I arrived at my first marker. I proceeded down the small ditch and raised my foot to step over the large log, but something wasn't right. I looked down.... and found out that the log was long gone.

"Did somepony move it?" I said before I realized what the log really was. "Oh my god." I groaned as I placed both palms on my face.

Yep. That log was actually a Timberwolf positioned in a way that would imitate a log. Firstly, the Timberwolf was protected by the cover of the ditch and that saved it from getting shined on. Second, I bet you that the roof lights are what saved me from the Timberwolf getting up and following me deep in the forest. And three, that dark mass was a Timberwolf after all because I came across the mannequin.

The mannequin was knocked over and teeth marks were indented near the jugular area of the pony mannequin. Scratch marks were visible near on the the left side of the mannequin. From my hypothesis, there was only two of them. I could tell from the paw prints because two sets of prints headed to the north, but these prints were more spaced out, almost as if they were running after something.

Curious, I followed the tracks to see where the Timberwolves headed off to. I followed the tracks further and they eventually became more rapid and less spaced out as if they were slowing down. I looked up and found a tree that was knocked over and laid on the ground, the roots exposed.

"Why would they knock over a tree?" I thought to myself.

I walked next to the tree and took notice to a large, gaping hole on the side of the tree. All around the hole were numerous, deep slash marks and teeth marks that were imprinted onto the tree, indicating an attack. I peeked into the hole and found a surplus of acorns stored inside and a few small splotches of blood inside that stained the wood. A small wave of empathy flooded my body as I figured what happened.

"Damn. Nature's course sure is a bitch." I said to myself.

I took both of my arms and wrapped it around the tree, effortlessly moving the fairly thick tree to the side to check if anything was under it, but found nothing. The paw prints had changed course after the attack and headed back in the direction of the dented mannequin. From what i've seen, they must've been defending their territory, but what they don't know is that they are in my territory now. I got a plan up sleeve, they'll be in for a big surprise tonight.

Heading back to the mannequin, I inspected the area for a good place for an ambush attack. There were many bushes to hide and wait, but I think that may be too risky, so I decided to check out the trees in the area. There were also a lot of good trees to hide in, but none had the right characteristics to be perfect. That's what I thought until I found the one; a tree with an abundance of dark green leaves that could keep me hidden, fairly tall, and a bare patch that has no leaves. This bare patch will give me a good angle to aim at the Timberwolves, perfect for a surprise attack.

I went back and forth, climbing up the tree and positioning the mannequin to find the perfect angle to fire at the Timberwolves if they take the bait. Once I finally found the perfect angle, I double checked the area once more and found no other evidence. My plan for tonight was set and I knew what I was going to do. I then got back into the Land Rover and continued back to Ponyville for the rest of the day.

"At least my first night will be interesting." I said to myself as I drove.

Dropping by for a Visit

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Dropping by for a Visit
March 12th, 2013

I drove on the west path of the Everfree Forest to get back to Ponyville since it's basically straightforward and leads towards one of Ponyville's entrances. This path also T-intersects with the entrance to Sweet Apple Acres, so I might as well check on how the apples trees are doing in the season so far.

When I approached Sweet Apple Acres, I took a gander at the trees, and so far the leaves are pretty much what have grown for now, but I could be wrong because apple buds are pretty small. As I drove past the rows of apple trees, I noticed a familiar orange pony examining one of the trees. I slowed down, pulled over to the side of the white fence and opened the sliding window.

"Howdy, Caleb." Applejack greeted.

"Hey Applejack," I replied. "Whatcha' doin'?" I asked.

"Just checkin' out on these here apple trees. Seems like it's taking more time than usual for the buds to show up." Applejack said.

"You know why?" I asked.

"I have no idea, but it could just be a short delay I guess." Applejack assumed, looking up at the budless tree.

"Well, I hope that they start sprouting soon. Those apples sure are delicious." I said.

"Oh, why thank you, Caleb," Applejack thanked. "What're you doin' out there in the Everfree?" she asked.

"Just taking a drive. Gotta get this puppy some use or else it'll go dead again." I replied.

"Keep at it then. That Land Rover of yours can sure cover a lot of ground pretty quick." Applejack said.

"It sure does," I said. "How's your wonderful family?" I asked.

"They're doing mighty fine. Big Mac's been helping me out with the hard work, and Granny Smith's doing a good job at keeping the garden looking nice and dandy." Applejack replied.

"What about Applebloom?" I asked.

"She's helps out with minor tasks, but she's in school right now at the moment." Applejack replied.

"School, huh?" I asked.

"That she is." Applejack said.

A idea then came to mind.

"You think the school would mind if I dropped in to surprise the kids?" I asked.

"I'm not too sure about that. Miss Cheerilee probably wouldn't take liking to barging in on one of her lessons." Applejack replied.

"Is she like the mean, grouchy teacher?" I asked.

"Oh, no, no, no, she is the exact opposite of that. She's one of the most kindest and caring teachers you could ever possibly meet in all your days." Applejack explained.

"Oh, well that's great news." I said.

I checked at my watch and it was 12:04.

"Y'know, I might be able to catch them at after lunch recess if I drive over there fast enough." I mentioned to Applejack.

"Heck, you may be right about that." Applejack agreed.

"You mind giving me directions? I've never really seen the school for myself." I asked.

"Sure. Just keep heading straight, cross the purple bridge, take the first left, follow the path forwards and take the last right. Eventually, you should come across a red schoolhouse with a red flag tied to a pole." Applejack instructed.

"Red schoolhouse with red flag. Okay, I got it. Thanks a lot, Applejack!" I said as I put the Defender in first gear.

"You betcha. See ya later." Applejack said as she waved at me.

Once I reached the end of the Everfree Forest and crossed the purple stone bridge that leads into Ponyville, I followed Applejack's directions to find the schoolhouse. I continued on the straight path and took the last right. I was pretty much on the outer rim of Ponyville now. There wasn't much to my left, excluding the trees that I passed by, but I kept looking left until I saw a red building in the distance.

"This must be it." I said, looking at my watch that now read 12:15.

As I got closer to the building and white fence that acted as a perimeter for the school, I took notice of the sign with a book on it that read: "Ponyville Schoolhouse." The building's color scheme reminded a whole lot of the barn-house's colors at Sweet Apple Acres. On the roof of the building was a huge grey bell. I'm guessing that acts as the bell that signifies when school starts and gets out. When I sat in the Defender, a whole wave of small fillies and colts flooded out of the school and towards the back, supposing that recess had just started.

I pulled the Land Rover to the side of the road, put on the parking brake, and exited it. I walked towards the school and right when I got on school grounds, a mare with a cerise coat, light green eyes, and a mane that consisted of the color rose and a whitish-rose mixed stripes exited the front entrance. She immediately took notice of me and a look of welcoming surprise appeared on her face.

"Caleb Barlow?" Cheerilee asked.

"Hi there!" I replied with a wave. "I'm supposing you're Miss Cheerilee?" I asked.

"Yes, that would be me. It's such a surprise to have you here, Caleb." Cheerilee said as we shook for the first time.

"I suppose this is a little bit sudden." I said.

"Oh, nonsense, it's perfectly fine," she assured. "What brings you to the school?" Cheerilee asked.

"I thought it would be nice to drop in and surprise the kids with a visit, if that's okay with you." I said.

"I bet the the children would love that! How sweet of you." Cheerilee accepted.

"So, it's a yes?" I asked with anticipation.

"Of course it is. You have full permission." Cheerilee replied.

"Fantastic!" I said.

"Everypony should be in the back right now. We should probably get a move on because those little fillies and colts need supervision." Cheerilee mentioned.

"Absolutely. Let's move then." I agreed.

Me and Cheerilee began to walk towards the right side of the school where the fillies and colts are playing.

"So, you got anything special planned for the children this week?" I asked.

"Actually I do. On Friday, i'm taking the children on a field trip to the Canterlot statue gardens to teach them about what each statue is and symbolizes." Cheerilee replied.

"That sounds pretty interesting. I remember seeing this one statue that stood out from the rest." I said.

"Which one would that be?" Cheerilee asked.

"Ahhh, it's on the tip of my tongue," I tried to remember. "Ummm, it was.... Discord! The lord of chaos, right?" I asked.

"Not lord, spirit of chaos." Cheerilee corrected.

"That's who he is," I said. "But anyways, it sounds like a nice, little educational trip." I said.

"Educational, indeed," Cheerilee said. "My three students, Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo talk about you alot." Cheerilee brought up.

"Yeah, i'm pretty sure them three and this small colt named, Pipsqueak, are the only kids i've met in Ponyville. I've been going back and forth from Ponyville to Canterlot most of the time here and I think the parents were a little uneasy about me at first." I said.

"It was quite a scare back in November of last year, i'll admit. But after everypony listened to your speech, it really showed that you were really a kind individual with good intentions and emotions. With all the crazy stuff that goes on in Equestria, it's hard to tell what's friendly and what's not." Cheerilee explained.

"I can't blame them. I would probably freak out too if I were in their hooves and saw something like me for the first time." I said.

"Well, at least that's all in the past." Cheerilee said.

After our little conversation, we finally reached to where the fillies and colts were playing. Some were chasing after each other, some were by the swings, and some were even sitting innocently on the grass, just taking in the view. It sure was huge contrast to what I witnessed in the Everfree Forest like twenty minutes ago.

"Aww, they're so cute." I said.

Cheerilee raised her hoof to her mouth and whistled to get the kids attentions.

"Attention, my little ponies! We have a very special guest who decided to drop by for a visit." Cheerilee announced.

Every single one of them turned towards my direction and noticed me right away.

"Look everypony! It's Caleb the human!" a filly with a light purple coat and opal mane, added to the announcement.

"Caleb!" a trio of three familiar voices exclaimed to my left.

I turned towards the direction of the voices and here comes the CMC running right at me.

"Hey, girls!" I replied back.

The three fillies then latched onto my legs in the form of a hug.

"What in Equestria are you doin' here?" Applebloom asked with excitement.

"I thought i'd pay you and your classmates a visit." I replied.

"C'mon everypony, he's really friendly." Scootaloo said.

"Yeah! Think of him as a gentle giant." Sweetie Belle added.

"It's okay. There's nothing to be afraid of." Cheerilee supported.

The fillies and colts began to trot slowly over to me and their faces expressed amazement.

"Try sitting down. They might be a bit skittish on how tall you are." Cheerilee suggested.

"Good idea," I said. "Watch out, girls." I alerted the CMC.

Once they slightly moved out of the way, I slowly sat down on my butt and cris-crossed my legs.

"He's huge." a colt with orange coat and dark blue mane remarked.

Within seconds, I had a crowd of small fillies and colts stared up at me interest, the CMC also joined the crowd.

"Caleb, how about you tell the children why you're here." Cheerilee said.

"Sure thing. Well, like Cheerilee said, i'm here because I thought i'd drop by to visit the school and check on how you guys are doing. I've never really got to meet you guys too, so I thought, 'Why not drop by'?" I said.

The kids continued to look up and pay attention.

"How about one of you tell what you guys learn. I used to learn computer graphics back in my world." I said.

"I can!" a filly wearing a tiara exclaimed, raising her hoof.

"Go right ahead." I said.

"So basically, we learn cutie mark magic and why we get them, but it doesn't really apply to me because I already have one." the filly said in a somewhat snobbish tone.

"Nice! And what is your name?" I asked.

"Diamond Tiara." she replied, slightly flipping her mane.

"Cool name. Goes with your appearance real well." I said.

"Why, thank you so much." Diamond Tiara thanked to her compliment.

"And i'm Silverspoon." another filly next to Diamond Tiara said.

"I like your glasses, very fancy lookin'," I said. "You and Diamond Tiara friends?" I asked.

"Best friends for better words." Diamond Tiara replied for Silverspoon, using emphasis with her snobbish tone.

Out of the bottom of my eyes, I could see Scootaloo mouthing something while looking rather annoyed, but couldn't make it out. I slightly lowered my lower lip in suspicion. A slightly thinner and taller colt with a orange coat and turquoise mane raised his hoof.

"Question?" I asked.

"What are those worm like thingies." the colt asked in a voice that sounded goofy, slow, low, and a hint of Canadian accent in it.

"Yeah, like.... what are those for?" a more rounded and shorter colt with a higher voice asked.

By worm thingies, he meant my fingers.

"These? These worm thingies are called fingers and make up my hand. They help me grab and hold objects." I explained.

A filly in the front row of the crowd was appeared to be fixated on my fingers at the moment. I looked at her and she looked at me.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to stare." the filly apologized innocently.

"No, it's alright. Are you interested in them?" I asked.

"Your fingers are really cool looking." the filly replied.

"Here. Touch here and see what happens." I said, presenting the palm of my hand.

"The center?" the filly asked.

"Yep." I said.

The filly face lit up with interest and slowly moved her tiny hoof towards my large hand. When her hoof made contact, I quickly flexed my index finger towards my palm. The filly giggled to my quick actions and made contact again, making me do the same actions. Suddenly, more children began to walk up and touch my hands. I found it funny how the children were treating my fingers like the most biggest discovery of their lives.

"Wow, imagine how good you would be at video games." a colt wearing a striped hat with one of those helicopter twirlers at the top, said.

"You play videogames too?" I asked the colt.

"All the time. I just can't get enough of them," the colt replied. "What's your favorite video game?"

"Favorite game.... hmm. Ah, when I was ten, my favorite game of all time was founded. It was called Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. A game where you could design and build your own theme park filled with dinosaurs." I explained.

"What's a dinosaur?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"They're just like dragons, but come in various shapes, sizes, and can't talk." I said.

"Wow. Your games sound more funner than the games that ponies get." the colt said.

"It does? Huh." I said.

I looked at my watch and it was now 12:24.

"Hey Cheerilee, how much time do you guys have left?" I asked, showing her the watch.

"Exactly six minutes." she replied.

"Six minutes, okay. Quick, CMC, what do you guys do for fun here?" I asked.

"We usually like to play four square over there by the fence." Scootaloo replied.

"Four square, that'll do," I said to myself. "Okay, kids, we're gonna finish off this visit with a game of four square, but it won't be your average four square." I said.

"What'll it be like?" Applebloom asked.

"I'll show you. Follow me." I said to the fillies and colts.

I then rose up and walked towards the white lines that formed the four squares while the children followed behind. In the center was a blue ball.

"Okay, so this version of four square will be testing your reflexes and is called King of the hill four square. I will be standing in the king square and every one of you will be trying to get me out only. It will be fast paced and the next player must enter the toilet square to keep the flow moving. Whoever can get me out will become the king or queen of four square," I explained. "Got it?" I asked.

The crowd of fillies and colts all nodded and replied in understanding. I then chose three random kids while the rest lined up.

"Cheerilee, you mind shagging the ball for us?" I asked her.

"No problem at all." Cheerilee replied.

"Ready?" I asked, grabbing the blue ball.

"Ready!" everypony replied with enthusiasm.

"Go!" I exclaimed bouncing the ball into the square to my left.

Pipsqueak quickly reacted and swiped the ball back into my square, and I deflected that to the right square, where Aura shot the ball back into mine. I then hit the ball back into her square, but she missed the ball. Cheerilee quickly ran to where the ball was bouncing out of bounds and tossed it back towards me. For a teacher, she's pretty fast, but it could be the fact that ponies are faster than humans.

"Good try!" I called to Aura. "Next one get in here." I reminded.

Aura obediently moved out of her square and the next player entered the first square. I hastily shot the ball in the far left square where Pipsqueak was positioned, but he wasn't paying attention to the ball at the time.

"Gosh darn it!" he exclaimed with his british accent.

Next up was Applebloom and she moved into the square where Pipsqueak moved out. Sweetie Belle then moved into the first square while Scootaloo waited next in line. As I played against the three ponies, the rest in line's eyeballs followed the ball with each movement it made, focusing intensely on the game. Sweetie Belle hit the ball towards me and I hit it into Diamond Tiara's square, who was to my right. She hit the ball, but physics, angles, and directional force betrayed her, causing the ball to not land in the square, but out of bounds.

"Uggggh." she moaned in an unsportsman way, but I didn't mind.

Scootaloo then stepped into the first square. It was now me up against the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Sweetie Belle looked over at Applebloom and nodded, while Scootaloo quickly nodded her head as well.

"That can't be good." I thought to myself.

I began by bouncing the ball into Applebloom square, but she hit it into Sweetie's rather than mine. Sweetie hit the ball into Scootaloo's and she hit it into Applebloom's. They repeated the order numerous times and my eyes followed the ball. When the ball was passed into Applebloom's square again, I automatically looked over at Sweetie Belle, expecting the ball to go there, but the ball landed into my square and rolled under between my legs instead. The crowd of young ponies cheered for the CMC for that had achieved victory at King of the hill foursquare. The three fillies then joined together and bumped one of their hooves together in unison.

"How about that, Caleb?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"You gotta admit that was pretty clever." Scootaloo said.

"Okay, I admit it, that was pretty smart thinking. Good on you!" I said. "Whose idea was that?" I asked the three fillies.

"It was mine." Applebloom replied.

"Oh, Applebloom. Being the leader of the CMC, I should've guessed it would be you." I said.

The CMC then moved towards the kind square and shouted in unison: "We are the queens of four square!"

Everypony clopped their hooves to the declaration of victory. With that, Cheerilee got my attention.

"Caleb, what's the time?" Cheerilee asked.

"Twelve-thirty one." I replied.

"Okay, little ponies, time to head back inside." Cheerilee announced.

"Awwww." everypony moaned.

"A word of advice, little ponies," I began, "You are very lucky to have this kind mare to be teaching you. Her job is to inform and teach you on what you'll be needing to know in the future ahead. If you don't know what you need to know, how would you be able to do it? Think about that." I said to the children.

The children began to think to visibly from the facial expressions. Once they accepted my advice, they all nodded and chatted in agreement.

"Thank you." Cheerilee mouthed.

I replied to her with a thumbs up.

"You guys keep up your hard work, I bet you a million bits it'll pay off in the future." I added onto my advice.

"Keep that advice in mind, kids. Now don't I have a lesson that I need to teach you?" Cheerilee asked her class.

"Yes, Miss Cheerilee." the fillies and colts replied obediently.

"Very good. Now say goodbye to Caleb, head back inside, and take your seats." Cheerilee instructed.

"Goodbye, Mr. Caleb." they farewelled innocently.

"Bye, kids." I replied.

Once most of the students headed back inside, I held back Scootaloo to ask her why she mocked Diamond Tiara earlier.

"She's yours, Sweetie Belle's, and Applebloom's bully?" I asked Scootaloo in surprise to the revelation.

"Yeah, she keeps calling us blank flanks and it gets really annoying at times." Scootaloo said.

"Ehhh, i'll talk to Cheerilee about this. You better head back inside and take your seat." I said.

"Okay, Caleb. Thanks for helping out." Scootaloo thanked while hugging my leg again.

"Your welcome. See ya, kiddo." I said.

"See ya." Scootaloo replied.

Scootaloo then ran back towards the school and I managed to catch Cheerilee before she headed back inside.

"Excuse me, Cheerilee?" I said from behind her.

"What can I do for you?" she asked.

"Look, Scootaloo just informed me that her and the CMC have a bully." I said.

"Oh, are Diamond Tiara and Silverspoon at it again?" Cheerilee asked.

"I suppose. I remember Applebloom telling me once that she had a bully, but she didn't say who. Now I know who those two are." I said.

"I guess i'll have to have a little chat with them after school, won't I?" Cheerilee asked.

"That you will." I chuckled along with Cheerilee.

"Well, I want to thank you again for dropping by for a visit, you sure are really good with kids." Cheerilee remarked.

"Yeah, I had a little sister named Eveline, who I would babysit back in my world." I said.

"I bet she misses you very much. Sorry to hear that you had to leave her behind." Cheerliee said with sympathy.

"No, no, that's alright. Sometimes it's nice to think about my family every once and awhile." I said.

"Family is pretty important as they say." Cheerilee phrased.

"That they are. Okay, i'd better let you get back to teaching. I'll see you around, Miss Cheerilee." I said.

"You too, Caleb. Bye now." Cheerilee said with wave.

I took one more look back at the school and Cheerilee had just closed the door. I then walked back to the Land Rover and hopped back. As I drove away from the school, I saw a few fillies, colts, and the CMC by the side window on the left side of the school waving at me through the windows. I simply replied by waving my hand out the Land Rover's driver window. With that, I headed back to the Golden Oak Library.

"That was a nice little stop." I thought to myself.

The First Night

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The First Night
March 12th-13th, 2013

7:46 PM

At the moment, Spike is asleep while Twilight is still up, and i'm just putting on my camouflage outfit for my little Timberwolf stakeout. After I put my camo hat on, I quietly walked out of the bathroom, grabbed my backpack, attached the flashlight to my shoulder holster, and headed downstairs. Twilight was waiting for me downstairs, reading a book that involved the "legend" of Timberwolves. Legend my ass.

"All suited up?" Twilight asked.

"Pretty much, Twi. Just gotta get my boots on and i'm all set." I said, slipping on my boots.

I then grabbed the small fuel pump chip on the round table and headed for the front door, Twilight following behind. When me and Twilight walked outside, the sky was a mix between a light blue and orange in the west, while the east was more of a dark violet-blue mix with multitudes of white stars scattered all over the that area of the sky.

"What's all the boxes in the back for?" Twilight asked as she looked through the back door of the Land Rover.

"MRE's," I replied. "Food rations just incase if I get hungry at night. I should keep one in my backpack now that I think about it." I said.

"That would be a good idea." Twilight agreed.

I opened the back door and unzipped the largest pouch in my backpack, placing a MRE inside it. In the back were also the Ingenious and the Timberferno, so I decided to put those in their designated side-holsters on the backpack.

"Whoa!" Twilight exclaimed.

"What?" I asked.

"What do you have there? Looks like something you would see in one of Spike's futuristic comic books." Twilight said, directing her hoof towards the Igneous.

"This? It's the Igneous-1007. It fires a yellow beam of magical energy that has the capability to turn anything it comes into contact with, into stone." I answered.

"But-- but that kind of magic is only something that Princess Celestia can posses." Twilight said.

"I know. That's because Princess Celestia's donated some of her magic for this weapon's ammunition." I revealed.

"You've got alicorn magic in there?!" Twilight shouted, but I shushed her.

"Shhhh. You'll wake Spike." I whispered.

"Right... sorry," Twilight whispered back. "But I still can't believe that you have alicorn magic inside there." Twilight said in her normal tone.

"Well, that training program did serve a purpose." I said.

"You're right about that. No way would Princess Celestia allow somepony to use a weapon with that great amount of power without training. " Twilight said.

"Yeah, no kidding. This things got a kick to it i'll admit." I said.

I then looked at my watch and it was 7:50.

"Time to leave?" Twilight noticed.

"I probably should. The time that my shift starts is at eight and ends at three in the morning." I said.

"How do they know when you're out there or not?" Twilight asked.

"Actually, I have no idea. They never told me how C.A.M.A knows whether i'm patrolling or not. Perhaps they got Princess Luna secretly watching over me." I said.

"I doubt it. Princess Celestia once told me that Princess Luna watches other ponies dreams in the dream realm." Twilight said.

"Wait.... she can view other's dreams?" I asked, slightly nervous.

"That she can." Twilight replied.

I then shifted my eyes towards the sky.

"Oh, she better not have seen that one dream. If she did, then she probably has no idea who Jessica is." I said, mentally.

"Thinking about something?" Twilight asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No, just... checking out the sky." I replied.

"It is quite beautiful, isn't it?" Twilight asked.

"It is," I said, grabbing my backpack. "Well, Twilight, I better get going." I said.

Twilight looked at me and let out a slight sigh.

"All I have to say is that you be careful out there. Be alert and ready for those Timberwolves." Twilight advised.

"Don't worry, I will. I will see you tomorrow morning. You got my word on that." I assured.

"I know you will." Twilight replied.

"C'mere." I said as I crouched down the give Twilight a hug good-bye.

Twilight then wrapped her forelegs around me while I did the same for her.

"Be careful, Caleb." Twilight said after we unlocked our hug.

"I will. See ya tomorrow morning." I said.

"Bye." Twilight replied.

Twilight walked back to the front door of the library while I climbed into the driver's seat of the Land Rover. I took one more look at the library and Twilight smiled and waved at me. I waved back in response. With that, she closed the door. I took the fuel pump out of my pocket and slipped it into the fuse slot, causing the engine to come to life. I then put the Defender into first gear and ventured to the Everfree Forest.

After driving through the streets of Ponyville, I came to the east entrance of the Everfree Forest. I stopped and looked into the entrance. For a metaphorical statement, it seemed as if darkness swallowed the path, even though it was still slightly light out. The way the wind blew the trees branches, towards the forest, almost seemed as if the forest itself was daring me to enter. I sat in silence for a moment before my watch emitted a high-pitched beep. It was now eight o'clock in the evening.

"Caleb's comin' for you, Timberwolves." I quipped.

After switching on the high beams, roof lights, and the 4x4 headlights, I entered the Everfree Forest. As I drove deeper into the forest, I would occasionally press the sweep button on the X-ray sensor to scan the area for possible Timberwolves, but the only outlines that came up were from squirrels sleeping in the trees or rabbits inside their underground burrows. However, I kept the Igneous and the Timberferno close to my side as a precaution.

Of course, since it was my first night, my eyes would play tricks on me sometimes, and these were tricks this time, not a real Timberwolf. As soon as I would see something, I would react lightning fast and press the sweep button and the X-ray sensor, only to have nothing big show up. After I got used to the eye tricks, they began to subside.

It took me about half an hour, but I finally reached the marker of where the mannequin is located. I pulled the Defender to the right side of the path and pressed the sweep button again, picking up nothing. With that, I exited the vehicle, but left the engine running. I opened the back door and grabbed the sledgehammer before heading back to the driver's side to shut off the engine. Now once I shut off the engine, I'll have to move quick because the lights on the Defender will shut off automatically in a short period of time. Fortunately, I still had the attachable flashlight that has the brightness of a spotlight. First, I turned the valve on the Timberferno incase for any close quarters combat that I could possibly come across. I then reached for the fuse box and quickly snatched the fuel pump fuse, killing the engine. I turned around and ran towards the mannequins location. I jumped over the small ditch, but that jump made me high enough for my face to impact with a thick tree branch, snapping it like twig in the process. Weirdly, I didn't really feel much pain at all. I felt the impact clear as day, but the pain wasn't as much as I was expecting.

"Ugh, that was stupid." I groaned as I recollected myself.

After rubbing the bridge of my nose, I continued to the mannequin. Once I arrived at the mannequin, I quickly examined it, but found no signs of another attack. As I looked at the mannequin more, I thought it would be a great opportunity to use the speaker; the little device that is used to attract creatures, including Timberwolves. Setting my backpack on the ground, I unzipped the small pouch for the speaker device and pulled out the small black square.

"Let's see what you say." I said as I switched on the speaker and pressed play.

"I ever tell you about the time my buddy, Stardust, made sushi? Yeah, his mom took him to one of these sushi places for his birthday and it's like ten bits of su-sho in one of these places, and he figured he wouldn't like it, but it turned out he loved it, and so he thinks, "How hard can it be roll up raw fish in seaweed?" And it turns out... it's hard. Now experience is the best teacher, and Stardust knows if you eat a whole bunch or raw rhubarb leaves, it kills you--." the annoying voice droned on before I shut it off.

"God, now I see why these creatures are attracted to the voice. They probably want to kill whoever's talking." I said.

But I still decided to keep it on to lure the Timberwolves because I really would like to get some action tonight. I then placed the speaker on the mannequins back. Once the trap was set, I walked towards the tree and jumped into it. I removed my backpack and settled it on a branch next to me. I turned the valve to close the Timberferno's flames and equipped the Igneous for the ranged attack. I flipped the switch for the Igneous and the yellow energy immediately filled the transparent barrel, emitting a low humming sound. I then got myself in a comfortable position and pointed the rifle through the clearing of leaves. And so, I began my wait for the Timberwolves.

"Shit, I hope the Timberwolves don't attack the Land Rover." I thought to myself.

It's now twelve o'clock midnight, and the Timberwolves have not taken the bait yet, but the speaker is still rambling on stories about this certain somepony named, Stardust. I've already blown through my MRE and water bottle, so now i'm just sitting around, waiting for the damn things to show. You see, my job right now is all about patience, similar to hunting deer during hunting season. And I would know because I used to hunt deer with my dad when I was younger. But yeah, not much has really been going on around here. I'll have to update my situation later on.

Okay, an hour has passed and i'm beginning to hear sounds, and these are even louder than the speaker. For example, I can hear multiple twigs snapping from behind the tree from where i'm hiding in. Not only that, but a strong, putrid smell filled my nostrils as well. To see if it's a Timberwolf, I pressed the sweep button and the wave swept across the trees and land. Slowly, two huge, dark orange outlines of wolves began to apparated from behind the tree.

"Holy shit." I whispered.

The figures were crouched and hunched over, just like a cat that was about to pounce. Suddenly, the two figures slowly side stepped away from each other; one going right and the other going left. Then the two figures began to circle the mannequin at a good stalking distance, probably waiting to see if the mannequin will move. As I peeked through the clearing of leaves, I could see a small pair of glowing green eyes in the distance. I slowly tilted my head downwards, using my camo cap to cover me. Pressing the sweep button again, I moved my eyes upward to see where the other wolf was at. I knew where the first one is, in the distance facing me, but the second one was right next to the tree I was in.

As I silently sat in the tree, the Timberwolf below me began to lowly growl. This caused the other to also growl as well. These low growls began to grow more pronounced and way more vicious, as if they were about to attack. My suspicions became true when the wolf below me pounced at the mannequin, the other emulating its partners actions.

"Yo, my buddy Stardust had this wagon drop in a lake off a bridge just like this one here--." the speaker began before the Timberwolves knocked it over, shutting it off.

I pressed the button on the X-ray sensor to see what position the Timberwolves were at. Currently, they were attacking their prefered takedown spot, the jugular area on the mannequin. Both snarled as they bit down, creating wooden chomping sound as their teeth clamped onto the metal surface of the mannequin.

"Now or never!" my subconscious exclaimed.

With one swift move, I turned on the attachable flashlight, creating a light that shined through the darkness, revealing two, large wolf-like creatures made out of various sticks, twigs, or for better words, wood. Giving them no warning, I aimed my sights at closest one and pulled the trigger, shooting a thin burst of magic towards the Timberwolf. A loud, droning, gunshot-like sound echoed across the forest and sky while the stream of energy came into contact with wolf, instantly turning it into a stone statue of itself. The other wolf immediately took notice to its partners demise and locked eyes with me. With no hesitation, I lined up the sights with the second wolf's head, racking a good headshot and stone ifying it in the process. Just like that, I had successfully defended my territory. Sure, it seems a bit easy, but believe me when I say it was incredibly nerve wracking at the same time.

Before climbing down the tree, I pressed the sweep button once more to check my surroundings, picking up nothing. I jumped off of the branch and walked over towards the two, stoned canines. I shined my flashlight onto one of the wolves face and examined it. The two eye holes that held the glowing green eyes were now hollow, indicating that whatever was inside it had left and no longer in control. Now these two particular Timberwolves were pretty big, probably five foot at least.

After taking a good look at my two stoned canines, I went for the sledgehammer by the tree. The entire sledgehammer itself looked like a toy sledgehammer because of the size of my hand and me being seven foot-eight. After retrieving it, I walked to the left side of one of the statues and raised the sledgehammer upwards with my right arm.

"Yaahh!" I shouted, bringing the sledgehammer down and striking its back with brute force.

The sledgehammer went right through the statue, crumbling the entire thing into four individual chunks of stone. I broke those chunks into smaller chunks so that I could load them into the back of the Defender. After creating those chunks, checking the perimeter once again, grabbing my backpack, weapons and devices, I headed back to the Land Rover to start the engine again to turn the lights on. After turning the lights on, I loaded the chunks of stone in the back and went back to the mannequin to set it back up.

After that, I hopped into the Defender and drove away to the dumping location I picked out. The location I chose was a small pond in the middle of the same field where I came into this world. The water depth is about fifteen or twenty feet deep, so it should be good enough. Once I arrived at the pond, I unloaded every single piece of stone and created a pile on the ground. Taking one stone, I shot-put hurled it into the middle of the pond, making a splosh sound as it impacted with the water. I repeated the same action with the other stones until I was all out. Once all the evidence was cleared, I hopped back into the Defender, reversed and drove back into the Everfree Forest to begin a patrol.

Things seemed to simmer down after my little encounter I had earlier. I circled around the entire Dovere territories about three and a half times in the span of an hour. After that hour was up, it was now three o'clock in the morning and it was time for me to head back to Ponyville. When I arrived back, I kept the low beams on and the noise at a minimal. Pretty sure most ponies would be pissed if they were woken at three in the morning.

After taking a short drive through Ponyville, I arrived back at the Golden Oak Library and quietly crept inside. At the time, i was extremely tired and exhausted from my first night. At least i'll have something big to report back to Nighthunter, so that's a plus. After heading back upstairs, I quietly sneaked into the bathroom to brush my teeth and take a quick shower since I was pretty sweaty at the time. Once I was finished with that, I got into my bed for a well deserved sleep. Waking up at eleven o'clock seems like a good wake up time in my opinion. Heh, now I know how Luna probably feels since she's up all night looking over ponies dreams. I wonder why she even does that. But anyways, I'll probably document my nightly patrols in the Everfree if something big comes up. Whether it'll be another Timberwolf encounter, Cockatrice, or maybe even something that's not documented in Equestrian history, i'll be sure to document it.

Unnatural Occurrences

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Unnatural Occurrences
March 17th, 2013

When I woke up today, I was unsure of what I really wanted to do. Twilight and Spike were both gone when I walked downstairs earlier, so who knows what they're doing. But on the bright side, it's Saturday, and that means the weekend is here. That means I don't have to patrol the Dovere territories until next week Monday. However, I do need to mail a mandatory weekly report and a creature elimination form to Nighthunter, whose all the way up in Canterlot. And so, that's what I did.

First, I filled out the creature elimination form. I listed the specie, quantity, which was two, date of death. Y'know, the usual stuff. But when the form asked for a time, I didn't really know the exact time, so I simply wrote: 1 AM. Once I had finished filling it out, I placed it in a envelope and sealed it tight, sliding my tongue on the top part, receiving that odd, sweet flavor that some envelopes have. Next, I got a blank piece of paper and got one of Twilight's quill pens and a bottle of ink from upstairs. I then began to write my weekly report letter.

Dear Nighthunter,

It is safe to say that the Dovere territories at the moment are safe and secure. Wednesday and Friday night were very calm and simple. Not a soul was out there that night. Well.. except for the more tamer inhabitants in the forest, but you know what I mean. Monday night, the first night, was the real kicker and the first time i've really seen a full body Timberwolf in real life. I found out it was a Timberwolves with the help of the mannequins. Beside finding a chewed up mannequin, I actually bumped into a Timberwolf, believe it or not. What I thought was a log was actually a Timberwolf itself all curled up to perfectly imitate a log. So yeah, that was a real close one. What saved me was the roof lights on top of the Land Rover. To defeat the two confirmed Timberwolves, I used one of the tactics you taught me in the training program; the one where I climb a tree and wait for the Timberwolves to show up while combining the mannequin and speaker device as bait. Using the Igneous-1007 and fast actions, I was able to clock both Timberwolves real easily with minimal effort. I then disposed of the stone remains and dumped in a pond where nopony would probably never even look. If somepony did find them, they would most likely pass them off as being large rocks because I used the sledgehammer in a way that made them more rock like, removing the characteristics of a Timberwolf. But besides that night, Wednesday and Friday was me just driving around the Dovere territories in circles, but it's worth it to keep Ponyville safe. That's all for now, but I hope to send you more letters in the future that will have way more interesting stories. Have a nice day, sir.


Agent Barlow

After finishing my weekly report, I slipped that into another envelope as well and wrote the mailing info on both envelopes. Now all I have to do is drive over to the postoffice in order to send the letters. I then got into the Land Rover and drove over to the Ponyville Post Office.

I drove around Ponyville for awhile, trying to find the place since I had no idea where it was at, but I did eventually find it. When I parked the Defender by the side of the post office, i noticed that I was relatively small, so standing up inside it may be a challenge. Turns out I was correct when I got to front door. I ducked my head and slightly crouched as I made my way inside the post office. Just one of the struggles of being tall.

Once I made it inside and stood upright again, I noticed a certain mare that I have not seen since winter of last year sorting through some mail at the front desk. It was Derpy.

"Oh, hi there, Caleb." Derpy greeted.

"Hey, Derpy!" I replied gleefully. "You work here at the post office?" I asked.

"I sure do!" Derpy replied.

"What are you doing there?" I asked her.

"Just sorting through the mail. I kinda have to be more organized than before." Derpy said.

"Why?" I asked.

"I would occasionally mess up on the mail destinations sometimes." Derpy replied, sheepishly.

"Ah, that's alright. Everypony has to make a mistake sometime in their life." I said.

"Do you have some letters that might need some sending?" Derpy asked, noticing the two envelops in my right hand.

"Uh, yes I do." I said, handing her the two letters.

"All the way up to Canterlot?" Derpy asked.

"Yep. Is that alright?" I asked.

"It is, but it's rare to have letter be sent to Canterlot." Derpy replied.

"Is that so?" I asked.

"Mm-hmm. Most letters that are sent here are mostly for sending letters to other parts of Ponyville, but I can fly up to Canterlot to deliver the letters." Derpy said.

"No, it's okay. I can just drive up there and you won't have to fly." I said.

"It's alright. It's my job to deliver the mail, and I can do anything for a friend." Derpy insisted.

"You sure?" I asked her.

"Absolutely." she replied.

"Well, thanks Derpy," I said, gratefully. "Just make sure to not go to the door of the house when you deliver these letters. The owner doesn't like to be bothered." I said.

"Okay. Thanks for the heads up." Derpy said.

"You're welcome. I gotta get going, but it was nice seeing and talking to you again, Derpy." I said.

"You too, Caleb. Bye." Derpy waved.

"See ya." I said, grabbing a map of Ponyville on the way out.

I then hopped back into the Defender and drove back to the Golden Oak Library. While driving through Ponyville, I looked up into the sky to see if there were any pegasi moving any clouds around, but saw something that stood out from the light blue sky. Way high up, I could see a pink blob just sitting there in there, not moving at all.

"Ehh, it's probably just some experiment the pegasi are doing with the clouds." I mentally explained to myself.

Taking one last look at the mysterious cloud, I continued on back to the library without a care in mind about it. Right when I arrived back to the library and exited the Defender, I heard the suspension on the Land Rover begin to squeak and creak, almost as if it was bouncing up and down. I quickly turned my head back towards the Defender and saw that the body frame was slightly bouncing before settling down and became motionless.

"The hell?" I said, confused on what had happened behind me.

I walked to the other side of the Dender to see if anypony was there, but nothing. There was no explanation to why the Defender was shaking by itself. I then headed to the front door to go inside, peeking my head back out one more time once I entered the library.

Once I got inside, I thought of what I was going to do next.

"Lunch." I said.

I then made myself a grilled cheese sandwich with some of the cheese slices in the fridge and bread that was in the pantry. I cringed when I took my first bite because I accidently burned one side of one of the sandwiches I made. Yeah, I guess I left that one side on for too long. After my disappointing lunch, I went upstairs to my duffle bag and grabbed the book on Equestrian history and opened it. I really didn't know what I wanted to specifically read until I remembered something that Cheerilee mentioned on Monday. What I remembered was our brief chat about Discord.

"He seemed like a real wacky thing." I said.

I looked for Discord in the table of contents and found it right away. When I turned to my designated page, there was supposed to be a depiction of Discord in a small rectangular area in the far right side of the page, but the picture seemed as if it was erased from existence, it was gone.

"Maybe I missed a page." I said, flipping back and forward through the pages, but couldn't find the image anywhere. "Okay, so what the hell? It's not like the picture grew legs and jumped off the book." I said.

I looked through the book again one more time before giving up and closing the book.

"I know there was a picture of Discord in there somewhere." I said, rubbing my chin.

Right after I said that, I heard small raindrops hitting against the window behind me.

"Must be raining." I said, turning around to look outside.

But this rain was far beyond any rain i've ever seen. The rain was brown as ran down the entire window from the outside. Curious, I looked out the window and up in the sky, only to find more of those pink blobs floating in the sky, but more lower than before. I quickly ran down the stairs and stepped outside, the air had a sweet smell to it. Almost like... chocolate.

I opened the palm of my hand to have few of the droplets fall onto my hand. I was unsure whether to lick it or not, but I did. As I thought, the rain tasted just like chocolate milk, but very rich.

"Chocolate milk rain?" I questioned myself with utter perplexment.

While my mind was trying to comprehend on why this was happening, the Defender behind me began to violently shake again. I turned around again and I saw what was happening. Every single door on the Defender opened and closed over and over again at a rapid pace without stopping for a moment before something absolutely unnatural happened.

First, the suspension for the back tires began to extend outwards, with the tires still attached. Then the same thing happend to the front tires. So basically, the wheels extended outwards and are laying flat on the ground at the moment while the Defender's body rested on the grass. I ran over to the tires to see if I somehow put them back into place, but before I could touch the tires, the back tires stood upwards all by themselves. I backed up to the sudden movement. Then the two front tires did the same thing. What happened next is the real kicker that deems this unnatural.

Using the front tires, the Defender lifted itself off the ground while using the back tires as a pair of legs. Like that, the Defender was standing upwards like a human.

"What is this?!" I exclaimed as my brain began to fry.

The front side of the Defender began to curve downwards towards me, not breaking in half in the process. The headlights then blinked at me like a pair of eyeballs as Defender stared down at me. Unsure of what to do, I spoke to it.

"Um... do you.... speak?" I asked, but got no response.

The Defender continued to stare at me before it used the back tires to turn itself away from me. The Defender stared down the street ahead for a moment before it rolled away from me.

"Hey! Get back here!" I yelled at the Defender.

I sprinted after the Defender, causing it to look back at me. The Defender sped up more faster and it quickly outran me, leaving me in the dust.

"Shit!" I said.

Once the dust had dissipated into thin air, the Defender was long gone.

"Ugh, this is not good," I said to myself. "I gotta find Twilight."

And so, I began my search for Twilight Sparkle, who could be anywhere in Ponyville at the moment. The only unnatural occurrences that were going on so far was the chocolate rain, but I did find out what those pink blobs were.

As I was walking through Ponyville, one of the pink blobs floated all the way down from the sky and floated at a reachable height. I jumped up and got a little bit soaked with chocolate rain in the process, but the cloud itself was very sticky. I also noticed the another sweet scent that was emanating off it as well. I tore a small piece of the blob off and licked it, quickly dissolving on my tongue because it was cotton candy.

"Okay, this is trippy." I said.

Right after I said that, a mare's voice called my name from behind.

"Caleb!" the voice called, causing me to turn towards the source.

"Amethyst!" I replied.

Incase you're wondering, I kinda met more ponies in the span of this week, so I know a whole lot more ponies now.

"Is that a cotton candy cloud?" Amethyst asked.

"I know, right? Pretty odd." I said.

"Let me see that." Amethyst requested.

I handed her the cotton candy cloud and she squeezed it, causing a waterfall of chocolate milk to spray out the bottom.

This drained the cloud dry and turned the cloud into a soggy mess as it floated back up.

"Is this normal in Equestria, or is it something not normal?" I asked Amethyst.

"Not normal. I've never seen anything like this in my entire life." Amethyst replied.

"Huh. Yeah, some weird stuff has happened to me like ten minutes ago." I said.

"What happened?" Amethyst asked.

"Y'know that Land Rover I drive around most of the time?" I asked Amethyst.

"The giant white wagon thing?" Amethyst guessed.

"That's one way of naming it, but yes, it is," I replied. "So, I was standing-." I stopped, because Amethyst was pointing behind me.

"Who's that?" Amethyst said, softly.

I turned around and there stood a mare with a pink coat, violet mane with white highlights that flowed like smoke, and wearing one of those helicopter hats that Button Mash wears. Her most eye catching feature on the mare was her eyes. Her eyes swirled within both her pupils and irises. I got a slight feeling that this mare might be trouble, because she looked like a real nutjob from her appearance. Therefore, I instructed Amethyst to get behind me, just incase if something were to happen.

"Hi," I greeted to the mare. "Are you new here to Ponyville?" I asked.

The mare continued to stare at me with those swirly eyes until she uttered a sound.

"D-d-duaghh." she uttered.

"You okay?" I asked her.

"DUAGGH! DAHHHHHH! RAHHH! OUAGGGGHHHH!" she screamed in a goofy way.

"Jesus!" I exclaimed to the screams.

"What's wrong with her?!" Amethyst asked, confused on why the mare was acting this way.

"I-I-I don't know." I stuttered.

"DOYL-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L!" the mare vocalized as she used her right hoof to run up and down her lips.

The mare then levitated off the ground and floated away from me and Amethyst, continuing to make that weird sound.

"Okay.... that was not normal." Amethyst said.

"Geez, she was a real screwball," I agreed with Amethyst. "With that out of the way, where were you headed?" I asked.

"I was just trying to see if anypony knew what was going on, but it seems both of us don't have a clue what's going on." Amethyst replied.

"So it seems. I was looking for Twilight Sparkle." I said.

"Oh, I saw her and Spike heading to Sweet Apple Acres not long ago. They might be there." Amethyst hinted.

"Alright, i'll head over there. I'll see you around." I said.

Me and Amethyst began to run in opposite directions, and I was now on my way to Sweet Apple Acres. Along the way, things were getting more stranger and reality questioning. For example, I was running to Sweet Apple Acres, and here comes this herd of fucking rabbits with legs that had to be a meter tall. Also, when I passed a small garden, every single flower and plant were walking casually like people. At the time, I was drenched with chocolate milk and probably smelled like a chocolate truffle myself.

Eventually, I got on the path that leads to Sweet Apple Acres. While walking on the path, I came across Twilight, Spike, and the other five mares.

"There you are! I've been looking all over for you!" I said with relief. "Any of you know what's going on?" I asked.

"Chocolate milk rain, popcorn fields, cotton candy clouds. Sorry, but i've got nothing." Rainbow replied.

"I have to go with Rainbow's response. No way I can explain my apples growing to the size of boulders." Applejack replied.

"Me too." Spike also agreed.

"I still don't see why this is a bad thing! Chocolate milk rain is the best thing that could ever happen!" Pinkie said in her usual happy tone while leaving her mouth agape to catch the chocolate milk droplets.

"And the animals. Oh, the animals..." Fluttershy trailed off.

"Yeah, I got a good look at them." I replied to Fluttershy's statement.

"A lot of odd events have been going on, but at least I remain dry from this chocolate rain." Rarity said, wearing this fancy, purple poncho with an umbrella attached.

I slightly scoffed humorously.

"What about you, Twilight?" I asked.

"Sorry to say, but I have no idea too." Twilight answered.

"Well, that I wasn't expecting." I admitted.

"But I did receive a letter from Princess Celestia, and it's urgent that we get to Canterlot." Twilight said, levitating the said letter to me.

I grabbed the letter and read it.

Dear my faithful student, Twilight Sparkle,

It is at extreme urgence that I require you, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash to meet me in Royal Canterlot Castle immediately. I will explain everything once you all arrive.

Sincerely, your mentor, Princess Celestia

"Whatever's she's requesting you for, it has to deal with all the these abnormalities." I said, handing her back the letter.

"Most likely." Twilight agreed.

"You want me to come with? I could possibly help out of something." I offered.

"I think it would be safe if you stayed inside the library and wait for us to return. I don't want you getting involved with this type of stuff because it may be dangerous." Twilight warned.

"You might be right about that. Alright, i'll let you guys go on your way now. I'll be in the library when you get back." I said.

"We'll remember that." Twilight said.

I stepped to the side and the six mare and Spike ran off back to Ponyville, presumably the train station. I also headed back to Ponyville, but took a shortcut to get back to the library more quicker. Along the way, I saw that one crazy mare floating in the distance, but thankfully she didn't see me.

Once I got back inside the library, I slammed the door shut and locked the door. After closing the door, I lied on the couch and tried to think of a reason why these abnormal phenomenons were happening. While thinking, I looked over to my right and saw the history book lying on the wooden round table. Immediately, Discord came to mind. I sprung off the couch and snatched the book off the table, opening it to the page on the whole story about Discord. When I looked at the empty image space, it became clear as day.

With all the crazy stuff that's been going on, and the history book stating different events that seem remotely similar to the events i've experience, as well the image being removed from the page, it made me wonder. Has Discord returned? I dwelled on the thought for a long time before I convinced myself the truth.

"Oh no...." I muttered, my mouth hanging open.

The Spirit Of Chaos Cometh

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The Spirit Of Chaos Cometh
March 17th, 2013

I sat on the couch as the thought about Discord, the spirit of chaos, ran through my mind over and over again. Most of these thoughts involved with what would Discord do if he were to find me, or what would happen to Ponyville if he were to arrive. Discord may seem like a silly, goofy draconequus due to what he has created so far, but I have no idea if he has a dark side to him. I sure hope he doesn't.

While I was sitting on the couch, staring off into space, somepony knocked on the door four times, causing me to jump.

"Caleb, it's Spike. Let me in." Spike said from the other side of the door.

I rose up to get the door.

"Quick, get inside." I said as I opened the door.

I then shut the door and locked it again.

"What are you doing back here?" I asked Spike.

"Twilight decided to send me back here right when her and others arrived at the trainstation." Spike explained.

"Oh, okay. Thought you were being chased or something." I said.

"About that..." Spike said.

"Aw, hell, were you followed?" I asked Spike, with concern.

"I don't think so, but this crazy looking mare with-." Spike said before I finished for him.

"Swirly eyes?" I concluded.

"You saw her too?" Spike asked.

"Sure did. She let out this weird scream at me and Amethyst when I met her," I said. "Did she hurt you?" I asked.

"Nope. But she did follow me for a short distance." Spike replied.

"But she did stop following you, right?" I asked again.

"I guarantee it." Spike assured.

"Good." I said.

"So now what?" Spike asked.

"I don't know about you, but i'm gonna take a shower to get all this chocolate milk washed off." I said.

"Wait. Weren't you wearing a white shirt earlier?" Spike asked as he looked at my shirt.

"Why?" I asked.

"It turned to brown." Spike pointed out.

I looked down at my shirt and it was now a whitish-brown color, since the chocolate milk absorbed into the fabric. I was so caught up with what was happening earlier that I forgot all about my clothing.

"Oh shoot! I gotta get this stuff out before this entire stain sets in!" I exclaimed.

I then dashed up the stairs and removed my shirt. Turning on the faucet for the bathtub, I filled the tub up with a decent amount of water and plunged the shirt into the water. I wringed the shirt underneath the water, causing the water itself to become brown. After letting it soak for about a minute, I removed the shirt and most of the whiteness had returned, but it'll never be the same as before.

"Oh, well, that'll do." I said.

After that, I got into the shower and washed myself off, and you wouldn't believe how much dried up chocolate milk washed off of me. Heck, it even left a brown ring around the tub once the all the water drained. I then put on some fresh clothes and headed back down the stairs, only to find Spike napping on the floor. I walked next to the slumbering drake and slightly shook him to wake him up.

"You okay, Spike?" I asked.

"C'mon, I was napping." Spike whined.

"Napping on the floor during a chocolate milk downpour?" I asked.

"Hey, i'm a dragon. Doesn't really matter where you sleep, and I bet you a million bits that Twilight and the others will find out a way to stop all of this." Spike claimed.

"Whatever you say, Spike." I chuckled.

"But I might as well make something to eat. I'm pretty hungry." Spike said.

"I'll be upstairs if you need me." I informed.

"Alright." Spike replied.

I then grabbed the history book and headed upstairs to read the story on Discord once again. To check on what was happening outside, I looked out the window and saw that crazy eyed mare floating by down below. She instantly caught sight of me and I ducked out of sight behind the wall. My heartbeat began to pulse a bit faster as I pressed myself hard against the wall. I could see the shadow of the mare casting onto the wooden floor as she looked through the window from the other side.

"Is somepony in there?" she asked in a voice that sounded like a mare, but had a hint of craziness in her tone.

A full minute had past before she spoke again.

"Perhaps not." she said again.

The black shadow then moved to the left and disappeared. I sat against the wall for about five more minutes before peeking my head up to see if the mare was truly gone. And thank God she was.

"That was too close." I said to myself.

I slowly raised upwards and went into the next room, where there wasn't any windows. I then laid on the spare bed that was in that room, opened the book, and began to read. And I have to admit, the story is still interesting after each read.

So apparently, long ago, before the birth of Christ, Discord once ruled over Equestria and was doing the same shenanigans that are present on this day. However, two sisters, being Celestia and Luna, used the Elements of Harmony against him to turn him to stone. Now that's just a basic summary of the story. And yes, I know that Celestia and Luna have already mentioned that to me in a previous entry, but I thought i'd just put it in this one anyways for a recap.

While I read the book for a while, I began to get a pretty sleepy. My eyelids would slowly close shut and I would quickly open my eyes for a few times before I just decided to give up and take a nap. With that, I set the book aside and drifted off into a deep cat-nap.

"Caleb. Caleb. Caleb." I heard Spike's echoey voice say in my head while I slept.

But his voice only grew louder, waking me up from my slumber.

"Caleb! Caleb! Caleb! Caleb!" Spike shouted from downstairs.

I jumped out of bed, knocking over a nightstand, and quickly stepped down the stairs.

"What? What is it?" I asked in a fast pace.

"Her!" Spike uttered, pointing at the front window.

I turned my head to the window and there was that mare, floating outside the window.

"He's here! "He's here!" the mare announced from outside the window.

I then grabbed Spike and took him up the stairs into the spare room and closed the door.

"What are we gonna do?" Spike asked, frantically.

"Okay, Spike, I want you to hide in here. I'm going to go out there and confront her myself." I replied, boldly.

"Are you crazier than that mare?" Spike asked.

Right after he said that, the door downstairs opened and slammed shut, signifying that the mare was inside.

"Oh-no, she's in the library!" Spike exclaimed, biting his claws.

"Shhhh," I hushed as I covered his mouth with my hand. "I'll be right back. I promise." I promised, opening the door and closing it.

I then jumped down the stairs and landed with a loud thud. I was expecting to see the mare standing down there, looking for me and Spike, but she was nowhere to be seen. I then slowly walked around the entire library section.

"Where are you?" I whispered, looking all over the place.

"I'm everywhere...." a charismatic, slightly nasally, soft, and wavy voice echoed throughout the room.

I remained silent as I looked all over the walls until I saw two large yellow eyes with red pupils looking down upon me on the ceiling. Before I knew it, everything in the room started to peel off like wallpaper and joined to form a tall figure in the middle of the room. This revealed the actual library, because whatever this manifestation was, it was acting like a chameleon. I kept on looking around as the figure grew even more taller than before. Then... it stopped and began to change colors. Once the colors left, the figure finally revealed it's final form. It was Discord, the spirit of chaos himself, standing right in front of me.

"You see, daddy?" the mare's voice said from behind. "I told you there was a talking monkey inside the library!" the mare said, floating next to Discord.

"And you were not lying. What a faaantastic find you've found, sweetheart." Discord said, using his lion claw to rub the bottom of the mare's chin.

The mare giggled to his touch.

"Speaking of which, have a cookie as a reward." Discord said, creating a cookie about the size of car with his own will.

The cookie landed on the floor with a loud thud.

"Thanks, daddy!" the mare thanked.

"Anytime. Now run along, Screwball, and have some fun out there." Discord said.

Screwball then left the library with the cookie, leaving me and Discord to ourselves.

I was in complete shock at the moment. Discord himself was a towering mass of chaos. He had to be no more than probably about twelve feet in height. After we stared down each other, Discord finally broke the silence.

"Oh, pfffft, where are my manners?" Discord said with roll of his eyes.

He then created a podium with a microphone and introduced himself.

"I am Discord, the spirit of chaos!" Discord announced, triumphantly. "And I must admit that i've never seen anything like you before. I've missed so much over all these years in my stone imprisonment." Discord noted.

I didn't respond at all. Discord, however, looked at me in a confused expression

"Is this ringing any bells? Spirit of chaos?" he asked as he rung a cow's bell.

This broke me from my trance of bewilderment, turning into hostility.

"Get out of here!" I demanded.

Discord reared back slightly to my demand.

"A simple hello would be fine." Discord said.

"Fine. Hello. Now get out!" I replied.

"Oh, come on... why so snappy?" Discord asked.

"I've read the stories on what you did to Equestria in the past!" I replied.

"Those fairy tales? Oh please, that's just Equestrian propaganda meant to fool ponies into thinking i'm the bad guy." Discord lied.

"Go ahead, try it! You aren't fooling me. Explain all that is happening out there." I conterjected.

"Why i'm just trying to bring Equestria back to the good old days, of course. Isn't that just a perfect display of chaos out there?" Discord asked, directing outside.

"No! It's terrible." I replied.

"Mmmm, perhaps you're right. Maybe if I add more chaos, it'll look more better. Some flying pigs, floating structures, tiled grass, the whole shabang. Thank you for the feedback, my simian friend." Discord said, slyly.

Discord then walked around the room and took notice of a picture frame that had a picture of Twilight.

"Are you friends with that Twilight Sparkle and her pony pals?" Discord asked, holding the picture.

"I swear if you harmed them, you'll be one sorry spirit of chaos!" I threatened.

"You are?!" Discord gasped. "Oh, this is absolutely priceless," Discord said, beginning to go into a laughing fit. "Ahahahahaha! Oh, please," Discord said, flatly. "I highly doubt something like you would share the magic of friendship with ponies." Discord said, sarcastically.

"Yeah, well guess again, Discord." I retorted.

"That is so very sad. Such wasted potential for a partner in chaos." Discord said.

"I would never partner with you, Discord! Never!" I said.

"No need to remind me, I can see why," Discord replied. "Now that you asked if I hurt them..." Discord said with a pause.

"What did you do?" I asked with both my fists clenched tightly.

"Let's just say that they're out of their elements at the moment." Discord answered.

"Be more specific." I demanded.

"Oh, it's not hitting you like a doornail?" Discord sighed, annoyingly. "I got rid of their elements and now they're the opposite of what they're supposed to represent." Discord finally answered.

"I warned you!" I said as I brought my fist towards his gut, impacting it.

However, my fist was absorbed by his body like some sort of spongy material.

"That tickles." Discord said as he levitated my entire body up to his level.

He then examined me for a moment before setting me back on the floor.

"Well, it has been a time and a half, but I got lots of chaos to wreak across Ponyville." Discord said.

"Oh, if I had my Igneous-1007, you'd be stoned right about now." I thought to myself.

"But before I go, I need to make you look proper in the new chaos capital of the world." Discord said with the snap of his eagle talons.

My vision went white for a moment. When my vision came back, I was now shrunk down to a smaller height, my arms were covered with black hairs, as well as my entire body.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?!" I shouted.

"I turned you into a chimpanzee, of course, but maybe that's good enough." Discord said with another snap of his talons.

My vision went white again and now I was a bit more taller, but still retained the black hairs.

"Silverback gorilla? Nah, that won't cut it." Discord said.

He then paused to think for a moment while I ran around on all fours, trying to find a mirror to see my reflection.

"No, wait, I got it!" he began. "How about.... the mighty sasquatch? Oh, goody, wouldn't that be a treat?" Discord asked, excitedly.

"No!" I exclaimed with extreme disagreement.

But it was too late. With the snap of his talons a third time, I was turned into the mythical sasquatch. My entire body was covered with shaggy, dark brown hair and my face was now more gorilla like, also retaining my bipedalism.

"Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhh!" I screamed as I examined myself in horror.

"I found the mighty sasquatch, I found the mighty sasquatch, I found the mighty sasquatch!" Discord repeated in a sing-song voice while prancing around in a circle.

"Turn me back to human form, right now!" I demanded, loudly.

"Why should I do that? You wouldn't fit in the chaos capital of the world, and you want to fit in the chaos capital of the world, right?" Discord asked with puppy eyes.

"No! I don't want to be a part of the chaos capital of the world, and I don't want to be a sasquatch for the rest of my life!" I replied, angrily.

"I've tried, but I failed," Discord sighed. "Well, then, pretend I was never here. I let myself out." Discord said as he walked towards the door.

"DISCORD!" I boomed, running after him.

Discord stopped for a second before he could open the door.

"Wait! Stop for a second." Discord said, holding a stop sign infront of me.

He then turned around to look at me.

"You wouldn't of happen to come from a world that has more of your species?" Discord said, leaning his head towards me, raising one of his eyebrows while the other remained down.

"N-no..." I stuttered my answer.

"I think you did." Discord replied, staring at something behind me.

I turned my head and saw a lie detector machine that read "Liar-Liar, pants on fire."

"Let me access your memories to see what this world looks like." Discord said as he reached for me.

"Get away!" I shouted, trying to run away.

Discord grabbed my abdominal area and created a small television set that played static at first. He then put a small antenna cap on my head and the video of a foggy, grey, New York City began to appear on the screen. On the screen, I could see people, families, and children walking along the sidewalks. The thought of Discord entering my homeworld and wreaking chaos was absolutely unbearable. I closed my eyes tightly to try and think of other thoughts, but to no prevail.

"No..." I said, softly.

Discord eyed the screen closely for a moment before making the antenna and television disappear into thin air.

"Bah! Your world looks grey and depressing as it is. There's no need for chaos there." Discord said with rejection.

He then settled me back on the floor.

"Well, in that case, here's a brief brochure for the chaos capital of the world," Discord said, handing me a brochure with a picture of him giving two thumbs up with a chaos wreaked Ponyville in the background. "Toodaloooo." Discord farewelled in a sing-song voice and a wave before heading to the door.

When he got to the door, Discord simply just walked right through it, causing the door to shatter into wooden bits.

With Discord out of my way, I examined myself again. Thankfully, I was returned to my height of seven foot-eight and retained my clothing, but the only downside was the amount of hair that shedded and my gorilla-like face.

"Please have something figured out, Twilight." I said.

WIth that, I headed back upstairs to check up on Spike and to give the all clear.

Out of Their Elements

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Out of Their Elements
March 17th, 2013

I slowly walked up the stairs and to the door where Spike was hiding behind.

"Hey Spike, you still in there?" I asked with knock on the door.

"What's going on out there? I heard you yelling downstairs." Spike replied.

"Nothing now, but please... don't laugh when I open this door." I said.

"Why should I laugh?" Spike asked.

"You'll see." I said.

I then grabbed the doorknob and began to turn it. Once the door was open all the way, Spike got a look at the new me. His expression was rather freaked out then what I was expecting from him.

"What happened to you?! You're all hairy and your face, what happened to your face!?" Spike exclaimed.

"Discord happened." I sighed.

"What's a discord?" Spike asked.

"Not a what, a who. Discord is the spirit of chaos." I answered.

"The spirit of chaos? Oh... that's not good." Spike said.

"Yeah, no shit with you on that. You should've seen him, he has multiple body parts of various animals, tall, and a voice that sounds pretty nasally." I said.

"If that's who Discord is, then who was that mare supposed to be?" Spike asked.

"Ah, his daughter named Screwball, but I don't know how she's Discord's daughter since she's a pony. Unless Discord is into some freaky stuff," I said, "but yeah, he did this to me before he left." I said as Spike examined me again.

"What should we do now?" Spike asked.

"Look, I think the best we can do now is to stay indoors until Twilight and the others return." I said, reminding me of what Discord told me earlier.

"That sounds like a good idea. You watch, Twilight and them will find a way to stop him." Spike assured.

"Now that you say that again, what makes you think so?" I asked.

"Well, they did find out a way to defeat Nightmare Moon, so they have to figure out a way to defeat Discord." Twilight replied.

"Hopefully. I got my fingers crossed." I said, looking down at my slightly wrinkled hands.

"Let's also hope Twilight finds out a way to bring back the old you." Spike added.

"Oh definitely." I said.

Me and Spike then headed back downstairs. On the way down, we noticed the sunlight that illuminated the interior began to dim before everything went pitch black, almost as if it was late at night.

"The heck?" I said as it got darker in the room.

"Does this mean that Discord is here?" Spike asked, nervously, as he bumped up against my left leg.

"Not in here, but he did say that he'd make Ponyville the chaos capital of the world." I realized.

Me and Spike then looked at each other in the eyes. Within seconds, me and him bolted to the nearest window to see what was going on outside. What we saw was mind boggling. Not only because night suddenly arrived during the afternoon, but Discord had already begun what he said he'd do. Our mouths dropped as buildings floated hundreds of feet in the air and rotated in three-sixty motions, the grass was now replaced with blue and purple tiles, the once flat terrain was now raised upwards, creating steep hills, and to top it off, a chocolate rain downpour poured down.

"Discord wasn't lying." Spike said.

"Yep. Just another reason not to go outside." I said.

I stood and thought for a moment of what to do next.

"Y'know, maybe we could stop Discord." I said.

"How in the world are we going to defeat a spirit of chaos?" Spike asked.

"I have this history book that tells the whole story of Discord's past. I know there was a way that Discord could be defeated, but I need to check again." I said.

"You go get that and i'll sweep up all of this hair." Spike yawned, pointing at the small pile of my shedding brown hair.

"Sorry about that." I said.

I then headed back upstairs into the spare room to find the history book. However, it wasn't on the bed where I left it. I know it was there because I placed it to my left side when I dozed off earlier.

"Oh, no, no, no." I said under my breath.

I began to desperately search the entire area of the bed and underneath, but it was nowhere to be found. I searched for about five or eight minutes before I gave up and sat on the bed.

"C'mon, Caleb, think! Think!" I said to myself, trying to remember how Discord could be defeated.

I never thought as deep as I could before. If I could find out, then me and Spike may have chance to strike back at Discord. As I pressed my fingers against the temple of my head, I finally remembered that Discord was defeated with the elements of harmony, but there was a catch. The elements are all the way up in Canterlot and Discord said that that Twilight and the other five were out of their elements.

"Crap." I simply said.

But I thought I might as well inform Spike on what was used to defeat Discord anyways. Another note, the sun had risen again within the timespan. Thought i'd mention one of the norms in the "chaos capital of the world." I headed back downstairs once again, and found that Spike had swept up my brown hairs, but was fast asleep next to a bucket of water while sleeping with a mop. Yep, somehow he fell asleep again.

"Jesus H. Christ." I mumbled as I looked at the slumbering dragon.

I walked over towards him to wake him up, but I was stopped when I heard Twilight talking from outside. I looked out the window and could see Twilight, but not the others because of the angle of the window. Twilight herself looked normal, but once I angled myself to another position, I saw the others. Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie still had their original colors, but were covered with a coat of grey, indicating that their elements were now gone. Judging by their expressions, i'm supposed that their personalities have also changed as well. If Applejack is honesty, then she's probably now a liar. If Rarity's is generosity, then she's greed. If Pinkie Pie is laughter, then she's grumpiness. And Fluttershy being kindness, she's probably going to be rude. And also, Rainbow Dash was nowhere to be seen, so she probably just left them, being disloyal.

Applejack then trotted up inside the library, whose colors were now completely grey. I took in a deep breath and spoke to her.

"Hey Applejack." I said, sheepishly.

"Who're you supposed to be? I ain't ever met you before in my life." Applejack replied.

I guess that response makes some sense since i'm a sasquatch at the moment.

"It's me, Caleb. Caleb the human." I clarified.

"Never heard of that name before." Applejack obviously lied.

"Yes you have." I said.

"Nuh-uh." Applejack replied.

"Yuh-huh." I said back.

"Nope." Applejack lied.

"Yep." I replied.

Fluttershy then flew into the room with a nasty expression on her face.

"Don't bother with him, Applejack. The primitives don't understand basic communication well." Fluttershy insulted.

Never in my life in Equestria would I ever think of hearing Fluttershy talking like that in that kind of tone and way.

"Whatever you say, Fluttershy. You're just out of your element." I said.

"Why don't you just shut your mouth, or better yet, stuff it with a banana while you're at it, you ape." Fluttershy retorted.

"Damn.... got me good there." I thought to myself.

Next up to walk in the library was Pinkie Pie. Now she looked really pissed off. She looked at me and looked at everypony else in the room.

"I hate you! I hate all of you!" Pinkie shouted to everypony.

"Mmmm, this is going to be an interesting experience." I said, softly.

After I said that, I saw Fluttershy go the bucket of water next to Spike in my peripheral vision. Before I could warn or wake Spike, she dumped the cold water onto Spike, who was still sleeping. He woke with a loud gasp and a yelp before he shook the water off him like a dog.

"What did you do that for?" Spike asked Fluttershy.

"Because you looked so peaceful!" Fluttershy replied in that irritating voice.

"Leave him alone." I ordered to Fluttershy.

"Make me." she replied.

Right after Fluttershy said that, I loud crash erupted from behind me. An entire boulder somehow crashed right through the wall where the door used to be, creating a large, gaping hole in the wall.

"Careful, Twilight! You'll ruin his beautiful finish." Rarity said, caressing the boulder as if it were the most radiant thing in the world.

"Oh, for the love of..." Twilight began before she caught sight of me.

"H-hey, Twilight." I said with a wave.

"Oh no, Caleb. Did Discord do this to you?" Twilight asked.

"Sure did. He seems like a colorful individual." I said.

"Are you alright?" Twilight asked, concernedly.

"I don't mean to be snappy, but... i'm a sasquatch for crying out loud!" I exclaimed.

"Watch out, everypony. He's getting angry." Fluttershy warned, sarcastically.

I then shut my mouth so that I couldn't get anything else for Fluttershy to work with.

"Well, I can see that, Caleb, but he didn't hurt you or anything?" Twilight asked.

"No, just turned me into bigfoot." I replied.

Spike then ran over to Twilight.

"Twilight, what's going on? Why does everypony look so.. grey?" Spike asked, directing his claws towards the four mares.

"Don't ask," Twilight replied. "I need you and Caleb to help me find something." Twilight said as she began to walk into the library with Spike on her back.

I noticed Fluttershy going for the bucket again that still had some water in it.

"Hey, Twilight. What's soaking wet and clueless?" Fluttershy asked in her sassy tone.

"Fluttershy, i've just about had enough--." Twilight began before she was stopped from the water being dumped on her head, causing her now wet mane to drape on her face.

"Your face!" Fluttershy said as she brought the bucket upwards, over Twilight's head.

"Twilight!" I exclaimed as I ran over towards Twilight to stop Fluttershy's corrupted actions.

Right when the bucket was about impact her head, I snatched the bucket out of Fluttershy's hoof grip.

"Gimmie that!" I snapped at Fluttershy.

I then tossed the bucket out the hole in the wall.

"What's happened to everypony?" Spike asked again.

"Beats me. I guess you bring out the worst in you, Spike." Applejack replied.

"Discord corrupted them, Spike. Pretty much reversed their natural elements that they're supposed to represent." I answered for Twilight.

"Oh, I see now." Spike understood.

"Thanks, Caleb," Twilight thanked. "Now we've got to find the reference guide to the elements of harmony before somepony does something she'll regret!" Twilight said, angrily, staring at the four corrupted mares who were resting on the boulder.

"The elements of harmony?" Spike asked, confused. "Oh! I know exactly where that book is!" Spike exclaimed.

Spike then climbed up a wooden ladder and retrieved a dark brown book from the top shelf.

"Found it!" he announced to everypony.

Fluttershy zoomed over towards Spike and threw a scroll at his face, causing Spike to drop the elements of harmony refrence book into Fluttershy's hooves. Twilight walked over towards Fluttershy with a scowl on her face.

"Fluttershy! You better give me that book!" Twilight growled.

"Keep away!" Fluttershy shouted.

Fluttershy tossed the book over my head and amazingly landed on the tip of Applejack's nose.

"Applejack, give me that book!" Twilight demanded.

"I don't have any book." Applejack lied, tossing the book to Pinkie.

Pinkie bounced the book back towards Fluttershy and Fluttershy tossed it back to Applejack, repeating the pattern again. Once I learned the three's tossing pattern, I readied myself to intercept knock Fluttershy out of the way. Twilight ran back and forth to the pony had back, becoming increasingly more frustrated by the second.

When Pinkie was about to toss the book to Fluttershy, I jumped at Fluttershy, but Spike had the same idea I had.

"Nice tackle, Spike." I complimented as me and Twilight ran after the book that slid across the floor.

Before Twilight could take the book, Rarity ran in between my legs and stole it with her levitation.

"Mine!" Rarity exclaimed as she stole the book.

"Hey! Do you even know what you just stole?" Twilight asked Rarity.

"No, but if you want it, I want it." Rarity replied.

Twilight then tripped and landed smack on her face, letting a muffled scream in frustration.

"Give me that book!" Twilight yelled.

I then began to chase Rarity as well, but I came at her from her right side, closing in on her. Before Rarity could react, I used my large hand to grab Rarity by the abdominal area, easily lifting her off the ground with one hand. I tried to use my left hand to grab the levitating book, but Rarity had already threw it towards Fluttershy. Twilight was busy looking at me and Rarity to even notice the bulking boulder in front of her, and she ran right into it head on. I winced at the impact and dropped Rarity to see if she was okay.

"Are you alright?" I asked Twilight.

"I'm fine. But where is she? Where's Fluttershy?" Twilight asked Applejack and Pinkie Pie.

"Beats me." Applejack lied, crossing her right foreleg with her left.

"Lies!" Twilight shouted as she jumped onto Pinkie and Applejack and began to fight.

"Oh shit!" I exclaimed.

As they fought, a huge amount of dust began to kick up into the air, kinda like a fight you would see in a cartoon. I circled the cloud of dust to see if I could find Twilight, but couldn't. All I really heard was hooves impacting and grunting from all the tussling. A few seconds later, Twilight emerged out of the dust cloud and landed on the ground with the book wrapped with her forelegs. I then quickly rushed over to Twilight to guard her while Spike did the same with a scroll as a weapon. I thought that was funny.

"Get back! All of you! This is my book, and i'm gonna read it!" Twilight yelled to the mares who slowly crawled to us.

"Git!" I exclaimed, stomping my big foot loudly on the floor, causing the four mares to slightly back off and retreat to the boulder.

"Looks like you got this covered." Spike noticed.

"Go help Twilight," I instructed to Spike. "I'll keep guard."

Twilight then let out a loud gasp, as if she had just made a groundbreaking discovery.

"What is it?" I asked.

"The elements. They were here all along" Twilight said, happily.

"This is great! Now you guys can defeat Discord and put everything back to normal." Spike said.

"W-wait, the elements of harmony?" I asked, turning my head.

"See? They're right here." Spike said.

"But those were all the way up in Canterlot. Why are they in the element reference book?" I asked.

"I know you have a lot of questions, Caleb, but i'll explain it all later. We've got a spirit of chaos to defeat." Twilight said.

"Right, sorry." I said.

"You see, girls? We did it! We found the elements of harmony. Together!" Twilight announced to the four mares who didn't give two shits about the elements. "You don't even care, do you?" Twilight asked the mares.

"No." the four replied simultaneously.

Twilight let out a small sigh in response.

"I never thought it would happen.. my friends... have turned into complete jerks!" Twilight said softly at first, but with a raised tone at the end of her statement.

Twilight then opened the book open again and levitated every single necklace elements out of it. Twilight repeated the word, necklace, when she placed each element on the designated mare.

"And... big crown thingy." Twilight said as she placed the crown element on her head.

"So, what now?" I asked.

"Now we go and defeat Discord." Twilight said as she trotted to the exit

"But, Twilight, aren't you missing somepony?" Spike referred to Rainbow Dash.

"Nope. We got the liar, the grump, the hoarder, and the brute. That just about covers it." Twilight listed.

"Well, what about Rainbow Dash?" Spike asked.

Twilight thought for a second before coming up with a improvision.

"Congratulations, Spike, you're the new Rainbow Dash. Now let's go!" Twilight said quickly, placing the necklace around Spike's neck.

"Me?! B-b-but what if she finds out i'm impersonating her? Ugh, that won't end well." Spike said with a blank stare.

"Too bad. You're Rainbow Dash. Now let's go defeat Discord so that we don't have to talk to each other again." Twilight said, causing the four mares to light with excitement and dashed after Twilight.

"Don't worry, Spike. She probably won't even care." I assured Spike.

"I sure hope you're right about that." Spike said, nervously.

I turned my head to the sound of the huge boulder grinding on the floor because Rarity was using her effort to push it.

"Does that boulder really mean the world to you?" I asked the corrupted Rarity.

"His name is Tom, and he is not a boulder! He's the most elegant diamond i've ever seen, and he's mine, not yours!" Rarity snapped.

"Okay, okay, geez." I said as I raised both of my hands.

Twilight noticed my response and came up behind Rarity.

"Move!" Twilight ordered Rarity as she levitated the bolder."Look out! Here comes, Tom!" Twilight warned everypony outside.

Twilight then used all her magical strength to throw the boulder out the highest window, causing it to crash through window and loud outside with crackening thud.

"We're gonna have to fix this when this is all over, right?" I asked Twilight.

"Right now, I don't care. I just want to get this done and over with." Twilight replied with frustration.

Out of the left corner of my eye, I saw a familiar tall figure pop right into existence outside the library. Discord had returned.

"Well, well, well I see you found the elements of harmony. How terrifying." Discord said.

I at the moment was slightly cowering behind a wall because I was afraid of what Discord would do to me, even though I hate his guts. But Twilight, Spike and Rarity exited outside, leaving me inside.

"Discord! I figured out your lame riddle. You're in for it now!" Twilight threatened.

"I certainly am. You've clearly outdueled me, and now it's time to meet my fate," Discord said, putting on a pair of sunglasses. "I'm prepared to be defeated now, ladies. Fire when ready." Discord said as he created a red target on his abdominal area.

"Formation! Now!" Twilight ordered.

"Uhh." all four of the corrupted mares uttered, but still went into formation.

"Rainbow Dash! Get over here!" Twilight shouted to Spike.

Spike then revealed his hiding place and dashed to his spot in the formation.

"All right, let's get this over with." Twilight said.

I then peeked my head through the hole in the wall to see what was going on outside. Twilight activated her crown element and an audible, wavy, magical sound began to fill the air. Their manes also began to flow in rhythm with the sound as well. Like something straight out of a fantasy, Twilight and the four mares levitated into thin air and I could see a white glow emanated from Twilight's eyes.

"Oh my god, they're gonna do it." I said to myself with anticipation.

Twilight's crown let out a burst of white energy towards the other elements, causing each of them to light up brightly. So bright that it made me cover my eyes. Now I can see why Discord put on some sunglasses. The noise level from all the magic then became more high pitched and loud, as if something epic was about to happen.

"Do it! Do it!" I said as my head involuntarily nodded.

When it seemed like the elements were about to do their job, the noise level decreased until the glow was gone, causing the mares to drop onto the ground.

"What?! No!" I exclaimed, softly.

"What's going on?" Twilight asked as she rose up.

"Mines working. Must be something wrong with yours." Applejack replied.

"I hate the elements of harmony!" Pinkie exclaimed.

"Hmph. Piece of garbage." Fluttershy scoffed, tossing her element onto the ground.

"Mine!" Rarity shrieked as she dove for Fluttershy's element, quickly snatching it.

"Uh, sorry, Twilight. Guess I should get back upstairs and clean up the library," Spike handed back Rainbow's element. "Good luck with all this-- woah!" Spike shouted as he was tripped by Fluttershy.

"Oops. Sorry, Rainbow Crash!" Fluttershy mocked.

"Bravo, ponies. Bravo," Discord said, clapping his paw and talon. "Harmony in Equestria is officially dead. Discord rules, Celestia drools. Ha-haha-haha-haha." Discord laughed as he skated away on water.

I then emerged out the library and stood next to Twilight.

"It's your fault the elements didn't work!" Pinkie said.

"Me?!" I exclaimed.

"What did he do?" Twilight asked Pinkie.

"Not just him, any of you! All of you! I'm out of here!" Pinkie shouted as she bounced away.

"I'd better get going to. I got better friends waiting for me at the farm!" Applejack said.

"Yeah. I'm sick on you, losers." Fluttershy rudely remarked, flying away and leaving me and Twilight to ourselves.

"Fine! Leave! See if I care! I don't need you guys either! With friends like you, who needs.... enemies." Twilight said, her voice beginning to get lower.

Twilight sadly dropped her head downwards with both her eyes closed, crushed by the fact that her best friends have left her.

"Twilight?" I asked, softly.

The colors of Twilights tail began to change into a depressing grey, as well as her coat and mane. Once the transformation was complete, a small tear seeped out of Twilight's left eyelid and dropped onto the ground, forming the shape of a broken heart.

"Twilight?" I asked again.

Twilight remained to keep her eyes closed, but could only utter one response to me.

"I.... I just want to be alone, Caleb. I need some alone time." Twilight said in a depressive tone.

The now corrupted element on magic then walked away from me, off to the chaos capital of the world.

"B-but Twilight...." I stuttered, at a lost of words.

Deep down inside, I felt as if all hope was lost and began to go into a slight depressive state as well. I wasn't turning grey or anything, but a strong wave of sadness swept over me. I did as Twilight wanted, and gave her some alone time. I on the other hand, put my wrinkled sasquatch hands into my pockets and slowly walked back inside the damaged library. Once I got inside, I sat on the couch and placed both my elbows on my knees while resting my chin on the palm of my hands. After I got into that position, I stared at the ground as if I was staring off into space, no expression or thoughts at all.

Reuniting The Elements

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Reuniting The Elements
March 17th, 2013

I remained in my idle state of staring off into space for quite some time. So long that I don't really know how long I was sitting there. But once I lied down on my right side while crossing my arms, my mental thoughts began to come back to me. I still couldn't believe that the elements of harmony were pretty much dead. I didn't want to believe it, but the state of the situation me and my friends were in made it seem nothing but true. The more I dwelled on my corrupted friends and Ponyville becoming the chaos capital of the world, it only made me slightly dispise Discord, even though I extremely disliked him at the time. When I thought of Discord, that led to thoughts. Thoughts that involved Discord perishing. As I was thinking, I remembered something that I had stored underneath the driver seat in the Land Rover.

"You know, I still have the Igneous-1007 in the Defender. If I could find the Land Rover, I could try to climb inside and retrieve the Igneous. Once I have it, I can use it against Discord!" I thought to myself.

Sounds like a pretty good plan, right? I mean, the Igneous basically has alicorn magic inside of it, so it has to work. But unfortunately, I remembered that it was the elements that could only defeat Discord, not a simple firearm. This flaw then sent me back into a depressive state once again, causing me to lie back down.

About ten minutes have passed and I remained silent, but the silence was broken from Spike, who sounded like he was groaning in pain upstairs. Discord immediately came to my mind because I thought Discord was tormenting Spike upstairs. I quickly sprung into action and dashed to the stairs.

"Spike! Hold on, i'm coming!" I called.

After I leaped up the steps, I entered Twilight's bedroom, only to find a small amount a scrolls next to a slightly bloated Spike, who was wriggling on the ground in discomfort.

"Caleb..." Spike moaned as he reached out to me.

"C'mon, buddy. Is Discord doing this?" I asked, sitting next to him.

"No-oh! Only Princess Celestia can do this." Spike said as he clutched his belly.

"Why would she do this? Oh God, I hope the princess isn't corrupted as well." I said.

"She's sending all of these scrolls back through me. It's how Twilight sends letters to Princess Celestia." Spike groaned.

"Do you feel sick?" I asked.

"Mrmph! Very!" Spike said as he gulped and covered his mouth. "Another one's coming up!" Spike alerted.

I slightly backed away from Spike as he puffed out his cheeks, almost looking like he was about to vomit. Spike let out a belch, blowing a long green flame and smoke out of his mouth. Within the smoke, another scroll dropped into the pile of scrolls. I then reached for the scroll that dropped into the pile, removed the red ribbon, and rolled it open. With that, I read what was written on the paper.

Dearest Princess Celestia,

Today I learned that it's hard to accept when somepony you like wants to spend time with somepony who's not so nice. Though it's impossible to control who your friends hang out with, it is possible to control your own behavior. Just continue to be a good friend. In the end, the difference between a false friend and one who's true will surely come to light.

Your faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle

"Wow. That was a pretty decent lesson," I said to myself. "So, is like Twilight sending lessons that she learned to the princess?" I asked Spike.

"Mm-hm." Spike hummed as he nodded.

Spike then belched once again and another scroll landed in the pile.

"Ohhhh." Spike moaned, still holding onto his belly with a miserable expression on his face.

"You need anything?" I asked.

"No. My stomach feels as inflated as it is." Spike replied.

I then set the first letter aside and opened up another scroll.

Dear Princess Celestia,

My friends and I all learned an important lesson this week: Never judge a book by its cover. Someone may look unusual, or funny, or scary. But you have to look past that and learn who they are inside. Real friends don't care what your "cover" is; it's the contents of a pony that count. And a good friend, like a good book, is something that will last forever.

Your faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle

"Hmm. That was a good one." I remarked, setting the letter aside.

Spike quietly moaned to my remark. After that, he belched out another scroll, catching it as it fell. I then opened the scroll.

Dear Princess Celestia,

When you first sent me to Ponyville, I didn't know anything about friendship. I met somepony tonight who was having the same problem - your sister, Princess Luna! She taught me that one of the best things you can do with friendship is to give it to others, and help them find it themselves! And I'm happy to report that all of Ponyville has learned that even though somepony seems a little intimidating, even scary, when you offer them your friendship, you'll discover a whole new pony underneath. And even if my Star Swirl the Bearded costume didn't go over, this still turned out to be the best Nightmare Night ever!

Your faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle

"This must've happened five days before I arrived in Equestria," I said, considering I arrived in Equestria on the 5th of November and Nightmare Night falls on the 31st.

After I setted that letter aside in my pile of read letters, I began to read another, and another, and another. I gotta admit, these lessons are pretty thought provoking and interesting at the same time. It's so interesting to see what Twilight and her friends learned before I arrived in Equestria, and now that i'm reading these, i've now learned a few new valuable life lessons that I didn't really think or know about. And also, while I read these, I felt my small state of depression somehow fade away after each read until eventually I didn't really feel sad anymore. But I did still felt bad for Spike, who was still burping up scrolls. I had to of read about twenty two of these letters and they were still piling up.

"Poor Spike." I thought to myself.

I then sat next to Spike and tried to comfort him until all of the scroll-vomiting was over with, but it wasn't. As I sat next to him, sunlight quickly faded into darkness and the moon rose into the sky. About a minute later, a grey and depressed Twilight walked up the stairs and into the room where me and Spike were in.

"Twilight! There's all these let-." I said before Twilight stopped me.

"Pack your things, Spike and Caleb. We're leaving," Twilight interjected "Don't ask where we're going because.. I don't know yet. Just not here." Twilight said as she packed a few books in a green briefcase and threw her element into a trash can.

"B-but, Twilight," I began, taking her element out of the trash can, "Princess Celestia has been sending all the lessons you learned back through Spike. He's been burping them up for half an hour." I said, showing her the open letters and a few more scrolls on the ground.

Spike then burped another scroll, adding it to the small pile.

"Somepony make it sto-o-op!" Spike pleaded.

"But why would she send them back?" Twilight asked, levitating three scrolls in front of her.

"I don't know." I replied.

Twilight opened up one the scrolls and began to read. After she finished reading that, she moved on to the next. But the third letter, one involving her friends, was the one that made her change. I noticed a small tinge of lavender purple begin to form at the bottom of her hind legs. The more she read and understood what the lesson was teaching her, the more of her lavender coat began to become vibrant like before until eventually, she was back to her original colors. After she finished reading the third lesson, I could see her face light up with happiness.

"Guys. Guys, it's all so clear!" Twilight said as she levitated Spike around in circle in joy.

"What's so clear?" I asked, eagerly.

"Discord's trying to distract us from what's important. He knows how powerful our friendships are, and he's trying to keep us from seeing it," Twilight explained, pressing Spike up against her. "Do remember what I said the first day we arrived in Ponyville?" Twilight asked Spike. " I told you the future of Equestria doesn't depend on making friends, but the opposite is true!" Twilight answered for Spike, directing her attention towards me. "The friendships i've made since i've been here are what saved Equestria from Nightmare Moon, and now I need to save them from Discord!" Twilight said.

"You're right! So what we need to do now is to find our friends and show them the true meaning of friendship. And if i'm thinking correctly, that should bring their true element back into them." I said.

"Exactly!" Twilight agreed. "I've got to fight for my friendships. For them. For me. For Equestria!" Twilight said, triumphantly.

Spike then moaned while lying on his small bed.

"Oh, uhh... why don't you just stay here and rest. I'll take care of the whole fighting for friendship thing myself." Twilight said before she zipped downstairs.

I looked at the stairs and looked at Spike over and over again. I then grabbed a small blanket and covered Spike with it.

"You stay here, Spike. I'm gonna go help her out." I said, heading downstairs as well.

"Don't worry, i'm not going anywhere." Spike muttered as I left the room.

I hastefully made my way down the steps and Twilight was just about to exit the library.

"Twilight, wait!" I called.

"What is it?" Twilight asked.

"I'm coming with you." I replied.

"Are you sure you want to?" Twilight asked.

Of course. Just like you, I want to get my best friends back as well." I said.

"And get rid of Discord too?" Twilight added with a smile.

"That too, but I don't possess an element. I might watch the show." I said.

"Then let's go and save our friends and Equestria!" Twilight declared.

"I'm right behind ya. Lead the way." I said.

With that, Twilight and I exited the library and began our quest for the return of harmony.

As me and Twilight walked through Ponyville, things were worse than I thought they were. There wasn’t anything real bad or sinister going on, but a whole lot of goofy phenomenons that were caused by Discord. For instance, a few apple pies flew right next to me and some of the filling got on my hair, kind of a chore to get out. Also, three buffalos, wearing fucking ballerina outfits, danced past me and Twilight while we ventured through the chaos filled Ponyville. Once me a Twilight got onto the path that leads to Sweet Apple Acres, that section appeared to be untouched by Discord’s magic at first, but I was proven wrong when the trees formed two hollow holes as eyes and tried to grab me and her. I managed to tear one of the thick branches off of the living tree and used that as a weapon to protect me and Twilight. Eventually, we made it to Sweet Apple Acres and Discord really hit that place hard with chaotic magic.

“Looks like Discord really left his mark here.” I said.

“No doubt about that.” Twilight replied.

“So, are you sure you want me to hold down Applejack when we find her? I don’t exactly know my strength real well, and I don’t want to hurt her or anything.” I said.

“Yes, but just don’t apply too much pressure and she should be fine. I’ll try to get her on the ground first, then you hold her down.” Twilight instructed.

“Sounds like a plan. Let’s go.” I said, entering the chaos infested orchard.

The first thing I noticed when we entered Sweet Apple Acres was this weird sound that seemed to be all around us. The sound also sounded like it was reversed and warbled.

“You hear that?” I asked Twilight.

“I think it signify’s that Discord’s been here. Didn’t you hear it in Ponyville?” Twilight replied.

“Y’know, I do remember hearing it now that I think about it,” I said. “Maybe it’s louder here because Sweet Apple Acres isn’t as big as Ponyville.” I guessed.

“Speaking of big.” Twilight pointed at an apple tree.

I looked in the direction and saw a whole bunch of apple trees that bended down by the enormous size of the apples. These apples had to be the same size of the large boulder that Rarity was fixating over earlier.

“Whoa. That’s one big mother.” I said.

“Ahh!” Twilight exclaimed behind me.

When I turned around, three flying pigs hovered above and circled Twilight, letting out snorts that sounded reversed, just like the odd sound that filled the air.

“Get out of here!” I shooed at the pigs, causing them to fly away into the sky.

“You alright?” I asked Twilight.

“I’m fine. Let’s get a move on before we run into anymore surprises.” Twilight said.

“Right.” I said.

Both of us then headed for the white fence entrance and we both caught sight of Big Mac digging a hole in the corn fields, or what I should say, the popcorn fields. His colors aswell were turned to a faded grey, so he must’ve been corrupted by Discord. Big Mac looked at both of us, his tongue lolling out like a dog, and we immediately turned our heads forward.

“Please don’t come over here.” I repeated in my head.

Luckily, I heard Big Mac continue to dig into the soil again.

After me and Twilight went under the small arch entrance, we saw Applejack leaning up against the barnhouse while Granny Smith tap danced at an unreal rapid pace to the right.

“There’s Applejack.” I alerted Twilight.

“Remember, i’ll deal with her first, then you come in.” Twilight reminded.

“I gotcha.” I said.

Twilight stepped forward in front of me, confronting Applejack.

“Applejack! I’ve come to fight for our friendship!” Twilight said, getting Applejack’s attention.

After Twilight announced that, Big Mac suddenly popped out of the ground like a prairie dog and gave Twilight a long lick on the face before heading back down. Have to admit that he made me jump a little bit.

“Oh, now you want to fight? Where were you when I was battling Discord?” Applejack asked, throwing some air punches with her forelegs.

While Applejack had her back turned, Twilight sprang into action and tackled Applejack from behind, nearly pinning her to the ground.

“Caleb, help!” Twilight exclaimed as Applejack slowly lifted herself up.

I then ran over to the two mares and pushed Applejack down, causing her to collapse onto her back.

“I got her.” I said.

“Get your hands off of me, stranger!” Applejack demanded.

“Snap out of it! This isn’t you! You’re not a liar!” Twilight said, lighting up her horn that gave off a purple glow.

Her aura expanded over Applejack’s face until Applejack’s expression changed from anger to a form of awe; her mouth slightly agape and wide eyes.

“You can ease off her now.” Twilight said.

I removed my hand from Applejack and she continued to stay frozen for about ten or so seconds before Applejack squinted her eyes, her orange coat and blonde mane returning to her normal colors. Applejack then got up dizzily, shaking her head as well.

“Wha-- what happened?” Applejack asked, confusedly before she looked at me and Twilight. “Twilight! Caleb! I saw a vision of us feudin and fightin. I couldn’t face the truth, so I started tellin lies,” Applejack said. “Can you forgive me?” Applejack asked, slightly hiding behind her hat.

I was about to accept her apology, but Twilight answered for both of us.

“We’ve already have. C’mon!” Twilight said, quickly.

Me and Applejack gave each other a nod before running after Twilight.

“Who’re we getting next?” Applejack asked.

“Well, since we’re close to Fluttershy’s, we might as well head over there.” Twilight replied.

“Good. The sooner we get her out that rude mode, the better.” I said.

“Ugh, I couldn’t stand her the most.” Twilight said.

The three of us then came to a cross path that cuts horizontally through the Everfree Forest.

“This path should lead us straight to Fluttershy’s.” Applejack said.

“You mean we’re gonna have to sprint that whole mile?” I asked.

“Of course. Most ponies can cover a mile in two minutes, so it’ll be quick.” Twilight said.

I did some quick mental math and calculated that speed to cover a mile to thirty miles per hour.

“Twilight, the fastest i’ve ever gone was eighteen. How am I supposed to keep up?” I asked.

“That potion you took has had an affect on your strength, right?” Applejack asked.

“Yeah. It has.” I replied.

“So, give yourself a sprint alongside with us to see if the potion had any affect on your speed, or has riding around in that Land Rover of yours made you soft?” Applejack challenged.

“Alright, i’ll give it a try.” I said, unsure of myself.

Twilight and Applejack then sprinted down the path. I quickly reacted and sprinted after them and it seemed as if I wasn’t going to catch up with them, but I wasn’t ready to give up yet. I began to take slightly longer strides while repeating them with explosive running movements. And then, I actually began to catch up with them until eventually, I actually passed them. Leaving them in the dust!

“H-h-holy shit!” I exclaimed as I sprinted, which felt like a million miles per hour even though it had be roughly twenty-nine or thirty.

“What’d I tell you, Caleb? Told ya, you could do it.” Applejack said.

I looked ahead of the path and we had a long way to go, but the funny thing is that I didn’t even feel tired at all. My tongue slightly stuck out to the left side of my mouth as I sprinted.

“Y’know... if i’m sprinting faster than a pony, then that makes me faster than Usain Bolt!” I thought to myself.

Before I knew it, I was at the end of cross path while Twilight and Applejack were catching up with me. Most would be expecting me to panting and wheezing like crazy after that mile long sprint, but it felt like a went for a jog instead of sprinting. Phew, what a rush.

Finally, AJ and Twilight caught up with me.

“Man, what took you two so long?” I asked both mares.

“Had to let you win.” Twilight replied.

“Yeah, okay, Twilight.” I scoffed.

We then walked down the path to the right in order to get to Fluttershy’s cottage.

“Looks like we’re here.” Applejack said, taking out some rope from underneath her hat.

“You got rope?” I asked.

“Came prepared just for the occasion.” Applejack said with wink at the end of her response.

“Nice.” I said. “So, how are we going to get Fluttershy?” I asked.

“Applejack can probably get a good lasso around her legs. Right, Applejack?” Twilight replied.

“Shouldn’t be much of a problem.” Applejack said.

“Then let’s go. If Fluttershy gets loose, can you help Applejack out while I reminisce Fluttershy’s memories?” Twilight asked.

“I got your back.” I said to Applejack.

The three if us then crossed the small bridge that leads to Fluttershy’s front door. I would occasionally check our surroundings just incase if anymore of Discord’s surreal creations confronted us. When we got to the door, Twilight pushed on the door and Fluttershy was sitting in a chair, looking rather cross.

“What are you losers doing here?” Fluttershy asked with a scowl on her face.

“We’re here to bring back your true element; kindness.” Twilight replied to her.

“To tartarus with my element! I don’t need that stupid thing!” Fluttershy shot back, flying up to the ceiling.

“Step aside.” Applejack said, lassoing the rope with her mouth.

With no hesitation, Applejack tossed the rope towards Fluttershy’s legs and managed to get the lasso around every single one of them. Applejack yanked the rope back, tightly constricting the rope and bringing all four of Fluttershy’s legs together. There was no chance of escape. Fluttershy landed on her back and tried to fly away, but her position wouldn’t allow her to.

“I got her.” Applejack notified.

Fluttershy angrily grunted as she tried to free herself from the rope while Twilight walked over to Fluttershy, and leaned her head down, her horn touching Fluttershy’s forehead as it began to light up. Fluttershy closed her eyes tightly as her past memories came back to her, in order to restore her element. A few seconds had past and Fluttershy’s yellow coat and pink mane quickly reappeared on her, signifying the element of kindness was back.

Fluttershy shook her head as she recollected herself. She then let out a gasp.

“Oh no!” Fluttershy exclaimed. “ Twilight, Applejack, Caleb! I just had the worst dream.” Fluttershy said in her normal, soft-spoken tone, but with distress in it.

“Sorry to say, but that was no dream.” Applejack revealed.

Fluttershy looked at all three of us with an expression that had guilt building up.

“I’m so sorry!” she apologized. “I don’t know why I said those things! It just.. came over me and I couldn’t help but being mean.” Fluttershy explained to us.

“It’s not your fault, Fluttershy. It’s Discord who made you that way.” Twilight said.

“Discord? Then that means he cheated at the game.” Fluttershy said.

“Game?” I asked.

Twilight turned towards me.

“Originally, we thought that the elements were hidden in a hedge maze in the Canterlot Gardens, but Discord ridded of our special abilities as a rule to his so called game. Discord, using deceivement and trickery, managed to somehow reverse our friend’s elements to the opposite.” Twilight explained.

“Oh, well, that explains a lot.” I said.

“Can you forgive me?” Fluttershy asked with sincerity in her tone.

“Of course we can,” Twilight replied. “But now we must go and find the rest of our friends and bring back our friendships.” Twilight said.

Fluttershy then raised herself back on her hooves. With Fluttershy back on our side, we continued onwards to the next element.

“Alright, who’s next?” I asked as we ran through Ponyville.

“Rarity’s boutique is not far from here, so we should head over there next.” Twilight replied.

“Odds are she’s still clinging onto that so called gem of hers.” Applejack said.

“That sounds about right.” Fluttershy agreed.

“Yeah, well she’ll have to kiss her Tom goodbye because we’re comin’ for her.” I said.

About a few minutes later, we arrived at Carousel Boutique and the building itself didn’t look like it was affected by Discord’s magic. We then approached the front door.

“How are we going to deal with her?” Applejack asked.

“We’ll have to-” Twilight began before I kicked the door, causing it to fling wide open with a loud crash.

As expected, Rarity was caressing the boulder, but she shot a nasty look at me when I kicked the door in.

“Knock-knock.” I said.

“Ah, what are you doing, rufian? Get out! This is my Tom, and you’re getting nothing!” Rarity said, hugging Tom.

Twilight, Applejack, and Fluttershy walked in from behind me, causing Rarity to become more defensive over the stone.

“I’m warning you! Go! Shoo!” Rarity exclaimed.

Twilight and Applejack approached her. Applejack then brought her rope out, and before Rarity could react, Applejack got her nabbed in a successful hogtie.

“No! My gem!” she shrieked.

“You’re not greedy, Rarity.” Twilight said as she lit up her horn.

“What do you think you’re doing? Get away from my gem! Get awa-” Rarity demanded before there was a great big flash, instantly giving Rarity her memories and true element back.

Rarity moaned and rubbed her head with her hoof. After regaining her composure, she looked at the boulder and raised an eyebrow. Rarity walked behind the boulder and proceeded to push it out the door with effort. After she got it outside, she gave one last shove, causing the boulder to roll away down a small slope.

“We will never speak of this again.” Rarity said.

Applejack quietly laughed to her statement.

“You’re going to give her grief about this, aren’t you?” I whispered to Applejack.

“Heh. Maybe.” Applejack chuckled.

“Okay, we got the element of generosity back!” Twilight said, cheerfully.

“That leaves Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie left.” Fluttershy reminded.

“Pinkie is most likely at Sugarcube Corner, but where would Rainbow Dash be?” I asked.

“I would imagine she would be at her house.” Rarity answered.

“Makes sense if her element has been swapped around,” Twilight said. “We should head over to Pinkie first, then to Rainbow’s last.” Twilight suggested.

All of us nodded in agreement and headed off to Sugarcube Corner. Now it was time to bring back the element of laughter.

While me and the gang ran through Ponyville, we ran into a major chaos magic hotspot. It was plainly obvious when the grass felt like more like walking on a waterbed rather than hard, solid ground. Another thing I noticed was the geometry of the buildings. They seemed... two dimensional. Curious, I walked over towards a building and gently touched it. This simple touch caused the building, which was a cardboard cutout standee, to collapse onto the ground, flat as a pancake. This triggered a domino effect from the vibrations because the rest of the surrounding cardboard buildings came down as well with a loud crash.

“Do’h... shhhhit.” I said.

“No time to play around. We gotta get the elements back before Discord catches on to our plan.” Twilight reminded me, bringing me back to the task at hand.

“Sorry about that.” I said, slightly embarrassed for getting sidetracked so easily.

However, when we arrived at Sugarcube Corner, things seemed normal again. Sort of. When we walked into the bakery to find Pinkie Pie, Carrot Cake and Cupcake looked normal as can be, but we're walking on the ceiling and walls.

“Hello there.” Cupcake greeted in a welcoming manner.

“Hi...” Twilight trailed off.

“Anything we can get you, guys?” Carrot Cake asked.

“Um, we’re looking for Pinkie Pie. Do you happen to know if she’s here?” Twilight asked.

“Oh, why she’s upstairs.” Cupcake answered.

“But be warned, she’s a bit crabby at the moment.” Carrot Cake informed.

“Anything else?” Cupcake asked.

“No thanks. That’ll be all.” Twilight replied.

“Alrighty then.” Cupcake said, walking back into the kitchen while on the ceiling.

As the four mares walked upstairs, I stayed down and stared at Carrot Cake, who was still on the ceiling. He slightly smiled at me.

“You do realize you’re standing on the ceiling, right?” I asked.

“I sure do. Quite a new, interesting appearance you’re sporting.” Carrot Cake said, reminding me I was still a sasquatch.

“Ah, yes. I figured you would notice,” I said. “I gotta catch up with the girls. See you around.” I finished.

Twilight and the others were waiting for me halfway up the stairs.

“Catching up on things?” Twilight asked.

“Hardly. Carrot’s just standing on the ceiling like if it’s an everyday thing.” I said.

“He’s probably been corrupted by Discord’s magic, but in a different way.” Twilight hypothesized.

“Perhaps.” I said.

Anyways, after checking most of the rooms for Pinkie, there was one more that was unchecked.

“This has to be it.” I said, clutching the doorknob.

“Wanna do the honors?” Twilight asked.

“Don’t see why not.” I said, turning the doorknob and opening the door.

Right when I walked into the room, Pinkie let out a primal scream, which was oddly comical for her high-pitched vocal tone. Pinkie latched herself onto my back, wrapping her forelegs and hindlegs around my thorax.

“I didn’t want you come in here!” Pinkie shouted.

“Whoa, whoa! Heh-hey!” I exclaimed as Pinkie began to whack her hooves against me, which almost felt like nothing.

I reached back with one hand and plucked her off my back easily, holding her in front of Twilight.

“We got a feisty mare who needs a little laughter in her life, Twilight.” I said.

“Say no more.” Twilight said, activating her horn.

"Laughter is one of the most annoying sounds in the world!" Pinkie said, angrily.

With another great white flash that filled the hallway, Pinkie’s vibrant colors began to manifest onto her. As I set Pinkie on the floor, she blinked rapidly for a few seconds before a grin began to form on her face. Stifled laughs then became laughs of hysteria, as if she had just heard the most hilarious joke in the world. She was laughing so hard that she couldn’t even get up.

"Looks like her element is back.” Applejack said.

“What’s so funny?” I asked Pinkie.

“It-it-it-it’s just that I turned grey!” Pinkie said through her laughs.

All of us looked at each other in confusion.

“That was the big punchline?” Rarity asked.

“Isn’t it hilarious?” Pinkie laughed.

All of us then began to pull off the most pseudo laugh, just to play along with Pinkie’s hysteria. A minute had past and Pinkie was still laughing her flank off.

“Ah, let’s see if there’s a cart we can use outside to carry her. Sure seems that she isn’t gonna stop anytime soon.” Applejack suggested.

“Good idea.” I said, scooping Pinkie Pie up with my arms.

We headed back downstairs to find a cart outside. I could feel Pinkie tremble as she laughed in my arms.

“I guess grey isn’t exactly your color, huh?” I asked Pinkie

“I know, right? What would you guys call me then? Grey Pie?” Pinkie joked.

“I have no idea, Pinkie.” I said, stifling a laugh as well.

I don’t know why, but Pinkie’s laughter was starting to make me laugh as well. I don’t whether it was from the continuity, or the way it adorably sounded. I guess they don't call her the element of laughter for nothing.

“Found one!” Applejack announced, pulling a small cart that could fit one pony.

“This’ll do nicely.” I said, setting Pinkie in the cart.

"Element of laughter: Check." Twilight said.

"Now all we have left is Rainbow Dash." Fluttershy said.

"Any of you guys know where her home is?" I asked.

"I know the way." Fluttershy spoke up.

"Then let's get back the element of loyalty!" Twilight declared.

With that, we headed off to Rainbow's place.

Pinkie Pie continued to laugh from the fact that she was previously grey, but the intensity was simmering down. Eventually, she finally laughed off the thought and was able to walk correctly. Once Pinkie was walking again, Applejack abandoned the cart by the side of dirt path.

After a while, everypony noticed a cloud in the distance that was in the form of a house. It was obviously Rainbow's house because there was a huge rainbow that protruded from roof. The whole cloud-building itself looked like a mix between a mansion and condominium.

"Fluttershy. Would you mind flying up to the windows to check if Rainbow's inside?" Twilight asked.

"On it." Fluttershy replied.

Fluttershy then flew up towards the building and peered her head through every window. Me and the others waited for an answer down below.

"She's not here." Fluttershy said, shrugging.

Everypony looked at each other in worriment.

"Without Rainbow Dash, we can't use the elements." Twilight restated.

"She could be anywhere by now! We're never gonna find her." Applejack said.

"Yeah we will, because she's right there." Pinkie pointed out.

When I looked up, I saw Rainbow Dash resting on a small cloud, her rainbow mane and cyan coat completely grey.

"Rainbow Dash!" Twilight called out.

"Hey guys." Rainbow replied, chillfully.

"We've been looking everywhere for you!" Twilight said.

"That's nice." Rainbow replied.

"Discord's still on the loose. We need your help to defeat him with your element. Loyalty." Twilight explained to her.

"Loyalty-shmoyalty," Rainbow jeered, looking at us. "Have you seen Ponyville? It's a disaster! I'm staying up here in Cloudsdale where everything is awesome." Rainbow said, lying back on her cloud.

"How in Equestria can she think that tiny patch of cloud is Cloudsdale?" Rarity asked.

"The same way he got you to believe that cheap rock was a bonafide diamond." Applejack replied, giving smirk at the end.

"I thought we agreed to never speak of it again." Rarity said with annoyance.

"Knew Applejack would bring that back up." I thought to myself. "Now what?" I asked Twilight.

"Time for plan B!" Twilight said.

"What's plan B?" I asked.

"Okay, so here's what we're going to do," Twilight began, huddling us together. "All of us are going to head back to Ponyville and find the hot air balloon station. Applejack, your position will be at the top on the balloon with your rope. Fluttershy will be following us and will be a keypoint in this plan because she'll have to hold Rainbow down. And me, Rarity, Pinkie, and Caleb will be riding the balloon. Once Applejack lowers me down to Rainbow, who will be held down by Fluttershy, i'll then cast the memory spell on Rainbow Dash." Twilight explained to us.

"Sounds simple enough." Applejack said.

"I'm not a fan of heights, but i'll do anything to get Rainbow back." I said.

"It won't take so long if everything goes accordingly to plan." Twilight said.

After that, everypony turned around and ran back to Ponyville to find the hot air balloon station. We also made sure to find routes that were chaos free, which was a little tricky due to the fact we were in the chaos capital of the world. Eventually, we came across a small wooden platform with a giant purple hot air balloon next to it. Twilight levitated Applejack to the top of the balloon and Pinkie, Rarity, and Twilight piled into the passenger basket. I on the other hand carefully stepped my way into the basket. I was forced to stand up because of how huge I was, compared to the mares below me.

"You sure this thing can support all of this weight?" I asked.

"This can hold eight-hundred pounds, so we'll be fine." Twilight assured.

"Okay, good." I said.

Twilight then untied the three ropes that kept the balloon stationary and settled them in the basket. Slowly, the balloon began to lift off the ground, picking up speed in the process. Before I knew it, we were high in the sky. This made me look down and a small amount of vertigo began to set in for me.

"You alright, Caleb? You're looking a little queasy there." Pinkie noticed.

"No, i'm just a little dizzy, that's all." I replied to Pinkie, holding onto the ropes attached to the balloon.

The balloon then moved towards Rainbow's position. Not really sure how it moved due to there being none of those burner things that send that hot air into the balloon, or unless Twilight was moving it with her magic or something.

"How're you doing up there?" I shouted to Applejack.

"I'm doin alright." she replied.

"Hey, make sure to keep a look out for Rainbow Dash incase she moved or tries something on us." I said.

"I'll keep my eyes peeled." Applejack said.

A few minutes had past before we arrived at Rainbow's location, but her and the cloud were nowhere to be seen.

"Where'd she go?" Fluttershy asked.

"I don't know, but she has to be near. Do you see anything, Applejack?" Twilight asked.

There was a silence for a moment while Applejack searched the sky.

"The cloud must've risen a bit. She's right above us." Applejack replied.

The balloon moved backwards a bit before rising upwards to Rainbow Dash. Once we got to Rainbow's level, she was peacefully taking a nap on her favorite cloud, quietly snoring as well. The balloon gained a bit more altitude before stopping above Rainbow. Fluttershy flew upwards to await Twilight's instructions.

"Remember, Fluttershy. You grab Rainbow Dash and hold her down. Applejack will lower me down with this rope so I can cast the memory spell on her." Twilight reminded.

"Got it!" Fluttershy said, giving a quick salute before quickly flying downwards towards Rainbow Dash.

Fluttershy halted next to her and brought her forelegs up, like she was about to manhandle Rainbow, but instead, she gave Rainbow a slight tap on the back.

"Oh-no." Twilight said.

Rainbow awoke and looked at Fluttershy.

"Um, I was just wondering if I could hold you down against your will for a little bit?" Fluttershy asked politely.

"Uggggh." Twilight groaned, smacking her hoof against her forehead.

I also couldn't help but place both my hands over my face, trying to unbelieve that Fluttershy most likely messed up the plan. But anyways, Rainbow quickly rose up and got right into Fluttershy's face.

"Nice try! Ponyville's your problem, not mine." Rainbow said before wrapping her legs around the patch of cloud and zooming away on it.

Twilight quickly took one of the three strands of rope and lowered it down to Fluttershy.

"C'mon, Fluttershy! We gotta catch her!" Twilight said.

Fluttershy bit down onto the rope and began to fly after Rainbow, sending me back a little from the sudden inertia. Although Fluttershy was doing her best to catch up, it's pretty hard to keep up with the fastest flier in Equestria while pulling all of this extra weight from behind. Thankfully, due to Rainbow being cocky, she changed her course and began to tauntingly fly around us, just to mess with us.

"Quick! Somepony tie this rope to the basket!" Twilight instructed, using her foreleg to pick up the rope. "Applejack!" Twilight called, throwing the rope up to Applejack.

I looked up and could see the rope firmly wrap around Rainbow's body.

"Hey, Applejack got her!" I exclaimed.

I looked down out the rope and it felt like something dropped inside my chest when I saw the rope still laying on the ground and not secured to anything. To make things more dangerous, Pinkie and Rarity were standing right in the middle of the rope.

"H-hey! The rope!" I shouted.

But it was too late. The rope then firmly wrapped around Rarity's and Pinkie's hind legs, almost pulling them out of the basket. But me, I quickly reacted and grabbed onto the rope before they could fall out. The amount of force being exerted from Rainbow nearly sent me out the basket as well, but I maintained myself by holding onto the basket with one hand.

"Pinkie! You were supposed to secure the rope!" Rarity yelled.

"Oops." Pinkie said, sheepishly.

I gripped the rope tightly and tugged as hard as I could, pulling Rainbow off the cloud.

"Quick! Tie it on!" Twilight exclaimed.

Wasting no time, my hands jittered with the rope as I tried to tie it on, unprepared for the amount of force that Rainbow was about to exert next. Unready, I was flung out of the balloon, tightly holding onto the rope. Wind rushed past me and my only means to survive was to hold onto the rope and not let go.

"Caleb!" Twilight, Rarity and Pinkie shouted.

"Fuck! Fuck! Oh shit, help me out here!" I screamed in fear as Rainbow somehow managed to maintain her flight with three hundred and twenty six pounds of human dangling below her.

"Hold on, Caleb! You're slowing her down!" Applejack replied.

I began to panic as I looked below, me being at least a thousand feet in the air. I also noticed that Fluttershy was not even close to catching up with Rainbow.

"Hey Fluttershy, you mind flying a bit faster for christ sakes?!" I shouted at her with a mix of anger and fear.

"I can't!" Fluttershy said as she began to slightly cry.

"If you can't catch her, Discord wins!" Twilight reminded Fluttershy.

Fluttershy's expression changed from sadness to a new one that i've never seen on her before; the expression of anger.

"That.. big.. dumb... meanie! Fluttershy yelled at the top of her lungs at the end.

I had my eyes closed most of the time, but I managed to look back and Fluttershy was definitely catching up now, bringing me some relief. I continued to close my eyes and gritted my teeth, which felt like forever before Rainbow suddenly stopped, causing the rope to swing forward and back. I looked up and saw that another rope was tied onto Rainbow and that the balloon was beginning its descent to solid ground.

"We're almost there, Caleb." Twilight said from above.

"Good." I replied, my voice slightly trembling.

It felt like forever, but we made back onto solid ground once again. When my feet made contact, I collapsed and lied down on the grass to catch my breath and recollect myself. Twilight then walked next to me and looked down.

"Are you okay, Caleb?" Twilight asked with compassion.

"Don't worry about me. You go and bring back Rainbow. After that, you guys can defeat Discord." I replied.

Twilight smiled at me before heading over towards Rainbow Dash, who was struggling to break free from her restraints by bucking her hind legs in the air.

"Let me go! I don't need you guys! Leave me alone!" Rainbow grunted.

I raised my head to see what was going on now, only to see Rainbow's multicolored mane and tail return, as well as her cyan blue coat.

"Wha-- what happened?" Rainbow asked in a daze before realizing the situation. "How's Ponyville? Where are the elements? Did we stop Discord?" Rainbow asked, tackling Applejack to the ground.

The others ran over to Rainbow and gave her a group hug while welcoming her back at the same time. I looked up and smiled to the little scene in front of me until I noticed the same three buffalo in ballerina outfits tiptoeing right past me.

"Maybe it's a little early for a group hug." Twilight said as she noticed the three tiptoeing bisons.

"That I can agree with." I replied to her statement before lying flat on my back again.

The Elements Strike Back

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The Elements Strike Back
March 17th, 2013

The girls walked over towards me, still lying on the ground, and recollecting myself after dangling hundreds of feet in the air without any harnesses, but the will to not let go of the rope. Rainbow Dash hovered above me while looking down.

"Let me give you a hoof." Rainbow said, extending her right foreleg.

I grabbed her hoof and she pulled me up with her flight, standing me up on my feet.

"Sorry about dragging you out of the balloon. You sounded pretty freaked." Rainbow apologized.

"Believe me, freaked is an understatement." I replied.

"Yeahhh. And sorry for making you guys chase after me." Rainbow said, rubbing the back of her neck.

"Even though you were under Discord's influence, i'm pretty sure we can forgive you." I said.

Twilight and the others nodded their heads in agreement.

"Sweet." Rainbow replied.

"So, Twilight. With the elements back, does that mean you six can defeat Discord?" I asked.

"That, we can." Twilight replied.

"When we find him, I want him to turn me back into human form first." I said.

"Oh, don't worry about that. Once we imprison Discord with the elements, everything will go back to normal, including you." Twilight said.

"Well, that makes turning everything back to normal more simpler." I said. "Is there perhaps anything I can do to help out?" I asked.

"For defeating Discord, you can't really do anything to help out." Twilight said.

"Figured." I said.

"But that doesn't mean you can't sit back and watch the show." Rainbow brought up.

"Hey, you're about that, Rainbow." I said. "I've never actually seen the elements in full action."

"Then this'll be another first for you." Twilight said. "Make sure that you're a good distance away once the elements are activated." Twilight cautioned.

"Don't worry, I don't plan on standing next to powerful, ancient artifacts that can defeat a spirit of chaos." I said with sarcasm.

"Is that sarcasm I hear?" Twilight asked.

"I sure heard it." Pinkie chipped in.

"Some of it was. But the elements are powerful ancient artifacts, right?" I asked.

"Yeah, I guess they are." Twilight admitted.

"But i'm just slowing you guys down. You six have a spirit of chaos to defeat." I said.

"You bet we do! Now let's get out there and defeat Discord!" Twilight declared.

Me and the six then ran back to Ponyville, where Discord is presumed to still be residing in. After arriving back in Ponyville, things were still chaotic. Tiled ground, a few floating buildings, and unnatural terraformation. However, things seemed a bit calm on the outskirts of Ponyville. It wasn't as chaotic as I or the six mares were expecting.

"It's quiet... too quiet" I said.

Twilight thought for a moment before she came up with an explanation.

"I think I might know why." Twilight said.

"What is it?" Fluttershy asked.

"Did you ever notice how things seem more unusual whenever Discord is around?" Twilight asked me.

"I suppose." I said.

"Well, I think that the more chaos there is in an area, it signifies Discord's presence." Twilight theorized.

"But Sweet Apple Acres was a major hotspot and we didn't see Discord." I said.

"Unless he was watching us." Twilight said.

I thought for a second.

"Y'know, maybe you're right. Surprised he didn't come out to just stop us both if he was." I said.

"His arrogance got the best of him most likely." Twilight said.

"True." I said.

Applejack then spoke up.

"So if we listen and search mighty carefully for any signs of chaotic magic, then we should eventually find Discord himself." Applejack said.

"Good idea, Applejack." Twilight agreed. "We'll stick together until we find Discord." Twilight said.

"For starters, where should we check first?" Rarity asked.

"The best place to check first is the town square." Twilight replied.

Everypony then dashed towards town square in hopes to find and defeat Discord. The chaos levels remained fairly tame, but it got a bit more intense once we advanced further into the village. When we got to town square, Discord was nowhere to be found, but the town hall was floating in the air while doing a clockwise rotation.

"Looks like he's not here." I said.

"Where else could he be?" Fluttershy asked.

Twilight rubbed her hoof on her chin as she thought, but Rainbow came up with something.

"Um... I could offer a solution." Rainbow said.

"What is it, Rainbow Dash?" Twilight asked.

"Well, I was just thinking that I could just fly up a couple hundred feet and see if I can find Discord from up there." Rainbow suggested.

"That's actually a good idea. Why didn't I think of that?" Twilight said.

Rainbow then zoomed up into the sky and stopped. I could see her holding her right hoof over her eyes, trying to spot Discord. It didn't take long for Rainbow to come flying back down to report back to us.

"Did you see something, or find Discord?" Twilight asked.

"Found him! The big doaf is just sitting on this huge chair in the middle of the street with chaos all around him." Rainbow answered.

"What direction?" Twilight asked.

"Northwest. You'll know it when you see it." Rainbow replied.

"Thanks Rainbow Dash." Twilight thanked. "Now let's get a move on!" she exclaimed.

And so, we followed Rainbow's directions and headed northwest. A few minutes had past and that odd, reversed sound that filled the air became audible.

"Y'hear that?" Applejack asked.

"It's a sign. Discord must be near." Twilight said.

"When we find him, he'll be sorry he ever dared to mess with us and Ponyville." Rainbow said, pounding her hooves together.

We used the unusual sound as a guide to find Discord. As we followed it, it got a bit more louder and we caught sight of Discord's previous chaotic creations. Some would include the rabbits with five foot long legs and chickens that could fly like birds. Not really sure how Discord perceives flying chickens as chaotic, but Discord is Discord. If I were Discord, i'd have dogs and cats live together. Now that's what I call mass hysteria. But anyways, when we caught sight of these, everypony hid behind a building while Twilight peeked her head around the corner. She quickly retracted her head back to us.

"I see him, he's way down there in the middle of the street." Twilight informed.

"So, you guys are going to do your thing with the elements?" I asked.

"You bet we are." Twilight replied.

"Aw, sweet! Okay, i'm gonna sneak behind these rows of houses and see if I can get a good view of Discord being defeated." I said.

"Caleb, you're bout excited as a woodchuck at a wood convention." Applejack chuckled.

"Hey, i've never seen these things in action. From what I hear, these things can do some pretty epic stuff." I said, beginning to walk away.

"Just make sure Discord doesn't see you." Twilight warned.

"He won't." I replied.

After I parted ways with the mares, I stealthily snuck behind the buildings, working my way up to Discord's position. I poked my head around the corner of a building, into an alley, and saw Discord, who was sitting in a tall chair that had antlers protruding at the top, and was situated on a narrow, steep, tiled hill. I broke my stare and hid behind the building when he let out a hearty laugh, making me believe that he saw me.

"Crap!" I exclaimed.

Not knowing what to do next, I looked behind me and found an open window. I took a few steps back, jumped through, nearly fitting through the window frame, and landed with a roll. I landed in the kitchen area, so I decided to head upstairs to find a hiding place. I quickly ran upstairs and right when I turned the corner, next to a window, I saw Discord still sitting in his chair, hadn't moved or noticed me at all.

"Oh... got scared for nothing." I said to myself.

I cautiously poked my head out the window to see if Twilight and the girls were coming, and I could see their colorful figures approaching. I then turned my attention to Discord, who was filling a small glass cup with chocolate milk rain.

"Chaos is a wonderful, wonderful thing." Discord said to himself.

"Not as wonderful as friendship!" Twilight countered Discord's words, getting his attention.

The six mares stood boldly in front of the spirit of chaos himself.

"Ohh, this again?" Discord asked.

Discord took his glass of chocolate rain and guzzled the glass down, tossing the solid chocolate milk behind him, causing it to explode like a grenade on impact. Yeah.... sounds pretty crazy, right?

"That's right! You couldn't break apart our friendship for long!" Applejack said.

"Oh, Applejack, don't lie to me." Discord said, raising his lion finger upwards and tugging Applejack towards his face with his magic. "I'm the one who made you a liar."

Discord then brought his talon-hand upwards and it emanated a yellow glow, his facial expression looking rather twisted and evil. He used his levitation magic on the others, except Twilight, and brought them up to his level as well.

"Will you ever learn?" Discord asked the five mares.

I was about to jump out the window to help them out, even though it was a bad idea, but Twilight intervened by teleporting herself up to the mares and created this cool looking magic bubble that protected them from Discord's magic. She levitated her and the others back down to the ground, causing the bubble to pop on impact and removed a small circular section of the tiled ground, and returning it back to grass.

"I'll tell you what we learned, Discord. We've learned that friendship isn't always easy, but there's no doubt it's worth fighting for!" Twilight said, the six stepping closer to Discord.

Discord teleported himself down to the mares to jeer at them.

"Nnnngg, gag!" he jeered. "Fine, go ahead, try using your little elements, frenemies. Just make it quick. I'm missing some excellent chaos here." Discord said, teleporting himself back up to his throne.

"Alright, ladies, let's show him what friendship can do!" Twilight said, the sound of magical energy beginning to raise.

"Wait-wait-wait!" Pinkie interrupted.

I turned my head towards her, and she was getting one last drink of the chocolate milk rain. Not exactly the best time, but it's Pinkie Pie, so it's excusable. After that, she bounced into formation, commencing the elements magic.

All six of the mares closed their eyes as Twilight's horn lit up with a purple aura, creating a visible, light purple energy that surrounded all six of them.

"Oh, he's screwed now." I said, mentally.

Discord then yawned, so full of himself that the elements still won't work. But right after he yawned, Rarity's diamond element created and gave off purple outlines at a rapid pace. This would also follow with Applejack's, Fluttershy's, Rainbow's, and so on and so forth. The outlines quickly shot right past Discord's face, causing him to open his eyes that were shut from arrogance.

"Huh. What's this?" he asked in a calm, but confused tone.

The outlines continued to fire at him even more faster. As I watched elements do their job, it seemed that Discord was becoming more aware that this might actually work, and that he would be defeated.

"No." he said in realization.

I directed my attention back the six, and by this time their eyes have lost all color and became milky white that casted a glow. Then it happened; all six of them floated in the air and joined close together as the final blow was about to be struck. The amount of magical energy was intense, for I could feel it surging past me and into the room, creating a fuzzy feeling in the room. And then suddenly, a huge, towering rainbow laser shot up into the sky and curved downwards to Discord, who was still sitting in his throne. Discord's eyes went wide as he looked above, the rainbow laser rushing towards him. It only took less of a second for it to travel at its target before it engulfed him.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!" I heard him yell.

I could faintly see Discord through the thick rainbow laser. He was struggling to free himself, but then his legs began to turn to stone. Discord could only grit his teeth and look at himself turning into stone. Before his face was encased with stone, he turned his head towards the mares with his mouth agape, but his eyes shifted towards my direction when the stone reached the half section of his head. Once his face was turned to stone, it looked as if he was stuck in a frozen scream, his eyes still peering at me.

I looked up into the sky and the rainbow splitted into two, creating a transparent dome that covered Ponyville entirely. The dome then gave off an extreme amount of brightness, causing me to shield my eyes. It only took a few seconds, but the sound of magic began to fade to a glimmering-like sound before everything went quiet. I removed my hand from my eyes and immediately noticed that the thick amount of brown hair on my hand was replaced with my previous whitish-tan skin. I then felt my face and it felt just like my previous human face.

"Yeah, i'm back!" I exclaimed to myself.

As I continued to check out the rest of me to make sure I was fully human again, I heard a loud crash outside. I looked out the window and noticed the huge contrast to what the outside looked liked previously. The tiled ground was replaced with lush, green grass, the purple sky was now turned to blue with white, puffy clouds. Overall, everything was back to normal.
I then leaped out the window and headed over to Twilight and the others.

"Hey, you're a human again!" Pinkie noticed.

"Yeah, couldn't of happened without you six. Thanks." I said.

"You're welcome." Twilight replied. "So what did you think about that little show?" she asked.

"Oh, that was amazing! The way that rainbow shot up into the sky and came back down towards Discord was so surreal. I mean shit, I didn't think those little artifacts could do that." I said.

"What did you think they would do?" Twilight asked.

"I thought they would just shoot off a tiny laser, but man was I wrong." I said.

"A tiny laser!?" Rainbow asked.

"Well, like I said before, i've never seen the elements in action." I said.

I then looked at the stone imprisoned Discord lying on the ground.

"Is he.... dead?" I asked.

"No, he's still alive. All we really did was imprison him in stone and created a harmonic pulse that returned everything back to normal." Twilight replied.

"Now what do we do with him?" I asked, raising Discord upwards.

"What we should do next is to immediately send a letter to the princess on Discord's defeat." Twilight said.

"Good idea. You guys go do that." I said.

"Where are you going?" Twilight asked.

"I have to find the Land Rover. It was corrupted by Discord's magic, and kind of ran away from me." I said.

"Kind of ran away?" Twilight asked.

"It's pretty hard to explain." I said.

"Right." Twilight said.

"I'll see you guys later. And thanks again for turning me back to normal." I farewelled.

"And basically saving Equestria from eternal chaos?" Pinkie added.

"Yes, and that too." I said.

With that, Twilight levitated the statue of Discord and the gang ran back to the library to send a letter to Celestia. I ran off to a northern section of Ponyville since that's where the Land Rover was heading. I had to have walked around for an hour before I found the Land Rover parked next to the train station. Nothing looked broken, but the inside was trashed. Boxes of MRE's and bottled water were scattered all over the place I took the fuel pump chip out of my pocket and slipped inside the fuse. Thankfully, it started up.

As I drove through Ponyville, a lot of ponies looked out their windows, unsure whether to leave their homes or not. I gave them heads up that Discord was defeated, and that convinced them to come outside. But when I arrived back at the library, I was surprised to see a squad of royal guards loading Discord onto a golden carriage. The library itself was repaired from the harmonic pulse that swept across Ponyville. I parked the Land Rover next to the library and walked over to the guards.

"Where are you guys going with him?" I asked a guard.

"We're taking Discord back to the Canterlot Gardens, where he was originally placed." a guard replied.

"Gonna have more precautions for his statue?" I asked.

"E.U.P is way ahead of you on that. When E.U.P learned that Discord escaped, they've been coming up with protective techniques in case he escapes again." the guard explained.

"That's good." I said.

The door to the library opened behind me and out walked none other than Princess Celestia.

"Princess." I said, taking a quick bow.

"Hello Caleb. I've heard that you and Discord have made an acquaintance." Celestia said.

"Says who? Twilight?" I asked.

Celestia nodded her head.

"So you must know what Discord did to me." I said.

"Yes, i've heard about that aswell." she said with a smile.

"But I guess it could've been a whole lot worse." I said.

"Perhaps, but before I go, I want to thank you for your assistance in restoring the elements." Celestia said.

"Yeah, no problem. These six are some the bestest friends i've had in this world, so it would make sense to help them out." I said.

"Indeed. And I also want to inform you that there will be a ceremony tomorrow at the Canterlot Castle in honor of the six's victory against Discord." Celestia said.

"A ceremony, huh? Well, i'll make sure to drop by for awhile." I said.

"Excellent." Celestia beamed. "Is Discord secured and ready for transportation back to Canterlot?" Celestia asked one of the guards.

"Yes, your highness." a guard replied.

"Very good." Celestia said.

Princess Celestia then climbed into her carriage. Once the pegasi guards attached themselves to the carriages to pull them, they began to their flight back to Canterlot with Discord.

A Small Update

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A Small Update
March 23rd, 2013

Firstly, I want to clarify what has happened over the time gap between today and the day Discord was defeated. Thought i'd do this for the common courtesy.

The day after Discord was defeated, me, Spike, and the six attended that honorary ceremony at the Canterlot Castle. So basically, me and Spike were set off to the side like a couple of side characters because Twilight and the others were the ones who defeated Discord, but we both got honorary attention and respect either way. Speaking of attention, the defeat of Discord also got the media's attention. They were all taking pictures, asking all these questions, and all of that kind of stuff, but I digress from the topic.

When the girls walked into the throne room that was crowded with attendees, the Royal Canterlot Band played one of the greatest fanfares i've ever heard in my life. Once the girls walked up to Celestia, almost everypony up there started giving each other friendly facial gestures. It reminded me of a scene I saw in a movie once, but I couldn't remember which one it was. But anyways, Celestia said a few words to remind everypony of the six's victory. After that, she revealed a new stained glass window on the left wall of the throne room that depicted of the girls defeating Discord with their elements. That would make sense because there's another stained glass window that shows the six defeating Nightmare Moon with the elements as well. Right after the window was revealed, everypony in the crowd began to cheer and clop their hooves for the six, while confetti and streamers rained down from the ceiling. When the ceremony was finished, there was this little Q & A session for the six, also involving me and Spike. The media was asking all these questions that mostly involved with what had happened and what we experienced or saw. I'll bet a million bits that Discord's return and defeat is going down in Equestrian history. Other then that, everypony dispersed and headed back to their homes after the session.

Another note, we also stopped by Discord's statue, which has whole lot more security than before. Looks like that will be the last time anypony will see him again.

Over the next few days, there was a lot of ponies that stopped by the library just to thank Twilight for basically saving Equestria, so the others are probably getting the same visits. So that's pretty much the big highlight of the week.

Now I actually have an update on the Everfree Forest, and I have to say that i'm a bit perplexed at what I found. On Wednesday, I was driving the Defender on the east side of the Dovere territories to check up on the mannequins located in that section. When I arrived, I found tiny teeth marks indented on both sides of the abdominal area, very tiny. Therefore, it didn't chomp down with full force, but if it did, the indentations would be more deep, or a wooden would've been knocked out.

That night, I perched myself in the nearest, had all my equipment primed and ready, and waited for the wolves to arrive, but the Timberwolves didn't come back. This is very strange because Timberwolves are territorial and will come back to specific locations because they feel that they need to defend the area if necessary. So, I waited for seven hours, or pretty much my entire shift, for nothing. See that's the thing about my job, patience plays a big role in it.

The next day, I went to check the mannequins once again, and found the two located near the border of the Dovere territories knocked over and gnawed on. Now I have two areas that need to have Timberwolves eliminated. Since I can't be in two places at once, I decided to stake out the area with the most amount of activity. This time it was the upper-west side of Dovere.

On Friday, I arrived at a different tree an hour earlier because I was being a bit more cautious. You see, maybe the Timberwolves are watching me, so they might not be as dumb as I thought they were. The thought of the Timberwolves getting smart on me honestly gives me slight anxiety. If they are, i'll find a way to stop them, I guarantee it.

But anyways, I sat up in a tree and not a single Timberwolf in sight, but I did hear some howls in the distance that broke the silence of the forest and sent chills down my spine. These howls sounded far, but not far enough for my comfort. I would just go out and buy some meat for bait to lure the Timberwolves out, but buying and consuming meat in Equestria is not a norm here, so that sucks. All in all, that's all I have to say for now. I'll see what I can do on Monday night.

Life Lessons

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Life Lessons
March 25th, 2013

It was a normal, calm evening at the Golden Oak Library. Dinner had just gotten over with, Twilight was washing some dishes, Spike was upstairs doing something, and I was checking out more books that lined the bookshelves. As I walked around the circular room, I looked over at the small wooden ladder that laid up against the wall and led up to a little open space by the window. Standing on my toes, I peered into the space and found Twilight's letters that were sent back through Spike, neatly organized by the dates they were sent. I then randomly chose one out of the thirty and read it.

"Reading one of my letters again?" Twilight asked, getting my attention.

"Mmm-hmm." I replied.

"Which one is it?" she asked.

"Uhh, it's the one where you learned that it's okay to use your talents in certain situations." I replied as I went to sit on the couch.

"Ah, that one." Twilight said, sitting next to me. "Wanna hear how I learned the lesson?" she asked.

"Sure, i'm all ears." I replied to the offer.

"Firstly, have you ever heard of a certain somepony named Trixie?" Twilight asked.

"Trixie? I don't believe I have." I replied.

"I figured, but just making sure." Twilight said.

"Why? Was Trixie a wise pony who gave you wisdom and taught you this lesson?" I asked.

"Oh, no, no, no, no." Twilight quickly replied.

"Oh. Complete opposite?" I asked.

"No, she didn't do any of that. I had to figure out the lesson myself." Twilight said.

"Gotcha. So, how about that story?" I brought back up.

"What story?" Spike asked, coming down the stairs.

"Remember when Trixie came to Ponyville last summer?" Twilight asked.

"Oh yeah. She was a big showoff." Spike said.

Spike then sat next to Twilight's side.

"It was last summer, and a unicorn mare named Trixie arrives to Ponyville. She claimed that she was greatest, and anything that anypony could do, she could do better." Twilight began.

"Did you confront her?" I asked.

"That's the thing. Since my friends seemed to dislike Trixie's boasting over her magic, I just assumed that I shouldn't get involved and not use my magic spells as well." Twilight explained.

"But then you had to use them in a certain situation." I said.

"A major situation." Spike added.

"But it was a minor. Remember, Spike?" Twilight reminded.

"Oh, right." he said, facepalming himself.

"By minor, do you mean the Ursa Minor? The baby?" I guessed.

"You aren't mistaken." Twilight confirmed.

"Well, I guess that's a good motive to use your magic powers." I said.

"Exactly. When Trixie couldn't back up what she boasted, having the capability to vanquish the Ursa Minor, I was basically a last hope. So I used my powers to manipulate the environment to lull the Minor to sleep." Twilight said.

I slightly moved my head towards her.

"Manipulated the environment?" I asked, slightly confused.

Twilight nodded her head in response.

"How exactly did youuu.... do that?" I asked.

"It's quite simple, for me at least. All I did was close my eyes and concentrated my magic on one specific plant. The Typha." Twilight said.

I slightly cocked my head to the right since I had no idea what a Typha was and looked like.

"The cattail plant." Twilight clarified.

"Ohhhh, okay." I understood.

"Using a music generating spell, I was able to generate a calm and relaxing tune that made the Minor drowsy." Twilight said.

"Didn't you also tear down the water tower, somehow filled it up with milk, and fed it to the Minor like a foal?" Spike asked.

"I sure did. All part of the plan." Twilight said.

"As illogical that last part sounds, that's pretty cool. After that, you must've had your lesson breakthrough." I said.

"I sure did. There are times when it okay to be proud of your talents, and there are times when it's appropriate to show them off." Twilight recited.

"Indeed." I agreed. "So why do you even send all of these letters to Princess Celestia anyways?" I asked.

"Wait, I never told you about the letters?" Twilight asked, surprised.

"You might've, but I don't remember." I said.

"Oh, if I didn't, i'm sorry about that." Twilight said. "Shortly after me and the girls vanquished Nightmare Moon, Princess Celestia gave me a task. The task to study the magic of friendship and report back my findings through letters." Twilight explained.

"And you still stick to all of lessons you've learned to this day?" I asked, pointing at the huge pile of letters.

"Of Course. Why else would I learn these lessons for?" Twilight asked.

"Got me there." I admitted.

All three of us looked over the letter for a moment before Twilight brought a suggestion up.

"Have you ever learned any friendship or life lessons back in your world?" Twilight asked.

"I'm not sure." I said.

"Aw, come on. You had to of learned at least one lesson if you lived there for nineteen years." Spike said, raising one of his eyebrows.

"Nah, i'm just playing with you, Spike." I kidded.

"Oh, okay." Twilight sighed. "I actually thought you never learned a life lesson too." Twilight said.

"That would be pretty sad." I agreed.

"So what did you learn?" Twilight asked.

"Well, firstly, i'd like to say that I wasn't always the kind person you have right here." I said.

"Really?" Twilight and Spike both said with surprise.

"Really, really." I said. "In my middle school years, I was a bit of a bully myself. Part of this little bully clique to be exact." I elaborated.

"A bully gang?" Spike asked.

"Yes." I replied.

Twilight scooted a little bit closer to me.

"Tell me, did you happen to have a motive to become a bully?" Twilight asked.

"No. I was a victim of circumstance. I joined this clique voluntarily, and I did it to escape the torment. Why?" I said.

"Most bullies usually have motive to be who they are, but I can see what you're saying. Continue." Twilight said.

"I remember that I was actually bullied by this certain clique. Mostly because of how small I was for a sixth grader. I was only four-eleven while the others were like five-two or five-four." I said.

"Quite ironic for you today." Twilight said.

"Hey, you're right about that." I chuckled before continuing. "So anyways, this bullying went on for a while before I actually made a radical decision. The decision to compromise with the clique. So, I actually managed to join it, but they still never got over the fact of how short I was at the time. Thankfully, I decided to join the clique near the end of the school year." I said.

"That means you and the clique didn't interact much." Twilight said.

"Yep. Over the summer, I had a growth spurt and I grew to five-seven, so I guess I was a late bloomer for my age at the time. However, when the next school year came around, that's when I did some things that i'm still not proud of to this day." I said.

"What did you do? If you don't mind me asking." Spike asked.

"One of the big things I remember doing was this game that me and the clique came up with. It was called Overwatch. Basically, me and the others would refer each other as overwatch soldiers, soldiers based on a popular game at the time while our target would be referred to as the peasant rebel. We would take the rebel to a corner by the side of the school and box them in. We would throw dry, dusty dirt, and verbally insult them as a disgusting peasant." I explained.

"Sounds like a lot of mental torment to me." Twilight said.

"Yeah.... and the worst part is that I sort of enjoyed doing it because it made me feel so powerful and dominant." I said, hanging my head down in shame. "Thankfully, the game didn't last for long because someone stood up for the kid we targeted and alerted a guidance counselor about this game." I said.

"And I imagine that the counselor had quite a talk with you and the clique." Twilight said.

"Oh, no kidding. But like any professional counselor, she was calm and collective about the situation. She sat down with me and I basically told my story, the same one I told you minutes ago. And so, she had me and the clique apologize to the kid and vowed to stop this mean spirited game. I also still remember what she said before we exited the room." I said.

"What?" Spike asked.

"Now understand when I say this, boys. Treat others the way you would want to be treated. Think of how your parents treat you. Care, respect, and loving." I recited. "That's my story." I concluded.

"Wow. Such a powerful and important lesson to be taught at such a young age. I can definitely see that you still live by this moral to this day, Caleb." Twilight said.

"Exactly." I said.

"Yeah. I can't imagine seeing you the way you were back in middle school to this day." Spike agreed.

"And it goes to show that if you have morals, you can grow to be the best person you can be." I said.

"I completely agree with you." Twilight said.

Twilight then had an expression on her face. Almost as if she was thinking of something.

"Y'know... I think Princess Celestia would love to hear about what you learned from the past." Twilight suggested.

"You think so?" I asked.

"Of course. Princess Celestia just loves hearing what i've learned in my studies on the magic of friendship, so why wouldn't she think the same for you?" Twilight asked.

I thought for a moment whether I should or not, but I ultimately came to my decision.

"Okay, I will. Uhhh, Spike, fetch me a piece of paper and a quill with ink from upstairs." I requested.

"On it!" Spike exclaimed, dashing up the stairs.

"I knew you would make the right decision." Twilight said, nudging my leg.

"Hey, might as well." I said.

Spike then came running down the stairs with what I wanted.

"Here you go." Spike said, handing me the paper and quill.

"Thank you." I said

I went to the round, wooden table in the middle of the library room and got on my knees to write. With that, I began my letter.

Dear Princess Celestia,

About twenty minutes ago, I expressed a story from my homeworld that shares a very valuable lesson in both friendship and the rest of everypony's lives. And so, i'm writing this letter to share it with you, even though you most likely know it. You see, back in my world, I was part of a bully gang. We would mostly pick on others that we referred to as inferior or not like us, and our last time as bullies is when we created a game that was so mean that another had to stand up for our victim. We were sent to a guidance counselor, who helped us to redeem ourselves. Not only did she help us with redeeming ourselves, but she taught us a lesson that I still remember and stand by to this day: treat others the way you would want to be treated. I couldn't understand this before because I was blinded by the feeling of power and dominance over others, but as soon as I heard those words, I understood it clearly and coherently. Now that I informed you with what I learned, I want to also inform you that I may be writing more letters like this to you. I feel with all that Twilight has learned within the span of one year, I should do the same because I feel that I have a whole lifetime here to learn. That's all I have to tell for now.

Your human friend,
Caleb Barlow

After I finished my letter, I took a red ribbon and rolled the paper up like a scroll.

"Alright, Spike. Send it." I said.

I tossed the paper up and Spike blew a green flame at it, causing it to disintegrate, sending it to Princess Celestia.

9:07 PM

Me, Twilight, and Spike were just getting ready to head off to bed until I noticed Spike covering his mouth.

"Mmph! Letter response!" Spike gagged

Spike then let out a short, deep belch, causing the letter to drop out of a cloud of smoke. I picked it up and quickly unraveled the red ribbon.

"What does it say?" Twilight asked.

"Here, read it with me." I said, sitting next to her while Spike climbed onto my shoulder.

Dearest Caleb Barlow,

I am very proud of you for taking the initiative to share your story and lesson with me. I was honestly quite surprised to learn that you were once a bully, but I can see why you went down that path. Being picked on numerous times is never a good feeling. But overall, I loved hearing how you discovered an indeedly important life lesson. It is just as enjoyable when I read Twilight's letters. Therefore, if you'd ever want to, send me another letter if you felt like you learned something, or if you perhaps have any questions that I could answer.

Princess Celestia

"See? Told you Princess Celestia would like the letter." Twilight said.

"Now you and Twilight can do the same thing. Send letters on friendship, or life lessons." Spike said.

"Hey, that's right, we can. Except i'm not assigned to." I said.

"Either way, Princess Celestia is always open hooves for letters like yours and mine." Twilight said.

"Sure seems like it. I'm gonna put this letter in my duffle bag. Y'know, to collect them like all of those letters that were sent back." I said.

"Sounds good." Twilight said with grin. "Be sure to shut off the lights when you come upstairs." Twilight said.

"Yep." I said, going for the duffle bag I left under a wooden table.

After placing Celestia's letter in a side pouch, I headed upstairs for bed.


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April 1st, 2013
2:57 AM

I sat up on my usual stakeout tree located near the lower southeast side of the Dovere territories, waiting for any Timberwolves to fall into my mannequin trap. As I waited, I had to continue listening to that speaker that spewed out tale after tale. Like always, the tale was based around a mysterious pony named Stardust and his anonymous friend doing or getting involved with all these crazy predicaments. Still, they're interesting, but can get just a teensy bit annoying once you listen to them for about two or so hours.

The only sign that could remotely be a sign of a Timberwolf were the numerous snaps of twigs in the distance, but I would've known it was Timberwolf because Timberwolves give off a putrid odor whenever they're near.

But anyways, my attention on my job was broken when my watch emitted ten high-pitched beeps that signified it was three in the morning. I took out the X-ray sensor and gave a quick sweep before climbing down the tree to leave the mannequin. I thought about how strange the Timberwolves were acting lately as I walked back to the Defender. The wolves would leave evidence that they were in the area, but they won't show up. My best guess is that they're messing with me.

Once I got inside the Defender, I switched on the defrosters to get rid of the condensation that formed on the windshield. After letting that run for a minute, I shifted into first gear and began my six mile drive back to Ponyville. I like to keep the speed at thirty or forty kilometers an hour because it's a dark forest and I never know when a deer might jump out of the foliage.

As I drove onwards, I got a small hunch; a hunch that I was being watched. Sure, I get that feeling a lot when i'm driving in the pitch black forest that can be only be illuminated by the artificial lights on the Defender or the natural moonlight, but this feeling felt way more pronounced. To emphasize, if you ever get that weird feeling in your head when you feel like you're being watched even though it's your mind playing tricks with you, but times ten. That's what i'm feeling.

"God, this job is really messing up my psyche. Doesn't make it any better when there's glowing green eyes in the rearview mirror." I said as I looked at the mirror, slow on my reaction since I was pretty tired.

Once I realized what I just said and saw, my entire state of weariness switched into a defense mode, pumping my body with adrenaline and giving me a surge of energy. I pressed my foot hard on the brake, causing the Defender to skid a short distance on the gravel path. With haste, I snatched the Igneous and flung the door open to step outside. Giving the X-ray sensor a quick pulse. But it turns out whatever I saw was long gone now.

"You're just tired." I said to myself.

Holstering the Igneous in the side pouch on the left side of my backpack, I began to turn back to the Defender, only to turn back around to look at the small glimpse that I saw. There infront of me were big pawprints that went across the path horizontally. And there were numerous amounts of them.

"Oh great, looks like a pack has been following me. Well, might as well lead them back into the forest." I said.

After getting into the Defender, I drove further into the Dovere territories in order to keep the Timberwolves as far away from civilization as possible. Occasionally, I would see them dart across the path behind me, making sure to keep out of the high beam rooflights. It's almost as if they're trying to make their presence known to me, or they just have terrible stealth skills. Either way, it's not good.

After driving about four miles deep into the Dovere territories, I shut off the engine, but obviously kept the lights on. I was hoping the quietness and the lights would make the Timberwolves lose interest in me, but so much for wishful thinking. Thinking that I had them off my back, I switched on the engine once again and made a y-turn towards Ponyville.

I drove about one hundred yards until I smelled something, something that made me gradually slow down the vehicle until it came to a halt. As I looked onwards at the pitch black wall that the lights didn't illuminate, I could see four pairs of those distinctive, bright neon green eyes peering at me through the darkness. Slowly, I turned off the engine again and went for the X-ray pulse to see how many of them I was dealing with. The press of the button revealed four orange outlines that resembled a giant canine animal. Seriously, these figures had to be about six feet tall. The Timberwolves were much shorter in the simulated dreams back at the C.A.M.A training facility.

"Hmm. Shouldn't be much of a problem." I said.

Setting the X-ray sensor in a cup holder, I grabbed my backpack with the Igneous and Timberferno holstered on the sides. Not making any sudden movements, I calmly opened the car door and left it ajar. The silence of the forest allowed me to hear the Timberwolves more clearly. They were emitting low growls at the mere sight of me. Even though those things are made out of wood and twigs, they sure as heck sound like actual wolves.

As I stared down the wolves, I was deciding what I should do first. Should I just shoot them on spot, or should I give them a chance to leave me alone and let me pass? Even though my job calls me to shoot them on spot, I decided to give them a chance to book it out of here.

First, I grabbed the Timberferno and twisted the valve on the end of it. Holding it upwards with my right hand, I began to walk towards the Timberwolves, still staying in the piercing bright light. The Timberwolves then became extremely agitated as I approached them, beginning to snarl viciously and make intimidating chomping sounds with their wooden jaws. It was the complete polar opposite to what I was expecting from them. From what I remembered, Timberwolves should cower in fear to something much more larger than them. In reaction to this, I brought my head back and raised my left eyebrow.

I then aimed the Timberferno forty-five degrees in the air towards the Timberwolves direction and squeezed on the nozzle, spewing the sparkling red hot flame outwards. The wolves reacted by lowering themselves low to the ground, almost as if they were about to pounce, and stopped snarling. Their eyes stared up at the flame and back at me, forming an expression of worriment in their eyes. The wolves then looked at each other and back at me once again. I took their fear as an opportunity and began to make myself seem more intimidating.

With the Timberferno still throwing the flames, I began move even closer to the wolves, but still making sure to stay in the light. The wolves quickly moved backwards as I approached them.

"GO! GET OUT OF HERE!." I boomed, echoing through the forest.

The sudden loud tone in my voice made them slightly jump and shake in startlement. Not only that, but they really moved back into the forest after I yelled at them.

"That's more like it." I thought to myself.

However, as the Timberferno reached the overheat limit, the flame that spewed out of the muzzle suddenly stopped.

"Uh oh." I said, shaking the flamethrower.

As I shook the Timberferno in hopes to reactivate the thing, I also noticed the wolves not looking as worried as they were before. One, the Timberferno was out. And two, I was right near the edge of where the light from the headlights ended, making me more vulnerable.

Without much warning, one of the pack mates lunged right towards, but my reaction was quick. I dodged the attack by thrusting backwards into the light more as the Timberwolf's head landed right smack inside the light.

"ARRGH!" I yelled as I forcefully brought my foot down on the snout, creating a large fracture on the thick wooden snout and impaling a few wooden teeth into the dirt.

The Timberwolf wasted no time to scurry away from the light and regrouped with its pack. After regrouping, the pack boldly approached me once again and began to viciously bark at me. I then let out a sigh.

"Okay, if you're not going to move..." I said, unholstering the Igneous.

I then turned the valve for the Timberferno shut and pressed the button on the side of the Igneous to activate the lethal magic inside it. With the press of the button, the Igneous hummed lowly. After cocking the lever on the left side, I brought the sights up to my right eye, lining up the blue dot with one of the pack mates abdomen. Squeezing the trigger gently, the beam of yellow energy shot towards the Timberwolf, instantly stoning it in place. As the others looked at their fallen pack mate, I quickly cocked the lever and aimed at another. Just like the first one, that one fell to the same fate, leaving only two left. Both looked at their stoned packmates for a few seconds before they stared back at me. I then furrowed my eyebrows, glaring right at them and bringing the sights up to my eye once again. Both seemed to get the message as they began to back away from me, but giving me a furious expression and growling at me again. As they slowly walked away from me into the darkness, I brought my weapon down and switched it off, holstering it once again. To make sure I was completely alone, I went back for the X-ray pulse and swept the area. Thankfully, no other wolves or mythical creatures were around in the vicinity.

Once I knew the coast was clear, I left the light and retrieved the stoned Timberwolves and brought them into the light where I could use the sledgehammer to break them into small or medium sized chunks of stone. As I was breaking the statues into chunks, I smelled a strong scent of sulfur, the same scent that Timberwolves breath gives off. Should've known there would be more or the other two would be watching me. I guess that would make sense if I just killed two of them.

While I loaded the stone chunks in the back of the Defender, I noticed something in the corner of my left eye. I could faintly see a pair of those neon green eyes once again. I froze for a second, still holding a chunk of stone. Then, I setted the chunk in the back of the Defender, equipped the Igneous, and pressed the button to switch it on. The eyes shifted to the right a little bit, almost as if the wolf was expecting me to shoot at it, but I didn't. Instead, I placed the Igneous inside the back with the stones and pretended I was doing something else. Once the wolf thought I was doing something else, it returned to its original position. When the wolf returned to its position, my trap was sprung. Faster than the Timberwolf could react, I swiftly aimed at the Timberwolf and shot it, stoning it like the others. And so, after sweeping the area with X-ray pulse, I went for the other wolf to break it into chunks as well.

Finally, after loading the stones into the back of the vehicle, I drove to the pond to chuck the stones into the water. As I drove, I would occasionally check to see if anything was following me with the X-ray sensor and would only get nothing. I also had to drive relatively slow because the heavy stone chunks, being close around two or three hundred pounds, would bounce upwards if I were going too fast. If they bounced too high, they could shatter or break a window.

Once I arrived at the pond, I opened up the back door and placed the chunks by the shore of the pond. The total of chunks was seventeen, so it was a lot of heavy lifting to do. After counting up the chunks, I began to chuck them far out to the center of the pond, the deepest section of the pond. Things were going pretty swimmingly for a while, but I recognized a familiar smell once again, the putrid scent of sulfur, and it was strong. I was curious why a Timberwolf would follow me out to a field that had a wide range of open space and nearly no places to hide itself, so I decided to sweep the area again with X-ray sensor. Sure enough, there was a lone Timberwolf peeking its head over a small hill about forty meters to my left. Since the wolf was in this position, I couldn't get a clear shot at it and decided to temporarily brush it off for awhile.

"Yeah, what are you gonna do?" I asked, softly.

With that, I went back to throwing the stone remains into the pond. As I threw the remains, I could hear the Timberwolf circling me and snarling at me with a low tone, but I didn't care because as long as I was in the light I would be a-okay. However, that carefree thought would only come back to bite me in the butt.

I was just about to finish up disposing of the remains when something preposterous happened. With no explanation, every single light on the Land Rover started to shut off one by one. I quickly turned my head around to see the darkness of night begin to take its place. I gasped loudly as it felt like my heart dropped and dashed over to the Defender to switch the lights back on. Just like me, I could hear the Timberwolf making a dash too, but not to the light switches, but after me. I knew right away that I was not gonna get all the lights back on in time, so I went for my high beam flashlight that was attached to the front of my leather jacket. Once the blinding flashlight was on, I turned towards the oncoming Timberwolf. By the time I turned towards the Timberwolf, it was already airborne as it pounced at me.

"WOAH!" I exclaimed, dodging the pounce.

The missed pounced caused the wolf to smack its face right into the left fender of the Defender, leaving a dent. The Timberwolf yelped as the light shined on it and tried to run away, but I managed to grab it by the right hind leg while switching the Defender's lights back on. The Timberwolf than doubled its efforts to escape as it kicked up dirt and grass into my face, but didn't move a foot further. Now all I had to do was to stone it with the Igneous, which was situated on the passenger seat. I then reached my left arm towards the Igneous, but couldn't reach. While I tried to reach the weapon, I noticed that the Timberwolf was now using its free leg to hit it up against my hand, which felt like a mallet smashing my hand. I used my free hand to swat the leg away, but the Timberwolf persisted. Not only that, but my hands were becoming slick from the amount of sweat being excreted, making it easier for the Timberwolf to slip away.

I gave a forceful yank on the wooden paw, and just like that, it snapped off, freeing the Timberwolf from my grasp. The Timberwolf wasted no time to get away from the bright light, not caring that it just lost a paw. I looked at the paw and looked back at the wolf, which was now sprinting away from me back into the deep section of the Dovere territories. I looked down at the paw again, which crumbled into tiny twigs and pieces of wood that fell onto the grass. With a deep breath, I let out a sigh of relief.

"Man, never again am I letting my guard down like that again. But how did the lights turn off when nopony's around?" I asked myself, rubbing my chin.

I grabbed the X-ray sensor once again and pressed the sweep button to check the area for a pony or something that could've switched the lights off. After looking around the field and finding nothing, I shrugged it off and got back inside to Defender to drive back to the library.

As I was driving back to Ponyville, I checked the time on my watch and it was 4:49 in the morning.

"Great. Now i'll have to sleep until noon to get a full eight hours of sleep." I thought to myself.

I then rubbed my eyes to stay awake for a little while longer, just until I get back to the library. While my eyes were closed, I heard a faint *click* sound that repeated. I opened my eyes and saw the green light flashing on the dashboard and a orange light blinking in front of the vehicle.

"Wait... what?" I asked.

I looked down at the turn signal handle and found the culprit. Never would I have guessed that it was a small squirrel dangling on the turn signal handle.

"You've got to be kidding me." I said.

The squirrel then gave a sheepish smile at me and a quick wave. Even though this squirrel nearly got me attacked by a Timberwolf, i'm pretty sure it didn't know what it was doing. So, I decided to let it off scot free. I then rolled down the driver window and pointed my thumb out the window, signalling the squirrel to get out. The squirrel nodded and hopped out the window. After all that, I continued on to the library to get a well deserved sleep.

The Twister

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The Twister
April 5th, 2013
5:53 PM

Today I didn't really have to do anything real important to check up on. By important, i'm pertaining towards the Timberwolf activity. Ever since that first real confrontation on Monday morning, the amount of Timberwolf activity seemed to go relatively scarce, but that doesn't mean they're all gone. I mean, I still got that stumpy Timberwolf still out there. So, just to be sure, I decided to check up on the mannequins.

When I opened the front door, a somewhat strong gust of wind blew into my face and the neatly stack of papers on the wooden table behind me flew all over the place.

"Geez, I didn't think the winds would reach out this far into Ponyville." I said.

Since one of Twilight's personality traits is high organization and not having big messes, I decided to stack up the papers once again. At the time, she was doing some sort of mandatory experiment for Cloudsdale.

The most info I could get out of it was in this short 1950ish styled informational cartoon that me and Spike played for all the pegasi who were participating in it. Apparently, if a certain large amount of pegasi fly at high speeds in a perfect circular motion, a tornado can generate. Now you're probably wondering how a tornado, which is made up of cloud, can form out of nowhere without the right weather conditions. Honestly, I have no idea how that works. Never really bothered to ask Twilight at first, but now i'm pretty curious how that works. Once the supposed tornado is formed over a water source, the tornado sucks the water up and shoots it up into the sky towards Cloudsdale. Cloudsdale needs this water in order to produce clouds for the sky. So, every cloud that floats above Ponyville is basically artificial.

But anyways, after I stacked the papers in a different area where the wind can't reach and combed my thick brown hair again, I walked outside and got into the Defender. I noticed a yellow figure in the corner of my left eye as I started up the Defender, and sure enough, it was Fluttershy with her animal friends following close behind. I was puzzled why she wasn't reporting for tornado duty, so I went to honk the horn, but hey, there is no horn for the Defender. I then slid the window open.

"Hey Flutters!" I yelled out the window.

Fluttershy slightly jumped to my yell and looked over towards my direction.

"Hi, Caleb." she replied as she flew over towards me.

"Did I scare you? You kinda jumped there." I said.

"Oh, it's alright. It was just a little startle to me. Is there something you want?" Fluttershy replied.

"Yeah, how come you're not at tornado duty?" I asked.

"Actually, I was just on my there right now." Fluttershy said.

"Oh, then you and your animal friends can hop in and i'll drive you all over there. It'll be a lot quicker and save you the energy of flying." I offered.

"Okay. Thank you very much." Fluttershy thanked.

Fluttershy landed on the ground and used her wings to open the door for the passenger seat. Once she sat in the seat, I started up the engine and headed towards the open fields northwest to Ponyville. I felt Fluttershy's hoof tap on my right arm and I turned my head to her. She was saying something to me, but I couldn't hear her soft-spoken voice over the loud engine.

"What? It's hard to hear you!" I said, over the engine.

"Is this any better?" she asked with a more pronounced and raised tone.

"Better." I replied.

"Did you and Spike ever fix the film tape for the informational video?" Fluttershy asked.

"No, we never did. But Rainbow Dash took it back up to Cloudsdale to get it repaired." I replied.

"That's good." Fluttershy said.

"So, how come you aren't at tornado duty? I'm pretty sure they started not long ago, or are about to start." I said.

"Well, I was planning on not going, but I decided to at least drop by and give Rainbow Dash some moral support." Fluttershy replied.

"Aw, you're not going to participate in the tornado?" I asked.

Fluttershy slightly looked down with an expression of uncertainty.

"I don't know. It's just that everypony has a much higher wingpower than me. I mean, 2.3 wing power is not much compared to 12.6 wingpower. My wing power probably wouldn't be much help at all." Fluttershy said, apathetically.

Of course, I couldn't let Fluttershy just sit by like that, so I decided to give her some moral support as well, in hopes to get her to join in the tornado.

"C'mon, Fluttershy, don't be so hard on yourself," I kindly said. "My parents once told when I was little that every little thing counts, and I know for sure that your wing power can do some amount of good. Amount doesn't matter because either way, it'll add on to the required amount of wing power. Plus, Twilight told me the other night that there should be enough pegasi in order to get the water up to Cloudsdale. So, why not just join in and help out?" I said.

"I don't know, Caleb. I'll have to think about it." Fluttershy said.

Fluttershy then turned her head towards the window and stared out as she thought about her decision. With that, we continued onwards towards the twister site.

A short time later, we must've been getting close because the wind was starting to pick up, becoming more stronger, and a few small branches hit up against the side of the Defender.

"We have to be close." I mumbled.

"You should take a left up ahead. The wind is blowing outwards." Fluttershy said, showing me the leaves rustling in the trees.

"Hmm, that's odd. Usually a tornado sucks inwards, but okay." I said.

I then took a left near an opening and entered a fairly wide open space.

"There it is." Fluttershy alerted me.

I looked to right and there was a towering dark blue, cylinder-like tornado spinning at incredible speeds and blowing debris away from it.

"Oh my god, that thing is huge!" I exclaimed, "And you're sure the tornado has very poor suction power on the outer edge of the tornado, only inside?" I asked.

"I am one hundred percent positive." Fluttershy assured.

"Alright then, let's go." I said as I pressed on the gas pedal.

As we advanced much more closer to the tornado, I could feel the force of the wind push up against the body of the Defender, causing it to slightly wobble to the right a little. To prevent the possibility of the vehicle tipping over on the side, I drove head-on towards the twister. Even though the winds are still going under and over, it's a much better angle.

Fluttershy exited the vehicle once I pulled up next to a giant anemometer that Twilight and Spike were overseeing. There was also this pegasus who was wearing goggles and some blue body suit. I didn't know who that was, but I know i've seen her before on a poster.

"Okay, you guys, stay in here. It's far too windy outside." I said to Fluttershy's animal friends, which they all quickly nodded in agreement.

As I stepped out, the winds hit me like a freight train, causing me to stumble backwards and fall over. Besides the winds, there was a nice mist that also blew into my face because of the body of water that the tornado was hovering over. I then pulled myself up by gripping onto the door handle and began to slowly advance myself over to Twilight alongside with Fluttershy.

"Fluttershy?! Caleb?! What are you both doing here?!" Twilight yelled through the howling wind.

"I drove Fluttershy down here! Said she wanted to give Rainbow Dash some moral support!" I explained

"It's the least I can do!" Fluttershy added as she grabbed onto the anemometer.

"She could sure use some moral support, considering that eight pegasi are sick with the feather flu!" Twilight informed.

"Oh-no! That's terrible news!" Fluttershy said.

"Will they still have enough--" I said before a patch of mud splattered on my face, "to reach the required amount of wing power?!" I asked, wiping the mud off my face.

"At this rate, things are not looking too good! The needle is just on the margin to eight hundred wing power!" Twilight said as she showed me the needle that was just above seven hundred and ninety-five wing power.

"They're so close!" I said.

I then glared at the pegasus in the blue and yellow body suit.

"What are you standing around for?! Why aren't you up there helping?!" I asked the pegasus.

"I wish I could, but I was designated to be an observer, and i'm not a resident of Ponyville!" the pegasus replied.

"She's telling the truth!" Twilight backed up the pegasus.

"Okay, okay. Sorry." I nodded in understandment.

I looked back at the tornado, and it seemed to become more and more unstable.

"The tornado is looking a little wibbly-wobbly!" Spike alerted.

"They're losing form!" Twilight said.

The tornado violently wobbled to the left and right before it bent at an unnatural angle and broke apart, dropping a column of water and flinging about seventy pegasi out of the vortex and onto the ground. Of course, one of those pegasi was Rainbow Dash. I jumped backwards as she plummeted to the ground like a bullet.

"Aaaa- oof!" Rainbow hit the ground and ricocheted head-first into a tree.

"Are you okay?" Twilight asked Rainbow Dash.

"I-- I'm fine." Rainbow replied, her voice muffled since her head was lodged in the tree.

"You were so close to the eight hundred minimum." Twilight said, "I'm sorry Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash then pulled herself out of the tree, revealing a few scrapes on her head, but shook it off.

"No! We've got to try again!" Rainbow insisted as she flew back up.

"But you've pushed your crew to your limit already!" Twilight grabbed Rainbow with her magic and yanked her down, "If you break apart again, somepony could get hurt! You should quit, it's not safe!"

I couldn't help but to agree as well.

"Yeah, I don't think you should do this again, Rainbow Dash. Everypony looks pretty winded and you've got a few scrapes on your forehead." I said.

Rainbow felt her forehead and a tiny splotch of blood stained her hoof.

"No! One more time! I've got to know we gave it our all! If i'm going down, i'm going down flying!" Rainbow boldly stated.

Me, Twilight, Spike and Fluttershy looked at each other in worry.

"C'mon, ponies, let's make this happen!" Rainbow declared.

Every pegasi in the crowd picked themselves off the ground and cheered to Rainbow's words of encouragement.

"YEAHHH!" a severely muscular pegasus yelled from behind me, making me jump like a girl.

Alright, Spike, blow the horn." Twilight instructed.

Spike did as told and blew deeply into the wooden horn, causing it blare loudly. This signalled the pegasi to once again form another tornado. The wind began to howl and pick also, causing the windmill on the anemometer to gradually spin faster.

"How are we looking?" I asked as I stared up at the towering vortex.

"So far we're at one hundred wing power. Two hundred wing power. Now it's five hundred wing power!" Twilight exclaimed.

"This is so nerve-racking!" Fluttershy said as she brought both of her hooves up to her mouth.

"Okay, we're at seven hundred. Now seven hundred and fifty!" Twilight said.

"Gah! This is when they fell apart!" Spike reminded.

"Yeah, but the tornado is still looking pretty structurally sound!" I said.

I crouched down and could see a column of water begin to rise into the funnel of the tornado.

"Hey, they're doing it! Are we at eight hundred?!" I asked.

"No! The wing power is at seven hundred and ninety-five!" Twilight replied.

"Oh, come on!" I said.

Me and Twilight began to look at Fluttershy and look back at each other since we seemed to both have the same idea.

"Fluttershy, they need your help up there!" Twilight said.

"This is your chance to help out!" I said.

"Why?! I won't even make a difference!" Fluttershy said.

"You can make a difference!" Twilight said.

"But my measly 2.3 wing power won't make a difference!" Fluttershy said.

"Won't make a difference?!" I asked, crouching down to Fluttershy's height, "Look at how far that water has risen! I bet if you get in there and help out with your wing power, the water will be able to push through the top!" I encouraged before the wind was too much and blew me backwards, landing on my back.

"You can do it, Fluttershy! Do it for Equestria! Do it for Rainbow Dash! Do it for yourself!" Twilight said.

Fluttershy's eyes darted all over the place as she thought of what she should do. To help out with that decision, Twilight levitated a pair of circular goggles to Fluttershy. Fluttershy eyed the goggles for a moment before she gulped. With that, she took the goggles, strapped them on her face and walked up to the tornado. I could visibly see her gulp again before she sheepishly moved her foreleg at the tornado before she was sucked into the twister within the blink of an eye.

"Okay, she's in!" I said.

"Now we just wait until her wing power is added onto the total amount!" Twilight said.

I grabbed on the top on the anemometer and pulled myself over towards Twilight and Spike to view the total amount of wing power. I would look back at the tornado and the reading over and over again and still got no new reading.

"C'mon, Fluttershy." I mumbled.

"Caleb! Look!" Twilight exclaimed.

I looked at the reading and it had risen to seven hundred and ninety-eight wing power.

"Just two more wing power to go!" I said.

When the wing power landed on seven ninety-five, the needle on the anemometer seemed to stop, almost as if that was the limit once again. But when it seemed like the tornado was going to be an utter failure again, the anemometer began to beep, signifying that the wing power had finally reached the required eight hundred.

"Ah-ha-ha-ha! She did it!" I exclaimed.

The tornado then began to emit a high-pitched sound as the pond below it began to slowly drain, and without warning, the water shot out the top of the funnel and into the sky, all the ways to Cloudsdale. As I stared up at the water, I couldn't help but smile, know that Fluttershy broke out of her shell and did what was right.

"They did it! She did it! They all did it!" Twilight exclaimed while her and Spike jumped around in joy.

I looked over at the pegasus mare in the bodysuit and she was just amazed at what just happened, causing me to chuckle to her expression. The stream of water that shot up to Cloudsdale lasted about ten or so seconds before the entire pond was drained. Once drained, the pegasi broke formation and the tornado dissipated into thin air, revealing all of the pegasi responsible for the swirling vortex. Once every pegasus landed back on solid ground they began to cheer and stomp their hooves on the ground; their form a clapping I guess.

"Now all of that water is going to be used for clouds?" I asked.

"That's correct. The first cloud should be out pretty soon." Twilight said.

Rainbow Dash then landed on the ground with a thud. Twilight ran over with a gauze pad and placed it on her scrapes.

"Thanks, Twilight." Rainbow thanked.

"Ahem." I pointed up at Fluttershy.

Rainbow Dash looked up and saw that Fluttershy was oblivious to the fact that the tornado was over with, still flying in circles with her eyes tightly closed. Rainbow grinned and flew up into the sky to grab a patch of cloud. She used this cloud to catch and halt Fluttershy from her continuous circular flight.

"Whoa, girl, take it easy!" Rainbow exclaimed.

"Wha- What? Did we do it?" Fluttershy asked as she recollected herself.

"Yeah, we did it! You did it!" Rainbow hugged Fluttershy and gave each other a high-five with their wings.

"Well, that went pretty well." I said to Twilight, "What do we do now?

"Everypony is heading back to Ponyville for now." Twilight replied, "Would you mind getting the tornado horn?"

"No problem." I said.

When I went to get the horn, everypony started cheering once again. Curious to why, I looked over and saw that everypony was praising Fluttershy for her brave and courageous act.

"Fluttershy, Fluttershy, Fluttershy can really fly!" they chanted as they tossed her up and down.

The crowd then began to leave on a path that led back to Ponyville. While I grabbed the horn, I heard a tapping sound come from behind me, only to find the Fluttershy's animal friends still inside the Defender.

"Oh shit." I said, opening the passenger door, "Sorry about that, little guys."

The animals leaped out and ran after Fluttershy. I then opened up the back door and barely managed to fit the tornado horn in the back. Once everything was situated, I started up the engine and drove off the catch up with the crowd.

While driving past the crowd on the side of the path, I was looking for that one pegasus in the body suit. When I found her alongside Rainbow Dash, I slowed the vehicle down to their walking speed.

"Excuse me, ma'am." I said from the window.

"Me?" the orange haired pegasus asked?

"Yeah. Hey, what's up with the bodysuit?" I asked.

Rainbow Dash's head snapped towards my direction and her mouth dropped in disbelief. She then flew in front of the vehicle.

"Woah, woah, woah, hold up there, Caleb!" Rainbow Dash halted.

"What? Was there something I said?" I asked, confused on why she was acting sort of defensive.

Rainbow then flew over to my window.

"Caleb. How long have you been living in Equestria?" Rainbow asked.

"I've been here since November of last year, so that would be six months." I answered.

Rainbow's eyes went wide open.

"Six months and you never heard of the Wonderbolts?! Have you been living under a rock your whole time here?" she asked, frantically.

"Actually, i've been living in a tree. And now that I think about it, I think you did mention the Wonderbolts on the first day we met. Guess I just forgot about them." I said.

"How could you forg--." Rainbow began before she was cut off.

"Go easy on him, Rainbow Dash. Not everypony needs to be a big fan of the Wonderbolts." the pegasus said as she approached the window.

Rainbow backed away slightly.

"You're right. Sorry about that, Caleb, my wonderbolt fanism got the best of me." Rainbow apologized with a sheepish smile.

"No worries, Dash." I accepted, "So, who are you, miss?" I asked the pegasus.

"The name's Spitfire; Captain and Drill Instructor of the Wonderbolts. Put 'em here" Spitfire introduced, extending her right foreleg to me and removing her goggles.

"Caleb Lee Barlow. Such an honor and surprise to meet a Wonderbolt for the first time." I said while shaking her hoof, "So, do you have to come down and observe, or do you have some time off?"

"Eh, the Cloudsdale Weather Center always wants me to come down and observe in order to make sure everything goes alright." Spitfire replied.

"Like when the first time everypony crashed out of the tornado?" I asked.

"Oh, no, believe me when I say that there has been way worse in the past." Spitfire said, "Speaking of which, how's your head, Rainbow Dash?"

"It's alright. A little bit sore, but I think the wound has clotted up by now." Rainbow replied, removing her gauze pad.

"So, how's life in Ponyville?" Spitfire asked.

"Pretty good, actually. Beautiful place, got some friends, and a lot of wacky stuff going on to keep me busy. Why? Do you live up in Cloudsdale?" I asked.

"Yep. You ever been there?" Spitfire asked.

"No." I replied.

Rainbow Dash raised her eyebrows to my answer.

"Y'know," Rainbow began, "I remember when I first met you and I said that we should hang out sometime."

"Oh, that's right, you did." I remembered, "Wanna hang out later?" I offered.

"Actually, why don't we hang out tomorrow? Me and you could go up to Cloudsdale and hang out with each other for a few hours or so! I could show you around and that kind of stuff!" Rainbow said, anticipating an answer

"Sure! That sounds great!" I accepted, happily, "But wait, how am I going to be able to walk on the clouds? Only pegasus ponies can do that."

"Not unless if you can get Twilight Sparkle to cast the spell that allows non-pegasi to walk on the clouds." Spitfire brought up, "Remember when Twilight and the others came up to Cloudsdale for the Best Young Flyer competition?"

"Riiiight. Look, just ask Twilight about the spell tonight, i'm pretty sure she still has it." Rainbow said.

"Okay, I will. So, i'll see you tomorrow at what time, Rainbow?" I asked.

"We'll head up to Cloudsdale at noon. I like to sleep in late on Saturdays." Rainbow said.

"Yeah, try saying that to Twilight." I joked.

"I know what you mean." Rainbow chuckled.

"Alright, see ya tomorrow." I said, clenching a fist towards her.

Rainbow complied and brought her hoof up, bumping it into mine.

"And nice to finally have a chance to meet you, Captain Spitfire." I said, starting up the Defender's engine.

"Same with you, Caleb Barlow. Hey, maybe i'll see you around town tomorrow." she replied.

"We'll see." I said.

I looked ahead and noticed that the crowd of ponies were now about a quarter of a mile ahead. I put the vehicle into first gear and floored the gas pedal, leaving Rainbow Dash and Spitfire in the dust.

"Oh, so it's gonna be like that?!" I heard Rainbow Dash faintly yell in a challenging and playful manner.

Within one second, Rainbow Dash and Spitfire caught up with me, and I was cruising along at ninety kilometers an hour.

"Whoa!" I exclaimed to how quick they were.

"Pffft, you think that's fast?" Rainbow Dash scoffed.

"Watch this." Spitfire said.

Both mares nodded at each other and Spitfire put her goggles back on.

I'm not sure how quick it was, most likely two seconds, but it took that long for them reach the crowd of ponies up ahead, and I still had about quarter of a mile to go before I reached them.

"Yep." I said to myself, "The pegasi are gonna freak when they see my strolling through town tomorrow."

A City in the Clouds

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A City in the Clouds
April 6th, 2013

"So, uhh, are you sure this isn't dangerous or somewhat harmful? Because the last time my body experienced high amounts of magic, the reaction wasn't very pleasant." I said to Twilight.

"This is a documented spell, so it's perfectly safe for anypony. Remember when Zecora warned you that the effects of the potion you took were unknown and could have possible risks?" Twilight reminded as she flipped through the pages in her spellbook.

"Oh yeah, I guess she did," I said. "And just to be sure, the book says nothing about a time limit on how long the spell lasts?" I asked.

"No time limit. The caster, being me, is the only one who can undo the cloud-walk spell." Twilight assured.

"Okay, good, just checking." I said, me being a teensy bit nerve wracked.

"Now, you said that Rainbow Dash was going to be here in awhile?" Twilight asked.

"She said we would leave at noon and it's eleven-forty right now. So, she should be here pretty soon." I replied.

Shortly after I made that statement, there were two knocks at the front door.

"That must be her." I assumed.

When I opened the door, I was expecting Rainbow Dash, but it none other than Spike, carrying a couple of brown grocery bags from his errand.

"Oh, it's you." I said.

"Were you were expecting Rainbow Dash?" Spike asked.

"Yep. Did you see her at all on the way back?" I asked.

"Not at all. But I saw Pinkie Pie coming out of the store with a bunch of confetti for her party cannon." Spike replied as he walked into the library.

"That sounds like Pinkie Pie, alright." I chuckled, closing the door.

As I turned my back to the door, it didn't take long for two more knocks from the other side to grab my attention.

"Okay then." I murmured.

Turns out that it was Rainbow Dash this time.

"Oh, it's actually you this time." I said, somewhat surprised.

"Why do you say that?" Rainbow asked.

"Well for starters, you arrived about ten seconds after Spike got back from the store." I replied.

"Huh. How coincidental," Rainbow said. "But anyways, did Twi cast the cloud-walk spell on you yet?"

"Not yet. She was just about to, actually." I said.

"Good timing." Spike said from the kitchen.

"Here, come on in." I said, holding the door open for Rainbow.

"Thanks, bud." Rainbow said.

Once inside, me and Rainbow walked over to Twilight to see if she found the page yet.

"Find it yet?" Rainbow asked Twilight.

"Hold on, give me a sec." Twilight said as she continued to flip the pages.

I then sat on the couch across the room while Rainbow Dash continued to fly besides me to wait for Twilight.

"You grew up in Cloudsdale, right?" I asked Rainbow Dash.

"You bet. Almost every pegasus lives there. Not a single Earth or Unicorn pony." Rainbow Dash replied.

"Yeah, well there's gonna be a human up there today." I said.

"I know, right? You watch, everypony's gonna freak out when they see you up there." Rainbow Dash said, her raspy voice slightly choked by laughs.

"Freak out in a good manner or bad manner?" I asked.

"Good manner. It would be pretty cool to see you walking around up there because nopony would expect it." Rainbow Dash said.

"Yeah, I suppose you're right." I said, getting up to head back over towards Twilight.

"Here it is." Twilight said, showing me the page.

"Cumulus-Pedalism: Allows non-pegasi to walk on cumulus clouds. Best used for Cloudsdale travel," I recited the text. "So where do you want me to stand?"

"Stand right there in the center." Twilight instructed.

"Okay." I said, taking a short deep breath as I stood in the center of the room.

Twilight set the book on the floor and quickly skimmed through the instructions on how to conjure the spell.

"Great. Let's get started," Twilight said with her usual enthusiasm for magic in her tone. "Uncross your arms and put them to your sides so that the magic can encase you properly."

I audibly gulped and reluctantly uncrossed my arms.

"Do it." I said.

Twilight did as told and she slightly grunted as her horn began to emit that distinctive magical aura sound from the magic within her. Once she gave a bit more effort, a misty, transparent form of lavender colored magic slowly exited the tip of her horn and floated towards my feet. The magic worked its way up my entire body while quickly wrapping around my body at the same time before my reaching my head. The magical mist sat still for a moment before my body seemed to absorb it inside of me. I didn't feel anything, but it was odd.

"Phew," Twilight quietly sighed once the spell was complete. "How do you feel?"

"Pretty normal, as always." I replied.

"Good." Twilight said.

"Was it hard for you to cast that spell? It looked like it took some effort." I said.

"Believe it or not, that was easy for me. There are some in here that I can barely finish." Twilight said.

"Like that wing spell you casted on Rarity?" Spike asked.

"Uh-huh. Just like that one." Twilight replied.

"So, now we're all good to head up to Cloudsdale?" Rainbow asked.

"Yes. Caleb now has the capability to walk freely through Cloudsdale" Twilight replied as she slid the book back on the bookshelf

"Or pretty much any big, puffy cloud in the sky." Spike added.

Twilight nodded in agreement.

"Aww yeah!" Rainbow exclaimed.

"Ready to go?" I asked.

"I'm ready if you're ready." Rainbow replied.

"Alright then, let's go," I said, opening the front door. "See you later, Twilight and Spike. And thanks again for the spell, Twilight." I called out before closing the door.

"Anytime." Twilight called back.

Once we were outside, I looked over towards Cloudsdale, which was about two miles away from Ponyville and eight hundred meters in the sky.

"So, how are we gonna get up there? I mean, it's not a problem for you, but for me." I said.

"Easy. We'll take the hot-air balloon up there." Rainbow replied.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that balloon." I said.

"Follow me. I'll show you the way." Rainbow said as she quickly flew away from me.

"Wait!" I called out as I ran after her.

Rainbow stopped and looked back at me before landing next to me.

"Could you atleast fly alongside me?" I asked.

"Sure. Sorry about that. I'm just so used to going fast all the time." Rainbow apologized.

"Don't sweat it. Let's just get to that hot-air balloon and get up to Cloudsdale." I said.

After walking for a short distance, we made to the same hot-air balloon station me, Twilight and the gang used to catch Rainbow Dash the day Discord wreaked chaos throughout Ponyville.

"Ah, yes. This hot-air balloon," I said, looking up at the tall, purple balloon. "Do you know how to steer this thing?" I asked Rainbow.

"Yeah, it's a magic balloon." Rainbow replied.

"A magical hot-air balloon?" I asked Rainbow.


"How does it work? Last time I was on here, Twilight manipulated it to move with her magic."

"It may sound strange for you, but all you have to do is think of where you want to go while in the basket, and the balloon will travel there all by itself." Rainbow answered.

"Really? Wow." I said.

"Hop in, and you'll see." Rainbow said, jumping into the basket.

"Okay. Just let me untie this rope from the post first."

After untying the rope, I jumped in and sat down in the cramped basket.

"Now, just think deep down about Cloudsdale." Rainbow instructed.

I closed my eyes and thought up of mental image of Cloudsdale; a huge cloud city with multiple rainbow-like waterfalls that pour off the mass and dissipate into the air. A few seconds had past before I felt the balloon lift off the ground. When I opened my eyes, we were high in the sky.

"H-hey, it worked!" I exclaimed.

"Told ya'." Rainbow said, slouching on her back while putting her forelegs behind her head, crossing her hind legs and closing her eyes. "Now, we just chillax until we get there."

"Chillax. Right." I said.

I then positioned myself the same way Rainbow did, but had to have a small portion of my legs hanging off the side because of how tall I am.

As we chillaxed for a little bit, a thought came to mind.

"Hey Rainbow Dash." I said.

"What's up?" she replied.

"I'm supposing your parents still live in Cloudsdale?"

Rainbow Dash raised both of her eyebrows for a split second.

"Yeaaaah," she droned. "Why?"

"I was thinking that we could drop by for a while. I mean, it would be cool to meet the parents of the fastest flier in Equestria."

"Well.... I don't know." Rainbow hesitated

"Don't know? They're your parents, Rainbow Dash."

"I know that. But I'm just gonna warn you that they can be a little bit overactive and embarrassing, especially around me. So, I just don't want you to be weirded out or anything like that." Rainbow replied.

"Oh, they can't be that bad. It'll be fun." I optimistically said.

Rainbow only responded by slightly biting her lower lip.

About fifteen minutes later or so, Rainbow Dash gave me a nudge on the shoulder, causing me to open my eyes.

"Hey, we're almost there." Rainbow alerted.

When I rose up, Cloudsdale was instantly in my view. And man, is it way more bigger than it looks from afar.

"Geez, this place is huge!" I exclaimed.

"I know, right?" Rainbow said.

As I inspected the cloud-city, I could slightly see buildings in the distance, but couldn't get a good look at them.

"Where are we landing?" I asked.

Rainbow looked ahead and pointed at a part of Cloudsdale that was open cloud. Perfect for landing on.

"That looks good." Rainbow said.

After she said that, the hot-air balloon began to move to the left a little while slowly descending at the same time towards the open space of Cloudsdale. Finally, the balloon made contact with the Cloudsdale with a quiet *poof* sound.

"Alright, let's get moving." Rainbow said, jumping out of the basket.

I slowly moved my right leg over the edge of the basket while the other stayed inside, but didn't make contact with the cloud.

"Umm." I hummed with skepticism.

"Go ahead, Caleb. Twilight said you'll be okay." Rainbow reminded.

"Alright then."

I then extended my right leg down even more with my toes pointing straight-down. My insecurity vanished when my foot made contact with the cloud. I then put my left foot on the cloud and hopped off, my weight causing the cloud to slightly depress.

"Oh, wow." I said, amazed that I was standing on an actual cloud.

"Pretty sweet, huh?" Rainbow asked.

"You have no idea." I said, crouching down to feel the cloud with my hand.

The cloud was one of the softest feeling I've ever felt before. I pressed down and the cloud seemed to mold for a split second before returning to its original shape.

"Man, this is so soft and cushiony." I admitted, fluffing the cloud and sending small vapors into the air.

"I've had my share with clouds. They're perfect for napping on." Rainbow said as she felt the cloud as well.

After fondling with the cloud for a minute, I looked onwards towards the city.

"How the heck do we even get around in this place?" I asked.

"Don't worry, man. I'll show you the way around." Rainbow said.

"Well, in that case, let's have a look around Cloudsdale." I said.

I followed Rainbow Dash through a small cloud tunnel with pillars at the entrance, which looked familiar to an architectural design that I couldn't remember, but have seen before. As we exited out the other end, we seemed to have entered the city section of Cloudsdale. There were numerous buildings, shops, and a few pegasi flying throughout the cloud streets and sky. As I studied the architectures even more, I finally realized that it looked just like the architecture from ancient Greece or Roman architecture. Pretty sure it was one of the two.

"So, what section of Cloudsdale is this? Not many pegasi around." I asked.

"This is the town section. The town is where everypony goes to do stuff, like, shopping, eating out, working at small town businesses, that kind of stuff." Rainbow replied. "Might not be as busy because it's the weekend, or visiting other parts of Equestria such as Las Pegasus.

"Las Pegasus, huh," I asked. "What other sections of Cloudsdale are there?"

"A whole lot more! There's the suburb section, The Cloudseum, Cloudsdale Weather Center, which we sent water to yesterday," Rainbow listed. "You want to check those places out?"

"Yeah, I want to check out the suburb section. Pretty sure your parents live there." I said.

Rainbow Dash jerked her head towards me.

"You were serious when you said you wanted to visit them?" she asked.

I gave Rainbow Dash a blank stare.

"Yes, I was serious," I replied. "And I'm pretty sure you know that way."

"Okay, we'll go." Rainbow gave in. "But don't blame me if they embarrass you."

"Oh my god, Rainbow Dash." I muttered.

With that, me and Rainbow Dash headed to the suburb section, just a bit southwest of the town.

Along the way, we came across more pegasi ponies, and they were just as astonished as I and Rainbow Dash predicted. They were asking questions on how I got up here and if they were liking Cloudsdale so far. After the crowd of pegasi cleared up and we continued towards the residential section, I heard something odd. It sounded like a jet engine in the distance.

"Do you pegasi have jets up here?" I asked.

"What's a jet?" Rainbow asked.

"Well, I swore I just heard a jet engine in the distan-" I said before I cut myself off from hearing it again. "There it is again!"

"That sound?" Rainbow asked.


"That's just the sound of pegasus flying at high speeds somewhere out in the distance. I would know because I fly fast." Rainbow replied.

I looked in the sky in all directions and saw two blue dots coming up from behind me, the flyby sound getting fainter as they got closer. Rainbow Dash let out a surprised gasp as she seemed to know who was coming.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" she quickly said like some sort of fangirl.

"What?" I asked.

"It's the Wonderbolts!" Rainbow declared out loud.

I looked a bit closer

"Oh, it is! Two of them!" I exclaimed.

"Quick! Do l look awesome?!" she asked.

"Uh, you look fine, Rainbow Dash." I replied.

"Good. Gotta look awesome for the Wonderbolts." Rainbow explained.

I chuckled to her slight overreaction.

The two dots turned into figures of pegasi and slowed down as they approached us before landing right in front.

"See, Soarin? Told ya' Caleb Barlow was gonna be in Cloudsdale today." Spitfire said.

"Nice to meet you, Caleb. As you know, the name's Soarin; Spitfire's Second In Command." Soarin said as he extended his foreleg towards me.

"And nice to meet another member of the Wonderbolts," I replied, shaking his hoof. "What'd you want to meet me for?"

"Well, mostly because it's break time back at HQ, but I also thought you seemed pretty cool." he replied.

"Is that so?" I asked, glancing at Rainbow, who looked a little impatient since I was getting all the Wonderbolt attention.

I thought and remembered that Rainbow was a real big fan of the Wonderbolts, so I decided make her day a whole lot better.

"Well, believe me, this mare right here is cooler than me." I said.

Spitfire and Soarin looked over at Rainbow Dash.

"Oh yeah," Soarin said as he trotted towards Rainbow Dash. "You're Rainbow Dash, right? The pegasi mare who saved us at the Young Fliers Competition, created a Sonic Rainboom, and lead the annual tornado duty?"

"Yes, sir! That would be me, sir!" Rainbow replied like a soldier would respond to a drill sergeant.

Soarin laughed to Rainbow's tone.

"Calm down, Cadet. This isn't the Wonderbolts Academy." Soarin joked.

Rainbow Dash let out a loud gasp.

"Caleb, did you hear that?! He called me a cadet!" Rainbow exclaimed in joy before doing flying somersaults in the air.

Me, Soarin, and Spitfire all smiled at her actions.

"She's a big fan." I informed.

"She sure seems it." Soarin said.

We continued to watch her for a little while and it seemed she wasn't stopping anytime soon.

"Say, i'm going to be heading over towards the residential area," I said, pointing towards the houses in the distance. "Be sure to tell her that I'm over there once you're done talking to her."

"You got it," Soarin said. "Hope you enjoy your stay in Cloudsdale."

I then began to walk over towards the residential area while Rainbow continued to dance in the air and repeating how she was called a cadet. It didn't take long for me to make to the residential area, and the houses were pretty small, to be honest. Some were so short that I could probably tower over them, but most were at least ten feet tall. I'm probably think this because of how tall the houses are in Ponyville.

As I walked through the streets of the subdivision, I really appreciated how interesting the houses looked. Instead of clouds, these structures were actually made of raw material, including bricks. Another cool feature was the fences. Instead of the average wooden fence that us humans have, the pegasi use these bendable rainbow fences that come in bands that you can wrap around to form a perimeter around their yards. Plus, they also use clouds with darker shades that act as bushes or plant decor. You see, it's just the tiny things that make Cloudsdale the way it is.

While continuing through the streets, I did come across this fairly tall stallion with a swirly pink mane, but he booked it when he saw me. I guess not everypony in Equestria is fond of me just yet. At the time, I was pretty much wandering aimlessly through the residential area, waiting for Rainbow to fly over and find me. However, my attention was brought to this stocky stallion with a grayish blue coat along with a rainbow mane and tail that slightly resembled Rainbow Dash's mane style; slightly messy. It was pretty much a dead giveaway to who I just found.

"I think I just found Rainbow Dash's father." I said to myself.

As I approached him from the left, he slightly cocked his head to the right, confused on how I was in Cloudsdale.

"Hey, you!" he called out with a slightly deep voice.

"Hi," I replied back, "how's it going?" I asked once I walked up to him.

"Either I'm dreaming, or am I seeing the first human in Equestria up here in Cloudsdale?"

"Ah, I've been getting the same question today," I said. "The name's Caleb Barlow, but you probably already knew that."

"Bow Hothoof, at your service." he introduced, extending his foreleg.

"Oh, I thought your name would have Rainbow in it, or a synonym to Dash." I said as I shook his hoof.

"Wait. Do you know my daughter?" Bow Hothoof asked.

"Oh, heck yeah. She's one of my best friends here in Equestria, and she brought me up here today to show me what Cloudsdale is like."

Bow Hothoof immediately checked the sky after I made that statement.

"Where? Where is she?" he asked, his tone becoming more excited.

"She's somewhere way back there talking to a couple of the Wonderbolts. She shouldn't be long." I replied.

"Oh, well, I was just about to head back inside. You can come inside if you'd like." Bow offered.

"Sure. Lead the way." I said.

I followed Bow Hothoof to the front door and ducked through the doorway just to get inside the house.

"Honey! Caleb Barlow, the first human in Equestria, is here!" Bow announced.

"Oh, dear, you know only pegasus can walk on Cloudsdale without falling through." Bow's wife said from another room.

Oh yeah? Well, see for yourself." Bow replied as we approached the kitchen area

I walked into the kitchen and saw a pegasus mare who had a coat color similar to Rainbow Dash's, and she had a mane that was not rainbow, but a light shade or dark orange with orange streaks.

"Oh my goodness, he really is here."

"Hi there, Mrs.... Hothoof?" I guessed.

"Oh, no. My name is Windy Whistles." she corrected, kindly.

"Sorry, my bad. As you probably know, I'm Caleb Barlow."

"Of course. Everypony around here knows you even though you live on the ground," Windy said. "Since you're our guest, would you like anything to drink or something? We've got all kinds of foods here." she offered.

"Uh, a glass of water would be fine. Thanks." I replied.


I then took a seat at the table that had a nice round seat that could probably fit six ponies on it. Shortly after, Windy Whistles gave me my glass of water and sat across from me along with Bow.

"So Caleb, tell us what brings you here?" Windy asked.

"Well, mostly because I wanted to meet the parents of the fastest flier in Equestria, and I'm frankly not disappointed." I replied.

"You know our little Dashie too?" Windy asked.

"He sure does! Him and her are best friends!" Bow confirmed.

"Well, anypony who's a friend of our Dash is a friend of ours too!" Windy beamed, happily.

"That's great! Y'know, you guys are so nice. I was expecting you both to be serious and intimidating for some reason." I admitted.

"Nope. Me and Windy are kind pegasi who just adore their daughter greatly." Bow said as he pulled Windy closer to him.

"That's sweet." I said.

As I sipped on my water, I could see Rainbow Dash out of the corner of my eye.

"Check it out. Look who's coming." I alerted.

Both parents hastefully looked out the window and absolutely went cheerful when they saw their daughter.

"Aww, she got rid of the ponytail. I thought she said was going to keep it." Windy said.

"When did she have a ponytail?" I asked, creating a mental image of Rainbow Dash with a ponytail.

"The day she moved out; saddest day ever." Windy replied.

"But still looks as cute as always." Bow said.

"She sure does, Bow." Windy agreed.

"Oh, shoot! We gotta get our shirts!" Bow exclaimed.

"You're right!" Windy gasped.

"Caleb, would you mind getting the door and lead our little filly into the kitchen once she's here?" Bow asked.

"No prob." I replied.

Bow and Windy wasted no time and dashed out of the kitchen to get their clothing. While they got their stuff, I headed over towards the door and opened it up to Rainbow Dash standing there.

"Hey, Caleb," Rainbow said, sounding a bit nervous. "How were they?"

"Aw, your parents are cool, Rainbow Dash." I said.

"No, you don't understand. They are very attached to me, and can be a little over the top at times." Rainbow said.

"Look, just drop by for a little while and we'll leave. Okay?" I said, starting to get a little bit frustrated at Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash walked in the house and looked around the living room.

"Wow, it has been quite sometime since I've been in here. I remember napping on this one chair all the time when I was a little filly." Rainbow said as she touched the chair

"All the memories coming back?" I asked.


"Follow me to the kitchen." I instructed.

As me and Rainbow Dash entered the kitchen, there was Bow and Windy, wearing short-sleeved shirts with Rainbow Dash's cutie mark printed on and caps.

"Welcome back home, Rainbow Dash!" Bow and Windy welcomed in unison.

Bow and Windy ran over towards Rainbow and locked her in a hugging embrace.

"Mom, Dad. You dressed up for me." Rainbow wheezed as both of them squeezed her tightly.

"Oh, it's been so long since we've seen you, Dash." Windy said with happiness.

"It's only been two and a half years, Mom." Rainbow said.

"Still. Feels like it has been forever." Windy said.

Bow Hothoof ruffled his daughter's hair once they finished their hug, making it more messy.

"I see you somewhat kept your mane style the same. Just like your father." Bow said.

"Yeah, but I like to keep it more aerodynamic, if you know what I mean." Rainbow Dash said, fixing her mane and putting it back to its original style.

"Oh, of course! The fastest flier in Equestria has standards." Bow replied.

"Caleb, would you mind taking a picture of us and our little Dashie?" Windy asked, handing me a camera.

"Why, I most certainly can." I said.

"Moooom! Did you have to say my nickname in front of Caleb?" Rainbow asked like a stereotypically embarrassed girl.

"Oh, come on. It's a cute nickname." Bow said.

Rainbow glanced over towards me, causing me to shrug.

"Alright everypony, say Dashie." I instructed.

"Dashie!" Bow and Windy said, but I'm pretty sure Rainbow didn't say anything.

After clicking the shutter switch, a small photo exited through the front on the camera. I inspected Rainbow's expression, which looked like a mix between happy and uncomfortable.

"Beautiful memorabilia." I said, handing Windy the photo.

"Ooh! We should put this with the rest of the Rainbow Dash memorabilia." Windy suggested.

"Great idea, dear!" Bow agreed.

Rainbow smiled, but her eyes were the widest I've ever seen before.

"To Rainbow Dash's room!" Bow shouted.

"This outta be good." I thought to myself. "You 'comin?" I asked Rainbow.

"Sure, I don't see why not." Rainbow said, sarcastically.

"It's just your room."

"I have a hunch that they did something cringeworthy to it from the day I moved out."

"We'll just have to see for ourselves."

With that, we headed down the hallway to Rainbow Dash's room where Bow and Windy waited for us. Just like the shirts Bow and Windy wore, Rainbow's bedroom door had her cutie mark plastered on it.

"Here it is. The bedroom of the most perfect pegasus in the world!" Bow said.

He then opened the door to reveal Rainbow Dash's childhood bedroom. The ceiling was grey clouds with this cool looking rainbow light hanging from the clouds, a basketball hoop attached to the wall, shelves lined with books and a few trophies, posters on the walls, a small bed for a filly, and more. Reminded me of my room when I was five.

"Wow." Rainbow said in awe.

"Is it just as you remembered it?" I asked.

"It looks untouched." Rainbow said as she picked up a basketball and shot it into the hoop.

"Just like what she used to do when she was a filly." Windy whispered to me.

"They just grow up so fast." Bow croaked, shedding a small tear.

I gave a slight pat on Bow's back in support.

"But that's not the best part." Bow said, composing himself and heading towards a curtain on the right side of the room.

Rainbow looked over towards her dad.

"What's that?" Rainbow asked.

"Me and your mom worked on this for two weeks. All dedicated to you." Bow replied.

"To me?"

"Mm-hm. You are our shining rainbow, and we wanted to do something special for you because you mean so much to us." Windy said.

"So special that we wouldn't trade you for all the gold in the universe." Bow added.

Bow then opened the door and I swear it sounded like angels singing when the door opened. The inside of the room sure showed the dedication put into it. There were photos of Rainbow Dash of all ages all over the place, pretty much every single trophy she won in her childhood, and all of these memorabilias that involved Rainbow Dash and her family. Very organized that it looked like a Rainbow Dash museum.

Rainbow Dash was blown away by seeing a whole room dedicated towards her only. She actually had a legitimate smile on her face.

"You did all of this just for me?!" Rainbow flabbergastedly asked.

"Yep. Even added the voice FX for whenever you walk in." Bow said, opening the door over and over again to prove his claim.

"Wow... I mean, I didn't realize how much you cared for me that much." Rainbow said, closely examining all of this stuff from her past.

"What would make you say that?" Windy asked.

"Well, to be honest, I used to think the way you cared for me was sort of embarrassing. I know that sounds dumb, but it was just the way I thought." Rainbow replied as she walked towards them both.

I could tell that she felt bad for the way she thought before in her eyes

"Oh, Rainbow Dash," Windy began, lifting Rainbow's head up a little so that she would look at her in the eyes, "I know that we can be a little OTP sometimes, but it's just our way of showing that we care for you." Windy explained.

"And as long as we live, we plan to keep it like that, Rainbow Dash." Bow said.

Rainbow smiled at both of her parents before she hugged her parents, which they gladly hugged back.

"I love you, Mom and Dad."

"We love you too, Dashie."

I on the other hand stood at the doorway and a smile involuntarily grew on my face. It was such a heartwarming moment for me. As I watched them, I thought about my parents as well and how they would treat me when I was little boy. There were just so many family fun memories coming back to me all at once that the bottom of my eyelids became hot from the small amount of tears building up behind them.

I then left the room for a little fresh air outside to recollect myself. When I exited the house, I sat on the small steps and rubbed the tears out with my fingers and letting out a quick and quiet sigh.

"I miss you so much." I said, looking up into the sky.

As I went to step off of the solid step and onto the cloud, the unthinkable happened; gravity took its place again. My left leg fell straight through the cloud while the right landed sideways on the step, sending me straight down towards the hard ground while doing slow cartwheels before my central mass positioned me to fall backwards while my limbs flailed in the wind. It took me a second before I screamed my lungs out as I plummeted to the ground. That was just four seconds of the trip down. From how high Cloudsdale was up, it would take me only me fifteen seconds to make contact with the ground. I stopped screaming when my psyche told me that there was no hope for me now and to accept what was to come. I then grit my teeth together and closed my eyes tightly as I braced for the impact, hoping I wouldn't feel anything. However, in a stunning turn of events, I felt myself slow down.

"Wha-?" I uttered.

"We've got you!" three voices shouted below.

I knew instantly that it was Rainbow Dash and her family who had just come to my rescue.

"Ple-- please don't drop me." I stuttered in fear.

"We won't!" Bow assured.

As I closed my eyes again and took deep breaths, I felt them make contact with the ground and set me on the grass.

"Are you okay?!" Rainbow asked, frantically.

"I-- I'm fine. I just gotta catch my-- my breath." I said, softly.

After coughing a few times, I rose up and shook my body.

"What happened? How could the spell fail on you?! Twilight said that the spell would last until she undid it!" Rainbow exclaimed.

"I know." I said.

"Well, how could it fail?" Bow asked

"I know it's not Twilight's fault at all, that I can say. But I think it might be something involving me." I replied.

"Like what?" Windy asked.

"Look, you guys should head back up to Cloudsdale for now while I get this all cleared up." I said.

"Are you sure? You don't want us to come with?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Yes, I'm sure. The two mile walk back will give me time to think," I said. "And thanks again for showing me your home, Rainbow Dash. Aside from falling, I really enjoyed spending time with you today and your family." I said.

"Thanks, Caleb. I did too. We should hang again sometime. Somewhere not in Cloudsdale next time." Rainbow said.

"Sure. See you later." I said.

"Stay safe now, okay." Bow said.

"Yep." I said before heading off back to Ponyville.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry! This is all my fault! Ugh, what did I do wrong?" Twilight ridiculed herself as she flipped through the spellbook.

"No, no, it's alright." I said.

"Alright?! Alright?! You nearly died, and you're saying it's alright?!" Twilight exclaimed.

"I think it's something about the magic from the potion inside of me." I said.

Twilight only looked at me with her hyperventilation expression.

"I can't be sure, but I think that the magic in the potion I took from Zecora is fighting off the spell." I theorized.

"How?" Twilight asked.

"Well, when I was out for those past weeks, I think the magic was infusing with my DNA and cells, what makes me up. This would explain the accelerated growth to seven foot-nine." I said.

"Hmmm. I think you might be onto something," Twilight agreed. "Are you trying to say that the potion fights off other invasive spells that are casted upon you? Basically a type of immune system?" Twilight guessed.

"Yes, precisely." I said.

"It's a longshot theory, but it's the best we got." Twilight said.

"Then we better inform this to Zecora. Hopefully, she'll be able to fix this in her potion." I said.

"I agree. Let's go."

Spell Immunity

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Spell Immunity
April 6th, 2013

As I drove through the deep section of the Dovere territories in the Everfree Forest, trying to navigate without getting stuck, I noticed Twilight staring out the window, looking a little distraught.

"This isn't your fault, Twilight. You had no idea this would even happen." I tried to comfort.

"I know that, but I just can't get over the fact that you almost... well, you know." Twilight said.

"Well, try not to worry about that because I'm right here and still alive," I said "For now, let's just stay focused on whether we can fix my problem or not. And if we can't, no biggie at all. I mean, it's not like I need to have spells casted upon me everyday to stay alive."

"You're right," Twilight nodded. "Who knows. Maybe something good will come out of our visit to Zecora's"

I only shrugged in response.

The deeper I would go into the forest, the more dense and narrow the path would become. So narrow that it would be impossible to turn around.

"Alright, we're gonna have to walk from here," I said.

"I suppose so." Twilight said, checking out the surrounding area. "Otherwise, you'll have to become the world's most skilled backwards driver."

"Yeah, no kidding there." I said.

Once we hopped out of the Defender, we continued on-foot to Zecora's hut.

Along the way, I realized how much this part of the Everfree felt like a jungle because the last time I was in these parts was during the fall, where most of the leaves fall off the trees. The whole atmosphere was moist and a tad bit humid. There was the sound of insects chirping in the background and there were gnats all over the place.

"Rrgh! Pests!" I grumbled towards the gnats while swiping at them.

Twilight took hint of my complaint and created a purple bubble shield with her magic that repelled the insects and protected both of us. I then placed my hand on the shield, and it was as solid as a rock.

"A bubble shield? Niiice." I said

"Magic does have its helpful moments at times." Twilight said.

With Twilight's shield covering us, we continued onwards to Zecora's.

"Can you use magic to wish anything you want? Like a genie?" I asked.

Twilight gave a blank stare before answering.

"Actually... no. I never heard of any magic spells that extraordinarily advanced."


"The only pony who could possibly cast that spell would be Star Swirl The Bearded, but there never was documentation of him casting a spell like that." Twilight said.

"Oh yeah, I heard about him in the history book for Equestria. He created over two hundred magic spells, right?" I asked

"Two hundred and fifty to be exact." Twilight corrected.

"And he's, like, your idol?" I asked.

"Mmm-hmm. He is one of the reasons why I strife in my studies in magic and the magic of friendship." Twilight said.

I grinned and nodded to her statement.

"Hey Twilight." I began.


"I'm just wondering, but am I also part in your studies of the magic of friendship? Or is it just circulated around you, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash? Since you six are the elements of harmony."

"Of course you're part of my studies the magic of friendship. Everypony can be part of the magic of friendship. The magic of friendship is what makes us all whole, just like you and every single friend you've made in Equestria. And so far, I believe the magic of friendship will never fail between you and us, even if we somehow go through tough times in the future." Twilight said.

"Good. I'm glad to hear that, Twilight." I said before both me and Twilight turned our heads to a knocking sound that came from the outside our shield, which turned out to be Rainbow Dash.

"Hey Rainbow Dash." I greeted.

"How did you find us?" Twilight asked.

"Well, I came by your place to see how Caleb was doing, and Spike told me that you two were going to Zecora's hut. He said you two are hoping that Zecora can fix Caleb's immunity problem." Rainbow explained.

"Spell immunity." Twilight clarified.

"Wait, your theory was correct?" Rainbow asked me.

"So far were not considering it to be the answer to my problem, but it's the best we've got for now." I said.

"Oh, I gotcha," Rainbow said, inspecting our shield. "What's with the shield?"

"Are the gnats gone?" I asked.

"Uhh, no gnats here." Rainbow replied.

Twilight then deactivated her shield, allowing Rainbow Dash to group up with us.

"You 'comin?" I asked.

"Yep. As you know, loyalty is my element, and I ain't leaving a friend's side in a time of need." Rainbow said.

"Alright then, let's go." I said.

About eight minutes had to of gone by before all three of us smelled something. If my nose is correct, it smelled like herbal scents, clear indication that we were close to Zecora's place.

"We must be close." I said.

"Zecora's hut should be down this path right here." Twilight said.

Soon enough, we found Zecora's relatively distinctive tree-hut, still having all of those colored potion bottles hanging from the branches. We then walked up to the front door and knocked three times.

"Hey Zecora, it's Caleb, Twilight Sparkle, and Rainbow Dash." I called out.

Zecora opened the door, giving me a welcoming expression.

"Hi, Zecora," I greeted, taking in the herbal scent that had a little spice in it. "How are you?" I asked.

"I am doing quite fine, my fellow human. For I was just mixing a stew with a dash of cumin." Zecora replied in her usual rhyming couplets.

"Ah." I said.

"What is your intention to be here, if I may mention?" Zecora asked.

Twilight then stepped forward to explain what is going on.

"We need your help, Zecora. Caleb seems to be experiencing a new effect from the strength potion he took." Twilight said.

"Is this effect bad? Judging by your expression, you look very unglad." Zecora noticed.

"Yeah. Really bad! He nearly died from it!" Rainbow said.

"Die, you say? Oh my!" Zecora said, very shocked about this bold statement.

"What Rainbow is trying to say," Twilight butted in, blocking Rainbow, "is that we think that the potion is creating its own immunity to foreign spells, rendering them unusable for him."

"I am quite perplexed, but I think I might be able to save a quest for an answer." Zecora said.

"You do?" I asked.

Yes. I have an idea on how to fix what I've mixed in your potion." Zecora replied.

Zecora walked over to a shelf with a lined up row of potions. She then grabbed a familiar looking potion, but a lighter green color. Me, Twilight and Rainbow all looked at each other from curiosity.

"Hey, that's the same potion I took back when I first got here." I said.

"That is most correct, but I have made some adjustments that might connect with you." Zecora said as she shook the liquid.

"Like what?" I asked.

"Minus the searing pain, out of my kindness." Zecora referenced.

"Well man, that's good news." I said

"Indeed. But it cannot fit the need for a bearable taste." Zecora said.

"Eh, that's okay. At least my insides won't feel like they're on fire, so that's a plus." I said.

"But wait, did you modify the potion or something?" Rainbow asked.

"Not yet. But I have the fix in that net." Zecora replied, walking over towards a medium hammock on the wall that held several flowers, herbs, and all kinds of ingredients necessary for her potion creating needs.

She shuffled through the multicolored flowers and pulled out a flower that had grey petals and darker shade of gray in the middle, almost as if the color had been saturated out of existence.

"Oooh, what kind of plant is that?" Twilight asked with interest.

"A Behgon. A flower that possesses an ability that the others can't." Zecora replied. "A plant that can remove any effect that one wishes, but must be told the words to avoid any misses." Zecora explained.

"What do you mean by 'misses'?" I asked.

"The user has to tell the plant what must be expelled in a certain way. If one quells for too long, it will miss the point and will become all but useless," Zecora explained. "So please, it must be silent so that I can be at ease."

Me, Twilight, and Rainbow all nodded and kept our mouths shut.

Zecora then set the flower ever so gently on the wooden table and slowly placed her forelegs on the table while standing on her hind legs. Her eyes closed and she drooped her head over the flower for a few seconds before she began to quietly talk at a rapid pace. She was talking so fast that it would seem as if she was speaking a thousand words a minute. I tried to listen to what she was saying to the plant. I could easily make out her strong African accent, but the words were just so indistinguishable for me. Who knows what she was saying to it. I mean, all she had to do was tell the plant what she wanted to be removed, but maybe there's a deeper meaning behind this little ritual she's doing. Me and two mares watched Zecora with anticipation for about a minute or so before her speaking slowed down.

"And that is why I need this to be removed. To allow my human friend to move on with the magic inside of him." Zecora finished.

Zecora then got back on all fours and walked over towards a counter to grab a wooden bowl. Once the bowl was settled on the table, she picked up the flower and placed it inside the bowl. She then looked down into it, waiting for something.

"Is it-" I began.

"Shh! No words!" Zecora shushed in a quiet yet firm tone.

Me and the girls looked at each other once again from how intrigued we were at the moment. A few seconds had past, and we noticed something changing; something we weren't expecting. The flower then began to dry up as if it were in a desert for a week.

"What?" I asked myself in my head.

The flower then disintegrated into millions of pieces, looking like a pile of fresh ash. Zecora then took the bowl and began to gyrate it elegantly like a work of art for three times before tilting it the bowl at the top of the potion bottle, pouring the flower into the green mixture inside. The potion instantly reacted and tiny white strands in the light green liquid began to disappear, giving the color a more green texture rather than whitish-green.

"It is done. Now come and see." Zecora instructed us three.

We walked over towards Zecora and looked at the potion in front of us.

"Did that get rid of the immunity inside this potion?" I asked.

"Yes, Caleb. Drink and tell me what you think." Zecora said.

I grabbed the bottle, examined the liquid again, and looked at the girls.

"Bottoms up." I said before bringing my head back and chugging down the potion to avoid the extremely bitter taste.

I then brought the bottle down on the table with a *clank*.

"Any better?" Twilight asked.

"Has the bitter taste, but not that bad, actually," I replied. "Now what?" I asked Zecora.

"Give it time. Five minutes shouldn't be much of a crime." Zecora said, flipping a five minutes hourglass on the opposite side of the sand filled side.

"So, what will happen to me now? Will I get even taller and stronger?" I asked.

"No. But I will say that the immunity will be gone by today." Zecora said.

"Excellent!" I exclaimed.

"Thank you so much, Zecora!" Twilight thanked.

"Yeah, thanks! Who knows what we would've done if we didn't have a potion expert like you." Rainbow said.

"You are quite welcome." Zecora replied for the thanks.

As we waited for the minutes passed, I asked Zecora why she did the ritual the way she did, hoping she wouldn't be annoyed with the question.

"So, what were you saying to the plant?" I asked.

"Hmm?" Zecora hummed.

"When you were talking to the Behgon. What were you saying, if you don't mind me asking?" I asked.

"I was connecting with it, telling it why I met with it," Zecora said. "The Behgon needs a reason to remove a certain ingredient. For example, it will not take a reason that involves with treason."

"Oh, I see what you mean." I understood.

"So, if somepony were to eat the Behgon, would that mean they would fade from existence?" Twilight asked.

"Precisely, Twilight Sparkle." Zecora replied.

"Wow. I never would've thought a plant could do something so deadly." Rainbow said.

"Equestria sure is full of mysterious things." I said.

"Uh-huh." everypony agreed.

"Oh, I believe the five minutes is up." Zecora noticed the hourglass. "Time to test if the potion will come to your aleve."

"I know how we could test it." Rainbow Dash spoke up.

"How?" I asked.

"Twilight casted the cloud-walk spell on you earlier, right?" Rainbow asked.

"Oh, I see what you're going with. Do you remember how to do the spell, Twilight?" I asked.

"Yep. Good idea, Rainbow Dash." Twilight praised.

"I'll head up into the sky and grab a patch of cloud for you to stand on." Rainbow said before flying out the door.

With that, I went outside where there was plenty of open space for Twilight to cast the spell on me again. Once the misty magic was absorbed into me once again, Rainbow Dash came back down from the sky with a two foot wide patch of white, puffy cumulus. Zecora then walked outside to observe if her efforts fixed my problem. Rainbow settled the patch of cloud steadily, floating off the ground a little bit. I then stepped forward and stood next to the cloud while everypony stared in anticipation.

"This is it." I said.

"Moment of truth." Rainbow added.

I then jumped upwards and fell feet first, only to have myself fall straight through the cloud, poofing it out into multiple vapors before dissipating into the air. Everypony gasped loudly to the failure.

"Damn!" I exclaimed. "Well... I guess my theory was correct."

"Aw man!" Rainbow said.

"I'm sorry, Caleb. I did the best I could." Zecora apologized.

"Hey, it's no problem. At least you tried, and that's the important thing." I said.

"Perhaps the magic from the original potion has been in your body for so long that it has become irreversible." Twilight added on to our proven theory.

"I agree." Zecora said.

I then let out a small sigh.

"Welp, I'd like to thank you again, Zecora. Thanks for being who you are and helping out a friend in need." I said.

"My pleasure, but it is a bit of a displeasure for me, that I couldn't fix your immunity." Zecora said.

"Don't worry about it. I'll get by fine with the immunity." I said.

"Before you go back to Ponyville, I have a snack for all three of you." Zecora offered.

"I like snacks." I said.

"Me too." Twilight said.

"Count me in on that." Rainbow said.

Zecora headed back into her hut and came back out with three bowls of her stew she was cooking earlier.

"Please. Take some of herbal vegetable stew with the kick of cumin. It is good for both pony and human." Zecora said.

"Nice." Rainbow said.

As I sipped on the stew with my spoon, I was quite pleased. The broth and the cumin are a perfect mix for each other, like peas and carrots, and the vegetables actually tasted pretty fresh for sitting in a boiling pot of broth.

"Mmm, that's really, really good." I admitted through my slurps.

"Mmm-hmm." Twilight and Rainbow agreed.

After we finished our stew and handed back our bowls, we said our farewells to Zecora and left back for Ponyville. Even though I couldn't get this immunity ridded of, I'm still happy Zecora was glad to help out. We'll just have to see how thing will go for now.

Unwanted Territory

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Unwanted Territory
April 14th, 2013

Although today was Sunday and I had nothing else better to do, I decided to take a drive to the Everfree Forest and do a inspection since tomorrow night is when I have to head back to the old nightly grind. And to be frank, there hasn't been a smidge of evidence of Timberwolf activity in the Dovere territories. My guess is that they're somewhere hiding deep in the Hueyu and the Batchu territories, but those territories aren't my problem. I'm just glad they aren't a problem right now, but I think I may have discovered another inhabitant who may not be too fond of others invading his territory.

I drove along the southern border line of the Dovere territories, making occasional stops to venture in the Dovere section of the forest to make thorough investigations of the area. Every stop was just the same: I started near the entrance of the Everfree and worked my way up to the border. The way it worked out is that I would probably cover about half a mile of area before heading back and driving over to my next stop.

Before exiting the vehicle for my 17th stop, I lazily slouched on the driver's seat of the Defender and looked at my wristwatch, which read 14:44.

"Gee, I could've stayed home today. No toppled trees, mannequins are fine, no markings." I thought to myself.

Once I situated the straps of my backpack on my shoulders, I headed off into the dense forest in hopes to find something. Yep. This job gets a little dull once I really don't have anything to fight off on my night shifts, but I still know that what I'm doing is for the good and safety for Ponyville.

For a while, I was walking around in the forest and observing my surroundings for the slightest detail or clue that something supernormal or mythical that could've trekked through the area until I found a downed branch in the grass. At first I was just going to brush it off as an everyday branch that snapped off from the wind or something like that. But then I looked at the ground again and noticed a copious amount of green leaves that were shaken off. From their appearance, it looks like they were either ripped into tiny pieces or simply had little tears in them.

"No way a tree squirrel would've done this. Even if it were three times its size."

I set the branch down on the ground a looked up into the tree, finding nothing biological up there, but found a little squirrel hole that was carved on the side of the tree. Curious to see if anything was in it, I peeked my head into the hole, but found nothing inside, but there were a few stone pebbles and acorns inside. I scratched my head in curiosity to why a squirrel would be interested in stone pebbles, which only made me feel a little bit suspicious for some reason. This feeling grew even more when I looked at the bottom rim of the hole and saw two small claw marks that cut through the wood. The claws were far, far too small to be a Timberwolves, but they seemed to be angular and very pointed.

I looked down at the small pebble again, but realized that there was another one that was barely hidden from being obstructed by two acorns next to each other. As I picked up the stone filament to examined it, I saw something that was quite odd. The stone turned out to be a tiny hand from a squirrel, but it was calcified into grayish-white stone.

"Is that a... hand?"

I mean, it had to be a hand of a squirrel. It had the five digits of fingers and claws. Not only that, but the fur that was probably once nice and fluffy was now but jagged edges that stood up on end. This discovery alone made me realize that there is something new around here, but I needed more evidence to know what is truly around here. And so, I put the hand in my pocket and continued onwards, unholstering the Igneous from the right side of my backpack.

I alertly walked along for about a few more minutes before I exited the dense forest and entered a somewhat small clear opening with nothing but tall light green grass. It was strange because the outer rim of this clearing was surrounded by the forest's trees, but it was just this part that was nothing but grass. This made feel very uneasy because this grass was about four feet tall. Even though I could see over the grass, due to my height, I still didn't know what could be in here. I needed to keep in mind that whatever is out here could possibly not be a nocturnal creature. Timberwolves are the only known creature that can only be out at night.

I then pulled out the X-Ray Sensor and pressed the sweep button to check for anything hiding in the grass, and what I got was absolutely chilling. Once the pulse wave swept across the clearing of tall grass, multiple orange x-ray figures of animals were lying across the clearing, motionless. Some were full bodied while some weren't. I stared at the scene for a moment before the x-rays faded, causing me press the pulse button again. I walked up to one of the x-rays that was shattered into tiny fragments and scooped a pile of it into my hand.

"Oh, what the hell." I said to myself as I looked at the fragments.

However, ten feet away from me was a full bodied x-ray figure and I walked over to inspect it. What I found was a rabbit that was stonified with a terrified expression frozen on its face.

"Well, at least they're just turned to stone." I whispered.

I checked out the stonified rabbit for about a minute or so before I unzipped my backpack and stored it inside. Using the X-Ray sensor again, I walked around the clearing and did my best to find more stonified animals that were still in one piece. I found about thirteen more before I only found bits and pieces of the others, and there were lots scattered all over the place.

What I planned on doing next was taking these fourteen animals over to Fluttershy's cottage. I would've taken these animals home with me so that Twilight could reverse the stonification, but she has no spell on to do that. What I'm hoping is that the spell will wear off and Fluttershy will be able to take care of them. I'm pretty sure Fluttershy would gladly oblige to this certain request.

And so, once I had my statues all packed in my backpack pouches, I walked back to the Defender. While I was navigating my way through the forest, I swear that I got this feeling of being watched. I may have been a little bit paranoid at the time, but, argh, it was just that feeling when you think someone's walking up from behind you, but no one's there.

After running to the Defender and starting it up, I took one last in the direction of the clearing. I wish I could say that I wasn't staring at something, but I had a feeling I was. I then thrusted the gearstick into first gear and floored it out of there.

I pulled over and parked the Defender by the side of the path, hid the Igneous, Timberferno, and all my C.A.M.A related stuff under the seats and secret compartments I found, and grabbed my backpack filled with the animals. When I exited the vehicle, I immediately took notice to Fluttershy talking with some of her bird friends while some of her land animal friends huddled around her.

"Hey." I called out.

"Hi there, Caleb." Fluttershy greeted with a wave.

"What's everyone all huddled up for?" I asked.

"Well, I've been helping my bird friends practice their tweets more because they want to have a more lively tone in the morning. And as you can see, we seemed to have attracted an audience," Fluttershy replied. "Oh, and it also seems that you've gotten Harry's attention." Fluttershy said as she looked over me.

I then turned around, expecting another little animal friend like a rabbit or something, but instead I saw an animal who was much bigger.

"Whoa-ho!" I exclaimed in startlement from seeing a bear walking right up towards me.

"There's no need to worry, Caleb. He may look big and scary on the outside, but inside, he's really a loveable lug." Fluttershy assured.

"O-oh yeah?" I asked, still pretty nervous.

Harry stared at me in the eyes and stood on his two hind legs once he got right up to me, towering about two feet higher than me. The more a looked at him, the more I began to believe Fluttershy. Sure, he was a big guy, but he had an expression that made him look more friendly in a way, but still keeping that intimidating bear face. I was at a lost of words and didn't really know how to introduce myself to a bear, but Harry had his own way introducing himself.

"Um... hi there, Harry. Wait, does he even understand what I'm sayi-"

Without warning, Harry brought his furry arms outwards and just wrapped them around me tightly, lifting me off the ground in the process, and emitted a welcoming grunt.

"Mmpf! Nice to meet you too, Harry." I compressively wheezed.

Harry then gently set me back on the ground and waved at me with a growl.

"He's a bit of a hugger." Fluttershy said.

"He sure does put literacy in the term bear hug." I said as I patted Harry on the shoulder, causing Fluttershy to softly laugh.

"Anyways, what brings you here? Did you want to listen to the birds melodies?" Fluttershy asked.

One bird tweeted a short tune to me for a demonstration.

"No, thanks," I replied. "But can we talk inside your cottage for a few minutes?" I replied.

"Sure," Fluttershy obliged. "I'll be right back." she said to her animal friends.

Once we were both inside and the door was closed, I set my backpack on the floor and unzipped it.

"So why did you want to talk in private for?" Fluttershy asked as she sat next to me on her couch.

"Okay, so I was in the Everfree Forest today, and I found these animals that appear to have been turned to stone, Fluttershy." I replied.

"Turned to stone?" she asked with confusion.

I then reached into the backpack and revealed one of the rabbits that was turned to stone.

"Oh, no!" Fluttershy gasped. "W-where did you find these?" she asked as she held the statute close to her.

"Uh, about seven and a half miles south of here," I said, removing more of the statues and sat them vertically on the floor. "I, uh... I was hoping you could watch over these fourteen animals and monitor them. Just incase if the stonification wears off."

"Oh, absolutely. I'll set up food bowls next to each individual animal. If they unstonify, then they'll have something to eat after all the time of being turned to stone." Fluttershy said.

"Great idea, Fluttershy. I think it should be best if your animal friends don't see any of these." I said.

"I agree. It would probably be too scary for them if they saw these poor things." Fluttershy agreed.

Right after she said that, me and her both noticed Angel walk into the room, his mouth agape.

"Angel! Don't look!" Fluttershy exclaimed.

Angel then went on his hind legs, brought his paw over his forehead and fainted onto the floor. Fluttershy rushed over towards him to his aid.

"Just find a spot to hide the statues, if you'd please." I said as I grabbed my backpack.

"I got it." Fluttershy said as she splashed a little bit of water onto Angel's face, waking him.

I then walked to the door, but Fluttershy seemed to have the same idea of what was doing this.

"Caleb, wait!" Fluttershy called out.

"Yes?" I asked as I turned towards her.

"I think I might know what could've done something like this." Fluttershy said.

"Really? What do you think it is?" I asked, even though I already knew what did this.

"Well, about two years ago or so, I encountered a creature called the Cockatrice."

"Just as I suspected," I said as I nodded my head. "Head of a chicken, body of a serpent, and has wings?" I asked.

"That's it!" Fluttershy exclaimed. "How did you know?"

"I know my mythical creatures, but thanks for the answer anyways. I'll try to figure something out and maybe I can resolve this problem." I said.

"I could help. I can use my stare to intimidate him away." Fluttershy said.

"A stare?" I asked.

"Yes. It works on almost anypony, even the Cockatrice. My stare has the ability to intimidate others. It may sound crazy, but it's true." she replied.

I thought for a moment in silence.

"I appreciate the offer to help, Fluttershy, but this is something that needs to go away. Forever." I said.

"Oh, um, are you sure you want to go down that route? Maybe we can reason with it or something." Fluttershy said timidly.

"I don't think that'll work out with a Cockatrice. Judging by what I saw in that clearing, the Cockatrice is something that is not only a threat to Ponyville, but for the animals that live in the area. It must be stopped, Fluttershy." I said.

Fluttershy looked back at the statues before she nodded her head with agreement.

"Maybe you're right. I'll make sure to stay here and watch over them." Fluttershy said.

"Good. Thanks for being the kind mare you are." I said.

"You're welcome, Caleb." she replied.

Fluttershy then collected the statues and flew into another room to hide them while I walked out of her cottage. When I walked out, Harry gave me a small daisy, which I guess is a sign of friendship.

"Oh, thanks, Harry," I said as I inspected the flower. "Y'know, you remind me a lot of Fluttershy. Guess it's because you spend time with her."

Harry nodded his head and lowly grunted.

"All right, well, you guys keep right on it with your melodies." I said to the birds, which they responded by singing another tune towards me.

After that little visit, I got into the Defender and drove back to the library.

"Hello-hello." I said as walked into the library.

"Wow, you've been gone for a long time. Didn't you leave here around eight in the morning?" Spike replied as he read one of his comic books on the couch.

"Yeah, I was just taking a drive, remember?" I said.

"Where? Half way across Equestria?" Spike asked.

"Well, I did stop at Fluttershy's for a while, but I took a hike through the forest, too." I replied.

"That explains." Spike said.

"Where's Twilight?" I asked.

"She's upstairs, writing a letter to Princess Celestia for the week."

"Ah. I think I'll go write one to my old history teacher." I said.

"All right." Spike said as he continued to read.

When I got upstairs to get a piece of paper and a quill pen, Twilight appeared to be proof-reading her letter at her desk.

"Hey Twilight." I said.

"Hi, Caleb. I'm just finishing up my friendship lesson letter for Princess Celestia."

"What did you learn?"

"That I should stop worrying about the smallest things and let the future handle itself."

"Sounds pretty good. Now I know a decent friendship lesson."

"Were you wanting to write a letter too?" she noticed as I waited for her to get off her stool.

"Yep. Gotta send my weekly report to Night Hunter." I said softly, making sure that Spike couldn't hear.

"No problem. Desk is all yours." Twilight said as she moved away from the desk.

Twilight then walked downstairs to have Spike send the letter to Celestia. I on the other hand, moved the stool out of the way and got on both of my knees. I then got a piece of blank paper, dipped the quill into ink, and began to write.

Dear Night Hunter,

Though most of the past week's letters may have been pretty boring, I just want to say right off the bat that this week's will be a bit more interesting. Night Hunter, I have found evidence of the Cockatrice about eight miles south of Ponyville, next to the Dovere border. Its territory appears to be an abnormally clear opening, and I say abnormally because all around this clearing is the dense forest. I just find it odd that this one section is clear of any vegetation except grass and perfectly spherical. Therefore, I plan on engaging the Cockatrice tomorrow night and will set up a trap today. First, I'll cut down as much grass I can to make it as short as possible, place a mannequin in the center, and will be able to nab the Cockatrice with the Ingenous from a good sniping distance. But I'll have to be careful while setting this up because this thing can still come out during the day, so that's a small downside. However, I could probably fix this problem with my camo outfit so that I'll be less obvious. If things don't go as I plan and goes down south on the night I confront the Cockatrice, I will be sure to have an escape plan because as you know, this thing has powers that are very dangerous, so don't worry about me. Other than this discovery, I have found nothing else suspicious in the Dovere territories. Heck, not even Timberwolf activity. But anyways, this is my report of the week, and I'll explain what happens in the next letter.


Agent Barlow

"That looks pretty good." I said as I skimmed over my letter.

After proof-reading my letter as well, I folded my paper and put it into an envelope. Once the address and everything was written on the envelope, I drove off to the post office to mail my letter.

Chicken of The Everfree

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Chicken of The Everfree
April 15th, 2013
8:18 PM

When I pulled up to my destination, Celestia was just about finished lowering the sun while Luna was almost done raising the moon. An orange glow casted over the trees behind me while the dark, starry sky began to form in front of me. I took in the sight for a while before I turned off the engine and exited the vehicle. I then went to the backdoor and opened it up to grab my backpack, equipment, weapons, etc.

After brushing off my camouflage outfit, I entered the dense forest that was close to being pitch black, but the beams of light from the moon shined through the leaves attached on the branches of the trees. Tonight was a relatively quiet night, really silent in the forest. This is good because I was able to hear whether something was around me or not, but I didn't really hear anything else besides occasional snaps of twigs when I stepped on them. I used the X-ray Pulse to check the perimeter and make sure I wasn't being followed, but the only figures that came up were a few deer grazing in the forest.

Once I pushed through the thick foliage, I finally entered the circular clearing that was riddled with stonified animals. The thought of that made me slightly nervous because the Cockatrice could be in there at the moment, so I used the X-ray Pulse again. Even though the petrified animals were the only skeletal figures that showed up, I still decided to just stick to the rim of the circular clearing and work my way around it until I reach my sniping tree. Yeah, I'm really cautious in these kind of situations, but the walkaround isn't that long. Not only that, but the whole vibe in the area was slightly depressing for me. Y'know, all these animals were just living their lives and then they unknowingly entered this section of the forest, only to meet the Cockatrice. I hope the fourteen animals I found will unstonify soon because they sure weren't yesterday.

But anyways, when I got over to where I needed to be, I turned the mannequin towards the direction I was going to be positioned. The reason why I made this change was because if the Cockatrice tries to look at the mannequin in the eyes, it'll also might be looking at me in its peripheral vision, then the Cockatrice will have a more likely chance to spot my position and I don't want that happening at all.

I then went twenty feet back into the forest behind the mannequin and climbed up into my vantage point tree. I situated my legs on the two thick branches that slightly spread out to make a small v-shape while I sat on a part of the tree that acted like a chair. To be honest, this was the most comfortable tree I have ever sat on. With the flick of a switch, the Igneous turned on and began to fill with the magical yellow energy, vibrating in my hands at the same time. I raised the long range scope up to my right eye and adjusted the zoom a little bit so that I could get a clear and accurate shot at the thoracic area since a hit from that section of the body usually seems to stonify any creature the quickest. With my X-Ray Pulse at my side, I was now ready for the night. All I have to do now is wait for the Cockatrice to arrive back to its territory and take the bait.

12:54 PM

Something's was moving around, and it was not far. I was hearing all of these weird sounds in the distance. They sounded like some sort of faint, bone-chilling screech, but I couldn't be sure if it was the Cockatrice or not. Could've been any animal. Each screech gave me chills and every single hair on my body stood up on end. But shortly after, the screeching came to a stop and everything went quiet again.

I then took this as a good time to check if anything was approaching. I pressed the pulse button and scanned the area front, left, right, and back. When I looked back, there was a very small orange figure about 90 meters from my position, and slowly approaching towards my position.

"Okay, okay." I whispered, turning off the Igneous because the weapon gives off a low hum, and the figure might hear the audible hum if it gets too close.

The figure slowly walked the ninety meters for about a minute before it was no more than twenty feet away from my tree. This allowed me to get a better look at the skeletal figure with the X-ray Pulse. What I saw was the skull and legs of a chicken, and the skeleton of a serpent with wings, which were folded at its sides. The Cockatrice remained silent as it proceeded forward, carrying another stonified victim in its mouth. I bit my lip and held my breath as the Cockatrice walked underneath the tree and stopped right when it passed by, dropping the stonified animal onto the ground with a thud. From the direction it was staring, it was looking right at the mannequin standing out in the clearing. The Cockatrice began to quietly cluck, which honestly sounded somewhat comical, but still very terrifying by its surrealy dark tone. All of a sudden, with one flap of both its wings, it flew right towards the mannequin and just forcefully tackled it right onto the ground.

"BA-KERRR!" the Cockatrice loudly cawed at the mannequin as its glowing red eyes peered into the mannequins eyes.

Quickly, I switched the Igneous back on and wasted no time to line up the scope with my right eye and pulled the trigger. The beam of magic energy hit the Cockatrice in the thoracic area, sending it flying back and tumbling on the ground for a few meters before it went stiff as a board.


I then slowly descended down my tree and picked up the freshly stonified animal that the Cockatrice was carrying, which turned out to be a raccoon. It was still full bodied, so I could probably take this raccoon over to Fluttershy's place tomorrow. After I put the raccoon into my backpack and holstering the Igneous, I walked over towards the Cockatrice to retrieve and take it back to the Land Rover because I forgot my smashing sledgehammer in the back.

When I walked up to it, I turned on my attachable flashlight and noticed how thin the stone layer on the Cockatrice was. I picked it up and inspected it, it's beak filled with jagged, sharp teeth and a fork-like tongue. There was no pupils or iris' at all, just a plain color red.

"God, this thing is creepy."

As I rotated it, a small chip of stone broke off the left side and landed on the ground, revealing it's bluish-green scales. The Cockatrice then began to breathe again, and this caused more pieces of stone to shed off. I felt the creature begin the shake inside the stone layer, which only freed itself even more.

"Aw crap, it's breaking free!" I exclaimed to myself as I dropped the Cockatrice from fear, onto the ground.

The Cockatrice then broke free from its stone imprisonment and let out a threatening caw towards me and looked right into my eyes. I immediately covered my eyes with my left hand while my right hand quivered as I tried to grab the Igneous. Before I could aim my sights, I heard a loud flap of its wings and the Cockatrice had disappeared into the sky.

"Oh, no, no, no, no!" I repeated as I turned on the Igneous and began to aim all over the place with haste.

Like I said, the forest was so quiet that you could hear the smallest sounds; and all I heard was the sound of heart beating at a fast pace and the sound of wings flapping in the sky, but I couldn't see it because it was so dark. One second it would be to my right, and then it would be at my left, back, and front. It just wouldn't stop moving. This repetitive pattern eventually tricked me; when I thought it was going to move in front of me, it went for my back instead.

The Cockatrice then rammed me in the back like a bullet and sent me fumbling forward, nearly losing balance. It's talons gripped my shoulders and began to wrap its tail around my neck. I tensed my neck up as I let out grunty breaths for air from being strangled by the strong tail and I began to yank at the tail. However, with quick thinking and strength, I reached behind my head and managed to get a gripped on the Cockatrices neck aswell and snatched the Cockatrice off my shoulders, holding it out in front of me with my eyes closed. I then grabbed the Igneous with my right hand, brought it upwards, and began to repeatedly hit the Cockatrice with blunt force, like an aluminum bat. At the third strike, the Cockatrice let out a screechy caw and sunk its teeth into my wrist, sending the sensation of sharp pinches through my wrist.

"GAH!" I yelled out from the instantaneous stinging pain, dropping the Cockatrice onto the ground.

The Cockatrice attempted to fly away, but couldn't because it seemed I had broken its right wing, but it ran away instead. Before I could shoot it again, it had already retreated into the forest to recover. I had the same idea aswell and ran off back towards the Land Rover to get my first-aid kit. As I gripped my wrist from the pain, I could feel a slightly warm liquid on my skin that was leaking out of me.

Once I ran through the forest, I jumped into the Defender, turned it on, and just floored it out of there. As I sped away, I turned on the interior roof light to inspect my injury; a steady, slow flow of dark red blood coated my wrist and ran down my right hand.

"Fucking stupid bullshit! How could I of known it could unstonify itself?!" I growled to myself, striking the Land Rover logo on the steering wheel with my fist.

Once I got about a mile away from the area I was just at, I pulled over to the side of the path and reached for the first aid kit. First, I grabbed the bottle of alcohol and a medium sized gauze pad. I poured a small amount of alcohol onto the pad and wrapped it around the wound. It stung like a son of a bee sting, but it helps. Some may think that alcohol is bad for a wound like this, but since this land is well known for being magical, this alcohol is magical as well. Within a few hours, my wounds would be healed from the encouraged cell regeneration. I let that sit on for a while before I removed it and tightly wrapped some ace bandage around my right wrist to halt the bleeding and protect the open wounds from debris during the accelerated healing process.

As I finished, I put the Defender into first gear again and proceed to drive again.

"Uhh, what am I going to do now? I gotta think of how I'm going to catch this thing for good." I thought to myself.

As that thought dwelled in my head, I decided to just call it a night and head back to Twilight's for some sleep and deal with this situation tomorrow.

Forgotten Day

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Forgotten Day
April 16th, 2013

"Well, are you alright?" Twilight asked with concern as we walked through Ponyville.

"Right now I am. It was a whole lot worse last night." I said, unwrapping a section on my bandage.

Twilight hissed through her teeth at the sight of the four teeth marks that punctured about one millimeter down into my skin, two on each side of my wrist. May not sound like much, but that's pretty deep for a bite.

"And are you sure you don't want to get your injury looked at by a doctor? We could both head over to the hospital right now." Twilight said.

"Nah, I'm pretty sure it's okay," I said, wrapping my wound up again. "Besides, I put some of that magical cell regenerative alcohol on it, and it seems to be doing its job well."

"Hmm. I have heard rumors of rubbing alcohol like that, but you can never find any. Looks like those rumors have been proven," Twilight said. "What will you do now?"

"Earlier today while I was lying in bed, I was busy brainstorming all of these ideas on how I could defeat the Cock- chicken, and I remembered this one story I heard of before." I said.

"What's that?" Twilight asked.

"In greek mythology, there is an evil woman named Medusa, who possesses the power to turn anyone who looks into her eyes into stone."

"Oh, so she basically has the same powers as the chicken." Twilight said, putting emphasis on the word chicken to cover up what we were discussing about since there was a crowd of ponies near us.

"Right. And so, I was thinking, if the chicken could possess those powers aswell, could it be possible for it to stonify itself in a mirror?" I asked.

Twilight thought for a seconds before nodding her head in agreement.

"That's actually not a bad idea at all, Caleb."

"But now all I need is a mirror so that I can--"

Before I could finish, I stopped because I heard a distinctive *zing* sound come from behind me. It almost sounded like something was speeding right past us. Me and Twilight both poked our heads down the alleyway between two houses to find the source of the cartoonish sound, but found nothing but the green grass.

"Did you hear that?" I asked.

"I did." Twilight said.

"Eh, could've been anything. Now let's head down to the store and buy ourselves a mirror." I said.

I pulled out a bag of bits, which made the coins inside jingle.

"But I got a few extra mirror back at the library, Caleb. You can use those." Twilight offered.

"What kind of mirror? Small, square, round?" I listed.

"It's a 24 inch by 24 inch square mirror. Is that good enough?" Twilight said.

"I could probably prop the mirror up with a large stone, but yeah, that should do the trick real good." I said.

"Good. That'll save you a few extra bits, right?" Twilight said.

"That's right." I said.

"Oh, and another thing, stonify isn't the word you should use to describe something being turned to stone. It's petrify." Twilight said.

"Really? I did not know that." I said, a little dumbfounded.

"And if you were to say stonification, then it would be changed to petrification." Twilight informed.

"I get the idea." I said.

Twilight gave me a friendly grin before we walked back to the Golden Oak Library to retrieve the mirror. When we got back to the library, Twilight led me upstairs into the spare room and gave me the hand-held mirror that stood up against the nightstand.

"This'll do nicely," I said as I checked out the mirror. "You want this back in good condition or no?"

"That doesn't really matter to me. It used to be my spare mirror incase my other one broke, but I'm too precautious with glass for that to ever happen." Twilight said.

"That sounds a lot like you, Twilight." I said.

"Now what will you do?" Twilight asked.

"Well.... I'm not sure. I know how I'm going to defeat it, but now I need to find out how I'm going to lure the chicken over to the mirror, or at least somewhere near it. The chicken most likely has gotten smart enough to know that the mannequins are fake." I replied.

"You're probably right about the mannequins." Twilight agreed.

"Too bad meat is rare in Equestria because that would be perfect bait for the Cockatrice, and I sure am not going to use live animals as bait." I said.

Me and Twilight sat down on the bed and thought for a moment before Twilight came up with an idea.

"You did say that there were still some petrified animals still out there, right?" Twilight asked.

"Yeah, there's still some, but they've been broken into pieces," I said. "But wait!"

"What is it?" Twilight asked.

"Last night, before I got attacked, I found a full-bodied petrified raccoon and it's still in backpack. So what I'm thinking now is that I could probably put that one out in the field for bait. I mean, it's not alive, right?" I said.

"But wouldn't be a little bit suspicious for the chicken? If it decides to stalk the raccoon a while before attacking, then it would have to figure out sooner or later that it's just one of its victims and move on." Twilight brought up.

"Yeah, I was just thinking about that, too." I said.

Me and Twilight both shrugged.

*knock kn-kn-knock knock... knock-knock*

"I'll get it!" Spike shouted from downstairs.

As soon as I heard the front door open downstairs, the high-pitched sound of party whistlers filled the library alongside with Spike's yelp.

"Happy birthd-! Oh wait, you're not Caleb." Pinkie's voice said from downstairs.

"Oh, my god!" I said as a smile formed on my face and facepalmed myself.

"Is today your actual birthday?" Twilight asked excitedly.

"Yep, it is. April 16th." I replied.

"That's great! Happy Birthday, Caleb!" Twilight congratulated, hugging my right leg.

"Thanks, Twilight." I replied.

"So, how old are you today? Didn't you say you were 19 before?" Twilight asked.

"Yeah, I'm 20 years old today." I replied.

"Wow. If I knew it was your birthday earlier, me and Spike would've gotten you a present." Twilight said.

"Don't worry about it, Twi. As you said before, having friends is the best gift anypony could have." I said.

Twilight smiled and gave me a playful nudge on the leg.

"Hey, I did say that, didn't I?" Twilight said.

"You did say that. But anyways, let's go see what Pinkie has for me." I said.

When I turned to the doorway, I was met with a close up of Pinkie's face as she jumped in front of the doorway to surprise the heck out of me.

"Happy birthday, Caleb!" Pinkie squealed.

"Heyyyy!" I said and crouched down to give her a big hug. "How did you know it was birth-"

"Hold that thought for a sec." Pinkie said.

She then strapped a white, cone-shaped party hat with a purple swirl onto my head.

"Now what was that?" Pinkie asked.

"How did you know it was my birthday? I never told you the date." I said.

"My Pinkie sense." she replied.

"Your Pinkie sense?" I asked.

"You see, sometimes my entire body will get a certain twitchy-twitch whenever somepony has a birthday on the day it happens. Kinda feels like those little pins a needles you get when you're numb. Once that happened, I knew right away that somepony in the area had a birthday today and that certain somepony turned out to be you because the closer I got to you, the more the twitch got even stronger than before." Pinkie explained in a fast pace.

"Are you serious?" I asked Pinkie.

"Would I lie to the birthday human?" she replied.

"No, I guess not." I said.

"That's the birthday spirit I'm looking for. Now come on down here. I've got cake and a present for you!" Pinkie said as she curled her right hoof, indicating us to come downstairs.

The downstairs area was now decorated with colorful streamers and balloons while a little bit of confetti covered the wooden floor. Near the ceiling was a banner that read "Happy Birthday Caleb!"

"Wow, you got this all set up pretty quick, Pinkie." Twilight said.

"Tell me about it," Spike said as he emerged from a pile of confetti, spitting a few out of his mouth. "And happy birthday, Caleb."

"Whoopsie-daisy. Sorry about that, Spike." Pinkie apologized.

"That's fine." he replied.

I then tilted my head to the left a little bit and noticed the cake sitting on the round table.

"Oooh, is that cake I see?" I asked with a hungry fervor.

"That it is. C'mon over and I'll show you it." Pinkie said.

I then followed her over to the cake, and to be honest, it looked like a cake that came a frickin' gourmet chef, but that's just me. The words "Happy Birthday, Caleb" was spelled in blue icing while a well designed face of me giving a toothy smile and winking my right eye was plastered on the main vanilla frosting.

"A three layer chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. Just the way you like it." Pinkie said.

"Wow, this looks great, Pinkie," I complimented. "Uh, what's in the gift box?"

"Open it and find out," Pinkie allowed. "I did a little last minute shopping for it."

"Okay then. Thanks." I said.

I then took the lid off of the colorfully designed gift box and inside was a mirror that was similar to Twilight's, but had an upright support stand on the back.

"A mirror?" I asked, confused at first.

"Yep. You did say you needed a mirror, am I right?" Pinkie questioned.

"Ah, so that was you who zipped away after I mentioned a mirror." I said.

"Hey, sometimes eavesdropping is necessary for getting gift ideas." Pinkie said.

"Well, thank you anyways, Pinkie Pie. I think I'll be able to get some use out of this." I thanked.

"You're welcome, Caleb. Now let's dig into some cake!" Pinkie said.

"I'm down for that." Spike chipped in.

With that, I took the cutting knife and took a decently large piece of cake. Once everypony had a piece, we all sat down at the table and ate. Twilight was chewing politely, Spike had a expression bliss as he ate, and Pinkie just gobbled it down in like five bites and used her tongue lick the icing off her face.

"So Caleb, how could you of forgotten your own birthday, you silly human?" Pinkie asked.

"Oh, maybe because I'm in a world filled with multicolored ponies that can talk, and that kinda fogged my memory." I said.

"Or it could've been your cock incident." Pinkie said.

I raised both of my eyebrows for a second.

"Cock incident?" I questioned.

"Y'know, the chicken incident. You and Twilight were talking about it earlier." Pinkie clarified.

"Cock is another term for a male chicken." Twilight added.

"Oh! Yeah, the little thing pecked my right wrist really hard yesterday." I covered up for the Cockatrice.

"Can I see?" Pinkie asked, referring to my wound.


I then removed the ace bandage and showed her my flesh wound, but it was getting much better than before.

"Ouchies. Well, I hope it gets better real soon." Pinkie said.

"Thanks." I said.

We then went back to eating our slice of cakes and I continued to brainstorm ideas on how I could lure the Cockatrice to where I want it. As I chewed on my cake, I came up with a new idea that might just work, but I'll need a few more gifts.

"Hey Pinkie." I said.

"What's up, Caleb?" she replied.

"Would you mind getting the birthday human a few more gifts he forgot to list off?" I asked her.

"Sure! Anything for your day. What'll it be?" Pinkie asked as she pulled a piece of paper and pencil out of her hair.

"I'm going to need four large rolls of see-through tape, a sturdy stick, and a small amount of extremely thin rope." I listed off.

"I'll get right to it!" Pinkie exclaimed before she zipped out of the door, but came back a second later. "You want them wrapped or not wrapped?"

"Not wrapped." I replied.

"Got it!" Pinkie said before flying out the door again.

"What do you need that stuff for?" Spike asked.

"Just for a little craft project I have in mind." I replied.


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April 17th, 2013
6:03 PM

While I was parked on the side of the path, not far from the field that is riddled with petrified animals, I reached over into the passenger seat and grabbed the sturdy stick that Pinkie bought for me and began to tie the thin rope around the front end of it to create a little makeshift fishing pole. Once the rope was tightly secured of not untieing itself, I tied the other end of the rope around the petrified raccoon and made sure that was tied tight as well. Reaching into the side pocket of my backpack, I pulled out a bunch of green grass clippings that I tore up from the field and began to vertically tape them onto the stick in order to make it blend in with the grass, and for what I have planned for tonight.

I would've done the same with my camo outfit and hat, but the patterns are mostly dark green mixed with brown, so I should blend in real well with the tall grass.

With my primitive contraption completed, I grabbed the mirror and stored it in my backpack and stepped out of the vehicle with the Igneous in my right hand and the sledgehammer in my left hand. Just like the last time I was out here, the sun was just going down over the horizon while the moon was almost high in the sky. As I directed my attention to the dark forest, I hoped this time that things would go better, in my head. I then approached the edge of the forest and gave a quick sweep with the X-ray Pulse and no orange figures appeared. With the coast clear, I proceeded into the forest once again.

I quietly walked through the pre-determined path that I created yesterday to minimize the sound of my footsteps, which was made by removing as many twigs and leaves that I could find on the path I made.

"So far, so good." I thought to myself when I was about halfway to the open field.

After a few more minutes of walking, I finally reached rim of the open field and pressed the sweep button once more to scan the area for the Cockatrice. The only skeletal figures to apparate were the ones of those who had fallen victim to the Cockatrice's petrifying stare. Even though I did not see the Cockatrice's figure at all, I still felt insecure about safety. And so, I decided go prone and began to army crawl my way over to where I needed to be.

Each movement I made was as slow and diligent as I could possibly move, just to minimize the sound of the tall grass rustling. However, out of pure convenience, the wind began to pick up and blew the grass towards my right, causing the grass clippings to rustle in unison. With that, I had less limited movement and proceeded onwards with a faster pace.

Along the way, I would run into some of the petrified victims, all crumbled into stone chunks. Even though they were separate pieces, I could still see the expression of terror and fear in their eyes, or pretty much the last expression they would ever make. The thought made me pause for a second and made my mind go blank for a second while I stared at the ground without blinking. I then shook my head to bring myself back to reality and continued to crawl my way over to the circular section of the field that is the most shortest.

Once I arrived to the circular patch of short grass, my began to commence plan into action. I then removed my backpack off me and settled it on the ground to my right. I pulled the mirror out and placed that to my left, then the makeshift fishing pole-like contraption with the petrified raccoon hanging like a fishing lure. I then extended my right arm to push the raccoon and about four feet of the stick out into the circular patch and lowered the raccoon onto the ground. With that, I began to slightly move the raccoon to simulate the illusion of walking.

As I continued this for a few minutes, I started to doubt myself of this actually fooling the Cockatrice.

"This isn't gonna work." I thought to myself, causing me to hesitantly recede the stick back into the tall grass. "No, no, Caleb. You're just overthinking things." I assured myself.

Then, I went back to moving the raccoon again.

7:43 PM

At the time, the wind began to die down, making it more quiet and easier to detect sounds. There was an owl hooting in the forest, a few birds squawking in the distance and multiple crickets chirping in the field. Aside from those, I also heard the sound of the grass rustling loudly from behind me, and it takes a lot of effort to make fresh and flowy grass to rustle loudly. I used the X-ray Pulse to sweep the area and I could see a faint orange figure in the corner of my right eye approaching, but not directly towards me. I then turned the raccoons back to the figure and moved it into the center of the clearing.

When I took a quick look behind me, I realized that the figure was not walking, but it was running. I found this odd at first because I thought 'what would the Cockatrice run from exactly?' But as the figure got closer, it was a lot smaller than the Cockatrice and had long ears. It was a rabbit.

"Oh." I whispered under my breath.

The rabbit's right ear twitched to the sound of my voice and turned its head towards my direction.

"No, no! You have to get out of here!" I exclaimed under my breath as the rabbit approached me.

The rabbit began to frantically screech, but was smart enough to keep it on a low tone. Aside from the screeching, I knew something was wrong when I saw the expression of terror on its face.

"Quiet down!" I said, covering its mouth with my index finger.

Once the rabbit finally calmed down, I asked it what the problem was, supposing it could understand English because of my past encounter with a squirrel. The rabbit responded by pecking its nose at the ground and flapping its forelegs up and down like a bird. The actions instantly clicked with me.

"Was it a big lizard-chicken?" I whispered.

The rabbit replied by nodding its head quickly. I then decided on what I should do next, and I knew right away that I obviously couldn't leave the little guy out in the open.

"Okay. Get in here." I said as I unzipped a pouch in my backpack.

The rabbit wasted no time and squeezed itself into the pouch to hide.

With the rabbit safely hidden, I sweeped the area again with X-ray Pulse. I tried my best to not move my head so much, but I still needed to check from behind me. When I looked back, a pair of red eyes was no more than twenty or thirty feet behind me. I slowly turned my head back to my original position and froze. I could hear the creature approaching on my right side and it was absolutely nerve-wracking. I saw the rabbit poke its head out of the backpack and I mouthed curse words at the rabbit to get back inside right away, which it did. After a short moment, the Cockatrice was right next to me, unaware of me because of my camouflage outfit. I could hear my heart beating rapidly in my head, and I'm surprised the Cockatrice couldn't hear that, too.

The Cockatrice stopped right in its tracks and stared right at the raccoon in the center. It started to growl, which sounded like a mix between between the cluck of a chicken and the growl of a vicious predator. Since the pole was still in the grasp of my right hand, I began to move the pole ever so slowly to mimic the raccoons movement. The Cockatrice then bolted to the right and began to move to other side of the clearing.

As I continued to move the petrified raccoon for a while, I soon realized that the Cockatrice wanted to stalk its supposed prey from behind. I used this as an opportunity to begin my surprise attack. Reaching out a little bit more, I moved the raccoon into the center of the clearing and turned its back to me, then adjusted it by turning the raccoon clockwise a little bit. And just as planned, the Cockatrice was almost next to me once again and stalked the raccoon in the tall grass.

After a few seconds, the Cockatrice began to sneak out of the grass and towards the raccoon, almost looking like as if the Cockatrice was walking in slow motion.

"This is it." I mentally told myself, dropping the pole and grabbing the mirror.

When I looked back, the Cockatrice was now right behind the petrified raccoon and slid its sharp talons across the rock-hard surface in a devious manner. The Cockatrice immediately took notice to the surface of the raccoon and paused for a second as it tried to figure out what was going on, but it was too late.

With no warning, I stood upwards and charged right at the creature. Before it could look at me in the eyes, I landed right on top of the Cockatrice and trapped it right in between my inner thighs. The Cockatrice squirmed and shook vigorously to free itself from my clamping thighs, but it was no use. It was trapped. The Cockatrice let out a threatening caw and turned its head at me, but I turned it right back by grabbing it by the neck with my right hand and turned its head back forward. I used my left hand to move raccoon out of the way and replaced it with the mirror. The Cockatrice stared for a millisecond before it let out a loud and screechy caw to the sight out of its own petrifying stare and closed it eyes tightly while shaking its head in distress.

"Oh, no you don't!" I grunted.

Using the index and middle finger on my left hand, I placed them on both of the Cockatrice's eyelids and began to forcefully pry them open. I furrowed my eyebrows and bit my lips hard as the eyes began open slowly, only making the Cockatrice screech and cluck in terror even more; the terror that was similar to the Cockatrice's victims. Once the process had begun, I could feel the Cockatrice's body petrifying below me, and so could the Cockatrice. However, the Cockatrice was still trying to fight it, but it just couldn't get free. The amount of clucking went silent as its neck turned to stone, but its beak was still opening, so it literally couldn't make a sound. After a few more seconds, it was over for the Cockatrice and it stopped moving. I then leaped off the Cockatrice, and with one swift move, I brought the sledgehammer down onto the Cockatrice and shattered it into chunks. I repeated the blows three more times and the Cockatrice was now nothing but pieces, nearly smashed to dust.

I panted quietly and dropped the sledgehammer onto the ground with a thud. With the fight won, I sat on the grass and straightened out my brown hair. While I did this, the rabbit from earlier must've squeezed itself out of my backpack because it was sitting right next to me. Not only that, but the raccoon unpetrified and ran off into the forest, so there's another saved animal.

"You're welcome." I called out to the raccoon.

I then picked up the rabbit, placed it on my lap and gently petted its soft fur for a little bit. While I was petting the cute little critter, a strong odor of metal or iron began to fill the air and knew what it was right away because it wasn't here before.

"Here, I'll take you back to the forest." I said to the rabbit.

I left my equipment back at the site, but used the Igneous for defense and the X-ray Pulse to navigate through the tall grass 'till I got back to the other side of the forest.

"There you go. Be safe, little guy." I said as I placed rabbit near the side of the path.

With that, the rabbit hopped away into the forest without any care. I then let out a faint chuckle and climbed into the Defender, driving off to Fluttershy's.

8:16 PM

As I arrived to Fluttershy's cottage, all the lights were off, but I could see one room lit through the window. I then hurried to the door and knocked three times. A minute later, Fluttershy came to the door to greet me.

"Come in." Fluttershy said.

I did as told and walked into her cottage.

"How are the petrified animals doing?" I asked.

"You'll never believe it, but it's safe to say that they are all back to normal!" Fluttershy said with glee.

"Awesome! What are they doing right now?" I asked.

"Getting in a nice helping of food," Fluttershy replied. "Would you like to see?"

"Sure." I said.

Fluttershy then led me into the lit up room and sure enough, the animals had unpetrified and were chowing down on some well-deserved food.

"Wow. It looks like they're doing pretty well for themselves. But really, thanks for taking them in, Fluttershy." I said.

"You're welcome, Caleb," Fluttershy replied. "So, um. Did you get the Cockatrice?" Fluttershy said.

I replied by nodding.

"Well, I guess that's good, I guess." Fluttershy said, skeptically.

"I know it sounds cold. But I did what I had to do in order to free the animals." I said.

"It's okay. If you think about it, you could consider yourself a hero." Fluttershy supported.

"I suppose," I said with a shrug and a nod. "When did you realize that the animals unpetrified?"

"Oh, funny thing, actually. I was just about to go to bed and all the animals were settled in for the night at the time. But when I got into my bedroom, there they all were, adorably looking at me in the doorway." Fluttershy said.

"Aww, that had to be cute." I said.

"It sure was." Fluttershy said.

"Well, I should get going since you and the animals need some sleep. Plus, I have to get some too." I said.

"Okay. Thanks for stopping by and checking up on the animals." Fluttershy said.

"No problem. See you around." I said as I opened the front door.

"Bye, Caleb." Fluttershy said before heading back into the room.

With that, I got back into the Defender and drove back to the field to clean up the mess.

Pre-Gala Preparations

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Pre-Gala Preparations
April 21st, 2013
4:51 PM

"Caleb, Spike and I are going to Carousel Boutique to get ready for the Grand Galloping Gala." Twilight called from downstairs.

"Are you 'comin with us?" Spike asked.

"Yeah, I'll be right down." I replied.

"Of course he's coming with us, Spike. He did say he was going to the Gala with us." Twilight said to Spike from downstairs.

"I was just trying to be remindful." Spike replied.

I, on the other hand, grabbed my good tuxedo that Rarity made for me and headed downstairs to meet up with Twilight and Spike outside.

"I got everything I need." I said.

"Okay, let's go." Twilight said.

We then began our walk to Carousel Boutique, and I noticed Twilight staring at one the pages in her spellbook.

"Refresh my memory, Twilight. What do you need the spellbook for again?" I asked

"I'm working on this somewhat advanced spell. A spell that can manipulate objects and living things into anything you want." Twilight explained.

"That's the one. Well, make sure to not use me or Spike as test subjects for the spell." I said.

"I don't think a test subject will be necessary for this spell as long as I get it down-pat, which I'm perfectly capable of." Twilight said.

"She plans on turning an apple into a carriage and mice into horse-mice hybrids." Spike said.

I gave Twilight a surprised look at the mouse part.

"It may sound odd, but you'll see how it goes." Twilight said.

"No, I'm just somewhat interested in that whole mouse part. Not weirded out if that's what you thought." I said.

"Oh, okay. But those will be our means for transportation for the evening." Twilight said before directing her attention back to the spellbook

"I'm looking forward to it." I said.

"And I'm going to be the chauffeur for the evening as well." Spike said.

"You know how to drive horse and carriage?" I said.

"Sure do. From what I know, it should be pretty easy." Spike said.

"I could never drive horse and carriage. Are you dressing up nice for the Gala?" I asked.

"Everypony has to dress up all spick and span for the Gala. I'm wearing a black suit jacket, a white shirt and nice red bow tie to complete the outfit. And I see that you got your tuxedo, Caleb." Spike said.

"Yep," I began, unfolding the tux in order to present it to Spike. "Rarity made it for me when I told her I was going up to Canterlot to meet Celestia and Luna." I said.

"Still looks pretty good. And she made this? Even though she has never made clothing for a human before?" Spike asked.

"She sure did. I mean, I don't really know how she did it so perfectly, but she is one heck of a designer." I said.

Yeah... One heck of a mare if you ask me." Spike said in dreamingly tone along with a love-trance expression on his face.

I simply chuckled and rolled my eyes. Spike then shook his head to break his trance and looked over Twilight to check out the page.

"How's the spell going?" Spike asked Twilight.

"Fine, fine," Twilight replied in a hasty manner. "Why don't you and Caleb talk about what you're going to do tonight." she suggested.

"Alright." Spike said, walking besides me again. "What are you gonna do at the Gala?" Spike asked.

"Easy. I plan on hangin' out with you guys. I used to do that with my human friends back in my world." I said.

"Don't count on Twilight hanging out with us. She said that she'll be chatting with Princess Celestia most of the time." Spike said.

"Yeah, she mentioned that last night." I said.

"Not all night, Spike. But, I'll make sure to have time for you guys." Twilight replied before putting her face back into the spellbook.

"What about AJ, Rare's, Skittles, Flutters, and Pink's?" I asked.

"Who knows," Spike replied. "But anyways, I was hoping that I could show everyone all the highlight locations when Twilight and I were still living in Canterlot."

"Hm. That would be cool." I said.

"So you'll come?" Spike asked with eagerness.

"Sure. However, I think I'll stay at the Gala for sometime and check it out, since it's my first one, and then we'll head off for little bit." I said.

"Alright, I guess." Spike replied, shrugging.

We then continued our walk for a little while longer until we arrived at the boutique. Upon arrival, Rarity exited her boutique to greet us.

"Twilight, Spike, Caleb. So good to see all three of you on time." Rarity said, kindly.

"Hey! Don't forget about me!" Pinkie shouted from afar, bouncing up and down towards us with a miniature trampoline.

"Make that four," Rarity added. "And hello there, Pinkie Pie." she greeted.

"Hi, Rarity." Pinkie replied.

"What's with the trampoline?" I asked.

"This? I was so excited for the Gala that I forgot brought this with to bounce off my excitement." Pinkie said.

"Yeah, but why do you eve-" I said before Rarity snagged my tux out of my hands.

I looked down and Rarity eyed at my tux, which was all wrinkled up since I forgot to iron it.

"Must I give you a lesson on how to iron, darling?" Rarity asked with one eyebrow raised and smug smile.

"Don't worry, I was planning on doing that, Rarity." I replied.

"Good. You can come inside and iron it out for yourself then," Rarity said. "The rest of you are also welcome to come inside, too."

Twilight didn't reply because of her concentration and Pinkie replied with a simple, "No, thanks."

"I guess I'll stay out here with Twilight and Pinkie Pie." Spike said as he sat up against a tree.

"Very well. Now come along, Caleb." Rarity said.

I followed Rarity into the boutique and she set up an ironing table and gave me an iron. Once she laid the damp suit out on the table, I began to iron the wrinkles away, making the suit nice and flat.

"What's your little sister up to?" I asked.

"She's at Sweet Apple Acres at the moment. Her, Applebloom and Scootaloo are having a sleepover there." Rarity replied.

"Big Mac and Granny Smith are watching them? Man, I hope they can handle the rambunctious trio." I said.

"Yes, I do agree that the girls can get a little out of hand at times." Rarity said.

"But believe me, Sweetie Belle and them are good kids." I said.

"Indeed they are. Speaking of which, Sweetie Belle told me not long ago that her and the girls have been trying to walk like you just to get their cutie marks." Rarity said.

"Wow, for real?" I asked, amused by the statement.

"That is what she said. But from the way us ponies are built, it simply isn't allowed to happen." Rarity said.

"I suppose." I said.

I then finished ironing my tux, now looking more flat than before.

"There." I said, presenting the tux to Rarity.

"Looks just like new." Rarity said. "Now you can leave it here if you'd like. I'm going to head back out and see if anymore of our friends have arrived yet."

"Okay." I said, placing tux neatly on another table and following Rarity outside.

"Pinkie Pie! Stop that right now. It's time to prepare for the Gala, and I refuse to let you put on your new dress when you're all sweaty." Rarity said to Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie Pie then ceased her jumping on the trampoline and hopped off next to Spike.

"What's Twilight doing?" Pinkie asked Spike.

"She's got an awesome spell she's been working on for the Gala." Spike replied.

"Yeah. A spell that can-" I said before stopping.

"Don't reveal it yet, Caleb! Let it be a surprise." Spike said.

"Gotcha." I said.

"A surprise? I love surprises!" Pinkie exclaimed.

Rarity, on the other hand, sighed impatiently and tapped her right forehoof.

"Where are the others? It's getting late." Rarity said.

"Well, that's probably them right there." I replied, pointing dead ahead at the other three mares.

"Oh, dear me, you're right." Rarity said, sheepishly.

"Hold your horses, girl. We're here." Applejack replied to Rarity's question.

With everypony finally there, we congregated around Twilight, who was just finishing up her spell.

"Perfect. I'm ready." Twilight announced, closing her book.

"For what?" Rainbow asked.

Twilight didn't respond to her, keeping the spell more mysterious for the others, which caused Rainbow to scratch her head.

"Alright, Spike." Twilight signalled.

Spike then pulled out a perfectly red apple and placed it on the ground.

"An Apple! Are we having pie?" Pinkie asked.

"Not exactly." I said to Pinkie.

"Turnover? Crisp? Cider?" Pinkie listed.

"Shh! Watch!" Spike hushed.

Twilight closed her eyes and her horn's magical aura began to manifest. I took my attention to the apple, which was now glowing purple and began to grow erratically. It almost looked as if something was trying to break out of it, but that wasn't the case. Instead, the apple grew to an enormous size and there was a faint, white flash. Once the brown smoke cleared, the apple had transformed into a large carriage in an instant. It had gold wheels, a flag, a door, window and fancy designs on the side. Everyone besides Twilight clamored in awe and amazement to the magical feat.

"Holy frick," I said, impressed by the transformation. "That looks great, Twilight."

"Thanks, guys. But that's just the start," Twilight said, turning to Fluttershy. "Fluttershy, did you bring your friends?"

"Yes." Fluttershy replied, prompting four mice to poke out of her long, pink hair and ran down it. "Will they be safe?"

"You have my word." Twilight replied.

As the four mice lined up, I leaned over to Rainbow and said, "This outta be good."

"Yeah. I can't wait to see what these mice turn out as." Rainbow said with anticipation.

Again, Twilight's horn lit up again, and the mice began to glow purple and grow into an odd shape. Once the puff of smoke cleared, there stood the mouse-horse hybrids that Spike spoke of.

"Ta-da!" Twilight said.

Instead of the sounds of amazement, the gang sounded more uncertain of this transformation. I don't know, maybe it was because of teeth, eyes, ears, or just the way they looked. Otherwise, they looked very... unnatural. Its as if Discord came back and used his magic on these mice. Twilight looked at me and I gave her a thumbs up.

"Neat, huh? And don't worry. They'll be mice again at midnight." Twilight said, much to the gang's relief.

"Opalescence, no!" Fluttershy exclaimed all of a sudden.

Out of nowhere, this pampered-looking cat, most likely Rarity's, jumped out of a bush and latched her claws onto the flank of one of the horse-mouse hybrids, spooking them and causing them to run off into the distance.

"Wait! Come back!" Twilight called to the horses, but it was too late. "Those horses were supposed to pull our carriage. How will we get to the Gala now?"

"Whatever shall we do?" Rarity asked, rhetorically.

Everypony looked at each other and shrugged in response, but it seems that Rarity had a back-up plan. She then trotted over towards a crowd of stallions and left us for a short time to talk to them. About a minute later, here comes Caramel and some other stallion pulling the carriage.

"Oh. Yeah. Right." Twilight said.

"So, do you want us to come back later?" the other stallion asked.

"Yes, that would be lovely. Come back around seven o'clock, please." Rarity replied.

"You got it, Rarity." Caramel said.

Caramel and the stallion then removed the girth straps and walked off together.

"Now that we have a means of transportation again, let's get ready for the Gala." Rarity said.

"You got all of our dresses ready?" Applejack asked.

"Of course I do." Rarity replied.

Once we entered the boutique, the mares then walked into a changing room, but Rarity stopped me and Spike.

"Would you two be dears and stay out here for a little bit?" Rarity asked.

Spike and I looked at each other confusedly, but we agreed. With that, Rarity shut the door and left us in the room.

"What do you think she wants us to stay outside for?" Spike asked.

"No clue." I said.

15 Minutes Later

"Hey, can me and Spike come in yet?" I asked Rarity from the other room.

"Not yet, Caleb." she replied.

"Why not? Caleb's watch says it has been like fifteen minutes." Spike said.

"We're getting dressed. Wait a little while longer." Rarity said.

"Getting dressed? Rarity, me and Spike are not even the opposite gender of your species, so I think it's okay. Also, I've never seen you six in clothing before." I said.

"Well, Applejack wears a hat, so that kind of counts." Spike said.

"Shush!" I exclaimed.

However, Rarity opened the door for us anyways once Applejack backed us up.

"Sorry, boys. Some of us have their own standards." Rarity said.

"Yes, but there are others who need to get ready for the Gala, too." I said as I walked into the room.

Rarity didn't respond for a moment.

"Perhaps you are right. Forgive me for my perceptive standard." Rarity apologized.

"Thank you." I replied.

"Man, I still can't believe we're going to be in Canterlot tonight. Our hometown, Twilight. And the best part is that we get to hangout with each other all night long!" Spike said, excitedly.

"Uh... I-I don't know, Spike." Rainbow unsurely replied.

"We'll just have to see." Rarity said.

"We're going to be a mite busy." Applejack said.

"Busy having fun!" Pinkie added.

"I already told you what I was doing." I said.

"Oh. Right. Okay." Spike said, bummed out by our responses.

"Don't worry, Spike. We'll all get to spend some time together." Twilight said, which lightened up Spike's chipper mood again.

"Great! I already can't wait!" Spike said.

With anticipation for the Gala built-up again, I grabbed my neatly folded suit and proceeded over to Rarity.

"Say, do you have bathroom that I could take a shower in?" I asked.

"Of course I do, darling." Rarity said, leading me to a bathroom in the side of the room.

"Did everypony else get their showers in? If not, then I'll make it quick." I asked Rarity.

"We've all had our share. Take your time." she replied before thinking to herself. "Spike, do you need a shower, too?"

"Nah. Dragons don't really produce sweat often." Spike replied.

"Then I guess it's okay, Caleb." Rarity said.

"Alright, thanks." I said.

"You're welcome." Rarity replied.

Once I was able to get some warm water running and able to rinse my hair, I wasn't able to find any shampoo that wouldn't really, well, give off a somewhat masculine scent, for say. Back on earth, I would usually use some that AXE stuff for my hair, but I bet there has a be a shampoo product in this world that is similar to the AXE. Otherwise, my hair would probably smell like a dainty flower if I used one of the products that were available to me at the moment.

"Well, all I really need to do is look good for the Gala." I said.

And so, I just washed off my body of any oils or odors that may have been lurking on it. When I turned off the shower and stepped out for a towel, I was humored by the fact that the towels are way too small for me since they're meant for pony use. When I dried myself off, I then daisy-chained four towels together in order to fully wrap around my hips, grabbed my tux and walked out of the bathroom, causing some steam to seep out of the bathroom door. When I walked over to a mirror, I noticed Rainbow Dash's sight following me as I walked. I stared at her blankly with a mix of confusion.

"What?" I asked.

"Nice improv with the towels." Rainbow replied as she stylized her mane.

"Oh, the towels. I had to think of something," I replied. "I, uh, like how your mane is looking so far."

"Thanks, Caleb. I'm going for something that looks nice for those Canterlot ponies, but still sticking to my taste for the Wonderbolts. What about you?" Rainbow said.

"I'm thinkin' about combing the hair on the side of my head downwards, but towards the back of my head, and the center section of my hair will be combed to the right." I replied.

"You do have some thick hair. I think it'll look really cool once you get it done." Rainbow said.

"Hey, same with you. Pretty cool to see something different with your mane." I said.

With our little chat over with, I put on a pair of boxers so that I wouldn't have to stand there naked the whole time.

"Hey Rarity, do you have any hair-gel I can use?" I asked.

"Sorry, but I don't believe I have any at the moment," Rarity replied, seeming unsure of what to say next. "Are you in dire need?"

"No, it's really no threat at all. It would help styling my hair a bit more, but my hair's still wet from my shower, so I should be able to style it before it dries." I said.

"Very well, then." Rarity said, going back to work on her mane.

"Let's see if this still fits well on a seven foot-ten human." I said to myself as I inspected the clothing once again.

I brought my right leg up and was astounded to find out that my leg fit perfectly all the way through the leg hole. I repeated with my left leg and secured the tux pants with a belt.

"Nice." I said, examining my mesomorphic body with one of the large mirrors in the room.

"Noticed how the clothes still fit you?" Twilight asked me.

"I did notice. But that doesn't make any sense because I was like seven foot-eight when I first got them and they were fairly tight on me. Why are you asking?" I said.

"Well, about a week after you left for your Equestria History School in Canterlot, I used an advanced spell that has the ability increase clothing size." Twilight said.

"There's a spell for that?" I asked.

"Yep, there is. It's rarely utilized, but it exists." Twilight replied.

"How does it work?" I asked

"It expands the size of the fibers used for the clothing itself, but it took some time to finish. Manipulating clothing like that is very tricky." Twilight said.

"Huh. That's interesting. But thanks anyways, Twilight." I said with gratefulness.

"You're welcome, Caleb," she replied, levitating a comb onto the palm of my hand. "You might need this for your hair."

"Thanks." I said, walking back to the mirror to continue getting ready for the Gala.

6:49 PM

"How do they look, Caleb?" Spike asked me, sitting on the outside driver seat of the carriage.

"Oh, they look great, Spike. Their dresses just match their personalities so well and just-- man you have to see for yourself to fully understand what I mean." I said.

"I'll wait till we arrive at the Gala to see for myself." Spike said.

"Why?" I asked.

"I like to build my own anticipation and surprises." Spike replied.

"Wow. That's a pretty odd standard for you, Spike." I said, puzzled by that statement.

"Hey, I'm a dragon who has standards that can change from time to time." Spike said.

"I see," I said. "You guys got tickets to the Gala or no?" I asked Caramel and Lucky Clover.

"No. No ticket for us. We're just pulling a favor for our friend Rarity." Lucky Clover replied.

"Dang. That sucks." I said.

"It's not all that bad. Lucky Clover and I are planning on heading off somewhere in the city to eat and come back later." Caramel said.

"That's good. Just be sure to come back for us around twelve." I said.

"Don't worry. We got you guys." Caramel said.

A few minutes later, the six well-dressed mares exited the boutique and loudly chatted to each other on what they were going to do at the Grand Galloping Gala.

"Looking good, girls." I complimented.

The mares did not respond and continued to walk towards the carriage. It was as if I just talked to an invisible wall.

"Eh, they're busy talking." I said to myself.

The mares then piled into the carriage and took their seats. I peered my head into the door and saw the six showing each other their tickets to each other.

"Do you have your ticket ready, Caleb?" Twilight asked.

"Yeah, hold on a sec," I said, reaching into my pocket for the ticket but only felt the fabric of the clothing instead. "Be right back." I said before quickly exiting the carriage and moved to Spike.

"Spike, I hate to say this, but I forgot my Gala ticket back the library." I said.

"Oh, great. Should I break the news and tell our carriage pullers to head to the library instead?" Spike asked.

There was a brief pause as I thought.

"No. You guys go on ahead and I'll run back to the library to get the ticket. When I find it, I'll just drive the Land Rover up to Canterlot and meet you guys there." I said.

"Are you sure?" Spike asked.

"I'm sure. I mean, Canterlot is only five miles away, so if Caramel and Lucky Clover really trot to Canterlot fast enough, you should arrive there in thirty minutes or so. Who knows, I may pass you guys." I said.

"Now that I think about it, why couldn't we just take the Land Rover instead?" Spike asked.

"Because Rarity said it was dirty and it smelled like cigarettes. It's not my fault that the previous owner was a smoker." I replied.

"Oh well. Well, I guess I'll see you later then, Caleb." Spike said.

"You too, bud." I said before turning my back.

"Okay, let's go." Spike signalled Caramel and Lucky Clover, prompting them to trot off into the distance, towards Canterlot.

After I rummaged through my room, I found my Gala ticket under my mattress. I kept it under there just incase Owloysius got curious and took it. But anyways, with the whole heading back to the library, finding the ticket, and finding the blue fuse for the fuel pump on the Defender, it took about twenty minutes just for that, so Spike and the girls had to almost be at the Gala.

As I sat in the Defender and started it up, a thought came to my mind that could've made this scavenger hunt a whole lot quicker.

"Why didn't I just ask Twilight to teleport us back to the library?" I thought to myself, facepalming afterwards.

With the click of gear shifter, I began my drive to the Grand Galloping Gala.

The Gala

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The Gala
April 21st, 2013

7:50 PM

I kept the Defender at a steady pace of 12 kilometers an hour as I drove up the mountain on one of the paths that were used as a way to reach Canterlot back in the old days of Equestria before the rail system. Anymore faster than that, and I would probably drive off the side mountain.

"At least they put some safety fences up." I said when I noticed the wooden fences bordering near the side of the drop off.

At the time, Spike and the others had to of reached Canterlot by now because I did not pass them up at all. I guess Spike took my advice after all, but I don't know how Caramel and Lucky Clover may of taken it. Probably not fond of it, but did it anyways.

Although my drive up the mountain was very tedious and a little tense, I finally made up to the top where the landscape was located, which had a path that led the way to the city. A colorfully dazzling display of fireworks exploded in the night sky, the cold and warm colors illuminating the interior of the vehicle, Canterlot, and the surrounding area.

"Hope I'm not too late or something." I said, worried if this meant the Gala was beginning without me, but still mesmerized by the display of fireworks.

I continued driving along the smooth stone pathway for a little bit longer until I approached the gateway to the first section of Canterlot, passing a few ponies who were also heading to the Grand Galloping Gala along the way. Before I could cross over the purple bridge that will allow me to enter Canterlot, two royal guards stepped forward and both stuck one of their forelegs out towards me, signalling me to stop the vehicle. Once halted, one guard walked over to the drivers window, which I slid open.

"How's it goin', Caleb?" the guard asked.

"Fine, fine. I'm just heading to the the Gala." I replied.

"Alright, good. Now, you're gonna need you to park your, uh, automotive carriage out here before proceeding forward, please." the guard instructed.

"Oh... Okay," I complied, reversing onto the grass, shutting off the engine and exiting the vehicle. "What's wrong with driving in Canterlot?"

"Safety purposes. For tonight, at least" he replied.

"Mm." I hummed.

"Therefore, we also need to search your carriage." the guard said.

"You got a warrant?" I asked.

"Yes, sir. Fair game here." the guard replied, showing me a document.

"Okay, but hold on a sec." I said, reaching into the glovebox to take out my C.A.M.A badge and signalled the guard to come towards me.

"Yes?" he asked, staring up at me with a straight face.

"Just so you know, I got a few major league toys under the seats. Heads up so that you won't get the wrong idea." I explained, showing him the badge.

"Oh, so you're with C.A.M.A?" he asked as he examined the badge.

"Yep." I said

"Okay, got it. I appreciate the heads up, sir." the guard said.

And so, after the guards did their little inspection on the Land Rover, they let me move along.

Navigating through the first section of Canterlot is a breeze because it's pretty much a straight shot up to the second section, which is the actual city, and I had some trouble navigating through the streets, to be honest.

I really like how the capital of Equestria isn't so complex . You got the entrance way section of the city, the actual city, and then you have the royal castle behind all that, which is what you can really see from five miles away. Also, there's this giant cul-de-sac behind the castle, but I have no idea what that massive amount of space would be used for. A party, maybe? I don't know. They should've used it for the Gala. Wait, why am I ranting about the capital of Equestria?

As I approached the castle, there was a long line of well-dressed ponies leading up the stairs to the entrance of the castle. It was fairly long, so I stood there for a while, waiting for my turn. However, the wait went by pretty quick from all the side conversations that I engaged in with other ponies waiting in line. I swear, almost every rich pony I talked to had this accent on them, but not all did.

"Ticket. Ticket, please." a fancy-looking stallion requested once I made it to the front of the line.

"Here." I said, handing him the golden gala ticket.

The guard examined the ticket for a moment before giving it back to me.

"Alright, you can go. Have a nice evening, sir." the stallion said.

"Thanks." I said, proceeding into the castle.

The sound of ponies chattering filled the entrance room. Like the last time I was here, the red carpet that covered the tiled floor led up the stairs in front of me, to the left corridor, and to the right corridor. My attention was brought to the stairs when I noticed another line of ponies, except they seemed to be lined up for meeting Princess Celestia and Twilight, who both stood at the top of the stairs.

"Might as well start with them." I said, lining up in a line once again.

I could easily tell that a lot of ponies in Canterlot have never seen me in person because their eyes scanned upwards and downwards along me while some pointed in my direction. I was quite surprised about this, considering the fact that I've been in Equestria for almost six months and my presence has been confirmed in the newspapers. But hey, I guess rich ponies have no time for newspapers.

Princess Celestia casted a quick glance and grinned at me before her attention was directed towards the next pony in line and Twilight gave me a small wave with her hoof while I patiently waited. After a few more minutes, I stepped towards Princess Celestia and Twilight.

"Hi, Princess Celestia. How are ya?" I said.

"I'm doing quite all right, Caleb," Celestia replied in her usual gentle tone. "I am happy to see you were able to make it to the Gala."

"Well, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity. And thanks again for the ticket." I said.

"You're welcome." Celestia said.

"Twilight, are you going to hang out around here for awhile?" I asked.

"That's what I was planning, but I'll try to meet up later." Twilight replied.

"Okay. I'm gonna walk around a little bit, check things out, and maybe meet up with the others." I said.

"Sounds good." Twilight said.

"Princess, is the ballroom down the left hallway or the right?" I asked.

"The right hallway, Caleb." she replied.

"My right when I walked inside, or your right?" I asked.

"Um, my right." Princess Celestia said.

"Kay. Thanks." I said before heading back down the stairs and towards the ballroom.

Upon entering the room, I immediately realized how great the room looked, considering that I've never even been in the ballroom. However, I was confused at first when nopony seemed to dancing, but I guess I should've expected that since this a gala.

"At least they have some nice, fancy music playing in the background." I said when I noticed the four musician ponies on stage.

But I didn't just go into the ballroom just to listen to music, I came in there because I knew right off the bat that Pinkie Pie would head here because she's a party pony. And just like I predicted, I had no trouble finding her from her distinct pink coat and colorful attire. But for some reason, she was sitting at a table all by herself, slightly slumping forward a little bit with sad eyes.

"Pinkie." I called out, causing her eyeballs to slowly trail up towards me.

"Hey, Caleb." she flatly replied.

I'm pretty sure that's the first time I had ever heard Pinkie sound depressed. Her girly, high-pitched tone was somewhat still there, but it just sounded very deflated.

"Man, you're not sounding too good. What's up?" I asked, planting myself across from her.

"It's just that I thought the Grand Galloping Gala was going to be really, really fun time, but nopony even wants to dance and party. All they really want to do is talk." Pinkie explained.

"Well, a gala is considered a social event, so that could be why." I said.

"No kidding," she replied, resting her head on the table and barely looking up at me. "What's up with you?"

"Not much so far. I just got here, like, thirteen minutes ago." I said.

Pinkie didn't respond at all.

"But anyways, do you remember where Applejack said she put up her food stand?" I asked, changing the subject.

"Somewhere outside." she replied, vaguely.

"Outside where?" I asked.

"Near the gardens, I think." she clarified.

"Oh, cool. Want to tag along with me?" I asked, hoping to get her spirits up.

"No, thanks. I have a bad case of the frowns." she replied.

"Okay. Want anything from there?" I offred.

Pinkie only shook her head, not uttering a word or sound at all.

"Damn, it's really that bad." I thought to myself while I walked to the exit of the ballroom

When I walked outside, Applejack's food stand was actually right near the entrance to the VIP extension of the ballroom, so that made the search real easy. When I approached the food stand from the side, Applejack was leaning over and looking the opposite direction. I snapped my fingers in order to get her attention and that really sprung her to life.

"Howdy there, Caleb!" she greeted, lively. "Come by to try out somethin'?"

"Oh, there's no way I can pass up your apple treats, Applejack. They're the best I've ever had in Equestria." I said.

"That's mighty kind of you, Caleb. What'll it be?" she asked.

"Uhh, get me an apple fritter and a caramel apple, please." I said.

"You got it. Three bits, please." Applejack said.

"Tell me, how much have you earned from the stand so far? You must be rich by now." I said, handing her the three coins.

"Actually, it's the complete opposite. It's terrible! So far, you're my second customer within a twenty minute span." Applejack exclaimed.

"Good one, Applejack. But really, how much have you made?" I foolishly said.

"No, I was being serious." she said, showing me her only four measily bits.

"Oh, wow. That's, uh, that's pretty bad." I said.

"Yer tellin' me. Seriously, what in the hay is wrong with these ponies? Don't they know somethin' good when they see it?" Applejack said with frustration.

"Well, maybe I could get another customer for you." I said before I approached some random rich-looking stallion.

"Hi." I simply greeted.

"Ah, the so-called 'first human in Equestria.' How do you do?" he asked, his accent filled the pure definition of somepony who knows what the high-end is.

"I'm doing fine. Say, y'know that food stand over that has some really good stuff. You should get something from there." I suggested.

The stallion moved his head to the left a little to examine the stand while Applejack smiled and nodded her head at him.

"I think I'll pass on that one. It's not the kind of sustenance I prefer." the stallion simply replied before walking away.

I then stared back at Applejack and shrugged with my hands.

"At least ya tried. Here's the food you wanted." Applejack said, giving me my succulent treats.

"Mmm," I moaned as I bit into the apple fritter and gave her a thumbs up. "Alright, thanks, Applejack."

"See ya around, Caleb." Applejack said before going back to her idle state, waiting for more customers.

I then began to walk towards the VIP section, but remembered, "D'oh, can't go that way." So I decided to just turn around and wander back into the ballroom again, but I was stopped by somepony shouting behind me in the distance.

"Did somepony just yell?" I asked Applejack.

"Sounded like Fluttershy. She's in the garden, but I don't know why she would be hollerin' for." Applejack replied.

"That was Fluttershy?" I asked myself, proceeding to the garden entrance.

I waltzed around the fairly spaced garden for a little bit before I found Fluttershy, and I was quite shocked on what I saw. Fluttershy was shouting in some sort of rage in the air and kicking up grass and dirt with her hooves.

"Holy frick," I whispered to myself before approaching her from behind. "Hey Fluttershy, what are you doing?"

Fluttershy slowly came to a pause, turning around with a somewhat intimidating smile with shrunken irises and pupils.

"I'll find a way. I'll find a way to get them." Fluttershy said in her calm tone, but it just didn't go well with her expression.

"Y'know, I think I'm gonna come back later." I quickly said before I ran back out of the garden.

Upon exiting, Applejack was trying to get another stallion to buy here products, but it was to no avail, causing Applejack to frown and go behind her stand once again.

"What was up with Fluttershy?" she asked.

"I think it might be because the animals she was talking about earlier are hiding from her or something. Just a guess." I replied.

"I guess that would make a lick of sense." Applejack said.

I walked into the ballroom again and headed for the door to the hallway, but I stopped when I noticed something I didn't at first when I walked in; it was Pinkie singing.

"Woah, I didn't know Pinkie sings." I said as I stood by the door, listening with great interest.

"You tilt your head in. You tilt your head out. You tilt your head in, then you shake it all about. You do the the Pony Pokey even though your date's a lout. You're better off without." Pinkie sang, causing me to humorously scoff.

"At least she's trying to liven things up." I said.

However, without warning, the door behind me swung open and nailed me right in back back, and it hurt like hell because that door was not made of wood at all. Thankfully, it didn't hit me in the spine or shoulder blades, but more in the lat area.

"Darling," Rarity exclaimed from behind, "are you okay?!"

"Y- yeah. Don't worry about me." I said, rubbing my sore spot.

"See? The human says he's fine." Rarity's date said.

Rarity slightly furrowed her brow at him before attending to me again.

"I'm so sorry! I had no idea anypony would be right behind this door!" Rarity apologized.

"And that was my fault, Rarity. For standing behind the door so close," I reminded. "But dang, you have some pretty forceful door-opening skills."

"Ugh, I'm just so stressed out and frustrated with him." Rarity said, quietly.

"Not the kind of Prince you envisioned?" I asked.

"Not one bit at all." Rarity said, rolling her eyes.

"Well, just wait it out. It's only 8:57." I said.

"And it hasn't even been an hour yet." Rarity mumbled.

"Yep." I said with a sigh.

"In that case, I guess I should get back to him before he cries the blues like the foal he is." Rarity said, causing me to chuckle.

"Alright, but try to stay calm." I said.

As I walked down the royal hallway, I began to think the current events for the night. All six of my friends are busy doing something and I've got no one to hang out with. Everypony else here is rich, so I'm kinda screwed if I try to affiliate with that social hierarchy. I'm also surprised that nopony wants to chat it up with the first human in Equestria, but with all the crazy mythical creatures that live in Equestria, I wouldn't be surprised.

"This sucks," I said to myself. "I wonder what Spike's up to."

So basically, I just decided to ditch the Gala and hang out with Spike, like I said I would. I took an exit that wasn't through the main entrance because I didn't want to offend Princess Celestia in any sort of way if she were to. I then walked off the royal premises and headed off into the city of Canterlot and went off to search for the doughnut shop that Spike kept talking about before we left earl