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"My mom thinks I'm a really cool guy."


Life is full of surprises. I've gotten a little sister, my first game system at the age of eight, my own car seven years ago and the list goes on.

However... things will be different on the 5th of November in the year 2012. This is a surprise that will send me, Caleb, to another world where talking, technicolor equines and a dragon are my new companions, not humans.

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Definitely liking this story so far. I'm gonna keep my eye on this. Also took me a minute to catch the RE7 reference.

7992698 I'm glad you like it. Expect more chapters soon.

7995234 On levels of darkness, I plan to go as far as death. But death isn't the only element I plan on utilizing. :pinkiecrazy: Right now the story is at a state of lightness. The darker moments and situations will come later in the story.

“One apple? This youngster needs to eat. He got to have his supper.” thats the RE7 reference :P

pony vs machine? tf2 reference?

8008495 Wasn't intended at first, but now that you mention it

Ayy! It's my name! :pinkiehappy: Gonna see how this story plays out just for that.

The cover art looks familiar. Where did you find it?

8019415 I literally went on google images and typed in "Equestria." For now, I might use this image as a placeholder.

I'll admit that I got chills when I saw the title of the chapter

Comment posted by Even Evil Has Standards deleted Oct 2nd, 2017

"But no, there's nobody else like you in Ponyville, just ponies." Fluttershy answered my original question.

But Fluttershy just used the term "nobody" :/

8074310 Thanks for pointing that out. It gave me an idea on how to keep it in.:derpytongue2:

Bit rushed, and I'd liked to see a bit more of our protagonist's character here, but good so far. Gonna keep reading.

Ah, first contact. At first I thought there should've been more misunderstandings, but it works out well.

He hasn't run into a cat yet? Oh well, he'll probably run into one soon.

"I wonder what Rainbow would say if I called her Skittles?"

She'd probably look at him funny, seeing as she probably doesn't know what those are.
Still, this is pretty good. Onto the next chapter!


One has not partied until they have experienced a Pinkie Party. And soon, dear Caleb, you will have truly partied.

“Back from the world I came from, the damn Canadian government invented this contraption that could open doorways to other dimensions and some idiot switched it on. Due to me also being an idiot, I got to close to the portal and got sucked in and ended up here in this world.”

:rainbowlaugh: This was hilarious.

This is nice. A calm before what is inevitably bound to occur in a future chapter.

Aside from some minor spelling and grammar errors, this is looking good.

I half expected them to do something involving humans... Ah, well.

So right after he's really partied he's going to have to deal with the Flim-Flam brothers?

I hope Caleb rips those two a new one,

The sleezebags are gone! Good riddance, too,

... Well that happened. Not entirely sure what else to say here.

Why did you make Twilight cheekily deny him knowledge? It works, I suppose, but still: why?

The suit sounded nice. I wish I had one like that.

I hope he gets Shining to send the letter early.

I hope Shining writes about the wedding in that letter.

Dropping in unnecessary apostrophes, are we?

The date you gave Caleb is inconsistent.

I don't think he should've told Twilight, but I can see his reasoning is sound for why he did so.

8173552 Thanks for pointing out the error. :derpytongue2:

Ah, college. At first it seems like it'd be simple, but once you get there your expectations will be shattered. It's a lot harder.

Now the somberness has finally reared its head.

"Also make sure not to hold for more or

:trixieshiftleft: I think you missed a "than Random Number Here minutes" :trixieshiftright:

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