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You know when you are really stressed out and need a bit of a break from the real world? Well Josh sure thought he needed a break, at least until he got exactly that. Ever wonder what it's like to meet something magical and amazing? A bat pony maybe?
Josh sure wishes he never did.

Cover art by Grim_Grin.

Thank you editors!
Current editor:Myself
Past editors:JackRipper

Special thanks to MV for helping me get my story started out.

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well Josh is gonna get his a** handed to him.:pinkiecrazy:


8031735 Thanks for the comment. It made my day. XD


Pro tip that I learned the hard way, never publish more than one chapter in one day, even if it's finished. When you publish a second chapter in the same day, it doesn't refresh to the top of the list of the "most recently updated" stories, and you won't get that much traction and or views.

Always wait at least 1 full day in between publishing chapters, and no, you can't unpublish and then republish. :twilightsmile:

Also some non-malicious editing in the description:

You know when you are realy stressed out and need a bit of a break from the real world?


A bat pony mabe?


I'd recommend getting an editor, one that doesn't mind working on a weekly schedule such as yourself.

8038342 I wanted to publish the chapters spread apart, but I wasn't allowed to upload my story unless it had an extended ammount of time interacting with ponies. There wasn't much mlp content until the third chapter. Here's what they said: "This story, as it has been submitted, is not considered to be related to the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic universe." I copied it straight from the message I was sent when my story was sent in. Also, thank you for your corrections. I'll fix them as soon as possible. About the editor, I think I'll wait on that for a bit. Thank you for your advice.

Edit: Fixed the issues.

If bat ponies appear in this story, then there should be a bat pony tag.

8059888 I wasn't sure weather to add one or not, because the bat pony in the storie is an OC, but now that you mention it that seems kind of dumb of me not to include the bat pony tag. Thanks for pointing that out.

Andromeda's words snapped Josh back to the world of the living. “Oh, uh, I'll be right there.” Josh hoped a few steps forward and walked into Andromeda’s house. She had been waiting outside the door and soon followed. After she walked inside, she closed the food behind her.

hopped like short jumps
hoped like how i hope you will continue this story.

she closed the food?
i didn't know batponies could eat wood.

Tanks for pointing thoes out dude, and for the laughs. :rainbowlaugh:

Also, don't worry. I'm 100% going to continue the story (unless I die or the world ends). :rainbowdetermined2:

If you were using that as just an example, than oops. (On my part)

Is this going to be another one of those "Man goes to Equestria, turns out it's shit" fics?

Liked and followed anyway.

‘Oh boy, that's priceless. What if there were places on Earth named like that. Humanville.’

There actually is!!!
Exerpt from the Google.

Humansville is a small town or village in Polk County, Missouri. As of the 2010 census, the city population was 1,048. It is part of the Springfield, Missouri Metropolitan Statistical Area. Paula Jonson is the current mayor.

Alright, there's an s in there, but its close enough.

That’s crazy, I had no idea that was an actuall place. :rainbowlaugh:

camping sight

site as in location not sight

For the chapter title is it suppose to be leash instead of Leach?

Se hadn't expected Josh to be so kind.

Forgot an "h"

a feline because

not lupine ?

At andromeda speaking up

Capitalize names

The telescope is a little week


Thank you so much for letting me to be able to stay here.

I think you should remove "to be able to"

he shivered at the thot

ha pony thots.
thought of, btw

Interesting. Many typos, but good story.

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