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Sunset's Day - pabrony

I got caught passing notes and it changed my life.

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BONUS: A Not-So-Normal Day (Original with comments)

Beep! Beep! Beep!

As the alarm started going off, I started swatting around the nightstand looking for the snooze button. As usual, I knocked the alarm off the stand before I found said button. Opening my eyes, I looked on the floor and picked the alarm up and turned the damn thing off.

Time to get up, I thought.

I grabbed my bathrobe off the post of the footboard and headed to the bathroom. Why I carry a bathrobe with me, I have no idea. I live alone. Maybe it's so I keep my modesty when the girls stay over.

Anyway, the rest of the morning progressed like usual. I fought with the hot water knob for literally five minutes, followed by the walk back to the bedroom in my bathrobe. After getting dressed, I downed a bowl of corn flakes with almond milk.

Nice day for a ride to school, I thought as I grabbed my helmet and headed out the door.


"SUNSET SHIMMER!" hollered Pinkie Pie at the top of her voice as she tackled me. This was her normal greeting for all of us since we came back from Camp Everfree.

"Heya Pinkie," I said.

"Everyone is inside but I decided to stay outside so that I could tell you that everyone else was inside so you wouldn't get here and wonder where everyone else was," exclaimed Pinkie, noticeably out of breath.

"Have you ever thought about taking a breath when you talk? You won't be quite as winded."

"I did that one time but I just sounded sooooo silly so I went back to talking like this because people expected me to sound like this besides I can say everything at once so I don't forget what I was gonna say."

"If you say so. Let's go join everyone else."

"Okey Dokey Lokey," said Pinkie as we headed into CHS.


"Let me go put my helmet in my locker and grab my books, Pinkie. I'll catch up with you guys in class."

I looked around to make sure that Pinkie was gone then opened my locker. Inside, buried behind my books was a one of my favorite photos. It was a selfie with Twilight in my bunk at Everfree. The only other person besides Twilight that knows about it is Spike and Twilight swore him to secrecy. I smiled at the picture before quickly grabbing my books and heading to class.

As I entered the classroom, everyone else was gathered in our usual corner. Rainbow Dash was hitting on Applejack, as always, Rarity was fixing her hair and adding more eye shadow, Pinkie, somehow, was hanging from the ceiling and Twilight and Fluttershy were getting ready for class.

I took my seat toward the middle of the classroom, one row to the left and two seats behind Twilight. Not the best seat in the room as far as seeing the whiteboard, I still liked the view though. Especially on those days when Ms. Cheerilee would drone on forever. I would sit and just stare at her tiny butt all class long. Just imagining both of those beautiful ass cheeks cuddled up next to me in bed...

Suddenly my train of thought was broken by a pink piece of paper from, who else, Pinkie Pie. I figured it was just an invite to her Hearts and Hooves or Valentine's Day party this weekend. So I just picked it up as soon as Ms. Cheerilee's back was turned and opened it up to read it. However, I wasn't quick enough to get it back on the floor after writing my response.

I heard, "Sunset! I hope those are class notes you're passing along the floor."

I could feel my face turn bright red because I knew what was coming next. And I didn't want Twilight to hear it.

"Please come up to the front of the class and read the note to everyone."

As I made the walk of shame to the front with Pinkie's note, I started hyperventilating knowing that my feelings for Twilight were about to be public. I felt like my face was on fire when I read the words:

I'm making a special something for everybody's Valentine at my V-Day party. Let me know who yours is and what you want me to tell them.

My Valentine is Twilight Sparkle. I love her smile, her cute, tiny butt, equally cute breasts and the view of her violet eyes through her black framed glasses drive me wild.

I looked over at Twilight, who I couldn't tell if she was embarrassed or pissed, and saw that she had turned the same shade as my magenta halter-top. Most of the rest of the class was laughing their asses off, with the exception of our friends, whose jaws were glued to the floor. I high-tailed it back to my seat and slouched as low as I could wishing I had my motorcycle helmet to hide under.


I did my best to avoid my friends , especially Twilight, the rest of the day but once school was over, I knew I was doomed to explain myself. Just as I predicted, Twilight was out front waiting for me on the steps.

Here goes nothing, I thought.

"So," Twilight began, "my cute butt and breasts drive you wild?"

"Uhh, well, you see," I stuttered, "Pinkie was making Valentine surprises and she just wanted...mmmph"

Before I could finish, Twilight had planted a big, sloppy french kiss on my lips.

When she finally pulled away, she whispered, "I'm so glad you answered Pinkie's note the way you did."


"I put her up to it. I was too nervous to ask on my own, so I asked her to write something that might get you spill your guts to me."


"Well...I...uh...um...," stammered Twilight, "ever since I saw you topless at Camp Everfree, I've been thinking about you...in more than a friendly relationship." After she finished, she gave a weak smile and nervous chuckle.

"So what you're telling me that you've been getting off thinking about me topless?" I said with a serious face.

"Hehe...yes," she answered weakly.

I intentionally paused to create an awkward silence. After about a minute, I looked at her with a sly grin and whispered, "How about you come over later and I'll give you more to get off on besides my tits."

She was just about to answer when Pinkie Pie appeared in between us, upside down.

"So how did it go Twilight? Are you and Sunny gonna get some on Saturday night at my place?"

"Probably, Pinkie," I stated. "It depends on how things go tonight."

Author's Note:

Yes, I know there are cell phones in EG universe. The old school note passing is for (attempted) comedic effect.

Happy Hearts and Hooves (or Valentine's) Day, everyone!

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1st person Sunset Shimmer style. Nice.

And having Pinkie Pie talk a lot in one sentence like Sugarcoat is soooooo Pinkie Pie because she's the comic relief in all this and ***runs out of breath***

Once again Pinkie knows.

If I was Sunset, I would have tore that note up and ate it.:pinkiesick:

Nice. :3 I quite like how you captured Sci-Twi here, that kiss was equal parts adorkable and cute.

I just imagine that when Sunset got done reading the note out loud, she slowly turned to Cheerilee with the face:

talk about being put on blast...damn Twilight, point to you for deviousness.

8355983 Thanks. This was actually written before the first 3.

8356045 Yeah I was about 3/4 of the way through Book 2 and decided to tie them together with Books 4-6.

This has gonne from depresaibg self-harm to almosyt suicide to comedic romance... not sure if I am impressed or confuse ~.~

So this is a Sci-Twi x Sunset ship fic? yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :yay:

9085959 It's actually part of an entire series, SciTwi Shimmer Chronicles.

yes and when my dad went to high school it was common place for him to get the strap because he spit his gum out in the class garbage can then in the hall. not all the old ways are the best and forcing someone to read private information aloud... hasn't worked out well for teachers in recent times.

9574399, 9574107

Y'all play nice, please.

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