• Published 10th Feb 2017
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Sunset's Day - pabrony

I got caught passing notes and it changed my life.

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A Not-So-Normal Day 2.0

Beep! Beep! Beep!.

I let out an annoyed groan as my alarm clock began going off. Lifted my head off the pillow and stretched my arm across the bed; swatting around the nightstand in an attempt to find the snooze button. As per my daily routine, I ended up knocking it onto the floor before successfully finding my target. I opened my eyes and crawled across the bed so I could pick the damn clock off the floor and turn it off.

Really don't want to get up, I thought as I let out another groan.

I sat up on the edge of my bed and rubbed eyes before putting on my slippers and heading to the bathroom. When I reached the bottom of the steps from the loft, I paused to grab my bathrobe. I'm not sure why I always carry it to the bathroom or even have one in the first place. I live alone. I guess it's so I can keep my modesty in check when the girls spend the night.

The daily routine continued as normal when I closed the bathroom door. I spent literally five minutes fighting with shower knobs before I got the water to the perfect temperature. I removed my top, stared at the scars that I had given myself last year for a moment, finished undressing and got showered.

I donned my robe for the walk back to the loft to get dressed. I looked toward the couch and noticed the half-full container of Chinese food still on the end table.

“Whoops. I knew I forgot to do something last night,” I said to myself aloud.

I picked up the container and tossed it in the trash. I resume the trek to the loft so that I could get dressed. After deciding to go with my classic look; magenta halter-top, orange skirt, slightly worn leather jacket and equally worn pink and black boots.

I was feeling too lazy to cook breakfast so I grabbed a bowl of Fruity Dino Pebbles. I looked out the window to check the weather and was pleased with what I saw.

“Perfect weather for a ride to school.”

I went to the closet to fetch my helmet and stopped off at the desk to get my homework before heading out the door.

No sooner I dismounted my motorcycle at CHS, I heard one of the scariest things in the world.

“SUNSET SHIMMER!” was the last thing I heard before being flattened against the sidewalk. My helmet rolled away as I found myself looking at the largest grin that was humanly possible.

“Hiya… Pinkie…”

“I got worried that you weren't coming to school because I didn't see you before everyone else went inside and so I decided to stay out here so I could tell you that everyone else was inside so that you weren't worried because no one else was here because they were inside and not outside…” Pinkie rambled before taking a deep breath.

“Pinkie, have you ever thought about pausing between sentences to take a breath? You won't be quite as winded if you do,” I told her before she continued her speech.

Pinkie put a finger to her chin as she thought for a moment. “Ya know… there was this one time I did it when I was talking to Rarity but I just sounded so silly because I'm so used to talking like this because people are used to hearing me talk this way and because I can say everything I want all at once so I don't forget because it's so easy to forget stuff when you're talking to people because they talk back and it might not be about the same thing so-”

I put a finger to Pinkie’s mouth before she made me too dizzy to think. “If you say so, Pinkie. Now can I get up so we can join the rest of the girls?” I asked.

“Oh yeah. I can't believe I didn't realize I was lying on top of you like two people that-”

“I get the idea, Pinkie. C’mon we're gonna be late to class.”

"Okey Dokey Lokey," said Pinkie as she helped me up before heading into CHS.

Pinkie walked me to my locker telling me her plans for the Valentine's Day party she was planning for the upcoming weekend. To be honest, it sounded like fun but I felt bummed out because I didn't have a date for the party.

“Hey, I'm gonna put my helmet in my locker and I'll catch up with you in class,” I said with a smile.

She gave me an okay, squeezed me as hard as she could and skipped in the direction of Ms. Cheerilee's class. I peeked around the locker door to make sure she was gone. Before I laid my helmet in the bottom I lifted a photo from behind the books that were already in there. I felt my heart flutter slightly as I studied it like I do every day before class.

The photo was a “questionable” selfie with Twilight in my bunk before going we went to sleep the first night of camp. We were both in our undergarments with Twilight laying her head on my chest. It was my favorite picture of the two of us up to that point. Only one other being knew about the pic and Twilight swore him to secrecy.

I entered the classroom and saw the rest of the group in the back corner of the room. Rainbow Dash was feeling up Applejack, Rarity was touching up her makeup, Twilight and Fluttershy were comparing answers on the previous night's homework and Pinkie was somehow dangling upside-down from the ceiling.

I took my seat once the bell to start class rang. I didn't have the best one to see the whiteboard, but it still had an amazing view. Twilight had the “nerd seat”, i.e. the one closest to the teacher's desk while I was on the row to the left and two seats back from her. Most times I would stare at Twilight’s cute little butt and daydream while Ms. Cheerilee would drone on about stuff I already knew.

The daydreams were always the same; Twilight and I staying over at my house for the night. We’d cuddle on the sofa after she beat me at Space Invaders. Then we’d go to bed where she would snuggle up to me with those wonderful ass cheeks-.

My train of thought was suddenly broken as a pink piece of paper hit my heel. Figuring it was an official invite to Pinkie’s Hearts and Hooves Day or Valentine's Day (or whatever they call it here) party. I quickly scooped it up off the floor before I got caught. I opened it up, read it the message inside and wrote my response. As I was setting it back on the floor, however, Ms. Cheerilee caught me red-handed.

“Sunset, I hope those are notes from the lesson that you're about to pass along the floor,” she said sternly.

I felt my face turn to fire from embarrassment as I knew what was about to be demanded of me. And I really didn't want it to be heard by Twilight.

“Sunset, please come to the front of the class and read the notes you've taken so the rest of the class can hear,” Ms. Cheerilee told me.

“Yes, ma'am,” I barely whispered.

My hands began shaking violently and I started hyperventilating as I made the walk of shame to the front of the class. My true feelings toward Twilight were about to become public and not in the way I was wanting to do it. I opened the note and read it as quickly and quietly as possible. As I returned to my seat I heard, “What was that? I'm going to ask you to repeat what you read.”

I returned to the front of the class and unfolded the note once more and read it once more:

I'm making a special something for everybody's Valentine at my V-Day party. Let me know who yours is and what you want me to tell them.

My Valentine is Twilight Sparkle. I love her smile, her cute, tiny butt, equally cute breasts and the view of her violet eyes through her black framed glasses drive me wild.

I glanced in Twilight's direction, who had turned the same color as my halter top, either due to anger, embarrassment or a combination of the two. Our friends, save for Pinkie Pie, had their jaws glued to the floor while the rest of the class laughed their asses off. I hightailed it back to my seat and made myself as small as possible, wishing I had my motorcycle helmet to hide under.

The remainder of the day consisted of me doing my best to avoid the girls, Twilight in particular. Sadly, the bell for the end of the day rang and it was time to face the music. Twilight, due to having a locker closer to the front entrance, was waiting patiently on the front steps for me.

Whelp, here goes nothing, I thought nervously.

I swallowed hard when I saw the stern look on Twilight’s face. “So,” she began as she crossed her arms, “my cute butt and breasts drive you crazy, huh?”

“Umm, well, funny story,” I stammered as I scratched the back my head, “Pinkie is having a party this weekend and… mmmph!”

Out of nowhere, Twilight grabbed ahold of my jacket, pulled me as close as she could and gave me the biggest, sloppiest, most passionate kiss I had ever gotten in my life.

“Thank you for answering Pinkie’s note the way you did,” she whispered as she pulled away.

“I… huh?!”

“Yeah… I kinda put her up to it.”

“This was your idea?” I asked in shock.

She nodded slowly. “I was too nervous to ask you on my own, so I asked Pinkie if she would help me out. I wasn't expecting her to write a note that would get you to confess your feelings in front of the class.”

“But… why?”

Now it was her turn to be embarrassed. “Well… I… um…” Twilight stalled.

“Twilight, you can tell me anything. I won't get mad.”

“Okay, then.” She took a deep breath. “Ever since that morning when I saw you topless at Camp Everfree, I've kinda been thinking about you a lot… as more than friends. More like… as a… lover.” Her face turned a bright red as she finished with a nervous chuckle.

“So you've been…” I lowered my voice so that only she and I could hear, “you've been masturbating while thinking of me?”

A weak smile appeared on Twilight’s face.”Ummm… yes.”

I intentionally caused an awkward silence as I formulated a proper response to her admission. After roughly a minute of us staring blankly at each other, I finally broke the silence. I touched my forehead to hers and whispered sensually, “How about you come over to my place and I'll give you something else to get off on besides my tits?”

A look of passion appeared in her eyes at the mention of my invite. Before she could answer me though, Pinkie Pie inserted herself between us and went nose to nose with Twilight. “So how did it go, Twily? Are you and Sunset dating now? Oh, oh, are you guys gonna get busy at my house on Saturday night?”

I gently moved Pinkie to the side so I could give Twilight another kiss. As I released Twilight, I answered Pinkie, “It’s a strong possibility.”

Author's Note:

Rewrite completed on 8/2/18.