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Second Person story involving humanized characters.

You live a rather calm and unassuming life while wishing for something or someone to come around and change it. That was when a strange girl appeared at your door with an even stranger story.

Can you help her find her way home? Do you even want her to leave?

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Well I liked the fact that he didn't rip up the door in an instant because I certainly wouldn't do

Hoping to see more of this

Agreed, few things bug me more than the lack of exposition in situational comparison. 'this is a fanfic, let me forget how caution works'

Well done, by the way. Looking forward to more. Do you plan on switching POV from chapter to chapter? How long in comparison to the show has Twi been a princess? This might change her cultural inflections, as well as the standard she uses for meeting new people considering the dogma of royalty.

Huh... interesting exposition. I like it. Keep it up, Lux!!



Exactly! Hence why "You" is hesitant to open it.

As for how long Twilight has been a Princess, I put this at around the time Equestria Girls: Friendship Games. Reason being is that she is still shaky about being a Princess but isn't afraid to jump to other worlds.

Oh, and I also love thato you're doing a twilight fanfic.
I kind of ship my oc with her or luna..

Good chapter
When I think of my oc, I usually give him a cybernetic prosthetic arm because of reasons, so he does understand strange. Plus the fact he can teleport between dimensions and worlds, but the arm is def. weirder

I don't know about this anymore. So she just randomly got sent to a human world and she just knows it will be awhile before she can go back? Kinda knocks the beleivablity.

It's magic, it doesn't need to be believable to be fun

Good chapter. Short, but I like them.



Oh I will be explaining how she got to this world and how she knows that she can't go back until later in the next chapter.

Tune in next time on Dragon Ball -wait, wrong program.
Anyway, great chapter, I pity twilight's predicament..
Will there be a chance that our protagonist will go into the brave new world?

Good work! I love the little song bit, plus I'd feel bad for any girl thatd have to wear my clothes, for I'm not a small man...
Um, you accidentally posted it as chapter 6

Hm poor guy, Twilight is hots as a human.



If that happens it will be a long way off. Have to get Twilight back home first!

8031271 I wouldn't say hot, per se..
I'd say she's more of a highly attractive gal

8031784 I think whatever you feel is important for the story, is a great plan in not just my book, but many other fans as well

Ahhhh, amazing, I love this, it seems almost real, like it could really be happening, you know, apart from all the magic and other worlds and stuff haha



Thanks for your comment!

Yes, I was trying to make this more grounded in reality, maybe even more so than my past Second Person Romance fiction.

Damn, I am so into this story right now haha I can't wait for more!
:moustache: Keep it up fine Sir!

Good chapter. I like how short and sweet they are, makes each one more and more special. I feel bad for Twi, she really does need our comfort, well..... in a friend sort of way, for now. The dream we had is*quite* reminiscent of the moonlit romance dream, ended about the same way, too. I like that little part, it's key to the lore and world building. Keep up the great writing

8048573 Dude (I use it uni-humanly), I cannot agree more on it

Ok I'm gonna logic-spazm for a second... If trixie lives there does that mean everyone else, including twilight exists as well? If so will it cause a stir for people who know twilight and see her in public but she doesn't even recognize them?
Ok logic over, I love this story so far, I can't wait for more! Keep it up bud!

Oh bollocks... Trixie -_-
I both love and dislike her, not hate.
I like the little pancake part, definitely reminds me of something pinkie pie would have done.

8069418 think of it like equestria girls, but without magic at all, or in a little pocket, and twilight OR the mane six ever existing here



Basically this story is less of an Equestria Girls tale and more of a Pony In Earth (Pie!) story. While there will be a few characters that are similar to Twilight's friends, we're not going to see everypony there. Right now I don't see the Mane Five showing up, but maybe some of Twilight's other friends.

8070874 I like that idea, itll fit more with the story, but I'd hate to see twilight get bummed from it

Poor protagonist, he doesn't have a clue about true worlds

Ooh! Loved the little twist at the end here! Magic huh?


So, I've been thinking (dangerous I know), in light of the recent episodes of MLP, especially All Bottled Up, I think I have an idea as to where to take Earth world's Trixie and Starlight Glimmer, especially their relation to each other (or should I say relationship?) Also, since we get a little depth into how Starlight's magic works, I will also include that into this story.

8110621 go for it! I honestly ship them personally, just because of their mild hate-boner (sorry) for twilight. But I can honestly see them as a cute couple

Off to a good start, I Guarantee the 8 people that disliked it didnt even read it.

8011804 Thats exactly what I was thinking. lmao

I am really enjoying this story. This is the sort of story that deserves to get featured instead of all the crap that does.

Urgh, Not Trixie. Anyone but Trixie. I hope her name is nothing but a coincidence



Yeah, I usually get 5-8 people who dislike it, typically right when I submit the first chapter.

Anyway, glad you like the story so far. I'll be finishing the next chapter soon.

Great chapter! Was NOT expecting that at the end! Lol. Anyway, so far, things are looking good! I can't wait for more!

Twilight Sparkle: new age
Starlight Glimmer: no comment

Trixie, you're biased. Go home.

Its happened!!!
Great chapter

Comment posted by A random person deleted Jun 5th, 2017

Alright, some glitch happened with the chapter. Thankfully, I uploaded it again.

Good chapter
Even though I know she was passed out on the floor, I kind of pictured twilight laying in your lap slightly


Yeah, the new set up does take some getting used to.

I feel I should point out that what Twilight does is Levitation since it’s done using magic. Telekinesis is different from magic.

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