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My Little Mages: An Apprentice’s Holiday - Foxhelm

As the Fall nights become equal with the day, a foe long forgotten has made her move and now its up to Starlight Glimmer to show what she has learned as Twilight's student. A My Little Mages retelling of Where and Back Again

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Facing The Queen

Starlight and Thorax ran down the other path and continued toward the throne room. After a couple of minutes, they arrived at the entrance and hid behind an outcropping. “The throne room is that room. Stay low.” Thorax whispered as the two caught their breaths. Starlight nodded and they separated and headed in different ways to enter the throne room.

A couple minutes later Starlight entered the throne room and looked around, it was about the size of the Chantalot throne room and there it was in the center near the fall wall from the way she entered, was the throne. She had to destroy it, she wasn’t sure how, but once it was destroyed then she could use her magic to save everyone. She then spotted as heard a splat. She looked up and saw fourteen clear lime-green gel-like cocoons, in them were Luna, Twilight, Applejack, Rarity, Discord, Trixie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Spike and four others, two were women that had metallic wings like Luna and Twilight, one of them had golden sun like wings, while the other is looked like a heart with crystal gems for the ‘feathers’, the former was Celestia and the latter was Cadance. One of the remaining cocoons had a female baby with wings, not unlike the four princesses, this was Flurry Heart. In the last cocoon was a man that looked like he was the father of Flurry Heart, this was Shining Armor. Starlight gave a silent gasp until she heard and saw the cocoons start to move as she heard Chrysalis laugh. The changeling queen then started to reveal herself to Starlight, well made her presence known as she crawled among the cocoons in the form that could be best described as a human-sized winged black widow spider with a human mouth. “One little human all by herself,” Chrysalis said as she jumped to her throne, transforming into her true form as she landed. She cracked her neck as she looked at the petrified intruder. “Oh, how will I ever prevent this daring rescue?” she mocked as a squad of changelings leaped through other openings and screeched as they surrounded Starlight. In a blink of an eye, Starlight’s feet were covered in gue which for all practical purposes glued her to the floor. Chrysalis got off her throne and walked to the trapped Starlight, “Well, well, well. The Princess of Friendship's sole pupil.” she mocked as she took Starlight’s chin. She then let go and walked to Starlight’s left after a laugh, “Honestly, I didn't think you were worth replacing.”

Starlight strained in an almost futile effort to get out of the gue. After a few attempts, “You won't get away with this!” she said to Chrysalis in defiance.

Chrysalis laughed as she used her wings to fly towards her fourteen prized prisoners, “I already have.” She said as she gestured to the cocoons. She then hovered over towards the cocoons with Discord and Trixie, “And nobody is coming to save you.” As she touched the two pods and shook them, “Your little squad was all you brought with you.” She then landed and slowly walked towards Starlight, as a tigress to a trapped buffalo unable to defend itself. She then proceeded to tap Starlight on her nose like Starlight was a little child, “And now, there's just you.”

Starlight swatted Chrysalis’ hand away, and while the queen giggled in response, “Thorax is still out there.” Starlight challenged as the throne room began to fill-up with changelings, the whole of the swarm, sans the twelve disguised as the prisoners. All there to watch their queen destroy the intruder.

Queen Chrysalis stopped her giggle and scowled before she slapped Starlight across her face using the back of her left hand, “Don't mention that traitor's name in my kingdom!” She shouted as the sound of the slap still echoed in the throne room. She gritted her teeth as she turned away to collect herself slightly, “He was a fool to leave!” She shouted to no-one in particular, “and even more a fool to return!” She continued as she turned her back to Starlight for a second. She then turned to have Starlight in her peripheral vision, “When I find him, he'll learn just what happens to those who betray Caer Sith!” she exclaimed as she clutched her right fist. Starlight whimpered slightly and in a blink and you’ll miss it her eyes gleamed blue. Chrysalis didn’t blink and turned to Starlight with a smirk, “And it seems I don't have far to look, do I…” She then sent a beam of lime-green colored light at Starlight which caused her to whimper until she was temporarily engulfed in a blue flame, revealing that it wasn’t Starlight at all, but… “Thorax?” The other changelings hissed, some readied weapons, other pooled their magic in their hands to strike Thorax down. Chrysalis laughed as she raised her right hand, “Thorax you stand accused of desertion and treason.” Chrysalis then pulled from one of her pockets the note he left, “This here proves your desertion. And the presence of these two proves your treason.” she said as she pointed to Discord and Trixie. She then lowered her right hand and used it to take his chin, “However, let it never be said I cannot be merciful. Tell me where Starlight Glimmer is and your death will be painless.”

“She’s not in Caer Sith. Discord, Trixie and I were the only ones to enter. She is gathering others and with this distraction, she’ll lay siege from outside of the thrones...” Thorax started only to be silenced by the sound of a rock pounding against the throne in an attempt to crack it.

Everyone then turned to see Starlight desperately hit the throne with a fairly large rock again and again in an attempt to destroy the throne. Queen Chrysalis then sent a blast of lime-green magic at Starlight. Starlight was able to dodge it and find a place to hind. Chrysalis flew to her throne and started to look through the small openings that were in the wall to find Starlight, “Very clever.” All the while Starlight tried to hide, but it was clear that she going to be found, “And clearly Thorax revealed to you the secret of the throne.” Chrysalis continued to look for Starlight, “I can't have powerful Mysticans using their abilities against me and my subjects.” Chrysalis then spotted Starlight’s hair and smirked, “Even with your rather embarrassing little rescue attempt, everything has gone according to my plan.

“What plan?” Starlight asked as she clung to the hope that she wasn’t found yet, “Why did you do all this?!” she exclaimed before she was wrapped in lime-green magic and pulled out of her hiding spot.

Chrysalis had captured Starlight and had the binder hover in front of her, “So we could feed, of course!” Chrysalis then pointed to the fourteen cocoons that hang from the ceilings, more so the twelve that were captured beforehand, “By replacing the most beloved figures in Mystica, my subjects will be able to store all the love meant for them and return it here to me.” She then released her hold on Starlight and let her fall to the ground, “And everyone in Mystica will do as I command, and my subjects and I will feed on their love for generations!” She then gave her laugh that started very maniacal but shifted into a dorky giggle.

Starlight got back to her feet and looked around and saw Thorax’s shawl and its glitter. She thought back on what Thorax said, that after he made a few friends he never need to feed. It was as if changelings were not to drain love like a mosquito, but absorb it passively like a sponge, “What if you didn't have to?”

Chrysalis sent a beam of lime-green magic at Starlight and used it to wrap around her, “Ridiculous!” Chrysalis then used her magic to throw across the room and then walked towards her, “The hunger of changelings can never be satisfied!”

“Exactly!” Starlight countered as she recovered from the blow, “Thorax left and made a few friends.” Starlight pointed to Thorax, “He shared the love he had, and now he doesn't need to feed. You don't have to live your lives starving all the time!”

"You know nothing of the changelings or what it takes to be their queen!” Chrysalis counted as she grabbed Starlight by her shirt and threw her again across the room, “I decide what is best for my subjects,” Chrysalis continued as she walked to where Starlight landed and pointed to Thorax, “not some lowly grunt!”

Starlight struggled to get back on her feet, “I know what it's like to lead by fear and intimidation!” she said as she groaned slightly in pain and help herself. “And I know what it's like to want everybody to do what you say!” She then used the wall she was next to as support. “But I was wrong, Twilight and by extension, Celestia taught me that.” She looked to the trapped Celestia and Twilight for a second and then back to Chrysalis, “Real leaders don't force their subjects to deny who they are! They celebrate what makes them unique and listens when one of them finds a better way!”

“You actually believe Celestia’s dribble! I’d rather lose my crown to that grunt than take sure weak advice.” Queen Chrysalis scoffed at the thought and pointed to Thorax,“The only thing Thorax has found is what happens to those who turn their backs on the swarm, on the hive, on the kingdom, on Caer Sith, and on ME!!!” Chrysalis then sent a beam of her lime-green magic at Thorax and pulled him towards her making him float in the air.

“No!” Starlight shouted as she was stopped by two changelings in blue armor.

“I’ll drain every last ounce of love from him and show my subjects what a real leader is!” Chrysalis said as she opened her mouth and a pink light was drawn out of Thorax’s chest, specifically from the area of the heart. The pink light pooled as an orb in Chrysalis’ mouth.

Thorax strained as he tried to get out of Chrysalis’ hold and cried “I can feel the love inside me slipping away...!” he said as he started to cringe and started to tear up. “I can't hold onto it much longer...!”

Starlight took a second to look at how Chrysalis was draining the love out of Thorax like she was drinking a glass of water through a straw. She knew that while water was necessary to drink, if too much of it came too fast, like from a firehose, a person could be forced back. She then had a thought, if Chrysalis was treating love like it was water, then it would affect her like water, all that was needed was for Thorax to open the floodgates. “Then don't!” Starlight began to voice her idea. “Sharing love has made you different, Thorax. And that was just what naturally radiated off of you.” The two changelings that held her back let her go, as all present turned to her. “You should share your love with Chrysalis!” Starlight ordered. “Give her all of it!” Starlight’s eyes narrowed as a smirk grew on her face.

Thorax took a breath and flung his arms open and the love that had collected in him jettisoned out in all directions like a sphere and forced all the changelings back. Chrysalis was forced all the way to her throne, due to the sting like pink light becoming more like the output of a fire hose dosing a fire intentionally, and her impact on it caused it to crack slightly. Once the light faded there was what looked like a crystalline egg about Thorax’s size where he was. Starlight cautious walked up to it before it opened and Thorax emerged, but he was vastly different. His skin was white-ish pink like most Mysticans, he stood a good foot taller, his ears were still pointed up much smaller. His eyes were moderate rose and his hair was a light rose. His clothes changed as well. His shawl became long open sleeves that were moderate blue-violet in color with dark fuchsia shoulders that was under an upper chest piece that was lime green and faded int bright gamboge in color with three light blue crystals. He wore what only be seen as lime green pants under an emerald robe and shoes that looked like their inspired by leaves in their design, and on his head was crown that looked like it was made of plant-life and resembled the antlers of a deer that was bright orange in color with some green.

“Destroy that Admonition!” Chrysalis ordered, but the changelings didn’t move. “What are doing? How dare you defy your queen?!”

“Because your title is up in the air. You said and I quote,” Thorax said in a regal tone that matched Chrysalis’, He then transformed into a copy of the queen, “I’d rather lose my crown to that grunt than take sure weak advice.” he then changed back to his new form, “You challenged me to a comhrac and I accept.” Thorax then sent a blast of light turquoise magic at Chrysalis. Chrysalis leaped off of the throne and used her wings to fly above.

“This is not valid unless the whole of the swarm is present.” Chrysalis pointed out in what sounded like a confident tone, but Thorax could hear a bit of fear in it.

“Then summon the twelve back,” Thorax countered the queen. Chrysalis groaned as she opened three rings of lime-green fire and the twelve imposters fell through only to change into their combat forms to catch themselves before landing hard on the floor. Chrysalis then landed with her back to the throne, she reached both her hands out and sent a beam of lime-green energy at Thorax. Thorax in response raised his right hand alone and sent a beam of light turquoise energy at her. The two beams collided. The beam Chrysalis sent started out able to force’s Thorax back, but in a second her beam was the forced back. All the changelings gasped in shock. “Face it Chrysalis, you’re way is wrong.” Thorax then brought his left hand up to reach out along with his right. “King to Queen!” Thorax shouted as his beam was empowered with both hands as Chrysalis beam was overpowered fully. As Thorax’s beam struck Chrysalis forcing her into her throne and through the back. “Checkmate!” Thorax declared his victory. He then turned to the swarm of changelings. “You have all borne witness to this. As many of you know I was one of if not the lowest of the fighters, in fact, I needed someone to look out for me as a nymph. And by sharing the love that was collected in me since I made friends in Mystica, I have taken on and bested the former queen. You all have this potential if you are willing to take the chance.” Thorax ended his speech and held out his right hand, while to no changeling, in particular, it was meant for all.

The changelings looked at each other nervously, such a radical change, so soon. However, one changeling, the one that wanted to be Twilight but was cast as Rarity reached her arms out and closed her eyes as if she prepared herself to be sacrificed by falling onto a fire. Slowly the love in her began to expand out of her, much like Thorax and she was replaced with an egg as the love exploded like with Thorax. She then emerged from the egg, not as tall as Thorax, but taller then she was before. Her skin much like Thorax’ and she was much more clearly female in her appearance and her clothes were of various bright and yet earth colors. First, one by one, then two by two, then three by three, the vast majority of the changelings followed suit. Those that changed each looked much healthier then they did, all with bright and earthy colored clothes with the males much more masculine in their appearance and females much more feminine in their appearance. Chrysalis barely recovered as she saw all the explosions of love, each hitting the throne and causing it crack. Her eyes shot wide open just as the throne began to break apart. At this point the explosions of love caused the top of Caer Sith to blow off in a fairly large explosion, showing that it was close to mid-day.

Once the explosion cleared the changelings had, for the most part, followed Thorax’s example, and were more beings of nature and life. The cocoons were all on the floor and opened. Slowly the fourteen that were captured collected themselves, with Starlight helping Trixie to her feet, as Shining and Cadance held each other and their little Flurry. Thorax helping Spike, the diarchs helping each other, Applejack and Rainbow Dash collected themselves as Rarity helped Pinkie. Discord needed no help to get up but panicked as he couldn’t see Fluttershy, “Fluttershy?” He asked until he spotted her.

After he teleported to be right next to her and gave her a bear hug, “It's, um, good to see you, too.” The druid said as she returned the embrace.

Starlight then found Twilight still shaking it all off. As Starlight offered her hand, Twilight accepted it and asked, “Starlight? What happened?” As it was clear that she was still processing it all.

Starlight looked around at first as she tried to form an answer, “Well things didn’t go well at the Sunset Festival so Trixie and I came back early. We found out that you and the others were replaced by changelings, and with Discord and Thorax we came to rescue you. We were all almost captured too but Chrysalis in a moment of poor word choice challenged Thorax to the throne and leadership of the changelings and Thorax won,” Starlight said as she pointed to Thorax, “They found that they didn’t need to drain love like a vampire, and... went through some sort of metamorphosis and they're all kinda... good now.”

“Not all,” Thorax said as he joined Starlight and Twilight and pointed to a group that looked like they were fifty in the count, among them the thirteen Drones that were still in the previous state. “But one heart and mind at a time.”

The three were then joined by Celestia and Luna, Luna spoke first addressing Starlight, “Well done, Starlight Glimmer. It seems as though you've learned a great deal since we last spoke.”

Celestia turned to speak with Thorax but was cut short as they all heard the sound of rubble moving. All there turned to see Queen Chrysalis emerge from the rubble and hiss in defiance as her crown glowed lime-green. But she stopped as everyone, even the fifty changelings that didn’t change scowled at her, all prepared to fight her. She whimpered in fright as she was against impossible odds. Thorax was about to step forward to smite Chrysalis there and then, but Starlight stopped him and walked up to Chrysalis. She offered out her right hand, “I was defeated by Twilight and her friends with the help of those that followed me. But they rightfully turned when they learned the truth of my actions and I refused to make amends,” she said as she gestured to the six with her left hand. “ I chose to run away and seek revenge!” Starlight said as she dipped her head in shame and lowered her left hand, “But you don't have to! You can be the leader your subjects deserve.” All the while the wind rustled as Chrysalis timidly and slowly raised her right hand. However just as it looked like she would accept Starlight’s hand she scowled and smacked it aside.

Chrysalis leaped into the air, “There is no revenge you could ever conceive of that will come close to what I will exact upon you one day, Starlight Glimmer!” She shouted as she pointed out Starlight and began to fly away.

Discord was about to snap his talon when it was encased in Thorax’s magic. “She’s not worth it. She has no one to help her,” Thorax said as he pointed towards the fifty that had not changed, “She lost their support when I won the comhrac. There is no one she can turn to for aid and if she were to try anything, you can rip her apart with no effort.” Thorax said as he released his hold.

Celestia walked up to Thorax and gave a bow one monarch would another, Thorax then bowed as her equal. Once the two finished their bows, “King Thorax, as the newly established leader of the changelings,” Celestia then took a good look at Thorax and at each of the changelings and their new appearance, “or should I say elves or aes sidhe?” Thorax thought for a second and nodded, ‘elfs’ and ‘aes sidhe’ both sounded much better than ‘changelings’. “I look forward to discussing how we can improve our relationship in the future.” Celestia then turned to face the other Mysticans and Discord, “However, for the moment, perhaps it is best that we leave Caer Sith,” Celestia then turned back to Thorax, “If I might be so bold to suggest that you consider renaming the whole of your nation to Alfheim?”

“I’ll take it into consideration,” Thorax replied after he gave it some thought.

“Well then, I wish to leave the matters of your nation that don’t involve Mystica to you and your subjects. Before we disembark, let it be known that offer my hand in hopes of a possible alliance.” Celestia said as she offered her right hand, Thorax nodded and accepted her hand.

“Splendid idea!” Discord cheered as he teleported to be standing on Thorax’s crown. He then gestured to Fluttershy, “Now who's ready for some celebratory tea at Fluttershy's?!”

Everyone turned the druid, Fluttershy looked around as everyone looked at her, “Oh! Uh, everybody?” she asked in a near panic.

“Actually,” Starlight said as she walked in front of Fluttershy to shield her from the looks and get Discord’s attention, “now that you can snap your talon or paw or fingers and send us absolutely anywhere again,” she started as Discord changed into his human form. “I think I have a better option.”

At Starlight’s village, everyone was still partaking in the Sunset Festival, but it felt like going through the motions. They had hoped that they can Starlight could truly move on from what happened but when she ran away, it was clear to them that she would forever be trapped in the past. Double Diamond and Party Favor were walking until they saw Starlight walk into the village, “Uh, hey, Starlight. What are you doing here?” he asked unsure about why Starlight was there.

“Yeah you left in such a hurry before, we kinda thought you didn't wanna come.” Double Diamond added as he walked up to Starlight.

“Yeah…” Starlight said as she dipped her head as the rest of the village started to walk up to the scene, and formed a circle around Starlight, this time the circle was much wider, “I guess after the way I used my magic on all of you, I wasn't sure I was somebody who should even be in charge of a baking contest.” Starlight looked up and looked at everyone in the village, “I was afraid I might go back to being the person I used to be.” She paused as she looked back at what she went through recently. “But I realize that sometimes you don't have a choice. You have to step up. And I have changed! I can handle it.” She said as she looked her wist the tan-line from her band there and rose her head back up, “Whether it’s something as big as saving Mystica” Everyone looked to each the confusion on their faces was unmistakable, “I’ll tell you that story soon, but back to my point.” Starlight said as she got everyone back to her, “or helping friends out with the Sunset Festival.” Starlight then looked away from everyone there, “Speaking of which, I know the Festival's almost over, but I kinda invited a few of my friends to join.” Everyone then turned to where Starlight was looking and saw Celestia, Luna, Cadance, Twilight, Shining Armor, Flurry Heart, Discord, Trixie, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Spike standing just in the entrance of the town. “Hope that's okay.”

Double Diamond laughed as he and the others started towards the arrivals to greet them, “Are you kidding? Of course!”

“Great!” Starlight exclaimed as everyone walked to greet each other. Starlight turned to Sugar Bella, “Now where's that baking contest? This girl needs a cupcake!” She exclaimed as everyone started to fully mingle and enjoy the celebration.

Save for two, Discord and Trixie stood back for a moment, “So I'm able to rip the very fabric of reality again.” Discord started, while the word choice indicated he was praising himself, he was actually humble in his tone.

"Yeah, yeah.” Trixie all but groaned as she crossed her arms over her chest and pouted, “And I'm still a self-absorbed, below-average illusionist, right?” she didn’t really ask.

Discord cracked his neck, “Actually, I was going to say was that as a whole the illusions you employed back in the hive were average with a couple of those slightly above average.” Discord then turned to face her, “You might not be great and powerful but you are good at what you do.” He then leaned in with a smirk on his face, “If you ever need a little chaos in your act, let me know.”

Trixie snorted at the suggested, “Ha! When pigs fly!” and laughed at the thought of working with Discord.

Discord was about to frown but smirked instead as he held his left hand aloft, “Your wish is my command!” He said as he rested his right hand on his chest with his eyes closed. He then snapped his fingers and Trixie and himself were on two winged pigs that were hovering. Discord then slapped the rear of the pig Trixie was on which caused it to squeal and fly ahead.

“Whoa! Whoooooaaaa!” Trixie screamed as she flew by a table with Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Twilight, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie. Followed by Discord. Everyone was befuddled at that sight save Pinkie who gave a big eye opened mouth smile like a child in a candy store.

Rainbow Dash was the first to attempt to recover from that, “Somebody is really gonna have to catch us up on what we missed.”


As the Sunset Festival continued, Celestia, Twilight, Luna, and Cadance sat to the side. “Starlight, Discord, and Trixie have accomplished a great feat. Going into Caer Sith and braving Chrysalis to rescue us.” Luna stated.

“With the aid of Thorax.” Cadance chimed in.

“Is there a way we could show our gratitude for their actions and show them for the heroes they are?” Twilight asked as she looked to Cadance and Luna more so than Celestia.

“We are at a lost, we can’t knight them or make them lords and ladies, Discord is… well Discord and he really doesn’t need a title. Trixie needs to let go of a sizable portion of her ego, do you really want her to go around with the name “The Great and Powerful Lady Trixie!”, Thorax is already a king and it would not do Mystica’s geopolitical standings well to make him a lord because it would be perceived as us conquering the realm and appointing him the governor or saying it is a vassal state.” Luna explained. Cadance shrugged her shoulders indicating that she didn’t know what to do.

Celestia then spoke, “I think I know just the thing, I’ll have to let Fancypants run it through the appropriate channels, but I think they qualify for the Pink Hearts of Courage. However, I think Starlight would benefit from meeting with someone else you have been helping, Twilight.” Celestia winked “But that’s your call.” Twilight took a minute to think about what Celestia just said.

Author's Note:

Aes Sidhe is old Irish for People of the Mound,
Alfhielm is Norse for Elf Realm

Thank you all for reading, feel welcomed to comment.

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This was nice. Is there another chapter after this?

No, I just have edited it to be complete

Good job. I liked the part where Thorax actually fights Chrysalis for the leadership of the changelings, before they all change, instead of them to blindly accept what he was saying.

Great job on the wrap-up to this story. The exchanges, action, characterizations and future story set-up are all well done in all the right places. Yeah, I DO like the subtle, but significant differences you worked in (such as the challenge for leadership of the hive, as another reviewer already mentioned).

And, as for Chrysalis being alone and without her anti-magic gear, I have a feeling that's actually going to make her MORE dangerous because 1. she will truly be lashing out with nothing left to lose and 2. she is fully aware her enemies have a sizeable power advantage over her and outnumber her greatly, so she will have to be sneakier to compensate (and maybe recruit allies with enough muscle to be useful, but enough stupidity for her to easily manipulate [like Garble] or, alternatively, enough brains to come up with useful weapons, but greedy enough to work with her for the right price [like the Flim-Flam Brothers]).

Okay, sorry about that. Got a little carried away. Anyway, I'll certainly be looking forward to more of your work, but will also respect the need for real world matters to come first.

Corrected, thank you for pointing it out

What's a vesicamancer?

mancer- magic user
vesica- Latin for bladder/balloon

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