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My Little Mages: An Apprentice’s Holiday - Foxhelm

As the Fall nights become equal with the day, a foe long forgotten has made her move and now its up to Starlight Glimmer to show what she has learned as Twilight's student. A My Little Mages retelling of Where and Back Again

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Facing the Past

In a large and tall room with crystal-like walls with large shelves that seem to go from the floor to the ceiling, two young women and a bipedal reptile had finished organizing books and were breaking down the boxes for easy storage. Both of the women were in their early twenties, one had dark sapphire hair with two streaks, one was rose and the other was violet, with violet eyes, and metallic wings purple and gold in color which seemed to float behind her and yet also come from her back with two amethyst six-pointed stars functioning for the wings like her arm's shoulder balls. She wore a headband with a horn-like amethyst focusing gem on her forehead, with a dull blue robe with large golden cuffs, pink pants and brown boots that went up above her ankle. Around her neck was a triangle-like amulet that was colored like a rainbow of orange, yellow, cyan, alabaster, pink and purple. This was Princess Twilight Sparkle, Twilight for short.

The other woman had purple hair was with streaks of light purple and pale grayish aquamarine, her eyes were persian blue, done with most going back over her left and a rightward part of it. She wore brown boots that went just short of the knee, a dress that went past the knee, near the bottom of her left side were two streams of two different tones of light blue that taper to a four-pointed star a lighter shade of purple than the dress with a long sleeved magenta shirt with a pink jacket that sleeves covered over most of the shirt with golden trim. On her left shoulder was a metal guard with a purple four-pointed star on an inverted white four-pointed star, with a sash that was made of two sashes of two different tones of light blue. On her forehead was a purple focus gem cut to look like a four-pointed star. This was Starlight Glimmer

As for the bipedal reptile, it had purple scales for his body with green spines along his back and was about the size of a thirteen-year-old boy. He wore a pair of denim jeans and a red shirt, this was Spike. “Well that’s the last of the books,” Spike said as he took a brief snack break and had a handful of diamonds from a bowl of gems.

Starlight and Twilight could only roll their eyes and giggle with a smile. Twilight then laughed, “Well we finally got all my personal books and the spare copies of all the other books into the storage section.” Twilight said to both Starlight and Spike. Twilight then turned to look at the library, “Thanks for the help, Starlight, I know not being able to use your magic can’t be that easy.”

Starlight blushed a little and brushed the complement to “It’s the least I can do for all you have done for me, helped me reevaluate my life, taught me the truth of friendship, opened your home to me…” Starlight listed off

Twilight turned back to Starlight and brushed what Starlight said, “Oh it wasn’t really much, all you needed was some guidance and an opportunity. But no matter what I have done, you are the person responsible for who you’ve become.” All the while the three in the room finished flattening the boxes. “I'm proud to call you my student and my friend.”

“Oh.” Starlight said and took a second to hug Twilight in gratitude. “And I am glad to call you my teacher and my friend.”

As the two hugged, Spike heard a knock at the door, “I’ll get it.” Spike said and went to the door that would be the public entrance to the library. At the door was a golden-haired woman with golden atypically oriented eyes dressed in the blue Mystican Postal uniform. “Oh hey, Brighteyes, I see we got mail.”

“Actually, only Starlight got mail today.” the recently identified Brighteyes informed as she walked over to Starlight and handed her a letter. “It’s been a slow day at the post office. I might be able to get home early; my sisters have been wanting to do something with me.” Brighteyes then flew out.

Starlight looked at the letter she got, “Who’d send me a letter?”

“Sunburst, trying to be a pen-pal, you know to keep up communications, Trixie to let you know how things went at her latest show, Pinkie Pie inviting you to a party, Fluttershy thinking that you would like a pet,” Spike began to list off, all the while he munched on his gemstones. “It could be advertising? Maybe you won something at the spa or restaurant?” He stopped as he looked at Starlight, “I can go on all day, but I think the point has been made.” He then swallowed his snack, “So are you going to open it?”

Starlight then looked at the letter’s return address, “I don’t know this place.” She then tentatively opened the letter to see a card. It had the image of a setting sun, “Can it be?” She asked before she opened the card. “It’s from Party Favor.”

“The guy with the balloons?” Spike asked.

“He’s a vesicamancer, but yes” Starlight answered and actually read the card and froze in horror as she let the card drop to the floor. At that same second the band that had been placed on her wrist as part of her penance also fell to the ground.

“What is it, Starlight, is your old village under threat?” Twilight asked as she and Spike walked over to her. Starlight didn’t respond as she was trapped in fear, like a prey animal that spotted its predator and the predator was looking elsewhere.

Spike picked up the card, “Dear Starlight Glimmer, it is with great pleasure that we invite you to the fifth annual Sunset Festival. Your old friends, Party Favor, Night Glider, Sugar Belle, Double Diamond’ and it goes on and on listing a lot of people.” Spike commented after he read the card.

“Oh Starlight! That’s great your old village is reaching out to you.” Twilight said as she hugged Starlight happy for her student. Twilight then looked at the floor, “And look you have been forgiven by everyone there. Congratulations!” Twilight then hugged Starlight again. However, Starlight eyes rolled back and fainted in Twilight’ arms, “Um Starlight...Starlight…” Twilight began to shake Starlight but to no avail. “Perhaps we should call it a day and get Starlight to bed?”

“Does this mean I can call the guys over?” Spike asked.

Chapter 1 Facing the Past

Starlight began walking towards her former village, they kept the two rows of houses and strung between the houses were various banners rendering various sunset and red and orange flags. Everyone was wearing the shirts, pants and or dresses that Starlight imposed on them during her time there. But their clothes were much comfortable in appearance and they had their Aura Marks on their shirts and dress. Starlight sighed and continued to walk into town. There in the center were two men. One had white hair and wore a snow-white shirt with three blue snowflakes arranged in a blue triangle formation on the back. Next to him was another man but his shirt was bright cyan and had a balloon animal and streamers rendered on the back, with azure and cornflower blue hair that had a bounce too it. There were others but these two were the ones the Starlight focused the most one. She took a deep breath and then exhaled. “Hey… Double Diamond, Party Favor, Everyone,” she said weakly and caused the two men to turn to see her, along as the rest of the village to turn their attention to her. In the process, both men showed their cobalt blue eyes as the one in the cyan shirt had a set of gloves with pink gems as his focus gems in the palms.

The man in the cyan shirt stepped forward, “Uh, hi… Starlight.” He greeted her seeming to be tense towards her.

“I got the invitation you sent, Party Favor,” Starlight said as she handed to the man that greeted her, the recently identified Party Favor, the letter that was sent to her. Party Favor then showed the letter to the other man who tore the letter. “Double Diamond, why would you do that?” Starlight panicked.

The recently identified Double Diamond continued to tear the letter into small bits. However, it was Party Favor who responded, “You actually thought we wanted you here. After all that you did to us.”

Slowly the rest of the town began to surround Starlight, “But… this… this… band…” Starlight struggled to find the wristband in her pockets only to see it on her wrist again. Everyone began to laugh at her derisively. The laughter continued to become more and more deranged. “Please!” Starlight pleaded as she dropped to her knees and began to pull herself into a fetal ball and pleaded, “Stop!” She shouted and soon all the villagers were gone, the village itself was gone. In fact, Starlight was in the desert and it was now night. As Starlight looked around she could not understand what had happened.

“The nightmare is over.” came a voice from behind Starlight. Starlight turned to see a woman with hair that seemed to float and looked like a starry night sky devoid of any terrestrial based light pollution, she also had cyan eyes. She wore a dark blue gothic dress that went just below her knees, a black choker with a silver crescent moon, and black and silver boots and a black tiara. And from her back were black and dark blue with a crescent moon functioning like the stars in Twilight’s wings.

“Princess Luna?” Starlight asked as she recognized the demigod.

Before Starlight could ask the recently identified Princess Luna as to why she was there, “Our domain is the Dreamscape, Starlight.” Luna informed. “We heard your cry for aid and We answered it.”

Starlight gave a sigh of relief, “So this is just a dream.” she said as she wiped her forehead.

Luna shook her head and looked at the sky before she spoke to Starlight, “That might be the cast, but what is at its core are your emotions, which are very real.”

Starlight gave another sigh of frustration, “Great.” She then thought about why the nightmare was the way it was. “I guess I'm afraid of going back to the village.”

“You fainted in the arms of Twilight when she hugged you after Spike read the letter aloud.” Luna pointed out in a deadpan that rivaled Applejack when the paladin dealt with Rarity.

“How did you…” Starlight started to ask.

“Part of traveling the Dreamscape is knowing when a mind that should be in it is not in it,” Luna informed. “Your mind is not the first that has had such a state.” Luna continued.

“What do I do?” Starlight asked as she turned to Luna, much like a lost child hoping to find his or her home.

Luna smiled and shook her head, “You already know the answer to that.” she informed.

Starlight thought for a second, looking in her mind for the answer to her own question, “Talk to my teacher.” She answered, thinking that Twilight might be enough.

“Try again,” Luna suggested.

Starlight sighed, as she accepted that she would have to tell all her friends in Magiville, “Talk to my friends.” she answered.

“See. We knew you knew it.” Luna said with a smile as clouds began to form stairway into the night's sky “We have been helped on several occasions by those six. Because of their aid, We were able to overcome Our past. " Luna said as she began her ascent. "You're fortunate to have them as friends," Luna said as she was halfway up the stairs. It was there that Starlight noticed that the stairway ended at the moon. Luna reached the end and prepared to enter the moon, she stopped and turned to Starlight. "We see much of Ourself in you, Starlight. Things do get better if one is willing to put in the effort." And with that Luna entered the moon. Starlight then gasped as she all but jumped out of her bed. She looked out the window and saw the first lights of the dawn creeping over the horizon. She took a breath, preparing herself for what she had to do.

A couple hours later in the morning, Starlight was in the throne room of the castle with Twilight and Spike seated on their thrones, Spike’s was significantly smaller than Twilight’s and on her was rendered her aura mark which was a purple six-pointed star with a white six-pointed star under it and perpendicular to it. Around the two six-pointed stars were five smaller white stars. Also, in the room were five other thrones and five other women about Starlight’s and Twilight's ages. One of the women seat in the throne with the rendering of the rainbow lightning bolt had hair that was like a rainbow in color and that was done in a high ponytail with a hairpin that looked like a stylized cloud and a tri-colored rainbow of red, yellow and blue, with cerise eyes. She wore black sock-like boats that went above her knees, with a dull purple skirt and light a dull blue shirt with white and gold wing styled sleeves. On her waist was a quiver and a bow and from her ankles came ethereal wing. Also, on her shirt was a pin of a stylized lightning bolt with wings, the wings were gold in color while the lightning bolt had the coloration of a rainbow of orange, yellow, cyan, alabaster, pink and purple. This was her youngest closest friend, Rainbow Dash.

The next woman that had long deep-magenta hair with a small tiara on her head with three sapphires cut as kites, this was Rarity, she had azure eyes, and she wore a long alabaster gown with some pinkish-purple with a long shawl that was composed of two rainbows in color, a traditional rainbow going the length of the shawl save for the width of one of the shorter edges which running perpendicular to the rest of the shawl was a rainbow of orange, yellow, cyan, alabaster, pink and purple, going around her back and hanging from her elbows and sat in the throne with three sapphires cut as kite.

Next was a blonde woman with green eyes, named Applejack. Her hair was done in a low ponytail and was dressed in brown pants, brown boots, a red leather jacket with some pieces of armor most notably pauldrons with stylized apples, brown gloves, a scabbard with a longsword in it. Around her neck was a black cord that had a coin with a rendering of apples on both sides but looked like a rainbow of orange, yellow, cyan, alabaster, pink and purple. Her throne had three apples similar to the ones on her pauldrons.

After her, was a woman shorter than all the others with bouncing cotton pink hair, blue eyes, this was Pinkie Pie, she wore a bear legged leotard with blue cruelly toed shoes a pink jester coat and a dark pink jester’s hat with three balloons, one was yellow and two were blue and on her jacket’s waist was a rubber chicken called ‘Boneless’, unlike other rubber chickens his right leg wasn’t the regular orange but a rainbow of orange, yellow, cyan, alabaster, pink and purple. Pinkie’s throne had three balloons that matched the ones on her hat.

The last woman in the room, and the oldest of them, also had pink hair and teal colored eyes, but her hair was lighter shade of pink and her eyes were teal, she was Fluttershy she was dressed in a green, yellow and light blue dress with a stylized pink butterfly as a brooch for her hood, and above her left ear was a blue flower but one of its pedals was a rainbow of orange, yellow, cyan, alabaster, pink and purple. On her throne were three butterflies much like her brooch. Starlight had finished describing her dream, “...and Princess Luna then suggested that I talk to you all, explain my feelings and such. So... yeah...that’s it. I'm afraid. I am afraid of what will happen if I go back. I know they invited for the celebration, but…” Starlight trailed.

“But why, darling?” Rarity asked as she levitated the band that, “Remember the magic Twilight used to make this? If those you have wrong have forgiven you and the Divine sees that you are worthy of it the remaining time of your penance will be pardoned. They have forgiven you, Starlight and have elected that the best way to move on is to invite you to the festival. “

“But is it true?” Starlight asked as she began to walk around nervously, “Have they really forgiven me?” She continued to panic. “Have I really merited it?”

Applejack got up and slapped Starlight with the palm of her right hand across the face. As Starlight began to rub her check, Applejack grabbed both of Starlight’s upper arms. “Now listen, Sugarcube.” She ordered. “It ain’t our job to say ‘eye’ or ‘nye’ on that matter. That’s the Divine’s and the Divine has spoken. Do ya need it to be written on a wall?” Applejack said as she let go and walked back to her throne.

After Starlight had recovered from the slap, she still continued to panic, “But what if I haven't changed as much as I think I have!” she shouted

“Oh, you totally changed.” Rainbow Dash stepped in as she leaned back in her throne and placed her feet on the table. “You were so awful Snips’ and Snails’ rapping sounds pleasant in comparison. Trust me.” Rainbow Dash said with a slight salute of dismissal.

“Rainbow Dash!” Applejack scolded Rainbow Dash over the Elementalist’s lack of tact.

“What?” Rainbow Dash asked in her own defense, “You know those two can’t keep a beat.” She then rubbed her ears, “I thought my ears going to bleed the last time we heard them rap.”

“I think Applejack was referring to the comparison of Starlight to them not how bad the two are at rapping,” Fluttershy informed, finally speaking up and pointing out what Applejack meant.

“Oh…” Rainbow said in realization. She then turned to Starlight and back to Applejack, “well we all know she was.” Rainbow pointed out earning herself a glare from the paladin. “What?! It's a compliment!” Rainbow tried to negate the silent scolding she has been getting.

Everyone else sighed. Fluttershy then turned her attention to Starlight, “Starlight, I think we all believe that your old village would not have sent the invitation to you if they didn't want you to attend the festival.” Fluttershy then smiled, “I just know they would be happy to have you there.”

Pinkie Pie then seemed to stretch from her throne to be right next to Starlight and also seemed to panic, “And to get invited to a party and not go. It’s…That’s” Pinkie then froze as her eyes became fields of blue with massive amounts of white text.

“Pinkie crashed, everyone out of my way,” Applejack ordered as she ran to the kitchen. After a minute she arrived with smelling salts.

Applejack then held the smelling salt under Pinkie’s nose. Pinkie’s eyes then flashed white and returned to normal, “So Starlight why did you ask all here?” Pinkie Pie asked.

Before Starlight could ask, “Pinkie went back to the latest moment that there wasn’t a problem. Just go along it will save you.” Applejack explained as she directed Pinkie Pie to her throne.

“I crashed?" Pinkie asked, "How did…”

“Pinkie Pie, Sugarcube, don’t question it,” Applejack ordered as she made Pinkie sit down.

“Okay.” Pinkie said as she dipped her with a frown.

“Now back to the matter at hand.” Applejack said as she took her seat. “What you got to do, Starlight is to just be sincere. They’ll understand where you're comin' from.”

Starlight looked away as she held her right arm with her left hand, still very much nervous. Twilight knew now was her chance to speak. "Starlight," she said getting Starlight's attention, "I understand that this is hard for you." Twilight got up and walked up to Starlight, "I’ve been in this situation before when I discovered how bad a friend I was to Moondancer. I know that if weren’t for Pinkie or Minuette I never would have been able to reconcile with Moondancer." This gave Starlight a smile, knowing that Twilight had been through something similar to what she was going through was welcoming. "I had people there to help me. Maybe if you took a friend along, it might make things easier. Somebody you trust to look out for you?" Twilight then gave a big smile as large pleading eyes. Starlight thought for a second.

About an hour later at what looked like a horse-less stagecoach, Twilight, et al, were helping Starlight load a few things, inside it was the owner who stepped out when the last bag was given to her. She, like Starlight and the others, was in her twenties, she had light blue hair and purple eyes and wore blue gloves, a black dress with knee-high boots, she also had Around her waist was a buckle shaped like a wand topped with a star and a cape with a series of stars and at her neck was blue gem that was worn as a necklace, but looked like it could be made as the clasp for a cloak. "Thank you for coming with me, Trixie." Starlight said to the other woman. "When Twilight suggested I ask someone to go to the Sunset Festival with me, I couldn't help but think of you."

The recently identified Trixie then hugged Starlight and then proceeded to take her star adorned cloak and wizard's cap from her stagecoach before she turned to and hugged Twilight, "Oh Princess Twilight, I knew we could become friends." Trixie ended the hug with a big smug on her face like she was rubbing salt into a wound of someone she disliked. She giggled before she continued to speak as she went to the front of her stagecoach to get it to move, "Encouraging Starlight to seek me -her best friend – out in order for her to accomplish this difficult journey." She paused as she looked to Twilight while offering a hand to Starlight to help her to where the two would be sitting. "Why Celestia must be proud of the wise princess you have become?"

Twilight gritted her teeth in her forced smile, she and Trixie still had unresolved issues. "Thank you, Trixie." She strained to say. She turned to the others and in a hushed tone, " I was talking about me."

Starlight had a little laugh at Twilight's jealousy. She turned to Trixie, "Now the festival isn’t just the Fall Equinox." She informed, "It lasts the whole week around it. But I doubt we'll be there that long." Starlight informed as she thought about how long she and Trixie would be there.

Trixie giggled, "Oh. I don't know, Starlight." She then turned to look mostly at Twilight, "You know what they say 'Time flies when you're having fun' even more so when you're with your best friend!" She continued to giggle before she started her automotive stagecoach and everyone waved farewell to each other.

The next day the two arrived at the ledge that Twilight and her group arrived at and saw Starlight's old village. From Starlight's vantage point the village very much like it did before, structured like an equal sign and the buildings were mostly uniform. But Starlight's house was no longer there, in its stead was a tree. Trixie's automotive stagecoach stopped and Trixie set it to park. Over her and Starlight's heads, eagles flew and cried out. As Trixie got off her stagecoach, "There it is!" She declared as she helped Starlight down, "Your-" Trixie started but was stopped before she could finish what she was going to say as Starlight got down to the ground.

"Village that I made based on an Anti-Aura Mark Cult." Starlight started as she began to pace back and forth in front of the stagecoach, "Where I convinced a lot of people, each going through a massive identity crisis, to let me magically removal their aura marks, only to be replaced with equal signs, stripping them of their identities, destinies, and talents, all the while keeping my own magic hidden?" She seemed to have finished the question but before Trixie could speak, "Only to become the first place Twilight and the others were sent to via the Aura Map?" It was then that she stopped and holding her left upper arm with her right hand and looked at the ground ashamed. "Yes."

Trixie rolled her eyes with a sigh, "I wasn't going to say that." Trixie said as she was able to say what she was going to say. "If I may." Trixie then coughed to clear her throat and looked out to the village. "There it is! Your home before moving in with Twilight." She then turned back to Starlight after she finished, "But what you said is a more..." She trailed out.

"Traumatic answer." Starlight completed. She then sighed before she looked at the village, "I just want to..."

"Blend in. " Trixie finished, "Well, you could always come and go, like a chameleon," Trixie suggested with a wink.

Starlight laughed "Oh comma, comma, comma." She then took a breath and shook her head, "I just want to enjoy the festival with my friend." She said as she placed her right hand on Trixie's shoulder, "Like everyone else there."

Trixie shrugged her shoulders, "Sounds good to me!" And she began to climb down the naturally formed staircase that led to the village. "Oh, and if things get out of hand, just tell me. I've got you covered, with a Grrrreat and Powerrrrful Prrrromise!" Trixie said as she took a smoke bomb from her cloak and threw it to the ground causing it to go off and made both Trixie and Starlight coughed until a second after the smoke cleared.

Once the two were done coughing, "I guess Pinkie isn't the only one with her own... unique promises." Starlight joked. She took a deep breath, "Thanks again Trixie." She started her own descent down the staircase, "Let's do this."

After a short walk, they were in the village. Everyone was running around not unlike the dream Starlight had, but no one was wearing the old uniforms they were when they were part of Starlight's cult, instead, they wore the clothes they wore when Starlight met each of them. Starlight' s focus on four. The first was Double Diamond, who wore blue denim pants with purple boots that could easily be attached to skis or snowboards, a white sweater with blue diamonds going around the shoulder level of it with three blue snowflakes arranged like a triangle on the front.

The second person was Party Favor, who, in addition to the set of gloves with pink gems as his focus gems in the palms, wore a white longsleeved shirt, bright cyan pants, a purple vest with a balloon animal and streamers rendered on the back, purple shoes and a cyan tie.

The other two were another woman about Double Diamond's, Party Favor's, Trixie's and Starlight's age. The first had cerise eyes and magenta which had a similar bounce to it like Party Favor's, she wore a sort light blue dress like those in the roller skate themed dinners that went mid-thigh with a short white baker's apron with a cupcake with purple frosting topped with a cherry with four jellybeans red to yellow in color depicted on the front under a large bow that went around her waist that was pale cerise and yellow in color. She also wore a necklace that went done to her bosom and had a gem that seemed to be aligned with her heart. This was Sugar Belle and she was pacing out her baked goods.

The last of the four and the other woman had white and bluish-gray hair that was blown back like it was always against the wind with cerulean eyes and had a pair of night black ethereal wings. She wore black sandals, a moderate azure sleeve-less tight shirt, shorts that exposed her midriff and leggings that exposed part of her thighs. On her shirt over her right bosom was a depiction of a crescent moon surrounded by two curved feathers. This was Night Glider. Starlight took a breath and then spoke, "Hey Double Diamond, Party Favor, Sugar Belle, Night Glider..." Starlight started to greet the four.

The four turned to see Starlight and Trixie. Double Diamond ran up to and gave Starlight a massive hug, "Starlight, you made it!" As he turned back to the other four and the other villagers as he ended the hug, "HEY EVERYONE! SHE MADE IT!" The villagers then started to leave what they were doing to greet Starlight. As the village all turned to greet Starlight, she nervously laughed.

Party Favor was the second to greet Starlight with a hug, followed by Sugar Belle and Night Glider. After Night Glider hugged Starlight, Party Favor spoke, "Some of us thought you weren't going to make it!" Party Favor said as he looked to some of the villagers who gave a little nervous laugh. Party Favor then turned back to Starlight, "So are you staying for the full festival?" He asked not only for himself but for everyone else. "You see we have so many things planned!" He explained.

"How is life in a castle with Princess Twilight?" Sugar Belle asked not giving Starlight a chance to answer the question that Party Favor asked.

"It is so great to see you!" Double Diamond said, again not giving Starlight a chance to answer the question Sugar Belle or the one that Party Favor asked.

Trixie turned to Starlight and in a mock-whisper, "You were right, they are absolutely terrifying." She then began to giggle at Starlight's stated as the binder groaned. Trixie then turned to one of the villagers, "But The Great and Powerful Trrrixie has a question, if what Starlight did what The Great And Powerful Trrrixie has heard Starlight done, why are you so..."

Sugar Belle spoke up, "Oh, you see there was this cleric from Magiville that has made a few apple delivery. On one of his deliveries, he made the case that to withhold forgiveness was like drinking a poison with another person at the table and watching and waiting for the other people to die."

Night Glider leaned in and whispered into Starlight's ear, "The apple weren't the only things he delivered as Sugar can attest."

"NIGHT GLIDER!" Sugar shouted as she blushed and hid her face from Starlight, as everyone else had a slight chuckle.

Starlight gave a nervous laugh along with everyone else. Once everyone was done laughing, "Well, it's nice to see you all again." Starlight looked around her and saw everyone was looking at her like she was the head of the village again

"We're in a debate about which banners to use." Party Favor said as he pointed to several of the villagers who held up various banners of stylized sunsets, and some showed a 'day' of equal amount daytime and night time. After Starlight had seen them, Party Favor asked as he stood next to her, in an attempt to get an answer from her, "Which do you think feels more 'sunsetty'?"

Starlight nervously laughed as she took a step back, "Yo-you don't need me for that." She said as she looked around and gave another laugh as it seemed like they were still waiting for an answer. "Um... whatever you believe is best."

Everyone looked at each other, not sure what to do. It was starting to dawn on Starlight that they were expecting that she would take charge. Double Diamond spoke up after a second, "Okay, well, um, how about the relay races planned for tomorrow?" He asked as he tried to get something that was much less subjective and more objective, as he believed that would get an answer from Starlight, "Would you mind taking a look?"

Starlight looked around herself and took another step back from everyone, extremely nervous, "Oh, I am not much of a runner. Besides, I never ran in one of the relay races in the past." She tried to dismiss, as she hoped that Double Diamond would accept her argument of 'I don't have the right perspective for such and such,'. She then continued, "Also, you were always the head of that department, Double Diamond, I don't want to step on toes."

"But the baking competition?" Sugar Belle pointed out, "you will judge that, right?" Sugar Belle pleaded.

Before Starlight could answer the baker, "Oh-oh don't forget the firework show the Magicborns are going to do. I am sure that they would really like your help!" Night Glider butt in as the villagers began to chatter loudly as they closed in on Starlight. In reality, they were about a meter away from her, but to Starlight, they were less than a centimeter. [villagers chattering loudly][magic zap]

Starlight started to hyperventilate as she began to panic. "NO!" she screamed as her focus gem glowed turquoise and forced everyone back. As everyone, but Trixie was dazed, Starlight dropped to the ground and began to tremble in fright.

Trixie quickly saw everyone starting to recover and stepped in front of Starlight, "The Grrreat and Powerrrful Trrrixie," She announced as she threw open her cloak, getting everyone to focus solely on her, "would like to thank you all for being such a fantastic audience." She then grabbed as smoke boom she had in her cloak, which went unnoticed by everyone, save for Starlight. "Yet sadly, it is time for us to depart." She said as fact tears began to form in her eyes. "Good night, ladies and gentlemen!" Trixie threw the boom and it went off. In the cover of the smoke, Trixie used her cloak to shield Starlight and they ran out of the village. All the while the villagers coughed until a couple of seconds after the smoke cleared. As they noticed the absence of Starlight and Trixie, more so Starlight, several began to mutter in shock. villagers shocked muttering]

Back at Trixie's automotive stagecoach, Trixie and Starlight began their trek back to Magiville, after they turned the coach around and got back on the driver's seat, Starlight in the shotgun spot. About an hour into their return journey, Starlight groaned with an 'Ugh!"

"Care to tell Trixie what is bothering you?" Trixie asked in one of the very few moments she genuinely displayed concern for someone else.

Starlight took a breath as she watched the ground as Trixie drove, "I was horrible when I was their leader!" She answered as she turned back to Trixie. She then turned to the sky, "I expected that they wouldn't trust me, I know I wouldn't or at least I shouldn't, given everything I did to make that village." She then looked ahead and then back to the ground. "I know Twilight's band wouldn't come off unless they truly forgave me," Starlight took another breath, "but... for them to want me to be in charge again?!" she shouted her rhetorical question to the empty blue skies, "With my past?!" she continued this time to Trixie and not so much of a shout. She sighed and looked at the footrest, " I should never be in charge of anything ever again." she whispered.

Trixie shrugged her shoulders with her eyes closed, "Big deal, so you fumbled a little." Trixie then leaned toward Starlight next to her ear and in a hushed tone so that only Starlight could hear her, "Whatever you do, don't tell anyone this," Trixie sat back up and looked around again, just to make sure the two were alone. Once she was certain she returned to whisper in Starlight's ear, "But I, The Grrreat and Powerrrful Trrrixie, has made a mistake or two." She then sat right back up as did Starlight. Trixie giggled as Starlight looked at her with a bewildered expression on her face. (Not that Trixie made bad choices, but that Trixie would ever admit it, willingly). Once Trixie finished with her giggle, "I know it's almost impossible to believe!"

Starlight looked at Trixie with a deadpan, "Not ignoring the heckling you got from Rainbow Dash when she saw your show in Magiville the first time you were there, challenging her, Rarity and Applejack to a showoff in that same show, purchasing the Alicorn Amulet, using its power to challenge Twilight to a Magic Duel, trying to become my friend to get back at Twilight at first." Starlight listed off the errors that she knew Trixie made.

"Huh, Twilight didn't mention when the Sirens tricked me into making her and her friends fall through a stage's trap door, entrapping them so that couldn't confront the Sirens?" Trixie muttered to herself noting the absence of a particular mistake on the list.

"What did you say?" Starlight asked not sure what she just heard.

After a few seconds of thought, "Only that as I said almost impossible to believe." Starlight raised an eyebrow at that answer. She was not sure if she believed that statement or not or if she should question it or not. She elected to not question it, but she didn't believe it. After Starlight gave an unsure 'aha', Trixie spoke again, "Regardless, the thing you have to do now, Starlight, is to just carry on as if nothing ever happened."

Starlight could only shake her head with a soft smile at first, "Thanks, for the almost good advice, Trixie."

"I try." Trixie replied, "So to Las Magus?"

"Ha, ha, no."

Author's Note:

Alright, February has started and Season 8's first episode airs March 3rd. Looks like I am on track to have the main storyline completed done for the Season 8 finale, maybe get more of the Sunset Storyline done too. Leaving the Movie, the Season 8 Finale and some of the Sunset Storyline for between the finale for the rest of this year. I might be able to write my answer to the CMC Dream Trilogy and The Rainbow Key Quintology by the Season 9 opener in 2019 and complete all my plans long before the Season 9 finale... (knocking on wood).

Oh, the description of the characters Night Glider, Party Favor, Double Diamon and Sugar Belle are mostly based on RJ-Streak's fighting game project "Equestria Heroes" images that RJ-Streak commissioned DANMAKUMAN to make and with both their permissions. Go check them out. BTW the portrayal of Night Glider, Party Favor, Sugar Belle and Double Diamond are subjective to ret-con if Didj draws these characters.