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Found the show in late 2015, and fell in love with it. I also like D&D (3 and 3.5), Fansty novel and movie, Sci-Fi movies. MarbleMac is Best Ship and Flashlight is a fair second



This story is a sequel to My Little Mages: The Anointing

As the Fall Equinox approaches, Starlight Glimmer has received an invitation to her former village's Fall Equinox celebration.Seeing Starlight's nervousness about how things could go, Twilight suggests that Starlight takes a friend.
Electing to go with Trixie, Starlight ends up leaving early out of fear of becoming the tyrant she was before.
However, upon Starlight's return to Magiville, something seems off about Twilight and the others.
In the dark of the night Starlight uncovers that her suspicions were well founded, Queen Chrysalis has returned and has taken the diarchs, Twilight, and her friends. And with a report from Thorax, even Cadance, Shining Armor, and the baby Flurry Heart.
Just when all hopes seem lost, Discord takes a moment to remind everyone that the demigods aren't the only powerful beings in Mystica.

Now with Trixie, Thorax, and Discord, Starlight must brave the realm of the Changelings, The Caer Sith.
Can Starlight and the others save Twilight, Celestia, Luna, Cadance, Flurry, Spike, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity and Pinkie Pie?
Can they stop Chrysalis' attempt of revenge?
Or will the Queen of the Changelings succeed in draining all the love out of Mystica for her and the hive?

A My Little Mages AU Retelling of Where and Back Again

Cover art made by Didj, go support his work.

Chapters (4)
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I'm curious to see what you do for this adaption. Good luck to ya.

Hold on. What does Caer Sith translate to, and what language is that? I haven't read anything yet, but I will soon.

It's Celtic, sith is a variant of the word 'sidhe' which means 'mound or hill'. from which we get the shee in banshee. I don't know off hand what 'caer' means but it's a reference to a Celtic mythological fortress

Okay, so Pinkie Pie is Windows now. That's actually pretty funny. :twilightsmile:
8711366 So, did Banshee531 give you the idea to make the changelings Celtic or did that come from something else?

Actually no. I wrote that the Changelings hive would have that name when I completed The Royal Wedding, long before I discovered Banshee531.

Oh, I was waiting for this one!

Pinkie Pie then seemed to stretch from her throne to be right next to Starlight and also seemed to panic, “And to get invited to a party and not go . It’s…That’s” Pinkie then froze as her eyes became fields of blue with massive amounts of white text.


Rarity and Applejack giggled at that, before Applejack continued, "The trick is to not question it."

The one time "It's Pinkie Pie. Don't question it." doesn't apply. :ajbemused:
How does someone cry so hard that oil-based makeup runs? :rainbowderp:


The one time "It's Pinkie Pie. Don't question it." doesn't apply.:ajbemused:


How does someone cry so hard that oil-based makeup runs?:rainbowderp:

Honestly... I don't know, it's a hyperbole.

Nice! Pretty good recreation so far, can't wait to see what the other chapters look like.

HOLD IT! You made you know who make out with a (long, stunned pause)? :pinkiesick: I can't even finish that sentence. :pinkiesick:
WHY?! :raritycry: How does bad stuff keep happening to him? :raritycry: He's been a good boy. He does his homework. He's nice to the ladies. He's nice to the people he doesn't like. Okay, he was acting mean that one time, but he was brainwashed. :raritycry:
I need to stop reading Jasper Pie comics. :twilightsheepish:

Up next, the trek toward the hive and possibly a stealth section.

Forgive me, but I found your reaction hilarious. :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: I know I am so getting thrown out of the bunker, but I just can't stop laughing...
(Deep Breath) okay, okay I am good. Yes I did have that happen, but you have recall he thought he was with Twilight, but don't worry he won't remember that it ever happened.

You're lucky I'm too stressed about a big test coming up to have the energy to throw you out of the bunker. :ajbemused:
You give me too much credit. I stole that joke from Jasper Pie. :scootangel:

Team assembled! The mission can start!

Sorry for taking a while to getting around to reading and reviewing this. Nothing to blame for THAT except self-admitted laziness. Anyway, this review applies to BOTH the chapters so far. Anyway, excellent job on the exchanges, characterizations, references, action and future chapter set-up in all the right places. And, yeah, I admit I, once again, DO like how you combine general episode faithfulness with bits and pieces of added information and slight additional references.

I will most assuredly be looking forward to more of this story, but will also respect if you have matters in real life that require extra attention.

Okay, I'm pretty sure that speech Discord made before he charged in on top of the flying pig was supposed to be a reference to something, but I either haven't seen what it's referencing or can't remember.

This might bring the memory back.

I think it's Lord of the Rings. The speech given before the battle that took place while the ring was being taken to Mt Doom.

Now we have a good reason in the story for how Thorax becomes the King of the Changelings. I'd love to see the battle that happens between him and Chrysalis!

Okay, now I remember. I see that you significantly trimmed it down instead of quoting word for word. That's a good thing because it's a pretty darn long speech, and the sheer length maybe why I had trouble remembering it.

it's not the only reference to the film series.:raritywink:

Nice job! Loved the Aragorn's speech by Discord.

This was nice. Is there another chapter after this?

No, I just have edited it to be complete

Good job. I liked the part where Thorax actually fights Chrysalis for the leadership of the changelings, before they all change, instead of them to blindly accept what he was saying.

Great job on the wrap-up to this story. The exchanges, action, characterizations and future story set-up are all well done in all the right places. Yeah, I DO like the subtle, but significant differences you worked in (such as the challenge for leadership of the hive, as another reviewer already mentioned).

And, as for Chrysalis being alone and without her anti-magic gear, I have a feeling that's actually going to make her MORE dangerous because 1. she will truly be lashing out with nothing left to lose and 2. she is fully aware her enemies have a sizeable power advantage over her and outnumber her greatly, so she will have to be sneakier to compensate (and maybe recruit allies with enough muscle to be useful, but enough stupidity for her to easily manipulate [like Garble] or, alternatively, enough brains to come up with useful weapons, but greedy enough to work with her for the right price [like the Flim-Flam Brothers]).

Okay, sorry about that. Got a little carried away. Anyway, I'll certainly be looking forward to more of your work, but will also respect the need for real world matters to come first.

Corrected, thank you for pointing it out

mancer- magic user
vesica- Latin for bladder/balloon

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