• Published 23rd Apr 2017
  • 4,597 Views, 122 Comments

A Dragon's Confession - GhoulDash97

When your heart is broken by the mare of your dreams, what will you do?

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great story! kinda wish it had more sex though

A while got to be like a week or two so knowing them: Sex all day all time.

8145989 Is there a hoping for different harem story for Spike?

8146003 Uh... this is a love story between Spike and Celestia.

8146003 I'm sure he's not trying to make it like school Days lol

If you want to me to proofread, I'm willing to!

OK, when you're done with the next chapter of marriage, send me the password an i will review it, OK?

I was originally going to write, but then I decided to make a sequel out of it.

Comment posted by GhoulDash97 deleted Sep 28th, 2017

You can go ahead and proofread it. I'll PM you the password when you're finished.

Kinda disappointed with the ending. It's still a good story though.

Redo it with him having a spine this time and maybe it'll be worth something.

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