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Hi, I'm AlienVsUnicorn (AVU) Lost to space and time... but at least I have cable. Anyway... Come for the sex, stay for the monsters. Cause Sex + Monsters = 20% Cooler.

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I See a bit of Tangled in there

How... How do you write like this?... I can never quite get this level of detail in, and you ponies make it look so easy. How?!


Yes complex parental relationships are a guilty pleasure of mine.


Awe thanks! You made me blush! But really, I just read a lot... and I guess after awhile you pick things up. Otherwise I don't know what to tell you. I never had a writing class in my life lol.

:yay: yeii a new chapter, I didn't notice it until now, thanks for continuing the story


It ain't dead. It may take me awhile to write chapters but it ain't dead ^^

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