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Arta Factia, architect. Designing edifices is what she loves to do most. But architectural work isn't always steady.

Finding a job posting in the classifieds that is right up her alley, she applies for the position...only to be abducted by her new employer.

It isn't only archiving that she's wanted for. They want her love, too.

Cover art is a detail of SoukiTsubasa's 'Chrysalis of artist style' (Derpibooru #6209)

Sex tag for suggestive themes.

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 62 )

I like the linguistics. The use of prefixes makes me think of Swahili and bantu languages.

Are ratings disabled? Please enable them. I want to vote this up.


Ks-ch-th. Pretty much how it looks. It's not pretty, but it is fun to say!


Languages are fun! And also frustrating. But still fun!


I'm not sure. Maybe you can't rate it yet because it is too new or something? I didn't see anything in the settings for the story that turned ratings on or off.


More is on the way! It'll just be a little slower, now that I'm working on two stories concurrently.


I think it's just not visible because not enough people have yet rated it.

7525333 At least 10 (I think) people have to vote for the rating to show it. Author can see it before tho


Yeah, I've only got 5 ratings atm, so that explains it. :derpyderp2:


I'll add it to some groups. That should hopefully attract more traffic.


Awww, thank you! You're a sweetheart! :derpytongue2:


No prob. Anyone who's willing to write a sweet story and do some conlanging is pretty awesome, too.

interesting, marking to watch


Huzzah! Glad you like it! Progress is being made on Chapter Seven. :3

That's one way to expedite the recruitment process.

Well, so far so good. Hopefully Chryssie has something good in store fit her.

Nice idea for a language, though I think you may actually need to have mandibles to say since of those words.

I like this Chryssie, she's not afraid to admit mistakes and doesn't seem to be vengeful, or at least not irrationally vengeful.


I think you may actually need to have mandibles to say most of those words



I can say them.




I like this Chryssie, she's not afraid to admit mistakes and doesn't seem to be vengeful, or at least not irrationally vengeful.

Yay! When it comes to characters we've seen as villains, I like to think that they are or can be reasonable. So far, all we've seen is a malicious queen in the show, but I like to think she isn't normally like that. Seized by the lust for power, she loses her head and goes full out mad, going from bad to worse until she is blasted off (Meeeeeowth, that's right!) and forced to think about what she had just done. Hindsight is 20/20, as they say, and it seems reasonable to assume that she could feel penitent and sorry for her actions. It's me wishing and hoping and thinking and praying, planning and dreaming each night of his charms...wait, Dusty Springfield, get out of my comment!

7544701 "I didn't know you spoke Germane."

Aww yeah, hawt.

Also, as much as many things in the changeling episode disappointed me, the flashback scene with Chryssie and the larvae made it worth it. Sooooooooo cute!

7545889 I am ashamed to admit that I, a massive changeling freak, have not yet sat down to watch it. Actually, I've got several episodes to catch up on. I really have to be in the mood to watch the show, I find.

Welp, Chryssie's hooked on Arta. It's so cute!


Heeeeeeeee :heart:

We really need some Chrysalis emoticons, like yesterday.

7548883 We seriously do, and changeling emoticons.

Well, now we have a setup for them meeting Celestia. Also, that pony needs therapy, stat. When you make me think of that chrome dome from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, you've flown over the cuckoo's nest and into space.

"What about those glasses she is wearing over her glasses?"



Changeling! *tackles and hugs*

And yeah, so much accumulated power most likely worked like drugs.


I've seen only a few episodes of the entire show, so far I just pick those that interest me.


Well, now we have a setup for them meeting Celestia

Yep! Celestia'll show up next chapter, once I get around to writing it. So far I've only got a hoofful of notes for Chapter 8.

that pony needs therapy, stat

Heh, looks like I captured crazy well, then. :P

Changeling! *tackles and hugs*

*hugs and chitters happily*

Comment posted by MadDonut deleted Sep 11th, 2016

7524224 best to my ablities right here
Xchth: X often times is an S-Z like Xenomorph. Ch can pass for the sound but some times a soft C will do. Y for connecting Th to Ch and you get...
Scyth: In english

Naw you brushed over it... still its a intresting story there just hapoens to be sex :3

Well lets just say if i were to write the next chapter it wouldn't be a happy ending...

7554822 This X is actually a hard sound, 'Ks'. The word is pretty much pronounced the way it looks: Ks-ch-th. Arta's response to hearing it is understandable ('Is that a sneeze?'), since saying the word makes you sound like you're about to sneeze.

7555199 well I like certain aspects of a story and no happy ending only mutual stalemate are the best because it makes the reader question the ending, makes them read over and over agian trying to comprehend it.
Honestly here is my rundown. Crysilis dies the hive is eradicated and Arta rehabilitates into society aborting the last remnants of the hive for their good because if she was to give birth they too would be killed off.
Its fucked up but it makes sense and makes you question why. Just why?


That'd take a pretty radical rework of the story and I don't seem a dark+/tragedy tag. Granted, I would have solved the interloper by keeping contact to a minimum and not letting him get away should he get alarmed, probably killing him to keep things tidy.

Though Arta says "Xzchth" is 'Kschth', I personally think the x stands for an ejective, a clock, or something we just don't have in English. Oh how I'd love to work out developing more of the Changeling language.


I personally think the x stands for an ejective, a clock, or something we just don't have in English. Oh how I'd love to work out developing more of the Changeling language.

God damn, linguistics get me all hot and bothered. :heart:


Yeah, that's too dark for my tastes. I'd rather not kill off any changelings, personally. LET THEM LIVE! LIIIIIVE!

7555709 They can live its just how I would write it, you. I wouldn't ever expect it, but when I finish this latest chapter you can see just how reasonably dark a story can get.

7555914 Personally I've just had it up to here with fics being dark for the sake of the author wanting to be dark and edgy. I get that not everything can be expected to turn into sunshine and rainbows, but it seems to me that some writers think going dark is the way to go, more often than not. Me, for my part, I want to make this turn out happy. I want to write sunshine and rainbows. I want everypony to hug and snuggle.

Iä! Hug-Snuggoth! Iä! Iä! The snuggling will have no beginning! The snuggling will have no end!

Can we get the X rated version of what happened in a standalone story like what you did with Tarnished and Chrysis?

7555974 There are two types of dark. Edgy with almost no justification and necessary as in the plot required it and it couldn't have been any other way. In your circumstance it could be necessary but again I don't expect that from you. Let them LIIIIIVVVEE

7556061 Hmm...I'll think about. I do so love oviposition and changeling dominance.

A simple and straightforward solution, I can dig it. The only issue I have is that she was very quick to fire the guard caption just for having an opinion.

7588149 Mmm, yeah, I guess I kinda forgot about due process. Oh well, even a princess (*cough*me*cough*) can make a mistake!

You know I like to theories that the reason the changelings are hole ridden is because they lack love and with love they can become whole or un-holed. Kinda like how we become bony with the lack of sustenance.
In the show they are a starved race and now only in an even worse state so why not think such a thing? But its only my two cents.

The Mad Donut

7588149 Well, he WAS proposing exterminating an entire species, presumably including children, for a single attack where nobody even died, at least canonically. I think that does kinda go against the very basis of Celestia's ideology.

Great chapter, this is Celestia how I like her, forgiving and caring for everyone, not only ponies. Someone to look up to.

Wow, Chryssie really had changed. I like the new her.

If Arta gives birth in Canterlot, I can just see Celestia gushing over the newborns. I always liked the idea of her having an extremely soft spot for children.

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