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Dr. Tarnished Relic, a little known archaeologist, makes a rather astonishing discovery while exploring the Equestrian badlands: an ancient shrine, possibly predating all recorded history. Upon the shrine he discovers and awakens a creature unknown to ponykind. The creature, dubbing herself 'Chrysalis', reveals her purpose: to change one and all into the 'True Shape'.

In the process, she will turn everything the ponies of Equestria know about their origins on its head.

Alternate Universe fic. All depictions of Chrysalis from the show and comic (aside from her appearance, of course) are disregarded.

Cover art by Minamikoboyasy (Chrysalis in spaaaaaaaaaaaaace!)

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 69 )

Okay, this is a REALLY creative take on Chrysalis, and Tarnished is a character I already love. Definitely following this.

7538758 Heeeeee, thank you! :heart:

Can't wait for the next chapter!

This is intriguing as hell. Very well written and a take on Chrysalis I haven't seen before. Keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:


Thank you! I'm glad you dig my writing. And yes, I decided to try a new take on her, making her benevolent and divine. I've such a huge crush on Chrysalis and it pleases me to think of Chrysalis like she is in this story. :twilightblush:

Oh. Wait, this is clop. I should've figured that by the tags.

... meh, it's a beautifully creative take on Chrysalis. Somehow I'll survive.

Comment posted by ArtaFactia deleted Sep 7th, 2016

7541325 i know the feeling man. One minute you think you got a good guy then BAM!!! Turned out he was the essential part of the plot making him the villain. This happened once but a lot of people said it was great. Now i got two sequels :3

7541283 I hope you will be pleased to hear that I have abandoned my plans to have this as a mature-rated fic and have cleaned things up enough for it to qualify for E rating. Perhaps it may go as far as Teen later on, not sure, but I'm not going to have this story become, in any way, shape or form, cloppy.

7544059 Eh, it wasn't that bothersome. I certainly don't want my tastes to dictate how you write your story.

7544164 Oh, but it wasn't your tastes that made me make the change, hun. I just gave it some more thought as I was writing, and I decided I wasn't really comfortable with having a mature-rated fic. I'm quite capable of writing smutty scenes, as I have done so in the past, but I'm not comfortable with doing that again. So yeah, that's why I made the change. I just wanted to let you know because I knew the thought of clop had turned you off somewhat.

I write for myself first. I don't let others dictate how I write my story. Suggestions and constructive criticism are always welcome, but I don't just make changes because someone wants it. I have to want it to make the change, and I wanted to clean it up.

7544199 Alright. Just didn't want to come off as pushy. :twilightsmile:

That's what I call a power nap.

Iiiiiiinteresting. Very nicely written.

Well, I'm sure these news are going to go over well.

Give in, Tarnished~

I'm quite sure that, as all hand changes do, this will be met with a violent reaction from many ponies, probably including the princesses.

I really like this take, it's incredibly original compared to other Chryssie fics.

7544475 Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far! :3

And yes, when the idea struck me, I knew I had to write it. It was unlike any depiction of Chrysalis I'd yet seen, and I knew I had to bring this depiction of her to life.

I, for one, am looking forward with a great deal of excitement to her meeting with the princesses. That is going to be soooo fun to write! :twilightsmile:

*browsing* *reading* *finnishing* *end comment*
...Your welcome... Like seriously welcome.

Hnnnnnng indeed.

I also like that you made her so cherry and seemingly carefree. It makes sense, I doubt she was born very long before her sleep, so she's probably quite young mentally.


I doubt she was born very long before her sleep

I guess you'll just have to wait to find out! MWAHAHA I CONTROL HER DESTINY, I, THE MAD WRITER! :pinkiecrazy:

Oh. Discord and Chrysalis, siblings. Huh.

Ooooooh, Dissy is Chryssie's brother. Nice.

I already like Chryssie's mom.

7546468 Heehee, isn't she just a hoot? Who said goddesses have to be stuffy and serious all the time? :P

7545588 Eeeeyup! I'm completely overturning everything, mwahahaha! :trollestia:

Oh... introducing Chrysalis is going to be awkward.

Oh, Discord huh? Gives an idea as to how powerful Xzala is if the things Discord can do are any indication.


Well I had my expensive head phones on and since I wasn't using them just letting them sit on my head I decided to just throw some music on while I read and let me tell you Fire Burning was oddly fitting.

7546564 I know right why does every high figure in moves and books have to be SOOOO BOOARRING??? You and me my friend are after the same thing *Shakes finger* I'm really beginning to like you.

7552720 Until you pull a Sky Media (i.e. copyrighting the word 'sky', if you can believe it), I have every right to use the word 'mad'.


7552749 Also, you can see where Discord gets it from. He comes by it honestly.

It sounds like she'll have a bunch of willing changelings soon. :pinkiecrazy:

Hmm, I like the world building. It's so nice to see the buffalo culture expanded line that. I can just imagine the tale of their creation, spoken in the rhythm of the desert, passed down from generation to generation, weaving the promise of a day when their mother will return and bring glory to the world, and they will become one with her in this new land, words passing through the smoke of the pipes as the village elder, looking as ancient as the wind-shorn mountains in the desert, shares the tale with the young ones.

I'm a sucker for native American myths. :B

*Alondro smirks* And everything she says could be absolute lies if she is instead the Goddess of Deception, who feeds on the love of her victims and gradually transforms them into her drones, now free from her imprisonment after spreading a false narrative across the ancient past to ensure there would be those who'd believe her from the outset once she returned.

The willingly gullible are the easiest to fool. And clever devils have the best tricks.

I always keep in mind that little teensy cautionary idiom: If it seems to good to be true, it probably is. In addition, there's the other maxim: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

7567502 A shorter version of my point. :raritywink:

"Hahaha! What lies! It is more the opposite. You are not the True Shape. None of you ponies are. You were meant to be made in Xzalamat's image, but she was the one who was betrayed, not the betrayer. But now that you have awoken me to the True Dream I shall be able to do what I was sent here for."

And Xzalamat is known by another name... The Queen of Blades...


(And so it was revealed that cherngelerngs are Zerg and Chrysalis is trying to turn all the ponies into Infested Equines...)


But really, this is activating ALL my big red 'WARNING!!!! WARNING!!! BULLSHIT DETECTED!!!' alarms.

Buffalo worldbuilding, yay!

Hmm, so she has inbuilt panacea. Chryssy can do a WORLD of good with that power alone. Nevermind freaking immortality. (Well, negligible senescene I assume).

This is too perfect.

There's no way that this 'True Shape' thing is as sunshine and rainbows as appears in the label. There's gotta be a catch to "Perfection".

7567706 The 'Queen of Blades' is Sarah Kerrigan. That's not even remotely close to 'Xzalamat'.

Xzalamat's name was modeled after Tiamat, the Mesopotamian primordial goddess of the ocean, who, with her mate Abzu, produced the other gods.

7567827 "And what would a mortal know of perfection?"

7567757 I knew somepony would giggle at that.

7568032 What would a goddess know about cons? Yours is too obvious...

7574804 Eh, never said I was subtle. :P

I think it's time to nuke the planet from orbit before the xenomorphlings try to spread. They're more dangerous than communists! :pinkiecrazy:

7628987 Have a little love for the lovebugs! :rainbowderp:

This is very original. I like it...
Can't wait to see what happens in the new chapters :)

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