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Friendship is Forever.


Princess Flurry Heart lives a happy life in the Crystal Empire. She has a great family, a good friend, and loving subjects. But she soon learns of the events that happened during her Crystaling . One night, after causing an accident, Flurry Heart runs away to avoid putting anyone she loves in danger. On her journey, she'll learn that she's very special in anyway imaginable.

I made this story along with BlackHat6

Cover Art by DeDonnerwolke

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 41 )

I got this huge Little Mermaid vibe, like when Melody is at the party and she accidentally ruins it... But maybe that's just me. Also.

one pony plunged a dagger into me


one way or another.

I'm gonna see ya, I'm gonna meetcha, meetcha, meetcha, meetcha. One day, maybe next week. I'm gonna meetcha, I'll meetcha, I'll meetcha.

lol sorry Blondie is one of my favorite singers :ajsmug:

"He's in his room back in Twilight's castle", answered Applejack. "He's refused to talk to any of us".

Oh my gosh for some reason I read that line like this:

"He's in his room back at Applejack's castle." The ghost of Larson is haunting me. Also,

I don't care!

I got this feeling on a summer day when you were gone....

Rava: I am the Lady of the Puddle!

Flurry: Don't you mean the Lady of the Lake?

Rava: No, that's my mom.

Amalthea: Hey kids! Are you having a quest of your own? How nice.

Gosh, I miss Phineas and Ferb *silently cries a tear*

Comment posted by nobody_in_particular deleted Jul 14th, 2016

7352244 Glad you caught that reference. Also... The Princess Bride thing is a little extreme.

7352310 Even though I'm not into Monty Python, that's kinda funny.

7352591 Well, as a Princess Bride lover such as myself, I can't help but be a nerd :raritywink: it also might be that I watched the movie about an hour ago :moustache:

Comment posted by nobody_in_particular deleted Jul 1st, 2016

Cool story! Thx for following me! :D

7521894 Your welcome. Thanks for watching me as well.

7352244 XD you're right, the references DO seem similar! Lol

Oh my gosh! Radiant Hope and King Sombra! Nice attention to detail with that comic book reference! :D :raritywink:

Tranquil? You mean like the Pokemon?! :D Hey, is he the son of Celestial?

Is the alicorn Goddess a pony version of God? Lol

7534214 1. No Tranquil is just a name I thought of since he's a spirit of peace. 2. He's not Celestia's son. 3. Yes, she the MLP version of Jehovah.

Spike and Starlight are chanegelings, or has gone do-lally over Equestria's peacefulness! XD

Applejack actually beat Spike so earth ponies are the strongest! XD

Ohmygosh Starlight's reading the Torah/Bible! Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaah! :D

Cooooooooool! Yay a teaching of Creation....! Yay! By the way, Amalea's daughter should probably have a cross on her flank, not a yingyang symbol

Will I get to see the pony Holy Spirit too?! :D :heart:

Awesome! And there IS pony Jesus in this! :D

Wait...what's with Luna's cutie mark?

7534546 1. Nope sorry. 2. Emmmaybe?

7534596 You'll soon find out.

By the way, the character profiles got updated; so you can add Flurry to the list of charcters, instead of having to leave her as an other character. Also, happy new year! :D

YAY! You added the character tag! ;) :yay:

And they were filled with...

Determination. :rainbowdetermined2:

It would've been nice to see Tia cheer Spike up! This story is still awesome, though!

By the way, if I credit you; may I use Emerald in my fics and art, please?

Is there an AS in the story ?

So basically... it’s the plot of Frozen... lol

By the way, who made the cover art of this fic?

The video for the first chapter does not exist anymore, by the way.

Also...the story's short description: "This story is about learning to trust those you love to protect you." Should probably be: "This story is about learning to trust those you love, in order to protect you."

OK, thank you! He made some amazing art, and you made an amazing story! Also, don't forget to credit him in your story description! :3

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