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Friendship is Forever.


Equestria was made a special place not just by the magic of friendship, but by the Great Lady known to everypony as Amalthea.

Amalthea has worked such wonders for ponies since the beginning of time. This chronicles her power and champions as they helped ponies through out history.

Don't dislike it without a reason, thank you.
(This has religious themes. If you're not religious then this story is not for you)

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Comment posted by Xanderfox deleted Jun 1st, 2017

Hey, Author. I stumbled on this piece and I am intrigued. Now I haven’t finished it, but I am intrigued. Having said that I have a question or two about the religious ideas that you have so I can get a grasp of where you are coming from.

Starting question would be what is your religious convictions. I assume that you are theistic, at least, since your story seems to be about an omnipotent and benevolent being as opposed to simply some natural force. Now here is where I admit that I am a Christian, Protestant specifically, so no need to worry about one of Richard Dawkins’s supporters banging down your door.

I’m actually christian too.

So this is a pony version of Genesis. Interesting. In a good way. I would like to see where you take this. I just have one bit where I raise an eyebrow.

Then Amalthea made time, with seasons, days, and years. She made the fiery sun to shine thought the day, bringing heat and light to the earth. She made the silvery moon to shine throughout the coolness of the night. Then Amalthea studded the night sky with stars and planets. She knew that her creation was good.

Time is, as I understand it, the rate of change. If something exists in the material world it is bound to time. That is what bothers me. When space and matter was created time needed to come into existence at that very moment as well.

I fixed the word to painted

Comment posted by Magi Tail Welkin deleted Jun 3rd, 2018

Is there an AS in the story ?

Asperger and Autistic

Comment posted by HunterBrony101 deleted Jun 3rd, 2018

I didn't see that

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