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Friendship is Forever.


When Princess Luna was young, she was always under strict treatment from her parents. When she was taken away to be trained by the ruthless Pegasi, Luna's heart turned a little bitter. One day, she comes across a tribe of griffons and with them, Luna enslaved the Pegasi making them work in hard bondage. Soon, the great Goddess Amalthea sent a pony to lead the Pegasi to freedom.

This story was made with help from BlackHat6. It is sort of based on Dreamworks’ The Prince of Egypt.

Warning: This story contains religious themes. Please don't post rude or offensive comments!

Don't dislike it without a reason, thank you.

Chapters (7)
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Comment posted by Samey90 deleted Jun 3rd, 2017
Comment posted by Marcthelightspark2004 deleted Jun 3rd, 2018

Is there an AS in the story ?

Why did you delete my comment? It wasn't rude.

My apologies then. I'm sorry. I liked POE though. But, seeing Lu-Lu as evil as Seti was, is....strange. But, still, interesting idea. I do hope your other readers enjoy it. And, who knoes, I might read it in the future. Okay? And I'm sorry if I offended you.

I might read it. When I can handle it.

That was so Beautiful I Love this story so much.

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