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<- this horse is gay and there's nothing you can do about it


While nobody had really known what a proper coronation ceremony was supposed to look like, it was pretty easy to tell this was not it. At the very least, the room looking like someone had exploded a purple feather pillow was a pretty bad sign.

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If this is anything like the first one, this is gonna be a fun ride. :twilightsmile:


Nice job, Spike.

So, this is gonna be like the old one, eh?


It will probably vary quite a bit in the story to come; a stronger, more cohesive plot and such.


I have to say, don't end it the same way the old one did. I can't speak for others, but, I absolutely hated it when they all became kirins.

So, I'm definitely digging this first chapter.

Especially how you do a great job portraying Spike trying really hard not to freak out... but freaking out and losing it. All the things he's dissatisfied with come to the top, even if normally he thinks they're no big deal (like Twilight suddenly not noticing him once she gets off on something else). And particularly with how he notices (and insists he's not jealous) of everyone else's little mundane expressions of care for each other, and getting paranoid that maybe everyone is extremely close and he's on the outside.

All building tension and escalating to the big climax at the end of the chapter.

I got a good feelin' about this story.

I guess this is a total rewrite of a story that Spike didn't really have a role in? Is it safe to say he's going to have a rather important role in this one? I gots an itchy groupin' finger.


You'll have to wait and see.


Thank you! Yes, Spike is going to play a much larger role in this one than just 'catalyst'; there's going to be a lot more interaction, especially between him and Twilight's friends while she's gone. Won't say much about what might change when she comes back, though...

Well, that's certainly an unusual idea. Not the typical kind of "ascension story" I'd be expecting with that title.

I gotta say, though, the story image creeps me out massively somehow. It looks like Twilight has a really weird rash more than like she's growing scales.


I would imagine the early stages would be similar. Probably pretty itchy.

7674148 Yeah, I didn't like the 'let's make everyone a Kirin' thing either


Oy, nobody was stopping you two from writing something yourselves! :ajbemused:

You could be less rude, I highly doubt Cannon is writing purely for your amusement. It's their story and while we may offer suggestion or opinion it is not our will that has the final say. Just read and enjoy or simply stop reading if you dont instead of demanding changes like you're paying for it.
Have a pleasant day
~Lady Sugar Violet Hooves & family

Faved, saved, can't wait for more.

Wow, this is one heck of a beginning! Also, lovely cover-art you've made. :twilightsmile:

make more please

Could you somehow bring your "Starfall" story from your old account and continue it on this account? I thought it was a great story and should continue!

...This story is going to be really slow to update, isn't it.

Seeing as I'm doing it for free and for fun, it'll be at whatever speed I end up writing at, thanks. Glad to know you enjoyed the update. :ajbemused:

Yay, it lives!

Huzzah! It was just the other day I looked back on this and went, "gosh I hope this updates." :rainbowlaugh:

Don't let her go alone, Spike, you silly dragon! D:

Ooh an update!

And I did go back and read the previous chapter as well.

It seems like everyone does know that Spike is having family issues, looks like. That Spike is having issues with Twilight as family. It's possible that, after the other girls realized this was going on, after Twilight left they talked to Shining about it, though.

But I do like that Shining makes it clear, and that, well, nobody is angry with Spike. Maybe some jerk nobles might be, but nobody important. Probably not even the princesses, although who knows.

So, Twilight has the link to dragonkind that Spike does not? And so she's going to go interact with whatever involves dragons as a whole while he is sent back home? It seems a bit... like it's a weird decision on Spike's part, to leave her. Like this is part of his heritage and featuring the person closest to him, but Twilight goes on alone.

Also I feel bad for the guards that died because Twilight fled. That seems rather... like a sacrifice that didn't need to happen. :applecry:

But, I'm definitely looking forward to more.

I like how you write the emotions in this chapter.

please update soon.

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