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For years, Cash Money and his sire Old Money have owned and operated the Silver Saddle Pawn Shop, the only pawn and loan shop in Ponyville. Together with Cash's colt Big Hoss and new hire Derpy Hooves, they buy and sell things of every variety from all over Equestria as well as issue pawn loans to ponies in need. UPDATE: Episode 7: The Silver Saddle crew is back! Business is booming at the shop and the pawnbrokers have become household names, but they still have stiff competition in town. Filthy Rich drops by to ruffle Old Money's mane over an upcoming benefit auction that could make or break their annual profit. Big Hoss has been working his hooves to the bone with repeatedly working the night shift and promoting the family business. Can Cash keep the affairs of his father and son in check while buying a piece of royal history? Also, Hoss digs his hooves in the dirt when a contractor brings in some construction equipment that has seen better days. It shapes up to be a busy day - and night - for the profiteers of Ponyville.

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This sounds mighty interesting. Reading later!

Ok I am a Huge Pawn star fan and I really like what happened
Derpy makes a very good Chumlee

thought there are a few problems I have the main one is Rarity holding the EOG and for one thing Derpy managing to use it which should not be possible.

This is probably worth a thumbs up and a favorite.... I can give you a "Read Later" for it.

i didnt think i would see a crossover of Pawn stars with Ponies i liked it

Good to see the comments and reads coming in already! I've been a writer by occupation for years, but this is my first foray into fanfiction. I've been a huge fan of both MLP and PS, and this idea basically came both the question of, "what if?" and the desire to pay tribute to two great shows on TV. I'm already seeing the canon issue being raised, which is good because that means people care about the story and characters. I know I'm taking liberties with a couple details about the show, but I can assure you it's only to enhance the storytelling. I've seen what's out there in fimfiction and I'm just telling my own little part of the story. I've got two more storylines in the hopper plus lots of other ideas about the customers, items and experts Cash and his crew will see coming into the store. I'm also open to any suggestions or criticisms you guys might have for the series. Hope you guys enjoy reading!

Pawn Stars crossover. Now I really have seen everything.

LOVE this story, 100% I can't wait for more of this, you did PERFECT on every detail, my favorite part of course is Derpy...you have no choice but to love her, because it's Derpy Hooves, ya know? Hahahahahahahahah....Damn...this made MY day. I'm a really big fan of PS and your doing great with this. Maybe Fluttershy then Ranibow Dash could come into the store to sell or buy something as well...or even better...Pinkie pie and the CMC! LOL, damn this is going to be great! :pinkiehappy: :rainbowlaugh: :ajsmug: :raritystarry:

I'll be tracking this and hoping to see more soon. Ahhh......Derpy is the best!

Remember: Derpy...is BOSS!!!


You read my mind, Inferno demon Dash. On what exactly, I can't say. But rest assured, Episode 2 shouldn't disappoint. Stay tuned, thanks for the props!

758190 :rainbowlaugh: Always glad to lend a hoof, dear friend, with your writing it will be nothing short of stunning, I assue you. And just call me Inferno. By the way...badass pen name.

i have ta admit that was very exciting. there have been other crossovers with reality shows, but this is by far the best and well written of the lot. keep it up mate.

I have to say that this was a very good written crossover. Funny, awesome, and the doctor :rainbowlaugh:

Nice work


I enjoyed this immensely! Submit to EQD!

761270 Already did, hoping that they'll consider publishing it sometime soon. Getting it up there would be awesome and hopefully attract some more readers (that's how I found Our First Steps and Flight of the Alicorn). Then again, all the stories they put up seem to have one thing I lack: a cover image. I'd like to think I'm decent at writing about ponies, but I suck at drawing them. With that being said, it would be incredibly boss if somepony took a crack at it. Any young artists out there interested?

Very nice. I love the concept and the little details in it. I'd love to see more like this chapter.
Also, Nice job with the Doc and his little hiding details aswell as his slip up with pounds, didn't get the translation between earth and equestrian currency.

Description alone made me lol hard.

HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....WHY, PINKIE, WWHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYY!!!!!! I seriously do not understand how she does it.....anyway, perfect chapter, had me laughing my flank off, damn, I'm having a great day, hoping to see more of this amazing story soon, maybe Trixie or somepony, ya know, one of the villians.

Why Mr.Money do you not realize that DERPY! IS! THE! GREATEST! MUFFIN! MAKER! EVER!

I don't really buy Pinkie Pie stealing for herself. I figured she was upgrading without permission and maybe to kitchen tools the Cakes didn't need.

805586 Things started getting interesting for me as I wrote Episode 2. The whole Pinkie debacle was actually the very first idea that came into my head as I started putting the series together. I'll admit that the inspiration for it wasn't all mine: I had seen the Epic Cupcake Time and Epic Pie Time cartoons about a month back, so that sort of got the wheels turning. So it wasn't a totally original idea. I tried to make it my own and show a side of Pinkie that might, just might, be capable of such a deed while at the same time keeping her conscience intact. Like I said earlier, I'm not afraid to bend canon a little for the sake of telling a good story and this was no exception. I'm busy writing up Episode 3 right now, which I can guarantee will have a lighter tone than E2. Thanks for the comments!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.......:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: This chapter made my enttire night....if there is anything more that I enjoy reading other then a very well wirtten Spilight or Derpy story is a CMC story....my favorite is Sweetie belle so I ws gladto have read a lot about her, the other's are complete riots even more so of Scootaloo, you did very, very well and I'm glad Fluttershy showed up, she's bad ass...can't wait for more, you know I'll be waiting.

Kinda disappointed the CMC didn't get to buy anything. Also, you should have Discord come in to sell something. I have no idea how that would work, but you should :moustache:

Okay, I just caught up to reading this and I wanted to let you know that I am enjoying the prospect of this. I love how you almost seemlessly blended the pawn shop into Ponyville and I love how you have them bring in experts

Though I'm hoping with the next chapter you will be returning to the show's style more. Like having a lot more off-to-the-side interviews as reality TV usually does. Include more dealing going on and people bringing in items (love how you can use this to touch on Equestrian History in your own way, so I'd really like to see some more of that) to make it really feel like an episode of Pawn Stars, but with ponies.

If you like, for extended fiction to draw from I'd suggest the "Where the World Ends" wikipedia (which is awesome) and you can draw from there about other stuff if that's what you're struggling with.

In any case, thanks for writing this, I tell people on Skype about it and they're all like "Really, someone did that?" and I keep telling them it's great.

As always, guys, thanks for the comments and support! I try to keep it in mind every minute I'm editing and prepping my work for resubmission to EQD. 859463 it seems like you've been here since day one, which is awesome. Here's hoping I can continue to impress as I write on. 861035 the CMC buying something would have been interesting, or perhaps if they were to try and sell something...perhaps in another story. I really don't see Discord happening in this story. I've been burned on bending canon before (see Rarity), and to try and explain him showing up wouldn't be worth the trouble. So no Discord. However, I do have plans for a couple minor antagonists who might drop by the Silver Saddle trying to pass off their junk as legitimate merchandise. 868369 Episode 3 was definitely a departure from the usual Pawn Stars-type format. I just couldn't resist telling a story about the CMC, and that was the best way in which the story seemed to guide itself. Once I take this time to make or break EQD I'll start writing up Episode 4, which will definitely return to the show's usual wheelin' and dealin'. I'll definitely check out that wiki sometime. Thanks for the big props on Skype! It's awesome guys like you that get everybody talking!

861035 Also, there might be a possibility of draconequus-related artifacts making their way into the shop. Who knows?

Dear God this is one of the best stories I've ever read. Chapter 3 itself made me cry laughing and Chapter 4 was comedic gold. Since I'm a huge Pawn Stars fan this story caught my attention, and I got to say you got the character personalities down pat. If this does make EQD then that would be awesome and one of the better crossover fics they have. Anyway, good luck with future chapters!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

This looks like a pretty good fanfic.

I'll give you a read later for it. :eeyup:

Ok first let me get my jaw from of my bed and saw this is worth the wait
Funny thing I just finshed a epsiode of Pawn stars and this was a good chap to top it all off no seriously someone get EQD cause we have a good one

Love it man. Very good chapter. I did like the little battle they had. Nice and short and not something drawn out. Wonder if the Flim Flam brothers would be considered like slick though. Interesting.

957938958109 Thanks for the props, guys, I'm really trying hard to get this picked up by EQD. I'll keep everyone posted on that. 958369 Oh, I've got plans. Maybe not very soon, but I've got plans for the Flim Flams...:ajsmug:

TRIXIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My most favorite villian ever for MLP: Fim, you did PERFECT on this with hr in it, also, I'm glad I was a able to see a bit of Hatrard (the dark half of Fluttershy and leader of the Dark Elements or Disharmony as they are known as) for a small bit in this chapter, she's bad ass and my favorite...right next to Sorrow (Pinkie Pie's dark half, duh LOL). Really loved this chapter, ahhh...Big Hoss and Cash Money were great in this one, was laughing my tail off with Derpy and Old Money they are my two favorites (Derpy is and always will be best pony!) Damn....I am having a great day now, thanks bro....wonder if we are able to see all of the Dark Elements in this story in a chapter or so? Hmmm...

Okay, this was a rather fun update, glad to see the reality-television style return to it. I loved the arguing between them at Fluttershy's (Rent Money had me laughing) and so forth. And despite the fun I'm having with this, I think you're missing on some opportunities here with it.

What I mean by that is, you are leaving out opportunities for the history part of the show. For instance, you could have specified who the creator of the glasses were with a certain mark - might have been someone famous - or Celestia's personal jeweler, the kind of mark she makes and what not and having Rarity emphasize she saw none of Celestia's past jeweler's marks on there.

Basically, I don't think I'm seeing enough "history" in it. But this can always be worked on.

Spelling Errors I noticed
auguring - yeah, CTRL+F it, it's there.

have four sets on lenses on them." - should be of

into his shop for myself... [i/] - on top of that coding error there. The rest of the whole darn story is italicizesd

959840 Glad you enjoyed it, dude. I wasn't really trying to showcase any dark elements or elements of disharmony w/Fluttershy, I just thought that anyone who spends nearly an hour in the company of Cash and Hoss while they argue with each other would eventually snap! Expect to see more of Trixie in future episodes, too. :trixieshiftright: 960241 I definitely know what you mean about the use of Equestrian history in this story. I've talked with another fimfiction writer about it and I think I have a good plan to include more of it in future episodes. Thanks much for catching the mistakes! I compose these on my iPad before I cut and paste them onto the web, so a few mistakes are bound to slip by me. :derpyderp1: Perhaps I should enlist a proofreader to help me get these squeaky clean and ready for EQD...

960411 Right, well even still...the Dark Elemnets are real bad ass, just to bad they were not shown even more in Return of harmony part one and two...that would have been SICK.....anyway can't WAIT to see more of Trixie!!!!! Love her so muh and having Derpy in it gives it a full on 1000/10!

And just to inform you so that you know, the other five are....

Avarice (Rarity's dark half)

Sorrow (Pinkie Pie's evil half and second in command)

Disloyalty (Rainbow Dash's dark half of course)

Dishonest (Applejack's shadowy half)

and Oblivion (Twilight Sparkle's dark half as it should be known)

And of course the leader and most heartless animal in all of Equestria of the infamous (or hopefully will be) Dark Elements...Hatard (Fluttershy's dark half and of course complete opposite...also known as Cruelty (but that name is very rare, even amoung other villians and other Dark Elements)

"Great and Conceded Trixie left behind!" - the word you want is conceited

So far, I gotta say you've done well in making this feel like both Pawn Stars and ponies. Looking forward to more.

Did Slick remind anyone else of Red Eye? (you know from Fallout Equestria)

1047785 I've never read Fo:E, so if they appear similar it's only a coincidence. I should probably read a little of it sometime considering how popular it is. I like reading other fanfiction, but with my busy schedule lately I barely have time to write my own.

Well the only real difference is Red Eye is a cyberpony and missing an eye. They're both red coated black maned earth ponies, they're both charismatic, and FoE is my personal faverit part of this fandom (to the point that my first story is a fan-fic) so it's only natural I drew that connection. Who knows mabey Slick is an ancestor? Or mabey I'm overthinking it. (also they're on audio book so if you can't read navy you can listen)

This was one hell of a chapter.

First off, thanks for taking the extra effort to delve into more-history-related information pertaining to it, just like the show. I'm one who's big on history, and in the cases of fiction, I love me some world-building. So the whole scene with Trixie, the good luck charm, and Zecora was something I really enjoyed. And wonderful touch with the "made in Hong Prong."

Next off, the episodic story for this one was really great. I loved each interview segment that showed up (nice touch with calling Roid Rage/Muscleforth as Snowflake) and I thought you struck gold with Ted.

Finally, you finished off strong with the Bass Cannon. Interesting first time for having the test-fire segment with very funny results. I had a perfect picture of Pinkie after being blasted by the bass cannon.

So I give this chapter:

*Doesn't make it a thousand words in... breaks down in uncontrollable laughter* SNOWFLAKE! :rainbowlaugh:Oh my god... Horse Power... your given name... BWAAAHAHAAHAHHHAA
*THUMP* *is bucked halfway to the moon by roided-pegasus*

Yes, Twilight is QUITE 'intimately' familiar with Leonard's works. :trollestia:

Okay, Horse Power (Snowflake), Ironwill and Ted are all obvious and I'm assuming Tony is a OC specially for PPS... but where was Indigo from? I didn't recognize him at all.
And now we all have to wonder, which version of the almighty Bass Cannon was featured in Epic Wub Time, because if she is trying to make something bigger and badder than what blasted Discord, then all of Equis may just crack open like an egg.

Or at the very least it might drown out the Royal Canterlot Voice.

Thanks for the props! The job of writing Zecora's rhymes turned out to be a lot harder than I thought, but otherwise I enjoyed getting back into creating new chapters instead of rehashing old material to please a certain elitist Web site. *coughequestriadailycough*

1152239 The whole Equestrian history lesson/exploration concept was always in my head while writing PPS, so getting to apply that in this episode with the drawing and the totem was perfect. I'm cooking up more historical artifact ideas for future episodes.

1152817 Indigo is another one of my OCs. He made his first appearance in Episode 2 when he brought in a Wonderbolts flight suit that belonged to his uncle (Rainbow Dash was called in as a subject-matter expert, of course). I hope the OCs in my story don't become too distracting, because I do have an idea for one more I've been thinking about writing in. I'll just keep that one under my hat until later. And as for the bass cannon, I hadn't considered the power that a double-stack bass cannon could be capable of until you mentioned it. Suppose Vinyl does build it...oh, Celestia, what have I done? :rainbowderp:

you sold me with Vinyl/Bass cannon im a happy pony:heart:

Was so happy to see an update for this amazing story, suprised that Derpy did not do anything to ruin the shop agian, she's such a smart ass :rainbowlaugh:

Hold up, Iron Will and Trixie? SIGN ME UP! Two villians in one chapter, awesome......ha, Snowflnk...that was pure gold, I remember the sealth pony and him hitting on Derpy was freaking funny as buck. HA!, A BEAR....YOU COMPLETELY SOLD ME :rainbowlaugh: For a second I though Fluttershy was going to do the job herself and I was like: Epic :pinkiehappy: But when she was not I was sad....oh well.

Ha, Zecora!!!!!!! Buck yes :trollestia: She's so bad ass......shit I'm loving the rich, and very impressive history that you mange to get into with animal items, really nice.

You got Vinyl in this has well..........for the WIN!!!!!!!

This chapter was one of the best, and freaking funny as hell.

Nice job. Personally I think the most impressive part of the chapter was Zecora's speaking parts. Most of the time she is mentioned in some off handed way, not used, or they don't have a very good rhyming speech. But I have to say you did very well with that. Also...Vinyl having considering selling the Bass Cannon is interesting...And I can't wait until Trixie comes back with some more "100 % Authentic" Fakes. Very good job.

i love this when ever i hear indigo i always think of the princess bride and hear him with a Spanish accent although he is probably more ninja than swordspony

1272909, I'd be lying if I said I didn't hear a little bit of Inigo Montoya as I developed Indigo's character those several weeks back:

My name is Indigo. You killed my sire. Prepare to die. :flutterrage:

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