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Luna is haunted by mysterious monsters while she grows up. Can the Doctor help her before it is too late?

Chapters (6)
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Heh. I watched the episode of Doctor Who where this story is based yesterday.

Nice chapter there.dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Luna_lolface.png

This was one of the most glorious Doctor Who episode ever - and that chapter was a great adaptation^^

"I think I just invented the Banana daiquiri a couple of centuries early!"

Oh my god this is brilliant I loved this episode of doctor who that creeped me out when the robots said we didn't have the parts and they used the crew

I need more chapters to finish it

772467 Thanks, glad you liked it:pinkiehappy:
772504 This episode was done by the current lead writer of the series. Love this episode! :raritystarry:
772629 I was only going to do the one, but I could put together another one I guess... :yay:

The Girl in the Fireplace.... this was awsome.
The 11th Doctor personality fit in more to this than 10's, which I find makes this better.

very nice and i am enjoying that the doctor is a constant figure in these kinds of fics.
Hope to see another chapter soon

New chapter and all :pinkiehappy:
And a question:
Did you guys want it to end like the episode, or have a pony spin to it? :twilightoops: I can't decide.

It would be boring to have the exact episode just adapted with Luna as Pompadour.
Spin the whole thing 540° !

I loved this episode! *Gets popcorn* Wait these are words i have to read it. *Reads* I love this just as much! :pinkiehappy:

And what no servant that goes who the hell are you and then the doct says I'm the doctor and I just kissed pompadour

spin me right round like a record baby right round round round. 1080° please


:pinkiesad2: It's from Luna's point of view unfortunately.

And I think that the slim majority of you want me to put a pony spin to it :moustache:

809358 Your story your call. However I don't see Luna dying...maybe have it for when she changes into Nightmare but I think they would meet again once 1000 years have passed.

Okay...Doctor Whooves x Luna, haven't seen that done before. :pinkiehappy:

Yo eggbeater.

Dude. Dude. Please, for the love of all that is holy, keep going with this. I want to see the Doctor invent the banana daiquiri early.


My bad. This is at the top of my to do list.:facehoof:
:facehoof: I'll get it done once my week-long hangover stops.

Haha excellent! Was the celebration worth it?


:moustache: Fun while it lasted, hurts now that it's over :facehoof:

And next chapter is up

i don't see how the normal ending would work...because of pompadour being mortal and all and Luna being...well, whatever alicorns are...

So unless he went like a billon years into the future, chances are she'd be alive.


Exactly! :twilightsmile:
I decided to put a pony spin on it a short time ago after getting feedback here. :moustache:

nice. very nice.
would like to see more please

I want to see the doctor and Luna dance that would be so funny :rainbowlaugh:

I could never really see Derpy as a companion to the Doctor. Maybe Twilight, but she's very busy.:pinkiesick:

new question with a new chapter because it's been bugging me::pinkiesad2:

Who should the equivalent of Rose be in the part where she warns Luna?
I'm leaning towards just using the Doctor there.

:raritycry: it's sad to see his life, the joy, sorrow, sacrifices, lonieness and the anger as the last scion of time.

So guessing the master of the ponies is Nightmare and not the ship like in the episode, nice spin.


"Let it be known that I, Princess Celestia, name you, Princess Luna, as my sister and fellow ruler of Equestria!", why did she mention naming her as a sister? seems kind of trivial since everybody would know they are related?


Well, I hope it does the character justice.


I suppose my reasoning is that Celestia has been keeping Luna away from the public as much as possible. I'm sure they all know about her, and that they knew it would happen eventually, but Celestia wanted to let Luna mature before she is officially made co-ruler. She 'hid' Luna, for lack of a better word, inside Canterlot Castle so as to let her develop enough.

And it felt more official. Calling Luna her sister is more than enough reason to give her so much power, in the eyes of the ponies.

It will also emphasize how much more a betrayal it is when she turns into Nightmare Moon in the show.

And I might be over analyzing why I put that part in. Just a bit.:pinkiecrazy:

Been reading your story on Fanfiction.net so i shall give you a like my friend :ajsmug:


Cool, thanks :moustache:

I guess I'll have to get the next chapter up soon then :trollestia:

:moustache: Only one more chapter to go... :trollestia:
I've been looking forward to the ending, so it'll be up in only a couple days. Enjoy the wait. :yay:

Oh my god my face has the hugest smile on it now

And this has me wanting more.

I predict that when Nightmare Moon makes her move it will actually be the turning point that will make Princess Luna into Nightmare Moon(okay so I actually predicted that a few chapters back but fim was going all error mode and wouldn't let me post. Then I forgot.).

Well. It's all over. :raritydespair:

Hope you enjoyed it. :moustache:

845264 Dude. Dude. Please, for the love of all that is holy CHANGE YOUR AVATAR!!!!:facehoof:

Ah man. Will there be a sequel? Atleast something of an epilogue with moon seeing somekind of hope?

oh my god this needs a sequel with luna and the doctor traveling through time

I want to see more. More Doctor at the very least.

Instafaved for ponies/doctor/2nd favorite episode. Now to actually read it...


I wanted to make a story that gave the idea of Luna being the Doctor's companion. It makes the most sense for her to be it. More any other ponies thrown out there at least. I just hope it catches on. I'm not nearly that good a writer or fast enough to do it all by myself.

But I will try to think of a good sequel :yay:

Whether you like Doctor Who or not, I'm sure you'll love it :pinkiehappy:


In that case you are my favorite person for the next while.

I'd totally hug you, too. Seriously. You're awesome.

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