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This story is a sequel to Remnants of Equestria: SSTT

The four members of Team FRRP (Frappe) each have their own uniqueness to them. Fluttershy Créme, Rarity Alabast, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie: four friends on their way to show all their friendship at the Vytal festival not too far away.

A RWBY crossover, for anyone new.

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A RWBY crossover... Imma bite.

FRRP? :derpyderp1: I hope the team leader is who I think… :trixieshiftright:

6914956 Was it? If it was, hope you like it.

6914721 You won't be disappointed, hopefully. I expect the second chapters will be up soon.

I like this so far. My only complaint is that the tonfa should have shot out a bullet out of the long end like a pistol but that's just me, the electrical shock works for fluttershy so I'll live.
Also who is that girl that was teasing :fluttercry:

6915914 The girl that was teasing Fluttershy was supposed to be Macguffin. That is to say, she was only in the plot to advance it, introducing Fluttershy's backstory and giving me an excuse to show her weapons.

Let's call her Madam Mary Sue Macguffin :raritywink:

I have no Idea what happened, but I think they're both being assholes.

It was. :twilightsmile: And it was answered so early in chapter one… That's what happens when you comment and read later.:facehoof:
Wasn't expecting that conflict in chapter two. Not often you see those two seriously fighting.

So... Rarity's a total bitch... she's got the personality for it.

6917860 That was the idea! I'm glad to know that I made the characters believable. At first, I thought they weren't assholish enough.

6918002 Hm. Maybe I've failed a bit on the explanation. I won't do it here, because further down the line, it will come up again. Wouldn't want to ruin the story, now would I?

6918149 Definitely. We thought this Rarity would be kinda cool if she had some sort of thing with her sister.

I have no reason to be here commenting on this story because you know my opinion on this chapter. But, for the benefit of the people that don't hang out with us...

“Would you like to continue?” I asked mockingly. “I’ve got better things to do than play with-” I shot an arrow out of the air. The one named Applebloom had her weapon aimed at me, another arrow primed to shoot. “-children.”

This is awesome.

I threw the needle in my left hand up high, creating a blind spot. As her face changed from anger to joy, my face followed suit. I had caught her in the simplest of traps. As her blade got closer to my stomach, I parried her with my right needle and smiled.

Welp, you tried your best, Belle.

Catch you next Tuesday.


So far, out of all four chapters in both stories, this one is my favorite. Keep up the good work.

6918454 Well, it worked.:pinkiehappy:

I don't know what it is, but I am loving Rarity. That girl got sass in spades and it is very compelling. Currently, Rarity is my favorite. (Both Stories)

6926497 Thanks! I tried to capture Rarity as best as I could and this comment just told me I did well. RD is coming up next, so I hope you'll keep reading.

6926938 Oh no need to hope, you got me hooked with Rarity's chapter. :twilightsmile:

Just like Rainbow; fail 1000 times, never stop trying. Loving it! Waiting on what you do for Pinkie.:pinkiehappy:

Also, I'm guessing her weapons are gauntlets with SMGs or is it just SMGs attached to gloves?

How long can Rainbow Dash move in the Frozen Time?

Ray is kicking RD's ass and then she starts moving hella fast, and I could just imagine her screaming "MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA!!!"

You thought it was going to be a real fight announcer, but it was me, DIO!


6978681 Imagine you're wearing leather gloves that reach to the middle of your forearm. Then, imagine you have metal on the back of your hand on top of those gloves. Then, imagine that there are small SMGs under those gloves. Boom. You've got yourself RD's weapon.

It came to me while looking at a picture of RD and Yang clashing. I was like, "Whoa. RD, catch these weapons". And she did.

6978706 I wouldn't so much call it "frozen time" as I would a hyper-movement and regeneration phase. I'm also glad you asked. The plan was that it would eat away at her body, so that after a while (maybe 5 minutes, tops), she'd be left completely defenseless. I couldn't think of a way to put that in there without just blatantly stating it, so I made her oblivious to the fact that she can do it.

6978736 Wow... leave it to you to miss that obvious Jojo reference. I'll tell you about it later

Don’t worry! I’m amazing at working a crowd! Have I ever told you about how I escaped 3 murder charges?

what the :yay: Pinkie!

What is this a crossover of?

7048760 A magnificent cartoon called RWBY. It's available on YouTube and on RoosterTeeth.com. The third season just ended, and it's on a hiatus. it's a perfect time to watch.

For the record, this chapter is freaking hilarious

And this is why Pinkie will forever be my favorite Mane 6.:rainbowlaugh:

This really straightened things out for me about the team names! Because I read Chill's first, I thought that the teams were named after their leaders, but clearly not! Thanks, sugarcube :raritywink:

7981320 You're welcome.

7981507 I really want to see some of their outfits/clothes! Rarity's sound cool, and so do Em's! :raritystarry:

7981901 You want me to draw them?

7982046 I was going to say that I can if you'd like, but I think that that's a bad idea; I too have just gone back onto life long hiatus. 0-0

7983846 If you want, then you can. I'm not stopping you.

Good luck on your hiatus.

7984367 :pinkiehappy:

Don't quote me on it, sugar! :ajsleepy:

One would expect a story called "FRRP" to involve assholes.

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