• Published 9th Nov 2015
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Why Humans Shouldn't be Allowed in Equestria - Mad Hatter

Coming from a world where magic doesn't exist doesn't mix well, and all hell could break loose at any moment.

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Nice little end to a story. Will be interesting what works come later in the coming weeks if any come at all.

6698106 No real plans for the future at this time. I'm actually behind on the episodes and just haven't been into the show lately.

Now, I did say there'd be a Q&A chapter at the end, and there will be. If anyone has questions about the changelings, story points, or etc., I'll put them in. Maybe a week from now or so. I know that my over-reliance on subtext and subjective thought was probably confusing. PM them if you want them in officially.

That was pretty dang decent. Good job.

I knew that was going to be her request

He should have caught on that something was up and ran away. Would be funny.

and with that the story ends
man all of these chapters they keep ending in a way so you want to keep reading
amazing story I loved reading along and I hope that I'll be seeing more to you in the future :)

Getting a serious overload of that feeling when you're really sad that a stories over and you won't have any more glimpses into their world, but also really happy because it ended so well and on such a good note. Someone should really make a word for this emotion.

6699396 Think there is a word for that, I just can't remember it offhand. Also it's not in English. One of those "Complex or abstract ideas in a word" that has a translation ten times longer to say than the word itself.

More importantly, thank you and everyone else who enjoyed the fic. If anyone wants to use the 'verse and characters for their own stuff, by all means. Just link this in yours, so I can be a like-whore :pinkiecrazy:

No current plans, but there were a lot of alternate ideas that got dumped, so I may try a companion one-shot if I think it's funny. Plus this didn't contain as many dick jokes as intended. Then again, it started as a black comedy.

I enjoyed this story! It ended way too soon but it was a good story with a good ending. Thank you for all the uploads!

Have a Like and have a nice day :D

6700515 F*cking magnets, how do they work?

Seriously though, I know. For some reason I was thinking about trying to push the ends of two bar magnets together when I was writing that. That line's just poorly worded, making it technically incorrect. Better fix that now that I'm sober.

Wait...It's over!? That can't be right! I wasn't done yet! I am left unsatisfied! I demand a refund!! This will forever remain in my favorites. So I can read it over and over again...

6700616 I'm not trying to be hypercritical or anything, I understand it was just supposed to be an analogy and not representative of how the physics of magic actually WORK, but the science error bugged me, and if it bugged me, it probably bugged other people who noticed.

I would have put that bonus chapter here, but nobody sent me any questions. Seriourly, zero. No matter, at least I tried. Better get back to work on the sequel.

7239864 A distinct possibility.

Of course I realize in the last chapter that Nobodi's name is a play on words for no body. I'm an idiot. lmfao

Great story, a shame the sequel is dead, but this ends at a nice enough place to stand alone.

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