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great story, looking forward to more!

Awesome! I'm looking forward for more!

Great imagery, funny situation, credible dialogue, and interesting story. Keep up the good work! Can't wait for the next part!

Does this mean Luna is his prison bitch?

Can he trade her for cigarettes?


Good story, definitely lol'd several times.:pinkiehappy:

Somepony needs to get this poor guy a cider soon.

Ponies have movies. There's the educational film that the pegasi watch in Hurricane Fluttershy and the movie theatre the CMC hid in to avoid Babs Seed.

6647160 I stand corrected. That's what I get for not double-checking some of my references. Fixed.

A bit of a problem in the description? It says "Coming from a world where magic doesn't exist doesn't mix well" But shouldn't it say "Coming from a world where magic doesn't exist, to one where it does, does not mix well"?

6650093 I could. Of course Equestria has magic, and this being FiMFiction, I assumed that everyone knows that.

Well, that deescalated quickly.

6650357 Unfortunate, but Luna was never intended to be the reason for some tags (Outside of the first encounter).

6650393 The first two chapters, it seemed like everything that could go wrong went wrong.

He was arrested once, knocked unconscious twice, got into three separate altercations with the princesses, and arguably won them all.

I was merely commenting on how quickly he went from all that to being a citizen in good standing.

6652443 True enough. Of course, he's not actually in "good standing". He's effectively hiding behind legal protection now, and still being watched (Albeit in an "off-screen" kind of way). Plus the fights could easily be considered self-defense, or at least 'cornered animal'. Think on how quickly Discord was allowed to stay free, and he intentionally causes trouble now and again.

And for the record, he wasn't unconscious per se for the second time. The reality of it all blue-screened his brain. A matter of semantics perhaps, but you get the idea.

“I would fall before returning to being a whore.”
That was awesome!

.....So, she's a sex powered annihilator cannon?

6661506 when you put it that way, now I want a changeling.

~T'was a dick move telling her she wasn't attractive in her original form...... only as his "perfect woman " per say does he find her attractive... Shallow much....

6663215 That's kind of the point. One, changelings feed on emotion, and can tell a lie 99% of the time from sensing what kind of emotion is behind a comment. Two, the protagonist (Much as it can be said he is) IS an asshole.

6663215 not really he told the truth that he didn't find her physically attractive he told her that he loves her despite that though

6663231 yep he's an asshole it's well established by now ...
On a side note, in my opinion he fumbled his request to Princess Luna ....he very well could have set himself up better and not have been put into his current situation ... More thought could have been put into his demands... I guess I just expected more ...
granted I like this story even if protagonist is a shallow asshole with questionable levels of intelligence

Is this the end ...? Wtf
was it all just a dream ?

There have been a lot of questions and comments - good questions and comments I must say. I'm highly considering putting an official Q & A 'bonus chapter' when everything's finished. There's admittedly a lot of headcanon involved here. While most of it is included in some form or another in the story, a full explanation may be due. Something to think about.

In the meantime, holidays are coming up. Happy Thanksgiving all!



I wasn't going to spoil anything, but since people are thinking that's it: Look at the tag. It still says "incomplete" because it is. Updates will slow for a little while due to the holidays, but I hope to have the next chapter up by Saturday.

I saw the incomplete I was just thinking the next chapter was the last one

Us three walked for a short distance, trying to make sense of it all. Nothing could be ascertained at all. Except one thing. I only noticed it when we were discussion physiology. She'd been getting bigger.

Hey kids,

Did you know insects tend to sleep anytime they go through a metamorphosis.

The more you know.

All hail Queen Aranea!

OH I THINK I KNOW WHAT'S HAPPENING and sorry I thought the story ended :pinkiesad2: MY Bad

Was going to stagger those chapters, but oh well. It's not on hiatus, but between the holidays and some things to take care of, it will actually slow down for a while. Probably.

Called it! Can't wait to see where this goes.

:raritydespair: SO BEAUTIFUL :raritycry: I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH :raritycry:


The next chapter is going to be a combination of exposition and Q & A. If anyone has questions about changelings in this fic, you've got a couple days or so to put them up. If I can reasonably find a way for it to be asked in-story, I'll answer it. Plus it keeps me from forgetting something I might have referenced in an earlier chapter.

6650189 What cartoon is the guy in your avatar from?

This....this chapter.....you sir are a cruel writer. Torturing the creatures in your story like this! How could you? What monster would deprive them of tea?!?!

I require more chapters. This story pleases me greatly. To the Favorites and Tracking tabs with you!

I'm confused tho, why was zecora so suddenly violently hostile towards him? what did he do to get zecora to try to punch him to death?

6679535 Remember that
1. Zecora had a rough time of it before her episode introduced her to town. While details are never given, she's got a good reason for having a lot of sympathy for Aranea & Nohbodi, but especially Aranea, knowing ponies' perception of her better than the human's.
2. Aranea looked like she was starving beyond repair when Zecora found her, and was physically worn out as well. A massive change like that in a short amount of time, coupled with Nohbodi being fine. Basically, it looked like he abused her badly. Only Aranea's intervention got her to stay her hoof, and when everyone figured out what was going on, there were more pressing matters to attend to. So the metamorphosis arc cut off the "why".

This was definitely the best chapter yet so far. I like where this is going.

So he is smart enough to grab her. She is still very unsettled between being very young in life experiences and very wise in changeling ones. Let's hope that she does not apply one to the other too quickly or she will quickly outgrow their current relationship, love or not, food or not. The last queen was very cold hearted, part of that was queen responsibility, part of that was being insect, and at least part of that was Chrissi being a jerk.

The new queen is two of these three things, but not a jerk. However, will her new wisdom force her to see through this human that she loves and decide that being hitched is not in the best interests of her people? Especially if she does outgrow him mentality by the time the ring is complete? Or will their love be enough?

That end there: if I was drinking something, I would have spit it out in surprise. SAY WHAAAAT?!?!

I am in a literal state of "Why?!" to Aranea's answer! I hope I get some closure at the end of this new development, because... Wow! Was not expecting that to happen.
Even though this was the best choice to make so far, happy ending tho?

For what it's worth, I actually had to wipe the tears out of my eyes writing some of this. Most things I write turn depressing. Maybe I'm putting too much truth into the fantasy.

That was really depressing. It would have helped if she something like "Not yet, give us time first" or "let me explain something to you first before you ask that again" Just a no, and then letting him go? Harsh and sad!!!

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