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At an indeterminate time of day, Twilight Sparkle – fresh off yet another marathon study session – is trying to get some rest. Only one thing stands between her and blissful slumber: the annoying dog next door. Same as it's been for months. Twilight is close to her breaking point. Can she formulate a plan to deal with this most pressing issue? The very survival of Ponyville absolutely does not hang in the balance. A one-shot story.

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6573912 - Oh any pony with half a brain would make the connection, but Twilight now believes she can invoke plausible deniability – it was the wind that did it, she'll say.

She's not meant to be in the right here by any means. Also she's kind of gone a bit nuts from lack of sleep.

6573994 – Well, it is meant to be a "Dark" story. On the one hand, I want to apologize for making you feel queasy, but at the same time, my purpose was to get people to go, "Did she seriously just…?"

Incidentally, although I left the ending ambiguous, my own headcanon is that Lily's dog was just fine after some epinephrine (or the canine equivalent) and a few days bedrest.

I once had a dog who had something happen to his snout: either a wasp sting, spider bite, or snake bite. It swelled to twice its usual size, but his breathing wasn't compromised and he was fine after about a week. In the meantime he looked rather silly.

Did.. Did the bee's...? Oh my. :applejackconfused:

I see a dark tag. Don't tell me you killed the dog... please don't! I will write about almost anything including torturing and brutally murdering others, but animal abuse is where I draw the line! Doesn't mean I won't read it.

EDIT: And that dark tag shouldn't bee there. That's not dark at all.

To be fair...and admit it all of you. We've all had that one neighborhood pet we've had relatively dark thoughts about.

6574382 you do realise there ponies its still animal abuse

6577586 Not to them! Technically, harming a human would be animal abuse too. But is it considered that under the law? No. So it'd likely be the same for ponies, just with ponies not being subject to that law rather than humans.

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