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Grasshopper Keller

Just a Colorado brony who makes some good stories. Celestia and Pinkie Pie are best ponies!


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Ok that was good.
Liked your oc and his relationship with rarity.
Can't wait to see the others.

Diamonds can't melt steel beams.

6466112 Thank you for the comment.

6466196 I know. Just wanted to make a good title.

You're welcome.

This is a good story, my friend.

6466628 Thank you very much. Did my best.

You need to come up with a new title man. Butt hurt people will down vote it just for that.

6557350 I think you might be right. But... I can't think of a better title. Reply back if you have one for me. Thanks.

6557713 Perhaps "Reunited with Diamonds" Or "Destiny in Diamonds"

6560621 First one sounds....:twilightsheepish: 20% cooler...:rainbowlaugh:

Sorry! Just that joke.... heh heh. But yeah! The first one sounds better.

Good story, brah!! :raritywink:

6560672 Reading them today after typing them last night I agree lol

Is this a collection of yours? Like Erotica Girls and the Steam collection?

6633968 Actually... Not like titles that you just mentioned. I just have my own stories to write. This story that you commented on is just a shout-out to Harm's Way, an author that I read most of his works of.

6633982 I've read the Erotica Girls stories, and am waiting until after Thanksgiving, when he submits Pinkie's entry in that collection.

6633989 Cool deal. Can't wait for the Pinkie Pie entry, neither.

6634010 What about Sunset's entry in the Steam collection by LightningSword?

6634025 I don't think I read that series at all. Is it good?

6634180 Yep. See for yourself. Start with "New Neighbor".

6634184 I'll get started as soon as I can. Thanks! :twilightsmile:

6634229 You're welcome. Remember, the author is LightningSword.

Problem. You forgot to add the 2nd Person category.

What color was Rarity's lingerie?

6927651 She isn't wearing any lingerie in this story.

6928950 Then why did it say anything about panties?

6929349 I meant that she wasn't wearing the type that includes the pantyhose. Besides, this was my first story. Being descriptive is a bit hard for me.

6929424 Right. Describe it better for readers like us next time

6929509 Do that when you rewrite.

6929647 Eh... no rewrites for me. Maybe a second story, but with a different character? But I can add some details into the original story.

6929669 What would others think? Create a blog post asking them.

6929711 I just finished making the title and premise for my newest story, but a blog will be made for all to see.

6929798 Blog's been made. Reply later in a PM.

Wait, what was the original title?

7036984 Original Title was 'Diamonds & Steel Beams'.

7037101 Oh. Well then the current title is definitely better. One question though, what would've been the name of the other ones if they weren't going to be "Reunited (blank)"?

7037371 Hmmm. Okay. Well anyway, I can't wait for the 4th installment. Until next time.

Looking Good, Next update "Reunited at a Party".

“Well maybe I should ‘cock’ it for you then, make sure it’s fully loaded.” Rarity said as she lightly bit her right index finger from her grinding.

The dirty puns..... oh no XD

Once at the top you see Rarity looking over her left shoulder back at you with a soft smile. All she’s wearing is her torques blouse and purple panties with three diamonds on the front of them.


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