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Grasshopper Keller

Just a Colorado brony who makes some good stories. Celestia and Pinkie Pie are best ponies!

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There are no other words than to say thank you and merry christmas.

(went to the cliffside and yell to the heavens)

Not bad although its a bit lack-luster in the "action" part but after reading the last part i can see why. Any plans on covering the background characters aswell ? (Lyra,Octi etc...)

7815427 I'm afraid not.... This was by a request from a fellow brony that I could not delay any longer, as says on the long description.

7811741 I agree with JonTron

If this was any better, it would include Leo's entire session of noiceness. Otherwise, damn... If only that was me gettin' lucky with not one, but two beautiful older women in a passionate way. Hopefully they get into a flourishing relationship!

Cam you do one of Vinyl Scratch?

How can this story be compared to Harms Way's Celestia story in the Erotica Girls series?

7890124 Should we wait until after Harms Way has done that for his Erotica Girls series?

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