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In a fit of anger Sunset Shimmer jumped though the portal. Now 'banished', bitter, and homeless she debates her next move. When Plushy Star sees poor Sunset Shimmer wandering around the school, she decides to ask her parents to take her in! After all her mom said, "Help those who can't help themselves!"
Which would be fine only, somethings off with Sunset Shimmer and now Plushy is acting strange too.

Can a simple, silly, and childish high school girl change Sunset into a better person or will Sunset change her?

1st person POV

Characters belong to:
Nova Cosmic

Cover art by _Vidz_

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 40 )

Olive greens cutie mark would be..... Nothing


Oooh, interesting! I'll update that!

Really nice. A little update: Eve's hair reaches just above the middle of his back. Also, other details: he's a bit weird because he doesn't do stuff like most other people and is a good judge of character; likes parkour, comics, drawing, and music.
Sorry, forgot to include the other details before. But I like this. Let's see where it goes. :moustache:

6266980 Also:

Sighing he ran a hand through his auburn and pink tipped hair...

Bright amber, not auburn. Thanks.


I dunno why but I imagine Eve looking similar to Marluxia from Kingdom hearts.


At least the hair.

6269724 Actually, you wouldn't be too far off. Eve's a lot like Marluxia in quite a few ways, hair length included.

6269803 Yup. He was also one of my favorite characters in the Kingdom Hearts series, especially among the Organization.


Hah! What a coincidence, Marluxia is one of my favorites too!


He was one of my first favorites. All because of his hair.... THAT BEAUTIFUL RED HAIR!

6269883 :rainbowlaugh: Roxas, Xion, Larxene, Luxord, Siax, and Zexion?


Roxas... My god he gets on my nerves its like SHUT UP ALREADY PULEASE!

Larxene.... She scares me... Like horribly and her hair sucks.

I don't mind everyone else! They all have some nice hair!

6269957 I liked Roxas for dual wielding and Larxene for her fighting style (uses her speed to her advantage). She's only scary when you mention her size... avoid that. :twilightoops: Cool to know there's another KH and FF (right?) fan out there.


Mhm, that double keyblade wielding and his bad ass fight against Riku.

When he said "Shut up!" I was like, "Daaaaayum!! I wasn't ready!!"

I don't play a lot of FF, that's my brothers field, I mainly focus on KH.

This is look promising. Keep up the good work

This looks fun and a different intake on Sunset, you have my interest.:trixieshiftright:


I'm working on it! About 3/4th done!

Good, its actually better then the first one


Good! That's what I was aiming for!

I like this. This Sunset seems kinda better. More like the post-getting hit by a massive Friendship Cannon Sunset people would expect. Very nice. I'm still following... Now I'm faving. Like I have a choice. :trollestia:

I sighed, Eve. Why hath you done this my friend?



I forgot all about that! Haha!

If looks could kill, mine would've killed Eve, revived him and killed him again.

:rainbowlaugh:... :rainbowderp:... :twilightoops: *runs for the hills and builds an impenetrable bunker*

Also, Plushy can really be a bitch, huh?:trollestia: Hope her mom's okay, though.:fluttershysad: Wait, Plushy has a brother?:pinkiegasp:


And the bitch of the chapter award goes to! Plushy Star! By a landslide!

Indeed she does. I believe I said his name.

Oh.. In the old prologue... Well he's reintroduced!

6447930 Oh, yeah. Just remembered.:twilightsheepish:

Nice. But I have one question.

6545502 WHY YOU NO PUT COVER ART!!!:flutterrage:


Wah!! It takes forever to upload!! Sorry!!

6545515 Really? Hmm... If you have a deviantart, post it there, then copy it from there. If it's on your computer, it shouldn't really take long... Unless it's like super hi-def.


I've tried that. I have to upload it super late when no ones online.

6545534 Oh... Kay... I'll wait...

Yo, this some good shit, fam.

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