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Lookit me, I'm a succubutt, also this account is pretty dead.


In a fit of anger Sunset Shimmer jumped though the portal. Now 'banished', bitter, and homeless she debates her next move. When Plushy Star sees poor Sunset Shimmer wandering around the school, she decides to ask her parents to take her in! After all her mom said, "Help those who can't help themselves!"
Which would be fine only, somethings off with Sunset Shimmer and now Plushy is acting strange too.

Can a simple, silly, and childish high school girl change Sunset into a better person or will Sunset change her?

1st person POV

Characters belong to:
Nova Cosmic

Cover art by _Vidz_

Chapters (4)

You know those lazy boring summer days? The one's where everyone just lays around complaining and doing nothing? The Mane 6 is having one of those days. That is until an idea is formed in the mind of a certain pinkette.

"Hey guys! Why don't we play the Mafia game?"

Hilarity ensues.

Chapters (4)

Before the events of The Princess and Her Guards. Before they met Luna, before they became guards, traveled to the past and found out they were related to the most wanted people during Nightmare Moons rise: Genevieve, Ryan, Dominic, Jamie, and Angelina were orphans. Follow there lives from living in the orphanage, getting adopted by Princess Celestia and becoming her nieces and nephews, meeting Twilight and Blueblood, starting a new school, getting bullied, and meeting four amazing Royal Guards, Wyatt Shield, GraceLynn Stardust, Jesse Runner and Grant Goldenheart.

Occasionally cursing when the guards are talking. Who am I kidding? When the kids aren't around the curse words flow like water!

Chapters (13)

This story is a sequel to Princess and Her Guards: The Early Years

Ryan, Angelina, Genevieve, Jamie, and Dominic have been Princess Luna's guards for four years now. When retelling the story of how they became guards, Luna has a "relapse". Join them as they step into the shoes of their ancestors as the first Shadowbolts. With the Rise and Fall of Nightmare Moon, running from Princess Celestia, and finding out maybe being guards isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Chapters (6)
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