My Best Friend: Sunset Shimmer

by PinkieLunaShy


The drive to the hospital was a giant blur. Ms. Luna was kind enough to drive me to the hospital given my brother couldn't come and get me himself. I always had a fear that one day this would happen, my mom would go out without me and end up in an horrible accident. From what Dusty, my brother, told me the injuries weren't life threatening.

As we pulled up to the hospital I hurriedly unlocked the door of Ms. Luna's car, "Thank you."

"Hold on." Luna halted my escape by grasping the strap of my bag, "Do you know where to go? Do you have a way to get home?"

"Yes, to both questions. Dusty sent me a message saying what floor, he's gonna be waiting for me." Luna released my strap and got out of the car.

I quickly got out of the car and shut the door, before breaking into a run. I vaguely heard Ms. Luna call to me as I entered the hospital. Deciding that getting to the third floor would be faster by stairs than waiting for an elevator I ran up the stairs, nearly falling twice. Reaching the top, I pushed a door open to reveal the waiting room of the third floor.

"Dusty?" I called to the young man with shaggy blonde and brown hair.

My brother turned around, he's a young man in his early twenties. Half of his hair had fallen out of the loose ponytail he had thrown it in and he looked extremely tired. The wrinkled dress shirt he was wearing clearly showed he had just gotten off of work and raced right over. Wrapping me in a hug he spoke.

"From what the doctors said, Mom should be just fine. She's got a broken leg though and a lot of scratches and bruises. Not to mention a mild concision."

"What happened?" I asked, breaking the hug.

"Some drunken idiot ran a light and hit her." Dusty growled, "That guy is perfectly fine, but our mom's stuck in the hospital."

"Can we visit her?" I felt I already knew the answer but I needed to ask.

Dusty shook his head, the rubber band holding half of his hair falling on the ground, "Not right now, the doctors said she needs rest. How did you get here? Who drove you?"

"Ms. Luna did, I was in her office when you message came..." I looked away, smiling sheepishly.

Dusty stared at me, "Why were you in her office?"

"Well, I kinda-" I looked back as the elevator dinged, revealing Ms. Luna.

"Take a seat sis." Dusty lightly pushed me into a chair before walking over to Ms. Luna.

Rolling my eyes, I opened my bag and pulled out my phone. 7 new messages, 3 missed calls, a few new emails, and most of them were from...

Sunset Shimmer?

Where are you?


Answer your damn phone!

Fine, call me when you read this.

I quickly sent out a text explaining what happened before shutting off my phone and slipping it back in my bag. Dusty and Luna were still talking by the elevators, Luna watching intently as Dusty explained with rather extravagant hand motions. I let out a sigh and leaned back in my chair, why would Sunset care where I was? Especially after I was so short with her all day, she did try to be nice. I bit my thumbnail, I should probably call her back. With my free hand I reached into my bag once more and pulled out my cell phone, only to be greeted with four new messages.

Call me.

Rising to my feet I headed towards the nearest bathroom before placing the call. Slipping into an empty stall I placed the call, listening as it rang. One, two, three-

"Hello?" came Sunset's voice through the phone.


"Yeah. Hey, you okay?"

I sighed, "For the most part."

There was a light sigh and a pause before Sunset spoke again,"I heard your friends talking about bringing you some stuff later today."

"Oh, yeah. That's what they said to me."

"Mhm. Hey, are you gonna stay with your brother or stay at your house?"

"Probably stay at my house. I'd have to go inner city to stay with my brother and his apartment doesn't allow dogs." I blinked a few times before I registered what I had said, "Oh gosh! Roy! I forgot all about him!"

"Your dog?" Sunset asked.

"Yeah, he's only a puppy. He'd be eating right now if my mom wasn't... You know..."

"Right... Hey do you wanna stay with me? While your mom is in the hospital that is. That way you won't be alone the whole time. My apartment allows animals."

Silence passed over the line. Maybe I was really wrong to assume she was just a jerk, "Uhm, I gotta ask Dusty. He'll probably say sure if it's fine with your parents."

Sunset sighed heavily, "I'm the only one living there. My parents... they're overseas, for work."


"Yeah... Anyway, go ask your brother and text me back. I gotta get to class."

"Okay. Bye Sunset."


I set my phone back into my backpack and opened the stall door. Quickly washing and drying my hands I walked out back into the waiting lounge.

"Your brother stepped out on a call."

"WAH!" I yelled, startled by the person who spoke to me, "Ms. Luna! You scared me!"

"My apologies. I spoke with your brother about your little 'outburst' in the hallway earlier."

"Oh.." I glanced down at the floor.

"Given the circumstance that has currently befallen you, I will let you off with a warning." Luna's authoritarian tone then switched to one of compassion, "If there is anything you need or are concerned about, please let Celestia or myself know."

I nodded and gave a small smile, "I will."

Dusty stepped back into the room, his face set in a deep frown as he slipped his phone back into his pocket. The nurse called him over to sign a few more papers before he made his way over to Luna and myself.

"So, what are you going to do?" Asked Dusty, "Given you aren't gonna move to the city with me."

"Actually, Sunset invited Roy and I to stay with her." I replied, stuffing my hands into my pockets.

"Sunset Shimmer?" Luna questioned, slightly frowning, and when I nodded her frown deepened.

"Somethin' wrong with her?" Dusty's eyebrows rose.

"No." Luna stated slowly, "Nothing in particular."

"She can be a B." I said with a wave of the hand.

"Plushy!" Dusty scolded, before shooting a glare my way.

"Psh, it's true." I rolled my eyes "But, she does want to be friends. I'm really thankful that she offered to give me a place to stay so I won't be alone. So, may I?"

Dusty shrugged, "Sure. Just make sure you call me everyday; before and after school. If you go out with your friends let me know; where you're going, who's with you, what you guys are doing, and when you'll be back home."

I mock saluted, "Sir, yes sir! I will report to you twice a day, sir!"

Dusty rolled his eyes before wrapping me in a hug, "I love you nooblet."

I hugged him back, "I love you too egghead."