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You know those lazy boring summer days? The one's where everyone just lays around complaining and doing nothing? The Mane 6 is having one of those days. That is until an idea is formed in the mind of a certain pinkette.

"Hey guys! Why don't we play the Mafia game?"

Hilarity ensues.

Chapters (4)
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Hmm. . .

The Mane Ten playing Mafia. I'll definitely follow this. Seems like it could become interesting.

You're not going to tell us who the murderer is are you?


Absolutely not. What fun would it be if I revealed the murderer?

Hmm, sounds fun, I'll bite, also, "-=Mafia=-"?

6076346 Nevermind, it's a starcraft 2 game, it's similar to what this looks like.

It's Zecora, isn't it?


Good guess but read those last lines once more. Nothing rhymes and the killer used the same word 3 times.

Process of elimination is in order.
Since during the job scenes the following people are present.
CMC -all three
Rainbow-doctor(and obviously taking her role way to seriously)
Since the killer is obviously a separate entity (hence the separate paragraph) we can eliminate them that leaves

Using what the killer said we can safely eliminate applejack due to the lack of accent.

That just leaves Twilight and Rarity and...

Oh a discord tag?
And an oc tag?

And oc I guess would make sense (a overtime thing was a bluff to keep rainbow from admitting she was the doctor.) but...discord didn't appear in the story.

I think you need to stop including spoilers in the tags section.


You are reading way too much in those tags.

"One by one the peices [sp] will fall. Scattered throughout the castle will their cold bodies lie.
The doctor can't save them, the policemen won't protect them. No one can help them. Starting tonight these players, these pawns, will die."

Looks like it rhymes to me. :trollestia:


OH SHEWWT! I ryhme stuff and don't remember. Zecora isn't here.

Then you could say you are a poet
And you simply didn't know it. :rainbowwild:


Ahhhh, i see what you did there!:trollestia:

6087009 Then why is the discord tag even there?

By process of elimination...
Spike: Sheriff
Rainbow Dash: Doctor
Twilight: Wondering who murderer is, so the chance is low that they are the mafia member.
Applejack: Has not been shown too often, and would be easy to catch in a lie.
Any of the CMC: Not enough seen about them, and they are still playful. Besides, if it was one of them, they'd probably stay in the same room and would notice one of their group leaving.
Rarity: Once again, nothing to suggest guilt or innocence. Haven't seen too much of them.
Pinkie Pie: Willing to let the game end, which a mafia member would never do... it's too much fun.
Fluttershy: Acting suspicious and very quiet... which spells guilt in any game of Mafia for me.
So who is the murderer? Who did Spike investigate? Can Rainbow Dash save the victim? Only time will tell because there is simply no decisive evidence.
By the way, who is the referee/host? There always has to be one for the sheriff's identity to remain anonymous, because, frankly, seeing a claw holding the badge pretty much says everything.
PS: If you like games like this, look up Town of Salem. It's pretty much mafia but better... and online.


Woah, that's a good analysis. Like really good.

In the first chapter it's stated there are 2 policemen. Someone else is another officer. Spike is just one of two, the other one is still in the building, maybe. Wait, there's gotta be a ref? :rainbowhuh: Oh shoot... Gah.. Uh, dang it....

I will check that game out.

6104694 There is usually a ref (Or, rather, a host), but then again most games of mafia are 20 minutes long. This can be a special version of mafia since its spanning over several days. Also, I kinda forgot about the second sheriff... Oh well. Can't wait to analyze this to the extreme.


I think your explanation for how the sheriffs work means a ref wouldn't be necessary. The way the Doctor works makes no sense though. If they sleep in the same room as the killer, the killer would immediately know they are the doctor and kill them. You might want to retcon that and have the Doctor leave a special mark or item in the room of person they think might be targeted.

Also, the rule should be that the dead players can still be around, but can't discuss the investigation. It would be too easy to "help" in a way that would unveil the killer without saying their name (i.e. "Don't mind me, I'm just glaring at Fluttershy. Why? Oh, no reason in particular."

Also, there needs to be a clear consequence for a false accusation by a sheriff. Otherwise, why not just accuse willy-nilly. I think a wrong accusation by a sheriff means that the sheriff loses their badge. So each sheriff only has one chance to make an official accusation, and if they are both wrong, the killer get's away with it. Likewise, the killer's win-condition should be to either kill everpony except the sheriffs, kill both sheriffs, or cause both sheriffs to make false accusations. I guess that would also mean if one sheriff "dies" and the other makes a false accusation, they would also win.

If you wanted to make things harder on the killer, you could say that if the killer tries to kill a sheriff, the sheriff arrests them instead. That way, the unknown killer would have to be careful who they target, and would only have two ways to win, by getting two false accusations made or by murdering the non-sheriffs.


I agree with a lot of what you say. The victim doesn't know who killed them, either they are too heavily asleep or there's that little thing that the killer is wearing a mask.

Actually a lot of what you said is addressed in the next chapter.

Not a problem.

Yeesh. Finally.:rainbowlaugh: With Rarity dead, I've narrowed down my suspects... by one.:trollestia:

so rarity is the first victim?

Well, I suppose it is time to compile our clues once again and see if we can discover who the mafia member is, before it is too late and the mafia rules the town.
Spike: Sheriff #1
Rainbow Dash: Doctor #1
Rarity: Murdered Civilian
Twilight: Nothing new or of relevance.
Fluttershy: She walked in... afraid? Interesting... afraid of what...?
Applejack: Lying isn't her forte. She's probably not it.
Pinkie Pie: Autopsy.....? I don't even know anymore...
Scootaloo: "At least it wasn't me" Hm...? Seems like a strange statement. If I were to harbor a guess, I'd say that we just found our second sheriff.
Applebloom and Sweetie Belle: We have yet to see enough of them to tell.

I do believe we have all the evidence in this day one, but day two will offer some more clues on this matter. Who is the murderer? Who is the next victim? Will Dr. Roy G. Biv be able to save a life? Find out next time, where more clues will lie.

P.S. Glad to see another chapter.


Dr. Roy G. Biv

:rainbowlaugh: You magnificent bastard! :pinkiehappy:

6474384 you don't want to know how long it took me to think of that. It's an embarrassingly long amount of time.

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