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So, my class today was a total waste of time. I spent nearly all of it staring at this thing and talking with Silver Spoon while listening to our classmates bicker. I bet Miss Cheerlie set up this 'activity' so that she wouldn't have to teach us anything today. I don't really mind, but couldn't she have just sent us home instead? What was even the point to all of this?

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So this is my concept of what goes on in Diamond Tiara's head. I'd appreciate if you guys let me know how I did with that.
By the way, if anybody is wondering, when this happened in real life, the solution was to take everyone's shoe laces and tie them together and have a shoe at the end as an anchor. I'm pretty sure that not everybody got their own shoe leaces back in the end. Other solutions were also attempted, such as making a rope out of jackets and trying to construct a really long pole, but they failed.


So, the whole thing was an excuse for Cheerilee not to have to deal with the brats for a day? Believable.

I liked this. I liked this a lot.

6084867 Whew, I was starting to wonder if I had perhaps made a mistake writing this. Posted for twenty four hours and only two likes with fifty views? On the other hand, no dislikes yet, and people around here make sure to let you know when a story isn't so great. Maybe I just had bad timing when publishing it.

6085191 A believable dilemma... Everypony in character... Excellent grammar... Funny moments... And a great ending.

What's NOT to like, should be your real question.

They don't know what they're missing out on. THE FOOLS!!

lol! That was one hell of a game Cheerilee came up with. I really wish we had more schoolyard stories like this or something. It was a rather smart story that has a very deceptive cover art. I don't know why I kept thinking Cheerilee or some pony would be hanging by the end of that rope by the end of all this.

Deadpansnarker really summed it up. It's a super solid story. I just loved how perfectly the CMC and the Sugarlumps were portrayed here. Sweetie Belle may not have gotten many big moments but her last two near the end were spot on for her, Scootaloo and her are just so tied to the hips it seems. Very cute.

I have to say the whole way they went about trying to get across was really entertaining. Especially with how you choose to show us the antics of the CMC WHILE giving us insight into Diamond Tiara's and and Silver Spoon through Diamond's eyes was just loads more fun with her narrating it all.

"Eh, I've put worst things in my mouth." - Scootaloo
Like grease from messing with your scooter and building that float? WD40 ain't no juicy juice, after all! :P

"Hey," cried Sweetie Belle. "Leave Apple Bloom alone! The reason that it broke is because it just couldn't take your weight!"

There was a very audible gasp from everypony.

"Really?" I asked, almost not believing the filly's audacity. "Really? Did you just call me fat? Do I look fat to you?"

I was almost of a mind to be really angry, but I knew that there was absolutely no way that the filly could be serious.

"Um, um..." Sweetie Belle was clearly panicking. Everypony around her was staring at her, including her friends. "No? Diamond Tiara, I'm... I'm sorry!"

Sweetie is so cute. She indirectly called Diamond Tiara fat.

I would highly recommend this story to any fans of Silver, Diamond, or any of the CMC. This was just a really solid Slice of Life right here. Spot on and fun characters that feel and act like their show counterparts without the restraints given by the show. And yet, this could have very well been a fine episode on Teamwork for the show if they wanted.

I'd probably add more tags for the other fillies, but seeing how this is pretty centric through DT's eyes I'll only leave it as a slight recommendation for tag amendments.

10/10. Will totally read again.

Apple Bloom stop being so gross. ;P


I don't know why I kept thinking Cheerilee or some pony would be hanging by the end of that rope by the end of all this.

ROFL:rainbowlaugh: Like, kill them? Common, I would have had a random and dark tag.

I did intentionally not mention any other students by name besides the Diamond, Silver, and the CMC on purpose. Partially because the story is primarily about just those particular fillies, and partially because I didn't want to bother keeping up with their names.

6087487 She was so chipper I thought the last thing she was going to do was hang herself in front of them. "Based on a true story" bit and having read one too many DT stories, you'd be surprised how easy to feel even a small amount of apprehension. I mean, suddenly a random rope is there.

Not just a rope but something that resembles a noose. If it wasn't for the story not having Dark, Tragedy or Sad on it, I would have totally seen this as a final breakdown/good buy to her students and she just hung herself and we got to see stuff through DT's and the others of how they dealt with such a shocking and confusing, traumatic moment.

But that was just the small tiny voice in the back of my head. Reading the story there are tell tale signs that this story could have gone in many directions, it really did well to lower one's guard after all. A nice vague off-screen death with mere gasps and a time skip could have kept things clean enough.

But it certainly wasn't one of those! Certainly a nice shift from Diamond in the Depths. A much refreshing Slice of Life good time fun with smart and entertaining characters in a normal, not dark, and very well characterized characters. I honestly wish these types of stories were more common. :rainbowlaugh:

EDIT: About the tags, when I first saw this up it only showed a Diamond Tiara tag. Only reason I suggested CMC and Silver Spoon to be added. Could just be firefox being weird again with my addons.

This was a nice slice of life. I liked that Diamond Tiara was the intelligent and logical pony out of everypony.

6088147 Gosh, I kinda feel bad for laughing in my previous post now. I laughed because the image of a noose didn't even begin to occur to me until you said it and it just felt so out of left field. Plus I realized that other people might look at that cover art and think "noose", and the fact that I might have unintentionally put off potential readers with that is amusing to me. The rope in real life was tied so that the loop was pretty huge. A person could sit on it and actually use it as a swing. I thought you were saying before that they would randomly kill someone, which would have been stupid, but I have read stories like that. But then you explain that you suspected a suicide because of the based on a true story part and now it has become totally unfunny. So, yeah sorry about laughing and possibly appearing to be insensitive.

"Yes," I admitted. "but you three seem to expect that when you do find your cutie marks, all three of you will have the exact same one. Have you ever asked yourself what the odds of that really is?"

"Face it. Whatever their cutie marks wind up being when they finally manage to find them, they will be as different from yours as yours will be from mine."

I find this hilarious.

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