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I am a HUGE fangirl over romance stories, I am also very weird and hyper, I am a voice actress aswell as a writer and editor/director.


Soarin has been asked to give a presentation to a school about how you can be inspired, after he tells them why he wanted to be a Wonderbolt, what had inspired him to continue?

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When the title of your chapter is misspelled... it leaves me a little more than hesitant.

Fear of children? Maybe. Good story! I DEMAND A SEQUEL NOW!!!! :flutterrage:

Maybe cause she isn't good with kids doesn't know what to say or something idk
Any way great story

Great story! :twilightsmile:

Rarity Is Mah Favorite: Applaude! Magnificent! You deserve a cupcake!

Aswome story!!!!!!!!!!


Why you leave me on a cliff hanger bro? I need more, I WANT MOOOOOOORE!!!!:flutterrage: if you don't mind that is:fluttershyouch:

“Yeah,” he muttered, "Who wouldn't be inspired by her? Her rainbow mane catches the wind perefeclty, her cyan coat couldn't be matched exactly by any artist, or rainbow creator, oh, don't get me started on her Sonic Rainboom, only one of her amazing stunts. Her raspy voice holds such personality, an exact replica to what her very soul is. She is the most awesome, spectacular, super, amazing, beautiful, loyal, coolest living thing in the universe. But most of all, her eyes, the most unique shade of magenta, they hold stubbornness, beauty, personality, loyalty, if only they could look at me...filled with the same emotion I felt for her since she first saved my life."


"That was a really inspirational speech mister." She piped, "Now I know why some colts get nervous, I think." After shaking his hoof, she merrily skipped off into town, on her way to visit her sister. Scootaloo eyed Soarin suspiciously, that was until she heard a rustle in the bushes. The two looked over to see Rainbow Dash, wearing a nervous smile.


I know I'm a few years late, but Spitfire being uncomfortable around children comes from one of the IDW comics. Do I still get a cookie?

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