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Ponies: They come in Earth, Pegasus, Unicorn. There are many roles for these ponies; Earth ponies tend to the land and grow crops, Pegasi tend to the skies and control the weather, Unicorns run the government and handle the magic.

What gives them these abilities? Why, magic does of course. Magic adds to this equine anatomy to give it the abilities it possesses. Magic allows the earth ponies to tend to the land, allows the pegasi to fly and control weather, and allows unicorns to do that glowing magical horn thing whenever they're too lazy to accomplish anything with their own two hooves.

Over the years, Twilight has learned a lot about magic and how to use it, even becoming an alicorn due to her great progress! But, she finds that the magic that makes ponies special in the individual ways they are have a great deal with how they work. In more ways than one, actually.

Trigger Warnings: Magical Reproduction That Happens By Rainbows. No actual sex happens, but...you'd be surprised at what the alternative is.

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Sex is a beautiful thing, isn't it?

Yes. Yes it is.:pinkiehappy:

5839813 You know...We kind represent Celestia and Discord...
We both aren't actually immortal, and we don't have an heir...

Oh don't worry, I have many heirs to my throne.

5839829 yeah, I know.
I'm just phucking around.:rainbowwild:

the heck?
this is pretty cunfusingly dump hahaha

M'kay. Drugs are bad,... THIS, this ain't bad, M'kay...

So, how'd ya like Discord? This was my first attempt at fully getting into his character

5844413 good. Its been a while since if read a good discord.

i know i still have a lot to learn, cuz it didn't roll off the bat for me:twilightblush:

5845166 I've read worse. I've even gave it a crack, idk how I did. I've yet to get any comments on my story Fed The Hand that Chaosed Me. Discord is a hard character to write!

so is Pinkie Pie:pinkiegasp:

5845186 I think I can do Pinks easier than Discord

same here, as i've written a lot more of her than i have of Discord

5845204 for her its basically sugar induced speach, borderline psychosis, and happy

and for Discord it's Discord

magical, ain't it?

5845239 Magic- aint gotta explain

just before i read this. i wanted to say this is a wtf thing, in a great way. I wonder how this is going to turn out. Insanity or chaos! :pinkiecrazy: i can guess what happens... maybe... i'm going to read this when i get home.

This is great!

Twilight, always asking the important, and oftentimes embarrassing questions. Also, I loved the Screwball twist at the end. It totally left me thinking!

Oh my! Screwball. He didn't want her as a succsessor? I almost want a romantical paring between screwball and twilight now. XD

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