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Now this, is a story with potential for some nice fetish fuel, faved and looking forward to what you can come up with author ^^

Any possibility that Twilight and Celestia become more than friends with benefits?:twilightblush: And, how far Celestia can go?
Also I can't imagine Twilight having so many coltfriends.

So Twilight doesn't like being called dumb but is fine with being called bitch? Also Celestia saying bitch feels a little jarring, everything else was nice though. Wish more people did Twilight and Celestia face-sitting.

And that's why you work out what names you'll be calling beforehand. The fact that they didn't work out anything beforehand is the biggest flaw in this chapter I think.

5815566 Why are you surprised Twilight is hurt by insults against her intelligence more than general ones?

I enjoyed this! A little "50 Shades of Grey" ish, but that might just be me. I loved it. Keep it up.

I'm more surprised she's okay with being insulted by Celestia at all, though yes insults directed toward her intelligence would sting more so you got me there. I just don't see them using words like that this freely, though that's arguably a matter of personal taste.

I was weirdly pleased to see a safeword used in this fic. A lot of erotic fiction seems to forget that bodies have limits. :rainbowlaugh:

This is totally beyond my expectation, it's well written, and insanely hot.

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Vanilla...perfectly fine.
Black licorice... Ok.
Lemonade... Not everyone' scup of tea, but acceptable.
Hot Fudge... If that is a code, nope with a mile long pole.

5820239 seriously, I mean, what if their bum bum gets hurt!!??

Flash Sentry

No not brad

This story is really good . I find it kinda funny . Except for the part where twi gets hurt . But good thing for the safe word . Also next chapter please.

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