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Writer of truly pornographic shorts. If you let your kid read my stuff, you are a bad parent. I don't feed the trolls.

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mother of god, what is this shit. :pinkiesick:

I love you.

O I have 3 questions. More or less 2 questions and 1 statement.
Q1- WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT(LITERALLY!?!?!?!?!?):pinkiegasp:
And the statement- I think imma be sick :pinkiesick:

(P.S.- I actually puked a little after reading this......multiple times... *shudder* the nightmares are coming)

This is a trollfic, guys. Nothing more, nothing less.


You've surprised me twice.

The first time, when I saw the title "Twilight Sparkle Eats Shit" and the short description, I expected a poorly written trollfic. However, the story turned to be a well written clopfic. It definitely scratched my itch.

The second time, when I saw silly Celestia's stories about poop, I expected them to be excuses to get to the clop fast. However, they turned out to be a joke and it all made sense. You've even put thought into little details, like Celestia's kinkiness or her thoughts about Twilight etc.

I can't agree with 5708041, it isn't a trollfic.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

5778676 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Didn't read the story yet, just laughing at your avatars.

5778661 and he changed it. read it, it was juvenile.

5782437 I do believe it was juvenile to begin with. I seriously do not want to read through this again

Ok...... It's not getting a like but I'm not down voting it ether. It remains at nether

Gives new meaning to Trollestia. I can easily see Twilight doing that for Celestia, though. She may be my favorite character, but she really is SO DUMB when it comes to listening to Celestia.

Wtf is up with the amount of downvotes? Even scat stories shouldn't get this much dowmvoting just because they are scat. Story was well written and paced.

Quite gross but..l quite brilliant as well XD


I don't get it either. If you don't like scat, don't read it. That's what the descriptions and warnings are for. Honestly, though, I care more about views than votes. Gimme 100 views over 10 votes any day. At least it means people are reading my story instead of just reading the description and downvoting. :fluttershysad:

Oof. I feel bad for Twily. x3

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