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Writer of truly pornographic shorts. If you let your kid read my stuff, you are a bad parent. I don't feed the trolls.

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Don't ignore this please. What id really like to know is how the caribou overlords came to be. Perhaps a prequel >:D let's see, the collar system, the takeover, the resistance, etc. that would be something I would definatly read >:D


Thats being covered in other fics

Boy, you're churning these out like mad! And Fluttershy is adorable as ever.

One point of criticism, if I may; don't forget that almost every stallion in Equestria is on the same page and level as most Caribou. They're also more numerous than the Caribou, so it's much more likely to meet a stallion than a buck.

I saw this just as soon as I finished my chapter of Br. Bubbles mutilating the animals raping Fluttershy

Then how about some links.

No Angel?
This could be hysterical!:rainbowlaugh:

I haven't thoroughly read this, even if I've skimmed it like a few of the others... so I know what happens, more or less. I dunno if it was a mistake, but this one is the only one marked incomplete, if it was marked complete before (at least, I thought it was). :unsuresweetie:

You really should look at some of these to learn of stuff like this, sometimes. What the hell's the point of submitting your writing, if you don't even LOOK at the feedback you get? :facehoof: Sure, some of it's bound to be negative, especially for THIS subject... but really, not everyone's going to be hating and putting negative comments about this stuff, canon or not.

Glorious. There's not enough knotting out there, so imagine my surprise when I found a perfect knotting clopfic based around FoE. :yay:

I wanted to hate this, but I have the most unbelievable erection right now.

That's just the influence of the crystal cock settling in.

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