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Writer of truly pornographic shorts. If you let your kid read my stuff, you are a bad parent. I don't feed the trolls.

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Well what can I say about this story.. its not badly written at all so I frankly don't understand why it is getting /quite/ so much hate.... ow wait of course I understand why >_>.

Regardless, thumbs up though I must say, this was pretty difficult to mastrubate too ^^

edit: Maybe add triggers, I mean its basically already in the description but it cant hurt

Twilight finds out that Trixie needs something more to consummate their relationship. Turns out it's shit.


I'm disappointed in Twilight. Is it that hard to shit on somepony? She wasn't even involved in any way! She just took a shit.

“How can Trixie know if she loves the princess if she doesn’t eat her poop?”

I see what you did here. :moustache:

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