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Terrible writer of stories about Ponies in Padding. My WIP work can be found here: http://pastebin.com/u/hodgepodge

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My favorite part was when she did the sanic rainboomboom.

Gotta go fyaaast

My favorite part was the cocaine

This was really cool! Mind if I add this to a group?

This was hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

Sure, just don't add it to a group that will start using eye bleach over reading this fic :)

That's what I was going for, glad you liked it.

What the crap?! Shit!!! This is a pile of poop!!! I tasted the rainbow and it taste bad!!!!
BM puns aside, funny story, really funny. Now I have to go vomit.

P.s. what diaper takes 1 hour to change!? I wore and used many kinds from pampers, drynites. Tenas and it never took me one hour to change! That was lots horse poop

WTF DId I just read
*takes gun out*
Goodbye world

Can you make another one I just feel like this story could be continued and didn't end well besides that I loved it

Thank you :twilightblush:
Don't you worry, I will have a AJ/Pinkie one in the future. C:<

such autism
much hyper
very nightmare

A Sonic Shitboom.

I died. That was just too funny

I don't think the burgers at McPonies should be legal... Also I can't wait for another one!

The usual bright rainbow colors were replaced by different shades of brown, almost as if it was a rainbow of shit. A Sonic Shitboom,

ROFL That poor little filly XDDD

Plot twist; turns out it was all a nightmare Scootaloo had.

It was difficult.But I nanaged to fap to this.

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