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Aside from the fact that the Princesses are immortal and poison wouldn't do jack all to them, cept maybe give them a tummy ache, there's one big glaring plot hole that's bothering me(and basically bothers me in any fic where someone wants/tries to kill both princesses).
If both the princesses die, the whole world is basically doomed because there'd be no one able to move the sun and moon. They'd be stuck with either endless night(thus freezing everyone to death or starving them since nothing would grow), or endless day(which is just as bad because it would roast them alive and all the plants would burn up and die) depending on what time it was when the second one died. What exactly was she expecting to happen after? Twilight and Cadence don't have the power to move the sun and moon. They'd be stuck in position and everyone would die, and probably slowly.
Applejack's quest for revenge would have fucked over the entire world if it was successful.

Wait, they want to attack Celestia?

You are right in in regards that the death of the princesses would fuck up the entire world and basically end life as we know it for all of Equestria. My thought however is that Applejack simply doesn't see this problem. She wants revenge, more than anything else. I tried to show that she get's more and more reckless over the chapters and this way show that she simply doesn't care in the end.
And immortality doesn't mean one has to be imune to death, there are many different forms of immortality portrayed in different ancient mythologies.
But regardless of differing opinikns, thanks for the critique, it's far easier to work with spoken critique than simple downvotes without explanation. :twilightsmile:

Yes they want, im happy I could surprise you a little bit :ajsmug:

5886117 The world being screwed up forever may not really be that long. Earlier in the series it was pointed out that the Unicorns moved the Sun and the Moon. True, things would really be out of whack for quite sometime until Canterlot (I'm assuming here because as far as it's known this is the place with the heaviest amount of Unicorns in one place) gets a bunch of extremely skilled Magic users together and re-learn how to move the Sun and Moon again. Though until then, things would really be screwed over.

Hmm, well written, if a little unbelievable at times... But what is the world of equines then, it's nothing but fantasy and fan fics are even a further extension of those fantasies. Still I have to say world buildin' and the ramifications of certain actions in ya fic always have to be accounted for unless ya are writing a random Comedy. Otherwise ya story will be left with tons of plot holes most readers will nit pick at...

For me though, none of that really matters, I just enjoy a good read and I hope ya enjoyed a good write.:pinkiesmile:

so far so good, but the Big Macintosh & Princess Luna shipping... its daring, but may be good.

I got that they wanted to attack Luna.

Big Mac get's shipped with nearly any pony, backround as well as mane 6, so I thought I could utilize a ship that's not that uncommon for the story. And, to be honest, it's not really because I like this ship more than others, but rather because I could use it perfectly for my idea of the plot. :twilightblush:

If you thought that, then my little ruse worked out good. :pinkiehappy:

Just finished the story and let me tell you, this is pure art, as I was reading it I could feel the emotions in the words I can tell you put alot into making this story. This is a story that deserves more recognition, it is a great tale and will be a good story for any brony or pegasister to read. Amazing work I applaud you good sir. I wish for it to be on "Emotional stories" a group dedicated to finding stories such as this one

Well, I'm glad you found it to your liking, it's true that I gave my best to make this story as you see it here, though admittedly, it's a rather controversial one. As one cann see by the votes, many people don't approve of my vengeful interpretation of the apple siblings.
Anyway, I joined the group you mentioned and added the story to it's pending folder. If more people who might enjoy it will find it that way, I'm totally fine with that :twilightsmile:

6174150 I am glad that you put it in the group and I am obliged to inform you that it has passed approval, and has even before the group was up and running the way it is now

I positively hate dark fics. For me, reading is first a way to escape the darkness of this reality.
But you had the "balls" to kill the alicorns along the elements of harmony.
That's something.
I won't put neither a thumb up nor down, because it wasn't badly written. It was in fact quite well wrote. So...congrats, I guess?

Getting no thumbs down from someone who doesn't like darkfics, hell, even that you read a fic from a gerne you normally wouldn't is praise enough if you ask me. :raritywink:
So thank you for commenting and I hope you'll find a few fics that are more in line with your interests than this one. have a great rest of the day. :twilightsmile:

7623678 I'm glad you didn't take it badly :)
Obviously, I didn't "like" the story, because I refrain on this genre, but I can't downvote a good fic' for my personnal tastes. That is not acceptable in my book. So yeah, I leaved a comment because I consider authors are underestimated in the fandom. Everyone praise the musicians or the people drawing stuff(not to say they don't deserve it) but not enough people consider writers enough for me, so I leave a comment when I read a fic, to notice the author some appreciation. Even if this one I had not a great time reading it, I was still fascinated and It's the sign It was not badly written :)
Have a great day and thank you for bringing your imagination to us :)

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