• Published 11th May 2012
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Marital Bliss - Nadake

After years of work, even an Earth pony will succumb to the pain.

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Torpid Farewells

"Do you have any idea how much you hurt her when you left?" Rarity quivered under the verbal assault, cowering back into the chair. There was no pity in the green eyes, Applebloom went on. "You tore her heart out and took it with you. It nearly killed her. She stopped eating, stopped sleeping, stopped caring! Can you even begin to understand how much pain you caused? Celestia's merry white tits, she almost died when she stopped eating!"

The blasphemy, from the mouth of Applebloom of all ponies, was shocking. Not in the least because the mentioned Princess was standing not ten long steps away, plainly shocked either at the use of the language, or its existence in general. Not every pony is endowed with their own epithetical grammar devoted specifically to them. Every eye in the small house was locked on the pair, a middle age unicorn cowering before a young, brash, and strong earth pony. Everypony, even Rarities old friends began to sidle slowly away, eager to exit the blast radius.

"I- I'm so-"

"DON'T YOU DARE SAY YOU'RE SORRY!" The yellow mare screamed, advancing on her enemy. Because enemies they had surely become. Rarity had left her sister with a note, and abandoned her, abandoned everypony. Applejack's heart wasn't the only one to break that day, they had all been hurt by the departure. All of that hurt, not only on behalf of her sister, but for herself as well as every pony assembled, Applebloom screamed at Rarity. "YOU AREN'T SORRY! IF YOU WERE THEN YOU'D HAVE COME BACK!"

A gentle, but firm, hoof pressed into her shoulder, and Applebloom turned to see Princess Celestia standing behind her. The soft, warm wing covered the enraged mare, like the soothing touch of warm water after a long day. "Hush, my little pony. It wasn't her fault, it was noponies fault."

"Like hell it wasn't!"

"Applebloom, calm down. We're all upset, but you can't go and attack Rarity." Scootaloo came up to the business pony, gently laying one warm, orange wing against the yellow fur. Then she glared at Rarity. "Even if she does deserve it."

"Mommy, why are they all yelling?"

It should have been a sign, that nopony would step up to defend the sobbing unicorn from the verbal assault, not even her friends. Sometimes, those you care for the most hurt you, and that pain is by far the worst.

"My little ponies, please leave. I believe that Rarity needs some time to recuperate after... everything that has happened. Go, live life. Don't let the pallor of death linger overlong on your minds." At the words of the white alicorn, the assembled ponies began to trickle out the door. Applejack had been beloved by the town her family had helped found, and her passing was marked by many tears from many ponies.

"I had no choice. I- He made me."

"Sugarcube, what are you talking about? Who made you do what? And what does it matter, we're back together. After all these years, I found you again. I love you Rarity, I never stopped."

"No. Don't say that. I'm not worth that. I, I'm not staying Applejack, I'm not. I've... found someone else. I'm perfectly, happy, with my new life. Anything was better than that mudhole of a town. Did you really think I would stay there forever. You said it yourself, I deserve better. What could you offer me. A farmer, a common laborer, marry the premiere fashion designer in all of Equestria? Ha." The words were brittle, a hard gaze could shatter them into trace particles. They were hollow, but then, they needn't be anything more. A hollow dart can release its poison just as effectively, and Rarity was an expert markspony. Applejack reared back as if bitten, stumbling away from her beloved.

And she didn't stop stumbling until her legs gave out, and she fell to the floor with a cry. We all close our eyes in pain, for fear of seeing ourselves so weak, so vulnerable. Had Applejack not, then she would have seen the mask shatter for a moment. Rarity jerked, and only resisted the impulse to rush to Applejack's side by remembering what was at stake that night. She had to be strong, for both of them. Even if it meant she had to destroy her beloved, she would save her. "Besides, do you know why I came here today? I'm pregnant Applejack. I am going to bare the son of Prince Blueblood. Then I will be royalty. Just like I always dreamed. I don't want you anymore."

An observant pony would have noticed the tense back, muscles twitching in protest to the words. They might have noticed too that the unicorn would not look anywhere near the mare sprawled on the floor, stunned by pain and grief. Only a fool would have failed to notice the tears though. Large and pearlescent, rolling down the white face like wraiths, the only trace of their passing the furrows they matted in her fur, and the gouges they cut in her heart.

"Rare, Su-"

"Shut up. I don't want you Applejack, I have somepony new, I have a foal coming, and I can finally move on with my life. you should go see your doctor now, I'm sure they can help you."

And she strode out of the room. But only just. She ducked into the closet next to the room she had vacated, leaving Applejack, her beloved Applejack, lying on the floor. Nothing in her life could ever match that moment, that was when she found out just how hard it can be to be in love. For an ageless moment, she sat on that floor, as unable to stand as the pony not ten feet from her. She sat, and she wept. What she had done was... unforgivable. Not even, not even her heart can forget that. Oh my sweet Applejack, I'm so sorry. I had too.

"What do you mean you had too? You left her lying there. She tried to kill herself because you did that to her. How would you like Sweetie Belle to walk in on you lying there with half you leg cut open? What about that... thing."

"YOU LEAVE HER OUT OF THIS!" Rarity screamed, pulling her foal, a young green filly, to her chest. "She, she has nothing to do with this."

"I think she does Rarity. Every breath that thing takes is like spitting in her face. How could you do that to her."

"I hated, hate, Blueblood. Applebloom, you aren't stupid. Think for a moment, stop yelling. Your scaring Jilt. Its okay baby, Mommy's got you. Shh." Rarity trailed off, cooing to the filly she still held close to her.

"He... must have coerced you into it. You were successful, eligible, and rubbed shoulders with ponies like Fancy Pants. And he wanted an heir."

"He said that he would fund the doctors to find a cure for Applejack."

"But he didn't. She never got any better. They all said, the same... Oh."

"Quite. I took a peek at his accounts. He was sending all that money to pay for... parties. So I killed him. Poison, if you want to know. He didn't deserve any better. And I should have done it sooner. Then... then we could have had more time. After his untimely demise, I became the sole possessor of his fortune, and I immediately transferred as many bits as I could to as many doctors were willing. Then I found out, that it was all too late. And, and that she died alone. I should have been there."

Shocked silence greeted the unicorn. Revulsion at the creature sitting before them, even as tears streaked silently down her face, they saw only a monster, a murderer. Even the Princess recoiled at the admission, but the sick fear the assembled ponies felt had little to do with the fact of the murder. It was the cold, careless tone with which the words were spoken. A pony should choke and gag even at the mention of death, it was a terrible thing. And here was a unicorn, in the middle of her life, wealthy and now noble in fact as well as baring, speaking flatly about the most heinous thing that could be done.

She was a Pariah, a monster in the guise of the sweet loving mother, the heartbroken lover, and they had seen its fangs gleam. but one pony stepped forward as the others withdrew, and a gentle yellow hoof rested on the white shoulder, as Applebloom's green eyes gazed into Rarity's. What shone through the eyes, once deep, brilliant blue, but now shards of razor edged glass, was only pain. Pain for her betrayal, and pain for her beloved, the pain of a mother who's child was forced upon her, and the pain of admission, of speaking her sins to the world. Behind that lay purity and conviction, the unshaking determination to do whatever was needed, and never flinch away. But something writhed behind that wall of determination, the armor she donned. Somewhere in that cold, determined mare, was her mirror image, broken and bleeding on the ground, heart ripped from her body. The pain of betraying the one you love more even than your own life's blood, of hurting your beloved.

"Rarity. Rarity you... She never hated you. You ripped her heart out, a trampled all over it, but she never hated you. She loved you until the last. She, she had me read to her. At the end. A letter, two letters. One stained with blood." her voice broke completely, and the facade of strength with which she had armored herself against the world shattered like so much glass. Tears poured form the green eyes, and Scootaloo started towards her, only to be stopped by a golden tipped white leg. "And, and the other... with tears. It was the first letter you sent, and Rarity. She, she held on until... until the last."

Dearest Applejack

You know of course Darling that I am in Canterlot. How can you not after all, I did make rather much of it didn't I? For that I apologize, it was uncouth and ridiculous of me. May I beg you for your forgiveness, possibly offering a minor bribe?

For I hear tell, from no less a pony than the Princess herself, that it is Twilight's birthday this week. We both know Pinkie Pie, such a dear, but her parties can get rather, wild, after a certain time of the night. Rather than watch the attempted debaucheries at that time, may I pray ask your accompanying me on a stroll? There are matters with which I simply must attend to when I return, and among them, I wish to speak with you.

Oh, but where are my manners? You must not think less of me Darling, you simply must not. Having already introduced my own bequest however, I needs must describe my stay and all that has occurred. Of most interest is that of my meeting none other than Fancy Pants himself. The pony has such carriage, such style, and he is the perfect gentlecolt. I had the great good fortune, though I doubt his feelings reciprocated at the time, of actively bumping into him while searching for dress supplies in Canterlot. Though obviously discomposed he and his... amour? Companion? Miss Fluer de Lis anyway, were perfectly kind even aiding in my retrieving a few items that seemed bent on freedom.

Since that moment, I have scarcely been away from his side, and you could simply not believe the sheer number of events we have attended. A Wonderbolt Derby, though please do not tell Rainbow Dash, I am sure she will talk of nothing else near me for a year at least if you do, and silencing her tongue is a task for the Princesses themselves at the best of times. There were art shows and operas, and oh Darling, I know you don't care much for them, but they were simply marvelous. In the short time I have been here, I truly do feel I have made a fast friend in Fancy Pants, and perhaps one in Fluer as well.

Needless to say, they would be strategically placed to aid in my fashion line, one as a backer, and the other as a model. I cannot pretend for one moment that such thoughts had not occurred to me, though it does shame me. Which brings me to a less pleasant aspect of the nobility. By comparison to our friends in general, and you in particular... Darling, I hesitate to use such language even in print, but they are absolutely horrid. Truly, I do not believe that a more callous, shallow, distasteful group of ponies could exist. They are abominable, in the worst possible way. They treat those with whom they can betray and use as their boon companions and their oldest friends, but I tell you it is all a lie. They treat each other like ravening dogs over a bone, constantly yapping and biting.

One of them, an old grey mare by the name of Gracious Charity, and I cannot stress how antagonistic her personality is with regards to the name, was of a particularly vile bent. I had but to see the way she treated her "friends" while I was there to stoutly rebuff her when she approached me. Nonetheless, manners being what they are, I was unable to dissuade her from accompanying me across town for days, antagonizing me nonstop. It wasn't until Fluer treated me to a positively divine dinner that I finally rid myself of her company.

I will say this for the mare, she certainly does know how to show a mare a very good time. She was unflinchingly kind, even unto the point of social disgrace. But, I believe at least, and I know many share my opinion, that Miss Fluer is a league upon herself. She has an amazing control of herself, and even her kindness is not immune to such rigorous command. Instead of being shackled though, it transcends, it becomes so much more. You see all of the kindness, the sweet, simple beauty of her soul bared to you, and you know that it is but a fraction of her true heart. In many ways, she reminds me of you. Always caring, always helping, though I do suspect that you may very well have formed your own opinions as to the ability of anypony not wearing your ridiculous hat can be of but little use at the best of times.

Oh, dear me. I see I have begun to ramble. Sleep is called for, in large quantities I do believe. The candle I write this by is but a stub now, and I do believe the maid will be cross with me for allowing such a slight to pass. She shall suffer in silence though, for to send you a letter, I would dare the wrath, maybe not of the Princesses, but at the very least of an outraged maid. I plan to leave well before she cleans the room in any case, I hear such wonderful tales of the Wonderbolts training sessions. After all, what fun is there in having hair as luxurious as mine if not to let it down on occassion?

As I said before, please think about my offer, it is a matter, maybe not of life and death, but at the very least between happiness and regret. It is not something I can handle on my own, and I need a friend. Not now, but I will when I see you next, I am sure.

With an open heart,


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and although i did not cry( My Little Dashie couldnt even make me cry, i know somethings wrong with me) i was close on a few occasions. So i must thank you for this was an amazing experience and i ask you to continue writing, maybe not this fic any longer for i dont think i will be able to keep myself from crying next time, but just to continue writing in general.

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Nope, no feature. But thats okay, I didn't write this one to get it off my chest. Really, I'm a sucker for Rarijack, and at the time... Well, actually the day I wrote the first chapter, I did something to my back, and I literally could not move it because it hurt so bad. It fixed itself thanks be to the Light, but that's really where this came from.

Anyway, I'm glad you liked it, not many do. :twilightsmile:

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