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Hey look, a Sombra back story. How original! I thought I would explore the idea of social factors influencing our newest, and least characterized, villain.

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You mean like, literally right now?


Tagged and bagged.

Them's fightin words.

And Nadake, you didn't say you were gonna upload this :pinkiegasp:

that was rather good!
i was thinking of twi the whole time actually, she has always seemed so innocent and just, sure; she has her problems, but it still seems like everyone always expects her to do what's right and so on.

A few grammar errors but, I enjoyed reading it :pinkiehappy:

Do you plan on making another story based on this in the future? Like a rivalry between Sombra and somepony trying to impress his teacher or an extended version of this, showing his life being evil in a good empire. basically I'm saying there's potential :twilightsheepish:


Nope, I just couldn't think and had a look at EQD, they were having a >300 word backstory contest. Since it takes me that long to tell you about how they move one step, I just bumped it to a thousand and posted it. It was never meant as anything but a short.

Thumbed, Faved, Liked and Loved. But seriously, I was surprised when you posted it. Now, take my happy Twilights. :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

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