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Comment posted by BronyofMeddlers deleted Jan 17th, 2015

What did BronyofMeddlers comment say? :twilightoops:


i couldn't really tell, it was all over the show. Basically it was that they felt the clop happened for no reason. and I just thought that was a pointless comment since this is not meant to be super detailed. So far it's just she's a mare in heat and he is a male - that's why she does it.

5514596 Plenty of writers do that, ignore him, but don't delete comments, it makes you look like the villain.

Of course you won't look evil now that we've had this conversation. :pinkiehappy:


.....what does it mean?


The previous chapter where she takes him by force. I may add some faux femdom in the last chapter IDK.

5519243 Fucking google. it show me gay. well thank god it not Shotacon style.

just saying you should be using " instead of ' for dialogue.

I use British English, in which single quotations are used for dialogue, then double quotation marks if someone quotes someone else.
Single or double quotation marks denote either speech or a quotation. Double quotes are preferred in the United States, and also tend to be preferred in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Single quotes are more usual in the United Kingdom and South Africa, though double quotes are also common there.[6] A publisher's or author's style may take precedence over regional general preferences. The important idea is that the style of opening and closing quotation marks must be matched:

'Good morning, Frank,' said Hal.
"Good morning, Frank," said Hal.

For speech within speech, the other style is used as inner quotation marks:

'Hal said, "Good morning, Dave,"' recalled Frank.
"Hal said, 'Good morning, Dave,'" recalled Frank.


5522188 I just assumed you were using the more popular type of english/grammar

No, as much as possible I try to cut all "Americanisms" from my writing. I am a purist who wholeheartedly believes American "English" to be a corruption.

5522211 And I bet Germans believe that English is a corruption of their language. Things change and evolve. There is no correct language.

Wow his accent got really thick this chapter huh

What can I say, he is a rather emotional here so it becomes more noticeable. (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!):twilightsheepish:

5522853 not complaining or anything it was just a bit of a curve ball

5522860 "a bit"

Harshwhinny needed a few more well written happy endings, but whats up with never using quotation marks?

Read the rest of the comments or do 5 seconds of google-fu into usage of quotation marks.

5524131 where Mustafas comment came from

and suddenly, he's Irish.

FYI, that's Scots and it is mentioned before this, it's just he uses more Scots and even a Gaelic phrase in the last chapter.

5530501 I know it was mentioned before (which makes me feel stupid for getting it wrong). it just came out of nowhere with the accent.


Ah, that explains a lot, thank you.

You know, I did used to think Ms. H's terse attitude was cute but THIS!? It's downright ADORABLE!!!

i liked this! but his speech changed from one chapter to the next. not sure if he was just joking around lol

anyways great fic! love me some harshwhinny!

Well, i'm sure you know what a passionate French kiss feels like.

No... I don't.

I can't understand a thing the main character said, does he speak Scottish?

7027935 No. I mean I know how it feels because it was the first and only time I ever French kissed someone. My step sister when I was 11 and she was 10.

His accent was really thick in this chapter. He didn't have an accent in chapter 1 and 2.

God's in his heaven and all's right with the world.

Did you get that from Anne of Green Gables?

Is there a story that tells how anon got to equestrian

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