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Oh god... Celestia help them....

Oh my god...it remind me CS in MLP fiction. ( Car Race - CS Online - AND THIS!)
This is gonna be good...
Fav and like (Please make the story fast in few day please)

Why do I have a feeling that the guy who sent them this "map" was a certain Chaos-causing Draconequus...

[Aw man... you beat me to it.]
[I had this story idea for months but I couldn't think of a way how to include them into MLP.]
[Not to mention getting their personalities correctly which was too hard for me to do.]
[But so far I kind of like this first chapter, hope you make more. Good work!]

When's Markiplier going to show up? As well as Wade and Bob? Hilarity will ensue.

Know what you should do after this? One with H2O Delirious and his buds, they're hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

hahaha, this otta be good!

5493587 IKR, i just finishing watching the video when they were in space:rainbowlaugh:

Why isn't CaptainSparklez in this? :raritydespair:

Interesting idea here; I wish to see more.

Criticism; Its a little short, and its mostly dialogue, which is what most people care for in the Prop Hunt videos anyways, but still.

So, it'd be in your best interest to get a Proofreader and or Editor to help you.

Where's DasBoShcitt?:fluttercry:

This makes my story look like shit. Well, it pretty much is shit.

RPGMinx needs to be in on this since she plays with chilled and gassy on gmod alot

I'll take them all into consideration, even those I only have a little familiarity with.

Personally I am more of a Gassy, Nanners and Sark fan myself, but it's not like I'll just use those three constantly.

At least the research is enjoyable, I can watch YouTube Vids instead of looking at hundreds of wiki pages!

I'm going to read the train wreck that this story undoubtedly is.

luckily the position of everything resets after each round, so Pinkie doesn't have to rebuild her kitchen.

I kinda wish someone would get stuck as a ridiculously large object next round, like Twilight's Tree Castle Thing.

Idk why but I'm finding this hilarious,
Normally YouTube crossovers suck, but this is coming out decently


I freaking love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so I've been thinking.

I think it would be best for me to stick to the Gassy, Nanner, Sark and Chilled grouping.

The main reasons are that not only am I most familiar with those four compared to all those other YouTubers out there, but I also feel they all have that certain uniqueness that appeals to me and a large audience.

Gassy is the normal one, but he's all about voice impressions and pop culture references.
Nanners is the annoying one, always trying to act all innocent.
Chilled is the childish one, acting all fool like, but smarter than he makes himself appear to be.
Sark... Well he's Sark. There's no other way to describe him.

5500805 aw, OK that makes sense, I guess...

Someone should totally do H2O Delirious like this. !! Idea! :raritystarry:


Nanners is chaos, he who appeals to your darker side. Also, I fully expect a prop hunt round where he falls through the map. Maybe in one of pinkie's 'shortcuts'...

your killing me i cant breath. :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: it hurts so good

do pediepie or vanossgaming

I do hope you continue with this. And I most certainly hope to see Diction and Ohm too.

Though one nitpick; as far as I know they usually call GassyMexican Max.

I LOVE THIS! MORE! please?

...Where is Mark? Or, better yet, Felix?? The POSTER CHILDREN for this game are missing!

oh my god. i did not expect something like this. my favorite youtubers. so much yes!!!
i wanna see some murder.

EDIT: im reading this during class and i haven't cracked up like that in a looooong time. that was fucking hilarious! i need moar!!!

5503108 they all call each other their youtube name, and their real name (except ohm). i guess it really depends on what is going through their heads when they're recording.

Please make more:pinkiehappy:

Dude alot of ppl are supporting this please make another chapter

just.....update......u r making me laugh sooooo harrrrddd!!!! plz!!!

Update, I want to see more of the subject Bananaman (Adam)

Dude continue the story it's pretty funny. I'll admit I haven't recently watched Gassy and the crew but how about you make everyone else join in like UBERHAXORNOVA a.k.a James, ImmortalHD a.k.a Aleks,GoldenBlack a.k.a Kevin, Kootra a.k.a Jordan and DexterManning a.k.a Dex. These guys from the creatures are awesome they make me fuckin laugh all the time. If you could add them that'd be awesome. But still Gassy and the Crew are awesome especially how the game of Prop Hunt is very spazzy with how you T-pose and everything.

Oh my god, please, PLEASE!!! I WENT MORE. *cry laughing*

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