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Fluttershy loves nothing in her world more than animals. Well, except Rainbow Dash, but technically humans are animals as well. When she wakes up in an unfamiliar home on an unfamiliar farm on an unfamiliar planet with a very strange economy...farming cute little slime creatures for their..."plorts"...

Fluttershy doesn't approve of this method of income, but as it is the only one available to her she must use it to its full potential...even if it means keeping a cute animal in captivity. Just as she thought it couldn't get worse...she has to use a vacuum to catch them...

That may not be the worst part....can she cope with the loneliness...or will she survive with the companionship of her slime moneymakers? Will she be without a human companion forever?

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Best crossover.


This is an interesting concept please continue it :D

(...) What happens when Fluttershy finds herself in a world of cute little slime creatures?

... She's probably gonna be beaten by the Tarr in the first 45 min. of Gameplay and loses half a ingame day.
I'm gonna shuffle it over into my shelf anyway later.

6921903 I will be, but it may be a while. I've been sick for 3 days now, and I'm not sure how much schoolwork I've missed. :fluttershysad:

6925135 Get well soon then, I hope to see more :D

So flutterdash is canon in this?

XD Wizard of Oz reference!

6928450 Yay! :yay: You got it! Woot woot! :pinkiehappy: Oooo....I feel sick again...:pinkiesick:


that's not good... hopefully you feel better soon

Is this going to get updated? ._.

7129591 Yes it will. I'm very VERY sorry for not doing so in so long. I've been dealing with some personal stuff, and it lead me to find my Princess. It's cool because her name means "Golden Moon". I had a birthday a little over a week ago and I've recently been playing the RWBY: Grimm Eclipse Combat Revision and The Binding of Isaac. I really want to update this story. I plan on updating it soon, and maybe you'll see some of the new update to the game...I wonder how Flutters reacts to Radiation...:pinkiegasp: :pinkiesick: :fluttershysad:

7138546 Good to hear! I hope you get to it soon, your perhaps one of the only people writing a story on this game and I don't want to see all this potential be wasted.

you never mention what kind of crossover that is......................................

7664348 Sorry. I'm a lazy bum. I recently bought Overwatch, and I've had some Dual Credit classwork that's taken up all of my time. I've been telling myself to do it, and I will. I'll need to check Slime Rancher's updates to see how the story will go though. I will do it soon. :raritywink: Buuuttt....RWBY Volume 4 just started up. :derpytongue2:

Speaking of which.
It has been some time since this was first published and soon the game will reach its full release.
Already there is a bit of story that you can find here and there, I suspect our rancher was on ice for a year.
School is almost out and you will have some time then.
I just hope to see something come of this story you have begun. Far too many stories die out before they are finished.

- Ex-Hunter, Xerian.

The slimes are perfect creatures though, and are better than contact with other creatures

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