• Published 10th Feb 2016
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Fluttershy, Slime Rancher Extraordinaire - Unbound Bass

Fluttershy loves animals. Fluttershy loves cute things. Fluttershy loves cute animals. What happens when Fluttershy finds herself in a world of cute little slime creatures?

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First Contact

Fluttershy, Slime Rancher Extraordinaire

First Contact

Fluttershy awoke to a strange sound...it sounded like...she wasn't too sure.

"Now what could that be?" She thought as she opened her eyes and shook some of her sleepiness away. The first thing she noticed upon opening her eyes was that her ceiling looked different. She sat up in the bed which she now realized was also different, but upon further inspection of her surroundings she noticed the entire layout of her home had changed...if this was her home...

Where am I? Whose house am I in? Where's Angel?!?!?! Upon the last thought she began to hyperventilate. When she finally regained the ability to breathe normally she stood up and began searching frantically for any sign of the bunny she brought home from the animal shelter the night before. She realized something even worse...where were her parents?

"Mom!?!? Dad?!?! Anybody?!?!?"" She began to hyperventilate again. Where am I? Am I dreaming? Where is my family?!?!? Her thoughts raced around her head just as fast as her breathing. She noticed a strange looking backpack with what looked like a backpack, but it had four clear tube areas that had a hose running out of them to a strange looking....heaven forbid...gun. She noticed an identical backpack-gun combination contraption next to it.

It doesn't look like a normal gun...what's the little swirly thing in the tube? She walked over to it and prodded the slightly scary looking contraption with a toe. The backpack part of the "thingy" tipped over from the small contact. Fluttershy jumped back, but when it didn't do anything she approached it again...a bit less apprehensively than the first time. She noticed a piece of paper that was taped to the side of the backpack that was now facing the ceiling. It read...

Dear Ms. Shy,

This is your vac-pack. It is standard Slime Rancher equipment, and ,as of now, is made to factory specs. The four tanks can hold up to 20 of any given item or slime. How to Use your Vac-pack: The left trigger shoots items or slimes from the currently selected tank. The right trigger initiates the vacuum function of your vac-pack. The middle trigger ,as of now, does nothing. The gauge will tell you how full of whatever slime or item the selected tank is. Welcome to the Far, Far Range, Miss Shy. We at the 7Zee Corporation wish you the best of luck in your Slime Ranching Career.


The 7Zee Corporation

"The 7Zee Corporation? Are they some jumpstart company? What's the Far, FAR Range? What's with this slime talk...and what's slime RANCHING?" Fluttershy had so many questions. She stooped down to put on the so-called "vac-pack". She was relieved when she found out it wasn't a true gun, but before she put it on she realized she was still in her "pajamas". It was the middle of summer back in Canterlot, and because of this long pajamas were too hot and made her sweat too much...so she slept in her underwear...which was, admittedly, a little lacy for Fluttershy. Her mom had picked them out FOR HER. She said something about "impressing the boys and looking sexy", when she asked her mom why they'd see her in her underwear...she was given the talk. She didn't wear the lacy underwear normally, but they were comfortable to sleep in during the summer. She hadn't noticed till now how exposed she was...she didn't see or hear any other people, but just the thought of being seen in the rather revealing and seemingly small underwear made her cheeks heat up. She was pretty sure her mom had picked a bra one size too small on purpose...

"No time for that. I need to figure out where in the world I am, and where I can go to get some clothing that's less...revealing. Having recollected her thoughts she looked around for some kind of closet. She saw a door with another note taped to it. She walked over to the door and looked at the note. This one read...

Dear Ms. Shy (and possible Ranch-hand(s)),

This closet is filled with fourteen bio-defense suits. There are enough of them for two people to have one for everyday of the week. They're equipped to adjust to the size of the wearer, so there is no need to worry about them being too baggy or too tight. They're made to protect you, to a degree, from the dangers of the Far, Far Range. They will also prevent the vac-pack straps from chafing the wearer. These are free of charge, courtesy of the 7Zee Corporation. Best of luck Miss Shy and/or Unnamed Ranch-hand.


The 7Zee Corporation

She slipped a body-glove like clothing item over her underwear, and not long after she was fully geared-up with the vac-pack and all...ready for whatever the Far, Far Range had in store for her. She opened the door and stepped outside into the sunlight. It warmed her up quite nicely. For a few moments Fluttershy simply stood with her eyes closed and basked in the sun, but the tranquil warmth was very rudely brought to an end by something warm and slimy slammed into her left side, knocking her to the ground. Fluttershy's right shoulder took the brunt of the fall, and even with the protective suit the fall hurt. A LOT!

"Ouch! Who did that?" She questioned as she rolled onto her back. When she took a chance to look at her "assailant", she was met with a pink blob with an adorable smiling face looking at her. She also took the time to notice that the sounds she heard before were coming from this creature.

"What are you little buddy?" She asked the little blob as she stood back up, and wiped some dust off of her bio-defense suit. The pink-haired girl then remembered the notes.

The notes mentioned slimes...is this little guy a slime? Fluttershy was putting the pieces together in her head when she noticed there was more than just one slime...there were at least six...maybe seven. They were all bouncing around happily. The human girl couldn't contain her delight as she saw each and every smiling slime face...except for one...which seemed to be...drooling. She walked over to the drooling creature with a smile, the slime in question stopped bouncing for a moment.

"Hey there...buddy...why aren't you smiling?" She asked as she leaned to get a closer look, but as she did "Buddy" jumped up and hit Fluttershy in the face. This time it didn't knock her down, and it didn't hurt either, but what it did do was coat her face in pink slime.

"It is a living creature...I think...so it has to be fed...probably..." She thought to herself as she wiped the slime off her face. Her suit did come with gloves so the substance did not stick to her clothing as it had to her face. Her hair on the other hand...at least the parts that were in front of her face were not so lucky. The slime stuck in it like glue, and no matter her attempts to remove it she concluded that her hair would need to be washed to remove it.

Wait...what am I doing? I need to see if my parents...or Angel are here! She started ignoring the adorable pink creatures, and began with the more important task of finding her Mom, Dad, or Angel Bunny.

"Mom!? Daddy?!" Tears were starting to form in her eyes, clouding her vision as they accumulated...which proved to be quite the hindrance when you were LOOKING for someone. Her tears were starting to run down and fall off her face when something bumped into her leg. When she looked down she saw a plump chicken. It was almost as cute as the slime creatures, but less exotic due to the fact that she had chickens back home. She wiped her tears from her eyes and face, and the chicken just stood there at her feet, staring at her and giving an occasional cluck.

"Well at least something's familiar..." She said to the chicken.


"One thing is for sure...I'm not in Canterlot anymore..." With that the timid girl fell onto her behind...right on top of a particularly sharp stone...

"Owchies!!!! What happened to protection!?!?!?" This was, admittedly, the loudest she'd ever been in her entire life.

Author's Note:

Hello! I recently got the game this is crossing over with! I thought it was adorable! Fluttershy is adorable! :yay: Alone they might give cuteness diabetes...but together...YOU SHALL PERISH!:twilightangry2: Just kidding...I'm not taking over the world yet:scootangel:...

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Best crossover.


6921697 Happy you like it.

This is an interesting concept please continue it :D

(...) What happens when Fluttershy finds herself in a world of cute little slime creatures?

... She's probably gonna be beaten by the Tarr in the first 45 min. of Gameplay and loses half a ingame day.
I'm gonna shuffle it over into my shelf anyway later.

6921903 I will be, but it may be a while. I've been sick for 3 days now, and I'm not sure how much schoolwork I've missed. :fluttershysad:

6925135 Get well soon then, I hope to see more :D

So flutterdash is canon in this?

XD Wizard of Oz reference!

6928450 Yay! :yay: You got it! Woot woot! :pinkiehappy: Oooo....I feel sick again...:pinkiesick:


that's not good... hopefully you feel better soon

Is this going to get updated? ._.

7129591 Yes it will. I'm very VERY sorry for not doing so in so long. I've been dealing with some personal stuff, and it lead me to find my Princess. It's cool because her name means "Golden Moon". I had a birthday a little over a week ago and I've recently been playing the RWBY: Grimm Eclipse Combat Revision and The Binding of Isaac. I really want to update this story. I plan on updating it soon, and maybe you'll see some of the new update to the game...I wonder how Flutters reacts to Radiation...:pinkiegasp: :pinkiesick: :fluttershysad:

7138546 Good to hear! I hope you get to it soon, your perhaps one of the only people writing a story on this game and I don't want to see all this potential be wasted.

you never mention what kind of crossover that is......................................

7664348 Sorry. I'm a lazy bum. I recently bought Overwatch, and I've had some Dual Credit classwork that's taken up all of my time. I've been telling myself to do it, and I will. I'll need to check Slime Rancher's updates to see how the story will go though. I will do it soon. :raritywink: Buuuttt....RWBY Volume 4 just started up. :derpytongue2:

Speaking of which.
It has been some time since this was first published and soon the game will reach its full release.
Already there is a bit of story that you can find here and there, I suspect our rancher was on ice for a year.
School is almost out and you will have some time then.
I just hope to see something come of this story you have begun. Far too many stories die out before they are finished.

- Ex-Hunter, Xerian.

The slimes are perfect creatures though, and are better than contact with other creatures

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