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Lesbian Adagio Dazzle

British accents make everything 20% eviller~


After hearing that some of The Rainbooms hang out in the Everfree Amusement Park, The Dazzlings head there with hopes of sabotaging their arch rivals, What could possibly go wrong?

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I’ll take you ‘round the back and break both of your arms” Aria’s tough-girl persona was back up and once again she threatened the taco-loving Siren.
“You wouldn’t!” Sonata made a face that resembled a kicked puppy.

Hmmmmm, I wounder where that came from?


I love them too bro!

Comment posted by FunFunFUN deleted Dec 22nd, 2014


Good news for you then! I'm currently writing another fic! :pinkiecrazy:
It's going to be awesome! serslyomgbbqftw
I call it: A Demon In The Shadows
You can probably see where it's going... :moustache:

Comment posted by The Narwhal Assassin deleted Dec 22nd, 2014

Aria leaned in close and shared a kiss with the Siren below her. At first Sonata was taken by surprise, she yelped at the sudden act but slowly calmed, her eyelids felt so heavy, they closed. Her world completely faded away, the only thing she could focus on was Aria. Her scent, her touch and her taste, it overwhelmed her senses. A sharp jab in her side caused her to gasp in protest. Just as Aria predicted, she used this opening to force her way deeper into Sonata’s mouth. She explored every inch of the naïve Siren’s mouth. This earned a small, delighted squeak from the Siren below her, indicating that Aria was doing a good job


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I see what you did with the merchant. Nice reference, stranger.

This was a trip, if anything. It started off with messing with the rainbooms, to weird hilarity and moments of romance, to a brawl, and pretty much ended with sex. This was fun. Hope there's more chaos in the next one.

Random question but, would you consider this a comedy? I didn't find it funny, so that's why it has no comedy tag. :pinkiecrazy:

Y'know what's funny? I really do write my own fanfiction! I only saw Rainbow Rocks four times, though... Wish it was forty...

Ugh! every time I try to add an image to the story's front page, nothing happens! My life is over.
How could this happen to me?
I made my mistakes
Got nowhere to run-- *Gets hit on the head with a glass bottle, it shatters upon impact.*

Never mind I fixed it! My life is now complete. :trollestia:

5412459 well I did laugh at some parts but yeah its no comedy, its just random. But its random moments like sonata admitting she killed a street vendor for tacos, to rainbow dash agreeing to a threesome with the enemy really took the cake there. But what I find funny is just how you went from "sabotaging their arch rivals" to "morning sunshine", people tend to stop reading when the story starts going in a completely different direction without any warning or reason. But where's the fun in normality.:pinkiecrazy:

Normality is so one thousand years ago! :pinkiecrazy:

Shame he's not in the 5th game but now we know why! :pinkiecrazy:

I’ll take you ‘round the back and break both of your arms

That reference to my video made me smile. :)

You? here? I would've never thought that you of all people would grace me of all sirens with your presence.
You humble me, truly.

Words can't even describe the feeling.
You are truly outstanding, Wubcake.
I adore you. :heart:

I was high on coffee and coke when I wrote it.
It wasn't even an MLP fic originally.
It was my coursework for college XD

There are few things that make me laugh, fewer that can do that and make me feel disturbed at the same time. I should thank you for giving me such a story to read, so I will. Thanks!

You're quite welcome,
but if you end up reading the other one,
It's not safe to go alone, take this *Gives you brain bleach*
You'll need it.

This is a really good story. Keep up the good work.

Thanks and don't worry Sonata,
I have at least 4 different stories in the works.
You'll certainly be seeing more from me.

“But I never agreed to any of this!”

Love this scene, absolutely hilarious

Thank you kindly...
I should really start writing again.. xP

a very good fanfic :raritywink:
although, I would have liked to see a more romantic part Adagio with Sunset :applejackunsure:

“Well not personally I just used to buy guns, tacos and groceries from him…”

And now I like this guy. Too bad he's dead, Jim.

You should divide dialogs into paragraphs, because in the present form it's confusing.

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