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Cheese grows a crush on the one and only party person, Pinkie Pie, well not the only one now!

My first story!
Constructive criticism requested!

New Cover Art coming soon!

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OK thank you for the corrections!!

And I'm glad you liked it!

This is so cute! I love it. it's kinda a coincidence too because this is the same story that I was thinking of. Weird huh? Well, good job on this one! I hope there's more chapters on the way! :rainbowkiss::scootangel:


Wow what a coinky dink!
I'm so glad you like it!! I'll try my best to get another chapter out soon >w<

5489062 Oh, and thanks for joining and adding your story to my group! It's kinda funny how I found you before I read your story. :twilightblush: I was just looking at my picture that Lavenderheart made for me. I looked down at the comments and saw that there was someone who had an account. So I just took the chance to send a follow. :scootangel: I don't know, I just love doing that, makes me feel like your a celebrity or something. Plus, your a cheesepie fan! Yay! :heart::pinkiehappy:


Wow XD
Lavenderheart is actually my friend on DA so that's why I commented on her page (and I read her fanfic)
Well I'm glad you found me and vise versa!


Sweet kittens this is beyond adorable, I can't wait to find out what happens next! *Jumps around room squeeing.
I seriously can't get enough of Cheesepie, It's... It's amazingly spectacular. Please do keep up the good work. I love it! :derpytongue2: :twilightsmile:

It was ok. I'm not that much of a CheesePie fan.

But my friend, scoots2, would love this fanfic.

AW! Thank you! I promise that I will continue!:raritywink:

Thank you! If you tell me I can change them :yay:

This looks promising I will track this.


Thanks I'm writing the next chapter right now :pinkiehappy:


Keep this up, and you'll end up in Twilight's Library I think!

new chapter!!!!! :pinkiehappy: reading time now!

"Ok Pinkie remember the rules." explained Mr. Doodle, probably for the 10th time. "No kissing, hugging, making out or s--" He was cut off by Pinkie's hand covering his mouth.

ummmmm what dose the S mean? :rainbowderp:

Good start, if you keep writing this will become an excellent story.

5683328 my exact reaction
But I fear we all know what it means

5694880 yes and that is, snicker doodle's . . . Right?

not exactly. . . it means s-- (covers mouth with hoof) shhhhh

I love this story but isn't kissing and making out the same thing? And when pinkie pie interrupted cranky when he was going to finish what he was saying did he mean what I think he meant?

I was going to read it, but you're probably got busy and drifted away from the fandom and never completed it. I don't really like story with no end.

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