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By the time I've been a shipper I noticed that OTP is more like Oh The Pain than Own True Pairing


We all know that Pinkie Pie inspired Cheese to become a party pony, and this is the same story, but longer and with more details.

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I don't see how this is a comedy. It's more sad than funny. It was an okay read to me so I'm not going to leave a vote.

thanks for your opinion, I'll change the tag right now, and thanks for the reading :pinkiehappy:

I cried omg this is so beautiful great job :heart::raritystarry:

6807890 Thank you so much! you don't know how happy you make me be! :pinkiehappy:

**Fangirl squeals**


**Squeals again**


6816224 Finally someone somepony that understands how cheesepie makes me fangirl :trollestia:
Thanks for the comment, I love seeing other's oppinions :heart:

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