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Rainbow Dash dies.

Then, our story begins.

In the body of a changeling, and with help from the Knights of Harmony, she must come to terms with her new identity as well as this strange world so similar, yet very different, from her own.

After all, there may not be a way back.

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 15 )

You know, I usually don't like stories with very short chapters. I love long, juicy, detailed chapters that go on and on about the things I love. It talks time to describe what you need to after all. But, you kept the chapters pretty small, yet I felt like I was in a very detailed adventure while reading this. I love this story a lot! It's wonderful and should have more appreciation.

A bit of criticism (If you could call it that), I think everypony's reactions could be... dragged out a bit more. What I mean is, I do think that Luna could react quicker to such circumstances, but Trixie was a bit... I dunno. I feel like she could've been a bit more angrier and distrustful and that it could show more. But that's just me, I'm sure it's completely fine.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Can't wait!

Looks like an interesting premise, added it to read later until it gets to at least 25k words :3

To be fair...you were just stabbed.

Well that was heavy. Another good chapter ^.^

Erm thats so empty and completly opposite what you wanted to do.

Leave yours friends for one mare thats selfish not saying that all thing she counted was practically material stuff.

good concept, poorly written, sorry man.

It is a very rushed chapter:rainbowderp:
I like this story, but wow...this chapter felt like a set of notes one uses to write a chapter rather than an actual chapter.

Take your time.

Nothing can hurt a story more than poor pacing.

After some thought, I think I'll have this story be done.

The latest chapter has been removed. This is because it's being split into the starts of two sequels: One following Wob Niar and Fluttershy, the other going the event that brought Wob to the alternate universe.

I hope you enjoyed this story.

I enjoyed the story a lot and really enjoyed the idea of there being a world where Tia and Luna split up after Discord, and was sad to see it just kind of thrown out at the end after so much of the story was establishing it and the charters in it. I do hope we get to see more of this world and the Knights in future stories from you.

Besides back home she has 5 times as many mares...

5209912 Rainbow Dash. Not moving/flying for a week. Remind you of a certain episode where Daring Do books came in?

“It seems similar, but this isn't the world I know. The one I know has one nation, Equestria, not two. Celestia rules by day, Luna by night. And there aren't any Knights of Harmony, and you most certainly are not Luna's student!” Wob explained. “Also, you have a really, really obnoxious habit of speaking in the third person and referring to yourself as 'The Great and Powerful Trixie'. Even though you're neither.”

Okay fact, since Luna has been back she hasn't been ruler of anything. She's just there for her sister's... I don't know the word.

Oh yeah. And I hate Celestia

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