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A mage of healing white magic.

A mage of destructive black magic.

A mage of warping dimension magic.

A mage of summoning creatures.

Together, these four Warriors of Light must find the four Crystals and relight them to bring harmony back to the world.

A bard will tag along with them, though there is more to her than they think.

-A Final Fantasy I retelling-

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 4 )

Well from a story standpoint this is great... I'm gonna quote the great Lee Corso and say "NOT SO FAST" though on the classes here.. Heh 4 mages.. Four squishy mages eh heh heh heh... healer's gonna get alot of work

You know, summoners always seem like jerks when you think about it. Grabbing some random schmuck and summoning him to another dimension without any warning...

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