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Hay guys! Glad you stopped by! Just another writer trying to get better... and I love writing them pony fics... Also, Fluttershy is best pony. Just saying...


The Doctor has had many companions over the years, some staying for only moments while some stay for years. But in the end, they all… disappear. But one certain grey mare haunts his thoughts more and more. Now, when he bumps into her daughter, the truth as to why she lingers comes out.

Cover art by Dori-to, go check his stuff out!
Dramatic Reading by Goomba Brony! Check it out! It's Awesome~

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Oh great ya had to remind me of THAT Doctor Who episode. ;_;

The feels the come to me! :ajsleepy:

I've read dozens of "sad" fanfics but this was the only one that actually brought fourth any emotion. You've won an instant follow!

...yup, this was inspired by THAT episode. But having said that...this one hit me right bin the feels. What I'd wonder though...since she is his Daughter...I've gotta think she might just be the best possible companion he could get...at least for now. Still, well done, and my feels have been hit! Best of luck on future fics!

Why remind me of that episode.

Hehe yeah... sorry... I was on a rebinge watching and thought... well... :ajsleepy:

I'm sorry... :fluttershysad:

Yay! I'm glad you liked it... although not sure how I feel about the feels...

I-I'm sorry...

Hehe, maybe one day I'll actually do a follow up... No promises but I thought that myself...

Daawfuq man wtf? All the feels. Question? What episode is this based off of?

A mix of several, but the most prominent is Amy and Rory's last ep...

5231895 Oh God, Rory and AMy....they were my first Companions, and Eleven my Doctor.....

5232647 Ten. ten any da. not omy was hehot, but he was snarky, and BRITISH Allonsy then. oops. wrong word, wrong context

5232954 He was Scottish, David was a Scotsman.

Oh. Well, I always loved scotland, and still. SOO AWESOME! Thx for telling me that, I never would have guessed.

Okay I'm new to this site and for some reason.. It won't let me read this fan fiction. How do I start the book? XD I'm stupid..:derpytongue2:

If you click on the chapter title, it should open... :pinkiesmile:

not bad my dear gent, not bad. people would probably dislike, not hate, too strong of a word, me for stating this, but i loved that episode. everything that should go into an episode to make it great was thrown into it, in my own opinion. so, making this story that is partially inspired by that episode...just bucking brilliant.

5233106 David Tennet may have been Scottish, but The Doctor spoke with a British accent.

SO. MANY. FEELS. But I loved it! THANKS YOUS SO MUCHES!!:derpytongue2:

Author Interviewer

I blame Goombasa. If he hadn't read this, I wouldn't have read it, because there was just no way I was going to enjoy it. :/ No fault of yours.

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